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									RoboCup Junior

      Gail Chapman
    Luella High School
           RoboCup Junior
• RoboCup Junior is a project-oriented
  educational initiative that sponsors local,
  regional and international robotic events
  for young students up through age 19.
• Purpose is to foster Artificial Intelligence
  (AI) and robotics research by providing a
  standard problem where a wide range of
  technologies can be integrated and
• The ultimate goal of RoboCup is that by
  the middle of the 21st century, a team of
  fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer
  players shall play (and win!) a soccer
  game against the (human) world
       RoboCup Challenges
• RoboCupJunior offers several challenges,
  each emphasizing cooperative, problem-
  solving and task-achievement aspects.

  soccer         rescue        dance
   Soccer Challenge
• 2-on-2 teams of
  autonomous mobile
  robots play games in a
  highly dynamic
  environment, tracking a
  special light-emitting
  ball in an enclosed field
  landmarked in shades
  of gray.

  RoboCup Junior Soccer Rules   RCJ soccer field
  for 2007                      building plans
             Rescue Challenge
Robots identify victims within re-created           RoboCup 2007
disaster scenarios, varying in complexity           Rescue Rules
from line-following on a flat surface to            Rescue Field
negotiating paths through obstacles on              Building Plans
uneven terrain.

                               Make "victims" out of green tape, aluminized
                               tape or aluminum foil and place them across
                               the black line
          Dance Challenge
• The robot dance challenge encourages
  creativity, bringing one or more robots
  together with music, dressed in costume
  and moving in harmony.

              dance rules (2007)
  RoboCupJunior began in 1998, with a demonstration at
     RoboCup-98 in Paris. The following year, RoboCup-99 in
       Stockholm exhibited the first interactive RoboCupJunior workshops.

At RCJ-2000 in Melbourne, over 100 children participated from 25 schools around
Australia, as well as from Germany and the USA.
RCJ-2001 was held in Seattle, USA, where 25 teams from four countries.
RCJ-2002 was held in Fukuoka, Japan, where 59 teams from 12 countries participated.
RCJ-2003 was held in Padova, Italy in July 2003, where 57 teams from 15 countries
RCJ-2004 was held in Lisbon, Portugal in July 2004, where 162 teams from 18 countries
RCJ-2005 was held in Osaka, Japan in July 2005, where 163 teams from 18 countries
RCJ-2006 was held in Bremen, Germany, in June 2006, where 240 teams from 22
countries participated.
              2007 RoboCup Junior
  • RCJ-2007 was held on July 1 through 6,
    2007 in Atlanta, USA, on the campus of
    the Georgia Institute of Technology
                   321 teams from 39 countries/regions
                   participated in RoboCup 2007 Atlanta

Georgia Tech Website for RoboCup 2007 /
(photo gallery)
          RoboCup 2007
• Highlight Movie
  2005 Osaka (10min

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