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									Visure Solutions Opens US Headquarters, Extending Reach into North and
South America

Newly appointed Americas VP & COO champions Visure Requirements as driver
of product quality

San Francisco, CA, March 29, 2013 -- Visure Solutions, the market leader
in Requirements Lifecycle Management, today announced it has extended its
market reach into the Americas with the opening of a new Headquarter
Office in San Francisco, CA. Under the direction of VP and COO Dr.
Moustapha Tadlaoui, this new US office will carry the leading
requirements engineering solution, Visure Requirements, into both North
and South America. To establish an immediate stronghold, Moustapha is
first targeting mature embedded and systems markets such as avionics,
aerospace, automotive, and medical that understand the need of managing
requirements. His next goal is IT, where market needs and business
requirements drive product development at an almost overwhelming pace—one
which only can be managed with automated requirement definition and
requirement management tools.

Founded in 2008, Visure Solutions has firmly established itself in the
European market, achieving 150 percent growth over the last several
years. The opening of offices in Spain, Germany, and the UK has enhanced
Visure Solutions’ international sales and extended the Visure
Requirements brand, formerly known as IRQA, across a plethora of
industries including IT, financial services, aerospace and defense,
telecom, medical, automotive, and transportation. Visure Solutions has
become a recognized leader in providing innovative Requirements
Definition and Management.

Visure Solutions chose Dr. Moustapha Tadlaoui to direct US operations
because of his stellar track record in creating and building new
businesses from the ground up. In the past, Moustapha increased the
French sales revenue of ATTOL Testware, an IT software testing company,
250 percent in his first year. He then went on to launch and develop
ATTOL’s European business, building revenue and customer base to $9.1M
and leading the company through its acquisition by Rational Software
Corporation (now IBM Rational) in 2001. After successfully transitioning
ATTOL technology to Rational offices in the US, Australia, and Japan,
Moustapha, an entrepreneur at heart, created and set up US offices for
LDRA, a leading provider of software test and verification tools. As
LDRA’s vice president of sales, Moustapha established the LDRA brand
first in the US and then in South America in the heavily regulated
markets of avionics, defense, medical, and automotive where software
testing is critical in proving software reliability.

“Visure Solutions has, year after year, achieved 100 percent growth,
extending its international sales through its European offices and now in
the Americas,” noted Joe Cisneros, CEO Visure Solutions. “Moustapha’s
drive, his twenty-five years of experience building fast-growth, market-
leading technology companies, and his expertise in both the IT and
embedded systems markets will accelerate this growth. We are counting on
him to significantly grow sales in the Americas and to establish Visure
Solutions as the preferred global provider of requirements lifecycle
management solutions.”

Contact :
Moustapha Tadlaoui
Visure Solutions
100 Pine Street, Suite 1250
San Francisco, CA, 94111
+1 415 745 3304

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