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VSI Lighting Equipment Test 2 Answers.rtf


									                      Automotive Technology
                   Virginia State Inspection
                               Lighting Equipment Test

Name: _____________________                                     Date: _____________

Lighting Questions: 4 points each
Students are to circle the correct answer.
1. Any headlamps on a motor vehicle must be:

   a. Of an approved type
   b. Capable of both low and high beam functions
   c. Mounted on the front corners of the automobile
   d. All of the above

2. While performing a safety inspection on a 2002 Honda 650 Shadow motorcycle, the
   inspector finds the motorcycle is not equipped with a headlight, the inspector should :

   a. Reject the motorcycle
   b. Inspect the motorcycle

3. Any automobile inspected in Virginia must have at least _______ headlamps:

   a. 1
   b. 2
   c. 0
   d. 4

4. While performing a state inspection the inspector finds the vehicle does not have
   a rear license plate light, should he:

   a. Reject the vehicle
   b. Inspect the vehicle

5. Inspector A says, all motorcycles must have at least one headlamp. Inspector B says,
   all motorcycles must have two headlamps.

   a. A only
   b. B only
   c. Both A and B
   d. Neither A nor B
                     Automotive Technology

6. A headlamp visor cannot be more than ____ inches unless part of the original body

   a. 2
   b. 2 ¼
   c. 4
   d. 6

7. The headlamps on an automobile must be:

   a. Must be of the same approved type excluding sealed beam headlamps
   b. A minimum of two headlamps
   c. The lenses must be clear
   d. All of the above

8. What is the minimum required number of headlamps for a motorcycle:

   a. 1
   b. 2
   c. 3
   d. 4

9. When aiming headlamps, the inspector must first look for:

   a. Moisture in the headlamp
   b. The type of headlamp
   c. The type of glazing on the headlamp
   d. All of the above

10. All headlamp bulbs must be of an approved type and not over _____

   a. 22
   b. 32
   c. 16
   d. 48

11. Any vehicle which has glazing placed over the headlamps must be:

   a. Rejected
   b. Inspected
                      Automotive Technology

12. Any motor vehicle that is equipped with at least two headlamps must be:

   a. Inspected
   b. Allowed if built before January 1, 1943.
   c. Allowed if only for day time driving
   d. Rejected

13. No automobile may have more than ___ headlamps lighted at any time to provide
    general illumination ahead of the automobile.

   a. 2
   b. 4
   c. 6
   d. 8

14. The headlamp type can be found by looking:

   a. In the owners manual
   b. On the headlamp for embossed numbers and / or I.D. numbers
   c. On Mitchell
   d. In the repair manual

15. Any vehicle manufactured must be equipped with:

   a. Day time running lamps.
   b. A rear (tail lamp) or rear tail lamp combination of an approved type.
   c. Amber lenses for the license plate lights.
   d. Red lenses for the turn signal lighting.

16. Driving lamps must be adjusted to a tolerance of:

   a. Three inches in twenty-five feet
   b. Four feet in twenty-five inches
   c. Six inches in twenty-five feet
   d. Four inches in twenty-five feet

17. The following is a requirement of state inspection:

   a. A vehicle must be equipped with fog lamps.
   b. A vehicle may have four fog lamps.
   c. Fog lamps must be of an approved type.
   d. Driving lamps are considered to be fog lamps.
                      Automotive Technology
18. Spot lamps are __________ ___________ however if they are installed they must
    be inspected and of an approved type.

   a. Not required
   b. Illegal lighting
   c. Required lighting
   d. Infra-red lighting

19. Vehicles may only be equipped with _______spot lamp / spot lamps.

   a. 1
   b. 2
   c. 3
   d. 4

20. On a 1960 Ford vehicle there are no turn signal light assembles.
    The vehicle should be:

   a. Inspected
   b. Rejected
   c. Reported to the Virginia Safety Inspection Division.
   d. Rejected, but noted on the Safety Inspection receipt.

21. A daytime running lamps cannot be mounted higher than _____________
    inches measured to the center of the lamp.

   a. Twenty-four
   b. Thirty-six
   c. Thirty-four
   d. Twenty-six

22. All headlamp systems are required to have a:

   a. High-beam indicator
   b. Six headlamps.
   c. Low-beam indicator
   d. Parking lamp indicator

23. The rear tail lamp assemble has a two inch crack in it, and white light can be seen
    through the assembly.
    The vehicle should be:

   a. Inspected
   b. Rejected
                     Automotive Technology

24. The head lamp lighting pattern shown below represents:

   a. The proper light pattern for a low beam headlamp.
   b. The proper light pattern for a high beam headlamp.

25. The head lamp lighting pattern shown below represents:

   a. The proper light pattern for a low beam headlamp.
   b. The proper light pattern for a high beam headlamp.

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