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									        Do you know what the most expensive wall in the world is? [Show the photo]

The answer is the wall made by Real Madrid players such as David Beckham,

Cristiano Ronaldo. Today I am going to tell you information about Real Madrid

soccer club because it is the most influential sports club in the world. I was

participated in the champion team of my high school soccer tournament and I am

supporting this team for 7 years now. It can show the evidence how much I know

soccer and team Real Madrid well. At the end of my speech, you will lest three

aspects of term Real Madrid. To be specific, you can get the information players of

Real Madrid, history of Real Madrid and business of Real Madrid.

        The first aspect of Real Madrid is its players. Real Madrid team is full of star

players. Franz Beckenbauer, a legendary German soccer player, said: “I would

probably say yes to Real Madrid ... It’s a legendary team that stands above all others

and is the target of all players.” The most famous player of Real Madrid will be David

Beckham. The former Real Madrid player is husband of Victoria Beckham, the

member of spice girls, and now plays for L.A Galaxy in MLS. The most expensive

player of Real Madrid is Cristiano Ronaldo. His transfer price is $ 121 million dollar.

The captain of Real Madrid is Iker Casillas. He is also playing for Spain national

team as a captain. Now that I have discussed about players of Real Madrid, let’s go

on to the history part.

        The second part of Real Madrid is its history. Team Real Madrid is the club of

the century. According to my audience analysis survey, given to our class October 8,

2012, I found some people know a few grate soccer clubs such as Manchester

United or Toro women’s team. However, according to The Crystal Reference

encyclopedia, Real Madrid was chosen the team of the 20 th century by FIFA in 1998.

This club has been champions a record 27 time and cup winners 18 times and
European Champions League 9 times. The sense of rival between Real Madrid and

FC Barcelona is also important history of the club. In a The Guardian article entitled

Football: Barcelona and Real Madrid published in October 28, 2009: In 158 meetings

between the two side, Real can boast 68 victories compared to Barcelona’s 60. Its

stadium is Santiago Bernabeu. Author and sports reporter Keir Radnedge, who

wrote The Complete encyclopedia of soccer, says in 2010 the stadium was opened,

with a 75,000 capacity, in December 1947. In the 1950s capacity was extended to

125,000. Now then, the capacity has reduced to 90,700. Now that I have informed

you about history of Real Madrid, it is time to speech about its business part.

       The last aspect of Real Madrid is business part. You can easily imagine the

team earns money by soccer games. The club sells the ticket of game. During the

2009-10 season the club made € 150 million through ticket sales. The club also

earns the money by winning the league and cup tournaments. And also the team

makes a profit by marketing. The effort of Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid,

made the club to the richest football club in the world. The club sells uniforms,

clothes, soccer balls, and so on. The highest number of shirt sales a season, around

1.5 million in 2009-10 season. In addition, the club contracts sponsorship with

companies. Real Madrid’s current shirt sponsor is

       In conclusion, you have been informed about the players of Real Madrid, its

history and its business aspects. I hope many classmates get interested in soccer

especially team Real Madrid resulted from my speech. Imagine yourself wearing nice

replica of uniform in enormous stadium cheering historical and fantastic white

uniform team. You can share your emotion with enthusiastic players of Real Madrid.

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