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									                     Second Grade News                      Citizenship Projects
                        Mrs. Reynolds
                      December 2, 2011          During November, each class does
                                                something special for our school as a
                                                citizenship project. Our class visited
            Cocoa and Caring                    Mrs. Jacob’s Kindergarten class and taught
                                                the students how to play a math game called
The core value emphasized during                “Top It.”
December is caring. During the Cocoa and
Caring celebration, Southeast opens its            Last Call for Gently-Used Baby Socks
doors to students and their families.
Everyone comes together to make a product       We are still accepting donations of gently
donation and to create special gifts for        used baby socks. These socks will be used
members of our community.                       to create catnip toys during Cocoa and
                                                Caring. These catnip toys will be given to
Some of the activities will include making      Tails and to the DeKalb County Animal
cards for soldiers and elderly patients,        Shelter.
making door decorations for patients in
hospital facilities, and making catnip toys     The socks can either be dropped off at the
for local animal shelters. In addition,         office or sent in with your child.
families will have an opportunity to get
together while sharing a cup of warm cocoa            Caring and Sharing Reminder
and some great cookies!
                                                As stated in an earlier newsletter,
This year our 10 annual Cocoa and Caring        Mrs. Meyer, our school nurse, and I are
celebration takes place next Tuesday,           working together to help a Southeast family.
December 6, from 6:00 to 7:30p.m. Please        Instead of purchasing a “gift for the
check the Friday Folder for the “2nd grade      teacher,” please consider using that money
list” of suggested items for donation.          to make a contribution to this family. With
                                                your cash donations, it is our hope that we
                                                will not only be able to assist with some
                                                daily needs for this family but also to
                                                provide some special holiday gifts for the

                                                Please send your contributions in an
                                                envelope with your child’s name and
                                                “Caring and Sharing” written on the outside.

        Hope to see you there! 

     **Chapped lips are an uncomfortable “side effect” of the increased cold weather.**
               Please consider sending chapstick to school with your child.

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