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					                               DID YOU REALISE THAT ………..

Just about everyone in the UK is already using VoIP for their calls even though most people don’t
know it!. This is because you ‘land line’ calls are already being converted into VoIP at your
nearest telephone exchange.
Unfortunately most people are not getting the savings on call charges that they should get
with VoIP.
Calls travel from your home or office down an ‘old fashioned’ phone line only as far as your
nearest exchange and then they are converted into VoIP for all/most of their ‘journey’. In the past
you had to pay for the ‘land line’ so that calls get from you to the nearest exchange.

You can now avoid the high costs associated with using your phone, and avoid the high cost of
‘line rental’ by not using the ‘old fashioned’ land line for the first part of the call’s ‘journey’ at all.
Instead you can convert your calls to VoIP to start with – at your home or office using a Wiber®
SaS™ Phone System.
This reduces call costs and also you don’t have to pay for the ‘land line’ rental and the conversion
into VoIP at the telephone exchange at all.

             The benefits of a Wiber® SaS™ VoIP phone system are :

        2 Simultaneous calls - just like having 2 phone lines but with no line rental charges (2 lines
        would cost well over £240 per year with BT for example)

        Up to 6 cordless handsets can run on a single ‘base’ system enabling deployment of
        handsets to each area of your home or office without any cabling infrastructure

        Transfer of internal and external calls from handset to handset

        Up to 6 incoming numbers of your choice (choose from local numbers, 0845 numbers or
        regional numbers from anywhere in the UK, or 'port' your existing number(s) onto the system
        (port charges apply, typically £25 per number, subject to your existing provider releasing your

        Complete Portability and Freedom – take your Wiber® SaS™ phone base and handset(s)
        with you to another location. Plug the base into any good quality router / internet connection,
        anywhere in the world, and use your phone as if you were at ‘home’ or ‘office’ AT NO EXTRA
        COST – No roaming charges apply!

        Multiple locations on the same phone number. Additional Wiber® SaS™ base units can be
        located anywhere in the country or world (provided the router and internet connection at the
        location is good enough) and all phones ring when your number is dialled. Answer your office
        ‘line / phone number’ from home or your home ‘line / phone number’ from your office

        Incoming number TEXT on phone display = you can name each number and you can see on
        the phone screen that an incoming call is for the “HOME” or "OFFICE" or "MAINTENANCE"
        or "STAFF RECRUITMENT" or “ADMINSTRATION” or “SALES” line for example. This
        enables calls to be answered with the appropriate 'greeting' - from any handset. Alternatively,
        individuals can each have their own local phone number, and incoming calls show as being
        for "JOHN", "JANE", "FRED", "JULIE", etc... for example
       No line rental to pay each month and no 'per number' charge, so you can have up to 6 new
       incoming phone numbers for 'free'!

       Low Cost external calls (0.6p to 1.2p per minute for UK National calls and 9.9p for UK mobile
       calls, international calls at incredibly low rates). ‘Unlimited’ Call bundles to UK and
       International destinations are also available.

       Flexible and customisable call routing and divert groups for each number, controlled in
       seconds via a simple to use web interface (diverted/forwarded calls incur call charges at the
       standard rate for the number dialled/forwarded/diverted to)

       Voicemail direct to email and via phone handset and accessible by calling in from any phone

       Text message alerting (optional). This sends you a text whenever a voicemail has been left,
       so you can respond quickly even when you are ‘out’. If activated this feature charges your
       phone account at the rate of 10p per text message sent

       Online invoicing, call logging and account management

       Pay-As-You-Go style billing. You add credit to your phone account via credit/debit card or by
       using PayPal. This means you never get an unexpected phone bill

       Automated ‘top up’ facility can be activated to add credit automatically when your balance is
       getting low so you never have to add credit manually

       No contract period - join and leave as and when you wish - 'easy in, easy out'

       Long battery life per handset allowing days of 'standby', and several hours of calls when
       away from charging cradle

       Excellent range and sound quality

       Range can be extended significantly to cover a wide ‘site’ area by adding 1 or more range

       Optional automatic ‘fail ‘over’ to traditional ‘Land Line’ (if you have one)

       Extended 2 year on-site warranty on all equipment

Wiber® SaS™ VoIP phone systems are available for £99 (inc. VAT) including installation and
configuration. 1 Cordless Handset is included

Additional Wiber® SaS™ Cordless Handsets are available for £55 (inc. VAT) each

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