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Venturer’s Name ___________________________________ Crew # ________

Do Nine of the Following (Date/Advisor’s Initials):

(_____/_____) 1. Earn or have earned the Duty to God Award or the On My Honor Award.

(_____/_____) 2. (As is - Cultural Diversity)

(_____/_____) 3. Plan and lead a service project.

(_____/_____) 4. (a) Serve as a volunteer in your church (such as serve in church calling, sing in
the choir, go on splits with the missionaries, go home teaching as a companion, be an assistant
librarian, etc.) or another non-profit organization (tutoring, community food bank, hospital, rest home,
community youth program, Boy's Club, summer recreation volunteer, Cub Day Camp, Red Cross,
YMCA, Order of the Arrow, community sports program assistant coach, etc.) for a least 3 months.

(_____/_____)       (b) & (c) (As is - keep personal journal and report on service at end of 3 months)

(_____/_____) 5. Attend one of the following: Youth Conference; Especially for Youth (EFY);
Education Week Classes; Mini-Mission; religious historical site trek (such as Hill Cummorah Pagent or
visit to Church History or Mormon Trail sites); watch or listen to all sessions of General Conference,
make an outline of speakers, talk topics, and key points, and report your observations to your Bishop
or other designated leader; or other similar religious retreat or religious trek lasting at least two days.

(_____/_____) 6. Participate in a religious pageant, play, or presentation that teaches a moral. (This
could include Christmas Service, Christmas Play, Easter Service, and Priesthood Restoration Service
participating as a speaker, choir member, or presenter. This could also be a play or puppet show put
on by the Priest Quorum for the Primary or a Primary Class to help teach a lesson or for the Young
Men and Young Women to teach a religious, ethical, or church standards subject.)

(_____/_____) 7. Serve as a Quorum Assistant to the Bishop or secretary; Crew president, vice
president, secretary; or other officer of the Quorum, Venturing Crew, Sunday School Class,
Seminary Class, or other youth group in or out of the church (to include Order of the Arrow).

(_____/_____) 8. (As is. - First Aid Course)

(_____/_____) 9. (As is. - Ethical decision activities)

(_____/_____) 10. Serve as an assistant Primary teacher for 3 months during Sunday School time.
This would not necessarily be a calling but simply an assignment coordinated with the Primary
Presidency to assist a Primary Teacher for 3 months. During these 3 months, the assistant should be
given opportunity to teach the class occasionally under the guidance of the regular Primary teacher.

(_____/_____) 11. Meet with you Bishop or Branch President to discuss: (a) the duties and
responsibilities of the Aaronic and Melchezedek Priesthood; (b) the Ward/Branch organization, how it
functions, how callings are made, how setting apart is done, and how people are provided training,
materials, and help to do their jobs; and (c) how the Bishopric/Branch Presidency works, their duties
and responsibilities.

(For more information, contact Adair Petty, Old Dominion District Venturing, (703) 913-1124)

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