It's a concert! It's a comedy show! It's a by tiny54tim


									   It’s a concert! It’s a comedy show! It’s a RIOT!
         Award-Winning Author, Jeff Nathan, presents the Family Fun Interactive Show,

                               “Before and Laughter Words”
   Students are laughing during the daytime educational
   programs. Now, it’s time for some evening FUN!
   Music, laughter and fun abound in this magical session
   for families. There's an adult-child contest, a family
   project, and more of Jeff's exuded enthusiasm, guitar-
   playing, singing and hysterical enactments from his
   books. You’ll witness, among many other unusual things,
   a fly ball, a flying Jeff Nathan, a song about a pet fly and
   Jeff getting soaked with flying water as he sings a
   different version of that famous French song "Alouette"
   (All Wet). Audience participation is part of the fun, from
   individual volunteers to an audience game.
   Commonly followed by a book signing, this session is GREAT FAMILY FUN.
   If you like music, humor, and fun for the whole family, don’t miss out on this event!

"Thank you so much for the truly remarkable show. …
a student said it best "You Rock!". From the mouth of
babes, Jeff you were sensational. Thank you ever so
Kristine O. Murray       Media Enrichment Specialist
 Richard Maghakian Memorial School Brookline, NH
“Jeff Nathan was wildly amusing and entertaining!...”
Gina Udice Grade 2 Teacher, Hills Garrison School, Hudson, NH
"Hi Jeff - I just wanted to thank you for your wonderfully entertaining show the other night. I received a lot of positive feedback from parents and kids alike.
The audience was delighted with your silly poems, humor, and antics. You had their full attention and I could tell by their smiles and giggles that they were
thoroughly captivated with your performance."
Karen Dunham            Head of Children's Services Groton Public Library          Groton, MA
" The students were so enthralled with your daytime visit that they insisted that their families come back for the evening performance. ... Students, teachers,
parents and I enjoyed your visit and we're hoping that you can come back in the future."
Judith Richardson Principal Chace Street Elementary Somerset, MA
"Thank you for such an entertaining and enjoyable day at Sunquam. The evening program was so much fun for both children and especially adults!
Thank you, again…."
Mary Kurs PTA Co-President, Sunquam Elementary School, Melville, NY

                                                        “Before and Laughter Words”
                                                            Tuesday, January 13
                                                               6:30 – 7:30 PM
                                                            (book signing follows)

                                                        Madison Middle School
                                                                  Admission is FREE

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