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									New Horizons
                         April 2007
                       VOL. 32 • NO. 4

Dick Cavett…
A friend of
         its people!
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                                                                                                                            By Lois Friedman
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                                                                                                                                (Rice with Onions and Broth)
                                                                                                                                          Serves 6

 YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE!                                                                                    2 tablespoons oil
                                                                                                          1 medium onion, cut in quarters and thinly sliced
                                                                                                          2 cups basmati rice

                                                                                                          4 cups chicken or lamb broth
                                                                                                          1 1/2 teaspoons salt (or less if there is salt in the broth)
                                                                                                          2 sticks cinnamon
                                                                                                          2 to 3 bay leaves

                                                                                                             Heat the oil in an eight-quart saucepot. Add onion and sauté until
                                                                                                         dark golden brown. Add rice. Sauté for about three to four minutes or until
                                                                                                         opaque. Add broth, salt, and remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil. Reduce
                                                                                                         to low heat, cover, and cook until all the moisture is absorbed (about 20 to
                                                                                                         25 minutes). Remove from stove and fluff the rice with a fork.

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 son, Douglas County, chairperson; Duane Wilcox,                        talk show host Dick Cavett. Born and
 Washington County, vice-chairperson; Bob Missel,
 Dodge County, secretary; Rich Jansen, Sarpy
                                                                        raised in Nebraska, Cavett enjoys
 County, & Ron Nolte, Cass County.                                      returning to his home state to escape
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                                                                      April 2007              •       New Horizons                   •        Page 3
Siren call lured Cavett to NYC, show business
By Leo Adam Biga                           is get in a car and go out into the

Contributing Writer
                                               “I remember one great teacher I
         ick Cavett’s longing to be        had in high school, after I had just
         “under the lights” burned         been to the Sandhills, said, ‘Oh,
         so hot as a boy in post-          it’s just heaven. Aren’t you glad the
World War II Nebraska that noth-           tourists haven’t found it?’
ing seemed more enticing than the              “A lot of the tourists wouldn’t
prospect of far-off glamour in New         dig it or get it. But the idea you
York City. Then, as now, the Big           could take the family car as I did
Apple loomed as the center of all          and drive 416 miles on the 4th of
things, certainly of show biz, which       July for however many hours and
the young Cavett saw as his future.        hours it took and see just four other
    “Always the shot of the New            cars on those old roads,” he said,
York skyline spoke to me where it          his golden voice trailing off, choked
didn’t to others my age,” the 70-          with the wonder of the memory.

year-old comic and former talk
show host said by phone from his                       hen he’s back in Nebras-
historic coastal retreat, Tick Hall,                   ka, Cavett stops in on old
on Montauk, Long Island. The 19th                      friends like Dannenbrog’s
Century, Stanford White-designed           Roger Welsch, the folklorist-author,
home is where Cavett and his late          and Lincoln’s Ron Hull, the avuncu-
wife, Carrie Nye, spent time away          lar Nebraska Educational Television
from the tumult of New York. The           legend. He also visits his stepmoth-
house burned down in 1997 and              er, Dorcas, now 90 but still sharp as
over three years the couple had it         a whip.
reconstructed to historic specifi-            “Dick loves Nebraska and espe-
cations, an epic project that’s the        cially the Sandhills, and whenever
subject of a documentary, From the         he can, roams aimlessly around the
Ashes.                                     state pretty much taking the place
    The house hasn’t been the same         and its people in,” Welsch said. “He
since Nye died from cancer last            is as likely to show up at a cowboy
July. She had a way of filling any         tavern in Arthur as he is a church
room she was in with her bright            dinner in Broken Bow. Or here (at
spirit and hearty Southern drawl-          Welsch’s home). He calls us with
tinged laugh. She and Cavett were          some frequency and we have hour-
married 42 years.                          long talks.”
    Today, when not at the beach,             A favorite Welsch anecdote in-
Cavett stays at the Manhattan apart-       volving Cavett concerns the “night
ment the couple shared.                    he called about 9 and we talked
    This son of career educators,          until after 10. As we wound down
Cavett lives a life steeped in culture:    our conversation I suggested he
books, the theater, films, and fine        really should come by and visit us
dining. He writes letters and op-          and even stay over some time when                                                              Copyright ABC Photo Archives
ed pieces. His ability to engage in        he got out our way here in Dannen-

                                                                                          Cavett hosted his talk show on ABC from 1969 to 1974.
literature, history, gossip, trivia, and   brog.”
one-liners sets him apart from some           “Really? You’d invite me to              “He has been a very good friend               avett’s love for the wide-
entertainers. Words fascinate him.         come by?”                                of Nebraska. That’s one of the                   open spaces, solitude, and
He loves finding just the right one           “Sure would, Dick!”                   things I like about him. He didn’t               history of Nebraska was im-
with which to prick, prod, or parry.          “Well, I might just take you up       forget his roots. He is proud of         planted early on, via road trips his
Exposing grammatical errors is a           on that....I’m kind of in your area,”    those roots. He never lost touch         family made out West when he was
hobby, nigh-compulsion.                    Cavett answered.                         with that.”                              a boy. Book, film, and museum im-
    Cavett, the forever puckish wit,          “Oh...really? Where?” I sput-            Whether at work in the studio or      ages of Plains Indians fixated him.
was born in Gibbon, Neb. and               tered.                                   at play over dinner, Hull said Ca-       As an adult he immersed himself
raised in Grand Island and Lincoln.           “The Dandee Drive In.”                vett’s “So much fun to be with. He       more deeply in the land and legacy
Precociously bright, he got laughs            That would be the old ice cream       is curious about everything. He lis-     of its native peoples, familiarizing
from an early age, when he’d sur-          shop at the edge of town.                tens. He has this marvelous, reten-      himself and the nation with the
prise others with his large vocabu-           “So I went up to our bedroom          tive mind. He’s so good at words.        works of John Neihardt, Willa Cath-
lary, double entendres, confident          where my wife Linda had already          Don’t ever play Scrabble with him.”      er, and Mari Sandoz. He’s proud of
delivery, and deep voice.                  gone to bed and said, ‘Uuuuuuuh,            “He is a pleasant soul,” Welsch       the remarkable figures Nebraska has
   His humor has never left him, not       Linda...Dick Cavett says he’s going      said. “It’s hard not to like Cavett.     produced and will name, without
even in his grief. Since Nye’s death,      to come visit us some time.”             His visits here are definitely not       any prodding, some of the great
however, he has grown more reflec-            “Did he say when?” she said,          an exercise in royalty visiting the      film, theater, literary, and athletic
tive than usual about his Nebraska         sleepily.                                peasants. Yes, he talks about Woody      icons from here.
upbringing and the close ties he has          “Yeah....in about five minutes.       Allen and Mel Brooks while I talk           Whenever someone suggests
kept here throughout his nearly half-      She never did forgive me...or Dick...    about my pal Bondo, the auto body        there’s a characteristic that de-
century career.                            for that one.”                           repairman, or Dan the plumber, but       scribes a typical Nebraskan, he’s

    Nebraska is where Cavett came                                                   somehow there isn’t a feeling of         quick to point out personalities as
back only three months after Nye,                  ull said Cavett’s affinity       inequity.                                diverse as William Jennings Bryan,
a noted actress, passed away. He                   for Nebraska is genuine.            “He appreciates the humor I find      Darryl Zanuck, Fred Astaire, Mar-
headed out alone by car to its far                 “There’s not a phony bone        in ordinary people out here and in       lon Brando, Johnny Carson, Mal-
western reaches, a road trip he has        in his body. He’s a very, very honest    turn shows me the ordinary side of       colm X, Sandy Dennis, and Johnny
made many times over the years             person.”                                 the notables in whom he finds his        Rodgers emerged from this same
as a kind of pilgrimage. When                 Cavett often comes back at Hull’s     humor. I really don’t consider Dick      terra cotta.
things get too oppressive back East,       request to emcee benefits or to lend     Cavett to be a famous person who            For the book, Eye on Cavett, he
Nebraska is his escape. Here, away         his famous face and voice to a docu-     is a friend of mine. To us he is a       wrote of returning as a celebrity
from the glare, the noise, and the         mentary or spot.                         friend...and oh yes; I guess he’s also   to his Lincoln High School class
crowds, he can unwind and breath              “He has never turned me down,”        famous,” Welsch continued.               reunion. He and Welsch were class-
under the clear, open, quiet skies.        Hull said admiringly. “He’s a very          “Perhaps the best part is that even   mates and bandmates, not buds.
    “Yeah, it is that in a way, espe-      generous guy. He has always come         as a world famous star and intellect,    Cavett suspects Welsch thought he
cially when I do almost my favorite        through. And he has always done it       he is still, through and through, a      was “one of the fancy people.”
thing in the world to do, which            pro bono, just as a friend.              Nebraskan.”                                            --Please turn to page 5.

Page 4                •           New Horizons                        •         April 2007
Cavett went from fan to host of legendary stars
--Continued from page 4.                 and striking name soon to strike fear
    Welsch confirms as much, but         on the Great Plains.

added, “I admired him. He was
always one of the stars at the talent             avett has “toyed with the
shows, theater productions, and that              idea” of what might have
kind of thing, and yet he was never               been if he hadn’t left Ne-
an arrogant pain in the ass. Just a      braska.
nice guy who had a lot of talent.”          “Would I go nuts? Probably not.
    They both coveted luminous San-      But I certainly wouldn’t have had
dy Dennis, another classmate bound       what I wanted and at times got more
for fame, but neither had the guts to    than enough of later on. Let’s just
ask her out, much less speak to her.     say I can’t imagine contributing a
Cavett later got to know Dennis in       covered dish to the picnic of the
New York.                                neighborhood,” he said dryly.
    Nebraska is where Cavett’s heart        As “drawn” to show biz as Cavett
is. New York’s where the action is.      was, he said, “I can’t think of ever
Even as a boy, he felt the pull of       wanting anything else. It wasn’t as
that place. How could it not beckon      though, if I can’t become a come-
a starstruck kid like him? Especially    dian or a magician I’ll become a
after he nearly committed to mem-        lawyer or a plumber and I’ll be
ory the classic book, The Empire         happy doing that. Noooo...”
City, an anthology of great stories         That didn’t stop some people
about New York by great writers.         from trying to dissuade him.
    “It’s just wonderful. Every             “I didn’t have any interest in den-
famous writer who ever wrote             tal college, one of several things - it
anything about New York is in            seems so humorous now - my father                                                                   Copyright ABC Photo Archives
there,” he said. “From E.B. White to     tried to interest me in. And of course      Cavett’s father, a teacher, wanted his son to become a dentist.
Groucho (Marx) to F. Scott Fitzger-      his pitch was: ‘You’re talented,
ald and Ben Hecht. I would read          but you know a lot of people don’t        eled his fire to see the larger world.      own show.” But he did.
that thing and then read it again. I     make much of a living in your busi-          Like the boy who runs away with             After one of those head-in-the-
knew more about New York then,           ness. You really ought to think about     the circus, Cavett heeded the call of       cloud nights in Lincoln, enraptured
sitting on the glider on the porch       something that’s going to be steady.’     the lights, only gradually, in small        by the sight of his idols and the
reading that book than most New          I just nodded and let it pass.”           measures. While growing up in               exchange of a few words with them,
Yorkers did. I could describe Chi-          Once bit by the show biz bug, no       Nebraska he did some magic, some            Cavett’s return to dreary Earth felt
natown and how to get to it, around      appeal to practicality could change       acting, some announcing. Even his           like defeat.
it, and in it, without having been       Cavett’s mind.                            favorite athletic pursuit, gymnas-             “To go to school the next day
there.”                                     “Yeah, because in effect you           tics, put him out front under the           was just murder. I thought, ‘I belong
    In the book, Cavett, he co-au-       don’t really have any choice,” he         lights.                                     with them (the stars)’ as they set off
thored with friend Christopher           said. “The thought of trying to go to        He studied the great comics,             by train for the next stop under the
Porterfield, the entertainer calls       law school was not even in question.      absorbing their stances, their in-          lights.”
New York “a siren call.” Made all        I didn’t want to have anything to do      flections, their timing. His models            Wanderlust ran in the family. His
the more alluring by anecdotes of        with it.”                                 were as near as Johnny Carson, then         maternal grandfather was a Baptist
it told by his parents’ friends or the      The death of his mother from           a popular magician on the Chau-             preacher who emigrated from Wales
genuine New York actors he shared        cancer when he was 10 only made           tauqua circuit and, later, a dash-          and evangelized his way across the
the stage with in one season of do-      Cavett retreat more into the world        ing television-radio personality in         Great Plains.
ing summer stock in Lincoln.             of make believe. On the whole he          Omaha, and as distant as the greats            “My hell-for-leather Uncle Paul,
    For Cavett, the future was a New     counts his childhood as a happy one,      he glimpsed in the movies or on TV.         as my father always called him, was
York or bust deal. He wasn’t sure        but the trauma of his mother’s death         Cavett once saw a young John-            a rover who rode the freight rails.”
what path would take him there.          still stings.                             ny’s Great Carsoni act, and it left an         A young Cavett was captivated
    “I had no idea how you got              “The worst part of that was not        impression. Perhaps, he thought, he         by their experiences of setting off
there.”                                  only watching her dying, but no           could emulate a fellow Nebraskan’s          for distant spots.
    He knew his destiny, however,        other kid I ever heard of lost a par-     success on stage. And once in                  “Oh, yeah, they had dramatic
lay in the crackle and glow of the-      ent. Nobody.”                             awhile one of those bigger-than-life        adventures in faraway places,” he
ater marquees, not the scraping of          He said his wife’s death made          legends, as Bob Hope did, would             said. “But I didn’t want to be T.E.
chairs on floors and chalk on back-      him relive the pain of his mother’s       come to perform in Lincoln or               Lawrence or Frank Buck. I didn’t
boards. His late parents and step-       death and elicited “the resentment        Omaha, giving Cavett a first-person         see myself in jungles or deserts,
mother were all public school teach-     of, screw this...I have to do it again?   dose of show biz magic.                     though I’ve been to both.”
ers and while Cavett suspects he too     That was awful.”                             On those occasions, Cavett                  He said he was like this character
would have excelled at teaching, he         There were also molestations Ca-       would, through sheer pluck, wend            from a long-forgotten novel who
would be dissatisfied knowing he’d       vett suffered at the hands of strang-     his way backstage before and after          startles her parents when they ask,
missed out on his dream.                 ers, once at a Lincoln movie theater.     the show, something he continued            “What do you want to be, a nurse or
    “I think I could have enjoyed        He doubts the abuse triggered the         doing once he finally made it to            a school teacher?”
being a teacher a great deal,” he        depression he struggled with for          New York. He became a habitué of               “My wife used to quote this, ‘I
said. “They would have liked me.         many years, although he doesn’t           the club-theater-network TV dis-            want the fast cars, the bright lights,
I would have been funny and all          discount the possibility.                 trict, all the better to run into celebs.   and the men in tuxedos.’ Only sub-
the things you didn’t associate with        Mostly he looks back fondly at a       Just seeing Hope in the flesh was           stitute women in cocktail dresses for
most teachers.”                          solid rearing. While his folks were       enough to feed Cavett’s imagination         men in tuxes.”

    Teachers like Cavett’s dad.          far from bohemians, they were no          and project himself into that rar-
    “My father was always the most       squares, either. His mom and dad          efied company.                                     avett was spotted early on as
popular teacher anyone in Lincoln        were intelligent, culturally astute          Besides Hope, long a hero of his,               a talent to be watched, even
ever had,” he said. “My father           people. As is his stepmother. Ca-         Cavett’s star gazing in Nebraska                   if he didn’t know exactly
always attracted the most forlorn        vett’s dad and step-mom co-founded        found him finagling seats and trad-         what talent might send him on
types, made them feel better, and        a highbrow social club, the C.A.s,        ing backstage banter with the likes         his way. As a teen he acted in and
gave them confidence and all these       whose name was a closely guarded          of Charles Laughton, Basil Rath-            eventually directed a Lincoln Junior
things. He gave them meaning. He         secret. Critics Anonymous brought         bone, Phil Silvers, and Spike Jones.        League Theater program, Storytime
didn’t mean to do that, but it just      together a group of like-minded           Each encounter only intoxicated             Playhouse on popular radio station
happened.”                               adults, plus Dick, for celebra-           him more with the idea that he be-          KFOR, the same station Carson
    One of those the elder Cavett        tions and excoriations of different       longed “in that world” with them.           used to launch his career. Cavett
tried reaching out to was the gar-       subjects or themes. Sometimes, a             Still, the stars were ethereal           once did a 15-minute Macbeth.
bage man on their block, a young,        country’s music, food, literature,        enough that even his “wildest dream            “One day out on the street I
sullen, self-made rebel named Char-      and customs came under scrutiny.          could not convince me I would one           run into Bob Johnson, who was of
lie Starkweather, an obscure boy         All the talk of exotic places only fu-    day have Hope as a guest on my                           --Please turn to page 6.

                                                                 April 2007                 •            New Horizons                       •              Page 5
Cavett, Carson followed similar career course
--Continued from page 5.                 Shubert Theatre is right across the         “Instead of going to girls schools    now defunct, in big letters just short
course, this huge celebrity in Lin-      street from your freshmen campus.        on the weekends, Wellesley, Smith,       of what you put War Declared in, it
coln because he was a longtime           Every week or two a new Broadway         Vassar, I went down to New York. I       said, “Ghastly Murders, Lincoln,
announcer on KFOR. He did Bob            show comes through on its way to         thought, How can you be so dumb          Nebraska.” The headline referred to
Johnson’s Musical Clock and Bob          New York.’                               as to want to go there when you can      Charlie Starkweather’s killing spree.
Johnson’s this-and-that.                    “Broadway show? I didn’t even         go to New York, see a play with the      It gave Cavett the creeps.
    “We were both heading for the        care it would cost me $1.40 to sit in    Lunts, Paul Muni, or Bette Davis,           “I don’t know now if I thought, I
studio and he said, ‘Let’s walk          the front row of the second bal-         and sneak into the Jackie Gleason        hope nobody I know was murdered.
around the block,’ as if he was about    cony.”                                   Show and What’s My Line? (a show         I guess you wouldn’t necessarily
to bring up something sensitive and                                                                                        assume it. Had I known and glanced
didn’t quite know how to. So we                                                                                            down at the name Starkweather I
made small talk and then he said,                                                                                          could have had a horrible moment
‘You know, Dick, I have a feeling                                                                                          recalling if my father said,’That’s
about you. You’re going to get up                                                                                          our garbage guy.
and out of here the way Johnny did.’                                                                                          “My father said he (Starkweath-
    “It was a poignant moment                                                                                              er) always seemed like a kind of
because it was a man in his middle                                                                                         forlorn kid. He seemed nice enough.
age saying, I’m as far as I’m going                                                                                        My dad made people seem nice
to get and I faced up to that, but you                                                                                     enough that weren’t (nice) any-
and Johnny, well...                                                                                                        where but in his presence. Though
    “I didn’t know what to make                                                                                            I suppose I doubt if my father was
of it. I didn’t know what to say. I                                                                                        anyone he toyed with as a victim.”
kind of hoped he was right, but I                                                                                             Even that incidental connection
didn’t know how Johnny did. I can’t                                                                                        to a serial killer was enough for
imagine what we said for the last                                                                                          Cavett to closely follow the Stark-
half-block.”                                                                                                               weather manhunt, capture, trial, and
    Johnny was of course Johnny                                                                                            eventual execution.
Carson.                                                                                                                       By the time the notorious case
    “Johnny was 10 to 12 years older                                                                                       became a sensation, Cavett was
than I was,” Cavett said. “He was                                                                                          taking courses at the Yale School of
doing his television show (The                                                                                             Drama and that’s when he met the
Squirrel’s Nest) in Omaha and soon                                                                                         woman who would become his life
going on to New York for various                                                                                           partner. Carrie Nye was her theatri-
things, He hadn’t utterly ‘made it’                                                                                        cal name but also her full first name.
yet, but as far as anyone in Lincoln         Dick Cavett’s face, drawn by Omaha artist James Horan,                        When Cavett met Nye her surname
was concerned he had.”                        appears on the barroom floor at the Omaha Press Club.                        was McGeoy. She was flamboyantly
    Cavett’s since wondered what                                                                                           Southern. Brilliant. Funny. Serious
might have happened if they had           This was it, Cavett’s entree to the     he ended up guesting on).”               about her craft. Independent. Opin-
bumped into each other then to         glimmer of New York theater and               As he did in Lincoln, Cavett          ionated. An original.
discuss their nascent show biz         culture. If he could get in. Then one      gushed to classmates about the stars        The Greenwood, Miss. native
dreams. He’s sure they would have      day, as he tells it, he was “on the        and shows he saw and that he some-       attended Stephens College where,
recognized in themselves then what     same glider on the porch that I was        times talked to. There were more         Cavett said, “she probably had the
kindred spirits they were.             probably reading The Empire City           all the time. Now that he was an         record number of violations there of
    As it was, Carson and Cavett       on,” when the mailman brought a            Ivy Leaguer and a big city sophis-       books not returned, walking on the
both made it big time, their careers   letter from Yale that said, ‘You have      ticate, he wanted to go home “to         grass, smoking behind the lock-
following nearly parallel courses.     been accepted in the Class of 1954.’       parade around” in his Oxford blue        ers...”
Cavett was a talent coordinator           “The whole world just swam for          shirt and tweed, three-button jacket        His reaction upon first setting
and writer for Jack Paar’s Tonight     a moment. What will all this mean?         from Saks and regale everyone with       eyes on her?
Show, the slot Carson, who had         God, what could happen from this?          where he’d been and whom he’d               “I didn’t like her very much. I
hosted TV game shows and writ-         It’s hard to say. Damn near any-           seen.                                    said ‘God, who the hell is that? She
ten for Red Skelton, inherited when    thing. I walked around in a daze.”            “That was everything I’ve lived       looks affected,’ or something like
Paar retired. Carson made Tonight         By the time Cavett headed east          for...to come back and cause amaze-      that to one of the guys at the drama
an even more popular and lucrative     he was a certified TV junkie, so           ment,” he said.                          school.’ He said, ‘But have you met
brand name for NBC. Cavett joined      much so he said when his family               It was also a case of homesick-       her?’ I said, ‘No.’ When I did I saw
Carson’s staff of writers before get-  got their first set in the mid-’50s        ness. But as he found, nothing stays     what he meant. She was not like
ting his own talk show on ABC.         “I did almost nothing but watch it.        the same.                                anything or anybody I ever met be-
    “I guess I just always had this    Sundays, my God, I got out gra-               “My first trip from Yale back         fore. No one could ever say, ‘She’s
sort of pull, as I think he (Carson)   ham crackers and peanut butter             to Nebraska I couldn’t wait to get       just like Carrie Nye.”
must have, to go where the action      and started with Super Circus, live        to Grand Island. As soon as I got           Cavett and Nye’s drama mates
is. Mingle with Jack Benny and Bob     from Chicago, and went all the way         around the corner to see where we        included, at one time or another,
Hope and Lucille Ball and maybe        through the evening, including Mr.         used to live, it was gone,” he said.     Paul Newman and Julie Harris. Ca-
Groucho if you were really lucky.”     Peepers, What’s My Line?, Ed Sul-             “There was a Safeway there.           vett and Nye performed at Yale and

                                       livan, (and) The Web.                      They had obliterated the Christian       in summer stock at Williamstown,
        avett’s opportunity to leave      “I made the mistake of getting a        church, my best friend Mary Hus-         Mass. They were soon an item, mar-
        Nebraska for the bright lights date once on a Saturday night and          ton’s house, our house, the whole        rying in 1964.
        came courtesy of a family      she did not want to watch Show of          block. And it was one of the most           For a time, her career overshad-
friend, another older man who saw      Shows, so that was the end of that         devastating things that has hap-         owed his. When things broke for
in him the hunger and potential to     relationship.                              pened to me. How could they raze         him, they broke big. Working for
excel.                                    “When I thought of going away           this without my permission? A hor-       Paar, Carson, and Jerry Lewis. Do-
   “A friend of my parents by the      to college I wondered, Will they let       rible feeling. It hurts me right now.”   ing his own standup comedy act.

name of Frank Rice taught at Oma- me watch all my television?”                                                             Guesting on panel/game shows.
ha Central. Frank sort of looked like     Yale let him have his cathode                  avett was near finishing up       Hosting his own late night network
Vincent Price. He had a Whitney        ray tube fix, although with only one              at Yale when walking on           TV show, followed by TV desk-jock
Fellowship; I think it was called, at  set in the dorm he couldn’t always                campus one day in 1957 he         stints on PBS, then cable. Prime
Yale for a year. He came back and      watch his favorite shows. More             heard the newsstand jockey hawk-         time specials. Commercials. Voice-
said, ‘Dick should apply at Yale.’     importantly, New Haven, Conn. put          ing papers, Cavett recalled, with the    overs. Films. Plays.
Nobody took this very seriously and him within easy reach of where it all         words: “Murder in Nebraska.”                Nye enjoyed success in regional
Frank insisted. And somehow that       happens. With such close access to            An incredulous Cavett remarked        theater and on Broadway, also tak-
came about.                            New York, Cavett’s idea of a good          to the man, “It sounded like you         ing occasional small and big screen
   “I remember Frank saying,           time was far different than most of        said murder in Nebraska.”                parts. Their marriage survived the
‘You’ll like it at Yale, if you’re     his fellow red-blooded Yalies, who            The man confirmed he had.             ups and downs of their careers.
lucky enough to get in, because the    had scoring girls on their mind.              There in the Journal American,                      --Please turn to page 7.

Page 6             •           New Horizons                        •             April 2007
Notable Cavett interviews on DVD...

--Continued from page 6.                           could be a serious writer.
    t has been awhile since Cavett’s had a           “Yeah, I’m reasonably certain I could
    talk-show gig. He laid to rest any ques-       have made a living that way,” Cavett
    tion of whether he has still “got it” with     agreed.

his 2000 to 2002 role as the narrator in the
Broadway revival of The Rocky Horror                          hile the two never talked about it,
Picture Show and his 2006 appearances on                      Cavett said he and Carson under-
Turner Classic Movies, which revived some                     stood they shared a special con-
of his late night ABC shows (1969 to 1974)         nection. Like Carson did, Cavett has given
with Hollywood greats.                             back to his home state. He recalled one of
   For a new TCM special he taped with             the rare times the intensely private and sup-
Mel Brooks, Cavett proved his quick wit            posedly cold Carson invited Cavett out to
and verbal acuity are still intact.                dinner in L.A.
   Cavett’s Hollywood shows are out on                “That night we were sitting in a booth,
DVD, as is a rock icon collection. A new           just two guys from Nebraska in California,
DVD set featuring him with jazz and blues          and he described the (TV) special (Johnny
legends is planned.                                Goes Home) he had just done in Norfolk
                                                   and he said ‘there was this moment when I
       “I made the mistake                         opened the door at the school building and
                                                   there were all my teachers.’
      of getting a date once                          “It was astounding because he was
        on a Saturday night                        moved and he stuttered, and I thought, Oh,
                                                   if people who think he has a ramrod up his
       and she did not want                        ass and he treats people horribly could see
              to watch                             this. He wasn’t a bit embarrassed by the
         ‘Show of Shows,’                             “He had a tremendous affection for me,
                                                   and it took somebody to point it out. ‘Do
          so that was the
     end of that relationship.”
                                                   you notice Johnny’s a different man when                Is your spouse
                                                   you’re on his show?’ one of his staff told

                                                   me. ‘We wish you’d come on all the time.                   or parent
     t’s interesting to note even after all the    Johnny’s so easy to get along with when
     dreaming he’d done of New York and all
     the trips he made there from New Haven
                                                   you’re on.’
                                                      “It almost embarrassed me.”
                                                                                                        in a nursing home?
to cozy up to the stars, Cavett still hadn’t
made plans to move there after graduating            “Once I get an idea I can go                   Before you send another check to the nursing home,
from Yale. He was doing summer stock                   with it. That was true as a                                please give me a call.
when, he said, a fellow actor remarked,
“Well, I guess you’ll be heading for New                   monologue writer.                                       402.727.4845
York, looking for an apartment.”                    If Jack or Johnny would give a                                    or
    “To that point I hadn’t thought very far                                                            www.NebraskaMedicaidPlanning.com
beyond the edge of the season. I really              subject, then I could be very
hadn’t thought it out. I figured I’d prob-         fast and, to the irritation of the
ably trip back to Nebraska. But as soon as I
heard ‘you’ll be going to New York,’ I did.”             other writers, the first
    Cavett lived the life of a struggling

                                                        one to Johnny’s desk.”
young hopeful, making the rounds in cast-                                                                                        Mark Guilliatt
ing offices, taking bit parts here and there,           ohnny’s gone. Cavett’s beloved Carrie                                     Certified Senior Consultant
working all kinds of side jobs to keep                  Nye, a woman Ron Hull called “a per-
himself alive. He was a copy boy at Time                fect complement” to his friend, for her                                  1.888.240.5579
Magazine when he got the nerve to go to            brilliance, humor, and taste, is gone now,
the RCA Building with a batch of jokes             too, leaving “a void” no amount of quips
he’d written for Paar, the king of late night.     can fill for Cavett.
His plan was to somehow bump into the                 Given Cavett’s comic bent, Nye’s humor
Great Man, slip him the material, and be           may be what he misses most.

                                                                                                        e every day
discovered for the brilliant comic mind he            “The obit man at the (New York) Times

                                                                                                    Mak        e
was. Amazingly, it all came true.                  spoke to me and said, ‘I feel I know your

                                                                                                    Indep Da
    Cavett still marvels at “the sheer chance      wife a bit,’ because he had talked to her
of taking the monologue to Jack Paar,”             twice on the phone about people who had
running into him in a hallway, Paar accept-        died she had worked with, like Ruth Gor-
ing the envelope containing jokes penned           don.
by a unknown, then sitting back in the live           “He said, ‘I remember those two conver-

studio audience to hear his one-liners go out      sations as the funnest experiences of my life
                                                                                                              hen families can’t be together, the
over the airwaves from the mouth of a star.        and I wish I’d recorded them.’”                            affordable, easy-to-use Immanuel
Later, backstage Cavett was thanked by the             To which Cavett can only concur, say-                  Personal Response System
star and encouraged to feed him more jokes.        ing, “She was just vastly entertaining in the    provides the safety net many people need to
It all led to Cavett being hired on Paar’s         way nobody else was.”                            continue living independently at home in
staff.                                                Even in Nye’s absence he finds himself        familiar and comfortable surroundings.
    The surreal experience was just one of         thinking of things and ways to amuse her.        Caregivers will have peace of mind knowing
“the phenomenal breaks, coincidences, and             “Oh, wait till she hears about this. Or       their loved ones are safe thanks to the most
other such things” that helped launch his          moving things lest she trip.”                    advanced personal monitoring technologies
                                                                                                    available and a 24-hour connection to
career.                                                Then he catches himself with the stark       professional assistance whenever it’s needed.
    Cavett had found his niche as a writer.        realization, “Oh, you’re talking about some-
                                                                                                    	      To learn more about making every day Independence Day, 	   	
    “Once I get an idea I can go with it. That     one who ain’t there no more.”                    	      contact the Immanuel Personal Response System:
was true as a monologue writer. If Jack or            He recently shared his feelings with
Johnny would give a subject, then I could          writer and friend Calvin Trillin, whose wife,
be very fast and, to the irritation of the other   Alice, died five years ago.
writers, the first one to Johnny’s desk. Not          Yes, Dick Cavett is hurting, but he knows
that it mattered, because the first was not        he always has Nebraska to return to. Here,
always the best.”                                  amidst the wide expanse of land and sky,
    He gets a high from writing that’s akin to     and the warm embrace of its people, he                402-829-3277
the buzz he gets from adlibbing. Some, like        knows he’s back home. Back to where his               800-676-9449
old friend Ron Hull, suggest the entertainer       dreams first took hold.

                                                                   April 2007                  •         New Horizons                            •           Page 7
HorizonAD06-4   3/23/06   12:50 PM   Page 1

                                                                                                      several sweeteners available

         Seidler &Seidler, P.C.
                                                                                                      to reduce your dietary calories

                                                                                                       By Carol McNulty

                                                                                                                weet foods are a common staple in human diets.
                                                 Attorneys at Law                                               Sweets contain large amounts of sugar and are full
                                      William E. Seidler                                                        of calories, which can cause consumers to gain
                                     William E. Seidler Jr.                                                     weight. To reduce their caloric intake, many people
                                                                                                       are using artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes. These
                                     W. Matthew Semple                                                 alternatives taste sweet but have fewer calories.
                       www.seidlerandseidler.com                                                           Even though these sugar
                             10050 Regency Circle, Suite 525
                                Omaha, NE 68114-5705                                                   substitutes are available, removing
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                             Delivering quality legal services since 1957.
                                                                                                       cookies doesn’t mean these items
                                                                                                       become low-fat or low-calorie items.
  •   Anxiety                        •   Low self-esteem                     •   Fearfulness              Dr. Georgia Jones, a food specialist, says many diabet-
  •   Stress                         •   Loneliness                          •   Indecisiveness        ics use sweeteners to add taste to food without raising
                                                                                                       their blood sugar levels. However, sugar-free products still
  •   Insecurity                     •   Embarrassment                       •   Suspicion
  •   Lack of confidence             •   Lack of concentration               •   Withdrawal
                                                                                                       contain carbohydrates, protein, flour, or calorie-containing
   Heal These Emotional Wounds with Today’s Tiny Hearing Aids
                                                                                                       sweeteners like sorbitol or mannitol and can raise blood

       EE E DI DFE
                    E E NC E                                                                           sugar levels. Read food labels for more information.
                                                                                                          The Food and Drug Administration has approved five
                                                                                                       artificial sweeteners for consumer use. Jones offers some
                                                                                                       information on each:
                                                                                                          • Saccharin is up to 700 times sweeter than sugar and is
                                                                                                       commonly found in single-serving packets in restaurants
                                                                                                       and in diet soft drinks and baked goods.
                                  EC T VE HE ING
                               RRRECTIIVE HEARARINGKE AKES!                                               • Aspartame is up to 200 times sweeter than sugar and is
                            CO OR
                              C                  MA M!
                                                     S                                                 found in beverages, breakfast cereals, desserts, and chew-
                                                                                                       ing gum. Like saccharin, aspartame is used as a tabletop
   “Hear The Difference!”
     “Hear The Difference!”                                                                            sweetener in products like NutraSweet and Equal.
                                                                                                          • Acesulfame-K is often blended with other sugar substi-
   “Hearing Aids have been a miracle for me.                                                           tutes like aspartame to produce a taste that resembles sugar.
   When I think about how my father suffered with                                                      It’s about 200 times sweeter than sugar and is used in baked
                                                                                                       goods, frozen desserts, candies, and beverages.
   his hearing loss (he never tried a hearing aid).                                                       • Sucralose is the only artificial sweetener made from
   I feel bad at what he missed out on.” — RMP                                                         sugar. It’s 600 times sweeter than sugar and can be found in
                                                                                                       baked goods, soft drinks, chewing gum, frozen dairy des-
                                                                                                       serts, fruit juices, and gelatins.

                                                      Since 1976
                                                                                                          • Neotame is the newest artificial sweetener. It’s up
                                                                                                       to 13,000 times sweeter than sugar and is used in baked
                                                                                                       goods, soft drinks, chewing gum, confections, frostings,
       Hearing Aid Service                                                                             gelatins, puddings, jams, jellies, processed foods, and fruit
                                                                                                       juices. Neotame is only available for commercial purposes.
      90th & Maple • Omaha 571-1207                                                                       Even though these sugar substitutes are available, remov-
                                                                                                       ing sugar from foods like donuts and cookies doesn’t mean
      6th & Broad • Fremont 727-7866                                                                   these items become low-fat or low-calorie items.
                  www.glassmanhearing.com                                                                 (McNulty is an educator with the University of Nebraska
   “Lowest prices on the latest technology guaranteed.”                                                Cooperative Extension office in Douglas and Sarpy coun-

Independent Living
                                                                                                                                         Cancer treatment

                    You in                                                                                                              T
                                                                                                                                        program on april 19
                                                                                                                                                he Leukemia

          with                                                                                                                                  & Lymphoma

        A m e n i t i e s Mind
                                                                                                                                                Society invite
                                                                                                                                        you to attend a program
                                                                                                                                        on cancer treatment for
                                                                                                                                        older adults on Thurs-
   • Elevator in Every Building                                                                                                         day, April 19 from
   • Individual Heating and Air Conditioning             Central Park Tower Apartments Mission House Vue Apartments                     5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the
   • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance                                                                                                      Grissom Lecture Hall at
                                                           1511 Farnam • Omaha, NE     406 E. Mission St. • Bellevue, NE                the Nebraska Medical
   • Controlled Entry Buildings
   • Community Rooms
                                                                402-341-6100                           402-292-0423                     Center.
                                                                                                                                           Topics will include
   • Laundry Rooms                                                                                                                      treatment decisions, be-
   • Inside Mailboxes                                                                                                                   ing a partner with your
                                                                                                                                       with your health care
   • Rent Based on Income                                                                                                              team, and emotional sup-
   • Small Pets Welcome                                                                                                                port.
     Call now to reserve your new apartment                                                                                                A complimentary light
       home and become a part of one of                                                                                                supper will be served.
           these friendly communities                                                                                                      Pre-registration, which
                                                           Park East Tower Apartments               Bellevue Place Apartments          is required for this free
                                                          539 So. 26th Ave. • Omaha, NE           1808 Warren St. • Bellevue, NE       event, can be made by
                                                                                                                                       calling Tonya at 344-2242
                                                                402-345-3168                          402-292-0423                     or 1-888-847-4974.

Page 8             •          New Horizons                            •             April 2007
aaRP sets 2007 schedule
for its driving safety class

        ARP has announced the 2007 schedule for its
        driving safety class for persons age 50 and
        older. The eight-hour course is also available
                                                             House of HopeCare
online at (www.aarp.org/drive/online).
  Here’s the classroom schedule:
                                  August 14 & 15
                                                                                                •	Only a few apartments
    April 18 & 19
  Noon to 4 p.m. each day         Noon to 4 p.m. each day                                         remaining
       Metropolitan                    Metropolitan
    Community College               Community College                                           •	Self-orienting environment
     27th & Q streets                129 N. 204th St.
   457-5231 to register                  457-5231                                               •	Professional nurse on staff
      May 1 & 2                       August 17                                                 •	Long-term care on
  Noon to 4 p.m. each day             9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
       Metropolitan                  Midlands Hospital                                            the horizon
    Community College                11111 S. 84th St.
     129 N. 204th St,                1-800-253-4368
   457-5231 to register                  to register            “Alzheimer’s care of
     May 16 & 17                 November 13 & 14               the future, todAy!”
   Noon to 4 p.m each day         Noon to 4 p.m. each day

                                                                  (402) 827-6060
        Metropolitan                   Metropolitan
    Communuity College              Community College
      27th & Q streets               129 N. 204th St.
         457-5231                        457-5231

        May 18                      November 15

                                                                  PLEASE SUPPORT
      9 a.m. to 5 p.m.                9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
     Midlands Hospital              Midlands Hospital
     11111 S. 84th St.               11111 S. 84th St.
         to register
                                         to register         NEW HORIZONS ADVERTISERS!

                               n usOmaha’s
                            Joi th                              for the Op
                                                                      premier 51st
                                                                                                     New location

                                      Sou                      acy fo needs.
                                                                     r all   & “L” st.
                                                         p harm care
                                                                                        ,A  pril 9t
                                                                         . .. M onday          .... 1 1 a.m. e
                             Join us for a                      When. ..           cer emony: & Homecar
                                                                          cutting              cy
                            complimentary                       Ribbon            ll’s Pharma treet
                                                                W here  :.... Koh       n d “L” s ility that
                            lunch to follow.                                   51st a              rt fac
                                                                                                  ea                   e
                                                                                    s st ate of th er, retail, driv
                                                                               aha’                  d
                                                                   So uth Om mbines mail or nt services.
                                                                                 o                      e
                                                                   effi ciently c medical equipm
                                                                    th rough, a

                                                                                              “FREE”        bottle of )

                                                                                         Get a reliever (50 cou
                                                                                        headacheen you use the
                                                                                               wh             h on
                                                                                                driv e throug
                                                                                                   April 9t          h!
                             Pharmacy & Homecare                                           Monday,
                                                            April 2007       •      New Horizons             •        Page 9
                                                                                           It’s time to start thinking
  save money on your utility bills
            ebraska homeowner/tenants who       or safety risk to the owner/tenant.
                                                                                           about spring gardening!

            meet income guidelines (see            The project is managed by Weatheriza-   By Emily Smith
            below) are invited to sign up       tion Trust, Inc. (Douglas County), the
   for a free home weatherization program       Southeast Nebraska Community Action                   re your houseplants in need of some “desper-
   that can save them money on their utility    Council (Sarpy & Cass counties), and                  ate” help? Is your green thumb itching to garden
   bills.                                       Goldenrod Hills Community Services                    outside? Whatever the case, it’s important to pay
      The Nebraska Weatherization Assis-        (Dodge & Washington counties).                        attention to your houseplant’s needs as you gear
   tance Program is administered statewide      For more information, please call 342-     up for the upcoming gardening season.
   by the Nebraska Energy Office for the        1611 (Douglas County), 862-2411 (Sarpy        Wherever your “Wisteria Lane” is located, spring is a
   U.S. Department of Energy and the Ne-        & Cass counties), and 529-3513 (Dodge      time of growth for houseplants.
   braska Department of Health and Human        & Washington counties).                       Now’s the time to catch up on the latest gossip happen-
   Services (HHS).                                 If a household member is receiving      ing with your houseplants. Here are a few tips to help filter
      Nebraska homes will be inspected to       Supplemental Security Income, Aid to       out the gossip from the truth:
   identify the most effective energy and       Dependent Children, or Energy Assis-
   dollar saving improvements including:
      • Adding insulation to the attic, side
   walls, and floors.
                                                tance payments from HHS, the household
                                                automatically qualifies for the project
                                                regardless of its income.
                                                                                                garden variety
      • Sealing cracks with caulking.              Here are the income guidelines:
      • Adding weather stripping around                                                        • Spring is the perfect season to re-pot your houseplants.
   windows and doors.                              Household              Income           Typically, going up one pot size is sufficient. Remember to
      • Cleaning, tuning, and adjusting all          Size                  Level           make sure the container has a drainage hole on the bottom
   heating equipment.                                  1                  $ 15,315         to allow for sufficient drainage and to minimize the chance
                                                       2                  $ 20,535         for root rot to occur.
      • Repairing or replacing primary doors
                                                       3                  $ 25,755
   and windows.                                        4                  $ 30,975
                                                                                               • Place your plants near a sunny window, unless it’s a
      • Installing or adjusting door thresh-           5                  $ 36,195         shade-loving plant. Your plant may drop a few leaves, but
   olds and/or sweeps.                                 6                  $ 41,415         this happens only because your plant is adjusting to the new
      The program will also repair or replace          7                  $ 46,635         light levels. To achieve maximum light levels, clean those
Eight Page non-working heating plants.
   faulty or                                           8                  $ 51,855         windows!
6 inches xwill be disqualified form the pro-
   Homes 3.3 inches                                                                            • Houseplants may need to be watered frequently as they
   gram if they have leaky roofs, structural        Add $5,220 for each additional         may dry out quicker with increased light intensity. Both
   damage, pest infestation, or are a health
April & May 2007
                                                        household member.                  under and over watering can harm the houseplant’s growth
                                                                                           rate. Over watering will prevent proper aeration of the soil,
                                                                                           and roots will begin to dry out. Under watering will cause
                                                                                           your plant to wilt, turn brown, and eventually drop its
                                                                                           leaves. Water your plant when the top inch of soil feels dry.
                                                                                               • Do you have a houseplant that’s in desperate need of
                                                                                           a trim? Now is the perfect time to take a stem cutting and
                                                                                           double your houseplant family.
                                                                                               • Just because they’re called houseplants doesn’t mean
                                                                                           they don’t appreciate fresh air. Your houseplants will
                                                                                           benefit greatly from being moved outside during the sum-
                                                                                           mer months. Place them in a semi-sunny location that’s
                                                                                           accessible to a water source for easy care. Plants should be
                                                                                           moved back indoors once night temperatures reach a low of
                                                                                           60 degrees.
                                                                                               Do you have a plant that just won’t green up or is an
                                                                                           embarrassment to your neighbors? If this is the case, bury
                                                                                           it in your compost pile. Please keep that dirty little secret to
                                                                                               Looking for a way to jump into spring? Visit the Spring
                                                                                           Flower Show at Lauritzen Gardens, 100 Bancroft St.,
                                                                                           through May 13.
                                                                                               (Smith is a garden educator at Lauritzen Gardens,
                                                                                           Omaha’s Botanical Center.)

              The Intergeneration Orchestra of Omaha’s                                     special showing of classic western
          Annual Spring Pops & Pie Concert                                                 to benefit hearing school for children
                                                                                           By Leo Adam Biga              ford’s film revival events,
                Sunday, April 22, 2007                                                                                   look for such thematic
           2 to 3 p.m. (doors open @ 1 p.m)                                                   “When the legend be-       attractions as cowboys on
                                                                                           comes fact, print the leg-    horseback, Western imper-
             Pie, ice cream, & beverages                                                   end.”                         sonators, and Wayne memo-
                                                                                              The famous line is uttered rabilia.
                                                                                           in the 1962 classic The Man      Special guest A.C. Lyles,
                     German American Club                                                  Who Shot Liberty Valance,     going on 70 years with
                                                                                           the last great film made by   Paramount Pictures, knew
                    3717 South 120th Street                                                director John Ford and the    Ford, Wayne, and Valance
                                                                                           last time its star John Wayne co-star Jimmy Stewart.
                                                                                           headlined a Ford Western.        The Man Who Shot Lib-
           $7 in advance • $8 at the door                                                     Film impresario Bruce      erty Valance was shot on
                                                                                           Crawford will present The     Paramount’s back lot. Lyles,
                                                                                           Man Who Shot Liberty Va-      then a producer of “B”
                                                  For more information,                    lance on April 27 at 7 p.m.   Westerns, visited the set.
                                                   please call Chris at                    in the Joslyn Art Museum’s       Tickets, which are $15,
                                                 444-6536 Extension 221                    Witherspoon Concert Hall.     are available at all Omaha-
                                                                                              The showing commemo- area Hy-Vee Supermarkets
                                                  or Linda at 333-6615.                    rates the centennial of the   or at the door the night of
                                                                                           Duke’s birth and benefits the the show.
                                                                                           Omaha Hearing School for         For more details call
                  www.igo-omaha.org                                                        Children Inc.                 850-1941 or go to (omaha-
                                                                                              In the tradition of Craw-  filmevent.com).

Page 10             •           New Horizons                      •        April 2007
With winter gone, set your sights on Winterset, Iowa
            ntil a dozen years ago,     ered bridges in the county. Only six         Displays also include many rare         reer in agriculture research. Carver
            the mention of covered      remain. The oldest is Imes Covered        photos of “Duke” and letters from          served a long tenure as a professor
            bridges for most people     Bridge built in 1870 over the Mid-        Hollywood friends Jimmy Stewart,           and research scientist at Iowa State
            would immediately bring     dle River. Later it was twice moved       Kirk Douglas, Bob Hope, Ronald             University.
visions of New England complete         to new locations.                         Reagan, George Burns, Maureen                 • Winterset City Park. What
with its legendary fall colors and         The Cedar Covered Bridge is            O’Hara, Lucille Ball, and others.          makes this park interesting is its
historic inns.                          noteworthy because it was fea-               Admission is $4 for adults, $3 for      English-style hedge maze and the
   That all changed when a movie        tured on the cover of the novel The       seniors (60+), and $1 for children         Clark Tower, a three-story structure
filmed in Madison County, Iowa          Bridges of Madison County. It was         (ages 12 and under.)                       made of local limestone. Built on a
made its six covered bridges argu-      destroyed by an arsonist in 2002,            The birthday celebration will           bluff, the site provides a sweeping
ably the most famous in America         but was replaced by a replica two         include visits from Wayne’s son            view of the river valley.
and vaulted the little town of Win-     years later.                              Ethan; appearances by former co-              Summertime visitors should
terset into the big league of tourist      The Roseman Covered Bridge,            stars Dean Smith, Gregg Palmer,            include a stop at the Howell’s Dried
destinations.                           built in 1882, is probably the most       and Harry Carey, Jr.; a Wild West          Florals & Greenhouse. Here you
   It all began in 1992 with the        photographed of the six because it        show patterned after those of Buf-         can take a tour of 15 acres of flow-
publishing of Iowa novelist Rob-        was prominently featured in the           falo Bill; concerts featuring western      ers featuring 53 varieties destined to
ert Waller’s best-selling book, The                                                                                          be made on-site into beautiful dried
Bridges of Madison County. Three                                                                                             flower displays.
years later his words came to life
on the movie screen with a film
featuring Meryl Streep and Clint
                                                     travelogue                                                                 Erin’s Roses Gift Shop features
                                                                                                                             floral wreaths, baskets, swags, nose-
                                                                                                                             gay, and flower arrangements.
                                                                                                                                Annual Winterset special events
   With broad acclaim, Academy                                 By Barc Wade                                                  include the Madison County
Award nominations, and a huge                                                                                                Covered Bridge Festival (second
box office, the movie trained the                                                                                            full weekend in October) and the
spotlight on this small community       movie and the novel.                      songs; and an old-fashioned home-          Macksburg Skillet Throw on the
20 miles southwest of Des Moines.           Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge,        town parade.                               third Sunday in June. Prizes are won

Ever since, tourists have flocked to    built in 1871 over the North River                                                   by contestants for knocking off the
the area much the same as they have     near Bevington, was moved to its                     Wild West show                  head of a dummy with a toss of a
in Dyersville, another small Iowa       present location in Winterset City                   he Wild West Show will          heavy iron skillet.
town which was the setting for the      Park in 1970.                                        feature a stagecoach rob-          Peru Apple Days (third weekend
popular movie, Field of Dreams.             Holliwell Covered Bridge, built                  bery, a rodeo drill team, the   in September) honors area farmer
   “Prior to the movie we’d get 25      in 1880, is the longest bridge mea-                  U.S. Army’s horse-drawn         Jesse Hyatt who claims credit for
to 30 bus tours to the area. After-     suring 122 feet and crosses the           field artillery half-section, mounted      the discovery of a tree bearing Deli-
wards, more than 150,” noted Indi-      Middle River southeast of Winter-         daredevils, stunt riders, trick riders,    cious apples at a spot now marked
anola, Iowa Chamber of Commerce         set. It was also featured in the film.    ropers, and characters portraying          by a stone monument near the small
Manager Chris Nolte.                       The last of the structures is Hog-     Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley.             community of Peru
   Winterset began celebrating its      back Covered Bridge. Its location is         For more information log on to             For additional information and
covered bridge heritage in 1970         described by the Winterset Chamber        (www.johnwaynebirthplace.org) or           maps relating to Madison County,
with an annual Covered Bridge Fes-      of Commerce as being in “a lovely         call 515-462-1044.                         log on the web at (www.madison-
tival. After the movie appeared, fes-   valley just northwest of Winterset           A Motel 6 is Winterset’s only mo-       county.com) or call 515-462-1185.

tival attendance more than doubled.     and east of its namesake limestone        tel but being so close to Des Moines
In addition, instead of the major fo-   ridge.”                                   and Indianola, area accommoda-                   other area attractions
cus on the three-day celebration, the      While the bridges provide the          tions are plentiful.                                 wenty-six miles east of
area turned into a year-round tourist   force for visitors flocking to the           Other Winterset attractions:                      Winterset in neighboring
destination.                            area, there are plenty of other attrac-      • Fons & Porter Quilt Supply.                     Warren County is Indi-
   This year’s festival is Oct. 12 to   tions in the county.                      Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, who                    anola, home of Simpson
14. Typical events include a quilt                                                host public television’s Fons &            College, site of the Des Moines

show, pancake breakfast, bus tours              john Wayne called                 Porter’s Love of Quilting program,         Metro Opera. Simpson, with ties to
of the bridges, helicopter rides,               Winterset “home”                  operate this quilting supply store.        the Methodist Church, is recognized
horseshoe tournament, antique ve-                 hief among these places to      They also serve as editors of Love of      as one of America’s finest small col-
hicle parade, and entertainment by                see is the boyhood home         Quilting magazine whose 350,000            leges by U.S. News & World Report.
square dancers, cloggers, gymnasts,               of John Wayne, one of           circulation serves quilters world-         Its beautiful campus and buildings
and vocal groups. Festival coins,                 America’s most beloved          wide.                                      have an “Ivy League look and feel.”
which are now collector’s items, are   movie actors. Despite the fact                • Madison County Museum &                  The college is especially note-
struck for each year’s celebration.    Wayne died in 1979, he still ranked        Historical Complex. It had its birth       worthy for its Apprentice Artist Pro-
   Luckily for Omahans, Winterset      third as America’s favorite movie          in 1904 and has grown to a complex         gram which provides a seven-week
is only 98 miles from the South        star in a Harris poll released earlier     of 14 historic buildings. Included is      residency program in June and July
Omaha Bridge via Highway 92,           this year.                                 the Bevington-Kaser House, built in        for 42 young professionals who are
an easy day’s outing or a weekend         Wayne’s 100th birthday will             1856, which has been refurbished           selected from hundreds audition-
adventure to take in other area at-    be observed May 25 to 27, 2007.            and furnished in the grand style of        ing in Chicago, New York, Baton
tractions.                             A groundbreaking ceremony will             the Victorian era; a log style post        Rouge, and Austin, as well as those

                                       kick off the construction of the new       office (1870 to 76); a country school      submitted on tape.
       “the ozarks of Iowa”            8,500 square feet John Wayne Mu-           in use from 1878 to 1939; two other           They participate in a summer-
          here were good reasons for seum and Learning Center adjacent            schools, one of stone construction,        long festival season that includes
          building covered bridges     to his boyhood home. The new               the other log style; Zion Church           16 performances of three operas
          in the area. The county is   addition will feature Wayne memo-          (1881); a railroad depot; and others       presented in the college’s Blank
          laced with picturesque riv- rabilia and interactive displays.           from the 1800s.                            Performing Arts Center. Twelve
ers and creeks that have cut through The unveiling of a bronze statue of             Perhaps the most unusual build-         professional coaches and directors
the rolling hills, leaving behind      Wayne, presented by his family, will       ing is the Stone Barn and Stone            from the most prestigious opera
steep rock cliffs crowned by dense     be a celebration highlight.                Privy, a “three holer” made of             companies in the U.S. are their
woodlands. Locals describe the area        Wayne, born Marion Robert              limestone and seats made of native         mentors. The program has been
as the “Ozarks of Iowa.”               Morrison, grew up in the modest            walnut.                                    ranked among the top 20 summer
   The lazy rivers are ideal for       four-room house which has been                • Winterset Art Center. Once a          opera companies in the world by
canoeing and tube floats. In the fall restored to appear as it did in 1907.       stop on the Underground Railroad           Money Magazine.
hardwood trees provide a painter’s     Today it houses many items from            from the Civil War era, this mid-             For more information about how
palette of color. Wildlife is abundant his movie career including the eye         1850s brick home now houses the            you can attend one of the operas,
here and the county’s rivers, creeks, patch he wore in the movie True             efforts of local artists. Of special       call 515-961-6221.
ponds, and lakes offer great fish-     Grit, for which he won an Oscar; a         interest is a display that pays trib-         Indianola is also home to the
ing for channel and flathead catfish, hat worn in Rio Lobo; and a prop            ute to George Washington Carver            National Balloon Museum & Hall
bass, bluegills, and crappie.          suitcase used in the film Stage-           who lived here before moving on            of Fame, where 200 years of bal-
   At one time there were 19 cov-      coach.                                     to his internationally famous ca-                      --Please turn to page 14.

                                                                 April 2007                  •          New Horizons                        •        Page 11
     Corrigan Senior Center
    April 2007 events calendar                                                                               April 2007
    You’re invited to visit the Corrigan Senior Center,
 3819 X St., this month for the following:
    • April 3: Breakfast Club at 9 a.m. The menu will in-
 clude cheesy eggs, bacon, toast, a fruit cup, and coffee.
                                                                                events calendar
 A $2.50 donation is requested for the meal.                                       Omaha Knights Hockey                             14
    • April 19: Spring Dinner Dance Celebration from                                   April 4, 5, 7, & 13              Omaha Beef Indoor Football
 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The noon menu will include baked                                  Omaha Civic Auditorium                 Omaha Civic Auditorium
 ham, Augratin potatoes, peas & carrots, a tossed salad,                                     7 p.m.                              7:05 p.m.
 a wheat roll, and pineapple upside down cake. A $5                                     444-4625                               344-2333
 donation is requested for the meal. Reservations are
 due by April 12.                                                                               1                            River North Chicago
    • April 26: Birthday party. At 12:30 p.m. Pacific
                                                                                    Omaha Symphony                             Dance Company
 Country will perform country and gospel music. The
 noon menu will include Country fried steak with gravy,                              Discovery Series:                        Orpheum Theater @ 8 p.m.
 potatoes, green beans, wheat bread, and cherry gelatin                        Stravinksy: Pulcinella Suite                         345-0606
 with peaches. Reservations are due by noon April 25.                             Strauss Performing Arts Center
    The Corrigan Senior Center is open weekdays from                                         @ UNO                                       15
 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lunch is served at noon. A $2.50 dona-                                      2 p.m.                         Omaha Symphony
 tion is requested for the meal. Reservations are due by                                  342-3560                               Family Series:
 noon the business day prior to the lunch you wish to                                                                        Wizards & Dragons
 attend.                                                                           Picture Day: Anonymous                   Holland Performing Arts Center
    For meal reservations or more information, please
                                                                                     African Americans in                               2 p.m.
 call Lynnette Staroska at 731-7210.
                                                                                   Nebraska & Great Plains                          342-3560
                                                                                          Through June 30
 Heartland Family Service Senior Center                                                 Love Jazz & Art Center                          20
       April 2007 events calendar                                                               FREE                  Omaha Symphony Pops Series:
                                                                                            502-5291                  The Three Phantoms in Concert
   You’re invited to visit the Heartland Family Service                                                                With Maestro Thomas Wilkins
Senior Center, 2101 S. 42nd St., this month for the fol-                                          6                               Through April 22
lowing:                                                                                 First Friday Jam                   Holland Performing Arts Center
   • April 5: Easter Party and Hat Parade
                                                                                          Joslyn Art Museum                        342-3560
   • April 10: Trip to Fontenelle Forest
   • April 10: Senior Reading                                                               5:30 to 8 p.m.
   • April 11: Birthday Party                                                                     $8                                      21
   • April 15: Senior Prom from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Field                                    342-3300                     Trout Fishing in America
Club, 3615 Woolworth Ave. The event will feature din-                                                                   Holland Performing Arts Center @ 2 p.m.
ner, dancing, and the coronation of a king and queen.                                              7                                 345-0606
Tickets, which must be paid for by April 9, are $10. This                             Light Classics with
year’s theme is “An Affair to Remember.” The Shim                                       Thomas Wilkins:                CU at Joslyn Lecture Series:
Shams, a mature tap group, will perform                                                  Heroes & Myths                 Galaxy: Jackson Pollack’s
   • April 17: Talk by Peggy Adair from the League of
                                                                                     Holland Performing Arts Center     Other Wyoming Landscape
Women Voters
   • April 19: Movie Extravaganza                                                              7:30 p.m.                  Joslyn Art Museum @ 10:30 a.m.
   • April 23: Red Hat Society meets at Horseman’s                                           342-3560                                  FREE
Park                                                                                                                                342-3300
   The facility is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.                                         10
Lunch is served at noon. A $2.50 donation is suggested                                 Evening with                                    25
for the meal. Meal reservations, which are due by noon                             Stewart Robertson:                          Performance:
the business day prior to the lunch you wish to attend,                        Rossini’s Sins of My Old Age                 The Barber of Seville
can be made by calling Karen at 552-7480.                                              Joslyn Art Museum                        Also April 27 & 29
                                                                                            7:30 p.m.                           Orpheum Theater
                                                                                              FREE                                346-7372
                              WANT TO TRAVEL?

               th                                  ^
                             travelogue (trav’ e log, -log) a film or motion                 12                         Omaha Beef Indoor Football
                             picture (often a digital production) depicting
                                                                                    Grande Olde Players                     Omaha Civic Auditorium
          ersary             travel with live narration by the filmmaker.
   AnniTvavelogues           [American English < trave(l) + logue,                  Come Blow Your Horn                          7:05 p.m.
   of the
                ries                                                                     GOP Theater                           344-2333
        film se              as in dialogue]
                                                                                        Through May 6
                       insel pr                                                           $5 to $15                            Arturo Sandoval
          Mike K
                                                                                         397-5262                           Holland Performing Arts Center

                 the Orie 2”
                                                                                                                                        8 p.m.
                         E                                                                     13                                   345-0606
                 on the Q                                                          Omaha Symphony
                       7:30 p                                                  Masterworks: The Symphony                         The Signers
                p.m. &
    April 2     p.m.
                                                                                     in Cinemascope                       Durham Western Heritage Museum
                                                        Filmmaker Doug Jones
     April 2                                                                               Also April 14                       Through September 2
                 TICKETS: $11 available at the box office                         Holland Performing Arts Center                   444-5071
 Bring this ad to the box office and receive $1 OFF !                                     342-3560
       Cinema Center Theater                                                           Spring Festival:
                                                                                    An Arts & Crafts Affair
                                                                                                                               The U.S. Navy
                                                                                                                           Sea Chambers Chorus
          2828 S. 82nd Ave. • Omaha, NE
           For more information,                                                          Through April 15                  Dundee Presbyterian Church
       contact Superior Attractions                                                     Qwest Center Omaha                           7 p.m.
  PHONE: 712-256-5228 • FAX: 712-256-5227                                                     $6 & $7                                 FREE
  Or log on to the web @ www.superiorattractions.com                                       331-2889                               558-2330

Page 12                           •       New Horizons                         •          April 2007
Cardiologist’s new book is
like a tour through the heart

       he heart is the hardest working muscle in the human
       body. Even when you’re asleep, your heart is still                             Gracious, affordable apartment living
       hard at work, pumping blood through your body. So                                 designed for people over fifty.
keeping our hearts in prime condition should be a top prior-                              • Owned & Operated By The Residents
ity. Yet heart disease is taking a painful toll on millions of
lives.                                                                                    • All Utilities Paid Including Cable
   According to the American Heart Association, an esti-
mated 71 million American adults suffer from heart dis-                                   • Monthly Maintenance Fee
ease, stroke, and other forms of cardiovascular diseases.
That number is projected to increase as the baby boomer
generation ages.
                                                                                        An Address of Distinction
                                                                                           801 South 52nd Street • Omaha, NE

  “Contributing to the problem is                                                                 402-558-3161
   the fact most laypeople don’t
                                                                      PLEASE SUPPORT NEW HORIZONS ADVERTISERS!
 have a true understanding of how
    to keep their hearts healthy.
   “Heart disease is America’s #1 killer,” says renowned
cardiologist and author Dr. Gerry Maddoux. “Contributing
to the problem is the fact most laypeople don’t have a true
understanding of how to keep their hearts healthy. After all,
your heart didn’t come with an instruction manual.”
   Dr. Maddoux’s new book, Your Heart: Treat It Like You
Love It, is dedicated to helping people everywhere have
healthier hearts.
   “This book is for everyone who has felt short of breath
and worried, ‘could it be my heart?’” says Dr. Maddoux.
“It’s for everyone who has sat anxiously by a loved one’s
hospital bed in the cardiac care unit, and for everyone who
has wondered how to help prevent heart disease.”
   Straightforward and easy to understand, Your Heart:
Treat It Like You Love It, is like having a written tour guide
to navigate the human heart and how to take the best care
of it. Dr. Maddoux maps out the anatomy of the human
heart and how it works to give readers an explanation of
why they should eat healthy, watch their cholesterol, and
   The book devotes chapters to the various complications
of the heart, including congestive heart failure, silent coro-
nary artery disease, and high blood pressure. It also details
the relationship between your emotional health and the
health of your heart.
   Chapters also tackle common questions such as what
could be the cause of shortness of breath or dizziness.
Readers will also learn critical information that outlines
tactics for handling cardiac emergencies at home until para-
medics can arrive.
   Because women can experience different symptoms of
heart disease than men, Dr. Maddoux has dedicated a chap-
ter to pointing out the distinctions.
   “One of the first things I am struck with is that women
with coronary artery disease are more likely than men to
complain of fatigue,” says Dr. Maddoux. “Women also
give a different description of the pain and symptoms they
feel during a heart attack and it’s critical for women to
understand those symptoms.”
   Your Heart: Treat It Like You Love It also decodes all the
medical terminology surrounding the array of diagnostic
tests designed to detect heart disease. The book outlines
the benefits and possible risks of the different types of tests.
   Dr. Maddoux points out five key reasons why people
need to understand the significance of taking care of their
hearts and getting any problems diagnosed:
   • One of every two males and one of every 2.4 women
are destined to die of cardiovascular disease.
   • One million Americans have atrial fibrillation, an elec-
trical disorder of the heart.
   • Five million Americans have congestive heart failure.
   • An estimated 30 million Americans have metabolic
syndrome, a short cut to cardiovascular disease, heart at-
tack, or stroke.
   • Medical schools cut back on training programs when
they should have enlarged them. Due to the burgeoning
population with diabetes, we’re facing a health care crisis
in cardiac disease.
   Your Heart: Treat It Like You Love It, a 468-page paper-
back, is available for $30 through online booksellers and at
area bookstores.

                                                                   April 2007   •   New Horizons                   •        Page 13
Barc takes you on a tour of Central Iowa attractions...

        The bridges of Madison County were made famous by a 1992 novel by Robert Waller and a 1995 award-winning movie.
--Continued from page 11.                place here every Sunday drawing            Feller struck out 15 batters. The       rabilia from his long career and
looning history are chronicled with      large crowds from the surrounding          following year as a 17-year old, he     features special exhibits, currently
displays and photographs.                area. Visitors can either listen to the    set an American League record by        highlighting the life and career of
   The equipment needed for bal-         music from the spacious porches of         fanning 17 Philadelphia Athletics.      Buck O’Neill, on loan from the
loon adventures is displayed in-         the winery with its tasting room or                                                Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in
cluding envelopes, inflators, and        spread blankets on the rolling hills.            Bob Feller                        Kansas City.
gondolas. The newest addition is the     Normally visitors could opt to stay                                                   Feller, 86, and his wife Anne, live
A. Roy Knavenne balloon, named           overnight at the winery’s lodge-              Cleveland Indians                    in Gates Mills, Ohio.
for the most successful balloon-         style Bed & Breakfast, but it’s un-                                                   The museum, just off Interstate
ist in the St. Louis World’s Fair of     dergoing a compete renovation with                                                 80, is 14 miles north of Winterset.
                                                                                      1936 to ’41 & 1945 to ’56
1903-04. Donated to the museum           an expected 2008 re-opening.                                                       It’s open daily except for Thanks-
by David Rapp of Chesterfield, Mo.,         Make an effort to corral owner                                                  giving, Christmas, New Years Day,
it was purchased in 1987 in Bristol,     and winemaker Ron Mark. He’s an                         266 wins                   and Easter.
England for $47,000. The balloon         entertaining guy with endless tales                                                   Hours vary throughout the year
is shaped like a blimp with a car-       of his intriguing pursuit of life,               279 complete games                but April through September, it’s
riage for a pilot and passenger and      much of it being spent in Europe.                                                  open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday
features a push-type propeller that         The 12-acre vineyard, featur-                      44 shutouts                  through Saturday. On Sundays, the
supplied forward motion.                 ing French hybrid and American                                                     hours are noon to 4 p.m.
   The National Balloon Classic is       grapevines, produces 40,000 bottles                  3,827 innings                    Admission is $5 for adults and $3
an annual event in Indianola that        of wine and has a goal of reaching                                                 for seniors. For more information,
attracts hundreds of balloonists from    100,000. Summerset Road is lo-                                                     log on to (www.bobfellermuseum.
all over the U.S. Throughout the         cated off U.S. Highways 65-69 just                  2,581 strikeouts               org) or call 515-996-2806.
event the colorful balloons take to      north of Indianola.
the skies, hissing with every blast         Tours help visitors learn the                        3.25 ERA
of ignited propane, drifting against     challenges of grape growing and
the backdrop of a brilliant blue sky.    wine making. Visit the tasting room           Thanks to a fastball that often
It’s like watching airborne pots of      where you can sample and purchase          was clocked at over 100 m.p.h.
colorful flowers. This year’s event is   the wines made on site.                    Feller recorded 266 wins despite
slated for July 27 through August 4.         For more information go online         losing four seasons at the peak of
   For more information, log on to       to (www.summersetwine.com) or              his career while he served in the
(www.indianolaiowa.com) or call          call 515-961-3545.                         U.S. Navy during WW II.
515-961-3714.                                Baseball fan or not, you’ll want          Other career highlights included
    If you’re fortunate enough to        to share in the amazing career of          three no-hitters (one on opening
be in the area on a Sunday, a visit      Bob Feller whose hometown of               day in 1940), 12 one-hitters, 2,581
to the Summerset Inn & Winery            Van Meter, Iowa maintains the              strikeouts, and five All Star games.
should be on your agenda. Located        Bob Feller Museum. The museum              Feller was selected as the “Greatest
a few miles north of Indianola,          chronicles the life of the Hall of         Living Right Hand Pitcher” as part
Iowa’s largest winery sits on a ridge    Fame pitcher who signed a major            of professional baseball’s centennial
that offers views of downtown Des        league contract in 1935 at age 16.         celebration. He was inducted into
Moines’ skyline.                            In his first start as a Cleveland       the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1963.
   Free, live music concerts take        Indian against the St. Louis Browns,          The museum highlights memo-                      Bob Feller

Page 14               •          New Horizons                        •             April 2007
      ENOA                   Dora Bingel Senior Center
  Senior Center
  Senior Center                                                                                      “No one understands
                             April 2007 events calendar                                                   how difficult this is!”
    menu for
                                                                                        Move from
     Menu for
    April 2007              You’re invited to visit the Dora Bingel Senior Center,
   April 2007

                                                                                              our home
                         923 N. 38th St., this month for the following:
                            • April 3: “Regeneration” at noon. A meal with enter-
 Monday, April 2         tainment by Terry Edwards. The cost is $3. Bingo fol-
  Meatball Stroganoff    lows the meal (25 cents suggested donation per card).           after all these
 Tuesday, April 3
 BBQ Chicken Quarters
                            • April 10: World Tour begins in Japan.
                            • April 12: Goldenrod Spring Fling @ 1 p.m. in the
                         Salvation Army’s auditorium. Miss Omaha Melanie Sch-
                         reiber will emcee. Bellevue West High School’s Swing           “Where do I start?”           “The idea of moving
   Wednesday,            Choir – The West Connection – will perform.                               “Who can I trust?”    is overwhelming!”
     April 4                • April 17: “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Linda.”                                   As a certified Seniors Real
    Baked Ham            Each month, a guest chef prepares a favorite dish with                                Estate Specialist®, Scott Frohm
                         the center coordinator. The cost is $1 for the meal.                                  will counsel you through the
                            • April 24: Birthday celebration lunch ($1) and bingo.                             major financial & lifestyle
Thursday, April 5           The Dora Bingel Senior Center is open Tuesdays,                                    transitions involved in selling
  Herbed Pork Loin       Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lunch is                                the family home.
                         at noon.                                                                           For more information call
  Friday, April 6           On Thursday, there’s no transportation or lunch, but                            Scott Frohm, Realtor®
                         there’s a 1 p.m. movie. Soda and candies are $1.
    Crunch Pollock
                            Other center activities include sewing, ceramics,
                                                                                                          Seniors Real Estate Specialist
                                                                                                              14250 West Maple Road
                         bridge, and Paw Print Wednesdays (pet therapy day).
 Monday, April 9                                                                                                 Omaha, NE 68164
      Honey                 For meal reservations, to sign up for an activity, or for
                         more information, please call Linda at 898-5854.                                        (402) 598-5858
  Mustard Chicken                                                                                              scottfrohm@realtor.com

Tuesday, April 10

     April 11
   Meatballs w/gravy

Thursday, April 12
    Chicken Basil
   Rice Casserole

 Friday, April 13
  Baked Turkey Ham

Monday, April 16
  BBQ Rib Patty

Tuesday, April 17
   Chicken Patty

      April 18
   Beef Chili Macaroni

Thursday, April 19
 Turkey Breast w/gravy

 Friday, April 20

Monday, April 23
 Chicken Breast Patty

Tuesday, April 24
    Taco Salad

     April 25
   Western Pork Patty

Thursday, April 26
     Fried Steak

 Friday, April 27
   Brunswick Stew

Monday, April 30
 Beef Fiesta Macaroni

                                                        April 2007                •     New Horizons                     •          Page 15
                                                                                                   Ballroom dancing Thursdays

  Senior Employment job opportunities                                 discounted prices
                                                                      on movie tickets                The ‘40s Ballroom Dance Club is looking for new mem-

           he Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging’s Senior                  at 20 grand               bers. Dances are held Thursday nights from 7 to 10 p.m. at
           Employment Program has several paid on                            enior Health          the Eagles building, 24th and Douglas streets.
           the job training placements available in the                      Foundation in            The organization, which isn’t affiliated with the Eagles,
           Omaha area.                                                       partnership with      welcomes singles and couples.
     The program is open to anyone age 55 and older that              Douglas Theaters, Mid-          Membership dues are $45 for eight dances. Non mem-
  has an income of less than $1,021 per month.                        west Geriatrics, and         bers pay an $8 cover at the door each week.
     The program is intended to help older workers up-                First National Bank             Dancers are not allowed to wear jeans, t-shirts, tank tops,
  grade and learn new job skills and to offer a bridge for            offers special show-         shorts, or tennis shoes.
  unemployed older men and women who are looking for                  ings of movies with             Free parking is available on the south and west sides of
  a job.                                                              reduced rates for men        the building.
     For more information, please call 444-6684.                      and women age 50 and            No smoking is permitted inside the building.
     Here’s a list of these positions:                                over at the 20 Grand            For more information, please call Vivian Kelley at 426-
                                                                      Theater, 14304 W.            2779.
                       • Clerical support in Bellevue                 Maple Rd.                       Here’s the band schedule:
                   • Clerical and reception duties in the                The movies are               • April 5: Leo Lonnie
                         93rd & Maple streets area                    offered on the first            • April 12: Tommy Bishop
              • Three clerical and reception positions in the         and third Thursdays             • April 19: Leonard Eby
                        42nd & Center streets area                    of the month at 1:30            • April 26: Greg Spevak
             • Retail sales in the 42nd & Center streets area         p.m. from September
                   • Janitorial position in Sarpy County              through May.                 Christ Child society, vna are
                    • Clerical position in Sarpy County                  General admission
               • Several clerical positions in North Omaha            tickets are $4, $3 for       offering monthly health clinics
                    • Driver with CDL in South Omaha                  members of the Senior           The Christ Child Society        Brief physical exams,
         • Data entry position in the 54th & Center streets area      Health Foundation,           of Omaha and the Visiting        lung and heart sound
      • Clerical support position in the 54th & Center streets area   and $1 for residents of      Nurse Association are of-        checks, and blood pressure
                                                                      area assisted living and     fering a health maintenance      and blood sugar checks are
                                                                      health care facilities.      day for older adults the first   available.
                                                                         For more informa-         Tuesday of each month from         Fifteen to 30-minute

Alzheimer’s chapter, ENOA sponsoring a
                                                                      tion, please call 827-       9 to 11 a.m. at its North        appointments are available
series of three free educational sessions                             6001.                        Omaha facility, 2111 Emmet       by calling Judy Williams at
          he Alzheimer’s Association Midlands Chapter and                                          St                               453-6363.
          the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging are sponsor-
          ing a series of three free sessions titled Caregivers

          are Important: Tools for Caregivers to Navigate             Return homestead exemption apps by July 2
the Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiving Maze. Caregivers are                        pplicants whose names are on         applicants must include Social Security
encouraged to bring their loved one with them to these ses-                    file in the assessor’s offices in    and Railroad Retirement benefits plus any
sions.                                                                         Douglas, Sarpy, Dodge, Cass, and     income for which they receive a Form
   Topics will include recognizing and coping with stress,            Washington counties had a homestead           1099.
identifying and coping with clinical depression, thinking             exemption form mailed to them in Febru-          The homestead exemption amount is
ahead by developing an emergency care profile, and mak-               ary. New applicants must contact their        based on the homeowner’s marital status
ing difficult care decisions.                                         local county assessor’s office to receive     and income level (see below). Maximum
   Here are the dates, times, and locations                           an application.                               exemptions are based on the average as-
                Tuesdays, April 3, 10, 17, & 24                          The 2007 form and a household in-          sessed value for residential property in
                             11 a.m. to noon                          come statement must be completed and          each Nebraska county.
                  Transitions Adult Day Services Center               returned to the county assessor’s office by      The Douglas County Assessor’s of-
                  House of Hope • 4801 N. 52nd St.                    July 2, 2007.                                 fice is sending volunteers into the com-
                                                                         A homestead exemption provides prop-       munity to help older adults complete
                                                                      erty tax relief by exempting all or part of   the homestead exemption application
               Thursdays, May 10, 17, 24, & 31
                              1 to 2 p.m.
                  SarahCare Adult Day Services Center                 the homestead’s valuation from taxation.      form. The volunteers will be located at
                          3615 N. 129th St.                           The state of Nebraska reimburses the          sites throughout the community. A list
                                                                      counties and other government subdivi-        of these locations will be included with
   Registration, which is required to attend these free ses-          sions for the lost tax revenue.               your application form. Assistance is also
sions, can be made by calling 502-4300.                                  To qualify for a homestead exemption,      available by calling Volunteers Assisting
                                                                      a Nebraska homeowner must be age 65 or        Seniors at 444-6617.
                                                                      older by Jan. 1, 2007, the home’s owner/         Beginning Feb. 1, Douglas County resi-
                                                                      occupant through Aug. 15, 2007, and           dents can have their homestead exemption
                                                                      fall within the income guidelines shown       questions answered by calling 597-6659.
                                                                      below.                                           Here are the telephone numbers for the
                                                                         Certain homeowners who have a dis-         assessors’ offices in the counties served
                                                                      ability and totally-disabled war veterans     by the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging:
                                                                      and their widow(er)s may also be eligible     Douglas: 444-7060; Sarpy: 593-2122;
                                                                      for this annual tax break.                    Dodge: 727-3916; Cass: 296-9310; and
                                                                         When determining household income,         Washington: 426-6800.

                                                                                Household income table
                                                                            Over age 65                 Over age 65
                                                                              Married                      Single                       Exemption
                                                                              Income                      Income                        Percentage

                                                                          0-$27,200.99                   0 - $23,200.99                        100
                                                                       27,201 - $28,700.99            $23,201 - $24,400.99                     85
                                                                       $28,701 - $30,100.99           $24,401 - $25,700.99                     70
                                                                       $30,101 - $31,600.99           $25,701 - $26,900.99                     55
                                                                       $31,601 - $33,100.99           $26,901 - $28,100.99                     40
                                                                       $33,101 - $34,500.99           $28,101 - $29,300.99                     25
                                                                        $34,501 and Over               $29,301 and Over                         0

Page 16                  •              New Horizons                    •        April 2007
things you can do to lessen Web site can help ease burdens after a death
                                any people are of this emotional time by al- nal arrangements, as well as

your problems with asthma       uncomfortable  lowing the user to document where to find legal counsel
         sthma is a condition that causes the airways in the               with discussing       information on more than 30            and services.
         lungs to narrow due to spasm and inflammation.         death and dying. If one of       topics including items such               In Repose offers both
         This results in hyper-reactive airways that tighten    your loved ones were to          as the location of important           basic (free) and advanced
up when exposed to certain triggers like exercise, cold/dry     pass away tomorrow, would        documents, the deceased’s              subscriptions which are
air, pollutants, and stress. Further blockage can also oc-      you know their last wishes?      desires about what kind of             $9.95 annually for Memori-
cur due to an increased production of thick mucous. As a        Would they prefer to be          memorial they want, and                als and $12.95 per year for
result, less air is able to get into the lungs and breathing is buried or cremated? Who          considerations about how               My Last Wishes services.
impaired.                                                       is their lawyer? What bank       they want their pets cared                “Death will be experi-
                                                                holds the mortgage on their      for, etc. The service also             enced by everyone, yet very
           As long as you’re medically                          house? Most people don’t         allows the user to create,             few people write down,
                                                                have this information in         store, and deliver personal            discuss, or even think about
                   able to receive it,                          one place, causing uncer-        e-mail messages that can               the chaos they leave behind
         the flu shot may help reduce                           tainty for the loved ones left   be sent to friends and loved           for their families,” says Tom
                                                                behind.                          ones after one passes.                 Goldman, In Repose’s co-
                       your asthma                                 A new web site, In Re-                                               creator.
       flare-ups during the flu season.                         pose, launched recently             Very few people                        “My wife and I created In
                                                                eases the burden of death                                               Repose because of our own
   Common asthma symptoms include:                              for families by document-        write down, discuss,                   experiences dealing with the
   • Coughing, especially during or right after exercise or     ing non-legal information         or even think about                   loss of loved ones and the
exposure to cold.                                               on more than 30 topics such                                             consequences of not know-
   • Wheezing, similar to a whistling noise when you            as the location of impor-        the chaos they leave                   ing what they would have
breathe.                                                        tant documents, wishes for                                              desired.”
   • Chest tightness and an inability to take a deep breath.    funeral services, pets, and         behind for their                       “When people die, they
   • Chest congestion.                                          belongings.                            families.                        often leave conflicting
   • Shortness of breath.                                          In Repose, which means                                               details, loose ends, and
   • Limited exercise endurance.                                the state of being settled at       • Memorials provides                mysteries for their friends
   Cold air often triggers asthma flares within five to 15      peace, is a comprehensive        a means to easily cre-                 and families to figure out,”
minutes after outdoor exercise has begun. While the specif- online resource for death            ate, maintain, and share               says Rev. Ashleea Nielsen,
ic reason why cold air triggers asthma symptoms in certain and dying issues. The web             memories about loved ones              author of the blog The Art of
individuals isn’t proven, it’s thought the cold and dry air ir- site (www.inrepose.com) of-      through biographies and sto-           Living and Dying. “In Re-
ritates the airways, resulting in a constriction and narrowing fers a free place for record-     ries, digital photos, music,           pose is an excellent resource
of the passages that allow airflow into your lungs.             ing, sharing, and updating       and videos.                            for preparing for death and
   Adding exercise to this impairment further strains the       last wishes, memorializing          • Resource Forum pro-               helps mitigates pain dur-
ability to breathe normally in those affected by exercise-in- loved ones, and learning           vides guidance on a variety            ing one of the most difficult
duced asthma, leading to more airway spasm.                     about the cultural and spiri-    of spiritual and cultural as-          times in our lives.”
   At the very least, these symptoms are bothersome. At         tual aspects of death and        pects of death and contains               (In Repose provided this
their worst they can lead to severe breathing problems and      dying.                           helpful links for making fi-           information.)
even death.                                                        In Repose allows users to:
   There are many measures you can take to prevent or              • Safely store informa-
greatly decrease the amount of asthma flare-ups you experi- tion online so fire, flood,           Crowell MeMorial HoMe
ence.                                                           tornado, theft, a hungry dog,
                                                                                                     • Medicare/Medicaid certified
   These include but aren’t limited to:                         or grandchildren looking
   • Consulting a doctor experienced in the diagnosis and       for coloring paper will not          • Secured Alzheimer’s Unit
management of asthma. Family doctors, allergist/immunol- stop your wishes from being                 • Predominantly private rooms
ogists, sports medicine, internists, and pulmonary special-     known and carried out.               • On-site rehabilitation therapists
ists are trained in this area. You may be prescribed several       • Avoid having your fam-          • Assisted living and independent apartments
classes of medication, including one to prevent or control      ily make expensive deci-             • 100 years of loving care
the inflammation of your airways, as well as one to quickly sions.
halt the symptoms once they occur.                                 • Lessen the grief cycle            For additional information, call 402-426-2177
   • Taking your asthma medications as directed. When           for loved ones by sharing                   Crowell Memorial Home
used properly they can prevent many attacks from occur-         your wishes ahead of time.                245 South 22nd Street, Blair, NE 68008
                                                                                                              “Quality Nursing Care for the Elderly since 1905”
ring.                                                              • Make your passing as
   • Always carrying your rescue medications in case of an      easy and organized as pos-

                                                                                                 Grand Opening
unexpected asthma attack.                                       sible for your family.
   • Warming up indoors for 30 minutes prior to any cold           • Get organized and plan                                                        • 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms
weather outdoor activity. This may decrease the chances of for the end of your life now.                                                             up to 1,240 square feet
exercise-induced airway narrowing for several hours.
   • Minimizing outdoor exercising along busy roads or
                                                                   • Learn about what to ex-
                                                                pect from death and dying.          Sunday, April 15                               •   Month-to-month leases

                                                                                                    11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                   •   No entrance fee
in areas where outdoor pollution can further irritate your         • Leave messages for                                                            •   On-site management staff
symptoms.                                                       your loved ones that are too                                                       •   3 meals prepared daily by
   • Exercising indoors if possible. If exercising outdoors,    difficult to express when         • Meet Miss Nebraska Molly McGrath                   our executive culinary team
use a scarf to cover your nose and mouth so the air entering you’re alive.                                                                         •   Fitness center/spa
                                                                                                  • Music by Celtic Wind,     Tour
your nose and mouth remains warm and moist and doesn’t             • Give your pets to some-                                       s
                                                                                                    Phyllis Svoboda at the                         •   Weekly housekeeping
cause the airways to spasm. There are also specially de-        one you know would love
                                                                                                    Kurzweil keyboard,                             •   Valet parking
signed heat exchanger masks that warm up the cold air.          taking care of them.
                                                                                                    and the Bobby Layne Orchestra
   • Avoid using wood stoves or wood fireplaces, as parti-         • Use In Repose as an                                                           •   Garages/extra storage
cles given off can irritate the airways and lead to more cold icebreaker for discussing the       • Buffet 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
weather airway sensitivity.                                     uncomfortable subject of                     west                                  •   All utilities paid/Expanded
   • Taking a preventive dose of asthma medication 30 min- death.                                 Omaha’s ne munity                                    cable TV included

utes before exercising or going outdoors.                          • Memorialize your loved       & finest com d older                             •   Beautiful library/
                                                                                                               n                                       Large billiards room
   • Quitting smoking. Tobacco products are bad for every- ones that have passed.                 for age 55 a                                     •   150-seat theater
one, especially those affected by asthma.                          In Repose’s web site of-                                                        •   Pharmacy/Bank/Salon
   It’s important to speak with your physician regarding the fers three main areas to aid
                                                                                                                                                   •   Scheduled trips & activities
influenza vaccine. As long as you’re medically able to re-      with end-of-life issues:
ceive it, the flu shot may help reduce your asthma flare-ups       • My Last Wishes is                                                             •   In-home Dr. visits
during the flu season.                                          designed to ease the chaos,
   Dedicate yourself to taking your medications, regular        confusion, and guilt-based
health check-ups, and the ability to recognize and treat the    decisions that occur within                 Retirement Community
early symptoms of asthma.                                       the first few days after a             For a free color brochure, call or stop by our office.
   (Kohll’s Pharmacy and Homecare provided this informa- loved one’s passing. It deals                          168th & Maple • (402) 614-3160
tion.)                                                          with the non-legal aspects

                                                                  April 2007            •            New Horizons                              •                 Page        17
Program for Women and Successful Aging
luncheon scheduled for Wednesday, April 18
                                                             drinking too many calories may be a
  The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Program for
Women and Successful Aging will host its third annual
                                                             cause for the nation’s obesity problem
Celebrate Women of Wisdom Because Aging is a Lifetime        By Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist                       showed even among consumers who check

Event on Wednesday, April 18.                                                                                    nutritional labels for calories, don’t take the
  The 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. luncheon, which honors women                  hen researchers look for trends         extra step and multiply for the extra serv-
age 50 and older for their contributions to the community,               that might explain the nation’s         ings to get an accurate total calorie count.
will be held at the Holiday Inn Central, 3321 S. 72nd St.                obesity epidemic, most agree on             Fountain drinks are worse than bottled
  Lorna Landvik, author of Patty Jane’s House of Curl and    at least one thing: Americans have a drink-         beverages. A 32-ounce fountain beverage
Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, will be the keynote        ing problem. Calories in beverages are              costs about 69 cents. Keep in mind a typical
speaker.                                                     something we all need to watch.                     adult should consume 2,000 to 2,500 calo-
  Tickets are $40 or $35 for persons age 60 and older.          It’s not only alcohol, it’s also sodas, sport    ries a day. A regular sweetened soda adds
  For reservations or more information, please call Yolan-   drinks, specialty coffees and teas, and fruit       about 300 calories to your daily intake, has
da Burgos at 554-4897.                                       beverages of every ilk. Except for milk,            no nutritional benefit, and doesn’t alleviate
                                                             Americans’ per capita consumption of most           your hunger!
                                                             beverages has steadily increased over the               Maybe you’re one of those sippers
                                                             last few decades along with our average             or gulpers who’ve made the switch to a
    new horizons Club                                        weight.                                             “healthier” fruit drink or sport beverage.
                                                                Does that mean all the extra guzzling is         Don’t assume you’re coming out much
   membership roll grows!                                    to blame? Nutritional researchers think it’s        ahead of those drinking soda pop. A lot of
                                                             definitely part of the problem for several          commercially produced fruit juice drinks
                                                             well-documented reasons.                            don’t actually contain much juice. They’re
                        $25                                     To begin with, in spite of advertising           mostly high fructose corn syrup, water, and
                  Charlene Cockerill                         promises of “satisfying refreshment,” the           fruit flavorings. The nutrients, if any, have
                                                             science shows when we drink our calories,           usually been added after the fact to make
                                                             we actually don’t feel satisfied.                   the product more appealing to those con-
                        $20                                     With the notable exception of milk, fluid        sumers who investigate the nutritional data.
                      M.C. Averitt                           intake typically isn’t sufficient to trigger            Researchers also find when we drink our
                                                             production of the hormones that alert the           calories, we fail to recognize we’re taking
                                                             brain the stomach has been fed. That’s the          in calories at all! When we load on extra
                       $15                                   sensation doctors call satiety. Most people         calories, most of us compensate by cutting
                                                             call it “being full,” and recognize it as the       back on something else.
                 Barbara Greenspan                           cue to stop eating.                                     This isn’t so with drinks. Studies shows
                                                                This is particularly so if you’re slowly         it’s as if people think calories don’t count
                                                             sipping. That sudden temporary bloat you’ll         if they come in a fluid form. People often
                         $10                                 feel is no substitute for satiety.                  sip drinks throughout the day, but seldom
                   Dorothy Mason                                Now consider that point with another key         displace any food intake to allow for it.
                                                             part of the problem: portion sizes for drink            The good news is as unwanted calories
                   William Linstrom                          servings are ballooning out of control.             go, it’s easy to shave beverage calories off
                      L.P. Schia                                Pick any given bottled beverage, one of          the bottom line. While dieters often have
                                                             those fancy coffees or teas, a fruit drink,         trouble reducing their food calories, re-
                   Lolita Sinderson                          soda, or sport cooler. Then check the nutri-        search shows cutting back on drink calories
                                                             tional label for calories and the number of         is a lot easier to swallow.
                                                             servings.                                               (Cederquist is a weight management
                        $5                                      Dietary research at Penn State University        specialist in Florida.)
               Mary Ann Tomasiewicz
                  William Bennett
                Audrey Fitzpatrick                                                 Attention
   Reflects donations received through
                                                                           Douglas County residents:
August 2006  March 23, 2007.                                       Sept. 2006
                                                                  START SAVING MONEY TODAY
                                                                              ON YOUR
                                                                  PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS
                                                                                   with a FREE
                                                                                Douglas County
                                                                           Prescription Discount Card!
                                                                  Simply present the card at a participating retail pharmacy
                                                                           when you fill or refill your prescriptions.
                                                                      There are no claim forms to fill out and no limit
                                                                       to the number of times you can use the card.*

                                                                          To receive a card or for more information,
                                                                                    please call (toll free)

                                                                *You cannot use the card in conjunction with your insurance.

                                                                 This program is a join effort between Douglas County
                                                                       and the National Association of Counties.

Page 18             •           New Horizons                     •         April 2007
unMC research is examining Helpful free booklet

                                                                                                                 Retired federal employee groups

                                      Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging
causes of alzheimer’s disease hasThefree 20-page booklet available to help
                                                                                                                  meeting at old Country Buffet
                                                                                                                           he National Association of
            nowing the cause     knocked out it also prevents    consumers select the proper assisted living               Retired Federal Employees’
            of any disease is    the ability of the astrocytes   facility.                                                 Chapter 144 meets the first
            the biggest boon     and microglia cells from           Called Know the Facts, the booklet can                 Wednesday of each month at
            to finding ways to   producing a key pro-inflam-     serve as a guide to help users explore their     11:30 a.m. at the Old Country Buffet,
fight and treat it. University   matory cytokine TNF-alpha       housing needs, find out all the facts needed     14525 W. Center Rd.
of Nebraska Medical Center       (tumor necrosis factor-al-      to make a good decision, and learn what             For more information, please call 861-
researcher Tsuneya Ikezu,        pha), which promotes amy-       questions to ask when choosing an assisted       6984.
M.D., Ph.D., has done that       loid deposition in the brain.   living facility.                                    The National Association of Retired
in the case of Alzheimer’s          “Our theory is that the         To receive a free booklet, please call Pat    Federal Employees’ Aksarben Chap-
disease.                         TNF inhibitor might be able     Wilcox at 444-6558, ext. 239 or Sherry           ter 1370 meets the second Wednesday
                                                                 Rush at 546-0788.                                of each month at 11:30 a.m. at the Old
                                                                    Know the Facts is an effort of the Ne-        Country Buffet, 14525 W. Center Rd.
  “This is one important step                                    braska Area Agencies on Aging and the Ne-           For more information, please call 392-
                                                                 braska Health and Human Services System.         0624.
   toward someday finding a
       ‘true’ cure for this                                      Senior Prom scheduled for April 15
                                                                    The Heartland Fam-           1940s. Prom pictures will      is April 9. Mail checks to
     devastating disease.”                                       ily Service Senior Center       be taken, a King and Queen     Heartland Family Service
                                                                 is sponsoring its seventh       crowned, and door prizes       Senior Center, 2101 S. 42nd
   In an article published       to stop the activation of the   annual Senior Prom dinner       awarded.                       St, Omaha Neb. 68105.
this month in The American       astrocytes and microglia,       dance for men and women           Tickets, which are $10,         For more information,
Journal of Pathology, Dr.        reduce amyloid accumula-        age 55 and older on Sunday,     must be paid for in advance.   please call Karen Sides at
Ikezu and his team explain       tion, and potentially slow      April 15 from 4 to 7 p.m. at    The registration deadline      552-7480.
how the inflammatory re-         down the progression of the     the Field Club, 3615 Wool-
sponse generated from the        Alzheimer’s disease,” Dr.       worth Ave.
immune cells of the brain,       Ikezu said.                        The theme for this year’s
also known as microglia and         The findings developed in    prom is “An Affair to Re-
astrocytes, affect clearance     this study demonstrate the      member.” The event will
of amyloid plaques. Such         importance of inflammatory      feature live music by John-
plaques are linked to mental     responses in the progres-       ny O with golden oldies,
deterioration in Alzheimer’s     sive nature of Alzheimer’s      modern tunes, and trivia.
disease.                         disease.                        The Shim Shams tap danc-
   Dr. Ikezu has found              These works are not only     ers will also perform.
when signaling between the       very novel in approach but         The event’s hosts - the
microglia and astrocytes         signal a unique path to track   Heartland Family Service
is disrupted, inflammation       the disease and to develop      Junior Friends - will serve
of the brain is also slowed      unique therapies for mental     dinner, fill dance cards, and
down.                            deterioration, said Howard      provide youthful compan-
   “These are important          Gendelman, M.D., Professor      ionship and dancing part-
findings that are able to        and Chairman of the Depart-     ners.                            Nelda Hirsh and King Erv Heintz were crowned
link inflammation to the         ment of Pharmacology and           Guests are encouraged         as King and Queen of the 2006 Heartland Family
progression of Alzheimer’s       Experimental Neuroscience       to dress in the style of the           Service Senior Center’s Senior Prom.
disease,” Dr. Ikezu said.        at UNMC.
“Although this is just one of       “No question this is one
the mechanisms that cause        important step toward some-               To advertise in New Horizons,
this horrific disease, it is a   day finding a ‘true’ cure for
very important one.”             this devastating disease,”                         please call
   Dr. Ikezu said when the       Dr. Ikezu said.
microglia and astrocytes            (UNMC’s Department of
                                                                                 Mitch at 444-4148
cells that surround the
amyloid plaques in the brain
                                 Public Affairs provided this
                                                                                or Jeff at 444-6654.
are over-stimulated they
produce pro-inflammatory
cytokines.                              Quality Care When You                                       A Caring Community Called HOME!
   The inflammation caused                Need It The Most!
by the cytokines affects
neuronal functioning which              A Tradition Since 1954                                                                           Independent
                                                                                                                                          & Assisted
leads to degeneration of                                                                                                                    Living
nerve cells.
   The next step in Dr.                                                                                               • No Entrance Fee
Ikezu’s research is to find a                                                                                 • Medicaid Waiver Approved
way to stop the activation of                                                                             • All Utilities & Housekeeping Included
the astrocytes and microglia,                                                                             • Spacious 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments
thus reducing amyloid ac-
cumulation and potentially
slowing down the progres-
sion of Alzheimer’s disease.
   Dr. Ikezu’s study was
                                   • Short-term & Long-term Care
done using two sets of mice,       • Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy
a control group and a Swed-        • Rehabilitative & Restorative Programs
ish mutant amyloid precur-         • Dentist, Optometry, & Podiatrist Services
sor protein (APP) transgenic
type of mouse in which the         • Registered Dietitian
interferon-gamma receptor          • Recreation, Music, Activities
was knocked out silencing
the major pro-inflammatory
cytokine signal.
                                   4835 S. 49th Street • Omaha
   In comparison, Dr. Ikezu                                                                        49th & Q Street • 402-731-2118
discovered when the inter-
feron-gamma receptor is
                                    Call 402-733-7200                                                     www.southviewheightsomaha.com

                                                                 April 2007                •          New Horizons                   •         Page 19
                                                                                                                             Project is looking for teach-
Final installment in Travelogues season takes
                                                                                                RsvP                         ers’ aides and tutors.

                                                                                                                                • The Nebraska Medical
travelers on an Orient cruise aboard the QE2                                                                                 Center wants volunteers for
           oug Jones - one       a trans-Atlantic liner and a      The film gives a glimpse       Retired and Senior         a variety of assignments.
           of America’s pre-     cruise ship. The QE2 sailed    of life in some of the            Volunteer Program             • The VA Nebraska-
           mier travel film      across the North Atlantic      world’s most interesting                                     Western Iowa Health Care
           producers - will      for 35 years until being       and exotic travel destina-                                   System needs volunteers for
present Cruising the Ori-        replaced by the Queen Mary     tions. Armchair travelers                                    a variety of duties.
ent on the QE2 on Tuesday,       2 in 2004.                     will see sights ranging from      The Retired and Se-           • Lutheran Family Ser-
April 24 and Wednesday,             The film begins in Syd-     the Sydney Harbor Bridge       nior Volunteer Program is     vices wants volunteers for a
April 25.                        ney, Australia. The QE2        to the Great Wall of China,    recruiting persons age 55     variety of assignments.
                                 sails from Sydney to Mel-      and from Balinese dancers      and older for a variety of       • The Mary Catherine
                                 bourne and Perth before        in Indonesia to a crocodile    opportunities. For more       McAuley Center wants a
                                 heading to Bali. From Bali     wrestler in Thailand.          information in Douglas,       volunteer staff assistant.
                                 the ship goes to the exotic       Tickets to the perfor-      Sarpy, and Cass counties,        • The Douglas County
                                 island nation of Brunei.       mance, which are $11, are      please call 444-6558, ext.    Health Center is looking
                                 From Brunei, the QE2 sails     available at the box office.   229. In Dodge and Wash-       for volunteers for its gift
                                 to Manila and the Philip-      New Horizons readers can       ington counties, please call  shop.
                                 pines.                         get $1 off the ticket price    721-7780.                        The following have volun-
                                    Then it’s on to Hong        by presenting the coupon          The following have         teer opportunities in Dodge
                                 Kong, where viewers travel     on page 12 of this month’s     volunteer opportunities in    and Washington counties:
                                 overland to Xian and Bei-      issue.                         Douglas, Sarpy, and Cass         • Birchwood Manor
                                 jing. The next stop is Tokyo      For more information,       counties:                     (North Bend) wants volun-
                                 and the wonders of Japan       please call Mike Kinsel           • The Omaha Fire           teers for a variety of assign-
        Doug Jones               followed by stops in Viet-     at 256-5228 or log on the      Department needs adminis- ments.
   The film is the final         nam, Thailand, and Singa-      Internet at (www.superiorat-   trative and clerical support,    • The Fremont Car-Go
production in the 50th an-       pore.                          tractions.com).                and volunteers to help with   Program needs volunteer
niversary season of Mike                                                                       its education and public      drivers.
Kinsel’s Superior Attrac-                                                                      relations programs.              • CareCorps Inc. is
tions’ Travelogues series.                                                                        • Lakeside Village is      looking for volunteers for a
   Show times are April 24                                                                     looking for volunteers for a variety of duties.
at 2 and 7:30 p.m. and April                                                                   variety of assignments.          • The Fremont Area
25 at 2 p.m. Performances                                                                         • The Omaha Public         Medical Center needs
will be at the barrier-free                                                                    Schools need a volunteer      volunteers for a variety of
Cinema Center Theater,                                                                         teacher assistant.            assignments.
2828 S. 82nd Ave. There’s                                                                         • The Durham Western          • The Arlington Public
plenty of free on-site park-                                                                   Heritage Museum wants         Library needs volunteer as-
ing available.                                                                                 volunteers to work at its     sistants to shelf, select, and
   In 1969, the legendary                                                                      soda fountain, gift shop, and check out books.
Queen Elizabeth 2 was                                                                          front desk, and to serve as a    • The Good Shepherd
launched as the third of the                                                                   docent.                       Lutheran Home wants
Cunard Queens vessels. She                                                                        • The Omaha Children’s volunteers to transport
was the first ship to serve as     The QE2 sailed the North Atlantic for 35 years.             Museum is looking for         residents in wheelchairs,
                                                                                               volunteers for a variety of   decorate, and help with
                                                                                               assignments.                  activities.

  Book provides easy-to-use legal information                                                     • Mosaic needs a volun-       • The Hooper Care Cen-
          here’s a lot of legal information        Special topics include:                     teer handyman to do odd       ter is looking for volunteers
          available to consumers today.            • Your rights in a dispute with a neigh-    jobs.                         to assist the activity director
          Most, however, is written in legal-   bor.                                              • Heartland Family Ser- with a variety of activities.
  ese and directed toward attorneys.               • What steps you should follow after        vice wants a volunteer craft     • The RSVP Advisory
  To provide an easy-to-use guide to            receiving a traffic ticket.                    instructor and evening help   Council is recruiting volun-
  answer your legal questions, Socrates            • Information on “lemon laws.”              with its Family and Com-      teer members.
  Media has compiled The Practical Law             • Your rights when buying a home or         munity Together Program.         • Big Brothers/Big
  Handbook: Solutions for Everyday Legal        car or leasing an apartment.                      • Brighton Gardens         Sisters wants school-based
  Questions.                                       • What to do if you’re the victim of        wants a volunteer to play     mentors.
     The 421-page trade paperback, which        identity theft.                                games with its residents.        • The Building Blocks
  sells for $29.95, features the basics of         The book also contains personal and            • The Lutheran Home        Boutique needs volunteers
  everyday law in a concise clear format.       business law dictionaries of terms, real es-   needs a friendly visitor.     to help with young mothers
     The Practical Law Handbook has 36          tate and employment forms, and a variety          • The Open Door Mis-       and babies.
  sections which address questions related      of complaint forms.                            sion is looking for a volun-     • The Fremont Area
  to a variety of areas including business,        The Practical Law Handbook: Solu-           teer to answer the telephone. Chamber of Commerce is
  finance, marriage, real estate, inheri-       tions for Everyday Legal Questions is             • The Montclair Nurs-      looking for volunteers for a
  tance, elder care, and criminal law.          available at area bookstores.                  ing & Rehab Center needs variety of duties.
                                                                                               volunteers to help with a        • The Blair Auxiliary
                                                                                               variety of activities.        Closet needs help in its
                                                                                                  • Heartland Fam-           warehouse and gift shop.

 Opening This Summer                                                                           ily Service is looking for
                                                                                               volunteers for a variety of
                                                                                                  • The Veterans Affairs
                                                                                                                                • The Fremont Elkhorn
                                                                                                                             Valley Railroad wants
                                                                                                                             volunteers for a variety of
         Beautiful, Affordable Apartment Homes for                                             Medical Center is looking
                                                                                               for volunteers for its gift
                     Independent Seniors                                                       shop and information desk,
                                                                                               to serve as patient escorts,         Horizons
        Trinity                                                                                and to visit patients.
                                                                                                  • The Omaha Police De-
                                                                                               partment needs volunteers
                                                                                                                                         is an
            Courtyard                                                                          for a variety of assignments.
                                                                                                  • Radio Talking Book
                                                                                               wants persons to record
                                                                                               their readings of newspapers
                                                                                                                                     Offce on
      An Immanuel Senior Living Community                                                                                               Aging
                                                                                               and magazines.
                    620 West Lincoln Street ~ Papillion, NE 68046                                 • Metropolitan Com-            publication.
                                                                                               munity College’s Literacy

Page 20                •          New Horizons                      •        April 2007
attorney general’s program designed                             ENOA has resources                Free smoke, carbon monoxide
to help nebraskans recognize scams                              for area grandparents
   The Nebraska Department of Justice and Nebraska Attor-       By Nancy Fullwood                  detectors, available through

ney General Jon Bruning’s office have implemented a pro-
gram across the state to help Nebraskans recognize scams           Nationally, 2.4 million           Omaha Fire Department
and to provide tips on what individuals can do if they or       grandparent-headed house-                   he Omaha Fire Department’s Public Education
someone they know are the target of fraud.                      holds are raising their 4.5                 and Affairs Department is available to install
   The Senior Anti Fraud Education (SAFE) program rec-          million grandchildren. This                 free smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors
ognizes that scams targeted at older adults generate billions   represents more than 6 per-                 inside the residences of area homeowners.
of dollars each year for criminals.                             cent of American children            To have a free smoke and/or carbon monoxide detec-
   “Together we must fight back. Education is the best          under age 18.                     tor installed inside your home, send your name, ad-
weapon we have to fight consumer fraud,” Bruning said.             The Eastern Nebraska Of-       dress, and telephone number to:
   Here are some warning signs that may indicate a scam:        fice on Aging’s Grandparent          Omaha Fire Department
   • The offer sounds too good to be true.                      Resource Center provides a           Public Education and Affairs Bureau
   • You’re notified you won a contest you didn’t enter.        wide range of services for           1516 Jackson St.
   • There’s pressure to make a decision or to act immedi-      grandparent raising their            Omaha, NE 68102
ately.                                                          grandchildren.                       For more information, please call Joe Fuxa at 444-
   • You’re asked for your Social Security number, bank ac-        These services include         3847.
count number, or credit card number.                            monthly support group
   • You’re told not to call, confirm, or check with anyone     meetings, telephone support
about the offer, prize, or sweepstakes won.
   • You’re required to pay shipping and handling or fees
                                                                when a caregiver is in crisis
                                                                or needs someone to talk to,
                                                                                                 aaRP offering programs
for a FREE prize.
   SAFE also offered these tips on what to do if you suspect
                                                                assistance locating low-cost
                                                                child care and transporta-       at its information center
a scam:                                                         tion, access to low-cost or        AARP Nebraska is offering a free series of educational
   • Be direct. It’s OK to hang up the phone or shut the        pro bono legal services,         and entertainment programs at its Nebraska Information
door.                                                           access to programs avail-        Center, 1941 S. 42nd St. (Center Mall), Suite 220.
   • Shred statements, receipts, applications, forms, and       able through the Eastern           The programs run from 1:30 to 3 p.m.
documents that contain private or secure information.           Nebraska Office on Aging,          Here’s the schedule:
   • Don’t give out identifying information or account num-     and a resource library for         • April 10: Adventures in Learning. Ron Crampton will
bers to people you don’t know.                                  grandparents and children.       speak about Eldershostels.
   • Ask for in writing the information being discussed.           The program reaches             • May 8: Songs & Music with the Offuttaires.
   • Consult a trusted professional, family member, or          out to grandparents raising        • June 12: Singing and dancing with DC and the Hot
friend.                                                         their grandchildren to assist    Flash Dancers.
   • Call law enforcement immediately if you think you’ve       them in learning parenting         • July 10: Dr. Penny Kowal will speak about Achieving
been a fraud victim                                             techniques, to share cop-        Your Dreams At Any Age.
   “As a service to Nebraskans, our office offers presenta-     ing skills, to “put the tiger”     For more information, please call 398-9568.
tions to educate seniors about fraud,” Bruning said. “Con-      back into their tanks, and to
tact us if you are interested in learning more about senior     help them realize they’re not
fraud or if you are interested in volunteering with these       alone.                                 Telephone legal access line
presentations.”                                                    The intake process isn’t

   For more information, please call 1-800-727-6432 or 1-       time consuming and the                available to older Nebraskans
888-287-0778.                                                   results can be life alter-                 egal Aid of Nebraska has been awarded a
                                                                ing. There is no charge for                $296,000 two-year grant from the U.S. Admin-
                                                                services.                                  istration on Aging to oper-
    NET program to offer                                           For more information,           ate a telephone legal access line for
                                                                please call 444-6536.              older adults.
  tax tips and tax experts                                         (Fullwood is ENOA’s             The ElderAccessLine is available
      NET Television, along     send questions via e-mail       Grandparent Resource Cen-          to Nebraskans age 60 and older at
  with representatives of the   to NET Television’s Web         ter coordinator.)                  827-5656 in Omaha and 1-800-
  Nebraska Society of Cer-      site (netNebraska.org).                                            527-7249 statewide.
  tified Public Accountants                                     ;;;;;;                             This service to available to older
                                ‘Tax Tips: A Nebraska                     aaRP
  and the Internal Revenue                                                                         Nebraskans regardless of income,
  Service encourage view-         Connects Special’                      Meeting                   race, or ethnicity.
  ers to watch Tax Tips:           Thursday, April 3                     schedule
  A Nebraska Connects Spe-              8 p.m.
  cial on Thursday, April              on NET1                   Florence Chapter
  3 at 8 p.m. on NET1 for
  free tax advice and helpful      A videotaped version          April 16
  hints from experts.           of Tax Tips: A Nebraska          @ 12 p.m.
      Viewers will have the     Connects Special will            Olive Crest
  opportunity to ask experts    repeat on NET1 on Thurs-
  questions by calling (toll    day, April 5 at 9 p.m. and        Methodist Church
  free) 800-676-5446 across     on NET2 on Tuesday,              7180 N. 60th St.                  Experience the Cruise Ship Atmosphere
  the state. Viewers can also   April 10 at 9 p.m.               453-4825
                                                                                                   Luxurious Walnut Grove – the        •   No entrance fee
new books from Cancer society                                    Bellevue Chapter                  perfect choice for independent      •   Month-to-month leases
                                                                 April 24                          people over 55 who are looking      •   150-seat theatre
focus on colon, prostate cancer                                  @ 11:30 a.m.                      for comfort, security, a friendly   •   Fine dining/resort-style
   The American Cancer Society has recently published two                                          community, and convenience              living
new books in its QuickFACTS series designed to provide           FOE
                                                                                                                                       •   Studio, 1, 2, and 3
information, support, and tools people need to cope and live     209 W. Mission Ave.               in the place they can call home.
                                                                                                                                           bedroom layouts
well with cancer through diagnosis, treatment, and life after    291-7438
cancer.                                                                                                                                •   Fitness Center
   QuickFACTS Colon Cancer and QuickFACTS Prostate                                                                                     •   On-site banking
Cancer offer detailed summaries of the respective cancers,       Mid City                                                              •   Close to shopping
then go on to discuss risk factors, causes, prevention and       April 23                              ADULT LIVING COMMUNITY

detection, treatment options, and questions to ask health        @ 10:30 a.m.                                                              For a free color brochure,
care providers.                                                                                     4901 S. 153rd St.                      call or stop by our office
   QuickFACTS Colon Cancer and QuickFACTS Prostate               Omaha OIC                          402-861-1611                            anytime, 7 days a week.
Cancer are available for $7.95 each online at (www.can-          2724 N. 24th St.
cer.org/bookstore), by calling 1-800-ACS-2345, or at area        573-6015                                    www.walnutgroveretirement.net

                                                                April 2007                  •           New Horizons                          •          Page 21
   AARP offering ID theft, shredding programs                                                          are you getting enough sleep?
     In cooperation with Nebraska Attorney           tions and giveaways will be distributed to            Daylight Saving Time, which started last month, is often
  General Jon Bruning and Shred-It, AARP             participants.                                     greeted by an extra hit of the “snooze” button on the alarm
  Nebraska will hold two events in Omaha                Consumers are advised to keep certain          clock. Springing forward means losing an hour of sleep; a
  this month designed to help consumers              bank, financial, household, and medical           loss that could hit especially hard this year.
  combat identity theft.                             documents for a minimum number of                     “It’s easy to blame the time change for our lack of sleep,
     A free seminar on identity theft will be        years before shredding. For a list of docu-       but the cause really goes much deeper,” says William Bau-
  held on Tuesday, April 17 from 1:30 to             ments with recommended timelines, visit           mann, M.D., co-director of the Sleep Center at The Nebras-
  3 p.m. at the AARP Information Center,             (www.aarp.org/ne) or call AARP Nebras-            ka Medical Center. “Many people aren’t getting the sleep
  1941 S. 42nd St., Suite 220 (Center Mall).         ka toll free at 1-866-389-5651.                   they need on a regular basis. It’s not just a ‘once’ or ‘twice a
  To register, please call 398-9568.                    To report identity theft, call your local      year’ problem.”
     In a repeat of a popular activity last          police department, the Nebraska Attorney              So how much sleep do you need? Dr. Baumann stresses
  fall, a free community shredding event             General’s Consumer Protection Division            the exact amount is based on the individual.
  will take place on Saturday, April 21 from         at 1-800-727-6432, or the Federal Trade               “It’s the amount of sleep you need in order to function
  10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the east end of the top       Commission’s toll-free ID Theft Hotline           properly,” he says. “On average for adults, that’s about
  level of the Center Mall’s parking lot.            at 1-877-438-4338.                                seven to eight hours of sleep per night.”
     People should enter the parking lot at             For more information about dealing                 Dr. Baumann points out many of the most common sleep
  41st & Center streets. A mobile shred-             with the consequences of identity theft,          mistakes begin at bedtime.
  der will be set up on site. Participants           visit (www.consumer/gov/idtheft) or                   “Keep the bedroom quiet, cool, comfortable, and restful.
  can bring up to two boxes or bags of               (www.ago.state.ne.us).                            Use low lighting and don’t leave the television blaring. The
  documents to be destroyed. Unloading                  (AARP Nebraska provided this infor-            bedroom should be a good sleep environment, not a place to
  assistance will be provided. Free publica-         mation.)                                          multi-task,” he says.
                                                                                                           Dr. Baumann and The Nebraska Medical Center’s Sleep
                                                                                                       Center offer these tips for a more restful night year-round:
                                                                      Attention walkers!                   • Don’t eat a big meal or plan a fitness workout within
  Caregivers support group
                                                                         The Christ Child Soci-        four hours of bedtime.
          hildren of Aging Parents (CAPS), a non-profit               ety of Omaha has a new               • Don’t rely on sleep aids as a permanent solution. Most
          organization based in Pennsylvania, has formed              free walking club for older      are made for only short-term use and could contribute to
          a new support group in Omaha for adults strug-              adults that meets Mondays,       sleep disturbances if taken for too long.
  gling with issues surrounding caregiving and aging                  Wednesdays, and Fridays              • Do consider a small snack before going to bed. Foods
  parents.                                                            from 7 to 9 a.m. at Christ       like yogurt, a banana, or a warm cup of milk can help in-
     Participants discuss topics like the emotional strain of         Child’s North Omaha Cen-         duce sleepiness.
  caring for an aging parent, how to manage stress, aging,            ter, 2111 Emmet St.                  • Do exercise during the day. At least 30 minutes of
  dying with dignity, and the guilt associated with care-                Participants will be able     exercise several times per week can be beneficial to overall
  giving.                                                             to take advantage of the         physical wellbeing.
     The Omaha CAPS group meets the fourth Wednes-                    organization’s new fitness           • Do keep a consistent sleep routine (similar bedtime and
  day of each month from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the New                center when in opens later       wake-up), even on weekends.
  York Life office on the first floor of One Valmont Plaza            this spring.                         • Do seek medical attention if sleep disturbances become
  (off West Dodge Road at the Boys Town exit near                        For more information,         more serious and disrupt daily life. This could be a sign of a
  Charleston’s Restaurant).                                           please call 453-6363.            more serious health problem.
     CAPS can also provide information on a variety of                                                     People who have difficulty adjusting to the time change
  topics including nursing homes, retirement communi-                      PLEASE                      each year can ease some of the strain by gradually chang-
  ties, elder law attorneys, day care facilities, and medical             SUPPORT                      ing their sleep and wake schedule in the three or four days
  insurance providers.                                                                                 approaching Daylight Saving Time.
     To reserve your place in the group or for more infor-
                                                                            NEW                            Going to bed 15 to 20 minutes earlier each day can help
  mation, please call Crystall Williams-Bonner at 496-                   HORIZONS                      alleviate the feeling of sleep deprivation that hits after the
  6400, ext. 6501.                                                      ADVERTISERS!                   time change.
                                                                                                           If all else fails, take a tip from mom and try a short nap.
                                                                                                       Just remember to rest early in the day so it doesn’t disrupt
Nebraska Tobacco Quitline available 24/7
                                                                                                       or push back bedtime.
     f you’ve ever tried to         Society counselors.                 • Within two to three              “We all lead such busy lives it can be a challenge to fit in
     quit smoking or chew-             During your first call to      months, circulation im-          everything we need to do in a given day,” says Dr. Bau-
     ing tobacco you know           the Quitline you’re given a       proves, walking becomes          mann. “Sleep needs to be a necessity rather than a luxury.
it’s hard to stop. It’s difficult   choice of services includ-        easier, and lung function        It is an important part of our physical and cognitive well-
because nicotine is a very          ing telephone counseling,         increases up to 30 percent.      being.”
addictive drug. In fact, it         self-help materials, referrals      • Within a year your risk          (The Nebraska Medical Center supplied this information.)
isn’t uncommon for many             to community programs, or         of coronary heart disease
tobacco users to try to quit        any combination of these.         will be half that of a smoker.
several times before suc-              If you chose counsel-            There’s also the cost fac-     Help line offers bilingual information
ceeding.                            ing, you’re offered a brief       tor to you and society as a         Bilingual information         Partnership.
   Each time you try to give        counseling session on the         whole. A 20-year smoker,         about hospice care, pal-            The number for the
up using tobacco products,          spot and given the option to      who smokes a pack of             liative care, helping loved      Cuidando con Carino Com-
you learn more about what           enroll in proactive counsel-      cigarettes a day, will have      ones with grief and loss,        passionate Care HelpLine is
works for you and eventu-           ing as well. Counselors will      spent more than $25,000 on       and caregiving is available      (toll free) 1-877-658-8896.
ally you can succeed. The           call you at times that best fit   cigarettes (at $3.50 a pack).    according to the Nebraska           The service is offered
Nebraska Tobacco Quitline           your schedule. All informa-       That’s enough to buy a new       Hospice and Palliative Care      from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
can help you quit using             tion you provide is confi-        car or make a down pay-
tobacco products for good.          dential.                          ment on a home.                  Free programs at                 Support group for
   The Quitline is sponsored           Since launching in June          To society, the costs are
by the Nebraska Health and          2006, the Nebraska Tobacco        astronomical with medical        st. joseph tower                 widows, widowers
Human Services System’s             Quitline has averaged 50 to       costs attributable to tobacco       You’re invited to attend        Theos - a non-denomi-
Tobacco Free Nebraska pro-          100 new enrollees (people         usage totaling more than         a series of free educational     national organization for
gram as a result of federal         who sign up for counseling)       $537 million annually in         programs each month in the       widows and widowers -
funding.                            each month.                       Nebraska alone.                  lecture hall at St. Joseph       meets the second Monday of
   The toll-free Quitline              There are many benefits          There’s no one right way       Tower, 2210 S. 10th St.          each month at 7 p.m. at the
- 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-            to quitting tobacco use, with     to give up tobacco products,     Refreshments will be served      Presbyterian Church of the
784-8669) - gives Nebraska          benefits to your health being     but the Quitline is one tool     at the 1:30 event.               Cross, 1517 S. 114th St.
residents 24 hours a day,           foremost. For example:            that can help.                      The scheduled speakers          The meetings include a
seven days a week free                 • Within 20 minutes of           In fact, telephone coun-       are:                             program and refreshments.
access to tobacco cessa-            smoking the last cigarette        seling programs, like the           • April 12: Glen Van            Members have an op-
tion counseling and support         your blood pressure and           Nebraska Tobacco Quitline,       Ekeren from Vetter Health        portunity to sign up for a
services.                           pulse rate drops to normal.       have been proven to double       Services.                        variety of activities.
   Calls are answered by               • Within three days,           your chances of quitting to-        For reservations or more        For more information,
ors at the American Cancer          breathing is easier.              bacco products successfully.     information, call 952-5000.      call 399-0759 or 393-3052.

Page 22                 •            New Horizons                        •         April 2007
Would you consider driving a hybrid vehicle?                                                                                                   Kiwanis Pancake Day

                                                                                                                                               scheduled for April 3
        rom fuel cells to plug-in hybrids, the automobile           • Diesel: Diesel vehicles are largely an anathema to                          The Omaha Citywide
        industry is showing more research and development        environmentalists and California clean air regulators, but                    Kiwanis Pancake Day is
        zeal than at any time since the halcyon days of 1900,    they’re becoming a majority on the roads of Europe (where                     scheduled for Tuesday,
when gasoline, steam, and electric vehicles were in compe-       green consciousness is almost a given) and they deserve a                     April 3 at Lewis & Clark
tition.                                                          second look.                                                                  Middle School, 6901 Burt
    With seesawing gas prices and uncertainty about the fu-                                                                                    St., from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
ture of oil, consumers are finally focusing on fuel economy             With seesawing gas prices and                                             The annual fundraiser
and looking beyond big SUVs for their next vehicle.                    uncertainty about the future of oil,                                    began in 1951 when four
    A J.D. Power and Associates survey last summer found                                                                                       Omaha Kiwanis groups
an amazing 57 percent of respondents would consider buy-
                                                                     consumers are finally focusing on fuel                                    combined forces to sponsor
ing a hybrid car for their next vehicle, and 49 percent would        economy and looking beyond big SUVs                                       a pancake breakfast.
consider a car powered by E85 ethanol.                                       for their next vehicle.                                              The brainchild netted
    A Frost & Sullivan survey found that 80 percent are more                                                                                   around $500 that year and
concerned about fuel prices than they were a year ago.              The good news for diesel partisans is the federally man-                   spawned what became an
    Despite these numbers and the fact cars like the Toyota      dated low-sulfur (below 15 parts per million) diesel fuel                     annual event. Twelve clubs
Prius are proliferating on U.S. roads, hybrids still made        that went on the market at up to 76,000 American filling                      are cooperating in this
up slightly more than 1 percent of the market in 2006. By        stations late last year. It’s the cleanest diesel fuel in the                 year’s Pancake Day, and the
2013, J.D. Power predicts the total to be around 5 percent.      world.                                                                        financial stakes are consid-
    This year, expect to see a wide range of new hybrids on          • Biodiesel: There are several forms of biodiesel fuel,                   erably higher today.
the market from the compact Honda Fit Hybrid (with fuel          and the categories can confuse the novice. Biodiesel, in                         Last year, Pancake Day
economy over 50 m.p.g.) to the Toyota Sienna seven-seat          blends with standard diesel of 5 to 100 percent, has been                     grossed $16,416 and netted
minivan (approximately 40 m.p.g.). You’ll even be able to        refined to work without modification in any newer diesel                      $13,621.
buy a hybrid version of the Chevy Tahoe (though expect           vehicle. With a kit from companies like Greasecar, diesels                       Don Egr of the Omaha
only a 25 percent improvement over the SUV’s 17 m.p.g.).         can burn 100 percent vegetable oil, which can be sourced                      Golden K Kiwanis Club is
    Indeed, after a protracted period of sticker shock at the    and filtered from restaurants for a wholly recycled fuel.                     the Pancake Day general
pumps, the public is showing interest in a range of cleaner         Biodiesel, which offers both improved emissions and the                    chairman. Egr is relinquish-
automotive technologies from hybrids to fuel cells, battery      opportunity to thumb your nose at fossil fuel, is still largely               ing the post after this year.
vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and cars that run on biodiesel        a grassroots enterprise with enthusiasts banding together in                     Tickets, which are $4.50,
fuel. Still, consumers remain quite confused about both the      co-ops.                                                                       may be purchased from any
potential and the timetable for these technologies, and much        • Batteries and fuel cells: If any one technology can                      Omaha-area Kiwanian.
of what they think they know is wrong.                           replace the internal-combustion engine, it’s the fuel cell,
    For instance, it’s still commonly believed hybrid vehicles   which doesn’t burn anything but instead converts hydro-                        Emotions Anonymous
need to be plugged in. Here’s some of what’s happening:          gen (stored in a tank as liquid or gas) to electricity. Its only                 Emotions Anonymous
    • Hybrids: Although hybrid sales slowed somewhat at          tailpipe emission is water vapor.                                             - a 12-step self-help
the end of 2006 as gas prices eased and the federal credit          Fuel cells were invented in the mid-19th century and                       support group - meets
was cut in half (it went, for example, from $3,150 for the       have since provided electric power on NASA space mis-                         every Thursday from 12
top-selling Toyota Prius to $1,575), 2006 was still a banner     sions, but they’re only now becoming practical for ground                     to 1 p.m. in the 93rd and
year, with 251,803 hybrids sold.                                 transportation.                                                               Dodge streets area.
    There are now more than 550,000 hybrid vehicles on              Electric vehicles are showing promise, especially with                        For more information,
U.S. roads. More than 200,000 hybrids were sold in 2005,         the advent of high-output, lightweight lithium-ion batteries.                 please call Marie at 697-
doubling the 88,000 sold in 2004. A plethora of new hybrid          (E - The Environmental Magazine provided this infor-                       1023.
models are on the way.                                           mation.)

   Maple Ridge’s grand opening                                    CLASSIFIEDS                              BOLTER                                  Will transfer your

                                                                                Call                       40th Street Carpet Mall              cassettes & LPs to CD.
  celebration on Sunday, April 15                                       444-4148
                                                                                                        4002 Hamilton • Omaha, NE 68131
                                                                                                         “We’ll save you money”
            ou’re invited to attend the grand opening of                 to place your ad                   (402) 554-0459                         402-345-3232
            the Maple Ridge Retirement Community,
            3525 N. 167th Circle (southeast corner of                                                         POOL TABLES                       DO YOU NEED HELP?
                                                                 Home Minor Maintenance
            168th & Maple streets) on Sunday, April 15                                                  Moving, refelting, assemble, repair,   With meals, laundry, errands,
                                                                  Old fashioned work ethic
 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.                                                                                   tear down. Used slate tables.
                                                                                                                                                  and household duties.
                                                                     Reasonable rates
    The festivities will include a buffet, a visit from Miss                                            We pay CASH for slate pool tables.
                                                                                                                                                    Reasonable rates
                                                                  Contact George Ingle at
 Nebraska Molly McGrath from noon to 2 p.m., music by                                                        Big Red Billiards
                                                                         551-4342                                                                    Call: 345-2596
 Celtic Wind from noon to 1 p.m., Phyllis Svoboda at the                                                         598-5225
 Kurzweil keyboard from noon to 1 p.m., and the Bobby
 Layne Orchestra from 2 to 3:30 p.m.                                   OLD STUFF WANTED                                                             Lamplighter II
    For more information, please call 614-3160.                             (before 1975)               TOP CASH PAID                          Some of the nicest, newer, 2 BR & 1BR
                                                                    Postcards, photos, drapes,           Best & honest prices                   apartments. Elevator, w & d, heated
                                                                 lamps, 1950s and before fabrics,                                                parking garage. Small complex. By
                                                                        clothes, lady’s hats,
                                                                                                        paid for: Old jewelry, fur-             bus & shopping. No pets or smoking.
                                                                                                        niture, glassware & dishes,
  Columnist looking for eateries                                   & men’s ties, pictures, pottery,
                                                                    glass, jewelry, toys, fountain       knick-knacks, old hats &
                                                                                                                                               93rd & Maple • 397-6921

                                                                                                           purses, dolls, old toys,
  that are conversation friendly                                        pens, furniture, etc.
                                                                            Call anytime                        quilts, linens,                     A+ Heartland
    “Restaurants are so         it, share with him your                397-0254 or 250-9389                 buttons, pottery, etc.                 Concrete Const.
                                                                                                                                                Driveways, garage floors,
 noisy you can hardly           favorite menu item at                                                       Also buying estates
                                                                                                                                                sidewalks, retaining walls.
 have a conversation,”          this restaurant.                                                              & partial estates.
 is a common complaint                                                REPUTABLE                            Call Bev at 339-2856                      patio specialists.
                                                                     SERVICES, INC.                                                                Insured/references.
 heard by New Horizons                                                                                                                            13 year BBB Member
 columnist Barc Wade.
    Wade is on a campaign
                                                                 • REMODELING & HOME
                                                                                                               deFreese                                731-2094
 to find restaurants in                                          • SAFETy EqUIPMENT                             Manor
 Eastern Nebraska where                                             Handrails, smoke & fire alarms                                              Tree Trimming
 he can dine in a quiet,                                         • PAINTING
                                                                                                          Subsidized housing for
 conversation-friendly                                             INTERIOR/EXTERIOR                      those age 62 and over                           Beat the
 atmosphere.                                                                                                   with incomes
                                                                 • HANDyMAN SERVICES
                                                                                                              under $23,300                            falling flakes!
    Tell him the name                                                                                          (one person)                     Chipping & removal.
                                                                  • Senior Discounts • Free Estimates
 of your favorite dining          E-mail Wade at (www.                                                          or $26,600
                                                                      • References • Fully Insured                                             Your prunings chipped.
 establishment where he         barcwade@netzero.net)                                                         (two persons)
 can enjoy a nice meal          or send a note to him at            Quality Professional Service                                               Experienced & insured.
 and some quiet conver-         1725 S. 189 Ct., Omaha,          Better Business Bureau Member                    2669 Dodge                       Senior discount.
                                                                                                                  Omaha, NE
 sation. While you’re at        Neb. 68130.
                                                                        455-7000                                  345-0622                         894-9206
                                                                 April 2007                       •         New Horizons                           •              Page 23
special display at Crook house on april 15                                                      attorney general’s office, Champs

       ollectors will display   House Museum at Fort              and from aprons to yellow     offering anti-fraud program april 3
       their favorite wares     Omaha, 5730 N. 30th St..          ware and tramp art.              Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning and Champs,
       at the Gen. Crook           Visitors will be able to en-      The collections are for    the Center for Healthy Aging, Ministries, Programs &
House Guild’s Second An-        joy the Victorian furnishings     display and enjoyment only.   Services, is offering a presentation titled, The Nebraska
nual Collectors’ event on       and decorative arts of the        No sales will be made.        Department of Justice Senior Anti-Fraud Education Pro-
Sunday, April 15 from 1 to      authentically restored Crook         The $5 admission charge    gram.
4 p.m.                          House while viewing col-          a special includes refresh-      The free event, designed to teach people how to recog-
  More than 30 collections      lections that vary from R.S.      ments plus viewing of         nize scams, is scheduled for Tuesday, April 3 from 10:30
will be displayed through-      Prussia china to Trans-Mis-       the Crook House and the       a.m. to noon at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 13271 Millard
out the historic Gen. Crook     sissippi Exposition jewelry,      collections.                  Ave.
                                                                                                   Registration, which is encouraged, can be made by call-
Tips to help avoid burial disagreements                                                         ing the Champs office at 895-2224.

By William E. Seidler, Jr.                    children is next in line.                         Fundraiser for pregnancy counseling
                                                 • The decedent’s surviving parents, if

Seidler & Seidler, PC
                                              there are any.                                         facility is scheduled for April 3
        he last thing families want to think     • The heirs under the property intestacy      			A Walk for Life – a fundraiser for A Woman’s Touch
        about before a funeral is, “Who has   statutes.                                        Pregnancy Counseling Center – will begin on Saturday,
        priority in deciding what will happen    • If the decedent had a legally appointed     April 28 at 9 a.m. The event will start at the counseling
to the Mom’s remains?” While the issue        guardian at the time of death, then the          center, 908 W. Mission Ave. in Bellevue.
doesn’t arise frequently, it can be a source  guardian is next on the list.                       The two-mile walk through picturesque Olde Towne
of stress as we recently saw in the case of      • The personal representative nominated       Bellevue, will include refreshments and information
Anna Nicole Smith.                            in the decedent’s last will and testament.       about businesses along the route.
   For Nebraska families, the issue arises       • The state anatomical board.                    A Woman’s Touch Pregnancy Counseling Center
when there are disagreements between sur-        If you want to avoid disagreements            helps young women who are experiencing unplanned
viving spouses and the decedent’s children    among family members about burial ar-            pregnancies to choose life rather than aborting their
about how funeral arrangements should         rangements, you should contact an attor-         babies.
be handled. The disagreements are more        ney and make written instructions about             Funds raised at this year’s event will help expand the
frequent when the surviving spouse isn’t the how your remains should be handled. The           facility’s programs and services to meet the increasing
parent of the surviving children.             instructions can be included in a last will      demand on its resources.
   Nebraska law provides if no prior ar-      and testament or in a separately prepared,          For information, please call Mary Benak at 933-
rangements are made by the decedent, the      notarized affidavit.                             2988.
funeral home is to follow an order of pri-       (The information in this column is gen-
ority in determining who has the right to     eral. Slight changes in individual fact situ-
control the disposition of the remains. The   ations may require a material variance in

order of priority is as follows:              the applicable advice. You shouldn’t attempt      nCoa develops new web site
   • The surviving spouse.                    to solve individual problems based on the             he National Council on Aging has unveiled a new
   • If the surviving spouse is incompetent   advice contained in this column. If you have          web site (www.ncoa.org) to better meet users’ needs.
or not available, or if there is no surviving questions regarding the above information,            The new site has a cleaner look and a revised naviga-
spouse, then the decedent’s surviving adult   contact an attorney.)                         tion scheme to improve usability.
                                                                                               While targeted primarily to aging-field professionals, the
                                                                                            site also contains separate sections geared to consumers
               The New Horizons is an Eastern                                               and incorporates design elements that enable older adults to
         Nebraska Office on Aging publication.                                              more easily read the site. Feedback from professionals and
                                                                                            older men and women guided the redesign.
                                                                                                         “Before we changed the first word,
                                                                                                          NCOA went directly to those who

                                              isn’t it                                                   used the site - professionals in the
                                                                                                              aging field and seniors.”
                                                                                                   “Before we changed the first word, NCOA went directly
                                            about time                                          to those who used the site - professionals in the aging field
                                                                                                and seniors - to hear what they wanted from our site,” said
                                                                                                Scott Parkin, NCOA’s vice president of communications.

                                             you gave                                              “We tested button names, the site’s structure, and its look
                                                                                                and feel. The new topic-driven navigation, uplifting color
                                                                                                scheme, and joyful photos of older Americans grew out of
                                                                                                recommendations we received through user tests.”
                                            us a call?                                             Users now can access site information by subject, using
                                                                                                four main buttons that reflect NCOA’s primary program or
                                                                                                impact areas:
                                                                                                   • Health includes NCOA’s Center for Healthy Aging,
                                                                                                as well as the organization’s health education campaigns.
                                                                                                There is also a health tips for seniors section.
                                                                                                   • Staying Independent shares details on NCOA’s Use
                                                                                                Your Home to Stay at Home reverse mortgages effort and
        Advertise in the New Horizons                                                           its Senior Center National Accreditation program.
                                                                                                   • Jobs and Volunteering houses NCOA’s National Center
       “The Voice for Older Nebraskans”                                                         for Family Friends, its RespectAbility and Wisdom Works
                                                                                                civic engagement initiatives, and its two mature workers
                                                                                                programs (the Senior Community Service Employment
                                                                                                Program and Senior Environmental Employment Program).
           To find out more about getting your                                                  This section also features a Jobs Board open to profession-
                                                                                                als and seniors.
            advertising message out, please call                                                   • Benefits for Seniors includes information on NCOA’s
                                                                                                BenefitsCheckUp online service that helps older Americans
                                                                                                find and apply for benefits programs, its My Medicare Mat-
      Mitch Laudenback at 444-4148                                                              ters program that educates people on the Medicare Pre-
                                                                                                scription Drug Coverage, and the Access to Benefits Coali-
      or Jeff Reinhardt at 444-6654                                                             tion that NCOA chairs.
                                                                                                   (The National Council on Aging provided this informa-

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