What's Video Marketing? Is it Worth the Work?

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					What's Video Marketing? Is it Worth the Work?

                                     When asked, "What is video marketing?" my standard
response it, "it depends." Because it truly boils down to what you will be searching for to
accomplish when you ask that question. Are you currently looking to market a video or use video
as part of your marketing campaigns? Obviously these represent two distinctly diverse questions
with two different answers.

What exactly is Video Marketing - Marketing with Video

Most active internet marketers or affiliate marketers use video to help them marketing and
promote their product, service, business opportunity or affiliate links. They incorporate the use
of video as component of their direct marketing efforts. Simply adding a video overview or
tutorial to your website or blog would be one instance of marketing with video.

An additional widespread practice is to use video on a splash page or squeeze page created to
grab the interest of a potential prospect and compel them to give up their contact information to
learn more. Video has also proven effective in rising response and click via rates when added to
an e mail follow series.

Video tutorials or product walk-throughs are an incredibly very good way to add value to your
sales funnel. This kind of video will usually help precondition or presell your visits to feel more
comfortable making a buy via your link due to the fact they know you are at least familiar with
the product or service. You can also repurpose this same video by posting it in your own web
site, Youtube and other video distribution web sites as well.

Following someone has joined your newsletter or e mail list, employing video as part of your
follow up series can dramatically boost the worth and engagement of your messages. Video
assists develop rapport and cement your brand in people's minds.

What exactly is Video Marketing - Marketing a Video

So how do you market a video? Exactly the same way you would marketing any other product,
service, business opportunity or provide. You promote the video availability by simply letting as
many people know it exists as possible. Should you be promoting the video, it would be
delivered on your fulfillment page. Should you be simply promoting the video to assist improve
brand awareness or something like that - think about working on creating a viral video which is
shared through social media engagement.

To enhance brand awareness, producing and marketing one video is simply not sufficient.
Instead create a plan to regularly produce new videos on a consistent basis over an extended
period of time. Perhaps one new video every two weeks which you might share on a dedicated
Youtube Channel setup just for that one purpose. This works because a new visitor can find just
one video and can uncover the other videos simply.

Old Spice, a well-known men cologne, made the mistake of creating a series of videos then
stopped the campaign without warning or notice - an action that upset lots of devoted viewers.
So don't make this mistake. In case you start employing video, hold employing video because
you will create a fan base and you do not need to leave them hanging.

Even though Youtube is the most common video sharing website, you can find dozens of the
common web internet sites you can distribute your videos to too. So do not get lazy here. Use
software or outsource the distribution of the videos to as many websites as possible. This can and
can dramatically increase exposure.

The moment of the biggest advantages to embracing video is marries effectively with a social
media campaign. Which means you'll be able to share the video on Facebook, Twitter and
LinkedIn and truly get your video picked up, shared and syndicated on other websites as well.
This creates buzz and buzz creates social proof and visitors.

Serious video campaigns should be tracked for effectiveness and reach. TubeMogul, as an
example, will track how many times a video is viewed, just how much of the video was actually
watched, at what point people are leaving the presentation and how many other internet internet
sites are sharing, syndicating or linking back to the video. Monitoring usage stats like these can
help you learn more of what your target market likes and does not like.

Regard of the outcome you are looking for to accomplish, the key element is to make videos that
engage, entertain and/or educate your viewers. Don't make boring videos. Boring videos do not
get watched or shared or compel a view to move forward. Make your videos unique and useful.

When you do produce an excellent video, one of the hidden rewards is you can then repurpose
the content and message a number of different ways. Think message leverage and spread your
message through as many marketing channels as possible

So what exactly is video marketing? It is exactly what you will need it to be to take your
business to the next level. Millions of people favor to watch video than read content so by adding
video you are successfully meeting your marketing exactly where they are and helping them
make a selection which is very best for them.

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