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Company Profile
                                                                  Company Profile


Formation of the company                                                                       Opening of
                                                 Opening of a tannery in
Werner Christ in                                                                               a tannery in
                                                 San Josè, Uruguay
Gondershausen, Germany                                                                         Valdivia, Chile

          1954                1982                      1988               1996                   2002

                           Opening of                                      Opening of
                           a plant in                                      a plant in
                           Montevideo, Uruguay                             Cebu, Philippines


                                                                  Company Profile

        CHRIST at a glance

    •    Company founded in 1954
    •    Headquarter: Werner Christ GmbH,
         Gondershausen, Germany
    •    2007 Revenue: 40 million USD
    •    2007 Sales volume: 50.000 garments
    •    Employees (Feb. 2008): 650
    •    Market segment: High quality market
    •    CHRIST Business:
           – Leather and Lambskin garments
           – Leather goods and bags
           – Lambskins medically tanned

                                                                 Company Profile

     The company management

“My strength, my soul and my love, together with that of my
family, have been invested in the development of this company.”
Werner Christ, founder of the company


Marianne Christ, Purchasing and Production

Berthold Christ, Tannery and Foreign
Production, Raw Skin Purchasing

Walter Christ, Administration, Product
Management and Operations

                                                      From l. to r.: Berthold Christ, Werner Christ, Marianne Christ and Walter Christ


                                                                 Company Profile


     “ The high demand placed upon our leather and lambskin quality, as well as on the
     craftsmanship of manufacturing is achieved through consequent quality management,
     providing guidance that is put into practice at every production site.”
     Marianne Christ

     “ We run tannery and production site operations to the strictest standards for environmental
     protection and working conditions. Because of this, we were the first German leather garment
     manufacturer to receive the Quality Seal of the Leather and Research Institute in Reutlingen.”
     Berthold Christ

     “ We develop modern fashion of the highest value while respecting ethical and
     environmental principles. The goal of every CHRIST-Collection is to achieve the highest
     possible level of customer satisfaction by offering an exceptional product and building a
     lasting relationship through After-Sales-Service.”
     Walter Christ

                                                                Company Profile

CHRIST Garments

   Feel good Fashion
   CHRIST presents collections featuring wonderful lightness and combining classic and modern

   elegance. Fashion our customers can really feel good in because we select the best and finest

   leathers and refine them using special processes to make them especially light and soft


                                                                Company Profile

CHRIST Qualities

Baby Lambskins: The lightest lambskins in the world!!

Corderitos: This quality comes from Uruguay and Argentina and its size is between. 10-14 dm²

Softlamm: Origin Australia and New Zealand and its size is between 12-16 dm²

Curlylamm: This quality comes also from Australia and New Zealand and the size of the skins is

between 14-18 dm²

Lambinos: Origin Argentina, Chile and Uruguay and its size is between 14-18 dm²

Chekianglamb: This quality comes from China and the size of the skins is between. 20-23 dm²

                                                                     Company Profile

     CHRIST Qualities

     The soft, light feel of these skins, that are slightly further developed both in terms of the leather and
     the wool, is preserved in our tannery by means of an ingenious process.
     When describing our lambskin collection, we distinguish between different grades:

                                                                              Andinos: Origin of this quality is Spain
                                                                              The wool of these skin is combed,
                                 Cuerolight: Origin of these skins are        ironed and shorn to a final length of 9 mm
                                 Argentina and Chile
                                 The wool of these skin is combed,
                                 ironed and shorn to a final length of 9 mm

Cuerolux: Origin of these skins are
Argentina and Chile
The wool of these skin is combed,
ironed and shorn to a final length of 10 mm


                                                                     Company Profile

     CHRIST Qualities

    Deer Nappa: Deer Nappa is a rare, exclusively highly valuable leather. The somewhat looser skin
    Structures gives deer nappa its outstanding characteristics that set it apart from other nappa leathers.
    Calf Nappa: Calfskin nappa features a firmer structure with superior hard-wearing properties.
    It is skived and buffed however, to a thickness which offers a high level of wearing comfort.
    Calf Nappa Basic: This is a quality for the true lover of leather. It features the same superior
    properties as calfskin nappa, but the natural grain pattern is intentionally left as it is.
    Lamb Nappa: The lightweight, soft feel and brilliance of the elegant lamb nappa makes this quality
    very attractive.
    Goat Suede: Goats have a very strong skin structure, similar to the genuine wild goat skin.
    The cloth-like, supple feel of kidskin velours makes them a classic skin.
    Goat Capralin: The very finest goatskin velours are treated with Puntata finishing, napping that is
    dotted over the leather, without covering the entire velours surface. The velours remains visible and,
    above all touchable. This CHRIST development is a light , versatile leather with unrivalled wearing

                                                           Company Profile

Leather goods and bags

CHRIST launches 2 Leather goods collections Spring/Summer and Fall/ Winter per year including bags,
wallets, briefcases, purses, belts, key rings and gloves


                                                           Company Profile

Product Benfits

              C3 waterproofing protects against water and dirt and maintains the natural
              properties of the lambskin. As a result, all CHRIST designs can be worn
              immediately, are easy to care for and retain their value

              Thanks to the special Puntata® finishing, the surface receives additional protection.
              At the same time, the natural and pleasant feel of the lambskin is retained

               Non Fading – All lambskins, leathers and suedes of the collection have been tested
               for their non-fade-properties

              After Sales Service: CHRIST leathers can be dry-cleaned. Consult your retailer,
              contact by phone +49-6745-1810 or mail
                                                              Company Profile

Product Benfits

              Our tannery has received several awards for its environmentally-friendly tanning and exemplary
              working conditions. Since January 2000, our garments are carrying the inspection seal of the
              Leather Testing and Research Institute in Reutlingen, Germany

              „Produced in an environmentally acceptable way and tested for hazardous substances.“

               We have been pursuing the goal of meeting the entire energy needs of our tannery by using
               renewable energies since 2005. Since April 2007 600,000 eucalyptus trees have ensured 100%
               supply of our tannery’s hot water needs and the combustion-generated CO2 emissions are
               neutralized by the new trees planted. Our tannery thus produces zero CO2 emissions and has
               secured its supply of renewable energies for the next 50 years.

                                                              Company Profile

Business customs

• Launching of 2 apparel-collections, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, in different
 lightweight leather-and lambskin qualities, per year

• Launching of 2 leather goods collections, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter per year
 including bags, briefcases, wallets, purses, belts, key rings and gloves

• The Fall/Winter collection is produced from March to October and the Spring/Summer
  collection is manufactured between November and February in our three plants

• Delivery lead-time for the Spring/Summer collection is between January and April and for
 the Fall/ Winter collection between July and October depending on the requirements of our
                                                               Company Profile

   Business customs

   Prices and Payment conditions:

   • All styles will be sent from our plants in Germany, Uruguay or Philippines. The prices are
    FOB prices

   • In order to maintain a similar price-level we hand out a recommended sales-price-list
    that should be retained by our partners or retailers

   • The unit prices for Leather garments are approximately between $ 200 and
     $ 400, for Lambskin - and Baby Lambskin garments are between $ 550
     and $ 900 (Factory prices)

   • Our payment conditions are letter of credit or payment of 50% of order value by
    placing the order and the other 50% before shipment

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CHRIST distribution network


 More than 1000 Retail
 Partner worldwide                                                   Kasachstan
 37 Christ-Shops                                           Germany
                                           Brasil          France
                                                                         Greece              Australia
                                           Chile           BeNeLux
 19 CHRIST Corner                          Uruguay
                                  USA                      Austria
                                  Canada                   Switzerland
                                  Mexico                   Scandinavia
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