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					City of Canada Bay Council Newsletter SEPTEMBER 2005 ISSUE 30

Mayor Angelo


Meals On Wheels Day and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers that deliver meals to the clients that receive the service in the City of Canada Bay. Each year more than 100 volunteers deliver more than 14,000 meals to local clients. The dedication, commitment and hard work of our volunteers is appreciated by Council and the wider community, so National Meals on Wheels Day is a great opportunity to show our appreciation. Our volunteers come from all walks of life with some volunteers from culturally diverse backgrounds and age is certainly no barrier. Our youngest volunteers are school children and our oldest is 93. National Meals on Wheels Day is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of the service and to show our appreciation to each of the volunteers that take time out of their busy schedules to help others in the community. Environment Council's environmental newsletter News On A Better Environment will now be featured quarterly in the Bayside Brief. Here you will find information about what is happening in our local area. We have a range of environmental initiatives in place for 2005 which include the Travel Access Guide, Residential Energy Audit & Retrofit Program, CCP Re-inventory & CCP LAP update, Water Campaign (M1/M2), Environmental Data Management Program, Local Agenda 21 Local Action Plan, Solar BBQ Day, Community Sustainable Living Workshops, Green Business Re-enforcement program, Water Campaign (M3), School Environmental Education Program, Environmental Citizen Awards and Greenfleet Membership.

State Netball Champions
Inner Western Suburbs Under 17’s Division 3

Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney 2005 On August 26-28 I took part in the Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney 2005 with John Price, Larry Musolino and Remo Adoncello to raise money for Oxfam Australia. On behalf of the team we would like to thank everyone that so generously sponsored us on the 100km endurance walk. Thanks to your support we raised over $15,000 for Oxfam Australia, Australia's leading development agency working for social justice and the alleviation of poverty. Oxfam works with communities in more than twenty countries, including Indigenous Australia. The walk was a great event for a wonderful cause. Thank you everyone for your support. National Meals on Wheels Day Wednesday, 31 August was National

Back Row L to R: Mayor Angelo Tsirekas, Benita Nigro, Merrilyn James, Caitlin Tuttle, Carina Tricase, Danielle Turner, Kathleen Land, Coach Denise Phillipson, Manager Karen Hewson Front Row L to R: Zoe Yum - Erica O'Neill - Annabel Yum - Rose Harper - Elizabeth Marama

Last month the Inner Western Suburbs 17 Years and under Division 3 netball team won the 2005 State Netball Championships in their division. Mayor Angelo Tsirekas presented the team with a trophy at a special ceremony held at Cintra Park in Concord. The State Championships are organised by Netball NSW and are held every year on the

June long weekend. The team was undefeated in their division playing 17 games during the Championships. Most of the team have been representative netball players of the Inner Western Suburbs Netball Association since they were 11 years old and play with a variety of clubs at the Inner Western Suburbs Netball Association which is based at Cintra Park.

60th Anniversary of the Allied Victory in the Pacific

Mayor Angelo Tsirekas, Rusty Priest AM, Governor-General His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery AC CNO MC, Deputy Mayor Neil Kenzler, Councillor Michael Megna and Council's General Manager Michael G McMahon John Price, Remo Adoncello, Mayor Angelo Tsirekas and Larry Musolino

Concord Street Fair
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Mortlake, The Welcoming waterfront village

On Sunday, 14 August more than 1,500 veterans, family members and friends commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Allied victory in the Pacific at the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway in Rhodes. The Governor-General His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery and the New South Wales Premier The Hon. Morris Iemma MP attended the service, supporting the veterans as they commemorated the 60th

anniversary of the end of WWII and the Victory in the Pacific. New South Wales Mounted Police provided a guard of honour and there was also a display of WWII jeeps and memorabilia. A flight of doves were released at the end of the service by Mr Norm Pope one of the oldest WWII veterans, and Mrs Ethel Lane, a WWII army nurse as a symbol of gratitude and peace.

Concord Street Fair
Brother Slam

On Sunday, 16 October Majors Bay Road in Concord will host the annual Concord Street Fair. From 10 am to 4 pm, Majors Bay Road will be an entertainment hub, with the added bonus of fantastic gourmet food from the cafes and restaurants of Concord. This year, Barney will entertain the kids with two amazing shows. Local dance troupes, Funky Butts, Belinda's School of

Dance and RG Dance will wow audiences with their incredible moves. There is also a full events program, ranging from the fun filled antics of children's favourite Cheekie the Clown, to the Latin swing of the sensational Son Veneno and cover band Brother Slam. Lining the street will be an array of arts and crafts, accessories and home wares stalls plus children's rides and entertainment.

Cheekie the Clown and friends

2004 Concord Street Fair

Canada Bay Cancer Relay for Life
On Wednesday, 10 August the City of Canada Bay Council hosted the official launch of the Canada Bay Cancer Relay for Life which is on October 29 and 30 at Sid Richards Oval in Concord West. The event is in its third year and is this year aiming to raise more than $70,000 to help The Cancer Council's local fight to defeat cancer. The Canada Bay Cancer Relay for Life is organised by a local volunteer committee with the support of The Cancer Council NSW. It is a fun outdoor, overnight event where teams of 10-15 people take turns to walk or run around Sid Richards Oval to honour the lives of people touched by Cancer. The event begins 10 am on Saturday, 29 October and continues for 24 hours until 10 am Sunday, 30 October. There will also be great food, entertainment and prizes for participants. For more information about the Canada Bay Cancer Relay For Life or to register a team contact call 9334 1413 or visit
Mayor Angelo Tsirekas, Angela D'Amore MP, Councillor Jeanette O'Hara and Burwood Mayor Councillor David Weiley

Bay Rider
Pilot Bus Shuttle Service for Canada Bay
In response to resident claims regarding the lack of transport available across the local government area Council in partnership with Drummoyne Community Centre will be launching a pilot bus shuttle service called the Bay Rider. The service is aimed primarily at residents who due to a lack of transport have difficulty accessing facilities or services in the area. The Bay Rider, will run between Drummoyne and Concord and is proposed to have drop off points at various community sites including Five Dock Library and Concord Hospital. There will be an option for some residents, where required, to be picked up from home. The service will commence in October and is anticipated to operate every Thursday with between 3 to 4 trips across the City. A donation only will be requested for using this service. Designated pickup points have yet to be determined and we are seeking information and advice from the public in regard to this. The success of this pilot project will depend on the service being flexible to meet community needs. For more information and comment please call Ros or Amanda at the Drummoyne Community Centre on 9719 8102. The Bay Rider is being funded by the Sustainable City Levy and will be launched on Tuesday, 27 September after the Drummoyne Community Centre's Annual General Meeting which starts at 11am.

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News on a Better

Queen Elizabeth Park Bush Regeneration
By Pam Regan Bush Regeneration Volunteer & Local Agenda 21 Committee Member Big changes in Queen Elizabeth Park will soon be obvious as Canada Bay Council, with a grant from the Federal Government Environment Fund, make a revived and ecologically sustainable area for residents to enjoy.

Our Environment - It’s a Living Thing Keen to Be Green
'Sustainable Living' is a project implemented by Councils in the Lower Parramatta River Catchment including Canada Bay, Ryde, Strathfield, Ashfield, Burwood, Hunters Hill and Leichhardt following the successful application for funding from the Department of Environment and Conservation, under the ‘Our Environment - It's A Living Thing’ (OEILT) program. Based on the pilot of a community information day called Keen to be Green, the objective of the 'Sustainable Living' activities was to educate residents on behaviours and lifestyles that impact negatively on the environment. The program involved a community information stand about 'Sustainable Living' in the household and a number of "Sustainable Living' community workshops. The information stand was displayed at community festivals and focused on education to support the community in a continual path towards a sustainable lifestyle. The stand displayed examples of non-toxic cleaning products as well as simple energy and water saving devices. Free workshops with giveaways were conducted and were broadly based on the theme of 'Sustainable Living', covering topics such as chemical Helen Scott and Vicki Goldsmith at the Keen to be Green Event free cleaning, water, energy and waste. Each workshop participant took home giveaways and was provided with an information booklet with tips that were covered in the workshop. The program proved to be successful across all Council areas, with positive feedback provided by workshop attendees and community members that visited the stalls. The City of Canada Bay Council will continue to implement programs that encourage sustainability throughout the area.

This project will ensure the recovery of the remnant endangered community of Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark forest. The project commenced over ten years ago when many of the trees were pronounced "stressed" and were consequently fenced in order to protect and improve the surrounding soil. These plots worked extremely effectively and it was decided to enlarge these areas with suitable understory plantings and weed eradication. Concord Bushcare Group is currently working on the project and meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at noon in Winter, and at 9am during daylight savings.

Local Agenda 21 Committee members Pam and David Liell volunteering at the Keen to be Green Event

Local Agenda 21 Committee Member Councillor Bernard Rooney volunteering at the Keen to be Green Event

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Local Agenda 21 Committee Member Profiles

Sean Callinan

Sean Callinan Sean has lived in the Inner West since moving from the country as a student. Sean has lived in Five Dock with his family for the last seven years. He works as a freelance designer and teaches animation and screen media at UTS. Sean is also studying at UTS for a Masters of Design and this has reinforced his awareness of ethical and sustainability issues in the community. Sean has found involvement with Local Agenda 21 to be a very useful experience allowing the members to contribute significantly to Council's policy making, but also to learn a great deal more about the practical realities of sustainable development at a municipal level.

Green Cities
Pauline Tyrrell

Pauline Tyrrell For 16 years, Pauline has lived in Chiswick, where she is a member of the Chiswick Bushcare group. Pauline was a Councillor at the City of Canada Bay Council from 2000 to 2004 which included the role of Deputy Mayor from 2002 - 2004. During this time, she worked hard to adopt the Local Agenda 21 program and many other environmental initiatives. Pauline has been active in many local environmental and social support committees that were concerned with the cleaning of Breakfast Point & the Rhodes Peninsula, waste management, Sydney Harbour catchment, disability access, libraries, shopping precincts & city planning to name just a few. As well as being an active member of the Local Agenda 21 Steering Committee, Pauline is currently involved with a group lobbying for better public transport and is also a member of the Drummoyne Community Centre.

By Sean Callinan LA21 Committee Member While national governments argue over the extent of climate change and whether to sign international treaties, cities worldwide are seizing the initiative in sustainability. In a remarkable development 168 US Mayors committed themselves in June of this year, to meeting or exceeding the Kyoto targets for greenhouse emission reductions. The movement has been spearheaded by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels whose administration have put in place a set of sustainability principles for the city including restoring forest, developing alternative energy sources, public education programs, better public transport and incentives to encourage carpooling. Between 1990 and 2000 Seattle reduced its greenhouse emissions by 60% and boasts the only zero net emission power utility in the US. Under the Mayors' initiative, 17 major US cities have reduced their emissions to pre 1990 levels and Chicago has set up a computerised marketplace for the trading of emission credits that currently boasts over 100 members. Around the world many other cities are aggressively pushing ahead with innovative sustainability programs. Reykjavik in Iceland currently gets over 70% of its energy from renewable resources and is aiming to move to a fully hydrogen based economy by 2050. Vancouver has an even higher level of sustainable energy at 90%, mainly hydo-electric. The city has put in place a 100 year plan to develop solar, wind, wave and tidal power. A number of European cities, including Helsinki in Finland, have provided free bicycles for public use, where the bike is collected from a stand on payment of a deposit which is returned when the bike is brought back. In other cities Councils and even private businesses are providing bicycles for their employees.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable cases is Curitiba in Parana State, Brazil. This city where the per capita average income is only a little over A$3200 a year, has achieved amazing things due to the actions of its visionary Mayor, former architect Jaime Lerner. In recent times the city has seen a 30% reduction in private car use, along with 90 new parks and 150km of bike paths and the planting of 60,000 new trees a year. Education programs via schools have led to very high rates of recycling and in poor areas where trucks cannot gain access a 'green exchange' program provides food parcels to residents in return for bags of garbage. This has not only made the city one of Brazil's cleanest, but also saved substantial costs in city services. Curitiba boasts a highly efficient public transport system including extensive bus only expressways, and around 70% of residents use the system. Incentives have also been created to encourage industry and business to move to the suburbs, hence decentralising the city. In place of the usual urban hustle, the city centre features extensive plazas with a vibrant street culture: kid's activities, open-air art classes and cultural amenities make the city one of the most pleasant in the world to live in. Our own area has made substantial strides in putting sustainability matters at the heart of city life. Through improved waste systems, new building standards, greenhouse reduction and bushcare programs, for example, Canada Bay is pushing forward with change. Nevertheless there is no doubt that we can learn a great deal from these kinds of examples and, most importantly, that as a Council, and as private residents, being a relatively small local area is no barrier to making an important contribution to sustainability. (References: PBS Newshour Extra,,,, New Scientist,

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Canada Bay Council receives Awards at Sustainability Recognition Ceremony
The City of Canada Bay Council was recently presented with two awards at the New South Wales Sustainability Forum, held by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO). Deputy Mayor Neil Kenzler accepted the awards for Council's efforts in abating greenhouse gas emissions and water quality and quantity control. Council has been working toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions in both the corporate and community sectors since 1999 and has abated well over 10,000 tonnes by being a participant in the Cities for Climate Protection program (CCP). Council has continued its commitment to this program by being one of the first Councils to join the CCP Plus Program a program offered to Councils who have excelled in the CCP Program. The second award was for Council's involvement in the Water Campaign, by completing a comprehensive corporate water consumption analysis and a water quality analysis for both corporate and community sectors. The information will be used to set water quality and quantity goals and developing a local action plan. Once developed, projects from this action plan will be implemented throughout the local area to reduce water usage and to improve water quality.

Wayne Wescott (ICLEI), Deputy Mayor Neil Kenzler, Bronwyn Pollock (AGO) at the NSW Sustainability Forum

Ways That You Can Save Water and Money In Your Home

Kokoda Kaffee at the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway in Rhodes

• Install AAA-rated showerhead - this will save you approximately $50 on your water and electricity bills each year! • Attach a kitchen and bathroom tap aerator. Easy to attach and cheap to purchase. • Install AAA-rated dual flush toilet OR insert a cistern converter. A cistern converter costs around $10 and saves 40, 000 litres of water and $40 of your water bill per year! • When shaving and brushing teeth - don't leave the tap running. • Adjust your washing machine to suit your load or only wash when you have a complete load. • When replacing your washing machine - purchase AAAA-rated washing machine. • Don't leave the tap running when washing dishes, fruit and vegetables. • When purchasing dishwashers - AAA-rated dishwasher uses 64% less water than traditional dishwashers. • Wash your car with a bucket, not a hose. • Use a broom to clean outdoor areas - not a hose. • Avoid cutting your lawn to short and try using the cuttings as mulch to retain moisture - using mulch reduces evaporation by up to 70%. • Select local native plants and lawns that require less water - water early in the morning and late afternoon to reduce evaporation. • Install a water tank.

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Residential Energy Audit & Retrofit Program
The City of Canada Bay Council received funding from the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) in conjunction with the International Council of local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), to undertake a residential energy audit & retrofit program throughout the City of Canada Bay. The funding was approved late last year with the program running through until May this year. Residents that were a part of the program have received over $250 worth of environmental products including 6 energy efficient globes, water & energy efficient showerhead, kitchen tap aerator & bathroom aerator, cistern converter, draft excluder and in some cases a compost bin - all implemented to reduce water and electricity usage and reduce waste. Participating residents had their household's energy and water bills from the past 12 months checked by an environmental specialist. Each household also received a comprehensive list of recommendations that would ultimately enhance the household's sustainability and hence save money on electricity and water bills. The program proved to be successful with over 40 tonnes of greenhouse gas to be abated each year that will contribute toward Council's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by the year 2010 (based on 1990 levels).

Environmental products supplied to residents in the program

Powells Creek Stormwater Channel Naturalisation

ral state. Sections of the channel will remain concrete lined, but where possible the channel will be converted in an attempt to recover some of the natural ecological features and functions of the creek which existed before the area was developed. The Powells Creek Channel Project Steering Committee has recently been

The Powells Creek Stormwater channel is located along the boundary of the City of Canada Bay Council. This channel forms a part of an open waterway which collects and directs stormwater into Homebush Bay. At present the channel is concrete lined and is in a deteriorated state causing further erosion of the embankments behind the channel wall. In conjunction with Sydney Water, Sydney Olympic Park Authority and Strathfield Council, Canada Bay Council is currently looking at the option of restoring the channel to resemble and function similar to its natu-

formed and the process has begun to determine when and how the channel will be restored. The main identified constraints for the naturalisation project are: • The narrow corridor in which the channel sits. The channel is bounded by residential and industrial properties and therefore the width of the channel is restricted by these properties in addition to the popular open space and recreational areas; • Ensuring there is no adverse effect on the existing adjacent Mason Park wetlands. The wetland is a valuable environmental feature in the area, therefore the naturalisation process of the channel will be developed in such a way to ensure no adverse affect on the wetlands ; and • Maintaining the open space area including the existing cycle way and pedestrian facilities - the current cycle way which runs beside the channel for a section is of high recreational value to those living and visiting the area. The next stage of the project is to prepare concept designs, and prepare background studies. The intended outcome of this project is the creation of an accessible waterway, enhancement of visual amenity and improvement of environmental values and water quality leaving the catchment.

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The Welcoming waterfront village
Located in the historical suburb of Mortlake on the Parramatta River opposite Breakfast Point, just twenty minutes to the city this suburb is a hidden gem in Canada Bay. Surrounded by stunning water views Mortlake is home to a unique range of industrial businesses, niche retail and residential properties. Mortlake is a growing suburb as new residential developments are created in and around the area. The major residential development at Breakfast Point will undoubtedly change the feel of the Mortlake centre and has already attracted new retailers to the area, enhancing the shopping centre. Mortlake's most magical feature is the heritage retained River Punt which crosses the Parramatta River every twenty minutes to Putney. It is the only remaining vehicular ferry in Sydney Harbour. It is worth a visit to experience this piece of living history.

Leisure Shopping In Mortlake
The Mortlake shopping area meanders around three key streets: Mortlake Street, Gale Street and Tennyson Road. The residential and industrial area surrounds the stores and offers points of interest to browse around between shopping. The types of services you can expect are the usual array of tasty eateries, including Noi Due pizzeria, Underworld Seafood or Pepi's Café. The range of shops covers all the basics with the Mortlake Convenience Store and Mortlake Newsagent providing what you need. Alongside these are some speciality stores focused on transforming your home including the new Balcony Living with designer outdoor and home accessories or Traditional Fine Furniture offering custom made quality furniture, which offers maximum flexibility to suit your style and really meet your needs. For those more interested in acquiring lifestyle products checkout boating specialists Henderson Rigging Services, Mastertouch Auto's for professional support with speciality cars, or Vynol Derivan for educational and artists excellent quality paints.

The Palace Hotel
Did you know…
• Prior to European settlement the area
now known as the City of Canada Bay was occupied by the Wann-gal clan. The Wann-gal today are remembered by the Wangal Bushland Reserve (Mortlake) • At 51.7ha, AGL's former gasworks site at Mortlake is the largest gasworks ever remediated in the southern hemisphere. • When the First Fleet arrived in Sydney in 1788, Captain John Hunter set about mapping the harbour. His records show that early on the fifth day he sailed west up what is now the Parramatta River. After about 10 kilometres he set ashore to make tea and have refreshments. He made his first charting at this spot and so named it - Breakfast Point eastern bay of the Mortlake peninsular.

Where l Selection l Speciality rtlake NSW 2137 62 Tennyson Road, Mo 1282 Fax 9743 5407 Tel: 9743 6351 or 9736 grub Traditional hearty pub Grills

t) 6pm-late 3pm Dinner (Tues-Sa Lunch (Tues-Sun) 12pmOpening Hours and salad fried barramundi, chips l v Reviewer selection Deep elegance erior which suggests cool e is delightful. A chic int r The bistro at the Palac means it caters for you The experiience d deck and beer garden panied by a sun drenche accom every need. ld expect in a traditional dishes you wou ensive featuring all the ditional roast The menu is ext prises. On Sunday a tra pub alongside a few sur classic Australian is always on the menu. ous barramundi, chips d and I enjoyed an enorm hes are reasonably price sp and light and the All dis finish. The batter was cri ad - way too much to and sal ty. chips were thick and tas etables. es and fresh seasonal veg done by BBQ pork, potato My friend was out ll to move for a while. third before being too fu She managed roughly a tilla wine from the wine even featuring Tin has a great selection of Lusby. The bar al Concord Professor Bob Valley and created by loc Hunter peninsular. ation on the Mortlake Palace is a quality destin The

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Community Update
Small Business September
Small Business September is a NSW State Government event that celebrates the enormous value and vitality that small business adds to the economic and social fabric of New South Wales. A range of organisations are presenting events designed to help small business owners and operators enhance their business skills and knowledge, and increase their network of contacts. The month long calendar of events offers people in small business the opportunity to learn about smart ways to succeed. The complete calendar can be viewed on the website Many of these events are free or low cost. The program in the City of Canada Bay is: 14 September 21 September 27 September 28 September Cheese and Wine information session launch of the Home Based Business Marketing program from 6:30 to 7:30pm Session 1- Home Based Business Marketing program Bayside Business Exchange - Technology Question Time Session 2- Home Based Business Marketing program

Anniversary Celebration! Home Based Business Network is 1 Year old!

In September 2004 the City of Canada Bay Council launched its first Home Based Business Network and from humble beginnings the group has grown and meets monthly at the Five Dock Library. The group has over 70 registered members. Participants who have shared the benefits of the group have claimed that through the network they have generated new business leads and customers, formed working relationships to purchase skills from each other to develop their own business alongside acquiring new skills and knowledge from the speakers at the events. Speakers have covered issues from tax tips to creativity workshops, from marketing to wealth creation. Each meeting, participants have plenty of opportunity to share their skills and services with the group and to chat and network with each other. To celebrate the anniversary the network meeting on Wednesday, 28 September will be lead by home based business practitioner, local wine merchant and expert, David Bowman. David is the founder of the increasingly popular Wine Plus Party Plan business and will share his tips and products with the group. This will be followed by a special shared pasta lunch at Café Manzione hosted by Mayor Angelo Tsirekas. Home based business practitioners from the City of Canada Bay wanting more information should call Stephanie Kelly, Project Officer - Economic Development on 9911 6521 or email

Bernard Rooney
How did you get started in local government? It came about due to my involvement in the Greens. I've long believed in the importance of local government, the form of government closest to the people.

How long have you lived in the City of Canada Bay? 5 years.

What do you think about living here? It is a very nice area, a hidden or not-so-hidden treasure. Close to the water and close to the City.

English Classes

The Drummoyne Community Centre in partnership with the City of Canada Bay Council conducts two English language classes every week at the Concord and Drummoyne Community Centres. The classes are for speakers of other languages who have at least some English language skills. The classes cover speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The classes are held at the Concord Community Centre on Thursdays between 10am and 12 noon and at the Drummoyne Community Centre on Fridays between 10am and 12 noon. For more information call the Drummoyne Community Centre on 9719 8102.

What are some of the challenges you've faced in local government? As a first time Councillor, the main challenge has been to understand how everything works and the proper role and contribution one can make. Council does more and has more responsibilities than many may realise.

Ella Community Centre

This year the Ella Community Centre, Haberfield, celebrates 30 years providing services to the Inner West community. The Ella Board wishes to invite everyone to participate in the festivities and to attend a gala dinner at Le Montage in Leichhardt on Friday, 14 October 2005. For more information, please call the Ella Community Centre on 9798 5140.

What are issues are important to you? Simply, sustainability, of our economy and of our society. An urgent need for renewable energy and recycling of water and every valuable resource.

Meals on Wheels

Do you have two hours to spare fortnightly or monthly between 9am 1pm? Would you like to assist people to remain at home? Volunteers are required for the Drummoyne Meals on Wheels and Concord Food Services to pack and/or deliver meals to frail aged, people with a disability and their carers within the City of Canada Bay If you are interested or would like more information please call the Drummoyne Meals on Wheels on 9713 6057 or Concord Food Services on 9747 1135.

What do you think are the aspects of being a good Councillor? The ability to listen to the public and represent their interests and concerns, while keeping in mind a vision for the community.

What's your favourite past time? Bushwalking, and I need it more than ever.

To contact Council phone 9911 6555, email or via mail to The General Manager, City of Canada Bay Council, Locked Bag 1470, Drummoyne 1470.

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