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					                                                               Roman Catholic Church

               83 Throckmorton Lane, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857

                                                                    The Parish is Served by
                                                                             Rev. Jack C. Grimes
                                                                             Rev. John J. Werner
                                                                               Parochial Vicar
                                                                          Deacon Charles J. Damian
                                                                           Deacon Andrew J. Strus
                                                                         Dr. Theodore Kadela, Ph.D.
                                                                            Mrs. Susan Piscitelli
                                                                            Parish Office Manager
                                                                         Mrs. Margaret Zmigrodski
                                                                        Director of Religious Education
                                                                          Mrs. Rosemary O’Neill
                                                                      Coordinator of Religious Education
                                                                           Mrs. Margaret Kmiec
                                                               Music Director, Organist & Wedding Coordinator

       ~ A Welcoming Community Of Faith In The Heart Of Old Bridge ~
        Parish Office Hours and Contact Information                            School Information
           Monday through Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM              School Phone: 732-679-4700; School Fax: 732-679-6062
Parish Office Phone: 732-679-5666; Parish Fax: 732-679-0853         School Website:
          Religious Education Office: 732-679-5580                 Lee Ann Bocanegra, School Office Manager
  Social Ministry-St. Vincent DePaul Society: 732-679-5666
            ST. AMBROSE PARISH                                              SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2012

                       MASSES                                                   2012 Bishop’s Annual Appeal
                Saturday Evening: 5:00pm                                          “Christ Alive in His People”
     Sunday: 7:30am,9:00am, 10:30am & 12:00 noon                        Your gift to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal supports
                                                                        programs that foster vocations and provide ongoing
                                                                        information for those called to ordained and lay
                  Sign Language Mass:                                   leadership roles within the Church. Your generosity
                            nd    th                                    also ensures that our retired priests who have served
                  12 Noon, 2 & 4 Sunday                                 so faithfully and receive sustainable care in their later
       Filipino Mass: 2:00pm-3rd Sunday of the Month                    years. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

                                                                                       ST. AMBROSE PARISH
                     Daily Masses
         Monday through Friday: 6:30 & 9:00am                                 ‘12-‘13 Budget: Goal per week: $17,000.00
                    Saturday: 9:00am
                                                                         Offering for Sunday October 7th was:$13,736.00
Holy Rosary and Mercy Chaplet prayed after 9:00am Daily
                          Mass                                                       Short of Goal:$3,264.00
                Holy days: As announced                                        Last years offering was:$15,331.00

                                                                        St. Vincent DePaul Collection was: $4,575.00
             Every Monday evening at 7:00pm                                     THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
                                                                         PARISH SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED
 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Daily - 8:00-9:00am
                                                                        The Diocese has recently changed the mission and size of
                                                                        all Parish School Boards. The name has also been
  Our Lady of Fatima Devotion- First Saturday after 9:00am              changed to the School Advisory Council (SAC). With
                                Mass.                                   existing membership along with the school principal,
                 SACRAMENT OF PENANCE                                   assessments and goals for a number of areas related to
                                                                        the St. Ambrose School were developed. These areas
        Saturday: 3:45 – 4:45pm or by appointment                       include: Facilities, Finance, Technology, Catholic Identity,
                 SACRAMENT OF THE SICK                                  Governance, Marketing and Strategic Planning. The SAC
If anyone is seriously ill at home, please notify the rectory. Do not   needs to expand our membership. The SAC will meet four
wait until your loved one is at a critical point. Hospital visits are   times a year, while committees will meet more frequently.
                                                                        Membership terms are two years. All members of the
covered by each hospital’s own chaplains. Our priests are               parish/school community are encouraged to apply. To
assigned to Old Bridge Hospital for Tuesday and Wednesday.              apply, please type your name, phone number,
                                                                        occupation/former occupation, area of interest, and why
                           BAPTISM                                      interested and place the information in an envelope and
                                                                        leave it at the parish office. All applicants will be
The 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 1:30pm. Prior                   interviewed. Terms will start in October. Thank you for
attendance at an instruction session for parents and Godparents         your consideration.
is required. Call the Rectory to make arrangements as early as
possible.                                                                              Year of Faith Metuchen
                         MARRIAGES                                      To help parishioners grow in their faith during the
  Arrangements must be made one year before the date                    Year of Faith declared by Pope Benedict XVI from
                          of marriage.                                  October 2012 through November 2013, the Diocese of
                          ++++++                                        Metuchen is providing a special Year of Faith website
                                                                        for all parishioners to deepen your faith through
            ARE YOU NEW PARISHIONERS?                                   prayer, education, spirituality, programs and events,
Parish Membership: All adult Catholics should officially register       and to help welcome back those who have been away
in the parish. Young adults of working age should register              from      the     church.          Please      visit
independently of their parents. In order to be a sponsor for   to learn more.
Baptism or Confirmation it is necessary to be a registered
member of a parish attending Mass weekly. Also, please notify                       2012 Flame of Charity Dinner
                                                                        The 28th Annual Flame of Charity Dinner will be held on
the Parish Office of any changes in address, or if you are leaving
                                                                        Thursday, October 25, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel,
the parish.                                                             New Brunswick. The proceeds from this event help
Name_____________________________________________                       support the many social service programs of Catholic
Address___________________________________________                      Charities, Diocese of Metuchen. Please contact 732-562-
Phone#____________________________________________                      2438 for tickets/
Check:___New Reg. _____Moving              Change of Address

                                                                                                                         Page 2 - 601
               Joan Allen + Leonora Balagtas + Ramona
               Baltazar + Laura Barbuzza +Theresa Beach
               +Gerald Beetz +Dolores Bennett + Sarah
               Befumo + Marie Berardi + Kaitlyn Grace
               Blasco +Robert Boysa +Ann Bullis + Carlo
               Burriesci + Ann Cegelski +George Chang +        SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13
               Dorena Chang + Cecelia Claxton + Robert         5:00PM - Frank & Geraldine DiCapua req. Elizabeth &
               Corless + Frances Colorafi + Betsabett          John DeBlase
               Dalloroso + John Corso + Lois Cunningham        SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14
               + Maggie DeGrazio + Laura DeCillis +            7:30AM - People of the Parish Living and Deceased
               Corinne Desterdick + James Devine +             9:00AM - Albert O’Neill req. Pat & Joe Tardo
Orlando DeRienzo +Rosemary D’Onofrio + Peggy Conahan-          10:30AM - Robert Erickson req. wife, Rosemary Erickson
Epstein + Shawn Feeley + Maria Fiermonte + Robert Garbie       12 Noon - Anna Rose Barella req. Beth Jacobsen
+ Else Gerwan + Peter Giangrande + Catherine Graces +
Joseph Guarino, Jr. + Dominick Hammel + Loren Hegarty +        MONDAY, OCTOBER 15
Katherine Healy + Daniel F. Hennessey + Christopher Joyce      6:30AM: John Redling req. Mr. & Mrs. Terence Roche
+Kimberly Johnson+ Barbara Keeley + Donna Keslosky +           9:00AM- The Deceased Members of the Jaick & Heslin
Grace Klimko + Thomas LaFemina + Linda Laino + William         Families req. The Jaick Family
Leroy + Madeline Lewis + James Martemucci +Marilyn             TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16
McCarthy + Rose Montanaro + James Mooney + Kathy               6:30AM - Faye Lovallo req. Mary & Frank Gordon
Murtha + +Donna Niethe +Marilyn Niethe + Steven Novak +        9:00AM - Cirila Manares req. The Ancheta Family
Vincenza Nusio +Leona Olejniczak + Fran O’Keefe + Barbara      WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17
O’Hara + Mary Palmisano +Amelia Palladino +Catherine           6:30AM - Margaret Kenney req. husband, Robert Kenney
Pastrana +Evelyn Patenaude+ Robert Polst + Richard Recht       9:00AM - Zygmund & Anna Pawlowski req. Daughter &
+ Larry Redmond + Nicholas Rosen + Bayani Saludez +            Family
Josephine Schmidt + Maureen Shores + Juliana Silva +           THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18
Theresa Snyder + Gaetano Staffa + Helen Titus + Eileen         6:30AM- Peter Von Frolio req. Connie Von Frolio
VanBuren + Margaret Vega + Lisa Blackwell-Veltri + Pearl       9:00AM - Rose Damian req. Deacon & Mrs. Charles
Walas + Kirk Werner + Virginia Whiteman + Patricia Wolf        Damian
And pray for the men and women in the service, both
                                                               FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19
home and abroad, caregivers, for those in need of God’s
graces, and for world peace.                                   6:30AM - Ezzat Farag req. The Rahner Family
                                                               9:00AM- William & Katherine Jaeger req. Lois & Joe
Please Note: Above are names of the sick of our parish,        Cunningham
if you are feeling better and wish to be taken off the list,   SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20
we would appreciate a call to rectory so we may make           9:00AM - Donna Lomonaco req. Mom & Dad Ippolito
room for others who are in need of our prayers. Thank          5:00PM - Deceased Members of the Boysa Family req.
you for your consideration.                                    The Rahner Family
                                                               SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21
              Come Sit A While With Christ                     7:30AM - People of the Parish Living and Deceased
                                                               9:00AM - James Toomey req. Dorothy Schuster & Family
Our church is usually open every day from 6:00AM to            10:30AM - Kerri Ajello req. The Segura Family
11:00AM. If the church doors are locked, during normal         12 Noon - Theresa DeRienzo req. Orlando DeRienzo
business hours, stop by the Parish Office and we will open
the doors for you. So whenever possible, stop in to make                             +++++
a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, walk the stations of the     HOSTS & WINE will be used this week in memory of
cross, light a candle or just spend some time with the
                                                               PETER VON FROLIO requested by CONNIE VON
Lord. May our deepening reverence help more people to
realize its importance! Jesus is here for you.                 FROLIO

                       +++++                                   SANCTUARY LAMP & ALTAR CANDLES will burn in
                                                               memory of PETER VON FROLIO requested by CONNIE
                                                               VON FROLIO
PRESIDING CELEBRANT FOR NEXT WEEK’S MASSES                                              +++++
          SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th
                5:00 p.m. - Fr. John                           WORLD         MISSION         SUNDAY-FAMILY
             SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21st                              CELEBRATION will be held on Sunday, October 21st
                7:30 a.m.- Fr. John                            at 9:00am at Immaculata High School, Somerville, NJ.
                9:00 a.m.- Fr. John                            Walk: “Going the Extra Mile for Kids in Need of Jesus”
      10:30 a.m. - Fr. John; 12 Noon - Fr. John                –Through the neighborhood to Immaculate Conception
                                                               Church, Somerville, 10:30am Mass; Celebrant: Rev.
                                                               Msgr. Richard Behl. Share a simple mission lunch (I.C.
                                                               Cafeteria) with Father Charles Goliath. For more
Please Note: St. Ambrose Senior Group Meeting has              information: 732-562-1990 ext.1707 or email:
been changed from Oct. 8th to Oct. 15th in the St.   
Anthony’s Room of the parish office.
                                                               Volunteer Needed! Ward Bondi, St. Ambrose
                                                               Parishioner, blind business man, is in need of a
                                                               volunteer reader. Please call 732-887-2612

                                                                                                            Page 3 - 601
   PARISH INFORMATION & NEWS                                                 COMMUNITY NEWS
   ORGANIZATION/MINISTRY MEETINGS & EVENTS                       Life Choices Resource Center in Perth Amboy is in need of
                                                                 children’s winter clothes, newborn to young teens sizes.
                                                                 They are also in need of children’s toys, strollers, car seats
Monday:                                                          and other baby items. If you have any gently used items
12Noon    Senior Meeting               St. Anthony Room          that you would like to donate, please call George at
7:45PM    Bible Study                  St. Anthony Room          (732)679-4719.
10:15AM   Bible Study                   St. Anthony Room             HOLY HOUR FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM
Wednesday                                                   Please come and pray for religious freedom before the
8PM       Line Dancing                Auditorium            Lord’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament every Friday
                                                            night beginning at 7:30PM at St. Mary Church in Colt’s
                                                            Neck (Rt 34 & Phalanx Rd.) Come out and visit the Lord
7 PM      C.A.R.E                     Parish Mtg Room       and implore his aid for his Church in her hour of need.
7PM-11PM  FACOB                       Auditorium            Show your fellow Catholics and your fellow citizens that
Saturday                                                    you do not take the precious gift of religious freedom for
8-9AM     Holy Hour                  Church                 granted. For those interested, we are looking to set up car
                                                            pooling. If you will be driving and are willing to take
                                                            another parishioner or two along with you, please call the
10:00AM    RCIA                       Parish Mtg Room       parish office and leave your name and phone number as
                                                            “passenger”. Please call by Wednesday at noon so that all
                                                            car pool arrangements can be made well in advance of
       “THE WOMAN CLOTHED WITH SUN”                         Friday. For more information about the holy hour itself, go
Everyone is cordially invited to see this classic 1991 to
Marian documentary film. Sunday, October 28, 2012,
2 - 4 PM St. Ambrose Parish Room(Door #4) of the A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend gives
school                                                      you the time and tools to revitalize romance, deepen
                                                            communication, and nourish the spirituality in your
       Council of Catholic Women Coat Drive                 marriage. The next Worldwide Encounter Weekend will be
The Council of Catholic Women will be sponsoring a coat held October 19 - 21, 2012. Please call 609-581-7399 for
drive on the weekend of October 20th & 21st. Donations will registration and information.
be accepted at Church of Sacred Heart, 531 Washington
Ave., South Amboy, NJ. All donations will benefit the
Rescue Mission of Trenton. Coats may be dropped off at                     New Jersey Right to Life
the entrance of the church or in a receptacle located Event: Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally
across the street in front of Memorial Hall. For more
information call (732)525-2696.                             When: Saturday, October 20th at Noon
                                                                 Where: State House Steps, 125 West State St., Trenton,
           ST. VINCENT dePAUL SOCIETY                            NJ
The monthly food collection will be taken up the weekend, of     Contact Marie Tasy, New Jersey Right to Life, (732)562-
October 20th & 21st . Items most requested are: baby food,       0562 or For more information go to
cereal, peanut butter & jelly, pasta sauce, & soups. Other Information regrading parking
items needed are tuna fish, potatoes (instant & canned), rice,   can be found at
beans, canned fruit & vegetables, and fat-free & sugar-free
items would be appreciated. Please bring all items to the main                   FAITH CONNECTION
vestibule of the church                                          This weekly resource offers adults & teens theological
                                                                 information and spiritual enrichment, “Questions of the
           ST. AMBROSE GOLF CLASSIC                              Week”, meditations and prayers which are all related to the
St. Ambrose Church presents our Golf Classic at Pebble           Sunday Readings. Copies are available at all church doors,
Creek Golf Club, Colts Neck New Jersey, on Monday,               please take one home each week. For more information,
October 29, 2012. Golf Package- $175/pp, Tee Signs- $125.
Ladies, please join us for lunch-$55.00 pp. For registration     please see the website:,
& sponsorship, contact JoAnn at 732-591-0964 or                  Link-Option B: Premuim, Userman: oldbridge; Password:
Rosemary at 732-679-4458. Applications are available at          1234567
the Parish Office.
                                                                 St. John Vianney High School Open House will be
                                                                 held on Wednesday, October 17th at 7pm and Saturday,
                                                                 October 27th at 9:00am or 1pm

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DR. SUSAN B. TAYLOR                             D. Ruocco Jewelers                          Grand Opening!!                                          Hair                            PLUMBING, HEATING
 SAT (reading/writing)                          WE BUY GOLD                                        Wicked Twist Restoration                                                             & COOLING
                                               “We Will Meet Or Beat Any Offer”
                                                                                                   Frozen Yogurt  by Cheryl
Essays 732-247-7683                            83 OLD STAGE ROAD • SPOTSWOOD
                                                  732-251-2600                                     2321 Rt. 516, Old Bridge              Wigs, Hairpieces & More
                                                                                                                                         Men • Women • Children                              Since 1983                        ~ Jewelry Repairs Done On Premises ~                   732-952-3453                        732-239-0252
         Vieux Pont Cleaners & Tuxedo                                                     Double D                                                                                   1-732-417-4444
               $111 Classic Tuxedo              Dry Cleaning                                                                                                                           FREE ESTIMATES
                  Rental Special                 Specialist                                Market                                                                                    $25 Off Any Service
                   Fairway Plaza              732-970-7288 • Open 7 Days
                2261 Rt. 9 No., Old Bridge         Same Day Service                     & Catering                                                                                       N.J. Plbg. Lic. #8411

            Bright & Shine                                                              1-800-496-FOOD(3663)                                        St. Gabriel’s
           Cleaning Company                                                                                                              Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum
                                                                                         Open 365 Days a Year                         
   Residential & Commercial
                                                                                        Route 516 at Gaub Road
     References Available                                                                                                                 Cemetery Office 549 Rt. 520   Mausoleum Office
Donna Mocanu    (732) 207-1420                                                                                                           732-780-1178   Marlboro, NJ   732-946-8494
                                                Joseph P. Cole, CPA
                                             “Helping You Keep More of What You Earn”
                                                 Tax Planning, Preparation &
                                                Complete Accounting Services              Vinyl Liner Pool Renovation Experts • Openings/Closings • Pool Service & Sales
                                                                                                Chemicals • Pumps • Filters • Heaters • Toys • Safety Covers • Grills
                                                                                        Deep Run Shopping Center                               1380 West Veterans Hwy (Rte 528)
                                                V. Jason Vives, DDS                     3358 Route 9 South
                                                                                        Old Bridge, NJ 08857
                                                                                                                                                                 Jackson, NJ 08527
                                                                                                                                            (near the intersection w/ Hawkin Rd.)
                                                Board Certified Orthodontist             732.607.1700                                                         732.833.SWIM (7946)
                                                                                        Fax: 732.607.1892                                                        Fax: 732.833-7799
                                                                                                                                                                                                Of Old Bridge
                                                333 US Highway 9                                          email:               “When Quality Counts You
                                                Old Bridge, NJ 08857                                                                                                                     Can Count On Us”
                                                                                                                                                                   Free                   Full Service Florist
                                                732-727-6666                                                                                                     Delivery                Large Delivery Area
                                                                                                                                                                                           3159 Rt. 9 North
WWW.ALLSTARFAMILYORTHO.COM                                                                                                                                                           Ticetown Sq. Shopping Ctr.
                                                                                         Wood-Lane Pharmacy
                                                                                           Prescriptions • Surgical Supplies • Gifts & Cards

                                                                                                                 (732) 679-6000
                                                                                                                           Fax: (732) 679-6004
 YOUR FULL SERVICE LAWN & LANDSCAPING PROFESSIONALS!                                        18 Throckmorton Lane • Old Bridge
                          Our Services Include:
                           1. Weekly/Bi-Weekly Lawn Cuts                                NEED A FENCE?
                           2. Full Service Landscape Design/Install
                           3. Yard Maintenance 4. Spring & Fall Cleanups
                                                                                                “Setting New Boundaries”
 Visit Us at: WWW.HOMEMANIACS.NET                                                         Celebrating Our 15th Year
 Call for a FREE ESTIMATE: 732-856-0608                                                      Of Quality Service &
                                                                                            Customer Satisfaction
Morgan Basement Waterproofing                                                              Call For A Free Estimate

                                                                                              Cell: 732-501-7677
                                                                                              Off: 732-425-8825

 Specializing in Basement Waterproofing
                                                                                                       ADDITIONS • BASEMENTS • WINDOWS
     & Mold Remediation Since 1984
                                                                                            $100 OFF Any PVC Fence
                                                                                                of $1000 or More                            ROOFING • SIDING • REPAIRS
      Drainage Systems • Pumps • Coatings
                                                                                            $300 OFF Any PVC Fence                                DECKS • DOORS
                                                                                                of $4500 or More
  Foundation Repair • Outside Water Management                                            With coupon. Please present coupon after                       Lic #13VH02110300 • Fully Insured
               Emergency Service                                                         estimate to ensure max. value. Must present

                                                                                         coupon at time of contract signing. Not valid
     Free Inspections • Licensed & Insured                                                   with other offers or prior purchases.

                                                                                              Fully Insured & Licensed                                                               Lic#13VH0487400

                             Please pat onize the businesses and professionals that adver ise in our bulletin and thank them
                                               for their continued suppor !They make the bulletin possible.

                                                                      St. Ambrose is looking for a few more sponsors.

                                                           If you would like to place an ad in the bulletin, please contact:
                                                               Jim Meglioranza 800-333-3166 Ex . 156 or 732-485-3634

601 St. Ambrose, Old Bridge, NJ (UPS) (I)                                                                                 John Patrick Publishing, Inc. ~ 800-333-3166 ~
                             Law Offices of                                                  BOB        Earn $1,000’s - PAID DAILY! Eugene A. Isola, III, DDS
                                                                                                                                   Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
LOMURRO, DAVISON, EASTMAN & MUÑOZ                                                         HOEGLER         Part-Time or Full Time
                                                                                                                                   Medical Arts Building
                                                                                         PLUMBING, LLC NO Selling - GUARANTEED Raritan Bay Hospital
                       James A. Paone II, Esq.                                                                                     Suite 204
                                                                                                       (866) 305-4534 (24 Hrs.) Old Bridge
                                                                                             Repair & Installation
                                                                 Emergency Service
                                                                                             ~No Job Too Small~
                                                                                                  NJ Lic. No 7576
 100 Willow Brook Rd., Bldg. 1 • Freehold, NJ                                               732-679-1213
 St.Ambrose Knights                           Cardinal McCarrick/St. Mary’s HS
of Columbus No.6424
   New Members Welcome
Hall Available for All Occasions
                                              “Educating for the 21st Century”
 In Service to the Parish & Community

REZEM FUNERAL HOME                                  457 Cranbury Road • P.O. Box 427
                                                                                                       George Rahnias
                                                                                                       28 Throckmorton Ln.
                                                                                                                                  Kerrigan Electric
                                                                                                                                    FREE ESTIMATES
                                                                                                                                                                           Steve Hoegler
                                                                                                                                                                           Plumbing, LLC
                                                           East Brunswick, NJ 08816
                                                                                                       Old Bridge, NJ 08857           All Phases of Electric               732-251-5599
                                                                        (732) 257-1191                                                                                     NJ Master Plumbing Lic. #7363
   Louis E. Rezem, Sr., 1921 (Founder) 2007 • James T. Fife, NJ Lic. No. 2873, Manager                   732-727-1343          

                                        Personalized one-on-one brain training
                                       176 US Hwy 9 North, Suite 202, Englishtown, NJ
LearningRx Marlboro                 732-444-8579
                                                                                                                      Richard Campana, CFSP Manager
                                                                                                                                                               NJ. Lic. No. 4135
    A Very Fine Cut
 For Fall & Spring Cleanups                                                                                                                         Christopher P. Farrant, Funeral Director
     and Grass Cutting                                                                                                                                        NJ. Lic. No. 4495
          Call Phil at
      732-789-4686                                                                        3377 US Hwy 9, Old Bridge, NJ 08857                                        732-679-4422

                                                                                                                                                        • TREE REMOVAL         • STORM DAMAGE
                                                            INSPECTION                                                                                  • STUMP GRINDING         REPAIR
                                                                                                                                                        • TREE & SHRUB PRUNING • LOT CLEARING
                                                             Licensed & Insured

                                                                                                               Tree Service                                      732-617-8733
                                                             NJ Lic. #13VH03327200

                                                                                         RICHARD SCHACHTER, D.P.M., FACFAS
                                                                                         BOARD CERTIFIED FOOT AND ANKLE SURGERY
                                                                                            CRAIG BACHMAN, D.P.M., FACFAS
                                                                                              BOARD CERTIFIED FOOT SURGERY
                                                                                                      28 Throckmorton Ln.,
                                                                                                           Old Bridge
                                                                                                    Maré Cheia
                                                                                         B.Y.O.B. • FREE Coffee/Tea With Order
                                                                                          65 Main St., South River, NJ

                                                                                                   2329 Rt. 516
                                                                                          Jake Brown Plaza, Old Bridge, NJ
                                                                                          Custom Catering For All Occasions

                                                                                         Pomodoro Pizza
                                                                                          (2) Large Pies
                                                                                         18 Throckmorton Lane
                                                                                             Old Bridge, NJ
                                                                                                 Free Delivery
601 St. Ambrose, Old Bridge, NJ (UPS) (B)                                                                    John Patrick Publishing, Inc. ~ 800-333-3166 ~

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