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Financial Aid/Scholarship Information

Corporate Scholarships

      Scholarship Name            Description/Category        Due Date         Amount

 American Chemical Society          Minority, Chemical
                                                                1-Nov      $2,500 - $5,000
    Scholars Program                 Sciences, Apply

   $11 Billion in Merit Aid                                    Various        Various
        Scholarships                                          Deadlines       Amounts

  200 Free Scholarships for                                    Various        Various
         Minorities                                           Deadlines       Amounts
  200 Free Scholarships for      Minority Scholarship       Various       Various
         Minorities                   Database             Deadlines     Deadlines

Abbott and Fenner Business
                                         Essay             Mid-June        $1,000

                                  Financial Aid Flight      Various       Various
        Able Flight
                                        School             Deadlines      Amounts

 Aemp Legacy Foundation        Heavy Equipment - Diesel                   Various
      Scholarship                    Technicians                          Amounts

 AES Engineers Scholarship      Essay, Character, taking
                                                            1-Oct           $500
        Program                   engineering courses

                                                            Various       Various
Air Force ROTC Scholarships      Apply and Interview
                                                           Deadlines      Amounts

 American Legion - Need a      Scholarships, Grants, Fee
                                                            Various       Various
 Lift? College Financial Aid   Waivers, Student Loans,
                                                           Deadlines      Amounts
         Handbook                        etc.

                                                            Various       Various
 Army ROTC Scholarships          Apply and Interview
                                                           Deadlines      Amounts

                                 Community Service,
 Atlanta Braves Scholarship                                 1-Mar          $2,000
                                   3.0GPA, Essay

     Auburn University            Auburn University         Various
                                                                       Up to Full-Ride
       Scholarships                 Scholarships           Deadlines

                                  Financial Aid Flight      Various       Various
        AV Scholars
                                       Schools             Deadlines      Amounts
    AXA Achievement              Apply, Character and                        $2,000 -
  Community Scholarship               Integrity                              $25,000

                               Ambition, Determination,
                                                             Refer to        $2,000 -
AXA Foundation Scholarships       Respect, Family,
                                                             Website         $10,000
                               Community, Academics

  Barbizan - Modeling and
                                   Modeling/Acting         View Website Up to $100,000
 Acting or call 888-999-9404

  Best Buy@15 Scholarship       Apply, Solid Grades,
Program - Community Impact      Community Service or       Mid-February      $1,000
         Challenge                Work Experience

   Better Business Bureau
                                Leadership, Community
    Student of Integrity                                     January         $1,000
                               Service, Academics, Essay

      BigSun Athletics         Essay, Play a Sport in HS    Mid-June          $500

  Burger King Scholarship      Solid Grades, Community
                                                              1-Feb          $1,000
         Program                    Service, Apply

                                 Congressional Black                     Various
     CBC Scholarships          Caucus - Performing Arts, View Website Amounts up to
                               Visual Arts, Medicine, etc              Full-Tuition

                                                                          $1,500, $1,000
  Cobb EMC Youth Tour
                                   Application/Quiz        Mid-February      and $500

                                                                          Awarding over
                                  Apply, Motivated,
    Coca Cola Scholars                                     Mid-October     $3 Million in
   Coca Cola Scholars                Apply              Mid-October Various Awards

College Board Scholarship    Great Free Scholarship       Various       Various
         Search                  Search Engine           Deadlines      Amounts

                               Servant Leadership
Columbus State University                                 January    $2,500 per year

                               Apply, Community
  Comcast Leaders and
                                Service, 2.8GPA,          1-Dec          $1,000

                              High School Internet
  Common Knowledge             Challenge - Online         Various       Various
 Scholarship Foundation      Tournament - Academic       Deadlines      Amounts

                            Financial Aid Application
CSS/Financial Aid Profile     Service - Nonfederal         N/A            N/A
                             Student Aid and Funds

                            High School Junior - All                    Various
Discover Card Scholarship                                 January
                            Around Accomplishments                      Amounts

       Elks Lodge           Most Valuable Scholarship     1-Nov      Various Awards

Elks National Foundation         Great Listing of         Various       Various
   Scholarship Helper         Scholarship Databases      Deadlines      Amounts

                               Popular Scholarship        Various       Various
                                    Database             Deadlines      Amounts
                                 Award-Winning - Most          Various         Various
                                  Comprehensive Site          Deadlines        Amounts

                                                               Various         Various
    Financial Aid Podcast           Scholarship Tips
                                                              Deadlines        Amounts

     Free Downloadable                                         Various         Various
                                Free ebook - Scholarships
     Scholarship Ebook                                        Deadlines        Amounts

   GA Tech Scholarships           GA Tech Scholarships                      Up to Full-Ride

 Gates Millennium Scholars      Apply, Minority, 3.3 GPA,                      Various
         Program                     Financial Need                            Amounts

                                  Application, Major in
    Georgia Engineering             Engineering or             August       $1,000 - $5,000
                                   Engineering Tech.

Georgia Fire Sprinkler System                                               $1500, $1000
                                     Essay Contest          Mid-September
         Association                                                          and $750

Greater Atlanta Scholarships     Live in Greater Atlanta       Various         Various
  (Cobb County Included)                  Area                Deadlines        Amounts

     Harvard University          Annual Income less than     Application
                                                                             Free Tuition
       Scholarships                     $60,000               Deadline

                                                               Various         Various
 Hispanic Scholarship Fund              Hispanic
                                                              Deadlines        Amounts

                                  Premier Resource for
   International Education                                     Various         Various
                                      Financial Aid -
        Financial Aid                                         Deadlines        Amounts
                                  International Students
                                International Students
    International Student                                   Various       Various
                                   Financial Aid &
         Counselor                                         Deadlines      Amounts

   International Students       International Students      Various       Various
        Scholarships                 Scholarships          Deadlines      Amounts

 Jackson EMC Scholarships              Apply              Mid-January

  Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft       Make Prom Dress and
                                                           Mid-June       $50,000
          Stores                    Accessory

   KFC Colonel's Scholars
                                Need/Entrepreneurial        1-Feb       Up to $20,000

                                  Submit Project &                       25/$1,000
Kroger-Earning Plus Learning                                1-Feb
                                    Application                         Scholarships

                                                            Various       Various
          Meritaid             $11 Billion in Merit Aid
                                                           Deadlines      Amounts

                                 Apply, Community           Mid -
   Metro PC Scholarship                                                    $2,500
                                   Involvement            November

   National Association of
  Multicultural Engineering           Minority               May
  Program Advocates, Inc.

                                                            Various       Various
  Navy ROTC Scholarships         Apply and Interview
                                                           Deadlines      Amounts

                               ROTC, Georgia Military,      Various       Various
   North Georgia College
                                  and Leadership           Deadlines      Amounts

North Georgia College Cadet                                 Various       Various
                                 Apply and Interview
       Scholarships                                        Deadlines      Amounts
 Pfizer Scholarship Program       Epilepsy, Application       Mid-June          $2,000

                                Aviation Topics, Training,     Various         Various
       Plane and Pilot
                                 Schools, Scholarships        Deadlines        Amounts

                                                                            $1,000 & Trip
     Prudential Spirit of
                                   Community Service            1-Nov       to Washington
     Community Award

Resource America Scholarship Minority Scholarship and          Various         Various
        Information              College Guide                Deadlines        Amounts

  Ronald McDonald House                                                        Various
                                   Apply, Role Model         Mid-February
         Charities                                                             Amounts

                                                               Various         Various
  Scholarship Quest Helper        Tips on Scholarships
                                                              Deadlines        Amounts

 Scholarships for Students                                      Vary
                                   Vary According to                      Vary According
Living in the Greater Atlanta                                According to
                                      Scholarship                          to Scholarship
            Area                                             Scholarship
                                Wonderful Resource, Free
                                 ebook, Newsletter, and                   Vary According
 Student Scholarship Search                                  According to
                                  Articles concerning                      to Scholarship
                                     financial aid

    Students of Integrity          Character, Integrity,
                                                               January          $1,000
       Scholarships                    Leadership

  Student-View Scholarship
                                    Apply - Drawing             April       Total of $8000

                                                             One winner
  SunTrust Off To College                                     every two
                                         Register                               $1,000
  Scholarship Sweepstakes                                    weeks Oct -
                                                               May 14

Tech Promise (Georgia Tech)          Annual Income              March       Individual Need
The Actor's Scene Scholarship   Acting, Peform, Apply      Sept - Oct        $1,000

     University Aviation         Aviation College &         Various         Various
        Association                 Scholarships           Deadlines        Amounts

    University of Georgia                                   Various
                                  UGA Scholarships                       Up to Full-Ride
        Scholarships                                       Deadlines

                                                            Various         Various
US Department of Education Funding College Education
                                                           Deadlines        Amounts

US Edu Guides - International    Programs Offered to        Various         Various
         Students               International Students     Deadlines        Amounts

     Video Scholarship
                                 Video Competition        View Website      $10,000

                                                            Various         Various
   Walmart Scholarships         Various Scholarships
                                                           Deadlines        Amounts

   Wellstar Cobb Hospital
                                     Health Care           Mid-May           $2,250
   Auxiliary Scholarship

   youngArts - National      Cinematic Arts, Dance,
Foundation for Advancement Jazz, Classical Intrumental,      1-Oct
        in the Arts               Photography,

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