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									CONTENTS Cover Page Description Partnership Summary Part 1 1. Introduction 2. Rimba Tunza Wetlands Putrajaya 3. The UNEP One Billion Tree Campaign Part 2 The Project 1. Keep Planting Trees – A Malaysian Initiative 2. Aim 3. Long Term Objectives 4. Short Term Objectives 5. Projection of Plan 6. Create Partnership 6.1 Major Operational Partners 6.2 Corporate Partnership 6.3 Public, Community, Parents and NGOs 6.4 Local Councils, Developers & Logging Co 6.5 Other Government & Main Partnership 6.6 Other Partnership 7. The Big Reason to Keep Planting Trees Part 3 8. Taking Immediate Action 9. When to Plant Trees All Year Round 10. Events/Creation/Niche 11. Resources & Materials 12. Scheme for Keep Planting Trees Initiative 13. Results We Look For 14. YAWA’s Contribution to Keep Planting Trees 9 10 10 10 11 11 12 7 7 7 8 8 9 9 6 6 6 6 6 2 3 4 5 5 5

Keep Planting Trees Initiative


Part 4 15. Appendices 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5. 7. 8. Corporate Partnership List Scheme for Keep planting Trees Tree Planting Activities 2007 How to Implement Project Methods on Tree Planting Conclusive Message & Dedication Acknowledgement YAWA Environmental Awareness Campaigns 13

Keep Planting Trees Initiative


KEEP PLANTING TREES Malaysian Initiative to Curb Global Warming PARTNERSHIP

Global Support UNEP ROAP UNEP Plant for the Planet Global 500 Forum

Seeking for Major Support MNRE Min of Education UNAM

Seeking for Support Min of Family, Women & Development UN Malaysia Min of Housing & Local Government

Major Operational Partners Forestry Peninsular Malaysia Universiti Putra Malaysia Forest Research Institute of M’sia

Major Corporate Partners

Local Partners

Global Partners

Keep Planting Trees Initiative


‘KEEP PLANTING TREES’ is a Malaysian Initiative to curb Global Warming and conserve Biodiversity. This project is as a result of the UNEP 2006 TUNZA International Children’s Conference on the Environment, with a theme, ‘Save A Tree, Save Our Lungs’. Children from Malaysia and all over the world planted 70 trees. Rimba Tunza Wetlands Putrajaya was created and dedicated to children with a message to ‘Keep Planting Trees’. In January 2007, UNEP launched ‘Plant for the Planet: One Billion Tree Campaign. YAWA pledged to plant 10,000 trees in 2007 and to plant 5,000,000 trees by 5 years. But working in partnership, we may even plant more than this. God-willing! The reality is here! We have stolen so much from our children – global warming is the evidence! ‘Keep Planting Trees’, is the only way we give back to them! The support from global and local governing and decision-making bodies are called for! It is our responsibility to take action now! Working in partnership with Forestry Peninsular Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Forest Research Institute Malaysia and Putrajaya Holdings will be the Malaysian initiative to start to curb global warming. Forests’ and ‘My Tree Day’. Every tree planted will fall into themes, ‘Love Mangrove, Love Life’, ‘Forests in the Cities’, ‘Waste no Land-Build New These concepts hope to instill a strong sense of ownership in children, young people, adults and organisations that care for a better world for the future generations. Trees are life and it supports our lives. The mission of ‘Keep Planting Trees’, is, that all of the trees planted with major partners will be dedicated to children, people young and old, staff members of corporate and organisations. We also plant trees individually. In return, a small donation of RM2 for the care of each planted tree, by each person, over a period of time, will make a huge difference. This is a life-long campaign and can be replicated by any organisation, locally and globally to adopt the concept as partners. Lets ‘Keep Planting Trees’… for the sake of Mankind.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative


Part 1 Introduction 1. Tunza 2006 International Children’s Conference on the Environment Putrajaya, Malaysia. YAWA became a partner with UNEP and organized the TUNZA Children’s Conference on the Environment, ‘Save a Tree Save Our Lungs’, hosted by the Ministry of Resources and the Environment. Two hundred children from Malaysia and 60 different countries from all over the world pledged;   To plant a minimum of 20 trees each year To organise events on International Tree Planting Week in the last week of September 2. Rimba Tunza Wetlands Putrajaya During the conference, 200 children, chaperons and the sponsors planted 70 trees and created Rimba Tunza Wetlands Putrajaya. YAWA pledged to take care of the trees at the new ‘forest in the city’ on behalf of the children of the world with the support of Putrajaya Holdings and the main sponsor of the forest. 3. The UNEP One Billion Tree Campaign ‘Began officially on 1 January 2007, inspired by Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Wangari Maathai and under the patronage of Prince Albert ll of Monaco, the campaign invites individuals, civil society organisations and governments to take action to reverse environmental degradation. UNEP is coordinating the Billion Tree Campaign to foster a spirit of Environmental citizenship and to empower communities. Every citizen can become a campaigner and mobilize friends and family, organisations and government to join and enter tree planting pledges on a dedicated web site at with the objective of’ planting and caring for at least one billion trees worldwide in the course of the year’ (UNEP, 2007). UNEP issue certificates for individuals and organisations for participating in this campaign after they received a short report and follow-up photographs.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative


Part 2 – The Project 1. Keep Planting Trees – Malaysian Initiative As a result of the UNEP Tunza ICCE, (, YAWA has created as a long-term public awareness project to ‘Keep Planting Trees’ for the people of Malaysia, corporate organizations, NGOs and all concern, to adopt the concept of continuously planting trees, as a way of life. 2. Aim YAWA aspires to reach out to the millions of young people in Malaysia through this programme to develop the spirit of keep planting trees! 3. Long Term Objectives 3.1 3.2 3.3 To course a concern on climate change as a result of Global Warming To protect and conserve biodiversity as our responsibility Keep Planting Trees will create a global impact on a local action

4. Short Term Objectives 4.1 4.2 4.3 To act on the message by children to plant trees To build a partnership with all concerned to protect trees from felling To provide care and maintenance for all planted trees

5. Projection of Plan 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 Create operational working team and pledge to plant trees by 5 years Join the UNEP global campaign of Planting One Billion Trees in 2007. Together with major partners, pledge 300,000 trees will be planted and dedicated to children by the end of 2007. To get endorsement for project from UNEP ROAP To get support from Ministry of Natural Resources & the Environment, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Family, Women and Community and Ministry of Housing and Local Government 5.6 To get support United Nations Association of Malaysia.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative


6. Create Partnership 6.1 To work in partnership as major operational partners with; The Forestry Peninsular Malaysia, and with all States Forestry Depts. Provision of saplings and areas to plant forest and mangrove trees To provide us with information on forestation and deforestation Provide record of trees planted by Forestry for dedication to children Universiti Putra Malaysia To involve students to take ownership of project, co-trainers. Act as mentor and experts in tree knowledge & publish activity books Create nurseries, run tree-caring workshops, areas to plant trees and we propose to establish Forest Learning Centres with UPM. Forest Research Institute of Malaysia To dedicate each tree planted in the New Botanical Garden to children, youth and families from all walks of life. 6.2 To work in partnership with Corporate Organisations; To adopt the concept of Keep Planting Trees as their Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility (Corporate Partnership List – Apdx 1) To sponsor maintenance of every planted trees by children To dedicate tree planting to all of the staff, children and families To pledge and contribute a small sum of money each month over a period of time by every member of staff for maintenance of trees. 6.3 To play an important role in promoting the concept to the nation

To work in partnership with Public, Community Groups and NGOs; Public is described as individuals, parents and self-employed To adopt the concept and participate in Keep Planting Trees as their commitment to meet objectives of the Initiative. Parents are encouraged to plant trees for every child at birth and consequent birthdays. Businessmen and businesswomen plant trees on success of their businesses. All are encouraged to contribute small funds to care for the planted trees, continuously.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative



Community Groups Associations and organisations to adopt concept to plant trees for special occasions, beautify parks and cemeteries.


Non-Profit Organisations Can adopt and replicate the concept into their projects and carry the ‘Keep Planting Trees’ initiative in support of the objectives.


To work in partnership with Local Councils, Developers and Logging Co; It is imperative to involve these organisations to adopt the concept and support the need to ‘Keep Planting Trees’.


Other Government & Main Partnership Department of Environment supports on environment issues, Wildlife Department supports information on fauna Ministry of Education: Schools Division Department of Higher Education Development & Procurement Private Education Department Special Education Department Technical Department Curriculum Development Centre Ministry of Family and Development Ministry of Housing & Local Government Putrajaya Holdings Malaysian Timber Council Banking Institutions Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka – for publication on articles and books in BM National Libraries – provide information to public on project Department of Land & Mines – identify, location of wastelands Local MPs – support, assist in promotion of the project

Media & press, Local TV Stations and Advertising Agencies

Keep Planting Trees Initiative



Other Partnership UNEP for continuing partnership and support UNDP for local development support Diplomatic Partnership Volunteers & Individuals


The Big Reason to Keep Planting Trees The reality is here! We have stolen so much from our children – global warming is our evidence! Keep Planting Trees is the only way to give back!

Part 3 8. Taking Immediate Action. 8.1 Start with planting and care of planted trees;  100 indigenous species of trees in the Lanjut District of Pahang in March  Pledge to plant 100,000 mangrove trees in coastal areas for prevention of soil erosion and creating boundaries and borders, in line with the Prime Minister’s call. 8.2 Pledge to plant 100,000 trees with children   8.3 after UPSR Exam in wastelands, coastal and cities during International Tree Planting Week in wastelands, coastal and forest areas participate on World Forestry Day with Forestry State Depts

Pledge to plant 100,000 trees with students after SPM,  

8.4 8.5 8.6 8.7 8.8 8.9 8.10

Support all tree planting events Record trees planted in UNEP One Billion Tree Planting Campaign Get each person to pledge to plant trees at least 20 trees per year First official announcement proposed on 17 May 2007 First announcement of corporate partnership on 17 May 2007 Promotions and publicity campaign on World Environment Day Plant trees to celebrate WED Celebrate One Year of Keep Planting Trees on WED in 2008

Keep Planting Trees Initiative



When To Plant Trees – all year round Plant Tress at birth of every child Plant Trees when children start school Plant Trees when children progressed in school Plant trees when they leave school Plant trees for ceremonials Plant trees for celebrations Plant trees for success in life Plant Trees for every employee Plant trees on your birthdays and call it, ‘My Tree Day’

10. Events/Creation/Niche Adopt a Tree (for every child born into this world) Forest in the Cities (create many pockets of new forests) Love Mangroves, Love Life (Coastal areas throughout Malaysia) Waste no Land, Grow More Forests (waste lands) My Tree Day (on birthdays) Forest Learning Activities (publications)


Resources & Materials Locations - Allocate lands and anywhere where trees can grow! Sapling - Create nurseries and from State Forestry Departments Planting Tools - Every family, centers, schools to have planting tools Vehicle - 4-wheel drive to reach out to tree planted areas Documentations - Keep record in Electronic and log book or register Research and findings

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 10


Scheme for Keep Planting Trees Initiative

The partnership of this project invites a contribution of RM2 per tree per month by every individual to pledge their contribution for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or as long as they wish. A special banking scheme is designed to make it easy for anyone to make the contributions direct into ‘Keep Planting Trees’ special account. (Please see Appendix 2) 13. Results We Look For from Keep Planting Trees Curb / Combat Global Warming Develop sense of responsibilities & ownership Carbon Sequestration and produce more Oxygen Green beautification in parks and home garden Provides Environmental protection, Erosion Control and Soil Fertility Home of biodiversity Products – medicines, etc, for research & education Promote Environmental Education & Publication of Books on Trees Creating new ideas and techniques in tree planting Centre for Forest Studies, and Adopt Forest School concepts Income & livelihood from Tree Enterprise for local people; Develop Nurseries Agro-forest projects, Recreation, Trails, Forest Schools/education centres

Good & continuous management of planted trees programmes More people to join the UNEP One Billion Tree Campaign, pledge and plant trees Link websites for local & global tree planting awareness campaigns with other NGOs, corporate and schools.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 11


YAWA’s Contributions to Keep Planting Trees

1. Initiator and guardian of project Keep Planting Trees 2. As Project Management Team – coordinates and operates projects with partners 3. YAWA youth and children invited to design Keep Planting Trees logo 4. YAWA Working Committee’s contributions in organising activities of tree planting with school children 5. To coordinate publicity and promotion on inception of project 6. YAWA Junior Boards and Youths will be ambassadors and spokesperson of this project 7. As webmasters and website moderators YAWA members and children participants to relay news and reports 8. To enter pledges on how many trees will be planted with partners into the UNEP Plant for the Planet website 9. To enter number of trees already planted with partners into the UNEP Plant for the Planet website 10. To maintain updates on progress on planted trees with partners 11. To send regular news releases to press and media on progress of trees 12. To be involved in tree planting activities with community & NGOs annually 13. To come up with on-going tree planting and caring activities, e.g. Forest Detectives, and Tree Competitions (essay writing and so forth) 14. To create environmental education manuals, specifically on forests and trees 15. Create a neighbourhood Forest Fun Day – tree planting, workshops on tree care, grow saplings, buy trees and generally have a great time learning new concepts on planting trees and about nature. Venue can be in city forests, FRIM, Rimba Tunza Putrajaya, UPM, Parks, etc.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 12

Part 4 Appendix 1 – List of Corporate Partnership

Appendix 2 – Scheme for Keep Planting Trees (Will be provided at presentation)

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 13

Appendix 3 – Tree Planting Activities in 2007

YAYASAN ANAK WARISAN ALAM KEEP PLANTING TREES A Malaysian Initiative to Curb Global Warming, to Conserve Biodiversity and to Plant for the Planet in the UNEP One Billion Tree Campaign EXPLORING JOHORE RAMSAR WETLAND In Partnership with Johor Forestry Department Universiti Putra Malaysia What is Ramsar Wetland? The Convention on Wetlands, signed in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971 is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources towards achieving sustainable development for the world. The Ramsar Convention has adopted the following broad definition of ‘wetland’:Areas of marsh, peat land of water, whether natural or artificial, permanent or temporary with water that is static or flowing, fresh brackish or salt, including areas of marine water the depth of which at low tide does not exceed six metres. Under this definition, wetlands account for a wide variety of habitat types including rivers, lake, shallow marine/coastal waters, inland wetlands and human-made wetlands. Wetlands can be found all over the world, from the Polar Regions to the tropics and they are deteriorating rapidly and are the most threatened ecosystems of our planet. Wetlands provide services of great value to society. They control floods, protect coastal zones and they host a great diversity of flora and fauna. Action to preserve wetlands is necessary – the sooner the better!

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 14

There are currently five Ramsar sites in Malaysia:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tasek Bera, Pahang Tanjung Piai State Park, Johore Pulau Kukup State Park, Johore Sungai Pulai Wetland, Johore Kuching Wetlands National Park

Our Objectives 1. To increase awareness and knowledge of the importance of wetlands to our eco-system in the younger generation. 2. To appreciate, love and acknowledge the significance of our wetlands existence as our natural heritage. 3. To study the flora and fauna of the local wetlands. 4. To start environmental education/activities for children and youth of the neighbouring wetlands by initiating the Keep Planting Trees campaign. 5. To invite local schools, colleges and universities to participate in our Keep Planting Trees campaign. 6. To work with NGOs such as Wetlands International to assist in the technical aspect of the wetlands. Project Scope Proposed Activities As a result of the UNEP Tunza ICCE in 2006, YAWA is committed to follow up studies to protect more areas where plants and forests are endangered. YAWA is organising a trip to Johore to explore the wonders of the Ramsar wetlands, located around the areas of Tanjung Piai, Pulau Kukup and Sungai Pulai. YAWA is keen to work in partnership with the Johor State Forestry Department in our project, ‘Keep Planting Trees’. We would also like to participate with Johor Forestry Dept on its celebration of the World Forestry Day, this June, in particular to plant Mangroves. Date: 6th, 7th & 8th June, 2007 Expected Packs: 40 YAWA eco-kids/eco-youth and 5 accompanying adults volunteer Pledge – To plant 2000 mangrove trees

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 15

Tentative programme during the 3-day visit 1. 2. 3. 4. Exploring the wetlands/mangrove forest. Planting of mangrove trees with local school children Visit Pineapple Plantation Canning factory at Sungai Renggam. Visit Ceramic/Clay Plant at Ayer Itam.

Long term (Continuation after the initial involvement of local school children in planting mangrove trees):Schools, Colleges, Universities & Organisations:1. Participating schools will continue their environmental activities by exploring the neighbouring wetlands and study the habitats of its flora and fauna. 2. YAWA organises a bi-annual International Children’s Conference on the Environment. School children who are active in their environmental projects will have the opportunity to participate and present this activity/project at the conference. 3. UNEP organises biennially:a. UNEP Tunza International Children’s Conference on the Environment. In 2008, it will be held at Stavanger, Norway. b. International Youth Conference on the Environment In Germany, 2007 YAWA will be organising a selection programme based individuals, organisations or schools who are active in any environmental project to participate and present their project at these conferences. Businesses:1. Creating environmental improvements through effective waste management, litter control and natural landscaping. 2. Working more closely with the local government (MBJB) and the relevant government departments. 3. Develop a close association with the community. Individuals & Community Groups:1. Joining or create local environmental clubs which deal with any aspect of the environment. Do what you can for yourself by practising environmental habits from home. 2. Influence your family, friends and the neighbourhood on any environmental awareness programme. on

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 16

Local Authorities, Government department and agencies:1. Encourage and support environmental awareness programmes. 2. Having an influence on the programme by aiding and mobilising the local community groups. YAWA Working Committee:1. A team of volunteers undertake to manage YAWA activities in a group called ‘Share Our Planet’. 2. A team of young members, the Junior Board will be the co-partners in organising this activity. This activity is prepared by: Pn Azura Shariff 012 379 9116 Project Leader

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 17

Appendix 4. How to Implement the Project Establish a working partnership with; 1. Forestry Department 2. Universiti Putra Malaysia 3. Forest Research Institute of Malaysia 4. Putrajaya Holdings Establish Keep Planting Trees Operations Team Project Leader/Manager Project Coordinators YAWA Junior Board members are Ambassadors and spokespeople of project YAWA Youth Team and students – Intern coordinators Representative from YAWA Working Committee (SOP) Representative from YAWA BoT Representative from Mass Media Create Logo for project Create partnership, raise funds, establish sponsorship scheme to manage trees Create database, registration and log book to maintain record on all planted trees Manage Keep Planting Trees web page – E-mail address: Create 5-year plan and budget for project Create tree planting programmes and event timeline Create publicity promotions Start pre-launching tree planting activities Start management of planted tree programmes Involve children, parents, community, corporate, and NGOs

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 18

Appendix 5. Methods on Tree Planting To Plant a tree (Adopted from UNEP Plant One Billion Tree Campaign)

Dig a hole at least twice the width of the root ball to allow the roots to spread out. Remove the tree from its container, carefully cut off broken roots, and slightly loosen the root ball. Place the tree in the planting hole. Always lift the tree by the root ball and never by the trunk. Spread periphery roots outwards. Avoid planting the tree too deep. Make sure that the soil line of the young tree is higher than the surface of the surrounding hole. Shovel some soil into the planting hole. Check the planting depth and adjust if needed. Confirm that the tree is straight. Fill the hole gently but firmly. Pat the soil around the base of the root ball.



4. It is not recommended to apply fertilizer at the time of planting. Water the seedling thoroughly with a slow stream of water to settle the soil. Do not stake the tree. The sooner the tree can stand alone, the sooner it will become strong. 5. Provide follow up care. Protect the tree from pests and diseases by removing plants nearby which are likely to affect it. Remove weeds as they will compete with tree roots for moisture and nutrients. Protect the tree from destruction by livestock. 6. If suitable, space trees well to avoid competition for air and soil nutrients, yellowing of leaves. Always maintain good air circulation in the tree by pruning to avoid pests and other diseases.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 19

Appendix 6. Conclusive Message Whatever action we take today will have a big impact on the future, however small the action is. The point is, such action can only have a big impact if we can get the public at large, from all walks of life, from children in the preschool to the Ministers, to be humble and caring about the environment. This project, Keep Planting Trees, calls for everyone to take part in it. A continuous effort to keep planting trees is a small effort but it may help us save planet Earth from experiencing dramatic changes, from the climate change to extinction of biodiversity that is so rich in the rainforest, to running out of the earth’s natural resources such as the rainforest and fossil fuels. Many people are still not aware that all these things are already happening all over the globe. Keep Planting Trees project is a public awareness campaign at local and global level. There will be many forests disappearing under the name of development. As ordinary people, we have very little power to stop any decisions already approved by the authorities. However, with this project, Keep Planting Trees, we can create an impact through joint forces to build a strong and powerful public awareness campaign that can grow and spread out all over the world. The reality is here! Global Warming is a serious environmental issue that is looming over us! Together, we can do something positive to help reduce rising temperature due to many reasons, especially from massive tree cutting globally to rapid carbon emission to the atmosphere… just a few reasons to mention! So, lets Keep Planting Trees as a commitment close to our hearts for us all to live in harmony with the environment, for the sake of mankind.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 20

Appendix 6. Dedication For the Children of 2006 Tunza ICCE, Putrajaya, Malaysia, for the Children of the World, the People of Tomorrow… and all the adults who passionately support the mission. For Malaysia, our country… our only home! Contribution of ideas came from the Environmental Contract of the 2006 Tunza International Children’s Conference on the Environment, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Special dedication to, YAWA Co-Founders, YAWA Founding Members, Board of Trustees, Junior Board, YAWA young members, YAWA Eco-youths, YAWA Working Committee, parents and volunteers who have contributed so much to YAWA since its establishment in 1996.

Appendix 7. Acknowledgement Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam is grateful with all the encouragement it receives up to now, from, The Forestry Peninsular Malaysia, States Forestry Departments University Putra Malaysia, Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Putrajaya Holding, Malaysia Airports And all concerned with the need to Keep Planting Trees, in our effort to combat Global Warming, Conservation of Biodiversity… for the sake of mankind. YAWA is certain that more people, organisations and authorities will give full support when this project will be made known to the public at large.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 21

Appendix 8. YAWA Environmental Awareness Campaigns 1. 1995 – 6 Malaysian children attended the very first children’s conference on the Environment in Eastbourne, UK an Oak tree in Sevenoak Forest. 2. 1996 – Planted 200 trees in FRIM and we called it YAWA Children’s Forest, following the fist Children’s Conference on the Environment called, ‘Sustain Today for Tomorrow’ 3. 1998 – 120 local & YAWA children planted 180 trees in Tapah with 50 children from Taiwan and Japan, organised by the Lion’s Club. 4. 1999 – Planted a tree with Mrs Nane Annan, wife of the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, at the West Valley Park in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL with 50 YAWA children 5. 2000 – following year, Mrs Annan, recommended, wife of the World Bank President, Ms Elaine Wolfenson, to meet us and another tree was planted at the same park, now its called Taman Kiara, in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. 6. 2002 – Kuala Kubu Bharu – we planted 100 trees at the Camp Bina Semangat, during YAWA’s Children’s Conference on the Environment. 7. 2004 – during the 6th YAWA Children’s Conference on the Environment, we planted trees at the Teluk Bahang Forest Recreation Park with 100 children. 8. 2005 – Joint programme with RTM 2 & Asia Broadcasting Union, 25 youth from Asia Pacific region planted 100 trees in Sabah in a project called Voyage to the Future. 9. 2006 – Planted 70 trees and created Rimba Tunza Putrajaya Wetlands, by 200 children from 60 countries with 10 sponsors. This was done during the 2006 UNEP Tunza International Children’s Conference on the Environment, in Putrajaya. 10.2007 – On March 13, In Lanjut, Pahang, 40 YAWA children with 20 local children from FELDA and Endau Rompin District planted 100 indigenous species, hosted by the Saujana Consolidated Berhad. It was launched by Dato’ Maznah Mazlan, MP for Endau Rompin. This event was recorded in the UNEP Plant for the Planet: Plant One Billion Trees Campaign 2007.

Keep Planting Trees Initiative 22

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