Timeline by xiaopangnv


									                                                            Plan Date                 Actual Date
                                                    Start               End       Start          End
Getting Started
Project Proposals Approved                        11/16/2010 11/19/2010         11/16/2010   11/19/2010
Problem Statement/Background                      11/17/2010 11/30/2010         11/18/2010   11/30/2010
Scope Statement                                   11/19/2010 11/30/2010         11/19/2010   11/30/2010
Deliverables                                      11/19/2010 11/29/2010         11/19/2010   11/30/2010
Timeline                                          11/18/2010    12/3/2010       11/18/2010   11/30/2010
Status Meeting                                     12/6/2010    12/6/2010        12/6/2010    12/6/2010
Brainstorming                                     11/29/2010 *12/6/2010         11/29/2010    12/6/2010
Research and Generate Ideas:                  -   11/19/2010 12/10/2010         11/19/2010   12/10/2010
Articles            -Direction sheets
     -Key Components       -Patent Searches
    -Designs             -Sketches

Identify Criteria and Constraints                  12/8/2010      12/13/2010    12/10/2010 12/13/2010
Possible Solution Sketches and Specs              12/13/2010      12/17/2010    12/13/2010 12/17/2010
Status Meeting                                    12/17/2010      12/17/2010    12/17/2010 12/17/2010
Purchase Materials                                12/17/2010       1/21/2011     1/19/2011  3/21/2011
Criteria Screen/Select an Approach                12/18/2010        1/7/2011    12/29/2011   1/7/2011
Select an Approach                                12/29/2010        1/7/2011    12/29/2011   1/6/2011
Group Meeting                                     12/29/2010      12/29/2010    12/29/2010 12/29/2010
Status Meeting                                      1/3/2011        1/3/2011      1/3/2011   1/3/2011
Explore Possibilities Due                           1/4/2011        1/4/2011      1/4/2011   1/4/2011
Design Proposal
Finalize Sketches (isometric, orthographic)         1/3/2011       1/11/2011     1/3/2011     1/11/2011
Material Research                                   1/8/2011       1/11/2011     1/8/2011     1/11/2011
FINALS                                             1/12/2011       1/14/2011    1/12/2011     1/14/2011
Status Meeting                                     1/18/2011       1/18/2011    1/18/2011     1/18/2011
Bill of Material                                   1/18/2011       1/25/2011    1/11/2011      3/2/2011
Test Plan                                          1/21/2011       1/31/2011    1/21/2011      2/1/2011
Work Process                                       1/27/2011        2/7/2011     2/1/2011      2/9/2011
Detailed Isometric CAD Drawings                    1/18/2011       2/22/2011    1/11/2011
  Wing                                             1/18/2011       1/24/2011    1/11/2011
  Propeller                                        1/18/2011       1/21/2011    1/19/2011
  Tail/Rudder                                      1/24/2011       1/28/2011
  Elevator                                         1/24/2011       1/28/2011
Status Meeting                                     1/31/2011       1/31/2011    1/31/2011     1/31/2011
  Fuselage                                         1/31/2011        2/4/2011    1/27/2011
  Frame/Body                                        2/7/2011       2/11/2011
Status Meeting                                     2/14/2011       2/14/2011    2/14/2011     2/14/2011
  Assembly                                         2/14/2011       2/22/2011    2/14/2011     3/21/2011
Orthographic Drawings                              2/14/2011       2/22/2011    2/14/2011     3/22/2011
Construction of Prototype                          2/15/2011         4/8/2011    2/23/2011
  Frame/Body                                       2/15/2011        2/24/2011    2/13/2011     4/5/2011
Status Meeting                             2/28/2011    2/28/2011   2/28/2011   2/28/2011
  Attach Propeller                         2/28/2011     3/2/2011
  Construct/Attach Wings                    3/2/2011    3/11/2011
Status Meeting                             3/14/2011    3/14/2011   3/14/2011   3/14/2011
  Tail/Rudder                              3/14/2011    3/18/2011
  Elevator                                 3/17/2011    3/23/2011
  Fuselage                                 3/21/2011     4/1/2011
Status Meeting                              4/4/2011     4/4/2011    4/4/2011    4/4/2011
  Inner Structure                           4/4/2011     4/6/2011    4/6/2011
  Landing Gear                             4/13/2011    4/15/2011
  Final Assembly Adjustments                4/4/2011    4/15/2011    4/7/2011
Testing and Monitoring of Prototype        4/11/2011    4/25/2011
  Test 1: Resistance Check                 1/28/2011    1/28/2011   1/27/2011   1/28/2011
  Test 2: Motor Control                    3/14/2011    3/14/2011   3/14/2011   3/14/2011
  Test 3: Ailerons                         4/15/2011    4/15/2011
  Test 4: Rudder                           4/13/2011    4/13/2011
  Test 5: Elevators                        4/14/2011    4/14/2011
  Test 6: Straight Flight                  4/16/2011    4/17/2011
  Test 7: Landing Gear                     4/16/2011    4/17/2011
  Test 8: Aileron/Rudder Flight            4/22/2011    4/23/2011
  Test 9: Elevator Flight                  4/27/2011    4/28/2011
Record Test Results                        1/28/2011    4/25/2011
Final Product
Status Meeting                              4/18/2011   4/18/2011
Testing Analysis                            4/18/2011   4/29/2011
  Normal Distribution Test                  4/18/2011   4/21/2011
  Statistical Test for Outliers and Mean    4/25/2011   4/29/2011
  Analyze Results                           4/25/2011   4/29/2011
Status Meeting                               5/2/2011    5/2/2011
Engineering Notebook                       12/19/2011    5/6/2011
Final Report Binder                        12/21/2010    5/6/2011
PowerPoint                                 12/21/2010    5/6/2011
Presentation Rehearsal                       5/2/2011    5/9/2011
Presentations                                5/9/2011   5/17/2011
Who Responsible





                 Monday                 Tuesday               Wednesday
                 29-Nov                 30-Nov                1-Dec
                 Problem Statement      Background/Scope      Deliverables Due
                 Due                    Statement Due
Plan   Ophelia   Look over              Work on: timeline,    Not in school
                 background, timeline   research.

       Mark      review background      research              research/brainstormin
                 document                                     g

       Walid     work on scope          turn in scope         research/brainstormin
                 statement, update      statement, finalize   g
                 notebook               deliverables
Actual Ophelia   Worked on timeline, Read over Scope          Not in school
                 looked over         Statement and
                 background          Background, worked
                 information         on updating group
                 document            timeline calendar
       Mark      Adjusted background Proofread Scope          Went over timeline
                 information         Statement and made       with Mr. Pritchard,
                 document            adjustments,             researched science of
                                     researched product       flight
       Walid     Worked on Scope     Typed up                 Went over timeline
                 Statement,          deliverables             with Mr. Pritchard,
                 deliverables        document                 researched science of
                 6-Dec                  7-Dec                 8-Dec
                 Brainstorming Due
                 Status Meeting
Plan   Ophelia   Review                 Patent research,      Sketch design ideas,
                 brainstorming          science of flight     inside components of
                 document, patent       research              wing, summarize
                 research                                     research
       Mark      Research materials,    Look at previous      Sketch design ideas,
                 format research        designs, find         radio
                 document               physics/math          tranmitter/receiver
                                        equations,            research, summarize
                                        summarize general     research
       Walid     Review                  Research propellers,    Sketch design ideas,
                 brainstorming           wiring, dimension       summarzie research
                 document, research      capabilities
                 motors, servo types

Actual Ophelia   Review                  Patent Research,        Researched propeller
                 brainstorming           science of flight       components,
                 document, patent        research, parts of an   formatted research
                 research                airplane                document with
                                                                 patent information
                                                                 and pictures

       Mark      Researched science      Researched wing         Researched aspect
                 equations and           design, stability of    ratio, air foil designs.
                 conceptual data.        airplanes, and          Summarized Data.
       Walid     Researched motors, Researched more              Looked over motors,
                 propellers and servos parts, airplane wings,    researched
                 for control surfaces and dimensioning           dimensioning
                                       capabilities              possibilities for the
                 13-Dec                  14-Dec                  15-Dec

                 Identify Criteria and   Signed Customer
                 Constraints Due         Requirements letter:
Plan   Ophelia   Review Criteria and     Sketch potential      Sketch potential
                 Constraints             designs/look at parts designs/look at parts
                 document                prices                prices

       Mark      Review Criteria and     Sketch potential      Sketch potential
                 Constraints             designs/look at parts designs/look at parts
                 document                prices                prices

       Walid     Review Criteria and     Sketch potential      Sketch potential
                 Constraints             designs/look at parts designs/look at parts
                 document                prices                prices
Actual Ophelia   Reviewed Criteria        Sketched a            Added dimensions to
                 and Constraints          preliminary plane     isometric sketch,
                 Document,                idea based on a       started orthographic
                 Plan/Actual for the      glider design         views
                 week                     (isometric)

                 Reviewed C&C
                 document, added                               Continued graphing,
                 revisions to             Acquired graph       adding detail, several
                 document, and spell      materials for group, dimensions, and
                 checked. Thought of      began preliminary    trigonometry
                 possible design ideas.   sketches.            calculations
       Walid     Reviewed Criteria        Sketched a potential Sketched a possible
                 and Constraints          design(overview) and electrical component
                 Document, Sketched,      researched potential placement design
                 and looked at            parts and their cost
                 potential designs

                 20-Dec                   21-Dec                22-Dec
                                                                Group Meeting
Plan   Ophelia



Actual Ophelia


                 27-Dec                28-Dec          29-Dec
                                       Group Meeting
Plan   Ophelia   Compile Explore
                 Purchase Materials,
                 Criteria Screen to
                 Select Final Design


Actual Ophelia


                   3-Jan                   4-Jan                   5-Jan
                   Classes Resume          Explore Possibilities
                   Status Meeting          Due

  Plan   Ophelia   Plan/Actual, Explore    Final Solution          Finish criteria scree,
                   Possibilites            Sketches                select an approach
                   formatting                                      formatting

         Mark      Sketch hybrid design Final Solution             Final Solution
                                        Sketches                   Sketches

         Walid     Criteria Screen,        Select an Approach      Engineering
                   Explore Possibilities                           Notebook Update
                   Formatting, Find
                   Requirements for
                   Select an Approach

Actual   Ophelia   Plan/Actual             Explore Possibilites    Material Research on
                   Updating, Explore       Document Finalizing;    Hobby Lobby
                   Possibilities           pros/cons on Hybrid     website, looking at
                                           Sketch                  balsa wood parts

         Mark      Worked on sketching Finished hybrid             Updated criteria
                   hybrid design for     sketch and helped         screen with Walid
                   Explore possibilities Walid with criteria       and Mr. Pritchard so
                                         screen formatting         it is weighted, final
                                                                   solution sketch
         Walid     Criteria Screen and     Criteria Screen/select Update Engineering
                   Explore Possibilites    an approach            Notebook and
                   formatting                                     Criteria screen/
                                                                  Select an approach
                                                                  discussion with Mr.
                   10-Jan                  11-Jan                 12-Jan

Plan   Ophelia   Finalize solution    Finalize solution    Finals
                 sketches, research   sketches, research
                 purchasing materials purchasing materials

       Mark      Finalize solution    Finalize solution    Finals
                 sketches, research   sketches, research
                 purchasing materials purchasing materials

       Walid     Finalize solution    Finalize solution    Finals
                 sketches, research   sketches, research
                 purchasing materials purchasing materials

Actual Ophelia



                 17-Jan               18-Jan               19-Jan
                 No School            Hand Sketches Due
                                      Status Meeting

Plan   Ophelia   No School            Finish up actual from Bill of Material
                                      previous week, plan Document formatting
                                      for this week, update and inputting
                                      timeline, start Bill of
                                      Material Document,
                                      purchase materials
                                      (after school)
       Mark      No School             CAD drawings of        CAD drawings of
                                       propeller              propeller

       Walid     No School             Finish CAD drawing     Finish CAD drawing of
                                       of wing                wing, start CAD of

Actual Ophelia   No School             Plan for this week,    Worked on
                                       updated timeline       formatting Bill of
                                                              Material and input
                                                              parts without
                                                              descriptions or prices

       Mark      No School             Researched motor    Worked on creating a
                                       type at Hobby Lobby propeller on CAD
                                       Website (No CAD

       Walid     No School             Tried to download    Finished one wing
                                       CAD, talked with Mr. and worked on the
                                       Pritchard            other wing plus

                 24-Jan                25-Jan                 26-Jan
                 Wing CAD due          Bill of Material Due

Plan   Ophelia   Bill of Material      Bill of Material       Develop Testing
                 Finalizing, Develop   Finalizing, Develop    Procedure
                 Testing Procedure     Testing Procedure
       Mark      Finish Propeller CAD Elevator CAD Drawing Elevator CAD
                 Drawings, Start CAD                       Drawing/Start Rudder
                 Drawing for Elevators                     CAD Drawing

       Walid     Wing connector CAD Finish Wing           CAD drawing of
                 Drawing            connector CAD         Fuselage
                                    drawing, start CAD of

Actual Ophelia   Worked on inputting        Talked with Mr.        Formatted Test Plan
                 final parts into Bill of   Pritchard about a      document based on
                 Material and looked        battery pack, finished EDD formatting
                 into using styrofoam       and turned in Bill of
                 instead of balsa           Material after
                 wood for plane             inputting battery
                                            pack information,
                                            research on battery

       Mark      Continued sketch on Finalized propeller          Began work on
                 propeller of airplane sketch by adding           orthographic drawing
                                       extra detail for           design template for
                                       quality                    annotated drawings

       Walid     Worked on the        Tried to get the            Worked on the final
                 drawing for the wing motor working, then         touches to the wing
                 holder               worked on the wing          holder drawing and
                                      and wing holder,            continued work on
                                      started fuselage            fuselage drawing

                 31-Jan             1-Feb                         2-Feb
                 Test Plan Due Data
                 for Mrs. Brandner

Plan   Ophelia   Review Test Plan           Work Process          Work Process
                 procedures with            Document
                 group, charge              Formatting, motor
                 battery pack and run       testing
                 motor testing
       Mark      Motor Testing,         Tail/Rudder CAD        Tail/Rudder CAD
                 Tail/Rudder CAD        Drawing                Drawing

       Walid     Fuselage CAD           Start Assembly, help   Assembly CAD
                 Drawing                with motor testing

Actual Ophelia   Worked on Test Plan,   Edited test plan with Snow Day
                 talked with Mr.        team and turned it
                 Pritchard about        in; worked in
                 timeline deadlines;    electricity lab with
                 after school charged   motor, battery pack,
                 battery and fuselage   transmitter and
                 individual CAD         receiver trying to get
                 drawings               motor to run,
                                        recharged battery

       Mark                             Edited test plan,      Snow Day
                                        worked on CAD
                                        drawings tail and

       Walid                            Edited test plan,   Snow Day
                                        worked with Ophelia
                                        to run motor

                 7-Feb                  8-Feb                  9-Feb
                 Work Process Due
Plan   Ophelia   Work Process           Work Process           Orthographic
                 Document               Document, motor        Drawings for existing
                 formatting and         tinkering              parts
                 completing, Plan

       Mark      Tail/Rudder CAD        CAD Assembly           CAD Assembly
       Walid     CAD Assembly          CAD Assembly         CAD Assembly

Actual Ophelia   Reviewed Work         Work Process       NCRC, Finalized Work
                 Process with group,   Document, assembly Process to turn in, set
                 plan/actual for the   section            up motor apparatus
                 week                                     for Mr. Pritchard

       Mark      Helped Walid with      CAD Drawings of     Absent
                 tail and final touches fuselage parts
                 on wing

       Walid     Started tail CAD      Started Drawing of   NCRC, Finalized Work
                 drawing               tail and rudder      Process to turn in, set
                                       revised              up motor apparatus
                                                            for Mr. Pritchard

                 14-Feb              15-Feb              16-Feb
                                     ABC Day
Plan   Ophelia   Practice Project    Watch Presentations Watch Presentations,
                 Update Presentation                     orthographic views
                 with group, turn in                     after school

       Mark      Practice Project    Watch Presentations Watch Presentations
                 Update Presentation
                 with group

       Walid     Practice Project    Watch Presentations Watch Presentations
                 Update Presentation
                 with group

Actual Ophelia   Practiced             Watched              Watched
                 Presentation with     Presentations and    Presentations, stayed
                 group                 Presented in class   afterschool working
                                                            on orthographic
       Mark      Practiced           Watched                 Watched
                 Presentation with   Presentations and       Presentations
                 group               Presented in class

       Walid     Practiced           Watched                 Watched
                 Presentation with   Presentations and       Presentations
                 group               Presented in class

                 21-Feb              22-Feb                  23-Feb
                 No School
Plan   Ophelia                       Plan/Actual for this    Update
                                     week and last week,     Documentation for
                                     organize                portfolio
                                     drawings to turn in
       Mark                          Orthographic            Start Cutting pieces
                                     drawing of fuselage     for fuselage
                                     base, wing
                                     connection piece

       Walid                         Redo fuselage           Start cutting pieces
                                     assembly                for fuselage

Actual Ophelia   Not in school       Plan/Actual for the     Worked on
                                     week, organized         developing a criteria
                                     orthographic            screen to indicate the
                                     drawings to turn in     wing design used in
                                     (printing, touch ups,   our final solution,
                                     etc)                    afterschool returned
                                                             parts and sought help
                                                             on motor funtionality

       Mark      Not in school       Worked on final         Worked on final
                                     orthographic view       assembly CAD
                                     CAD drawings for        drawing and
                                     wings and               connection piece
                                     connection piece        reformat
       Walid     Not in school         Worked on assembly       Started to measure
                                       of fuselage and          and cut parts out of
                                       orthographic view        balsa wood for
                                       for CAD package          fuselage


Plan   Ophelia   Plan/Actual           Work on updating bill Work on table of
                                       of material and fixing contents for portfolio
                                       up test plan           and fix test
                                                              plan/select an
       Mark      Final Solution        Final Solution         Final Solution
                 Assembly              Assembly               Assembly
                 Constraining          Constraining           Constraining

       Walid     Construction of the   Glue front part of       Measure and cut top
                 fuselage, drilling    fuselage together        of fuselage parts
                 holes for the

Actual Ophelia   Trouble shooted
                 with walid on the
                 construction of the

       Mark      Constructed wing      Added wings,             Developed a wing shape
                 holding device on     ailerons, wing holder,   to cover the wing
                 CAD, started wing     and the wing wedge       holder, started fixing
                                                                changed to main
                 assembly              to the wing assembly
                                                                assembly drawing
       Walid     Got the motor         Worked on putting        Destroyed airplane
                 working for our       together the side        by trying the motor
                 airplane              pieces for the

                 7-Mar                 8-Mar                    9-Mar

Plan   Ophelia   Plan/Actual


Actual Ophelia     Brainstormed with       Measured wire         WYSE
                   group on making         framing and front
                   fuselage more           sides for wire
                   aerodynamic in          framing on wing
                   design by adding a      covering, talked with
                   nose cone;              Mr. Pritchard about
                   purchased wire          adhesive options
                   framing and
                   adhesive after school

       Mark        Made a nose cone to     Added nosecone         WYSE
                   put over the motor      onto fuselage over
                   on the CAD              the motor on CAD
                   Assembly, filleted      Assembly
                   the edges of the
       Walid       fuselage
                   Brainstormed with       Helped measure wire    Researched glue
                   group on making         framing, talked with   options, cut front
                   fuselage more           Mr. Pritchard about    side pieces, cut wire
                   aerodynamic in          adhesive options       framing for wing
                   design and                                     covering
                   14-Mar              15-Mar                     16-Mar
       Due dates                       Prototype due for
Plan   Ophelia     Hollow out wing     Official motor             Type up motor
                   chambers and form testing, servo               results, help Walid
                   wire framing around apparatus                  attach wing coverings
                   wings                                          to wing bases

       Mark        Not in school           Finish CAD Assembly Gather materials for
                                           and print           wing connector and
                                           orthographic views  make measurements
       Walid       Hollow out wing     Seal wing coverings          Attach wing coverings
                   chambers and form                                to wing base
                   wire framing around

Actual Ophelia     Cut chambers for        Found plastic        Cut wing connector
                   wing and hollowed       covering to use for  top piece out of
                   them out to glue on     wings, secured wire styrofoam
                   the wing bases,         framing, official
                   glued on wire           motor testing-passed
                   framing, paper
                   mached sample

       Mark        Not in school           Modified the fuselage    Started work on the back side
                                           to conform to front      walls to conform to
                                           streamlining. Started    streamlining of airplane,
                                                                    finished, and worked on back
                                           work on back pieces to
                                                                    top/bottom pieces.
                                           do the same

       Walid       Hollowed out            Brainstormed ideas       Worked with scrap
                   chambers and glued      for the front and        pieces and wire
                   in place on wing        talked about             framing to
                   frame                   different materials      brainstorm about
                                           for wing covering,       nose cone options
                   21-Mar                  sanding fuselage
                                           22-Mar                   23-Mar
       Due dates                                                    Elevator assembly due

Plan   Ophelia     Plan/Actual; create     Reinforce fuselage       Measure out front
                   detailed list of what   sides with balsa         piece holes for wires
                   is left for             wood, measure wire       to go through and cut
                   construction,           for ailerons             nosecone balsa
                   measure out tail                                 pieces; install wiring
                   pieces; purchase                                 into styrofoam pieces
                   more balsa wood                                  and wings by cutting
                   and thin wire                                    holes in both

       Mark        Orthographic views Cut tail pieces, drill        Assembly of tail;
                   for new pieces that hole in servo, work          cutting rudder and
                   were constructed for on assembly of tail         elevator pieces,
                   final design                                     drilling holes for
                   completed last week                              hinges, installing
       Walid     create detailed list of Cut tail pieces, drill   Build nosecone out of
                 what is left for        hole in servo,           balsa with raised
                 construction,           measure wire             design; cut holes in
                 measure out tail                                 front piece for wires

Actual Ophelia   Plan/Actual for the      Sanded down the         Finished tail pieces
                 week, created a list     body of the plane       out of styrofoam and
                 of work still to be      and cut foam pieces     added balsa wood
                 done, measured out       to create tail,         reinforcements to
                 tail pieces and          nosecone
                 purchased more
                 balsa wood and
                 servo connection
       Mark      Finished working on      Finished                Drilled holes in the
                 the CAD assemly          orthographic views      servo arms to allow
                                          for all new parts and   for the wire
                                          turned in package to    connections, made
                                          Mr. Pritchanrd          new wing connection
                                                                  pieces out of wood
                                                                  instead of styrofoam

       Walid     Created list of          Worked to make          Built nosecone out of
                 construction pieces      nosecone out of         solid pine wood with
                 still needed and         styrofoam by sanding    cnc to cut out a place
                 helped measure out       down the edges          for the motor, added
                 tail pieces out of                               reinforcement piece
                 styrofoam                                        in the middle of the

                 28-Mar                   29-Mar                  30-Mar
                 Spring Break             Spring Break            Spring Break
Plan   Ophelia


Actual Ophelia



                 4-Apr                  5-Apr                  6-Apr

Plan   Ophelia   Plan/Actual, attach    Install top paneling   Cover wings and
                 tail piece to fuselage onto fuselage          attach to plane

       Mark      Sand new tail piece, Measure and cut          Install elevator to
                 work with top of the elevator stabilizer      plane
                 plane paneling to    and flaps
                 close off fuselage
       Walid       Hollow out rudder       Not in School           Glue in aileron hinges
                   stabilizer piece to                             and rudder hinges,
                   reduce weight                                   attach servo wires to
                                                                   servo arms and make

Actual Ophelia     Plan/Actual, glued in   Talked to Mr. Buchs     Cut top back piece,
                   top front piece,        about aileron servo     sanded down top and
                   finished hollowing      and decided to not      glued in, talked with
                   out rudder stabilizer   attach rigid servo      Walid about servo
                   piece afterschool       arms                    placement

       Mark        sanded down new         Calibrated elevator     Looked at top back
                   tail piece to conform   and rudder servos so    piece and measured
                   to rudder stabilizer,   they will start where   for cut off point, fed
                   leveled out wings,      we want them at         wires through the
                   looked at options for   home                    back of the plane and
                   hinging top panel                               tested servo
                                                                   movement from

       Walid       Tried to hollow out     Not in School           Talked with Ophelia
                   the rudder stabilizer                           about stacking servos
                   piece with the CNC                              and cut temporary
                   machine and then                                piece
                   with the drill press

                   11-Apr                  12-Apr                  13-Apr
       Due Dates
Plan   Ophelia     Go over new             Gather documents     Official Rudder
                   timeline with group,    for final report and Testing (Test 4)
                   document                record page numbers
                   prototype, assist in    to put in table of
                   servo connection        contents

       Mark        Connect aileron       Finish tinkering with Attach landing gear
                   servo arms to aileron servo connections,    and purchase extra
                   flaps                 Update timeline with wheel
                                         CAD completion
       Walid       Work with tail        Finish attaching       Help attach landing
                   servos: attach wire   wiring and tinkering   gear, review research
                   to elevator flaps     with servo             and generate ideas
                                         connections            document to
                                                                calculations needed

Actual Ophelia



                   18-Apr                19-Apr                 20-Apr
       Due Dates

Plan   Ophelia



Actual Ophelia


                   25-Apr   26-Apr   27-Apr
       Due Dates

Plan   Ophelia



Actual Ophelia



                   2-May    3-May    4-May


         9-May           10-May          11-May
Plan     Presentations   Presentations   Presentations


         16-May          17-May          18-May
Plan     Presentations   Presentations


         Thursday                  Friday                  Sat/Sun
         2-Dec                     3-Dec                   12/4-12/5
                                   Timeline Due

         Timeline finalizing       brainstorming

         research                  brainstorming

         research                  not in school

         Brainstorming             Worked on updating      Brainstorming
                                   timeline testing        Document,
                                   dates, plan/actual,     research
                                   and brainstorming       patents

         Brainstorming             Worked on updating Research and
                                   timeline testing   Generate ideas
                                   dates, research    document

         Brainstorming             not in school           Brainstorming

         9-Dec                     10-Dec                12/11-12/12
                                   Research and
                                   Generate Ideas Due
         Research and Generate     Identify criteria and
         Ideas document            constraints document

         Sketch design ideas,      Identify criteria and
         review research           constraints
         document, final website   document, sketch
         searches                  design ideas
Sketch design ideas,         Identify criteria and
review research              constraints
document, final website      document, sketch
searches                     design ideas

Compiled research onto       Plan/Actual, Timeline
research and generate        reformatting, criteria
ideas document               and constriants

Researched Radio control     Reviewed and
and how it works,            revised Res. N Gen.
completed summary of         Ideas document. C&C
research                     Brainstrming
Researched factors of     Reviewed research
aerodynamics and wing     document, criteria
structure along with some and constraints

16-Dec                       17-Dec                   12/18-12/19

                             Status Meeting
                             Explore Possibiities
Sketch potential             Explore Possibiities
designs/look at parts        Document         Start
prices, compile              Portfolio

Sketch potential             Explore Possibiities
designs/look at parts prices Document         Start
Explore Possibiities         PowerPoint

Sketch potential           Update Engineering
designs/look at parts      Notebook; Explore
prices; update engineering Possibiities Document
Started formatting             Finished Explore
Possible Solutions             Possibiities Document
document; added sketch
for internal structure on
my design

Looked over group           Not in school
designs, finished sketching
and dimensioning design,
started specifications for

Worked on exterior             Added specifications
sketches, specifications for   to Mark's design and
Explore Possibilites           helped format
Document                       document. Turned in
                               engineering notebook

23-Dec                         24-Dec                  12/25-12/26
30-Dec   31-Dec   1/1-1/2
   6-Jan                     7-Jan                  1/8-1/9
                             Select an Approach
                             Criteria Screen Due

   Finalize Select an        Portfolio
   Approach Document         Printing/Formatting

   Materials Research        Materials Research,
                             Powerpoint Update

   Materials Research        Materials Research,
                             Notebook Update

   Updating already graded   Printing Portfolio
   documents for portfolio   documents,
   including criteria and    plan/actual updating

   Final Solution sketch     Finished Final
                             solution sketch,
                             worked on creating
                             more views of final
   Materials Research; hobby Materials Research,
   lobby website             copying design
                             sketches, turned in
                             select an approach

   13-Jan                    14-Jan                 1/15-1/16
Finals                      Finals                 Construction
Finals                      Finals

Finals                      Finals

Finals                      Finals

20-Jan                      21-Jan                 1/22-1/23
Team Purchase Materials     Purchase Materials
(After School)              Due, Propeller CAD
Bill of Material Document   Bill of Material
formatting and inputting    Document
                            formatting and
                            inputting; start
                            looking at test plan
CAD drawings of propeller CAD drawings of

CAD of fuselage              CAD of fuselage

Bill of Material inputting   Worked on Bill of
from previous days'          Materials Document,
purchases, discussed         Started to format
thickness of balsa wood,     test plan
afterschool: puchased
hardware materials at
Hobbytown USA

Worked on specifics of       Worked on CAD of
propeller CAD drawing,       propeller
afterschool: puchased
hardware materials at
Hobbytown USA

Worked on opposite wing      Finished wing CAD
CAD drawing, updated         drawings, started
engineering notebook         connecting wings
                             with new piece,
                             talked to Mr.
                             Pritchard about
                             potential materials
27-Jan                    28-Jan               1/29-1/30
                          CAD due
Develop Testing Procedure Develop Testing
                          Procedure, Portfolio
    Rudder CAD Drawing            Finalize Tail CAD
                                  Powerpoint Update

    CAD drawing of Fuselage       CAD drawing of
                                  Notebook Update

    Worked in electricity lab Hooked up wires to
    with Mark trying to power the electronic speed
    our motor                 control in order to
                              test resistance of
                              each device with

    Worked in electricity lab     Finished
    with Ophelia trying           orthographic drawing
    different voltages in order   template, begtan
    to power motor                work on annotated
                                  drawing of propeller
                                  (1st Revision)

    Fuselage CAD Drawing          Worked in electricity
                                  lab with Ophelia
                                  taking resistance
                                  readings, tried to
                                  hook up electronic
                                  speed control,
                                  researched stepper
    3-Feb                         4-Feb                   2/5-2/6
                                  Fuselage Drawing

    Work Process                  Work Process
Tail/Rudder CAD Drawing    Assembly Drawing,
                           ppt update

Assembly CAD               Engineering
                           Notebook Update,
                           Assembly CAD

Snow Day                   Snow Day

Snow Day                   Snow Day

Snow Day                   Snow Day

10-Feb                     11-Feb                 2/12/2013

Orthographic Drawings for Orthographic
existing parts            Drawings for existing

CAD Assembly               CAD Assembly,
                           Powerpoint Update
CAD Assembly                CAD Assembly, EN

Worked with walid to        Absent
determine status on CAD
drawings, Designed
drawings for individual
fuselage parts

Absent                      Absent

Worked with Ophelia to      Fuselage Drawing,
determine status of CAD     engineering
drawings, worked on         notebook update
constraining the fuselage

17-Feb                      18-Feb               2/19-2/20

Orthographic Drawings       College Visit

Assembly Drawings           Assembly Drawings,
                            PPT Update

Assembly Drawings           Assembly Drawings,
                            EN Update

Worked on printing          College Visit
orthographic views from
day before and organizing
which drawings were still
Worked on orthographic       CAD Drawing
drawings for the wings       changes to the wing
                             and annotations;
                             organization of final
Worked on fuselage           Fuselage Assembly
assembly, constraining       Completed

24-Feb                       25-Feb                  2/26-2/27
                             No School
Update Documentation for
portfolio, assist assembly

Cut and assemble Fuselage

Cut and assemble Fuselage

Worked on updating          Not in school
documents for the
portfolio including explore
possibilities, select an

Worked on final assembly Not in school
CAD drawing and
connection piece reformat
  Continued cutting pieces  Not in school
  and began construction of
  fuselage by glueing parts

  3-Mar                                    4-Mar                         3/5-3/6

  Assist in assembly of      Not in school
  fuselage, shape wing
  wiring, cut wing baseboard

  Assist in assembly of      Measure out balsa
  fuselage, shape wing       wood for movable
  wiring, cut wing baseboard surfaces

  Recalculate back side                    Cut out back of
  dimensions and measure                   fuselage pieces
  out on balsa wood

  Made changes in fuselage pieces to fit   Start of revision work to
  together properly including the side     assembly to make airplane
  back pieces and top back pieces,         more aerodynamic. Made a
  finished assembly                        dome for front and modified
                                           other pieces to conform to

  Measured side pieces and                 Updated engineering
                                           notebook, brainstormed
  the front piece for the
                                           ways to make airplane
  airplane                                 more aerodynamic

  10-Mar                                   11-Mar                        3/12-3/13
  Mr. Pritchard dimension
Talked with Walid about      Helped Walid drill
different adhesives, cut     holes for hinges and
chambers that Walid          glue sides. Cut and
measured; Purchased          glued in back sides,
gorilla epoxy and returned   drilled the rest of the
cement adhesive.             holes for the ailerons
                             and attached hinges.
                             Set up the servo
                             apparatuses to test
                             with transmitter.

Talked about glue options Not in School
and chambers with group,
worked with Mr. Pritchard
on CAD Assembly

Shared glue research with    Glued front sides on
group, measured and          fuselage base, drilled
sanded 6 chambers for        holes in aileron for
wing covering frame          hinges

17-Mar                       18-Mar                    3/19-3/20

Form nose cone out of        Help seal nose cone,
wire framing, sand edges     work with attaching
of fuselage                  wings and wire for
                             aileron movement

Construct wing connector     Fasten the wing
pieces                       bases to the
                             connector piece
Form nose cone out of        Seal nose cone, start
wire framing, sand edges     cutting pieces for tail
of fuselage                  construction

Finished wing connector      Talked to Mr. Buchs
piece by cutting bottom      and looked at servo
piece                        apparatus for ailerons

Started making revised        Finished CAD
assmembly starting from       Assembly and talked
front of airplane and working with Mr. Buchs about
back towards the rudder.
                            changing the color of
                            the wings so we can
Helped with wing            tell theto Mr. Buchs
                            Talked difference in
connector piece, sanded     and looked at servo
corners of fuselage, talked apparatus for
with Ophelia and Mr.        ailerons; decided on
Pritchard about aileron     raised balsa nose
ideas using wire
24-Mar                      cone
                            25-Mar                3/26-3/27

Finish installing wire for   Work on attaching
ailerons and cut plastic     top piece so it is
covering for wings           removable, attach
                             covering on wings to
                             complete wing

Attach tail to plane         Welding/ fusing wire
                             to split in order to
                             support elevator
Attach motor to nosecone Place battery and
and install on front piece servos in
                           positions, build
                           supports to hold
                           them in place

Attached front piece to       Not in class
the support block.
Attached the motor to
the nose,and attached
the entire system to the
plane. Tested that the
front would be able to
hold the power from the
Created the top               Finished tail pieces
connection piece for the      and sanded them
wing and started making       down to be
new tail pieces out of        aerodynamic
wood to replace
styrofoam pieces

Attached front piece to the   Assisted in sanding
support block. Attached       rudder and
the motor to the nose,and     reinforced sides with
attached the entire system    glue.
to the plane. Tested that
the front would be able to
the power from the motor

                   31-Mar 1-Apr                       4/2-4/3
Spring Break              Spring Break
  7-Apr                        8-Apr                   4/9-4/10

  Finish attaching wings and Attach servo wires to
  install aileron servo      ailerons and position
                             to create movable
                             surface, touch up on
                             overall assembly

  Finish installing elevator   Finish installing
  and elevator servo           elevator servo and
                               install rudder servo,
                               touch up on overall
Determine placement of      Not in School
internal structure and
build structures to support

Soaked basswood, took off     Glued in wings,
wiring, used heat gun to      aileron servo, and
help attach basswood to       elevator stabilizer;
cover wings, glued in         calibrated elevator
aileron and elevator flaps    servo

Measured and cut elevator Helped measure for
pieces (stabilizer and flaps) gluing in wing pieces,
                              sanded down rudder
                              movable piece in
                              order to fit with servo

Drilled holes in elevator     Not in School
flaps, talked with Mark to
determine placement of
tail servos, glued in servo
holder extension

14-Apr                        15-Apr                    4/16-4/17

Official Elevator Testing     Official Aileron          Straight Flight
(Test 5)                      Testing (Test 3)          Test (Test 6)
                                                        and Landing
                                                        Gear Test (Test

Attach extra wheel for        Finish installing         Straight Flight
landing gear                  wheels and test that      Test (Test 6)
                              they run straight         and Landing
                                                        Gear Test (Test
Work on calculations   Not in School   Straight Flight
requirement for Mrs.                   Test (Test 6)
Brandner                               and Landing
                                       Gear Test (Test

21-Apr                 22-Apr          4/23-4/24
                       No School
 28-Apr   29-Apr        4/30-5/1
          Testing and

 5-May    6-May         5/7-5/8
                Final Report and PPT

12-May          13-May                 5/14-5/15
Presentations   No School

19-May          20-May                 5/21-5/22

                May 28-graduation!

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