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									   THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                           APRIL 2012

  J                           OFFICE FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE
                                                                ARCHDIOCESE OF CHICAGO

                       FROM THE DIRECTOR                                                IN THIS ISSUE:
    Two major changes are                   ferent levels of presentation       Theology of the Body by OPJ

occurring in the Office for                   and catechesis on FCFC, we        Catholic Confront Global Poverty
                                                                                  Update- Spring 2012
Peace and Justice (OPJ)                       will pay special attention to
                                                                                JASC members protect safety net
regarding our work on po-                     three fundamentals: faith
                                                                                Re-Energizing The Faithful In Disci-
litical engagement: Faith-                    shapes the whole of life,
                                                                                  ples Called To Witness: The New
ful Citizenship is becoming a                 proper formation of con-
full-fledged, year-round pro- Scott McLarty science, and the develop-
                                                                                Faithful Citizenship Flier
gram alongside CCHD, CRS, Justice ment of the virtue of prudence.               12th Annual Ecumenical Prayer
Education, and Parish Sharing and Without a robust understanding of               Service at St. Hedwig
our approach to Forming Con-          these three, the rest of the docu-        Save the Date for Haiti!
sciences for Faithful Citizenship     ment fails to make sense. Two             Justice Month events this
(FCFC) will shift to the fundamen- great temptations press upon us at             weekend!
tals.                                 the moment: wed religion and
The first change is our attempt to (partisan) politics or get religion
                                      entirely out of political and public
honor the original intent of the
Bishops that being a “faithful citi- discourse. Both of these are not
                                      only remarkably bad understand-
zen” is not merely something re-
quired of us in an election year, but ings of religion and politics, but are          SAVE THE DATE:
a 24/7/365 commitment. The se- also profoundly dangerous to both.
cond is our response to the fact      Faith shapes the whole of life, but it       Justice Month
that the Bishop’s document FCFC,      ought not be confused with merely
though wonderful, makes assump-       political action or public policy.                                      6/03
                                                                                    Prayer Service
tions that are appropriate when       Such a perspective robs faith of its
Bishops speak to each other or to a   power to elevate and purify politi-          Haiti: National
                                                                                                          06/01 -
theologically educated audience,      cal discourse and offer an alterna-                                  06/03
but not necessarily to the rest of    tive vision of the future that is nei-
us.                                   ther utopian nor dystopian, but es-               312.534.8390
      Although OPJ will offer dif-            Continued on page 7 . . .
THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                   NEWS AND EVENTS

         OPJ Adds Critical Voice to Theology of the Body
       This past March 31st at the Chicago Mar-      Blessed John Paul called, ‘an adequate anthro-
riott Oak Brook, Office of Peace and Justice staff   pology.’
Scott McLarty and Tom Howard both delivered                 In his address in Spanish, Howard em-
addresses on John Paul II's Anthropology and         ployed a more interactive pedagogy, connect-
the Economy/Politics. McLarty delivered his          ing the economy and politics with Blessed John
address in English to around 500 people while        Paul’s anthropology by reading of one of John
Howard lectured in Spanish to around 100.            Paul’s most famous poems, The Quarry, and
       "This talk was a great                                       singing a popular justice song,
opportunity to reflect on the                                       Ofertorio Nicaraquense.
fact that both human life and                                               “Injustice in the work
dignity must be protected and                                       place and in the economic poli-
defended consistently from                                          cies of particular governments
conception to natural death.                                        is something the Hispanic com-
This commitment does not end                                        munity has, unfortunately, way
at the birth canal and pick up                                      too much experience with. My
again at the end of life. It con-                                   role in this talk was to simply
tinues unabated," emphasized                                        lift up the good news—Jesus
McLarty.                                                            Christ and His Church deeply
       After his address, which                                     care about and consistently
wove together not only Blessed                                      fight for worker’s rights, just
John Paul II’s Theology of the                                      economic policies and the dig-
Body, but also his social encycli-                                  nity of every human      person,
cals, McLarty found himself sur-                                    no matter how marginalized or
rounded by a group of inquisitive individuals,       disenfranchised they may be,” Howard com-
some inspired by his words while others seek-        mented.
ing clarification or making a specific point.                The Office of Peace and Justice looks for-
“The Office of Peace and Justice is truly grateful   ward to collaborating with the Respect Life Of-
to the Respect Life Office for the chance to         fice this summer with the Justice and Life Sum-
champion the Church’s social teaching with           mit, scheduled for June 1-2 in Justice, IL. For
such a diverse and committed group of individ-       more information about the Justice and Life
   uals. These types of conversations are vital      Summit, click this link:
         to the ongoing development of what          http://www.respectlifechicago.org/

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                      NEWS AND EVENTS

     Catholic Confront Global Poverty Update- Spring 2012
Contact your members of Congress- urge                of the funding lost the prior year. Attached is a
them to strengthen international poverty-             message that can be sent to your member of Congress.
focused humanitarian and development assis-           Sign a letter to Secretary of State Hillary
tance as they consider the upcoming federal           Clinton: Urge her to do what she can to stand
budget for fiscal year 2013. While our nation’s       with the Sudanese people for peace. Last Ju-
fiscal challenges are significant, the current eco-   ly, when South Sudan was established as the
nomic crisis disproportionately impacts the           world’s newest nation, the world was full of
world’s poorest people. President Obama’s FY          hope for the future of the Sudanese people. But
2013 budget proposes cuts to poverty-focused          not, less than a year later, the long-term peace
international assistance, which                                           and stability of Sudan and
makes up less than 0.5% of the                                            South Sudan are at a critical
U.S. federal budget but saves                                             juncture. As Pope Benedict
millions of lives around the                                              XVI said earlier this year,
world. Poverty-focused inter-                                             “Sadly, tensions and clashes
national assistance provides                                              have ensued in recent
food to the hungry, shelter to refugees, it vac-      months, and I express my hope that all may
cinates children against deadly diseases and ed-      unite their efforts to enable the people of Sudan
ucates them for a more prosperous and stable          and South Sudan to experience at last a period
future. Cutting this assistance will not balance      of peace, freedom and development.” In the
the federal budget but cuts will cost lives. Your     Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states of Su-
voice matters. Your voice makes a difference.         dan, aerial bombardment, reported attacks on
Poverty-focused international assistance was          civilians, and a refusal by the Sudanese govern-
cut 8% in fiscal year 2011, and a more than           ment to allow international humanitarian aid
20% cut was proposed for FY 2012. Thanks to           may lead to large-scale displacement of people
your tireless advocacy, when the FY 2012 budg         and famine.
  et was finalized, we were able to recover 3%                                  Continued on next page.

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                      NEWS AND EVENTS

     Catholic Confront Global Poverty Update- Spring 2012
Continued from previous page                           Now, more than ever, peace is needed in the
                                                       Holy Land. Contact President Obama now and
Relations between Sudan and South Sudan are
                                                       urge him to restart negotiations with Israeli and
tenuous because negotiations over oil revenues
                                                       Palestinian leaders based on key principles and
have failed and oil production has ceased in
                                                       ideas addressed in other peace negotiations.
South Sudan, threatening both countries’ econo-
                                                       It’s not too late for peace for the Israeli and Pal-
mies.    The status and security of “people of
                                                       estinian people! President Obama recently reit-
southern origin” residing in Sudan is in flux, as
                                                       erated his Administration’s commitment to
is the border between Sudan and South Sudan
                                                       seek peace in the Middle East and strongly reaf-

                                                       firmed that peace is possible in a televised
and the town of Abyei that straddles it.
                                                       speech broadcast around the world.
Inter0communal violence in South Sudan- pri-
                                                       His speech highlighted again the urgent need
marily in the Jonglei and Unity States has taken
                                                       for strong, sustained U.S. leadership to press for
thousands of lives, causing widespread hunger
                                                       a two-state peace agreement before it’s too late.
and displacement. While some transitional aid
                                                       Renewed violent conflict with more suffering
has been possible, the suffering and insecurity
                                                       for Israelis and Palestinians, and increased dan-
of the people in Darfur largely continues una-
                                                       gers of extremism will likely ensue without a
bated. Stand with the Sudanese people. Pledge
                                                       peace agreement.
your support for peace. Sign the letter to Secretary
  Hillary Clinton.                                                              Continued on next page.

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                   NEWS AND EVENTS

     Catholic Confront Global Poverty Update- Spring 2012
Continued from previous page.                       people, including nearly three million children,

The key principles and ideas addressed in other     are at risk for a severe food crisis without a ma-

peace negotiations are:                             jor humanitarian response to help those affect-
                                                    ed. “There’s already 40 percent malnutrition in
> Creation of a Palestinian state in the West
   Bank and Gaza, based on the 1967 bor-            some areas,” said Bill Canny, CRS Director for
   ders with possible limited land swaps as
                                                    Emergency Operations, who recently traveled
   mutually agreed;
> A fair negotiated resolution of the refugee       to Niger to see firsthand the effects of the
   issues that does not threaten the demog-
                                                    drought. “It’s a disaster for millions of families.”
   raphy of Israel;
> The sharing of Jerusalem by Israel and the        In the coming months, CRS will help those
   Palestinian state as their capitals;
                                                    caught up in the Sahel food crisis with food dis-
> Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights
   as a part of a peace agreement with Syria;       tributions and the provision of animal feed
                                                    vouchers in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. Plans
> Guarantees for free access to Jewish, Chris-
   tian and Muslim holy places.                     are also in place to assist farmers to better man-
Ask President Obama to also coordinate with         age meager water resources. Closer to the rainy
the other members of the “Quartet” (the United      season, there will be seed distributions for
Nations, European Union, Russia) to respond         planting as well as cash and food-for-work pro-
carefully to the new Palestinian unity govern-      grams to keep people employed and productive.
ment and to not precipitously cut off aid that is   For more information on these and other CRS
essential for humanitarian needs and for build-     projects and crisis-responses, go to:
ing the capacity of a future Palestinian state.        www.archchicago.org/peaceandjustice
The United States should insist that the unity
                                                    Send donations to:
government commit to rejecting violence and
negotiating a two-state peace agreement.              Catholic Relief Services
Food Crisis in the Sahel- For the third time in
                                                     3525 S. Lake Park Avenue
a decade, a drought is threatening millions of
people in the Sahel, the swath across Africa bor      Chicago, IL, 60653-1402
   dering the Sahara desert. Up to 12 million

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                               NEWS AND EVENTS

      Catholic Confront Global Poverty Update- Spring 2012
                    Message to Members of Congress
Dear Senator/Representative:

As your constituent and supporter of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS)/United States Conference of Catholic
Bishops (USCCB) initiative, Catholics Confront Global Poverty, I urge you to protect lifesaving funding for interna-
tional poverty-focused humanitarian and development programs as listed in a recent letter to the Foreign Opera-
tions Appropriations Subcommittees by the Most Reverend Richard Pates, Bishop of Des Moines and Chairman of
the International Justice and Peace Committee of the U.S. bishops, and Dr. Carolyn Woo, President of CRS.

The President’s budget request increases the overall International Affairs Budget by 2.4%, but cuts poverty-
focused assistance. These programs advance solidarity with poorer nations and enhance global security. They
save lives by curing and preventing diseases; making farmers’ fields more productive; caring for orphans whose
lives hang in the balance; feeding people victimized by natural and man-made disasters and by housing and car-
ing for refugees.

Careless cuts to these lifesaving programs will cost lives. I therefore urge you to increase funding to these pro-
grams as you deliberate on the FY 2013 Foreign Operations Appropriations bill. I am most concerned about the
President’s proposed cuts to the following accounts: Migration and Refugee Assistance, HIV/AIDS, other health
and nutrition programs, and International Disaster Assistance.

It is morally unacceptable for our nation to balance its budget on the backs of poor people at home and abroad.
International poverty-focused assistance is only about one-half percent of the federal budget. While I recognize
that fiscal responsibility is important, it must be achieved in morally responsible ways. A just budget framework
cannot rely on cuts in life-saving services to poor people. It requires shared sacrifice by all, including raising ade-
quate revenues, eliminating unnecessary military and other spending, and addressing the long-term costs of
health insurance and retirement programs fairly.

Especially in a time of austerity and fiscal restraints, we need to give priority to programs that help the poorest
people in the poorest places as a clear and effective demonstration that we are “our brothers’ keepe4r.” There-
fore, I urge you to increase funding for life-saving poverty-focused international assistance in FY 2013.

Thank you for your consideration of these urgent life or death issues.


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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                     NEWS AND EVENTS

     Catholic Confront Global Poverty Update- Spring 2012
    Letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Dear Madam Secretary,

As a supporter of the Catholics Confront Global Poverty initiative of Catholic Relief Services and the
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, I urge you to maintain, if not increase your efforts to
protect the progress made through the Comprehensive Peace Agreement for Sudan, a point you
made in a recent congressional hearing. Please ensure that the Administration is engaged in every
way possible with the governments of Sudan and South Sudan and with important partner coun-
tries and regional bodies to prevent a return to war, to end attacks on civilians, and to protect the
basic rights of the Sudanese people, including the freedom of movement and access to humanitari-
an aid.

Thank you for your concern for the welfare of our Sudanese brothers and sisters. Because of your
past commitment, tremendous progress has been made to prevent the violence and suffering that
have plagued them. With your help and engagement we can continue on the path to peace.


                                   FROM THE DIRECTOR
Continued from page 1 . . .                           would be dangerous to both the party (it will be
Faith shapes the whole of life, so to hermetically tempted to believe in the most ecstatic and
seal off politics from religious influence and still grandiose visions of itself) and to religion (it will
claim to have faith is to confuse a lie for the       reduce itself merely to the field of politics while
truth. Such a separation is impossible; a purely human life and activity is so, so, so much more
private religion is utter nonsense. Religious         than that).
faith is simply not religious faith if it is not both If you would like to learn more about the for-
concerned about and active in public and politi- mation of conscience and the virtue of prudence
cal discourse. That said, authentic religious         in your attempts at being a faithful citizen, stay
  faith must never be allowed to become parti- tuned and contact OPJ to schedule us to talk at
       san (or even appear so). As above, this        your parish or school.

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                  NEWS AND EVENTS

         JASC Members Work to Protect Safety Net
Lori Clark, JASC                                     the decision to participate in civil disobedience
                                                     as an act of conscience. I could no longer stand
        In this era of economic and budget cri-
                                                     idly by while vital safety net programs are in
ses, it is critically important that Jane Addams
                                                     danger of being cut. What is at stake is not only
Senior Caucus (JASC) leaders make their voices
                                                     senior’s ability to live with dignity and econom-
heard in ways that encourage legislators to
                                                     ic security, but the future of our country. I am
seize upon the opportunity to strengthen and
                                                     here today to fight not just for seniors, but for
protect social security and other vital social
                                                     my children and grandchildren.”
safety net programs. JASC has been working
                                                             Over 750 seniors and JASC allies first
with our allies to shift the public narrative
                                                     held a rally and march demanding that the Illi-
about Social Security away from a defeatist tone
                                                     nois Congressional Delegation pass a budget
of benefit cuts and toward one of pride and faith
                                                     that protects and strengthens the social safety
in long term solvency. We have intentionally
                                                     net programs for seniors, families with low in-
broadened our campaign to include efforts to
                                                     comes and our communities. “I believe that
protect Medicare and Medicaid. JASC members
                                                     Medicare and Medicaid are critical ways in
believe that simply defending Social Security is
                                                     which our society demonstrates a common
too limiting and a poor strategy for protecting
                                                     commitment to honor our fathers and mothers;
Social Security. For this reason we will be pro-
                                                     to share in the care of the vulnerable; and to put
moting solutions to strengthen social security
                                                     our often stated values about the dignity of our
and improve social security benefits, such as the
                                                     elders into practice. Investing in the health of
idea of raising the payroll tax cap as part of the
                                                     older adults, and safeguarding the honor and
                                                     dignity of our parents and elders, is a matter of
       On November 7th, forty eight seniors,         faith for me, and a deeply held American value,”
JASC allies and religious leaders were arrested      said Pastor Fick of Ebenezer Lutheran Church.
for occupying the intersection of Clark Street
                                                             Senator Dick Durbin, Congresswoman
and Jackson Blvd. as part of a protest calling on
                                                     Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Danny Davis and
Congress to fight and support a budget plan that
                                                     Congressman Mike Quigley publicly committed
protects and preserves vital social safety net
                                                     to fight for a budget that protects and preserves
programs. The message chanted at the rally was
                                                     vital social safety net programs and includes
“What do we want? No Cuts!” Emily Byrd, chair
                                                     raising taxes on millionaires, banks and big cor-
  of Jane Addams Senior Caucus said, “I made
                                                     porations to help solve the revenue crisis.

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                   NEWS AND EVENTS

  Bishops Offer Resource For Re-Energizing The Faithful In
    Disciples Called To Witness: The New Evangelization

WASHINGTON—The U.S. bishops want to pro-              “The New Evangelization is a call to each person
vide an opportunity for all Catholics to deepen       to deepen his or her own faith, have confidence
their relationship with Jesus Christ, according to    in the Gospel, and possess a willingness to share
a new document from the U.S.                                            the Gospel,” the document
Conference of Catholic Bish-                                            states. “It is a personal encoun-
ops (USCCB). Disciples Called                                           ter with the person of Jesus,
to Witness: The New Evange-                                             which brings peace and joy.
lization focuses on reaching                                            The New Evangelization pro-
out to Catholics, practicing or                                         vides the lens through which
not, who have lost a sense of                                           people experience the Church
the faith in an effort to re-                                           and the world around them.”
energize them.
                                                                        The document highlights the
“Every Catholic has a role in the Church, and         call of Pope Benedict XVI to pursue the New
every Catholic is called to spread the Gospel,”       Evangelization with renewed vigor and joy. It
said Bishop David L. Ricken of Green Bay, Wis-        also provides dioceses and parishes with re-
consin, chairman of the USCCB Committee on            sources to assist Catholics in renewing their
Evangelization and Catechesis. “But in order to       faith and sharing it with others.
evangelize, a person must first be evangelized.                The full text of the document
This is really the heart of the New Evangeliza-                      is available online:
tion.”                                                www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/how-we-
The document examines what the New Evangeli-           teach/new-evangelization/disciples-called-to-
zation is, its focus, its importance for the Church                       witness/-
  and how dioceses and parishes can promote it.

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                             NEWS AND EVENTS

      S AV E T H E D AT E
          2012 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

 12th Annual Ecumenical
      Prayer Service
                   Trinity Sunday
                    June 3, 2012
                      4:00 p.m.
             St. Hedwig Catholic Church
            2226 N. Hoyne Ave. - Chicago

Office for Ecumenical and
  Interreligious Affairs
 Archdiocese of Chicago
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 THE OLIVE BRANCH                                               REFLECTION / OFFICE FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE STAFF

                              The Pope’s general
                              prayer intention for

                                Contribution of
                           That many young people
                                                                            Scott McLarty                              Carol N. Smith
                           may hear the call of Christ
                             and follow him in the                    Director                                   Program Director, CCHD
                            priesthood and religious
                                                                      312.534.5383                               312.534.3690
                                      life.                           smclarty@archchicago.org                   csmith@archchicago.org

                          Adrienne Curry
                          Program Director, CRS

                                                                          Thomas Howard                               Cheryl Taliaferro
                           Tamara Fedoryshyn
                                                                      Program Director,                         Administrative Assistant,
                           Program support,
                                                                      Justice Education                         OPJ
                           CCHD & Parish Sharing
                                                                      312.534.3890                              312.534.3892
                                                                      thoward@archchicago.org                   ctaliaferro@archchicago.org

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    Cardinal Meyer Center + 3525 South Lake Park Ave. Chicago, IL 60653-1402 + opj@archchicago.org + 312.534.8390

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