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World Environment Day 2006 – Member Activities


									World Environment Day 2006 – Member Activities
AFRICA ALGERIA Scouts Musulmans Algeriens (Groupe Ettawassol) On June 5, Clean Up Remchi City will be held in collaboration with local authorities. 100 scouts and other children are expected to volunteer on the day. BURKINA FASO Association pour un Developpement Durable Burkina Faso (ADD) On June 5 tree planting will take place to increase biodiversity in the local area and prevent desertification. CAMEROON Agriculture and Rural Development Promoters (AGRUDEP) AGRUDEP will hold celebrations for World Environment Day in the North West Province in collaboration with local authorities. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO Groupe d'action pour le Developpement Integral de Kinshasa (GDIK) A health education campaign will be held with 15 schools, 5 parishes and 5 businesses taking part from June 3 to June 5. Love in Action Clean up activities at a local primary school will take place on June 5 with 150 volunteers expected to take part. Syndicat D'initiative de Developpement de la Ville de Kinshasa (SIDEVIKJ) The group will hold activities to prevent environmental degradation from June 3 to June 5. Over 5,000 volunteers are expected to participate in Masina. Association Congolaise Pour l'Environment (ACE) Sand and solid waste will be cleared from the drains of Lemba community as part of a two month program that will run from May 1 until the end of June. An

estimated 140 volunteers will take part including disabled members of the community and women's groups. GHANA Gbawe Youth Club Tree planting will take place in Gbawe, Mallam, Odorkor and Kasoa Road. Wiljok Child Aid and Health Organisation Clean up activities will take place as part of the ongoing Clean Up Our Town program which sees an estimated 200 volunteers take part each month. KENYA Former Mates Adventure and Discovery Association (FORMADA) Clean Up Our City will be held on June 5 with an estimated 150 volunteers helping to prevent desertification by planting trees in schools in the Dandora, Kayole and Riverside areas of Nairobi. Lectures on environmental conservation will follow the tree planting activities. Kenya Red Cross Society - Egerton Chapter On June 3 a clean up will be held at Egerton University with 200 students expected to take part. Lake Victoria Permaculture Network Initiatives Tree planting will take place along roadways, on Gembe Hill and public areas including schools, markets and beaches. Clean Up activities will also take place in the public places, and plastics and the invasive weed water hyacinth will be removed from Lake Victoria. Reuse and Recycle Club On June 2 volunteers will plant trees at the Giraffe Centre outside of Nairobi. An environmental poem will also be recited on the day. Clean Up Kisumu Group Members of the business community, school children, teachers, community organisations and the city council staff will take part in a clean up campaign at the main bus park of Kisumu. The day will include public talks and theatre. Laikipia Wildlife Forum On June 5 public videos and talks focusing on water and forest conservation will take place along with poem and song performances on similar themes. The screenings are being held in response to drought conditions in the area. Jericho Arise Clean ups and tree planting activities will take place on World Environment Day as part of an ongoing program that includes monthly environmental activities. Christian Women Partners

On June 4, approximately 100 volunteers from Kabarua Beach Community will Clean Up the local beach and then plant fruit trees at Mitundu Primary School. MOROCCO Center of Environmental Issues and Regional Development – Alakhawayn University On June 3 "Protect my natural assets" campaign will be held with schools, parks and water ways hosting Clean Ups, tree planting, an art competition and an interactive lecture on desertification. 300 volunteers are expected to attend the events. Institut Al-Inbiath In collaboration with the Association of Life Science Teachers, the school will hold a variety of activities and displays from June 2 to June 5. Up to 500 people are expected to attend. NIGERIA Career Builders Network A stakeholders forum will be held at the Ayota Arts Centre. Positive Change International (PCI) As part of their ongoing Clean Up Ikorodu Campaign, an estimated 50 volunteers will hold a Clean Up in the central market area on June 3 to draw attention to World Environment Day. Vision for Sanity Clean up activities will be held to clear waste from the streets, main roads and canals of Lagos. Vision Outreach An awareness raising seminar for school teachers, students and NGOs will take place on June 5 with the support of the State Ministry of Health and the Local Government Environment Department. 120 people are expected to attend. SIERRA LEONE Trauma Healing Sierra Leone Clean Up Tengbeh Town will take place on June 5 with an estimated 100 volunteers taking part. Foundation For International Peace And Development (FIPD) 25 local volunteers will Clean Up Newsite Community on June 5. They will clear waste from drains and streets and plant trees for peace in Newsite, Gafton Town.

TANZANIA Mwangaza Women’s Group As party of a month long Clean Up program, plastic waste will be collected from the streets of Tabora on June 5. The program will be run in collaboration with local schools and the council, TOGO Chretien Pour L'Entraide et le Progres (C.E.P) As part of an ongoing program World Environment Day will be celebrated with local residents and parents of patients taking part in clean up activies at a Lome Hospital and surrounding areas. Association Magnificat Environment Celebrations on World Environment Day will focus on reforestation with tree planting and a number of lectures on the benefits of trees and plants to take place. Local schools, women’s groups, members of the community and local leaders will all be involved. UGANDA Pentagon Youth Network Against Disaster (PYNEAD) A week long soccer tournament will be held on World Environment Day to help raise awareness of environmental issues. 360 people are expected to take part in the tournament which will be run with the support of a number of local supporters. ASIA PACIFIC INDIA Friendship Foundation Trees will be planted on the Foundation land to help celebrate World Environment Day and prevent desertification. National Forum for Environmental Studies and Conservation - (NESCO) Clean Up Campus Campaign will be held at Ewing Christian College on June 5. Maitri To celebrate World Environment Day, an environmental awareness program focusing on plastic waste will be held for children at the residential complex in Bhopal. Jan Seva Group Porbandar On June 5, 80 volunteers will be assisting to improve a sea shore garden in Porbandar. Valley Commonwealth Public School

‘Lets Clean Our Abode’ will be held from June 5-11. Students will Clean Up the school and surrounding areas and the mayor is expected to attend the events. INDONESIA Sahabat Alam An anti plastic bag campaign will be held with eco friendly shopping bags being distributed in a local supermarket on June 5. NEPAL Envirotech An awareness raising day will be organised with the support of local government to promote alternative energy sources and reduce air pollution. NEW CALEDONIA Association pour la Sauvegarde de la Nature Neo-Caledonienne This NGO founded in 1971 will celebrate World Environment Day by implementing publicity campaigns to raise awareness about afforestation amongst the local community. PAKISTAN Human Development Organisation "Clean River" will take place with an expected 150 volunteers taking part to remove waste from Ravi River near the city of Lahore Human Resources Social Welfare Society International An environmental seminar will be held at HRSWS International Conference Hall in Yousaf Khan Qilla Village with approximately 700 people expected to attend. Godh Lahore Over 500 volunteers from local schools, organisations and the general public will attend a variety of activities on June 5 including lectures, street theatre and environmental demonstrations. PHILIPPINES MPSC - Earth Charter Youth Group From June 5 to June 18 a variety of activities including recycling events, environmental quizzes and poster competitions will be held. SOLOMON ISLANDS Honiara Beautification Committee World Environment Clean Up Honiara Day will be held on 5 June. The Honiara Beautification Committee, with the support of the Australian High

Commission and Patrick’s Defense Logistics, has arranged this event as part of community efforts to improve the local environment. EUROPE CYPRUS The Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association (CYMEPA) Formed with the support of the commercial community of the usland, CYMEPA will carry out a beach clean up on June 5 with the assistance of 1,000 volunteers. FRANCE Centre Nautique De l'Arree On June 4, the Centre and 20 volunteers will involve 150 youth in a combined sailing regatta and Clean Up. The aim is to raise awareness of waste collection. GIBRALTAR Environmental Safety Group (ESG) On June 5 ESG will join other NGO's in a protest aimed at reducing industrial pollution and CO2 emissions. The group also hopes the government will consider undertaking health studies of the effects of heavy industry on the environment. PORTUGAL Prosepe A national awareness project consisting of a group of young students, teachers and scouts aiming to defend the forest and its biodiversity will take place on World Environment Day. Around 1500 youth will take part. SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO Environmental Ambassadors The group will facilitate a meeting of Western Balkan NGOs on World Environment Day in Belgrade, Serbia. The Declaration on Environmental Cohesion of Western Balkans as a tool for sustainable development will be discussed and approved. SPAIN AULAGA Asociación de Educación Ambiental y Ecologia Social The association will display an Information Stand regarding Clean Up the World and other ecological campaigns. Saneamientos De Cordoba, S.A.

On June 5, Saneamientos De Cordoba will involve 60 volunteers and teaching staff in a Clean Up of the "El Patriarca" zone of a nearby mountain range. It is an area where locals visit frequently to enjoy the natural environment but unfortunately a lot of rubbish is left behind. NORTH AMERICA CANADA Transport Canada Partnering with Citizenship and Immigrant Canada (CIC), and Public Works (PWGSC), Transport Canada will promote environmental awareness during Environment Week, June 5 -9, 2006. Themed daily activities, interactive displays and presentations will take place. LATIN AMERICA and the CARIBEEAN ARGENTINA Escuadra Lago del Desierto de la Gendarmeria Infantil The ‘Look After Our Home’ campaign will facilitate an excursion to the lake and river as an awareness-raising exercise. Fundación Reserva Natural - Puerto Mar Del Plata The Natural Reserve Foundation will inaugurate their new office on June 5 which will serve as the visitor and information centre for the natural reserve. The Foundation will involve the Municipality and the Environmental Policy Secretary in the event. Proyecto Tucuman Srl In celebration of World Environment Day, Proyecto Tucuman SRL will hold two Clean Ups in the town’s two principle plazas. BRAZIL Canto Ecológico To celebrate World Environment Day, the group has organised for its Environmental Police stationed on the island of Cacha-Pregos to visit two schools and spend the day with the students answering all kind of questions about the environment and showing them that their work is for everyone's benefit. Programa Na Praia - On The Beach Program This popular television show which reaches 1.5 million Brazilians will continue to educate its viewers on World Environment Day about environmental issues. Sementes do Viver Beach clean ups, general clean ups, clean up of mangroves, plantings and pruning will take place in celebration of World Environment Day.

COSTA RICA Asociacion para la Integracion y la Accion Regional (ACIAR) On World Environment Day, this local NGO will donate 150 trees to local schools and organisations to help environmental and social development in the local area. Asociación De Guías Y Scouts De Costa Rica The Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica will be cleaning up an important section of the Inter-American Highway. They will be informing commuters travelling between Costa Rica and Panama about Clean Up the World and the environment. Colegio Ambientalista El Roble De Alajuela To celebrate World Environment Day, the Colegio Ambientalista El Roble de Alajuela will involve 1300 students and 60 staff in a reforestation activity around the school. They will also clean the green areas within the school and the community to prevent dengue fever. CUBA Centro De Investigaciones De Ecosistemas Costeros (CIEC) CIEC will run a series of activities in commemoration of World Environment Day (WED). On June 2 they will hold a Clean Up of Playa Larga (Long Beach) and the surrounding areas in preparation for the summer tourists. They will also advise media of these activities and dedicate one of their own radio programs to WED. HAITI L’idehpe(Initiative Des Etudiants Haïtiens Pour La Protection De L’environnement) A great walk will be organised, commencing at Jérémie Plaza. Later students and members of the organisation will take part in a ceremony where they will showcase their new T-shirts which contain environmental protection slogans. MEXICO Direccion de Ecologia, Gomez Palacio, DGO The group will hold a 3 day conference on biodiversity and Deserts and Desertification, a very pertinent topic for them as they are situated in the heart of the Chihuahuense desert, one of the most ecologically diverse deserts in the world. 700 people will attend the conference which will include workshops and panels of experts. The conference will conclude with a tour of the protected natural area of the region. Ajijic Limpio Ajijic Limpio will run neighbourhood Clean Ups in the town's five districts on June 3. Volunteers will remove litter from along the main highway and from

along the lake’s shore. Ajijic Limpio will also conduct interactive recycling demonstrations. NICARAGUA Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales (MARENA) MARENA will be coordinating several activities for World Environment Day including an award ceremony for the councils who have demonstrated environmentally friendly practices and a video conference on deserts and desertification. PERU Agencia para el Desarrollo Humano de Ayacucho (ADHA) ADHA will enable local youth to participate in a general clean up and tree planting activities on World Environment Day. Colegio Andre Malraux On June 5, the students of Colegio Andre Malraux will travel into the interior of Peru where they will conduct Clean Ups of rivers and forests. URUGUAY Liceo de Atlántida No 2 This local school will celebrate World Environment Day through a week of environmental activities culminating on the 5th of June. They will plant trees and try to include the public in their recycling projects. VENEZUELA Cooperativa Gente de Playa With the support of 600 volunteers, council and local schools, Cooperativa Gente de Playa will plant native trees on World Environment Day. WEST ASIA QATAR Real Indian School On World Environment Day this international school will hold an environmental painting exhibition, group discussions, a lecture and clean up activities. EGYPT 4 Our Kidz 800 people are expected to take part in an environmental art competition and tree planting activity as part of World Environment Day celebrations.

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