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                                      Desktop virtualization is revolutionizing how we view client computing much in the way server
                  CONTACT             virtualization changed the datacenter. Properly integrated desktop virtualization increases
                   Eric Oberhofer     support efficiencies, significantly decreases long term costs, and provides a more robust
                  Practice Director   client experience.
                     Datas Center
                     202.680.0045      Before these benefits can be enjoyed, a virtual desktop solution must be sized and integrated
                                      based on accurate information about your organization. It must be carefully structured to meet
                                      the fluctuating demands of your unique user population. And, it must be architected to work
                                      seamlessly within your network and application environment, as well as your data center.

Iron Bow experts answer               AVOID OVERSPENDING AND OPTIMIZE
        these questions:
                                      USER EXPERIENCE
 How should the solution be
                                      Understanding the best solutions approach and potential pitfalls of Desktop Virtualization in the
 sized to create optimal user
                                      context of your organization’s needs and infrastructure is critical to realizing all of the benefits of
                                      this technology. Iron Bow has established a Virtual Desktop Readiness Assessment to aid our
       Which users are good           customers with decision support and strategic planning to ensure a successful solution.
       candidates for virtual
                 desktops?            To align desktop virtualization will business goals, our team begins by conducting interactive
                                      consultations with stakeholders. We then assess all the technical and organizational factors that
What are the current network          will touch a virtual desktop environment from applications and physical endpoints to user groups
         and usage metrics?           and organizational processes.
 Are there any application or
          usage constraints?          Based on this information, our experts provide a report card on current infrastructure readiness
                                      and present a strategic roadmap of how to effectively size, structure, deploy, manage, and
Can the current infrastructure        optimize a virtual desktop solution for your unique organization. 
      support desired virtual
        desktop capabilities?
                                      ASSESSMENT ADVANTAGES
     What is the best way to
                                      • Evaluation by our experienced experts generates current information about your organization’s
ensure all data and users are
                                        assets and desktop usage as a solid foundation for successful planning.
      migrated seamlessly?
                                      • The assessment right-sizes your budget and capability estimates, to help avoid overspending
                                        and optimize user experience.
                                      • Interactive interviews with stakeholders facilitates “buy-in” and aligns solutions with the needs
                                        unique to your organization.
                                      • Customers get a written report by our experts which provides the blueprint for a business
                                        case justification as well as performance, reliability, environmental, management and security
                                      • Recommended solutions are based on industry best practices, leading technologies and
                                        hands-on experience from Iron Bow experts.

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During this assessment, an Iron Bow certified professional consultant will work to understand
your business, culture and technical requirements.

This includes a full review of your desktop infrastructure systems utilizing a tool that will help us
determine which users, PCs, applications and servers are ready for virtualization. The tool will
also provide valuable information about user habits, individual user settings and data that will
help to facilitate a successful migration.

The assessment will take approximately five weeks, and will move through four phases.

      PHASE 1:                        PHASE 2:                      PHASE 3:                        PHASE 4:
     DISCOVERY                    DATA COLLECTION                   ANALYSIS                        REPORT

 Activities                       Activities                   Activities                      Activities
 • Onsite Project                 • Technical audit and        • Analysis of all               • Onsite presentation
   kick-off                         analysis                     collected data by               of assessment
 • Architecture and               • Installation of data         Iron Bow                        findings by
   operations review                collection tool(s)           security experts                Iron Bow experts
 • Operational analysis           • Collect log and            • Findings documented           • Delivery of concrete,
   including consideration          flow data                                                    actionable
   of business objectives                                      Outcomes                          recommendations for
 • Identify and interview         Outcomes                     • Comprehensive                   any opportunities for
   stakeholders                   • Raw information is           report on desktop               optimization that were
 • Identify systems and             gathered to be put           virtualizationopportunities     uncovered during the
   review of the infrastructure     through Iron Bow’s           and readiness                   assessment
   and management tools             modeling tools.            • Determine recommended         • Interactive workshop to
   deployed.                                                     solutions and strategy          facilitate knowledge
                                                                 based on findings               transfer on best practices
 Outcomes                                                                                      • Guidance on the current
 • Scope and Objectives                                                                          leading practices for
                                                                                                 configuring and man-
                                                                                                 aging your desktops

                                                                                               • Roadmap for
                                                                                                 deploying desktop
                                                                                                 security posture

     1 to 3 Days                       30 Days                       1 Week                       Up to 3 Hours

Plan for success with a Desktop Virtualization Readiness Assessment.
Contact our desktop virtualization specialists at

4800 Westfields Boulevard, Chantilly, VA 20151 | phone 703.279.3000 800.338.8866 fax 703.745.1350 |

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