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					    enabling the digital home

                                 Company Profile
                                 SoftAtHome is changing the dynamics of the Digital Home market.
                                 SoftAtHome was created to enable Service Providers to deliver
                                 innovative and convergent applications for the Digital Home.
                                 Our Home Operating Platform fosters a new ecosystem made up
                                 of 3rd party application developers, integrators and hardware
                                 vendors to accelerate the advent of the Digital Home.

                                 Our vision
                                 Network connectivity and broadband access in the home are becoming mainstream. The
                                 need to share content across different types of devices regardless of the format is emer-
                                 ging. Consumers are demanding more than just individual triple-play services.

                                 Everything is in place for the Digital Home market to really take off.

                                 However some key elements are still missing to make it a day-to-day reality in people’s
                                 life: compelling services, ease of use, Quality of Services, true interactivity and conver-
                                 gence of different services are just some examples.

                                 SoftAtHome develops and sells a software solution to provide those missing elements to
                                 Service Providers and make the Digital Home a reality.

                                 A Home Operating Platform
                                  SoftAtHome develops and sells the SoftAtHome Operating Platform made of:

                                    > Platform Services that provide the building blocks for applications. They provide
                                    services for communication and interactivity, sharing and accessing content, optimizing
                                    and securing the user experience and remotely managing the solution.
Key figures                         > APIs for the development of innovative 3rd party applications through industry stan-
                                    dard development environments.
                                    > SoftAtHome branded applications to accelerate the adoption of the platform.
Creation:                           > A Hardware Adaptation Layer to insulate the software platform from the different
end of 2007                         underlying devices and hardware.

Number of employees:             The SoftAtHome Operating Platform can run across multiple and different devices inclu-
110 by end of 2008               ding Home Gateways, Set Top Boxes and Network Attached Servers. It also enables PCs,
                                 Mobile Phones, PDAs and other devices to participate in a SoftAtHome-enabled home
Locations:                       environment. With the SoftAtHome Operating Platform, applications can be physically
France and Belgium               distributed across different devices to optimize their use while delivering a homogeneous
                                 and richer experience to consumers.

    SoftAtHome Company Profile | 09/26/2008 | p1                                                 enabling the digital home
    enabling the digital home

                               A new ecosystem
                               SoftAtHome fosters a new ecosystem that is dramatically changing the dynamics of the Digital Home
                               market. Similarly to the situation in the computer industry about 25 years ago before the advent of
                               the PC, products in the Digital Home Market are monolithic devices entirely built by a single player,
                               from hardware and middleware to applications and integration. With the Home Operating Platform, it
                               is now possible for different players to collaborate on building solutions while focusing on their core
                               All the players can benefit from this new model and get value out of the whole ecosystem:

                                 > Integrators. They can adapt or assemble different applications based on their customers’ requi-
                                 rements, without having to worry about the underlying operating platform.
                                 > 3rd Party Application Developers. They develop applications based on the open APIs without
                                 the need to know anything about hardware implementations. Applications are then integrated by
                                 Integrators and deployed by Service Providers. This gives Application Developers an additional
                                 platform to deploy their applications to millions of users.
                                 > Service Providers. They benefit from a breadth of new and innovative third party applications
                                 that can run on their hardware of choice. This gives them the freedom to run the same services on
                                 different hardware with a common look and feel, hence building brand recognition and customer
                                 > Equipment Manufacturers. They don’t need to develop their own middleware for every hard-
                                 ware implementation and benefit from a de facto standard platform.
                                 > Chipset Vendors. They can sell their architecture to new Service Providers who decide to stan-
                                 dardize on SoftAtHome platform.
                                 > 3rd Party Technology Providers. They benefit from an additional distribution channel to reach
                                 Service Providers worldwide.


                                            Application                   Operating                        Integrators
SoftAtHome Operating Plat-                  Developers                    Platform
form enables the creation
of a new ecosystem where
every participant will bene-
fit from each other.

                                                 Technology                  Chipset                  Equipment
                                                 Vendors                     Vendors                  Manufacturers

    SoftAtHome Company Profile |09/26/2008 | p2                                                        enabling the digital home
       enabling the digital home

                               Implementation of standards
                               One of the key enabler for the growth of the number of applications for the Digital Home is stan-
                               dardization. An important number of standards are emerging including DLNA, UPnP forum, Open
                               IPTV forum, Broadband forum, Wi-Fi alliance and HGI. SoftAtHome doesn’t intend to create one
                               more standard but wants to accelerate the adoption of existing standards by working closely with
                               standard bodies. It provides independent and industrial-strength implementations of those stan-
                               dards. By marketing and selling market- ready solutions to a large number of Service Providers and
                               consumers, SoftAtHome will be endorsing those standards on the market.

                               A solution for Service Providers
                               SoftAtHome was created under the leadership of a Service Provider to meet the needs of Service
                               Providers. As such, SoftAtHome’s position on the market is unique. The SoftAtHome Operating
                               Platform enables Service Providers to deliver new and convergent services while keeping control of
                               those services and monetizing them. Being able to control and monetize services are two funda-
                               mental capabilities necessary for the Digital Home to take off.
                               SoftAtHome acknowledges that Service Providers are best positioned on the market today to
                               operate the Digital Home. Indeed, they already provide network access with QoS, they are used to
                               provide always-on devices with a simple and reliable user experience and they have an on-going
                               established relationship with end-users through billing and sales support.

                               A community of developers
                               While providing a solution for Service Providers, it is vital for SoftAtHome to enable a community of
                               application developers who are building the applications of tomorrow for the Digital Home. SoftA-
                               tHome is fostering innovation by providing access to APIs through standard development tools, so
                               that 3rd party developers, who today are developing applications for the Web or for Mobiles, can
                               use their creativity to develop applications that have never been envisioned before.

                               Open ownership
                               SoftAtHome was founded by Orange, Sagem Communications and Thomson - all key players in
                               the Digital Home market. However the goal of the company is to bring additional players on board
                               – including other Service Providers, Software or Hardware vendors – in order to best represent the
                               interests of the Service Providers in the Digital Home market. SoftAtHome wants to federate all the
                               different stakeholders in the Digital Home market. As a result, any new customer is also a potential
                               new shareholder of the company.

                               A startup with experience
                               Not only did Orange, Sagem Communications and Thomson fund SoftAtHome but they also provi-
                               ded technology already deployed by Orange in their HGWs (LiveBox) and STBs. Orange has so far
                               deployed more than 6 Million LiveBoxes and more than 1 million IP TV STBs. This provides SoftA-
                               tHome with the benefits from many years of development and experience in managing millions of
                               devices remotely.

                               The founding members have provided important engineering resources which have been working
                               on the technology for several years to help jumpstart the company. In addition, SoftAtHome has
For information, contact       attracted talent from both the Telecommunication and Web industries. The total headcount of the
                               company will reach 110 by the end of 2008.
or call at +33 1 57 66 88 98
81, avenue françois arago
92000 nanterre - france

       SoftAtHome Company Profile | 09/26/2008 | p3                                                     enabling the digital home