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St. Louis’ Grand Slam Tour 8th Annual Season Registration Form The original grand slam tennis tour celebrates it’s 8 anniversary as the best grassroots tennis program in the country. T-Rx has produced grand slam champions since 2000 and offers new incentives for 2007!

Players will compete in 4 Grand Slam events:  Australian Open (Hard Court)  Wimbledon (Nova Grass)  US Open (Hard Court)  French Open (Clay Court) Players have option to compete in 2 New Bonus Point events:  Italian Open (Clay Court)  Kings Club (Nova Grass)

Players will compete in New International Ladders:  European (Clay Court)  All-England (Nova Grass)

Players will also compete in Challenge Matches to accumulate ranking points for seeding and year end Championship Events.

Schedule of Events for 2007 season
Challenge and Ladder Matches Begin Australian Open First Round Weekend Italian Open Bonus Event French Open First Round Weekend Kings Club Bonus Event Wimbledon First Round Weekend US Open First Round Weekend Last Day for Challenge and Ladder Matches Final 8 Championships March 1, 2007 March 31st – April 1st May 19th – May 20th June 1st – June 3rd July 21st – July 22nd July 28th – July 29th September 8th – 9th October 31st November Aussie Finals Complete by May 13th French Finals Complete by July 15th Wimbledon Finals Complete by Sept. 2nd US Open Finals Complete by Oct. 7th

Check the Box to Select your Tour (Players may compete in 2 tours)
T-RX ALPHA TOUR NTRP 3.0 – 3.25 Beginning Pros T-RX STANDARD TOUR NTRP 3.5 – 4.0 Journeyman Pros T-RX CLASSIC TOUR NTRP 4.25 – 4.5 The Original Pros T-RXTREME TOUR NTRP 5.0 – Open St. Louis’ Elite Pros T-RX LEGENDS TOUR 40 and Over NTRP 4.0+ Veterans

International Ladder Player - Includes Matches, Stats for both Clay and Nova-Grass Challenge Player - Includes Hard Court Challenge Matches, Stats and (1) Grand Slam International Challenge Player - Includes Both Above, Stats and (1) Grand Slam Event Tour Pro – (1) Tour, (4) Grand Slam Events, International Ladders and Challenge Matches Tour Plus Pro – (2) Tours, (8) Grand Slam Events, Intl. Ladders and Challenge Matches Doubles Tour Available - $25 per event, or $80 for full tour, (8) team minimum for draws Registration Forms Due by March 1, 2007 for Complete Tour
Players may join anytime during the Season at a prorated fee, based on tournaments remaining! Draws, Statistics and Info posted at FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT CHUCK FORD AT: 636-529-0025 OR Name: ____________________________________ Referred By: _______________________________ Club Affiliation: _____________________________

$ 25 $ 29 $ 49 $115 $155

Phone (H)___________________ (Mobile) ________________ Email: _____________________________ Sex: M F (circle) Doubles Partner: _____________________________________

Send Check and Registration to: T-RX TOURS, 212 VEST AVENUE, SUITE D, ST. LOUIS, MO 63088
Medical Release: I hereby consent to emergency medical and/or hospital service that maybe rendered by or at accredited hospitals, by appointed physicians in the event such need arises in the opinion of a duly licensed physician. Waiver and Release of Claim: Acceptance of my entry in these events is without responsibility of any kind of Tennisaurus Rx Tours and any other entity sponsoring this event. For and in consideration for my participation in the Tennisaurus Rx Tours, related events and activities (hereinafter referred to as the “Tour”), I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, successors and administrators assume any and all risks associated with my participation in the Tour, and release and waive any and all rights and claims that I may now, or in the future, have against Tennisaurus Rx Tours, its owners, agents, employees, directors, officers, sponsors and affiliates of the Tour, arising out of my participation in and traveling to and from any Tour tennis matches or any related activities with the Tour. I hereby fully release and discharge Tennisaurus Rx Tours and its owners, agents, employees, directors, officers, sponsors and affiliates from any and all claims from injuries, damage or loss, including, but not limited to any alleged negligence, which I may have or which may accrue to me from my participation in the Tour. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless and defend Tennisaurus Rx Tours, its owners, agents, employees, directors, officers, sponsors and affiliates from any and all claims resulting injuries, damages and losses sustained by me and arising out of, connected with or in any way associated with the activities of the Tour. I acknowledge that Tennisaurus Rx Tours is not responsible for any inclement weather which may affect the Tour and release any and waive all claims against Tennisaur Rx Tours, , its owners, agents, employees, directors, officers, sponsors and affiliates for the damage or loss that may arise therefrom.

I have read, fully understand and certify to the above medical release, waiver and release of all claims with my signature:

________________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________________

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