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									                                                                               VISA CREDIT CARD
                                                                        AUTOMATIC PAYMENT FORM

Complete and return this form and we will automatically take the minimum* payment out of your savings or checking
account each month. Send your completed form to: GEEFCU Visa Department, 265 Bic Drive, Milford, CT 06461.

□ Yes, I want to sign up for Visa Auto-Payment.
________________________________________________________________             ___________________________________
Member’s Name                                                                GEEFCU Visa Credit Card #

GEEFCU Account# to be used for payment
                                                  □ Checking             □ Savings

________________________________________________________________             ___________    _____________________
City                                                                         State          Zip Code

Home Phone (        ) ___________ - _________________        Work Phone (        ) ___________ - __________________

________________________________________________________________             ___________________________________
Member Signature                                                             Date

*NOTE: Minimum payment is 3% of the total balance, or $25, whichever is larger. If total balance is less than $25,
then total amount is due. Visa account must be up-to-date and in good standing. Payments will be deducted on
the 25th day of every month.

At any time, you can add more to your monthly payment by:
    o Sending a check by mail to your local Credit Union Branch or the Main Office
    o Sending a check by mail using your monthly Visa Statement Payment Envelope
    o Making a payment in-person at your local Credit Union Branch
    o Using CALL 24 (Automated Telephone Service) to transfer a payment
    o Using Online Banker to transfer from your existing accounts to your Visa

                         General Electric Employees Federal Credit Union
                                 265 Bic Drive • Milford, CT 06461
                    Phone: 800-992-8472 Fax: 203-783-1131

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