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									                                          Round-UD of Training Simulators
 Realistic an
         _ in the two highest liability
 r., ...omotor skills is possible in a
 simulated environment.

 See article for specific URLs.

                                                                            lit V

                         eraerjcy driving; train forxise-of-force

                    T Gavigan

     The benefit of virtual driving
      and firearms training simulators
to officers cannot be denied. Today's
training simulators for law enforce-
ment feature the latest technology
and software to make scenarios as
realistic as possible. First responders
are better prepared in the field or on
patrol thanks to simulators like the
following from industry leaders.

16 LAW and ORDER I March 2012
Driving Simulators                                                    Each 550LE driving simulator is a single operator unit that allows
                                                                      the driver to interact with computer-generated vehicles in a realis-
                                                                      tic environment. Multiple 550LE law enforcement simulators can
                                                                      be linked to create real-time scenarios enabling the development
                                                                      of team-based skills and essential agency policy training.
                                                                         Features of the 550LE include: visual system and graphics;
                                                                      steering adjustment; digital voice instruction; radio; emer-
                                                                      gency lighting and sirens; Virtual World 3.0; Doron Positioning
                                                                      System (DPS); malfunction capabilities; SkillTrak Reaction
                                                                      Evaluation; and TextAloud.
                                                                         The SSOLEplus Driving Simulator builds on the advanced 550LE
                                                                      by providing a 225-degree field of view with three 55-inch display
                                                                      panels, minimizing seam distraction and visual interruption.
                                                                         Additional features include: Optimum vehicle perspec-
                                                                      tive; Dolby 5.1 digital surround sound; 1024x786 resolution;
                                                                      facilitates complete and realistic intersection shoulder checks;
                                                                      coolflow ventilation system; cutting-edge design lines; only
Applied Simulation Technologies                                       two 1.5-inch seems between display panels; and new dynamic
www.appliedsimtech.com                                                virtual world graphics.
EVOC-101 from Arrlied Simulation Technologies is a self-con-
tained Emerger:        chide Operations Course that runs on the
PatrolSim drivir.c -        : r~. EVOC-101 includes lesson plans
that teach phv^c; - - a judgement and application soft-
ware to track ar.d :-: : ;: jress. It has been shown to reduce
critical error; b;. - r^rcer.t and manage "simulator sickness"
to under 1 percent
   EVOC-101 UY.              - online training for police and emer-
gency vehicle .           I ?. convenient and always accessible
setting. It provider the fundamental skills that better prepare
trainees for a c           uiator or test track. EVOC-101 Web has
been shown to :r: rr; -. driver performance scores and to train
drivers to be ie>? liskv.

                                                                      FAAC Inc.
                                                                      The newest product in FAAC Incorporated's public safety
                                                                      simulator lineup is the LE-1000, a simulator with the latest
                                                                      technology and features/functions requested by experts in
                                                                      the field. The LE-1000 is feature-rich, with advancements to its
                                                                      physical size, instructor convenience, build time, ergonomic
                                                                      improvements, and even more training scenarios.
                                                                         The LE-1000 includes: Three large LED screens that retain a
                                                                      225-degree horizontal field-of-view; All-in-one instructor console
                                                                      manageable with Apple I products, such as iPad, iPod and iPhone;
                                                                      Streamlined physical footprint; Charger and Crown Victoria
                                                                      dashboard cab models; open-style cockpit that makes it easier for
                                                                      Driving Force customers to transition from driving to force options
                                                                      simulation training; Scientifically tested vehicle dynamics; Mobile
                                                                      Data Terminal that receives live and pre-programmed dispatch
                                                                      information; comprehensive curriculum, including networked
Doron Precision Systems Inc.                                          response and supervisory scenarios; and 60-day delivery lead time.
www.doronprecision.com                                                   In addition to physical and software improvements, FAAC's
Doron's 550LETN: Driving Simulator is an interactive, law-enforce-    curriculum features more than 100 training scenarios, from simple
ment driving simulator designed to provide a dynamic train-           skill-building exercises to complex multi-tasking and decision-
ing environment for a variety of law enforcement applications.        making exercises.

                                                                                                       www.lawandordermag.com 17
        FOCUS I Round-up of Training Simulators

                                                                 Virtual Driver Interactive
                                                                Virtual Driver Interactive's (VDI) partners with law enforce-
L-3 DPA                                                         ment officials in outreach and training programs that engage
www.l-3training.com                                             communities in helping teens become good drivers for life.
L-3 DPA instructional systems analyze training require- VDI's simulators are used for officer defensive driving train-
ments and provide an effective, cost efficient program with ing, impaired and distracted driver training at high schools,
documented validity. Based on an agency's needs, L-3 DPA and by the traffic unit at community events. By offering a wide
will provide the life-cycle support needed to maintain the range of system hardware options, VDI's customers can expect
relevancy of courseware content and the performance of          highly portable, affordable and effective solutions. VDI offers
an agency's instructional system. L-3 DPA's Interactive a robust hardware product portfolio including full cabs, mid-
Multimedia Instruction, IMI, is a learning environment size cockpits and desktop virtual trainers.
where words, sounds, images and actions are all available          Virtual Hazard Detection (Virtual HD) is a voice-controlled,
when needed. L-3 DPA's IMI provides students with what interactive simulation-based driver safety program designed
they need to see and hear to accomplish job-specific tasks to improve hazard recognition skills, lower accident rates,
and activities.                                                 and reduce distracted driving. Virtual HD is a unique driver
   Various levels of interactivity provide options of increas- training program focused on eliminating the primary reason
ing fidelity that bring students systematically from initial why drivers become involved in a crash: a failure to recognize
knowledge acquisition through to planning, decision-making and react to hazardous driving situations.
and assessment of results as they perform complete job tasks.      Virtual HD provides training scenarios that cannot be
L-3 DPA's IMI shows, tells, asks, answers and enables. Stu- easily duplicated in a traditional, behind-the-wheel training
dents learn, and prove their learning through performance.      course. Training occurs within a driver's most recognizable
   L-3 DPA's Electronic Classrooms provide instructors with environment in varying weather conditions including city,
comprehensive capabilities to present information, track highway, commercial, parking lots and residential. Virtual HD
progress, and record student performance. The use of net- allows drivers to practice hazard detection techniques in a fun,
worked and wireless devices enhances the learning experi- safe, yet challenging simulation environment.
ence providing direct feedback to the instructor. Each student     Concepts covered include hazard anticipation, recognition,
station can operate independently while the instructor moni- distracted driving, proper space management and reaction
tors progress. Interactive lectures are developed to maximize time. Unique to Virtual HD is the ability to replay near misses
the learning experience by maintaining student attention and with multiple camera perspectives including aerial views, views
focus. Configurations and courseware are developed for each from other drivers, as well as views from bicycles/motorcycles.
unique learning environment to maximize the effectiveness of       One Simple Decision (OSD) is a simulation-based experience
the training solution.                                          designed to deter distracted or impaired driving by focusing
   The Sim Commander allows the driver to navigate exclusively on the consequences of these actions. OSD was
through the training program via touchscreen, freeing up the created with the direct participation of law enforcement, judicial
resources of the trainer. Wireless remote control combines the and trauma personnel. OSD combines high-fidelity simulation
most commonly used features of the OpCon/(IOS) and Sim- and high-definition consequence videos along with interactive
Commander all in the palm of the instructor's hand.             quizzes, live texting and "Reality Checks" (interviews with
   The PatrolSim Series—Police Car Driving Simulator fea- actual law enforcement personnel, judges and first responders)
tures flexibility, realism and instructor freedom in a modular, to actually modify driving behavior.
versatile design. High-resolution graphics provide real:;          Each lesson can be completed in as little as 20 minutes to
allowing organizations to practice critical decision-mar        accommodate greater throughput but talking points and
skills in a risk-free environment. Utilize hundreds of POST videos can extend lessons as needed. The goal of One Simple
Certified Scenarios including: traffic stops, pursuit -         Decision is to let drivers experience the consequences of their
vehicles and emergency response calls.                          actions without putting themselves or others in danger.

18 LAW and ORDER i March 2012
                                                                          threat identification. Exercises range from simple plates and
                                                                          poppers up to full-scale shoot houses.
                                                                             With the Force on Force option in the MILO Range sys-
                                                                          tem, trainees interact with instructors, other trainees or other
                                                                          actors, in real time. All actions are captured, along with weapon
                                                                          use, just like a normal scenario, allowing a complete review.
                                                                          With Force on Force, trainees interact with unscripted real-time
                                                                          actors for the most challenging and realistic training experience.
                                                                          Screens can be in separate rooms or even separate buildings.
                                                                             For both firearms and driver training, IBS' Driving Force is
                                                                          a combined driving and force options training system. Officers
                                                                          do exactly the same things in the training room that they do
                                                                          on duty—receiving and responding to a call in their patrol car,
                                                                          conducting an investigation, a field interview, making a simu-
                                                                          lated arrest or even implementing a level of force necessary to
                                                                          gain compliance from a subject. The most valuable component
                                                                          of this combined training is that it takes the officer from the
IES Interactive Training                                                  beginning to the end of the call.
www.ies-usa.corr.                                                            The features include Fully Integrated Simulation Training;
IBS Interac::                 .:"Iy developed and released the            Best in Start-to-End Training Cycles; Compression of Situational
MILO Rar--- ~        -,- ir.d MILO Range Theatre products,                Dynamics; Opportunity to Choose Incorrectly; More Practice;
and the\                 ?:r s only fully integrated driving              Tailored Instructional Sessions; Objective and Repeatable
simulator an; -          : _ . ::rearms training simulator in             Training Sessions; Start-to-Finish Call Cycle Training.
an embedcii' - ~ - - -- •-- ;.V.:ed the Driving Force. Other
new inno\ ar.;-- ~   : i [ES's Stereo 3D training scenarios,
16-device capa'n~                 mber of other industry-leading
features su;.' : -                vration with cover flow design.
   MILORar.;. -                   ;d series of simulation training
products for.:       -            military and security personnel.
MILO Range - -                    interactive high-definition video
training seer;                :. :•_--generated graphics content
to allow rrair.c                         Z ~- the use of simulated and
live weapons
   Each hIII       -             .r;lv.des three primary training
modes: scer.?.r.                     .-. GraphX Targeting. A fourth,
optional tra:~;:                ;_ on Force, provides real-time
interactivity' :hr               : actors such as other trainees or
instructors Sea            : . .:':-jractive Use of Force training
videos; inters —               v:hirig video provides a training
platform for -it          • -; by allowing verbalization and
weapon u~: _                                                              Meggitt Training Systems Inc.
   Trainee; ;.:-.        :: adapt to the threat on-screen by              www.meggitt.com
taking COY-r            . ;: rrjnands, and using the appropri-            Meggitt continues the legacy and reliability of the FATS brand
ate level of ror;e                  :ts in real time to weapons used      with the FATS L7 training simulator, the latest in its line of
by the trair.e= i           rr: r ual branch selections made by           marksmanship and judgmental firearms training systems.
the ins true:                                                             The FATS L7 is an advanced, self-contained simulation train-
   Firing L'-~- :      .r-Lare firearms targeting solution for            ing system that easily moves from the trunk of a cruiser to
pistols and nf.r-                  :-.r\- from static to fully scripted   positioned on the floor and ready for training. A compact
courses o:                           vus on trainees instead of sys-      touchscreen tablet PC provides wireless instructor control for
tern opera n;r                     performs the instructor-defined        ease of use, while an intuitive graphic interface eliminates the
distance, ~.                  _- adjustment as well, providing            need for lengthy instructor training.
on-screen               :ru;rions to shooters.                               The FATS L7 system offers marksmanship training ranging
   Interactive T           : izes 2D and 3D graphics-based                from basic to advanced, and judgmental training to enhance offi-
exercises: p           c 'rearms skills and decision making,              cers' understanding of "shoot/don't shoot" situations, use of force,
Powered r               e GraphX technology, the system re-               and the corresponding decision-making process. It's capable of
acts in real trr c      rj used by the trainee, and scores are            supporting training of multiple officers simultaneously, and up to
displayed               ining session. Trainees can improve               eight system-controlled weapons during Judgmental Video Train-
basic firearrv - -       as timing, accuracy, acquisition and             ing, allowing users to practice working as a team.

                                                                                                           www.lawandordermag.com 19
   In individual Marksmanship Trair.ir.c ~; ;-.-, the system emu-       VirTra Systems Use of Force Simulator, training time is no longer
lates a range-type training environment where each officer may          limited to ammunition supplies, weather conditions or time of day.
shoot a different exercise, and in accordance v.'ith range safety/         The VirTra 300 is reconf igurable to support up to 15 individual
spacing guidelines, the system can support training of up to four       firing lanes for Marksmanship training. An optional breach door
officers simultaneously.                                                is available for tactical SWAT training.
   The flexibility, advanced features ana authoring tools of               Less-than-lethal options include TASER, OC and Baton;
the FATS L7 allows instructors to continuously adapt training           drop-in recoil kits enable firearms training with the exact same
courseware to meet departmental needs. Integrated Authoring             weapon officers use on the street. VirTra's patented Threat-Fire
tools provide for instructor creation of nev>- marksmanship train-      hostile return fire system adds real world consequence to train-
ing courses, while the newly featured Integrated Video Author-          ing by delivering a customizable electric impulse or vibration
ing Station supports customer creation of new video scenarios.          simulating return fire.
From active shooters and vehicle stops, to emotionally disturbed           VirTra's drop-in tetherless recoil kits convert a duty handgun
person situations, agencies can build scenarios that are true to        or rifle into an effective training weapon that uses compressed
what their officers experience out on the street.                       gas to simulate recoil during training. Build fundamental fire-
   Meggitt Training Systems' BlueFire Wireless Weapon Simula-           arms skills like reacquiring targets after weapon discharge.
tors use commercial wireless Bluetooth technology to commu-             Recoil kits require no modification of the weapon, can be quickly
nicate with the training system in the same manner as System            installed or removed, and are available for almost every hand-
Controlled (tethered) Weapons. For weapons with recoil, this is         gun or rifle on the market.
achieved with a rechargeable patented magazine of compressed               Scenario branching options allow trainers to escalate and de-
gas. This is significant in that, while not tethered, Meggitt Train-    escalate situations to multiple outcomes. Full marksmanship
ing Systems BlueFire weapons still retain the full sensor feedback.     courseware gives instructors the tools to help advance shooting
   These patented BlueFire® weapon simulators can be used in            skills from novice to expert; optional scenario authoring capabili-
conjunction with other System Controlled Weapon simulators              ties allow instructors to develop customized courses of fire.
without requiring any modification. Meggitt Training Systems               Scenarios involving active shooter, ambushes, disturbances,
has BlueFire® versions of Chemical Spray, Taser, the Clock 17           domestic violence incidents, and more allow users to exer-
pistol, and BlueFire® configurations of the Sig P226, Beretta           cise verbal and critical thinking skills as well as shoot/don't
M9, Walther P99, M4 and SRS Rifle (Ml 6 type) simulators and            shoot decision-making. High-resolution video-based scenarios
a BlueFire® M&P 40.                                                     featuring real actors help in life and death decision-making.
                                                                        They train reading and reacting to facial expressions, subtle
                                                                        eye movements and body language—queues unavailable from
                                                                        computer-generated scenarios.
                                                                           A fully directional surround-sound system featuring more
                                                                        than 2,000 watts of audio creates a realistic, immersive training
                                                                        environment with audio realism. Users can sense the direction
                                                                        and distance of sounds during training, and feel the stage rumble
                                                                        as helicopters fly overhead while training through intense audi-
                                                                        tory distractions such as gunshots, explosions, sirens and more.
                                                                           Instructor control panel allows instructors to access frequently
                                                                        used features quickly by easily selecting scenarios, branches
                                                                        and training weapons. Add audio distractions and activate
                                                                        the Threat-Fire hostile return fire system through a simplified
                                                                        user interface. Threat-Fire easily clips on to the trainee, uses a
                                                                        rechargeable battery pack, is wireless, and can penetrate many
                                                                        layers of clothing.
                                                                           The standard setting of just 30 milliseconds of electric
                                                                        impulse is enough to add real-world consequences that greatly
VirTra Systems                                                          enhance the effectiveness of simulation training. As opposed to
www.virtia.com                                                          shoot-back cannons, Threat-Fire requires no aiming, allowing
The VirTra 300 LE use of force training simulator allows law            instructors to focus fully on the trainee, does not leave behind
enforcement officers to build judgmental use of force, marksman-        materials that require cleanup, and has low risk of personal injury
ship and tactical training skills. The VirTra 300 LE is the world's     compared to shoot-back projectiles.
only 300-degree video-based use-of-force training simulator.
Five screens, combined with an immersive 300-degree training
platform, recoil kits for a variety of weapons, and sweat-inducing      Jennifer Gavigan has been contributing to LAW and ORDER for more than
video scenarios translates into real-world skills.                      eight years, writing on cutting-edge topics in law enforcement. She can be
   Features and benefits include an immersive 300-degree simu-          reachedatjgavigan@hendonpub.com.
lator platform. This 300-degree firearms training system allows
users to engage threats across multiple screens, building situational          Post your comments on this story by visiting |
awareness skills to address threats from many directions. With a

20 LAW and ORDER I March 2012
                                  Hands-on with meggitt's Simulator


FIRERRM5 & TRRINING                         Most of us would be content to complete a 30-year career without even7
 By Steve Tracy                             firing a shot. But, if a life and death situation presents itself, we want to be
                                            well prepared. Police officers need to be more than just good shots on the

                                            range. We need to make sound decisions quickly and we need to unite our
                                            decisions with the physicality of firing on a threat.
      Professional athletes                     The newest version of the Firearms Training System (FATS) is much
      train and practice for the            more than just shoot/don't shoot. In 2007, FATS was acquired by Meggitt
big game. They work hard to                 Training Systems. Meggitt is a one-stop shop that provides turnkey, full
                                            spectrum, virtual through live training capability with complete mission
become proficient at split                  planning and situational awareness tools.
second decision making that                     I recently attended a Meggitt instructor's course to become a trainer for
unites with their body's physi-             the new FATS. The course is included with the purchase of a FATS system.
                                            A local, multi-regional law enforcement training board had purchased two
cal actions. Sports athletes per-                  E new systems to be shared by numerous police departments, including
form almost without thought                 ~ L-.C. I took receipt of the system and then spent two and a half weeks train-
when they throw a football,                 ifi c my rellow officers with filmed scenarios projected onto a huge screen.
hit a baseball, or shoot a three
pointer. In law enforcement, The Hardware of a projector-computer, a laptop controller, a 16-
                                     -} stem consists
we may train and practice with    l--:oot screen with two stereo speakers, a SCUBA tank/air charg-
our firearms routinely, but for     n, and a handgun modified by Bluefire to accommodate a laser
most police officers, we never        ::. All of the hardware is securely packed for repeated transport
                                          -ective hard cases with close fitting foam protective interiors.
actually "play the big game."         "ing system must be operated in near darkness. Exit signs ma\

22 LAW and ORDER I March 2012
                                                                                                                       The tiny computer and
                                                                                                                       battery system inside the
                                                                                                                       Giock modified with
                                                                                                                       Bluetooth® wireless

                                                                                                                     The Software
                                                                                                                       Once the Meggitt FATS
                                                                                                                       was set up, its operation
                                                                                                                       was simple and straight-
                                                                                                                      forward. The laptop and
                                                                                                                   projector powered up and
                                                                                                                the Bluetooth found the wireless
                                                                                                       Clock. The laptop's main screen offered
   > The Biue^e --c                  7 uses compressed air charged magazines to cycle the              the choice of Marksmanship or Judg-
     action.        :a"::            i ammo—only a laser through its custom barrel.                    ment with icons of a target or branching
need to be covered temporarily with                    When a fully charged (with compressed           arrows respectively.
cardboard and duct tape, and all win-               air) magazine is inserted, the computer               The Marksmanship aspect of FATS
dows will need to be completely dark-               recognizes its presence. The computer              offers a department the ability to install
ened. A basemen: — . : - - _ :--..- :< the least    knows the gun is still not loaded until the        their own qualification courses for vari-
complicated setting. Once the system has            slide is retracted to simulate stripping a         ous firearms. Tech savvy operators can
been properly set up and calibrated, it is          live round from the magazine. Racking              even download digital photographs of
best to ensure it remains stable in a secure        the slide informs the computer that a              their own firearms range and targets to
training room.                                      round has been chambered and the gun               recreate their own department's range
   The projector-coinpuier rests on the floor       is ready for use.                                  facility up on the big screen.
and has built in adjustable legs for adjust-            Bluetooth® wireless technology al-                Various simulations can be created
ing elevation tot the images projected on           lows the pistol to interact with the com-          by firearms instructors to mimic actual
the easily erected screen, ft's a smart idea to     puter inside the projector. The laptop             courses of fire. State qualifications, in-
place a portable table o*w the projector to         control unit lets the instructor set the           cluding various distances and number of
prevent it from beaig accidentally kicked           magazine capacity of the firearm. After            shots fired can be programmed. SWAT
or otherwise knocked around.                        the Clock has fired 17 rounds, the slide           courses, rifle courses, and just about any-
   Setting up the iiaaiaig system laptop            locks back as if empty. Ejecting the               thing other law enforcement training can
on the table above the profector works              magazine and re-inserting it or a fresh            be entered into the computer system.
well. The instrudor-eM then sit behind              magazine and then letting the slide go                The Judgment aspect of FATS first of-
the project:: rsie controlling it with the          forward imitates a proper reload. Again,           fers a series of shield icons to choose a
laptop for an ssssartor's eve view of the           the computer knows what the trainee is             category. Hospital/Campus, Anti-Ter-
scenarios. The tuinas can move to cover             doing. It's an impressive system.                  ror, Vehicle Stops, VIP Protection, Of-
during the scenarios,. bt& they cannot step            When fired, the recoil from the com-            ficer Down, In Custody (Police and Jail
directly in fret* a                        : they   pressed air is enough to cycle the ac-             Guard), Airport & Checkpoint, School/
will interfere with the peofeeied images.           tion and disturb the sight picture. The            Workplace Violence and SWAT catego-
   A 3000 ps SCLHA *wk hoofcs up to a               speaker system provides the sound of               ries are all new.
charging ?:; - - - I eastom magazines               gunfire. Working together, the recoil and             After a Judgment shield category is
with compressed air. Each magazine                  Hollywood quality sound combine for a              chosen, star icons are labeled with nu-
will cycle the tctaoti at m sens-automatic          genuine experience simulating live gun-            merous scenarios to choose from. Once
handgur ; r : • -              r ihiitv times,      fire. Officers were impressed with the             a star scenario is selected, the screen
simulating shofe Seed from even the                 authenticity of the non-tethered system.           displays "Load your weapon" and the
highest capadfer magnum Hie charg-                  The Clock drew from and returned to                trainee inserts a fresh magazine, re-
ing sta:                   ie-to-securely hold      their holsters just like their duty gun.           tracts the slide to simulate chambering
magazine                               _ • Led.        The Bluefire firearm comes with its             a round, and then holsters the weapon
Most firehoases saw st*«r own fill sta-             own wall plug charging wires. The pis-             in preparation for a narration prior to
tions to ;r;:;: -              »tank when it        tol's internal battery system remains              the start of the scenario.
runs low and               wed air does not         powered and ready for action through an               As each scenario unfolds on the
require any specai 1                                eight hour training day. After a four hour         screen in life size proportion, trainees
   The har.ic--- --c-.: :                 - was     recharge, the battery is ready to tackle           use verbal direction and treat the sce-
a Clock Model!                        was con-      another eight hours of training.                   narici as if it was the real thing. The
verted by Bhaes                    barrel that         Several other weapons are FATS com-             darkened room and the realistic actions
project? : - : - - - . - -      •> pistol func-     patible through Bluefire, including rifles,        and words used by the actors (most
tions the sane as * standard duty                   shotguns, electronic control devices, pep-         must be law enforcement officers since
sidearrr. ;--: . - .          ; inside of the       per spray, and batons. Their use allows offi-      they've really got it down) create a sim-
magazine                          e tiny com-       cers to realistically respond to each scer.jir!:   - : - ::"t promotes lively interaction.
puter ek.:                              • d cun.    with an entire range of use of force option-          The instructor can branch each see-

                                                                                                                 '.".•.•.'.'.lawandordermag.com 23
 nario via the laptop in reaction to th           s verbal direc-       officer draws the weapon. The line will show the muzzle ar-
 tion. An officer may give the command to. Drop the knife!"             riving on target. The color of the line changes as the officer
 The instructor then has the option c: dicking the mouse to             presses the trigger. The line then changes color again when
 cause the scenario to branch so that the :'::e:-.der drops the         the pistol is fired and recoil jumps the muzzle upwards.
 knife. Other choices are usually avai!.-^.- fee ignore the offi-          The changing of the line's color can show the trigger being
 cer's command, attack with the knife, or even drop the knife           pulled and the muzzle being pulled down and to the left for a
 and instead pull a gun. The branching ability of the FATS              right handed shooter who is jerking the trigger. An officer can
 means there are several hundreds of possible scenarios to              then practice pressing the trigger straight back and the replay can
 present to trainees. After each scenario, the instructor should        display the colored lines of the muzzle to show improvement.
 ask the trainee to recount what happened. After the response,             Explaining tunnel vision with words can be challenging. The
 the scenario can be replayed and the sidearm's muzzle is               FATS demonstrates tunnel vision better than any words can con-
 tracked by a crosshair on the screen. The lack of a crosshair          vey. Several officers focused their attention on an armed subject
 shows the gun to have remained bolstered.                              in the middle of the screen. The subject moved to the right and
    When drawn, the gun's muzzle direction appears on the               fired at the officers. The officers returned fire and the scenario
 screen and may show a "low ready" position or it may show              ended. When asked, "How many shots did the second offender
 the muzzle directly on target. Each shot fired displays on the         fire?" the usual response was, "What second offender?"
 screen as a green miss, a yellow non-lethal hit, a red lethal hit,        During the replay and no longer under stress, the officers
 or a purple hit on an innocent subject.                                clearly saw a second offender on the left of the screen firing
                                                                        a handgun at them. The teachable moment demonstrated by
 The Training                                                           the simulator was, "That's what we call tunnel vision."
 Law enforcement officers become enveloped in the FATS train-              The same goes for muzzle awareness or "sweeping" an-
 ing. The realism brings out true reactions in the trainee. Escala-     other officer. Some scenarios included a fellow officer and
 tion of voice in both pitch and volume provides evidence that          the crosshair during the replay displays exactly where the
 the training is being taken seriously. Officers will sweat and         muzzle of the trainee's pistol is pointed. It's reassuring to see
 experience elevated heart rates. The scenarios impart stress           officers not sweep their backup.
 when the actors refuse to comply and continue to shout back.              Scenarios further demonstrate that shots fired through car
    Because we want to train as realistically as possible, each offi-   doors, glass, and drywall can still register as red lethal hits.
 cer should be alone in the training room with only the instructor.     If an offender already had a gun out, the FATS expressed the
 An audience can cause self awareness which can lead to unre-           necessity for officers to have their weapons drawn as well.
 alistic verbal and physical actions. The training should also not      After many scenarios, officers articulated their concern that
 be conducted while fellow officers or supervisors are present.         they didn't have their gun out fast enough. They learned from
    Several instructional concepts present themselves besides           the experience and did not make the same mistake again.
 just shoot/don't shoot options. During live fire on a range,
 it can be difficult to explain faults and even more difficult to       Realistic Training with
 convince an officer that the faults are occurring.                     Traditional Shooting
    At shooting distances beyond just a few yards, instinct or          The Firearms Training System is not designed to replace live
 point shooting can fall apart a fail. During playback of a scenario,   fire range training. However, it is an outstanding way to
 officers can see the speed of their draw and the time it takes to      teach several aspects of firearms training that are difficult to
 get on target. Officers can learn by seeing several green missed       showcase with real bullets. The new FATS is much more than
 shots when perhaps one well placed shot using their sights             the old system from a couple decades ago.
 would have ended the scenario quicker. The first three missed             Officers complimented the FATS for its realism and took
 shots accomplished nothing when the time may have been better          away countless benefits from the training. Officers wished they
 spent on sight alignment prior to pressing the trigger.                could spend even more time on the FATS. The training and
    Correcting an officer who is jerking their handgun's trigger        practice definitely prepares them better for an armed encounter.
 can be difficult, especially when the trainee doesn't realize             We all hope that law enforcement officers will never have to
 or accept that he is actually jerking the trigger. The laser in-       "play the big game" with their lives on the line. But if they do,
 side the Bluefire handgun is constantly on. The FATS offers            the newest version of Meggitt's FATS offers the next best thing in
 a program that replays where shots hit on a standard silhou-           place of actually being there. FATS is an outstandingly realistic
 ette target. However, this program goes one step further and           training aid that supplements standard live fire range training.
 will actually show exactly where the
 muzzle of the gun was pointed dur-                                                       Steve Tracy is a 24-year police veteran with 22 years of
 ing the draw and subsequent firing                                                       experience as a firearms instructor. He also is an instruc-
 of the pistol.                                                                          tor for tactical rifles, use of force, less-than-lethal force
    A colored line will come up from                                                     and scenario based training. He can be reached at steven-
 the bottom of the screen as the                                                        lracy@hendonpub.com.
      A laptop is used to control the FATS
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categories, which then split into even more
                star icon scenario choices.

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