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					                                January 2007

EMI and EDEL Company Brochure
                      EMI COMPANY PROFILE

Engineered Magnetics, Inc. is a supplier of power conversion equipment,
battery chargers, and monitoring and signal conditioning systems designed
for ground, air, and sea. Equipment has been designed and fabricated for
commercial aircrafts, missiles, and a variety of airborne and ground tactical
military weapons and communication systems. Virtually all free world
missile programs are operating with EMI equipment abroad.
                      EDEL COMPANY PROFILE

EDEL Engineering Development Corporation established itself in 1993, with the
intention of developing products which were already manufactured, but achieve a
greater savings for the government as well as the commercial market. EDEL specializes
in the replacement of diminished manufacturing capabilities and products.

EDEL designs, develops, and manufactures sensors, avionics, and electrical hardware
for military aircraft’s, submarines, missiles, tanks and helicopters. EDEL's product line
ranges from aircraft fuel management systems and fuel quantity transmitters to a variety
of low level sensors, density compensators, special instrumentation, temperature
sensors and electronic cockpit display systems.
                              OUR CUSTOMERS

   •US Department of Defense Agencies:           •Northrop Grumman
             Navy, Army, Air Force               •Diehl GmbH
   •Lockheed Martin                              •MAC Aerospace
   •Raytheon                                     •Litton Systems
   •Boeing                                       •US Helicopter
   •Hughes Aircraft                              •Kellstrom
   •Honeywell                                    •TRW
   •Derco Aerospace                              •Oerlikon Contraves
   •MecTronics                                   •McDonald Douglas
   •Union Switch & Signal                        •Westwind Technologies
90% of our products are manufactured for DoD – 10% consists of commercial business
                                 OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM

       Josh Shachar                     Kathy Tran                      Francis Tran                  Hertsel Corech
         Chairman                        President                    General Manager                General Manager
       (EMI & EDEL)                    (EMI & EDEL)                        (EMI)                         (EDEL)

Engineered Magnetics, Inc.      With    over   5     years   of   With his 20 years of           This Professor at Devry
was acquired in April of 2000   experience with Engineered        experience in the Aerospace    University has dedicated his
by     Josh    Shachar.    He   Magnetics, Inc. Starting out      and Commercial Industry,       time and patience and has
successfully    uplifted  the   as an intern, she quickly rose    he has proven himself to       proven to be a key asset to
company from its slump          up to the top to be one of the    manage the every day           the company in supporting
downward twirl. Set out to do   most respected individuals in     operations of Engineered       our aerospace department
the impossible, he has turned   the    company.     She     has   Magnetics, Inc. His previous   as     well   as      reverse
the company into a multi        experience with the daily         projects     include     the   engineering consultations.
million dollar asset. Josh is   business     activities     and   AMRAAM air to air missile      He has been with EDEL
also Founder & Chairman of      transactions           between    project, previous companies    Engineering    Development
EDEL              Engineering   customers and our trading         he’
                                                                  he’s been involved with are:   for 10 years and Engineered
Development Corp. Previous      partners. She oversees all        Basic      Design      Labs,   Magnetics, Inc. for 4 years.
companies Josh was involved     departments           including   Information Control Corp,
with     are    Thermocouple    purchasing,       contracting,    and Morris Enterprise
America, Carnap Analytic,       sales,    production,       and
Lambda        Signetics,
              Signetics,    &   accounting.

         Maya Vu                    Robert Bonham
    Project Developer                 Marketing

 With over 6 years of          Robert Bonham has been
 procurement experience,       working in the marketing
 Maya has mastered the art     procurement department
 of   negotiations.    She’
                       She’s   for the past 4 years. He is
 developed     relationships   responsible      for    and
 with Approved Suppliers,      aggressively    seeks out
 and    she’
        she’s   consistently   government        contracts,
 working      with       the   technical data, and new
 Production   Manager     to   items to diversify our
 plan & schedule deliveries.   capabilities and product
                                    OUR PRODUCTION TEAM

       Kevin Behr                   Richard Endres                  Lisa Nguyen                Kerene Gross
   Production Manager             Engineering Manager             Production Lead             Production Lead

Oversees facility production     Richard has over 30 years    With    over 20 years of     With over 20 years of
line and purchasing req. for     of experience in the power   experience in soldering      experience            with
all   programs      associated   supply      and      power   and assembling products      electronic handling and
with    the    military    and   conversion products, he is   for Engineered Magnetics,    soldering as well as
commercial sales. He also        well   known      in   the   Inc, she has become one      assembling, she has the
sets targets and production      company to troubleshoot      of the greatest assets any   perfectionist    handwork
plans, allocates workload        and repair as well as        company can ever ask for.    on all of her assemblies.
and responsibilities, and        assemble power supplies
verifies part compliance.        and inverters.
                                            OUR FACILITY
Our facility is located right off of the 105 and 405 freeways in the city of Inglewood, California. The facility
floor space is 15,600 square feet. Included are general office space; research and development areas;
prototype fabrication areas; environmental test labs; general assembly and welding areas. These
operations are supported by inspection stations situated in the critical flow pattern of assembly, incoming
inspection, paint shop, mechanical fabrication, coil winding, storage areas, and peripheral offices.
                     •    Total manufacturing space: ~10,000 sq. ft.
                     •    Inspection Space: ~ 650 sq. ft.
                     •    Shipping and Receiving: Whaling Packaging, 100 sq. ft. area
                     •    Storage Space provided for offered item: ~ 750 sq. ft.
                     •    5000 sq. ft. of storage         mfg. space
                               OUR MISSION

Our Mission is to provide the best replacement parts possible, at affordable prices, while
minimizing delivery time to all customers worldwide.

Our Company’s first commitment has always been to the quality of our products or
services and therefore the satisfaction of our customers. Since our inception, we have
gained an enviable reputation for our ability to supply to our customers products of
consistently high quality.

As a result our customers have come to expect only the highest quality from our
Company. Our objective is to maintain and improve upon the reputation we have built.