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      Work experience combined in HR Management, Administration, and
       Information Technology industries from USA, UAE, BAHRAIN and
      I have functioned in various capacities including HR Consultant, HR
       & Administration Manager, Manager-HR & Administrative Services,
       HR Administrator and as HR Generalist.


WATAR & POWER ENGINEERING WLL                                    May 11 - Present
Doha, Qatar.
Position: HR Consultant (On business visa)

BURHAN INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTIONS LLC.                            Apr 07 – Mar 11
Position: HR & Administration Manager – UAE Operations (Abu Dhabi
Regional Office & Sharjah Branch Office).
Responsibilities (but are not limited to):
    Implementation of Administrative & HR policies, procedures and objectives for
       the entire company.
    The day to day management of HR functions which includes – recruitment,
       maintenance of personnel records, personnel contract administration, staffing,
       expatriate leave administration, leave policies for the company and monitoring as
       per the leave planning, administration of grievance procedures and discipline
       processes, adherence to local labor laws (Federal law # 8, Regulation of Labor

     Actively involved in the improvement of company and contractor health, safety
      and environmental (HSE) performance regarding exploration and production
      activities. Clearly defining roles and responsibilities, establishing expectation and
      maintaining communication throughout the process of planning, prequalification
      selection, pre-mobilization activities, mobilization, execution, de-mobilization,
      final evaluation and close out.

     Support and advice to heads of departments.
     Development of an organizational culture which fosters growth.
     Sharpen the acquired capabilities – performance appraisal and training
     Recruitment of staff, this includes developing Job Descriptions, preparing
      recruitment advertisements, checking application forms, short-listing, interviewing
      and selecting candidates.
     Developing policies on issues such as working conditions, performance
      management, and disciplinary procedures.
     Advising on pay and other remuneration issues, including promotion and benefit,
      undertaking regular salary reviews.
     Administering payroll and maintaining records relating to staff.
     Developing HR planning strategies with line managers, which consider
      immediate and long-term staff requirements in terms of numbers and skill levels.
     Planning including induction for new staff.
     Ensuring the execution of all decisions regarding transfers, promotion, salary,
      increments, bonuses and termination contracts.
     Preparing Human Resources and Administration department budgets and
      coordinating with Finance department to provide necessary information for
      preparation of monthly payroll and end-of-service benefits (EOSB).
     Preparing, group manpower master plan, planning and monitoring the training
      needs of employees of the company and ensuring training plan is implemented.
     Administrative functions which includes – the provision of group administration
      support as per the directives, facilities management – telephone, IT, electricity,
      water, etc., vehicle fleet management including accidents and insurance follow
      ups, insurance (facility as wall as health insurance), the drafting and issue of
      group admin instructions and procedures, support to group travel, travel
      insurance and ticketing, sourcing and managing of staff accommodation, house
      keeping, visitor reception and accommodation.
     Liaison with Visa Section and all licenses and registrations (governmental) and
      employee statistics for government reporting, submission of salary statements on
      time. Administers salary with equity in the organization.
     Monitors agency contract services, implements, controls and sticks to monitor the
      processing and review of contracts including all administration contracts like
      rentals, admin related maintenance contracts, etc.

DRAKE & SCULL INTERNATIONAL LLC.                                   Mar 03 – Feb 07
Position: HR & Administration Manager.

   Work closely with other departments in order to ensure that they are receiving
    the required support from other People departments.
   Support and advise Senior Management with interpretation and application of all
    people policies.
   Assist Line Managers to effectively implement Performance Management
    System (KRA & KPI).
   Coach employees on HR solutions, practices and policies implemented by the
   Support Line Managers develop department’s Recruitment Plan and Training
   Hold regular review meetings representing all departments within HR with Line
    Managers and Heads of department.
   Ensure that all internal communication reflects the company’s values and image.
   Responsible for the organization culture and internal branding.
   Support Line Managers with grievance procedures.
   Prepare and update contract development schedules. Develop contract plans.
    Coordinate, chair, and document meetings. Establish and maintain filing
   Maintains production schedules Camp Control & Management – ensuring
    servicing and maintenance, provision of staffing (both staff and artisans) and
    utilities, appointment and supervision of camp supervisors.
   Insurance Services – Arranging and administering all insurance services, for both
    employees and all equipment and business requirements.
   Travel Services – Arranging staff and business travel.
   Public Relations – Maintenance of effective communication and all legal process
    follow up with all government departments.
   Legal – Processing documentation requirements, responding to cases and
    ensuring court representations.
   Office Administration – Maintenance of Head Office and facilities, transport
    control and utilities management.
   Security – Provision of security and reception services for all offices, camps, and
    construction sites.
   Company Staff Accommodation – Procurement and utilities management.
   Managing of fiscal of the outlet. Recruitment (Behavioral and Targeted) &
    staffing, salary & benefits administration, HRIS & personnel files and other
   Plans and assigns work, trains employees, and has authority for hiring,
    termination, discipline, and performance decisions.
   To provide focus and priorities to the HR agenda and annual HR objective using
    HRIMS ERP package (Great Planes and Horizon).
   Administer employee evaluation program, training and development plans for
   Responsible for manpower planning, recruitment and selection process. Actively
    involved in PR related issues and well versed in UAE labor laws.
   Grade Mapping, Talent Management and Job Evaluation are conducted on an
    informal networking basis.
   Lead personnel administration team; clarify roles, set performance standards and
    goals. Lead the execution of core HR policies and procedures. Lead

       development of employee contracts. Employee services, salary surveys,
       employee relation and grievance handling.

BUSINESS 2 TECHNOLOGY, INC.*,                                        Nov 99 – Dec 02
(Corporate Office) CHICAGO, USA.
IT TRANSFER INTERNATIONAL INC. *,                                    Jan 97- Sept 99
(Regional Office) NEW YORK, USA.
Position: Manager – HR & Administrative Services
Employment Status – H1B1*
 Control and monitor the administration of all human resource activities and policies.
 Manages compensation, benefits, staffing, affirmative action, employee relations,
    health and safety, and training/development functions.
 Produces and directs the implementation of the organization’s compensation
 Suggests revisions to the compensation plan or procedures. Responsibilities include
    developing job descriptions, analyzing jobs, conducting salary surveys and job
    evaluations, and establishing a salary structure.
 Develops employee relations policies, and ensures consistent application of
    company policies and procedures. Perform internal audits and takes appropriate
    action to correct any employee relation issues.
 Interviews and recommends qualified candidates for open positions. Conducts
    reference checks. Handles orientation and paperwork for new hires and sends
    rejection letters to candidates not selected.
 Assesses staff training requirements and creates programs to meet career
    development needs.
 Plans and administers training seminars such as technical skills or employee
    relations issues.
 Supervises training staff. Managing conflict resolution, team building, and employee
    skill evaluations.
 Evaluates predicted market trends and recommends revisions to company
    compensation plan.
 Responsible to assist the Director to develop strategies, goals and objectives to
    accomplish the mission of the Office of Administrative Services – by participating
    with management team members in establishing appropriate strategies, goals and
    objectives in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.
 Manages fiscal and other administrative functions for the division (performed by all
    incumbents) by ensuring that division operates within budgeted amounts and
    administrative operations result in no audit exceptions.
 Ensures that contractual agreements are administered according to applicable
    policies, procedures, and guidelines.
 Ensures that operations, purchasing, telecommunications, records management,
    human resources, budget, accounting and other support functions are managed in
    accordance with established policies, procedures and guidelines.
 Develops and maintains effective working relationships with peers to promote
    positive public relations. Effectively represents/chairs division and/or the
    department/task force at meetings, conferences and other events to promote and
    support programs and activities related to the mission of the division.

   Manages human resources and employee relations functions by interviewing
    applicants and makes appropriate selection recommendations according to
    applicable laws, rules, policies, procedures and guidelines.
   Serves as adviser to the Director of Administrative Services by providing sound
    advice to management in a timely manner. Conducts thorough research
    demonstrating competent analytical ability and produces accurate, concise analysis
    that has few errors.
   Maintains operational data in department reporting systems.
   Displayed a high level of effort and commitment to performing work; operated
    effectively within the organizational structure; demonstrated trustworthiness and
    responsible behavior.

MINISTRY OF HEALTH (Transferred/Promoted Internally)                Aug 92 - Dec 96
MINISTRY OF WORKS, POWER & WATER                                    Jun 91 – Jul 92
Position: HR Administrator
 Exhibited dynamic personality with the ability to work independently, handling
   multiple tasks, routine and complex correspondences added with excellent PC skills
   for an Island Development – Special Project.
 Examines and verifies employee information processed by automated human
   resources systems.
 Compiles statistical information or prepares reports relating to payroll, recruiting,
   position classification, compensation, training, equal opportunity employment, or
   affirmative action utilizing HRIS systems
 Planning, organizing, coordinating and monitoring the regular activities with the
   Project Manager and different consultants involved.
 Handling emergency projects quickly and efficiently with checklist and record items.
 Responsible for the smooth running of all administrative works related to Salmaniya
   Medical Center and the Directorate of Personnel. On a continuing basis evaluates
   performance, discipline and attendance of staff and where necessary initiates
   corrective action.
 Directs benefits programs for the Ministry, including health, dental, life, vision and
 Coordinates enrollment and maintains group insurance records for medical, life and
   other coverage for employees and eligible dependents.
 Complete annual performance evaluation of immediate, subordinate supervisory staff
   and serves as the review officer for the Directorate of Personnel. Conduct committee
   meetings for the evaluation and selection of Specialty Doctors for the Ministry’s
   Primary and Secondary Care Facilities.
 Personally review all paper works related to recruitment and hire actions and prepare
   a listing of such items for forwarding to the Minister, Undersecretary, and Assistant
   Undersecretaries via the Directorate of Personnel before submitting at the Credential
   Committee. Composes and dictates epistle, circulars and transcribe major meetings
   as required by the Chief of Medical Staff and the Director of Personnel.
 Primarily support the Ministry’s shared software applications supporting its different
   outlets – Primary, Secondary Care and Bahrain Health Information System.

   Demonstrated strong administration skills, follow up and prioritization abilities,
    effective communication skills, good work ethic, team player, etc.

AL-SALAH FURNITURE FACTORY                                       Mar 88 – May 91
Kingdom of Bahrain.
Position: HR Generalist.
 Responsible for daily human resources related issues such as employee relations,
   compensation as well as internal communications and associate recognition. Directs
   implementation of human resources policies, programs, and procedures. Advises
   management and employees on issues relating to human resources.
 Focused on staffing, recruiting, organizational development, team & people
   development and manage the change process.
 Participation in developing departmental goals and objectives.
 Demonstrated excellent and outgoing written and verbal English communication
   skills, department management, supervisory and leadership skills.
 Assist the General Manager for all correspondence and to maintain & update all the
   personnel files.

Date of birth: 29th May 1966.                         Nationality: India.
Marital Status: Married.                              Passport No.: G 4500530.
Place of issue: Dubai, UAE.                           Date of issue: 4th February, 2008.
Date of expiry: 4th February 2018                     D/L: Valid International, UAE,
                                                      Qatar, USA & India

BSc. In Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Behavioral Studies                             1986
Mahatma Gandhiji University, India.
Diploma in Computerized Application & Personnel Management                               1988
Apple Information Technology Center (affiliated with the National Computing
Center, NCC – UK), Bangalore University, India.

Certified in Advanced Client/Server HRIMS Training in Oracle                             1997
Accelerated Computer Training Center, University of Michigan, USA.

Databases              :       ORACLE RDBMS 6.x / 7.x/8.0, MS Access 2.0
Oracle DBA Tools       :       SQL*DBA, SERVER MANAGER, SQL*Loader
Oracle Tools/Utilities :       SQL*plus
Languages              :       SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL, Basic
Case tools             :       DESIGNER/2000/6.i
RAD/GUI Tools          :       DEVELOPER/2000 (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5)
Hardware               :       486 Pentium Processors, IBM 3090/9000, IBM Compatible
                               PC, UNIX Server and 486 client terminals, 486 DX2 Server
                               and 486 client / UNIX Terminals.
Operating Systems      :       SCO-UNIX, MS WINDOWS NT / 95 / 3.1, MVS, DOS

Accessories           :      MS-Word, MS-DOS, MS-Outlook, MS-PowerPoint,
                             MS-Access, Winzip Extractor, WordPerfect, Windows
                             Explorer, Note Pad and Word Pad.


1.     Mr.Hussain Al-A’Ali,
       Ex.Director of Personnel
       Ministry of Health
       Kingdom of Bahrain.

2.     Ms.Karen McCormack, Head QA – IT
       Megasoft Systems, Inc.
       1225 Rime Village Dr.
       Hoover, AL 35216                  .

    Ability to handle problems as opportunities, crises as challenges, and failures as
     learning experiences.
    Strong Leadership abilities.
    Ability to benchmark best practices and implement as appropriate.
    Ability to work cross-functional within a multi-national organization.
    Extensive knowledge of HR polices and practices.
    Superior interpersonal and communication skills.
    Highly dynamic and proactive.
    Excellent English knowledge (Written / Oral) and computer literate
    Adaptability, strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively function in a
    Disciplined, Punctual and reliable.


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