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National Endowment for Financial Education. NEFE is a national non-profit foundation dedicated to financial literacy efforts. Web sections to check out are the Help for Consumers resources, and the Cash Course (free web-based financial literacy program targeted to college students, institutions register and can add school logo) and Financial Education Clearinghouse (provides a vast list of resources on 17 financial literacy topics) headings under Educators and Facilitators. JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy site includes a clearinghouse for ordering/downloading financial literacy publications. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides practical information on a variety of consumer topics including automobiles, computers and the internet, credit and loans, telemarketing scams, identity theft, privacy, and security. Publication 970 provides information on all tax benefits for education. Fair Isaac and Company (FICO) credit education center provides detailed information on understanding credit and credit scoring. American Savings Education Council web site with calculators, strategies, and tips on saving. Created by The Project on Student Debt, this site offers information on Income-Based Repayment (IBR) and federal public service loan forgiveness, includes option to register your email for updates. Mapping Your Future’s section on Manage Your Money provides useful student resources on a number of financial literacy topics. Provides rates and information on a plethora of financial topics. Bankrate’s Guide to Financial Literacy. calculators for mortgage, auto, credit cards, investments, retirement, personal finance, savings, and tax topics. CNN’s Money 101 provides a step by step guide to gaining control of your financial life. Wall Street Journal Guide to Financial Planning. Financial_Literacy_toc_a1.asp

Jean Chatzky’s Practical Money Skills for Life web site. provides articles, facts, and tools regarding obtaining all types of insurance. official site created by the three national credit reporting agencies for consumers to request free annual credit reports. Consumer Credit Reporting Industry web site to opt-out of pre-screened credit offers (1-888-567-8688 opt-out phone number). U.S. Department of Treasury and Ad Council campaign (includes Bad Credit Hotel). U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission web site. National Credit Reporting Companies.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), through its Consumer Credit Counseling Service member agencies, provides credit counseling, debt reduction services, and education for financial wellness. calculators. 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy, sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Education Finance Council (EFC) web site provides resources on budgeting, using credit, and protecting your personal financial information. Adventures in Education financial literacy section offers information for students on credit cards, understanding credit, budgeting, borrowing and repaying, and default aversion. College Parents of America’s Financial Literacy for Parents and Students. Access Group Wise Borrower Curriculum offers web tutorials on budgeting and credit. Access Group resource articles on financial literacy topics. articles.htm

ECMC Financial Aid Basics includes information on financial literacy and links to resource materials for students. EdFund’s Building Futures financial literacy web site with workshops, exercises, and videos on budgeting, credit, and saving. Iowa Student Loan’s Financial Literacy Series. Literacy.html Key Bank’s BorrowSmart program assists students and families with budgeting in order to determine the best mix of monthly payment versus loan. National Student Loan Program (NSLP) Financial Management Tools – list of online financial literacy web sites and resources. USAFunds Life Skills Program gives financial aid administrators tools to teach financial literacy topics to students. NorthStar’s web-based financial literacy training targeted to undergraduate students and available to institutions for a fee. Decision Partners Financial Aid 101, a complete financial literacy course for students available to institutions for a fee. MoneySKILL offers a free interactive internet curriculum on personal finance. usa_funds_life_skills/index.htm

Compiled for NASFAA’s Financial Literacy Webinar presented November 6, 2008. Placement on this list should not be viewed as an endorsement by NASFAA or any of the contributors to this list.

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