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					PRESS RELEASE 23.05.08

How green are you? How green is your car?
Find out at the People’s Eco-Rally on Saturday 21st June
LONDON--Keen to know more about how green your car is – and how green it could be? Are you already a part of the ‘green’ transport revolution and want to compare your lifestyle with others? Join RevolveTM on the weekend of the summer solstice and find out what eco-pioneers are already doing and how you can cut your car’s carbon emissions now without costing the earth. Inspired by World Environment Day and a key event in the Love London, Love Your Planet festival, Revolve is challenging eco-motorists to prove they are really kicking the carbon habit. As a sequel to their inaugural event last year, Revolve is inviting members of the public to drive from Brighton to London in the greenest way they can – creating the UK’s first People’s Eco-Rally. Last year Revolve showcased the most exciting green vehicles on the market today and what to look forward to in the future. This year the eco-rally is all about the people – bringing like-minded people together to champion individual initiative. With an emphasis on personal stories, the event will offer a tangible demonstration of what we can all do right now to 'kick the carbon habit' – even if you can't afford one of the new cars on display. This event is in part a response to all the enthusiastic individuals who contacted Revolve prior to the inaugural Revolve Eco-Rally 05.06.07 in the hope of entering their own green cars. You don’t have to be a driver to take part in the event. Revolve has teamed up with to demonstrate the positive impact of car-sharing. Members of the popular lift-sharing site will be able to organise lifts with the eco-rally drivers and catch a ride to any suitable point en route. Members from all the major British car-sharing clubs have also been invited to take part. As a showcase for Love London’s ‘Better Journeys’ theme the eco-rally will culminate in a celebration at Clapham Common with opportunities for passing motorists to get a free VOSA emissions test and for the public to ask questions to those taking part in the ecorally and the green experts from Revolve, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and The Energy Institute. There will be prizes1 for the greenest driver and vehicle, and the EarthMan (artist Dion Laurent) will be joining the convoy and performing at each stop-off point. A large proportion of people are aware that cars pollute, but may not know how to take the first step towards more environmentally-friendly driving. Ongoing support and information will be available through Revolve’s new green-driving portal and online social network. The eco-rally drivers - including well-known faces from Revolve 05.06.07 - will be publishing their stories on the website and commenting on green-driving technology. If you are keen to be part of the movement towards zero emissions transport sign up at and share your knowledge with others.

---- ENDS ---1 Revolve will be awarding prizes which help to reduce emissions and waste. 1 Revolve Global Ltd | Reg. Office: 101 Hornsey Lane, London, N6 | Co. Reg. 05883023 |


Media Contacts at Revolve Steven Glaser +44 (0) 771199 4160 Mike Whelan +44 (0) 7956 912 605 Media Contact at Craig Slater +44 (0) 7825 395 539 Media Contacts at LoveLondon Catherine Steele & Priscilla Rippe +44 (0) 20 7983 4066 Media Contacts at VOSA Luke Bigwood +44 (0) 117 954 3208 Zita Easton +44 (0) 117 954 2561

Notes to Editors: Revolve is an independent organisation that encourages and promotes sustainable forms of transport, including new fuels and technologies, through high-profile events. A selection of Revolve Eco-Rally logos can be downloaded from: Hi-Res photographs of the venues and a selection of the vehicles, as well as imagery from previous Revolve events can be downloaded from The People's Eco-Rally interactive route-map can be viewed at The Route: The People’s Eco-Rally will start on Madeira Drive, Brighton (beach-front) alongside the world's first electric railway. The marine backdrop to the start of the event is a reminder that the sea may provide the bulk of future energy needs (tidal, off-shore wind, themal currents, etc). Brighton & Hove is the most sustainable city in Britain.2 The People’s Eco-Rally pit-stop will be in the heart of the commuter belt in Kent. Drivers and their passengers will experience local, seasonal food simply cooked and using the bounty of produce that surrounds them at the award-winning3 George & Dragon in Speldhurst, just outside of Royal Tunbridge Wells. This traditional 13th Century oak-beamed inn is the second oldest pub in the country and where possible all their organic and biodynamic produce is bought within a 30 mile radius, thus reducing their carbon footprint to the bare minimum. Website: Food transport is responsible for 25% of the kilometres clocked up by HGVs on our congested roads. It is also likely that the rate of growth in car ownership and traffic levels in the South East region will be above the average figure predicted for England.4 The People’s Eco-Rally finish line is on Windmill Drive, Clapham Common5. Eco-driving related stalls will be present at the fairground all day and passing motorists can get a free emissions test before the eco-rally vehicles arrive from 2pm. With some electric vehicles on display in the park, Windmill Drive is reminder of a key renewable energy source for England with wind turbines set to play an important part in the UK reaching its renewable energy commitments.


According to Forum for the Future’s Sustainable Cities Index, which ranks the 20 largest British cities according to social, economic and environmental performance. 3 Winner of 2 Bib Gourmand’s from Michelin and the Alistair Sawdays, Local, Seasonal Pub of the Year Award. 4 Source: Local Transport Plan for Kent 2006-11[] 5 Clapham Common is not in the congestion zone
2 Revolve Global Ltd | Reg. Office: 101 Hornsey Lane, London, N6 | Co. Reg. 05883023 |


Revolve partners and sponsors: (Is Anyone Going To) is the fastest growing car-share site in the UK with 20,000 active members. The people behind the service aim to encourage vehicle users to adopt smarter and safer driving behaviour, therefore reducing emissions and saving lives. Despite launching just over a year ago, they're already being used by large organisations keen to reduce their environmental impact and are helping individuals to get to big events like Glastonbury. People have met, dated, done business, and some members are now permanently sharing their commute to work. It only takes a minute to sign up and you can state your intentions, i.e. business, leisure trips, holiday-share or event promotion. Website: Major fuel-suppliers are developing second-generation biofuels which will not compete with food production. Given the increasing scarcity and rising price of oil, and the threat posed by climate change, the extraction of biofuels from plant material containing cellulose is a very attractive market of the future6. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) represents over 80,000 professional engineers. They are a key funding partner with Revolve and are keen to promote public awareness of environment-friendly transport technologies and fuels.Website: The EarthMan is a performance piece which allows the viewer to consider our global biosphere on a human scale. The Texan-based artist, Dion Laurent, blends art & science by appearing in public places wearing a fully-functioning, self-sustaining suit capable of maintaining a human in otherwise unlivable environments on earth or even in outer space. The EarthMan suit consists of a solar-powered system including fans, air ducts, lights, terrarium and plants that reproduces the symbiotic relationship between humans and plants through the exchange of CO2 and oxygen. Website: All the auxiliary equipment for the eco-rally will be zero emissions7 at the point of use – using the same technology many believe will one day power zero emission cars. The Fuel Cell Application Facility at the Centre for Process Innovation have supplied a fuel cellpowered variable display sign to attract passing motorists to the festivities on Clapham Common. Thanks to a partnership between Camden and Croydon Councils,VOSA's emissions-testing equipment 8 will also be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell generator. Prizes Navman will provide satellite navigation for the eco-rally drivers and donate several of their top of the range widescreen S90i devices with built-in camera as prizes. AquaNought is a leading eco-friendly car wash and valeting business. Their products have been featured on Dragon’s Den and require no water, are non toxic and bio-degradable. Their mobile service uses low emission vehicles, special filter vacuum cleaners and recycled cloths for the complete eco-friendly wash experience. Green-driving 65% of British drivers ‘don’t have a clue’ how much CO2 is being produced by their car. Only 5% of British drivers are able to say precisely how much CO2 is produced by their car, and only 11% know which emissions-based VED band applies to their vehicle. The environmentally least-wellinformed drivers are in the South (particularly in London) 33% of London drivers do not feel that their car produces an unreasonable amount of pollution.9

6 7

The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation requires 5% of all UK fuel to come from a renewable source by 2010.

Only water is emitted VOSA is responsible for conducting road-side spot checks on car emissions compliance 9 Taken from a survey conducted on behalf of the Environmental Transport Association - a not-for-profit ethical breakdown organisation and officially recognised as ‘Britain’s most ethical insurance provider’ by Ethical Consumer magazine.
3 Revolve Global Ltd | Reg. Office: 101 Hornsey Lane, London, N6 | Co. Reg. 05883023 |


However, surveys also show that most drivers are highly concerned about climate change and local pollution. The latest research from Global Reviews reveals that 'fuel efficiency' is the most or second most important factor when buying a car. Source: The World Environment Day slogan for 2008 is Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy. UNEP is asking countries, companies and communities to focus on greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce them. The theme will highlight resources and initiatives that promote low carbon economies and life-styles, such as improved energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, forest conservation and eco-friendly consumption. Website:

4 Revolve Global Ltd | Reg. Office: 101 Hornsey Lane, London, N6 | Co. Reg. 05883023 |