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Teaching Grammar to Young Learners


									Teaching Grammar to Young Learners
This month we would like to give our readers who are ESL /EFL teachers a brief overview of grammar teaching to young learners, and provide some useful classroom tips for new teachers. Even at a very young age, all people have the inherent ability to learn how to use grammar in their first language. So why is it so difficult in a second language? While there is no conclusive evidence that young children are ‘better’ second language learners than adults, they do have some advantages that may give the impression that they can learn faster. Young children have little fear of making mistakes, and they often show a greater motivation than adults to do things that appeal to them. So, how can one teach grammar to young learners? To view our ‘Top 5’ tips and web links to more grammar teaching resources, please continue reading. If you like what you see and would like more offerings from us why not forward this email to two or more friends or associates who might also enjoy receiving no-spam, hassle-free newsletters? It's simple to do and just takes a minute. Please look through your address book to see if someone you know might want to become a member of free-english and receive our TOEFL®, TOEIC®, and ESL newsletters. Your support keeps us going! BONUS! With every English for Kids Box Set we will include a complimentary CD-ROM copy of Crosswords and Word Games - that's right, FREE! (Offer valid until October 15, 2004) Cross and Word Games: Everyone will have great fun practicing their vocabulary skills with this collection of fascinating word games and puzzles. 'Cross & Word Games' includes 3 unique and challenging levels for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced word lover. With this CD, English learners will have endless hours of fun working with these games! The English for Kids 6-CD Box Set is available in the following languages: • English • French • Chinese • Japanese • Korean • Spanish • Portuguese • Russian • German • Hindi. For study materials that will help you learn and improve your English skills, and will quickly and effectively prepare you for most English language tests, please view our complete list of ESL, TOEFL®, and TOEIC® resources below. All practice tests, workbooks, and study materials have been developed and tested by certified ESL instructors.

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TOEIC® Software (Test of English for International Communication) TOEIC® QuickStart TOEIC® Listening Workbook TOEIC® Reading Workbook TOEIC® Advantage 1 TOEIC® Advantage 2 TOEIC® Advantage 3 TOEIC® Tips, Traps, & Strategies New

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