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Danish Association for International Co-operation

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(Fulfilled by SEEYN Secretariat.)

ORGANISATION Youth Center "Post Pessimists of Montenegro" Studentski dom BB, Kotor Tel: +381/69-491-898 e-mail: mladizamir@cg.yu Contact person/s: Enes Efovic PARTNERS AND THEIR DUTIES (SEEYN members, public services, governmental institutions, international organization, media etc) Youth Center "Post Pessimists of Montenegro" – will organize activities in Kotor and coordinate all project. ADP – ZID (SEEYN) and Green Home (local NGO) – will do activities in Podgorica Ecological NGO from Ulcinj, Kalimera – will do activities in Ulcinj Media: TV Mir – promotion of spot TV CG – promotion of spot TV Teuta – promotion of spot TITLE OF ACTIVITY

BACKGROUND (Justification and reasons behind) (not more than 15 lines) “World Environment Day is the United Nations flagship environmental event, celebrated every year on 5 June in more than 100 countries around the world. It was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly and its commemoration is entrusted to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), whose international headquarters are located cooperation with UNEP, set the tone for the event. A theme, slogan and logo are selected to be the focus for all World Environment Day information materials and promotional activities worldwide. Interest in World Environment Day is growing each year, as evidenced by the number of countries, which lend their support to this important United Nations Day, by the expanding list of municipalities, businesses and communities that participate. Activities planned before and during World Environment Day are wide ranging. Essentially it is a “a people’s event”, with colorful activities such as street rallies, bicycle parades, green concerts, essay competitions in schools, tree planting, recycling and clean up campaigns. World Environment Day is also meant to be an “intellectual” event, providing opportunities for seminars, workshops and symposiums on preserving the environmental health of our planet for the benefit of generations to come. The purpose of World Environment Day is to focus worldwide attention onto the importance of the environment and stimulate political attention and action. The event seeks to give a human face to environmental issues; empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development; promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues; and advocate partnership that will ensure that all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future.” (Taken from UNEP booklet for 2005)


Annex 7

DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT IDEA (not more than 15 lines) It is important to mention that after genius! campaign for WED last year that Post Pessimists and ADP ZID started real “crazy campaign” against building of power plant and destroying part of Tara river, canyon and national park in Montenegro. Lot of NGOs and individuals form Montenegro started to work on that issues and after more then 7 moths Tara was saved! That shows us that the most important thing is to be loud and persistent, and everything can be changed! That is the reason, way this year, after 1 year, we want to do something for our environment again. Main Aims of celebration of WED in Montenegro:  Raising awareness of citizens on ecological problems that modern society face today  Analyzing public opinion about which environmental problems they find the most important, who is responsible and how they perceive their possible solutions Contributing to the global efforts on environment protection.

TARGET GROUP AND PARTICIPANTS (describe number, age, gender, occupation etc.) Main target group is young people but generally whole public in Montenegro. With TV spot we want to reach even people that are not speaking Serbian so well and we will have spot translated into Albanian as well.

BUDGET (in Euro) Amount requested from SEEYN: 1682.00 EUR Total budget of the Project: 1682.00 EUR

TIME AND DURATION: MAY – JUN 2005. LOCATION: Kotor, Podgorica, Ulcinj - Montenegro

OUTPUTS (Use table below as a sample for explanation) AIM/s RESULT/s SHORT TERM Raising awareness of citizens on ecological problems that modern society face today

More people interested in environment issues.

MEASURABLE INDICATORS Number of people visiting info desk.

MEANS OF VERIFICATION Number of written massages on flip chart paper, number of shared leaflets. Analyzing public opinion about which environmental problems.

SHORT TERM To get more direct information from the citizens about environmental problems.

More information trough questioners about what people find the most important ecological problems, who is responsible and how they perceive their possible solutions

Number of questioners fulfilled and analyzed.

SHORT TERM To increase number of people interested in environmental problems by promoting TV spot with ecological message, in Serbian and Albanian language More people receiving massage about environment on two languages, by TV – the most important way of communicating with the public.

Annex 7
Definitely, more people will understand the message – because they are lot of people that are speaking Albanian in Tuzi (part of Podgorica) and Ulcinj which do not understand Serbian so well. More campaigns in Montenegro related to environment issues. It is hard to measure how many people will see this spot.


Contributing to the global efforts on environment protection.

People in Montenegro will be more aware of environmental the situation here and in the world.

Until the end of project, we can just collect articles form media, but not new actions/campaigns.

ACTION PLAN (Use table below as a sample for explanation) ACTIVITY ACTION (Step by step on how to do it) Leaflets will consist Preparation and information on global printing leaflets environmental challenges Sending information about our activity to UNEP (UNATED NATIONS ENVIROMENT PROGRAM) web ste. Setting up informational desk Promotional materials and leaflets distribution Flipcharts/panels with open questions Questionnaires More organizations and individuals around the world will know about our /SEEYN activities! Implementation group or person Team of volunteers of Post Pessimists of Montenegro Coordinator of the project with PR of Post Pessimists of Montenegro TIMING May REMARKS


Info desk will be placed in the center of Podgorica, Kotor and Ulcinj. It will represent a base for conversation with citizens on local and global burning problems regarding the environment. Beside joint leaflet created for occasion of the WED, activists will put promotional materials of ecological organizations involved. Near the info desk, two panels will be put, and passersby will be ask to answer the following questions: * What are the main environmental problems? * How we could improve situation?

All materials will be distributed by volunteers from our and partner organizations.

Jun 05.

There will also be placed a short questionnaires with issue of the responsibility and actions that should be undertaken in order to improve the situation of the environment. Spot about environmental issues in Serbian and Albanian language will be made. It will be promoted in national TV, TV Teuta, and TV Mir. Answers gained during the manifestation will be analyzed and a short report will be prepared for future presentation on press conference. In order to present achievements of activities of the celebration, a press conference will be organized. The results of the questionnaires’ analysis and a short movie will be shared with media and (hopefully) presented to Montenegrin citizens. Evaluation of all activities

Annex 7

Spot about environmental issues


Analysis of questionnaires

Press conference

Coordinator of the project with team of volunteers of Post Pessimists of Montenegro Coordinator of the project with PR of Post Pessimists of Montenegro

Jun (from 5th until 10th )

10th Jun


Will be prepared by a coordinating office, Youth Center “Post Pessimists of Montenegro”.

Till the end of Jun.

INPUTS Human resources (specify what kind of co-coordinators, consultants, volunteers, and workers do you need?) 1. Project coordinator 2. Volunteers for distributing promotional materials 3. Technical assistant – to prepare leaflet and poster for printing Other (equipment etc.) 1. Flip chart 2. Markers 3. Pens…

POSSIBLE OBSTACLES AND AD HOC STRATEGIES Bed weather, most of the volunteers occupied with their exams… We will try to plan everything in the best way, so event on 05 th Jun could be organized easily and without to much time and energy needed in the moment of realizing.

FOLLOW UP / SUSTAINABILITY We hope that people will give us lot of ideas on how to improve situation of environment protection in Montenegro, and according to that we will plan our new activities.


Annex 7

We will try to establish cooperation on this project with Ministry for environment protection in Montenegro, that would help us to continue our partnership with them, started during some other activities.. MONITORING (how will you monitor and evaluate activities and results?) We will have external monitoring done by Federica Morra, EVS volunteer in Montenegro – working on environment protection. Internal monitoring will be done by project coordinator from Post Pessimists and volunteers on regular meeting during project preparation and after project implementation.


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