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         Graduate Programs

Psychological and Mental Health Counseling

Demographic research indicates that growing societal problems will increase
the demand for human services employees who understand the dynamics
and psychological implications of modern crises. Monmouth University
offers a unique graduate program in counseling to equip students with the
theoretical and practical applications vital to positions in human service and
mental health agencies.
The psychological and mental health counseling programs at Monmouth
are devoted to counselor education with specializations in child/adolescent
counseling, marriage/couples/family/sex therapy, substance abuse
counseling, multicultural counseling, industrial/organizational counseling,
spiritual counseling, and group counseling.
T right program
              at the right time
The Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling is accredited by the Council
for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).
This is the first and only mental health counseling program in the State of New
Jersey to be accredited. Accreditation is a significant consideration for the New
Jersey State Board of Examiners for licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor
This 60-credit program is an especially good option for those who may move
to another state and seek LPC licensure. Students complete a 45-credit core
curriculum covering areas of study required for LPC licensure in New Jersey.
In addition, the program provides 15 credits of elective courses where you can
pursue specialty areas and further enhance your counseling expertise.
The Master of Arts in Psychological Counseling is a 30-credit program focusing
on counseling techniques, assessment methods, mental health, and community
counseling issues. The core curriculum provides participants with a solid
foundation in counseling procedure. Students can explore current practices in the
field through 18 credits of guided electives. By combining academic course work
with experiential study, the Master of Arts in Psychological Counseling equips
you with proficiencies in traditional counseling as well as in emerging areas.
The MA program is an excellent option for students who do not plan to seek a
counseling license or for those who plan to pursue a PhD.

                                           The 60-credit MS in Mental Health
                                           Counseling program meets academic
                                           requirements for licensure with the nine
                                           basic course areas:
                                           • Counseling Theory and Practice
                                           • The Helping Relationship
                                           • Human Growth and Development and
                                             Maladaptive Behavior
                                           • Lifestyle and Career Development
                                           • Group Dynamics, Processes,
                                             Counseling, and Consulting
                                           • Appraisal of Individuals
                                           • Social and Cultural Foundations
                                           • Research and Evaluation
                                           • Counseling Profession
Whatever your destination

Depending on the program you choose, a number of career options may be
available to you including:
➤   Private Practice              ➤   Spiritual Counselors
➤   Mental Health Agencies        ➤   Marriage and Family Counselors
➤   Drug and Alcohol Counselors   ➤   Child and Adolescent Counselors
➤   Human Resources Counselors    ➤   Crisis Counselors
➤   Creative Arts Counselors      ➤   Healthcare/Hospital Settings
➤   Career Counselors
Requirements for admission
Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling (MS)
Master of Arts in Psychological Counseling (MA)
➤   Possession of a baccalaureate degree with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA
➤   Two completed Monmouth University psychological counseling
    recommendation forms
➤   Background courses in psychology and mental health
➤   GRE scores may be required
➤ An   interview may be requested

                                                   APPLICATION DEADLINES
                                                   FALL SEMESTER: July 15
                                                   SPRING SEMESTER: November 15
Invest in your future                              SUMMER SESSIONS: May 1

Academic scholarships are available to students
with a cumulative undergraduate grade point
average of 3.0 or higher and who register for
at least six credits per semester. The award is
based on the undergraduate cumulative grade
point average and the total number of graduate
credits taken each fall or spring semester.
Scholarships range from $300 to $3,700 per
semester and are renewable based on the
number of credits taken and the maintenance
of a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.
On-campus employment in a variety of settings
may be provided to eligible graduate students. Assistantships, which may be
full-time or part-time, are generally awarded to outstanding graduate students
who have completed at least the first semester of enrollment. Interested students
may obtain an application for an assistantship from the office of the Dean of the
Graduate School.
Partial-tuition scholarships are available to students who have completed
a master’s degree program at Monmouth University and who return to the
University to matriculate for a second master’s degree or certificate.
See Monmouth University’s Financial Aid Web page for more information at
                                  Designed to fit your focus
                                  To find out more about Monmouth’s counseling
                                  programs, visit the department’s Web site at
                                  Call the Office of Graduate Admission to make
                                  an appointment with an admission counselor to
                                  discuss your educational goals and how you can
                                  attain them at Monmouth University.

Program advantages
➤   Class schedules are geared toward working adults.
➤   Faculty members are recognized experts in their
➤   Students may participate in various hands-on and
    experiential activities in addition to practica and
➤   Small classes provide individual attention allow
    you to excel academically.
➤   Monmouth also offers counselor training in non-traditional areas such as
    spirituality and religion, countertransference, transformational travel, and
➤ A diverse   student body maximizes the learning experience.
➤   Students are offered opportunities to accompany faculty to, and present at,
    various regional, state, and national professional conferences.
➤   The department has close associations with over forty field sites that accept
    Monmouth students for field placement during the required practica and
                       T place to start
                      Call 800-320-7754 or visit our Web site at
             to contact a graduate
                      admission counselor. Review your academic
                      history with us and begin planning for your
                      future as a Monmouth University graduate

             Office of Graduate Admission
             West Long Branch, NJ 07764 • 800-320-7754 • 732-571-3452
Monmouth University supports equal opportunity in recruitment, admission, educational programs,
and employment practices, and complies with all major federal and state laws and executive orders
              requiring equal employment opportunity and/or affirmative action.

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