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John Silvia wins the Herman Koehl Award for Innovation - Spirol by xiaopangnv


									                                                                                                                                               Issue 1

John Silvia wins the Herman
Koehl Award for Innovation
As taken from Hans Koehl’s address to the CT employees:
The Herman Koehl Award recognizes originality and innovation.
Originality requires challenging the status quo - that is, the existing
situation - and innovation requires a solution which is unique and
not obvious.                                                                   Hans Koehl presents
                                                                                 the Herman Koehl
This year’s recipient, John Silvia, Engineer and Manager - CNC                 Award to John Silvia.
Production, challenges the status quo and comes up with innovative
solutions just about every day he is at SPIROL. Here are just a few          In summary, it brings Insert production into the 21st century.
examples - and I am sure there are more:
                                                                             3.	 The	design	improvement	of	the	40	and	44	molded-in	Inserts.	         	
1.   The datum point tooling concept with a double datum point for               The feature is:
     part length and a single datum point for part diameter. The                 •	 Moving	the	hexagonal	flange	from	the	end	of	the	Insert	to	
     features are:                                                                  the	center	of	the	Insert	(Good	ideas	are	often	simple).
     •	 Tool	holders	(quick	change)	remain	fixed;                                The	benefits	are	many:
     •	 Knurling	dies	remain	in	the	same	position;	and                           •	 Greater	 pull	 out	 strength	 –	 the	 flange	 at	 the	 top	 added	
     •	 Shaving	roll	positions	become	fixed.                                        nothing	to	pull	out	strength	and	the	flange	at	the	bottom	had	
     The	benefits	are:                                                              a	 very	 weak	 area	 between	 thread	 and	 flange.	 	 Since	 the	
     •	 Simplification	of	set	up;                                                   screw	is	engaged	below	the	center	flange,	this	weakness	is	
     •	 Reduced	set	up	time;	and                                                    eliminated;
     •	 Elimination	of	hundreds	of	special	tools.                                •	 The	design	uses	considerably	less	raw	material;
                                                                                 •	 Production	 problems,	 including	 burrs	 inherent	 to	 the	 old	
2.   The development of a manufacturing technology for CNC                          design, were eliminated resulting in reduced cycle time and
     Insert production unique in the industry. The innovation is a                  increased	productivity;	and
     standardized system of manufacturing - from tool design, to                 •	 The	Inserts	can	now	be	produced	as	family	groups,	further	
     programming, to tooling holders - all of which John created.                   reducing set up time.
     This includes:
     •	 A	custom	designed	communication	system	between	the	bar	              John’s total contribution to SPIROL goes well beyond these
        loader	and	work	center	(the	CNC	Machine);                            examples.
     •	 The	 tool	 design	 and	 CNC	 programming	 are	 created	 from	
        a data spreadsheet and part print, eliminating the need for          Standardization	 has	 always	 been	 a	 hallmark	 at	 SPIROL	 and	
        further	engineering	input;                                           a	 significant	 contributor	 to	 our	 success.	 	 It	 is	 a	 concept	 not	 fully	
     •	 Custom	designed	tooling	blocks	that	allow	all	sizes	and	series	      understood and appreciated by many. John not only understands
        of Inserts up to the machine capacity to be manufactured the         the	concept	and	appreciates	its	benefits	(it	is	second	nature	to	him;	
        same	way;	and                                                        it	is	not	something	he	learned	at	SPIROL),	but	he	took	it	to	a	new	
     •	 Custom	 designed	 tool	 holders	 with	 a	 positive	 stop	 against	   innovative level, using technology available today and thereby
        the	tool	block,	and	specifically	designed	tooling	inserts	that	      further	 enhancing	 its	 inherent	 benefits.	 	 An	 example	 is	 product	
        maximize rigidity between the insert and the holder.                 family groupings. The computer spreadsheet based implementation
     The	benefits	are:                                                       program John developed for Inserts based on family groupings
     •	 Unmatched	production	cycle	time	(the	fastest	Tsugami	in	the	         resulted in:
        world);                                                                    •	 Faster	and	simpler	changeovers;
     •	 Very	fast	changeovers	in	both	bar	size	and	part	(insert);                  •	 Improved	productivity	–	low	labor	cost/1000	pieces;	and
     •	 Rigid	tooling	for	consistent	results	and	quality;                          •	 Standardization	of	production.
     •	 High	productivity	and	unattended	operation,	with	the	potential	
        to	meet	multi	spindle	productivity	based	on	capital	invested;	       It gives me great pleasure to recognize John Silvia and present him
        and                                                                  with	the	Herman	Koehl	Award.		My	expectation	is	that	this	will	not	
     •	 Manning	ratios	to	yield	a	labor	cost/1000	pieces	lower	than	         be	the	last	such	presentation	I	will	be	making	to	John.
        that achieved on multi spindles.
                                                                                                       Congratulations John!                                     1
            SPIROL Connecticut News
    New Employees
    since previous issue
    Robert Goldman 02/01/09	                  Field	Sales	Engineer
    Josh Harrold	   01/16/09	                 Shipper,	part	time
    Shaun Houghton	 12/10/08	                 Shipper,	rehire

    Home for the Holiday                                                               Employees and retirees
                                                                                   alike enjoy the comfort food
                                                                                        served at the luncheon.
    December	 11,	 2008	 –	 SPIROL CT employees enjoyed a
    “Home for the Holidays” theme luncheon, with ham, potato
    and vegetable provided by a caterer, but all the sides
    prepared by SPIROL volunteers. There was much to eat,
    recipes	to	swap,	and	leftovers	-	just	like	home!

    All	attendees	were	given	a	construction	paper	strip,	or	“link”,	
    on	 which	 to	 write	 their	 name,	 and	 then	 all	 the	 links	 were	
    joined together to form a chain. While it was a traditional
    hand-made	holiday	decoration,	it	was	also	a	fitting	reminder	
    that	we	are	all	dependent	on	one	another	and	to	keep	the	
    chain strong, we must give it our very best effort.

    Service Awards
    At	the	luncheon,	Service	Awards	were	presented	to:	
    Brian Finn	–	3	years
    Michael Lentini	–	5	years
    John LaRochelle	–	5	years
    Suzanne Mason	–	35	years

                                                                                   Chuck Wells assembles the
                                                                                   paper chain links.

                                                                                     Everyone gathers around
                                                                                       the “hearth” in the front
    Jim Shaw “roasts” Suzanne Mason for her role as Centralized Credit Manager -          office for the awards
2   North America.                                                                 announcements and raffles.
      SPIROL Connecticut News
Spring Awards Event
March	 19,	 2009	 –	 SPIROL CT employees brought in the                                           Mark Avery presents
Spring with an afternoon of multiple celebrations. Multiple                                       Suggestion Award to
suggestion awards, service awards, a Retirement Party for                                         Michael O’Keefe.
John	Fitzgerald	(see next page),	and	most	significantly,	the	
celebration	of	the	LAST	day	of	winter.	

Suggestion Awards
                                                                    Joe Shaw receives
At	the	Spring	event,	Suggestion	Awards	were	presented	to:	           Suggestion Award
                                                                  from Mike Woznicki.
Michael O’Keefe Eliminate paraitic power loss
Michael O’Keefe Improve manufacturer ID on equipment
Michael O’Keefe Improve quality, serviceability and
                     assembly of HM machine
Joe Shaw             Eliminate chips mixed in with parts
Joe Chepolis	        Tracking	of	certain	Insert	knurls
John Rzepa           Heat loss in receiving area                                                  Bill Hunt presents
Keith Lussier        Eliminate pins falling behind hopper                                         Suggestion Award to
Ken Mayo             Hole in roof of Salt Spray room                                              Jen Worden.

Cindy Bellisle       “Hands” around feeder bowl
Jen Worden           Reducing paper consumption

Service Awards                                                  Keith Lussier receives
                                                                    Suggestion Award
At	the	Spring	event,	Service	Awards	were	presented	to:	          from Mike Woznicki.
Jen Worden               3 years
George Morris            5	years
Jaime Santa Maria        5	years
Seth Walker              5	years
John Hess               15	years
Barry Hopkins           25	years

The	following	day,	Jim	Shaw	presented	the	Service	Award	
to John Rzepa.	         15	years

                                                                Jim Shaw presents John
                                                                Hess (above) with the
                                                                Service Award for 15 years
                                                                of service, Barry Hopkins
                                                                (left) for 25 years of service,
                                                                and John Rzepa (right) for
                                                                15 years of service.

           SPIROL Connecticut News
    A Fond Farewell
    March	 19,	 2009	 –	 John Fitzgerald	 chose	 the	 first	 day	 of	
    Spring,	 March	 20th,	 to	 retire	 after	 37+	 years	 as	 Grinder	 in	
    the	CT	Machine	Shop.		It	was	a	fitting	day	to	make	a	fresh	
    start	in	a	new	way	of	life.		At	the	time	John	was	hired	in	
    June	1971,	he	had	very	little	experience	as	a	Grinder.		As	
    the parts became more complex over the years, he started
    to study at lunch time and at home from the “Machinery’s
    Handbook	 (18th	 edition)”.	 	 He	 self	 taught	 himself	 as	 he	
    went along. John has always been grateful to SPIROL for
    the	opportunity	to	learn	a	trade	–	to	read	a	blueprint	and	
    then actually create a part.

    John	is	also	a	musician	(mostly	guitar).		He	has	played	in	
    several bands over the years, but now plays for his own
    enjoyment.	 	 John	 and	 his	 wife	 each	 have	 Vespa	 scooters	
    and enjoy spending time riding together and with a scooter
    club they belong to. He also enjoys astronomy and has
    several telescopes. John certainly has many interests to
    keep	him	busy	as	he	starts	his	retirement,	and	we	wish	him	
    the very best.

        We all wish John the very best in his retirement!

    Bird House Making Contest
    March	 19,	 2009	 –	 SPIROL CT held a bird house
    making	contest.		Mike Woznicki, Manager of EHS,
    felt it would be a great add-on to the newly cleared
    land which resulted from soil remediation late in
    2008,	as	well	as	align	our	efforts	with	the	State
    of Connecticut Green Award which was
    received	in	2008.

    Eight employees entered bird houses for the
    contest.		The	winner	(President’s	Choice)	was	
    Jody Dubreil,	 Coiled	 Pin	 Set	 Up	 Mechanic,	
    for best craftsmanship. Honorable mentions went to Tim
    Jordan, Tooling Manager, for his birdhouse that incorporated                      The three winning bird houses designed and built by (left to right)
    the	 SPIROL	 design	 concept	 (with	 coiled	 pin-hinged	 door),	                                           Jody Dubreil, Tim Jordan, and Bill Hunt.
    and to Bill Hunt,	VP-Finance,	for	most	organic	design	with	
    his	carved	burl	birdhouse.		A	Lowe’s	gift	card	went	to	the	first	
    place winner.
                                                                                    SPIROL California News
    We will create the SPIROL Nature Conservation Area and
    the bird houses will bring wild life for all to enjoy.
                                                                             Service Award
                 Who says SPIROL is for the birds?
                                                                             Barbara Winchester       20	years

    Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after
4   others have let go.                     — William Feather
                                                            Incumbent Worker
            SPIROL Ohio News
                                                            Training Program
New Employees                                               Through the State of Ohio Department of Development,
                                                            the	 Shim	 Division	 received	 an	 Incumbent	 Worker	 Training	
since previous issue                                        Grant.		Since	December	2008,	SPIROL OH employees have
                                                            completed	220	hours	of	training.
James Smith          02/11/09	 Machinist,	part	time
Bill Gedeon          02/10/09	 Inside	Sales	Engineer        The	 Ohio	 Incumbent	 Worker	 Training	 Program	 is	 a	 grant-
Justin Singleton	    02/16/09	 Sales	Application	Engineer   based	 economic	 development	 effort	 that	 seeks	 to	 provide	
                                                            financial	support	to	businesses	for	employee	training.		Grants	
                                                            are issued through the Ohio Department of Development,
                                                            and	 allow	 the	 state	 to	 make	 strategic	 investments	 in	
Service Awards                                              companies	to	increase	employees’	occupational	skills,	while	
                                                            simultaneously, positioning local businesses to compete in
since previous issue                                        the	global	marketplace	and	grow	Ohio’s	economy.

Jen Desimio              3 years
Chuck Daff               3 years
Jared Bennett            3 years                            Birth Announcement
Andrea Graham            3 years
Brad Deisz               3 years
Tabatha Finnegan        	5	years
Jackie Keller            5	years
Kathy Makebakken       10	years
Jim Tonge              15	years
Scott Bartow           20	years
Scott Brannon          20	years
Jim Adolph             30	years

Suggestion Awards
Suggestion	Award	winners	in	the	areas	of	safety,	
production, and quality are:
Julie Frederick     Tabatha Finnegan                        September	 10,	 2008	 –	Tim	 and	 Tabatha Finnegan, along
Jim Tonge           Jackie Keller                                                                                             	
                                                            with	 big	 sister,	 Allison,	 welcomed	 Katelynn	 to	 the	 family.	
                                                            Katelynn	weighed	7	lbs.,	7oz.	and	was	18	1/2”	long.

                                                            Tabatha	 said	 that	 Katelynn	 was	 born	 on	 her	 wedding	
College Grad                                                anniversary, and as a dedicated SPIROL employee she
                                                            worked	until	lunch	time	while	in	labor	before	the	doctor	told	
Jen DeSimio, Customer Service Representative, received      her to go to the hospital.
her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from
Anthem	College	in	November	2008.		Jen	has	been	with	the	
                                                                     Congratulations to the Finnegan Family!
company for 3½ years.

The Few...                                                  Toys for Tots
Andrew	Daff,	son	of	Chuck Daff,                             Christmas	 2008	 –	 Employees	 in	 Ohio	 supported	 the	 U.S.	
successfully completed basic                                Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots Program for the holiday fund
training	in	the	U.S.	Marine	Corps	                          raiser.	 	 Employees	 had	 an	 option	 to	 donate	 a	 toy	 and/or	
in	June	2008.                                               purchase	tickets	for	the	50/50	raffle	which	was	won	by	Paul
                                                            Hooper,	the	winner	of	$237.50.		Paul	was	kind	enough	to	
                                                            donate some of his winnings to Toys for Tots. The total
                                                            amount	for	the	fund	raiser	was	$315.                                  5
                  SPIROL Ohio News
    Reorganized Laser Work Center
    During the production shutdown this
    past December, a rearrangement
    and cleanup in the Laser area was

    In the old arrangement, a material
    rack	(in	blue)	was	facing	the	loading	
    pallet on each Laser machine, with
    a small space between them. The
    space was barely enough to place
    a	skid	of	4’	x	8’	steel.		Also,	material	                                                    The new arrangement accomplishes
    could not easily be loaded from the                                                          the following:
    pallet	into	the	rack.		Also	the	back	of	the	two	racks	were	on	
    the aisle, effectively narrowing the aisle decreasing access                •	   Opens	up	some	much	needed	space
    to the department.                                                          •	   Increases	forklift	access
                                                                                •	   Moves	the	scrap	hopper	to	a	location	between	
    Those	taking	part	in	the	activity	included	Bill Sulesky, Paul                    the lasers for quicker scrap disposal
    Hooper and Chuck Daff.                                                      •	   Increases	access	and	use	of	racks
                                                                                •	   Eliminates	trip	hazards

    Tribute to a Centenarian
    Grandmother of Chuck Daff, Production Foreman, made                     Conkey	said	a	birthday	video	was	made	and	shown	at	the	
    the news. Here are excerpts from the local newspaper:                   party highlighting Daff’s life. There was also a large display
                                                                            by the hall entrance with many photos showing different
    Austintown woman marks 100 years with party, video                      events Daff has been at during her life.
    By Bob Coubland, Tribune Chronicle, January 14, 2009
                                                                            Daff said she was
    AUSTINTOWN,	OHIO	-	Mabel	Daff	is	known	by	many	of	her	                  blessed with good health
    family and friends as a woman who always had a positive                 and said she always
    attitude and was always happy with a shovel in her hand,                had the philosophy of
    planting	flowers	in	her	garden.                                         working	hard	and	having	
                                                                            a	positive	outlook.
    More	 than	 150	 people,	 including	 five	 generations	 of	 family	
    and friends, gathered recently at the Eagles Hall to celebrate          “I	figured	it	was	important	
    Daff’s special birthday. In attendance were three of Daff’s             to	 always	 work	 hard	
    children,	 Jeanetta	 Haselow,	 who	 came	 back	 to	 the	 area	          and not complain,” Daff
    from	 Florida,	 Leo	 Daff	 of	 Coitsville	 and	 Harry	 Daff	 Jr.	 of	   said.
                                                                            Many	people	say	they	cannot	believe	Daff	is	100.		“When	we	
    Daff said that having everyone come together despite the                took	her	to	the	foot	doctor	she	couldn’t	believe	she	was	100,”	
    bad winter weather made her birthday special.                           Leo said. He said his mother at one time had not been to a
                                                                            doctor in 42 years.
    Daff	was	born	Jan.	12,	1909,	in	Blaine,	Pennsylvania.		She	
    and	her	late	husband,	Harry,	came	to	Youngstown	in	1929.	 	
    They	moved	to	Austintown	in	1976.
                                                                Mabel Daff passed away on April 1 after suffering a stroke
                                                                on March 29. Although she will be missed terribly by
    Karen	Conkey,	one	of	the	17	grandchildren,	said	Daff	also	
                                                                family and friends, she did live a long and healthy life.
    has many great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren
    some of whom came from other states for the party including
                                                                     Our condolences to Chuck Daff and his family.
6   Florida	and	North	Carolina.
                SPIROL Mexico News
Christmas Festival
December	 6,	 2008	 –	 The	 Christmas	
holiday was celebrated at the SPIROL
México facility on a Saturday. The party
started	 at	 1	 pm	 and	 lasted	 until	 9	 pm.	
Party games, gifts, good food, and, of
course,	 dancing	 and	 karaoke	 made	
for a memorable celebration. Jack
Fedinandi, Treasurer, was there to
join in the fun...but not the singing and
                                                                                         Above: Everyone gives their full attention to the karaoke
Everyone has fun on the dance floor moving to                                            Left: Magdalena Barrón and José Angel Morlett sing
música Bailable.                                                                         during the karaoke competition. It was Tino (not
                                                                                         pictured) who won the singing contest.

                                                  José takes        Luis Resendiz who was originally hired as a set-up mechanic,
                                                  center stage...   was	assigned	as	our	QA	Engineer	in	mid-February.

                                                                    New Employee
                                                                    since previous issue
                                                                    Victor A. Garcia Vargas 02/16/09	 Northern Mexico
                                                                    	                       	         Field	Sales	Engineer

      ...then it’s
 Emilía Muñoz
 in the middle.
                                                                    Service Awards
                                                                    since previous issue
                                                                    Jorge Leon                     3 years

                                                                                  SPIROL China News
                SPIROL Canada News
                                                                    Birth Announcement
Service Awards                                                      February	14,	2009	–	Cho	and	
since previous issue                                                David LaFleur welcomed
                                                                    Xavier to the family at
Ray Coote                       3 years                             1:40pm.	 	 Xavier	 weighed	 3.2	
Greg Heuchen                    3 years                             kg	 (just	 over	 7	 lbs.)	 and	 was	
Sarah Imeson                    3 years                             51	cm	long	(about	20	inches).	     	
                                                                    Mother and baby are both
                                                                    doing	very	well!
The future depends on what we do in the present.
                                      — Mahatma Ghandi                        Congratulations to the LaFleur Family!                                 7
                                                              Spirit Awards
                 SPIROL England News
                                                              February	2008
                                                              Dave Eccleston,	 Toolmaker,	 was	
    New Employees                                             presented	 with	 a	 Spirit	 Award	 to	
                                                              thank	 him	 for	 his	 contributions	 to	 the	
    CORBY                                                     Halesowen site when his supervisor
    Vacláv Kraus	   04/28/2008		 Product	Administrator-	      was absent for illness for several
    Laura Nunn	     06/16//2008	 Order	Fulfilment		     	     Martin Adams, Press Setter also
                                 Process Specialist           received	 a	 Spirit	 Award	 for	 his	 hard	
    Kinga Zamoyska	 07/01/2008		 Distribution	Field	Sales		   work	 to	 cover	 for	 his	 colleague	 who	
                                 Manager                      was	suddenly	taken	ill	and	absent	for	
                                                              several	weeks.

                                                              Darren Graham,	 Metal	 Forming	
    Service Awards                                            Setter, was presented with a Spirit
                                                              Award	in	recognition	for	the	leadership	
    February 2008                                                   he	 has	 shown	 in	 taking	 the	
    Jo Hepple                         10	years                      responsibility	 of	 two	 work	
    Angela Smith                       5	years                      groups	(RST	X	and	RST	M)	and	
    Emma Basford                       5	years                      in training Ian Sinclair and David
    Joanna Kennedy                     5	years                      Bolton	(operators).	He	achieved	
    Sean Wood                          3 years                      the above despite losing two of
                                                                    his colleagues.
    August 2008
    Pam Sinclair                       5	years                       The      following    employees
    Bill Dunn                          3 years                       from	 the	 Corby	 office	 were	
                                                                     nominated	for	a	Spirit	Award	by	
    December 2008                                                    their	colleagues	in	France:
    Les Hill                          30	years
    Lennie Barker                     25	years                       Joanna Kennedy, now Order
    Karen Loake                        3 years                       Fulfilment	 Supervisor,	 received	
    Ian Martin                         3 years                       a	Spirit	Award	for	her	proactive	
    David Eccleston                    3 years                       approach for on time delivery to
                                                                     French	automotive	customers.

                                                                     Ian Martin, Quality Technician,
    Right, from top to bottom: Andy Freeman                          for the prompt service provided
    presents Service Awards to Jo Hepple for                         to	the	French	office	with	regards	
    10 years of service, Les Hill for 30 years of                    to	 quality	 paperwork,	 and	 the	
    service, and Lennie Barker for 25 years of
                                                                     work	 he	 has	 done	 to	 welcome	
                                                                     French	 customers	 visiting	 the	
                                                                     UK	site.

    Birth Announcement
    27th	 February	 2009	 –	 The	                             Promotion
    Sinclair clan has expanded
    with	the	arrival	of	Phoebie,	6	                           It is with pleasure that I announce the election of Andrew
    lbs., 13 oz., a granddaughter                             Freeman	to	the	position	of	Managing	Director	(MD)	of	Spirol	
    to Pam Sinclair, Corby                                    Industries Limited by the Board of Directors at its meeting on
    Receptionist. Big brother,                                February	5,	2009.
    Cason	is	very	proud!                                                                      —	Hans	H.	Koehl,	Chairman
      Congratulations to the                                                      Congratulations Andy!
8        Sinclair Clan!
             SPIROL England News
Pig Roast
14th	 September	 2008	 –	 SPIROL UK celebrated the
SPIROL 60th Anniversary with a Pig Roast at Woodside
in	 Kenilworth	 (Warwickshire).	
The location was chosen for
convenience for employees
from both the Corby and the
Halesowen sites.
The original Edwardian country                                                                                                   Edwardian House
house provided a perfect
setting for a relaxed family
Sunday. Employees and their
families	first	had	a	few	drinks	in	                                                                                              The pig doesn’t look
the	 conservatory	 and	 once	 it	 had	 been	 confirmed	 that	 the	                                                               like a pig any more.
roast did not include the head of the pig, they enjoyed the
buffet	 lunch	 followed	 by	 a	 birthday	 cake	 and	 coffee	 in	 the	
garden. The weather was nice and the patio inviting, so all
retired	 to	 the	 patio	 area	 for	 a	 few	 more	 drinks	 and	 games	
in	 the	 beautiful	 tranquil	 grounds.	 And	 it	 was	 not	 only	 the	
children	who	enjoyed	playing	Giant	Jenga,	Pitch	and	Putt,	
and boules.

Below: Lennie Barker, Metal
Forming Setter, tries to take King
Arthur’s magic sword, Excalibur, out
of the stone.

                                       Clockwise from above: Fine dining on the patio. Dorothy and Les Hill, Toolroom
                                       Supervisor; Colin and Pam Sinclair, Receptionist. Jo Hepple, Product Administrator, has
                                       her go at the Giant Jenga as Joanna Kennedy, Order Fulfilment Supervisor, watches.
                                       Javier Raposo, Business Development Manager - Coiled Pins, has his go. Celine
                                       Correau watched by her dad, Marcel Correau, Warehouse Supervisor, Chris Feeney,
                                       Operations Manager, and her sister Danielle Correau. Sean Wood, Stores Operative,
                                       Celine Correau and Alan Lowden, Stores Operative,
                                       navigate Connect Four.

                  SPIROL England News
     20-Year / Retirement                                               Automation Showroom
     Dinner                                                             Left to right: Ian Sinclair,
                                                                          Metal Forming Setter;
     3rd	 February	 2009	 –	 The	 Annual 20-Year / Retirement             Vacláv Kraus, Product
     Dinner	 was	 hosted,	 by	 popular	 demand,	 at	 the	 Lake	 Isle	         Adminstrator-OEM;
     Hotel	 and	 Restaurant	 in	 Uppingham.	 	 There	 were	 no	 new	         Lenny Barker, Metal
     comers but the regulars enjoyed their annual get together               Forming Setter; and
     to reminisce.                                                             Malcolm Hupman,
                                                                         Automation Technician.

                                                                        22nd	 January	 2009	 –	 SPIROL Corby opened the new
                                                                        installation equipment customer demonstration room.

                                                                        Our	 equipment	 division	 was	 started	 over	 40	 years	 ago	
       Above, left to right: Bill Hunt, Vice President Finance;         because	 customers	 had	 a	 difficult	 time	 getting	 our	
                     Andy Freeman, Managing Director; and               components	into	their	assemblies	cost	effectively.		As	part	of	
                                 Les Hill, Tool room Supervisor.        Spirol Europe’s overall sales development plan, we opened
                Right: Lennie Barker, Metal Forming Setter.             a new showroom to present our installation and automation

                                                                        Our main focus in sales is to show our customers how our
                                                                        products improve the quality of their assemblies and lower
                                                                        their total manufacturing costs. Our installation equipment is
                                                                        a	significant	aspect	of	this	strategy.		The	main	goal	with	the	
                                                                        showroom is to professionally demonstrate to customers how
                                                                        Spirol can enhance their competitiveness through improving
                                                                        productivity using our installation equipment.

      Above: Retirees Dick                                              In	the	showroom	we	have	7	machines	aimed	specifically	at	
     Wallace and Bob Hays.                                              pin	and	insert	installation.		For	the	pins	we	have	our	PR,	PM	
                                                                        and	HC	machines,	and	for	the	inserts	our	HA,	HP,	HM,	TM.	        	
     Right: Pauline Blachford                                           As	 well	 as	 being	 a	 focus	 for	 customer	 presentations,	 the	
             and Hans Koehl.                                            equipment will also be used for internal training purposes so
                                                                        that all of Spirol Europe’s sales team are able to understand
                                                                        and	sell	the	equipment	confidently.

                                                                        John Firlik was responsible for arranging the details of the
                                                                        project and once everything was in place he visited Spirol
                                                                        UK	 to	 set	 up	 the	 machines	 properly.	 	 John	 also	 provided	
                                                                        extensive training to Vacláv Kraus who will be the main
                                                                        contact	 for	 customers	 as	 the	 Automation	 champion	 for	
                                                                        Europe.		All	the	decoration	and	fitting	work	for	the	room	was	
                                                                        undertaken	 by	 Spirol	 staff.	 	 A	 special	 thanks	 to	 Malcolm
                                                                        Hupman, Lenny Barker and Ian Sinclair for that, as well
                                                                        as Chris Feeney who organized it.

                                                                        Spirol	 Europe	 is	 confident	 this	 room	 will	 help	 to	 sell	 our	
     Above: left to right: Dave Dickson, Metal Forming                  installation equipment and that it will show customers clearly
       Setter; and retirees Kath Earl and John Martin.                  our	 main	 strengths,	 capabilities	 and	 what	 makes	 Spirol	
                                                                        assembly solutions special.
             Right: John Evans, Metal Forming Setter.
               SPIROL France News                                                               SPIROL Diversity News
Birth Announcement                                                                  Our Favorite Things
13th	 November	 2008	 –	 Laure                                                      Thank	you	all	for	participating	in	the	Favorite Things Survey.
                                                                                    We	received	101	responses,	with	the	top	two	in	each	category	
Dorilleau,	Product	Administrator,	
                                                                                    detailed below.
and husband Jérôme welcomed
their new baby girl, Elise, a little                                                 Favorites                         Top Two Responses
sister to Mathilde who is clearly
                                                                                     Color                         Blue             47%     Red              19%
very proud of her.
                                                                                     Pet                           Dog              66%     Cat              25%
                                                                                     Day of the week               Saturday         54%     Friday           25%
     Congratulations to the                                                          Beverage (off-time)           Alcohol          30%     Water            27%
       Dorilleau Family!                                                             Snack                         Chips/Crisps     26%     Fruit            20%
                                                                                     What to do with free time     Family/Friends   48%     Sports           20%
                                                                                     Flower                        Rose             32%     Wildflower       22%
                                                                                     Music                         Rock & Roll      55%     Country          19%

                                                                                    It is interesting that for all our differences
Service Awards                                                                      –	 from	 the	 United	 States	 to	 Canada	
                                                                                    to	 Mexico	 to	 the	 United	 Kingdom	 to	
February 2008                                                                       France	to	Germany	and	to	China,	we	
Michel Kostrzewa                  5	years                                           are	also	very	much	alike.
Charlyne Guillemart               3 years
                                                                                    What better way to develop effective
                                                                                    working	 relationships	 with	 diverse	
                                                                                    people than to focus on our similarities                       Elvis, the rockin’
                                                                                    rather	than	our	differences!                               wannabe Hound Dog

                                                             Please don’t misunderstand. There are great synergies and
Spirit Awards                                                benefits	to	be	found	by	appreciating	our	diverse	skills,	talents	and	
                                                             contributions	–	but	as	with	anything,	balance	is	important.		Let’s	
February	 2008	 –	 Loïc Bourdon,	 Product	Administrator	 to	 remember	how	alike	we	all	are.		This	will	create	a	starting	point	
the	 German	 and	 Eastern	 European	 markets	 received	 an	 for	understanding	and	appreciating	diversity	in	the	workplace.
award	for	covering	for	the	position	of	Product	Administrator	
                                                              In the economic times that we are living now, it is critical that
to	the	French	and	other	European	markets	while	the	position	 we	all	work	together	as	a	cohesive	team,	and	sometimes	this	is	
was vacant for several months.                                difficult	when	we	dwell	on	the	differences.		Try	taking	a	look	at	
                                                                                    your	coworkers	or	staff	with	new	eyes.

60th Anniversary                                                                    Think	 about	 the	 factors	 that	 you	 share	 in	 common	 with	 them.	
                                                                                    You’ll	find:
In	 February	 2008,	 SPIROL SAS	 put	 up	 the	 1948	 –	 2008	
banner	and	shared	a	birthday	cake	for	the	occasion.                                   •	 You	are	all	human	beings	with	complex	emotions,	needs,	
                                                                                         interests,	 outlooks,	 viewpoints	 and	 dreams.	 	 Share	
                                                                                         something about yourself to create an environment in
                                                                                         which	your	coworker	wants	to	share	information	with	you.		
                                                                                         Listen and don’t pry. Polite and continuing interest in your
                                                                                         coworkers	contributes	to	workplace	harmony.

                                                                                      •	 We	 all	 have	 family	 and	 other	 interests	 outside	 of	 work.	 	
                                                                                         Hear	 what	 your	 coworkers	 tell	 you	 about	 their	 personal	
                                                                                         lives. Remember the highlights to demonstrate respect
                                                                                         and interest in them.

                                                                                    Work	is	more	exciting	when	you	feel	as	if	you	are	accomplishing	
                                                                                    mutual	goals.		Act	as	if	you	are	part	of	a	winning	team.		Emphasize,	
                                                                                    with	coworkers,	your	common	interest	in	your	success	and	the	
Left to right: Andy Freeman, Managing Director; Richard Meier, Sales Engineer
                                                                                    success	of	the	organization.		You’ll	get	to	know	people	as	people	
Germany & Eastern Europe; Michel Kostrzewa (holding the banner), Stores;
                                                                                    if you participate and engage together.
Charlyne Guillemart, Order Fulfillment Process Specialist; Marie T Alvarez,
Order Fulfillment Process Specialist; and Laure Dorilleau, Product Administrator.   Ref: Diversity in the Workplace: Search for Similarities, by Susan M. Heathfield    11
                 SPIROL Scholarships
     Scholarship Recipients – Where Are They Now?
                                 1999 Scholarship Recipient, Kelly Shaw-Wade, is recognized in a Boston neighborhood newspaper:

                                 Pinkergreen not scared of falling into the red after South End move
                                 By Brandon Simes, South End News, January 7, 2009

                                 BOSTON	 -	The	 name	 “Pinkergreen”	          Amiee	 Pandey,	 Anita	 Kurl’s	 owner,	 told	 South	 End	 News	 in	
                                 sounds	 like	 an	 amalgamation	 of	          October that had she not received the grant, she probably would
                                 the	 classic	 consultancy	 firm	 and	 a	     not	have	hired	Pinkergreen	to	design	her	storefront.
     colorful	splash	on	a	middle	school	art	student’s	page.	As	it	turns	
     out, that’s not so far off.                                         “I wouldn’t have done something this creative,” she said. “I
                                                                         would have designed it myself, but hiring a company ends in a
     Pinkergreen	Design,	formed	by	two	Boston	University	graduates	 much better product.”
     in	2001,	is	a	creative	consultancy	that	specializes	in	branding.	
     Not	necessarily	in	David	D’Alessandro’s	harsh	Brand	Warfare	 In	addition	to	work	in	the	South	End,	Pinkergreen	has	formed	
     sense,	but	in	a	unique	style	that	meshing	a	creative	background	 a	solid	relationship	with	the	city	of	Boston,	working	on	several	
     with the goal of economic success and expansion produces.           different projects. Last year the Egleston neighborhood hired
                                                                         Pinkergreen	to	develop	a	logo,	banners,	an	installation	to	the	
     In	 that	 sense	 Pinkergreen’s	 two	 owners,	 Melissa	 Jordan	 and	 central square, and a shopper’s guide, said Shaw-Wade. The
     Kelley	Shaw-Wade,	packed	up	shop	and	moved	to	the	South	 project	 is	 still	 ongoing,	 and	 Pinkergreen	 is	 currently	 working	
     End	at	the	end	of	2008,	a	decision	about	which	the	two	remain	 with	five	individual	businesses	in	the	Egleston	area	through	the	
     ecstatic.                                                           Boston Main Streets program.

     “We’re pretty much thrilled,” said Shaw-Wade of the move to              Shaw-Wade explained that the branding of individual
     the	 46	 Waltham	 St.	 building	 Pinkergreen	 inhabits,	 which	 she	     neighborhoods in Boston is vital in order to prevent lesser-
     said	is	filled	with	artists.	“It’s	nice	to	be	in	an	environment	where	   known	parts	of	the	city	such	as	the	Egleston	area	from	getting	
     everyone is inspiring each other.”                                       lost	in	the	shuffle.

     Jordan and Shaw-Wade decided to move their business to the               “It’s pretty easy to tell when you’re in a certain neighborhood
     heart of Boston because of their relationships with the city of          in Boston,” she said, explaining the importance of branding
     Boston and several South End businesses.                                 forgotten areas as unique and worth visiting.

     “It’s	sort	of	like	the	hot	bed	of	all	the	creative	businesses,”	said	 Despite	 the	 current	 recession,	 the	 founders	 of	 Pinkergreen	
     Jordan.	“Pinkergreen	does	a	lot	of	business	in	the	South	End.”	 remain	 bullish	 on	 their	 prospects	 in	 2009,	 thanks	 in	 part	 to	
                                                                           their success so far with the Boston Main Streets program and
     A	 perfect	 example	 of	 what	 Pinkergreen	 does	 comes	 from	 a	 their	 South	 End	 neighbors,	 as	 well	 as	 experience	 with	 tricky	
     South	 End	 salon,	Anita	 Kurl.	 Jordan	 and	 Shaw-Wade	 helped	 economic	times.	The	two	BU	alumnae	graduated	in	2001,	right	
     with a storefront redesign last October.                              as	the	last	recession,	in	2002,	started	shaping	American	lives.

     Using	 elements	 of	Anita	 Kurl’s	 interior	 design,	 which	 features	   “We graduated literally in the year before,” said Jordan. “We
     cobalt	blue	walls,	Pinkergreen	created	a	new	identity	that	helped	       honestly	 don’t	 know	 any	 different...It’s	 easy	 to	 be	 optimistic	
     spruce up the salon’s image. The storefront has the salon’s logo         when	it’s	all	you’ve	known.”
     on	every	window	and	the	top	is	covered	with	circles	that	look	
     like	bubbles	in	different	shades	of	blue	and	white.              “We’re very excited for this coming year,” she continued. “We
                                                                      started our business in a climate that was pretty similar [to the
     The	connection	between	Anita	Kurl	and	Pinkergreen	took	root	 current recession].”
     in part in a grant program called The Storefront Improvement
     Program created by Boston Main Streets. The program helps With	experience	comes	confidence,	and	Pinkergreen	certainly	
     businesses improve their storefronts or signs and awnings. The doesn’t	lack	in	that	category.	They	remain	undaunted	by	poor	
     Washington	Gateway	Main	Street	runs	the	application	process	 economic news reaching airways and computer screens almost
     for the South End and awards grants of various sizes - sometimes daily. Said Jordan, “We’re going to be growing our company in
     up	to	half	the	cost	of	renovation	with	a	cap	of	$5,000.          the coming year.”

     Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming                         To submit an article to this quarterly newsletter,
12   them is what makes life meaningful.     — Joshua J. Marine                              please contact Judy White.

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