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Executive Search & Selection
     Identification of Needs
     Sourcing the Finest
     Contacting the Aspirant
     Evaluating the Aptitude
     Guaranteed Closure

Manpower Outsourcing                               8
     Standard Outsourcing Solution
     Non-Standard Outsourcing Solutions
     Incorporation & Corporate Management

Succession Planning                                12
     Strategic & Workforce Planning Decisions
     Analyze Gaps
     Identification of Talent Pool
     Develop and Implement Succession Strategies

Market Intelligence                                15

Executive Coaching                                 16

Professional Assessment &                          17
Screening Facilitation
     Analyze the Target role
     Candidate Screening Blueprint

Integrated Marketing Solutions                     19
     Product launch & Promotions
     Online Marketing
     Direct Marketing
     BTL Activities

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Horwath MAK Executive Resourcing is the member
firm representing Horwath Internationals capabilities
in the Human Capital Management Industry with in
Middle East and Africa Region. While each member
firm assumes full and exclusive responsibility for its
professional services, universal operating standards
for international work are used. This ensures we
maintain worldwide best practice and quality
controls assure a high standard of work delivered.

Horwath MAK takes definitive initiatives to guarantee
that    organizations  evolve      significantly   by
recommending such measures that help establish a
vigorous Human Resources Managements solution
which can offer the most promising development
policies & practices.

The methodology adopted examines and focuses on
concerns raised by our clients, which guide us in the
sourcing process.

Keeping in line with our absolute transparency policy,
these methodologies used for categorization,
screening and appointment of industry’s select few
are discussed briefly in the following lines.

With strict adherence to the criteria presented to us
by our clients. Combined with our in-depth analysis of
their business needs, we recognize the potential
candidates by gathering the required Market
Intelligence as well our experience of the Industry.

A confidential approach is then made to each
prospective candidate to assess their skill set and
establish their level of interest in the opportunity
presented by the client.

Our team comprises of devoted experts having a clear
understanding of the market. This comprehension has
come about by years of experience catering to
various industries. It is their competence primarily,
that help us to identify your business needs and style
solutions accordingly.
For nearly a decade now, Horwath MAK has been at
the fore front of Talent Management catering to
specific needs of our clients, regionally. It is our
understanding that in order to succeed there should
be a synergy between the Consultant and the Client.
We understand our client’s requirements and
therefore provide them with the talent that can help
them attain their Objectives.

In our course of work we come across Organizations
of varying dimensions, size and needs. They range
from Multi Nationals to promising Organizations, but
they all share one common denominator, a passion for
excellence in their relevant industries. Their talent
requirement may spread from Local Talent to
International Leaders.

We provide our clients with an in-depth and
no-strings-attached version of what their talent
needs should be in order to accomplish their
Organizational objectives.

Our specialization extends to most of the Industry
sectors which are not restricted to the following:

  Construction & Engineering
Executive Search
& Selection
Executive Search and Selection is our cadre. Horwath
MAK operates through a team of specialized market
focused consultants from across the globe.

Senior Executives have a critical role in leading the
organization as well as designing and implementing
policies instrumental in delivering business success.
Our comprehensive yet bespoke solutions are
designed to adjust to the particular needs of each of
the organizations we work with, their market,
organization and cultural context. We understand
that getting the right people for the role is critical

  Making appointments at the senior
  executive level
  Restructuring the business
  Making pre- or post-merger appointments
  Accelerating executive development

  Identification of Needs:
We specialize in providing commercially focused
human      resources      expertise.    Through     our
understanding of our clients business plans, we
define, design, develop & deliver high quality,
leading-edge human resources initiatives tailor made
to our clients specifications. Our style is achievement
focused & we measure our success regularly against
agreed performance objectives.

With extensive market knowledge & industry insight
within respective industries, we are well placed to
learn of developments & intelligence at the earliest
opportunity.    We   use    the    most    thorough
methodologies available to prepare our target lists,
combining thorough market knowledge with practical
steps such as Industry directories, Networking,
demographic information & statistical analysis.
  Sourcing the Finest:
Horwath MAK gets you closer to target
organizations by peeling back the layers to unveil
how they are structured and uncover the talent
behind their success.

Through strict adherence to the criteria presented
to us by our clients, combined with our thorough
analysis of their business needs we recognize the
potential candidates by investing all our resources
in developing quality solutions to help our clients
build a competitive advantage and maximize their

With expertise and local market knowledge in a
combination of geographical, functional and
industry sectors, we also organize our teams,
when needed, across international boundaries to
maximize sector specialization. This ensures we
have the skills, track record, market intelligence
and industry know-how to live up to our
commitment of excellence.

Our consultants may also utilize their own
professional and personal networks to identify
potential aspirants for the role.

This comes with interacting in the market over a
period of time and can sometimes become a
detrimental factor in the success of the project.

  Contacting the Aspirant:
Presenting the role to a candidate is one of the
most vital elements in the entire assignment; it
requires the consultant to have an in-depth
Understanding of the role, the client and future
prospects   of   the    candidate   within    the
Organization. Therefore it is imperative that the
presentation should be impeccable and thoroughly
researched to answer every conceivable query
from every angle for the candidate before
contacting them.

Taking into consideration the seniority of the roles
executed, we are made strong in our commitment
to providing the “best-available” talent as
opposed to the “best- visible” talent by an
accomplished      team     of    aspiring     young
entrepreneurs     who     can    come      out    as
Analysts/Advisors for most of the seasoned
professionals they are consulting.
Our    consultants    respect     rigorous    ethical
procedures in approaching potential candidates.
All conversations are processed in absolute
discretion and confidentiality, bearing in mind our
privacy clause, unless otherwise mutually agreed.
The interaction between our consultants and
candidates in terms of a comprehensive dialogue
helps to instigate our ability to attract their peers
in the Industry.

  Evaluating the Aptitude:
A critical component of our success is the ability
to systematically identify and target organizations
that nurture the kind of talent our client is
interested in sourcing from.

We have come to realize that in order for a
candidate to execute his role effectively. We need
to ensure that our values and integrity are well
aligned with those required for the candidate’s
career progression and with those of the
organization they represent.

Each candidate is personally interviewed to
appraise how he or she matches the approved

We analyze and measure in depth the candidate’s
experience, Leadership aptitude, Communication
skills, organizing and execution talent and
professional aspirations for the organization etc
presenting them in a report for our clients.

  Guaranteed Closure:
The strategies of organizations are shaped by
priorities which lay the foundations of Objectives
for the firms. Goals are set utilizing a wide range
of policy instruments, including laws and services.
At Horwath MAK we understand the drivers and
constraints experienced by our clients. We work in
partnership with them to retain organizational
focus while planning for the future structural
changes. It's in this context we help our clients
focus on the long term, while at the same time
providing powerful solutions to short term

Our team provides support at strategic, tactical
and operational levels for our clients this together
with our strong track record in research and
evaluation, guarantees vigorous evidence based
approach to our clients needs.
Manpower Outsourcing
Horwath Saudi Arabia has been established for the
country’s Manpower needs, offering the broadest
outsourcing services in the market for the entire
employment and business cycle including:

  Contract employment;

Assisting our clients from Small & Medium Enterprises
in all industry sectors to the world's largest
multinational corporations, to better respond in
today’s extraordinary market conditions.

The focus of Horwath-KSA Arabia’s endeavors is
streamlining our client’s revenues, reducing
operational overheads, increasing productivity, and
enhancing quality & efficiency across their total
workforce, enabling clients to concentrate on their
core business activities.

The impetus for Outsourcing was and is…profits. This
is not always driven by the lowest cost/lowest wage
formula. A lot of it has to do with recognition of a
company’s core expertise, an understanding of what
the company does and does not do well. When a
company identifies its core competencies, or what it
offers to the marketplace that distinguishes it from
its competitors, it can then begin to consider the
advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing
non-core aspects of its business.

Presently Horwath - KSA adopts the following models
of Shared Services and Outsourcing or SSO:

  Integrate Domestic Capability
SSO is located onshore and services are provided by
controlled units (either fully or partially owned)

  Source Domestic Capability
SSO is located onshore and services are provided by
external service providers
  Integrate Foreign Capability
SSO is located offshore and services are provided by
controlled units (either fully or partially owned)

From being an innovation in operating structure,
Outsourcing is now considered one of the
prerequisites to stay competitive.

We ensure that our clients needs stay at the forefront
of our service delivery. Horwath-KSA team works
alongside our clients – typically onsite – to define
business requirements and ensure our clients’
specific needs are met.

Our Expertise in the following verticals allows us to
provide premium services to our clients so they can
stay focused and increase their competitiveness
amidst increased challenges posed by globalization;

  Information Technology Services
  Back Office/Support Services
  Human Resource Services
  Finance and Accounting Services

       Standard Outsourcing Solution
With many different providers offering many
different solutions, Outsourcing can at times be
confounding. In our quest to maximize transparency
and control for our clients, we have devised a
completely transparent system that puts our clients
in the driver's seat. We refer to this service as the
Standard Outsourcing Solution.

A) Hand-pick your Team Members
We work with our clients to clearly formulate the job
profiles of the people that will form their team; we
will recruit the candidates that our clients can meet
personally and evaluate as per their organizational
B) Infrastructure & Tools
Our services enable clients to use optimized and
highly secure data centers that underpin their
business functions and applications. Through robust
integrated operations built on IT Infrastructure
standards, proven technology solutions such as utility
infrastructure and specialist technical expertise, we
are successfully helping our clients improve the
quality of work.

C) Operational Management
Our management team will fully manage your
operation. By default, this management includes HR
management, including attendance and attitude
reporting, technical support, and operations
management. How project management is handled in
practice will depend on the nature of the project, its
scope, and the involved deliverables. We will work
with your management team to come up with the
right project management structure.

This type of service is applicable for our clients who
wish to utilize our services by employing full time
employees for a long period of time.

    Non-Standard Outsourcing Solutions
The Solution is specifically designed keeping in mind
of our clients focused on their short term needs of

A) Limited Project Duration and Scope
Our solution in this case would be to work with our
own internal resources and/or use contract
employees. We have an extensive database of
flexible staff that can be hired for short-term
projects and have a flexible Infrastructure designed
specifically for undertaking these projects. Project
management will be handled by our operations
  B) Build Operate Transfer
Horwath International brings in its own team of
specialists to evaluate the efficiency of our clients
current/ future business and operating model.

This type of arrangement is used typically in
complicated long-term projects. It is now the model
of choice for most large Outsourcing projects. It is
important to note that it rests on specialists who
bring in best knowledge and skill-sets for setting up
this project.

The staged process helps the client to evaluate the
risks involved and also helps them to check the
feasibility of the project before investing in it.

 Incorporation & Corporate Management
Before you even consider setting up your own
corporate entity in Saudi Arabia, you will need to
learn about the local rules and regulations when it
comes to foreign ownership, corporate structures,
corporate entity types, tax or Zakat legislation, and
all other aspects of founding and operating a
company in the Kingdom.

Our consultants have a considerable amount of
experience and proficiency in this field and can assist
our clients with their company formulation and
operations within Saudi Arabia.

Using our experience and local business network, we
can facilitate the incorporation process to flow
smoothly and take care of all legalities involved. We
stay involved with the corporate management of your
entity by taking care of the bureaucratic hassles such
as the filing to the various departments at all
government levels.
Succession Planning
The statistics are alarming, recent surveys and
reports provide some interesting facts about
succession planning:

  Only one percent of businesses reach a third
  generation with family members managing them.

  Another report shows that 30 percent of businesses
  have not considered a successor.

  Yet another survey explains that more than 58
  percent of medium sized business owners list
  inadequate succession planning as the biggest
  threat facing their business.

It does not end there,

  77% have no Management Succession Plan

  76% have no Future Ownership Plan

  50% will sell

  68% of CEOs will retire in the next 5 years

  75% have not sought external advice for Succession

Given the fact that 65 to 70 percent of the businesses
in the GCC are family-owned and managed, it's
obvious that a solid succession plan will be of
significance should the Top Level Executive retire or
leave the organization unexpectedly.

The odds for a successful transition are stacked
against the owner and the business unless the owner
or the        top management takes an active role in
the transition process. Thinking ahead is a cardinal
rule of business. Organizations need to think about
the future for they leave it vulnerable to
considerable risks and management upheaval if they
don’t plan ahead.
Succession planning sits inside a much wider set of
resourcing and development processes called
'succession management', encompassing management
resourcing     strategy,     aggregate     analysis   of
demand/supply (human resource planning and
auditing), skills analysis, the job filling process, and
management development. It is about preparing
organizations now to be able to withstand the trends

We at Horwath MAK ensure that with our experience,
we offer you the best solutions. We find and solve the
most critical challenges faced by our clients by taking
an Independent and holistic view of our client’s
performance. We depend on facts to provide credible
recommendations. Our process can be summarized as

  Strategic and Workforce
  Planning Decisions
With the aid of our clients we align the medium,
long-term vision and direction for the organization
and analyze future requirements of the management.
By identifying the core values of the organization
with succession planning we connect the leadership
with the needs and interests of their business.

  Analyze Gaps
By identifying core competencies and technical skill
requirements of the leadership roles we determine
current supply and anticipate demand. We establish
the long term human capital needs and categorize
continuity issues. Therefore we do not make a
business plan on position replacement but rather
craft one on the long term talent needs of the
  Identification of Talent Pools
Using 360° feedback model we employ pools of
candidates matching the exact skill set required for
the execution of the role effectively. We identify
talent with critical competencies for multiple roles.

  Develop & Implement Succession Strategies
We support our clients by advising them on their
human capital needs by identifying recruitment
strategies, Special programs, development/learning
strategies such as

  Formal development
  Coaching and mentoring
  Assessment and feedback

A list of candidates is finally presented to the client.
These candidates match the criteria desired by our
clients in order to execute the role effectively.
Market Intelligence/
Quality of Service Review
Understanding Markets and Consumers is the bedrock
on which business planning and strategy is built.
Without knowing your customer wants and needs or
for that fact understanding client demands, your
business will be under constant threat from
competitors and may also be failing to extract the
maximum value from the market.

Horwath MAK provides reports that are shaped by
mapping the clients needs against the best practices
trends and benchmarks followed by the relevant
comparative organizations from a highly fragmented
global market that encompass a vast range of global,
regional and local players. Horwath MAK Offers
Extensive review on multiple categories or functions
with in the associated Industry as each description is
planned and analyzed by the our associates with the
specific intention of delivering to the client, the
information and research they need to make and base
critical business decisions.

Horwath MAK assists its partners in sourcing Top roles
by Market share and then drill down to find the most
relevant data.

For Instance a certain category in an industry may
seem to have the dominant market share, but by
further exploring into the segment of the Industry we
find that a vertical niche actually offers more value
and return on investment for their business. Horwath
MAK Offers its unique Market Intelligence
Understanding     to    give   our    clientele   the
comprehension required to uncover the data and
further reach out to those Job Boards which can help
their organization achieve much more than their

With our awareness of the Industries across the
functions, we deliver what they require because we
understand their Business. Our Practice allows us to
explore opportunities, manage and sustain growth
and maximize revenue.
Executive Coaching
In any coaching situation, properly defined goals and
action strategies can provide clear pathways to

Our Consultants offer new fresh perspectives, ideas
and career paths to explore. Senior executive are
well aware of their environment, market trends and
executive opportunities.

However, the dramatic changes in the employment
market are difficult to keep pace with.

Our Consultants can help you:

  Identify your strengths as well as areas of
  improvement by highlighting key attributes of your
  profile, explaining the market trends and practices
  to you with insights about how changes will impact
  your career and the best strategies to optimize
  your positioning.

  The consultants at Horwath MAK are valuable
  resources     for   career    counseling.    These
  relationships can be quite valuable, providing you
  with long-term professional support and direction,
  a proactive plan for career management and a
  competitive advantage in the executive market.

  The executive coaching process raises the
  individual’s awareness of personal/professional
  assets and liabilities, and assists the individual in
  implementing formalized plans for achieving
  specific developmental goals.
Professional Assessment &
Screening Facilitation
Horwath MAK offers cutting-edge assessment &
testing to better cater to your human resources
needs. As a neutral third-party, the assessment and
evaluation of these candidates ensures more
successful hiring decisions and gives concrete
justification for deciding among many seemingly
equally qualified applicants.

The professional administration of these assessments
can greatly decrease costly hiring mistakes.

The assessments and interviews are tailor-made for
specific industries (i.e., retail, finance and
manufacturing) thus making the process even more

Although we tailor candidate screening solutions to
clients' assessment needs, the foundation of all our
solutions involve the following key steps:

  Analyze the Target role:
We will work  closely with your organization to
understand and thoroughly analyze the target job. 
We identify key responsibilities, uncover critical
job-related competencies, and define how your
organization defines optimal performance.

  Candidate Screening Blueprint:
Based  on the results of Step 1, we will identify the
prescreening and assessment tools best suited to
helping you identify candidates most likely to
demonstrate the key skill set required for the
effective execution of the role.
Horwath MAK will implement and project manage the
entire candidate screening process from Initiation to
delivery, as a result, ensuring that you devote your
valuable time to interacting only with high-potential
candidates likely to meet, and often, exceed your

  Our Unique positioning promise is that we
  guarantee our search process.

  Why should one hire us? We are transparent with
  each phase of the search process; we act as
  industry and functional experts.

  We act as change agents by creating a Vision for
  business Leaders.

  We offer Step by step career counseling.

  Our primary target audience are the movers and
  the shakers.
Integrated Marketing Solutions
HorwathMak       brings     together      experienced
professionals who specialize in identifying and
fulfilling the specific needs of our clients with
effective presence in print capabilities.

We work with our clients to develop strategies and
solutions that are tailored-made to their individual

We offer a wide range of services with emphasis to
develop a presence that is both professional in
appearance and fully functional to meet our client’s
present needs and future expectations.

Our commitment in the convergence of a
comprehensive set of integrated marketing services
provides our clients with high-quality ideas for
business and market development. Our Services
include the following:

  Product launch & Promotions
  Online Marketing
  Direct marketing
  BTL Activities on a local and international

Every client is unique and faces a highly competitive
and segmented marketplace. Horwath MAK works
with clients to create a unique market identity
through our comprehensive resources & rich
experience based on our partners, executives and
consultants in providing the requested service to
reinforce our client’s brand.

                                                                                            t launc
                                                                                      Produc otions
                                                                                       & Prom
                                                                    d Marketi

                                                                                        Online g
                                         BTL Act cal &
                                           on L ional
                                          Interna le                       Direct g
                                               S ca                       Market
  Product Launch / Shows

The Product Launch Process must address all the
steps necessary to start volume production, plan and
execute marketing activities, develop needed
documentation, support personnel (internal and
external), fill channels, and prepare to install and
support the product.

Horwath MAK identifies          critical   uncertainties
associated with the launch.

Due to our strong understanding of Venue
Management, activities are better planned and
coordinated and are more tightly regulated.

The result is an improved product launch process
which results in faster time-to-market and
time-to-profit, leading to greater customer

Our services include:

  Management of Venue Setup
  Logistic Support
  Venue Branding
  Vendor Management
  Invitation Extension
  Information Printing

  Online Marketing
The Internet is one of the most powerful marketing
tools ever created. Your website is the world's view
into your company. Horwath MAK will work with you
to create Internet Marketing strategies and programs
that will directly increase your sales and profitability.

With our comprehensive search marketing, and
interactive advertising we facilitate your Company

  Measure the ROI of your Marketing Initiatives.
  Build a prospect/customer database.
  Use Search Engine Marketing to enhance your reach.
We offer our clients a spectrum of services like.

  SEO or Search Engine Optimization: by improving
  the volume and      traffic to a website involves
  copywriting, Meta tag improvement and link
  building. We can assist in running your SEO
  campaign for you.

  PPC or Pay per Click Advertising: Pay per click
  marketing is a great way to get visitors when you
  need traffic. But it's risky: With poor management,
  you can spend a fortune, generate many visits, and
  end up with nothing to show for it. Very few
  businesses can afford to ignore it because of its
  effectiveness both in Price and Promotion. We can
  help you track and monitor the right kind of bids so
  that your product or services receive the attention
  they deserve.

  Affiliate Marketing: Since affiliate marketing is
  seriously competitive by its nature, it can be
  advantageous for affiliate marketers to have an
  organization dedicatedly safeguard their best
  interests. Horwath MAK through its vast network
  helps you to interact actively in your respective
  Affiliate community.

  Direct Marketing
Direct marketing allows you to generate a specific
response from targeted groups of customers. It's a
particularly useful tool for small businesses because
it allows you to:

  Focus resources where they are most likely to
  produce results.

  Measure the success of campaigns accurately by
  analysing responses.

  Test your marketing - you can target a
  representative sample of your target audience and
  see what delivers the best response rates before
  developing a full campaign.

We can design your strategy to cater to both
Businesses to Business as well as consumer markets.
  BTL (Below the Line) Marketing
In today’s markets of severe competition,
below-the-line promotions have become an
indispensable tool for start-ups and large
organizations alike, thanks to the low cost factor.

It helps marketers establish one-to-one relationship
with consumers while promoting their products or
services en mass, and is an excellent tool to gauge
consumer-response. BTL is all about interaction.
Consumer relations and feedback during a BTL
campaign helps in fine-tuning the offering and
positioning of the brand firmly in the market.

But below-the-line marketing, which focuses on
targeted, customer-centric communications &
measurable results, requires impeccable planning or
else the entire operation can become unsuccessful.

Horwath MAK has consistently been delivering desired
results to its clientele in this medium, managing the
entire project to yield the desired objectives.

We endeavour for the Economical acquisition,
retention and growth of every project we undertake.
The sphere of our sales and promotions include the

  Display materials (stands, header boards, shelf
  strips, ‘wobblers’)
  Packaging (Coupons, Premium Offers)
  Merchandising (demonstrations, auxiliary sales
  forces, display arrangements)
  Direct mail
  Kiosk Activities

A good customer response depends on originality of
the design and quality of business flyers, brochures,
booklets, and mobile stands. HorwathMAK is well
versed with the services specificities of demand
stimulation. Our creative staff designs and will print
brochures, leaflets, flyers, and promotional
souvenirs. We ensure that the design and placement
is creative, representative, stylized for the specific
genre, industry, and target audience.
Imran Jawaid
Regional Manager
Middle East & Africa

With more than eight years experience in executive search, Mr. Imran's
expertise is focused on regional assignments with functional emphasis on
CEOs, General Management, Financial Management, Corporate Finance,
and Engineering.

He has conducted senior level searches for clients representing Market
leaders in a variety of Industries including Consumer, Finance &
Insurance, Diversified Manufacturing, and Regional Conglomerates. He
has successfully assisted global and regional corporations at the Senior
Management and board levels.

Prior to beginning his executive search career, he was a Financial Analyst
with Mercantile Bank in Kansas, USA.

Mr. Imran has a master's degree in business administration from the
University of Kansas as well as an undergraduate degree in Marketing from
South Eastern University.

For more information please email to: kh@horwathmak.us

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