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Homes for Sale in Tampa


http://www.nathanbangs.com/ Nathan Bangs is a Tampa REALTOR � who is sensitive to the needs of his clients – particularly when a homeowner wants to buy or sell a house quickly – and that’s why we take a team approach to every transaction we handle. We employ specialists to supervise every phase of buying and selling a house, from creating effective listing and marketing strategies, to successfully showing and closing on a property. Our commitment to world-class customer service means that our real estate agents also make it a priority to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute information regarding the sale or purchase of a home. You’ll never be in the dark when you work with the dedicated REALTORS � at Nathan Bangs & Associates.

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About Nathan Bangs

Our purpose and goal is to set the highest standards of professional excellence in the neighborhoods we serve,
and to provide the highest quality of services available. We dedicate ourselve’s to excellence by striving to
exceed our clients’ expectations so they may remain loyal for life. Through our commitments, we strive to make
important contributions to our neighborhoods and to maintain the leadership position in our marketplace.

Nathan Bangs

Short Sale SOLD!

We had one of the most difficult short sales imaginable, basically because we were dealing with a horrible HOA.
Our home was on the marked for 529 day and Nathan stuck with us the entire time. 8 buyers later our house is
FINALLY sold! I can guarantee that this would not have happened without their help. They are VERY knowledgeable
and helpful. They definitely go above and beyond to get the job done!

Shari M.

Helping to save you money!

Thank you so much for the Lowe's gift card and all of your assistance throughout my home purchase process. I
absolutely love my new condo! I'm totally moved in and almost done hanging the last few pictures.

I really appreciate how much time you dedicated to me. I know how demanding I can be and you certainly lived up
to my high expectations. I also wanted to thank you for letting me know about the Bank of America no closing cost
mortgage. That saved me money and I would not have found it without you.

Thanks again to both you and Nathan for a great job. Although I don't plan to leave for a long time, I will
recommend you both to any home bfuyers I know of.


South Tampa Townhome SOLD!

Gregg and I owe Nathan Bangs a long overdue testimonial. We were so glad to have Nathan represent us in selling
our townhome in South Tampa. After we attempted to sell our home for almost 1 year we asked Nathan to help us.
He was to the point, easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable about the South Tampa area, and offered us valuable
tips to getting our home sold. We really enjoyed doing business with Nathan and appreciate him very much. If we
ever move back to Tampa and need a relator, we know who to call. Thank you so much.

Rachel & Gregg H.
                                                               why this is necessary is because it greatly helps in
                                                               lowering down your choices.
A Newbie’s Guide in                                            Looking for the perfect homes for sale can indeed be
                                                               fun and exciting; but it can also be quite stressful and
Selecting Homes for Sale                                       confusing, particularly for first timers. In order to
                                                               alleviate you from these house hunting blues, it is highly
One of the basic necessities of every human being is to        advised to seek the professional assistance of mortgage
have a shelter. This is the reason as to why a lot of men      brokers. These persons are not only going to make home
and women, most especially those who have a family of          shopping a whole lot easier, but is can surely help you
their own, would really love to have a place they can call     look for the best place that is most suitable for your
their own. On the other hand, building a house is going to     budget.
cost a rather large amount of cash, and at the same time
take quite some time. For this very reason, it is going to
be better to look for homes for sale in different
neighborhood. This post is going to serve as a guide for
first-time home buyers in order to make the best decision.

One of the first things that future home owners should
consider is going to be the location of the house. If the
family is consists with young children, it is going to be
most ideal to select a place that has a ground and a
school close by. In addition to this, the neighborhood also
going to play a rather important role, since you will be
practically living together with these other families in the

The price of the residential structure is also a very
important and crucial factor to consider. As mentioned a
while ago, these buildings would more often than not
come in a rather high price tags. That is why, it is
important to have an idea on how much money you are
willing to spend. In order to have an idea of the selling
prices, you can ask the agents from the real estate or
simply look search in the World Wide Web. Keep in
mind that it is going to be imperative to choose a home
that you can afford.

Once you have determined the price, the next thing to do
is to take note of the scheme of payment. Real estate
agents have different packages for their clients to choose
from. You could either agree on a fixed payment or a
flexible one. Likewise, you can also choose between a
long-term and a short-term refund. All of these have their     Are You A Prospect House
own perks and drawbacks so it is going to be up to you
to decide on which one is going to suit you best.              Buyer? Be Aware, Homes
Another important thing would be to know what you want         For Sale!
is also vital when it comes to buying a home. You need to
know how much bedrooms and bathrooms there will be,            Today, everything seems to be fast paced. People
or if you are going to buy a house with a family               hurrying to go to work, deadlines, advancements in
swimming pool or mini home theater. The reason as to           science and technology, early days and late nights are
                                                               just of the examples that solidify the point. Because of
                                                               the things that were invented by the present generation’s
great minds, convenience is a necessity. In terms of being
a homeowner, lesser and lesser people are willing to          Find Out How to Look For
trudge the path of building their own houses, and instead
they look for houses that are available in the market.        Affordable Homes for Sale
Since the economy is in crisis, for sure there are a lot of
homeowners who are willing to sell their houses because
they don’t find it practical considering their current
                                                              in Urban Areas
financial situation, and there you have it homes for sale!    Having a home to live in together with your family is
Now, there are plenty of reasons why prospect clients
would rather buy an already made house, to name a             necessary. Nobody wants to pay for a house rental for
few are the following:                                        the rest of their lives that’s why people are looking for
                                                              affordable options in which they can possibly acquire an
Time – time is a luxury for all people today, and they        abode to reside in. In this article, you will be given
cannot waste it worrying about how the construction is        information and tips on how to search for potential
going or if the materials are enough to complete it. You      homes for sale in urban areas. Since there’s a lot
all know that building a house is not that easy, and it
                                                              commercial establishments in the metropolitan area, you
could take a lot of time, money and effort. The process is
just too exhausting that sometimes it could not be finished   should expect that the price of each real estate property
to planned time of completion.                                is incredibly high as compared to a rural area.

Money – although you can canvass on how much money            Seeking potential residence must be taken seriously since
you are going to spend in constructing a house, there is      it is a huge investment that you are going to have. This is
really no exact amount in which you can make sure that        a crucial situation wherein you need to plan and analyze
the money you have is enough for that whole duration.         everything so that you will end up choosing the right one.
There are a lot of factors that could affect a house’s        If you are still hunting for a house to buy, then the fastest
construction, and not having extra can compromise the
                                                              way to find it is to seek advice from a dealer or talk to a
completion of the house.
                                                              realtor. You can also surf the internet to find reasonable
Location – As much as it is important in business, location   deals pertaining to this matter.
is also one of the major things that are considered when
buying a home. Sadly, for those that would want to live       Finding an expert with regards to selecting a good deal
in areas that are very accessible, most of the time there     for you is a must. It will be a great help for you to
are no lots available where you can put up your own           decide to which deal is best for you. On the other hand,
home. Obviously, you can see where that goes.                 you must also consider the external factors like the
                                                              location of that property, the accessibility in the place
Buying a house through real estate is easier compared to
building one, although it does not promise a very cheap       where it is located and check if it is a safe and enjoyable
price, but at least you will have an exact idea of how        place to live at. Keep in mind that you and your family
much it would cost you when you purchase. Although the        will be dwelling on that place for good; therefore,
market is not good these days, there are still plenty of      considering important factors is definitely the right thing
people who prefer this. If you can afford a house at the      to do. Pick the one that match to your budget and can
moment, there are also other residential properties that      give you the satisfaction as well as comfort that you and
would suit your current situation like a condominium.         your household members need.
These residential properties are made for sale by owner
because as much as they wanted to, they can’t keep it         Before you start hunting for a real estate property, you
due to financial strains.
                                                              have to set your own preference or specifications so that
                                                              you know what you are looking for. Setting a standard is
                                                              essential because it is somehow your guide not to extend
                                                              beyond your financial capability. Every time you inspect
                                                              a certain home for sale, never forget to check if the
                                                              commodities like water, gas, and electricity connection is
                                                              good or not. Next is the kind of environment outside of
                                                              that residence. If there are social attractions and
                                                              recreational areas in the community where that abode is
                                                              located, then it will be the perfect place to live in.

                                                              All in all, it is easy to find what you are looking for if you
                                                              seek help from a real estate specialist because he knows
how to assess properties and he can help you narrow
down your choices and finally pick the best among the

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