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					                                  Super-charge Your Life
                                    in 30 Simple Steps
                                        for 30 Days


Like a battery, you need to be charged every day. At the atomic level, your body operates in an
electrical energy system. The coordinated flow of this electrical energy is what makes up the
presence of life. Lifestyle habits that add voltage to your system help sustain the flow of
energy, while habits that subtract voltage reduce the presence of life.

Your body is made up of 75 trillion cells that operate in synchrony to keep it breathing, healing,
and living every day. Each of these cells acts as a little power plant, cranking out energy in the
form of a biological unit called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

The solar power of the sun charges all life on earth and directly and indirectly charges your
body. Grassy fields, trees, sea water algae, and herbs are living agents that harvest the sun’s
light through the process of photosynthesis. When you, or any other animal, consume this food,
you take in the sun’s energy as electrons. These electrons are then used to produce ATP.

As you increase electrons through diet and lifestyle, you build an ATP surplus and a stronger
life force. This electron flow improves the process of healing, remodeling, and rejuvenating
within your body.

Unfortunately, most individuals are deficient in electrons and produce dirty energy. Dirty
energy production creates ATP, but also waste in the form of free radical particles. Excessive
free radical formation is the antithesis to healing and rejuvenation.

When these free radicals are able to run rampant in your body, they restrict your life force and
accelerate aging and tissue degeneration. Anti-oxidants act to neutralize these dangerous free
radicals and bring balance to the body. Certain lifestyle habits produce anti-oxidant rich, clean
energy, while others produce free-radical loaded, dirty energy.

Many cultures have understood this bioelectrical process and its effect on quality and quantity
of life. Many of their traditional lifestyles revolved around patterns that produced clean energy.
Science has expanded knowledge to provide us with suggestions for improving our energy
qualities even more.

This book incorporates both ancient healing practices and new, cutting-edge strategies to super-
charge energy and flow of life. Imagine having incredible energy and vitality every single

                              This book will show you how to:

            • Get in the best shape of your life in fewer than 60 minutes of exercise per week
            • Double your daily energy levels
            • Reverse aging so you look and feel young and healthy

We will commonly refer to the coordinated, high-level flow of electrical energy as the Super-
charged Edge. The Super-charged Edge occurs when you function mentally, physically, and
emotionally as close to your peak potential as possible. Stresses of the day drain the Super-
charged Edge. However, there are some advanced strategies to rebuild and maintain that edge.
This is what you will learn how to do through the successful application of these simple steps.

                        30 Steps to Achieve
                      the Super-charged Edge

1. Be positive.
2. Bio-electrically charge your body.
3. Wake up your spine.
4. Enliven your body.
5. Eat the breakfast of champions.
6. Get clean.
7. Maximize the workplace commute.
8. Assume an ergonomic posture.
9. Perform random exercise.
10. Work in bursts.
11. Brighten your day.
12. Get your move on.
13. Work out at work.
14. Be of service:
15. Re-charge with a high-energy lunch.
16. Walk it out.
17. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
18. Find 3 steps to the finish line.
19. Cultivate your “3 Flying Friends.”
20. Boost your energy as you need.
21. Leave the office at the office.
22. Get adjusted.
23. Do super sets for maximal performance.
24. Rejuvenate your detoxification pathways.
25. Rebuild with a muscle-fueling dinner.
26. Add corrective exercises.
27. Re-inoculate your gut.
28. Practice non-toxic oral hygiene.
29. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.
30. Sleep well.

                                   Super-charged Step 1

Be positive.
Upon rising, say “yes” to the world, and focus on eliminating these words from your
                • don't
                • not
                • no

Negative words put limitations on your
potential. Speak and visualize greatness in
your life. Eventually, you will manifest it.

                • Watch your thoughts,
                  for they become words.
                • Watch your words, for
                  they become actions.
                • Watch your actions, for
                  they become habits.
                • Watch your habits, for
                  they become character.
                • Watch your character,
                  for it becomes your

Action Step:

      When you catch yourself saying “I am…,” be sure it is followed with a positive
      statement. Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you say something
      negative. This painful reminder puts you back on track and conditions yourself to stay

      Here are examples:

             Instead of:                       Say:
             “I am tired.”                     “I have more than enough energy.”
             “I am broke.”                     “I have all the resources I need.”
             “I am overweight.”                “I am moving toward my ideal weight.”

                                   Super-charged Step 2

Bio-electrically charge your body.
All 75 trillion cells depend upon hydration and electrolytes to conduct electricity and produce
energy. You wake up in a dehydrated state, therefore it is critical that you rehydrate upon
wakening. Clean, purified water with fresh squeezed lemon a dash of pink salt provides
optimal hydration, electrolytes, and anti-oxidants to stimulate your energy centers.

Action Step:

      Drink 16-32 ounces of purified water with half a lemon and a small pinch of pink
      (Himalayan) salt over a 10-20 minute period. If this seems too much, gradually work
      your way up. Your body will desire this hydration once it gets trained.

      A side benefit is that it will stimulate your bowels and clean out your liver and colon.
      This will also improve energy, skin, hair, nails, joints, vision, and beauty.

Quick Note:

      It is always a good idea to keep clean water
      around during the day. Be sure to carry it
      around in a glass or stainless steel bottle.
      Plastic bottles leach toxic petrochemical
      xenoestrogens. Glass and stainless steel
      are highly inert and non-toxic.

                                   Super-charged Step 3

Wake up your spine.
Your spine houses the most important part of your functioning body, the spinal cord. Most
people get 6 – 8 hours of sleep each night, remaining immobile. Upon rising, it is important to
wake up the spine and get fluid flowing and your muscles livened up.

This will increase brain function, boost energy, relax the muscles (especially for those who sit
all day), and give you an overall sense of well-being. It only takes 5 minutes!

Action Steps:

         • Lie on your back and pull your right knee to your chest.
         • Follow with your left and then both knees together.
         • Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat.

         • Lie on your back and throw your right leg over your
           body, while keeping your shoulders to the floor.
         • Hold for 30 seconds.
         • Perform on opposite side and repeat.

Drop onto all fours. Place your hands and knees shoulder-width apart on the floor.
  • Breathe deeply. Push the palms of your hands into the floor and drop your
     shoulders as you continue to breathe deeply.
  • Slowly straighten your legs upward, while pushing your pelvis toward the floor
     and lifting your head.
  • For many beginners, it helps to keep your knees slightly bent until you
     increase your flexibility.
  • Hold step 3 for approximately 30 seconds, or 3 full breath cycles.
  • Release the position and return to all fours

                                     Super-charged Step 4

Enliven your body.
Many people have the misconception that working out requires an hour or more. The best type
of training, surge training, is designed to be quick and give maximum results. This form of
exercise maximizes human growth hormone secretion, which has a powerful anti-aging
effect, and boosts fat burning throughout the day.

Action Steps:

Perform a surge training-style workout. The exercises that are our favorites include air squats,
pushups, sit-ups, pull ups, running, and any functional movement.


             20 seconds of an exercise at 100% max effort,
                   followed by 10 seconds rest.
             20 seconds of the same exercise at 100% max effort,
                   followed by 10 seconds rest.
             Continue this until you have performed 8 rounds.

You can even do a two-workout surge training cycle, which is 8 minutes -- 4 minutes of one
exercise, followed immediately by 4 minutes of another exercise.


      20 seconds max effort
      pushup (modify by getting
      on knees if necessary.)

      Followed by 10 seconds
      rest, repeated for 8 rounds.

      20 seconds running,
      followed by 10 seconds.

      Rest, repeated for 8

                                   Super-charged Step 5

Eat the breakfast of champions.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone for your hunger and satiety
throughout the day. The classic American breakfast (cereal, skim milk, and orange juice) is
loaded with carbs. It throws off normal insulin signaling and creates blood sugar imbalances
that cause energy drops and hunger pangs throughout the day.

Breakfast should consist of anti-oxidants (fruits and vegetables), fast-absorbing protein (non-
denatured whey or eggs), and high-quality fat (coconut)

Action Step:

      Begin your day with good fats & high quality protein in an easily-digested form. The
      ideal way would be with a super shake.


      Gather frozen organic berries, organic coconut milk, and non-denatured whey protein (or
      raw, organic eggs, or almond butter). Put these ingredients in the blender and whip up to
      create a tasty, blood sugar-balancing treat that energizes your system without creating
      unnecessary digestive stress.

Quick Note:

         • Berries have thin skins,
           so they are often
           sprayed with pesticides.
         • Try to buy organic. For
           more information,
           download the Dirty
           Dozen Chart for
         • Berries are also low in
           sugar and high in anti-

                                   Super-charged Step 6

Get clean.
Proper hygiene is a valuable part of a Super-charged lifestyle. Most people shower in
chlorinated city water and rub harsh chemicals onto their bodies and hair. Be sure to filter your
shower water, and use natural soaps and shampoos that contain few, if any, harsh chemicals.

Check all of your personal care products to be sure they do not have any toxins such as
parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, and mineral oils.


      Aquasauna carries high quality shower filters, and Dr. Bronner’s All-purpose Soaps are
      fantastic for both men and women.

Quick Note:

             •     Check out this website:

                                   Super-charged Step 7

Maximize the workplace commute.
Most people waste their commute time and do nothing productive. In fact, this process steals
energy, joy, and the Super-charged Edge. The best approach is to leave early and expect the
worst. If you expect a traffic delay, you will not feel stressed and victimized if it happens.
Otherwise, you will feel great and have an early start.

This will help you keep your sanity and your Super-charged Edge as you move into your

Action Step:

      Be sure to engage your mind in something proactive during the commute. This could be
      uplifting music or an educational or inspirational message. Do your best to avoid over-
      commercialization (mainstream radio) and negative hype as these things typically steal
      from your mind and take away your Super-charged Edge.

Author’s Note

      It is a great idea to review your daily game plan for maximal production for the day,
      memorize scripture or affirmations and practice speeches, sales scripts, or a foreign
      language on your way to work. Just be sure to keep your eye on the road!

                                   Super-charged Step 8

Assume an ergonomic posture.
Humans are engineered to be sitting up tall, with shoulders back, and ears over the shoulders.
Your body is not designed to sit for 8 hours each day in front a screen, hunched over in a weak
posture. Posture has devolved over the last couple of decades, making you look more like
Quasimodo instead of a healthy, well-built creature. The healthiest people on the planet have
the best posture.

Action Steps:

         • Place your computer at eye level by placing a stand or books under your monitor
           so your head is not looking down.

         • Be sure there is support for the lumbar curve in your lower back so it does not
           increase the stress on nerves and muscles.

         • Have a wrist support in front of your keyboard to take stress off your carpal tunnel

         • Have a mouse that is at an angle instead of one that rotates your hand, decreasing
           stress on the carpal tunnel and brachial plexus.

                                   Super-charged Step 9

Perform random exercise.
Sometimes the little things make the big things much bigger. By taking little steps each day,
you can create the best life and achieve the loftiest health goals. Most people think they need to
plan a certain time to exercise, and what typically happens is they get “too busy.”

Instead of planning specific workout times each day, try creating positive habits that give you
the Super-charged Edge.

Action Steps:

         • Instead of trying to park at the closest parking spot, look for one farther away. Not
           only do you take those extra steps, but you also do service by saving closer spaces
           for people who need them.

         • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If this is new to you, and you work on the
           15th floor, then go up 2 flights your 1st week. Follow with 4 flights your 2nd week,
           and continue to build up your endurance until you reach the top.

         • Walk or bike to work if you live close by. If not, bike part-way and have a friend
           pick you up.

         • Instead of e-mailing your co-workers across the hall or downstairs, walk to their
           offices and add steps to your life.

Quick Note:

      Get a pedometer and challenge
      yourself to increase the amount
      of steps you take each day.
      Set goals:

                 • Number of steps
                 • Target dates
                 • Rewards for
                   achieving goals
                 • New goals

                                  Super-charged Step 10

Work in bursts.
Human beings work best in short, highly productive spurts. Don’t try to do marathon sessions
of low intensity or long duration. Instead, give yourself 15-20 minutes at a time to be
completely focused on the task at hand. This sort of high-intensity, short duration effort gives
you maximal production and efficiency.

Action Step:

      Set a timer and be completely focused on your necessary tasks for 20 minutes. Take 5
      minutes to go to the bathroom, drink some water, or perform some posture exercises.

Quick Note:

      The Super-charged Edge depends upon movement and variety. Sitting for too long
      depletes the Edge, so does monotonous routine. Try some new things --move your body
      and give yourself a variety of experiences to boost and maintain your Super-charged

                                  Super-charged Step 11

Brighten your day.
Your workday does everything possible to steal away the Super-charged Edge. Try to obtain
an office environment with windows that can be opened during fair weather days. This
provides natural sunlight as well as fresh air.

Full-spectrum lighting with inexpensive bulbs can dramatically improve the workplace. Live
plants help freshen up the atmosphere and clean up the indoor air.

Dr. John Ott, renowned photobiologist and Father of Full-spectrum Light, studied exposure to
natural lighting. He concluded that increasing exposure (posillumination) produced dramatic
improvements in subjects’ levels of alertness, mood, and energy. Every age group, gender, and
ethnicity had the same remarkable benefits from positive light inclusion. The opposite,
malillumination, is much like malnutrition. It depletes nutrients and rhythmic stimulation
essential for a healthy lifestyle.

To build and maintain your Super-charged Edge, be sure to get quality sunshine (20-60
minutes daily as a minimum), and allow the natural sunlight to penetrate your living and
working environment.

Action Steps:

         • Open up your blinds, get some plants, and exchange your artificial light bulbs for
           full-spectrum lighting.

         • Take breaks from work or home life to go outside and enjoy the posillumination of
           the sun.

         • Use natural essential oils, such as peppermint and cinnamon, to improve the scent
           of the room and stimulate better concentration and overall brain function.

                                  Super-charged Step 12

Get your move on.
A sedentary lifestyle deprives your body of vital nutrients, and your brain and nervous system
of its nutrition by slowing down the spinal fluid pump. Move your pelvis and sacrum to
activate the pump, and bring oxygen and nutrition to your lifeline.

Instead of having the standard 5 senses, think of adding movement as the sixth sense.
Movement to the spine is like broccoli for the body, while immobility to the spine is like candy.

Action Step:

      Purchase a rubber exercise disc. Once per hour, place it on your seat and move your hips
      around on it to activate your spinal fluid pump. Move from side to side 60 times, then
      forward back 60 times. Add 60 semi circles, thus providing maximal nutrition to your
      spinal cord and brain.

                                  Super-charged Step 13

Work out at work.
Hunter-gatherers were constantly moving, chasing game and playing outside. You may sit in
front of the computer for 8 hours at work, then sit for another 8 hours at home, then sleep for
another 8 hours. We have become a sedentary society, rotting away in our stillness.

Spend 10 minutes getting some movement and exercise in while sitting in front of your
computer or at your desk.

Action Steps:

      Here are some quick and easy movements you can perform before lunch, activating your

         • Buy a set of resistant bands and perform bicep curls and overhead presses. Do 3
           rounds of 10 reps.

         • Perform desk pushups (15 reps) with your hands on the desk and feet out.

         • See how many jumping jacks you can perform in 1 minute.

         • Buy a kettlebell and perform kettlebell swings to increase functional movements.

         • Place your hands on the arm rests of your chair, with feet in front of you, and push
           your body up and down.

                                  Super-charged Step 14

Be of service.
As your mind focuses on completing tasks, meeting deadlines, attending meetings, joining
conference calls and the like, it is important to take a step back and remember a higher purpose:
service to others.

For a few minutes, think of what can you do to serve others. Your co-workers, friends, and
family all have tanks inside that need filling with your love or gratitude.

Action Steps:

      Here are some examples of brightening another person’s day:

         • Write a thank you letter (not e-mail) to a friend, family member, or co-worker
           showing your appreciation.

         • Send flowers anonymously to a lonely someone.

         • Offer to pick up lunch for a co-worker or someone who may not have the luxury of
           eating out.

         • Write a poem for your spouse or partner. Share it later.

         • Go through the parking lot and put car wash gift cards on dirty cars.

         • Pay the toll for the person behind you.

                                   Super-charged Step 15

Re-charge with a high-energy lunch.
Rather than re-charging at lunch, you may actually deplete energy stores by combining starchy
carbohydrates with highly processed and toxic protein sources. This combination steals
valuable enzymes and creates dirty energy within your body.

Lunch should be full of life-giving nutrients, anti-oxidants, and energy-stimulating super foods.

Action Steps:

         • Try a salad or a fresh vegetable juice with a good fat source such as avocado, extra
           virgin olive oil, coconut, or raw, grass-fed cheese.

         • Stimulate yourself with pure, dark chocolate or cacao. The theobromine in the
           cacao or non-processed chocolate helps to stimulate energy and cognitive function,
           similar to caffeine (but without the addictive qualities).

         • Using raw apple cider vinegar or fresh squeezed lemon will help to prevent fatigue.

Quick Note:

      Do not overeat, as this will steal
      your Super-charged Edge and
      cause you to be tired and
      lackadaisical. Sugars and heavy
      carbs will cause this reaction as

                                  Super-charged Step 16

Walk it out.
You may see yourself eating breakfast, then sitting in the car; eating lunch, then sitting at a
desk; and eating dinner, then sitting on the couch. To live an optimal, Super-charged day, it is
essential to do the opposite.

Start by following your energized and nutritious lunch with movement, aiding the digestion

Action Steps:

         • After lunch, ask a co-worker to go for a 10 minute walk. You will build your
           social circle, vital for a Super-charged day.

         • Instead of driving to lunch, go online and find a spot that is within 1-mile radius of
           your office and walk there.

                                  Super-charged Step 17

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
Your body should consist of 70% water, but you may measure around 50%, especially in the
middle of the afternoon. Optimal hydration, with pure, clean water and functional beverages is
often the limiting factor in maintaining your Super-charged Edge.

Action Step:

         • Be sure to keep your water handy.

         • Begin drinking water 1 hour after lunch.

         • Sip 4-6 ounces every 20 minutes until about 30 minutes before dinnertime.

      Drinking too much, during or right after lunch, or right before dinner, could affect
      digestion negatively.

Quick Note:

      Using raw organic acids, such
      as fresh lemon, apple cider
      vinegar, fermented whey,
      kombucha, and coconut water
      kefir, also provides mega-doses
      of potassium and other
      important electrolytes,
      enzymes, and anti-oxidants.

      These are true functional
      beverages that restore and
      maintain your Super-charged

                                   Super-charged Step 18

Find 3 steps to the finish line.
It is easy to get distracted -- wasting time on the Internet, making phone calls, and checking e-
mails -- instead of being focused on the task at hand. When you set goals, you give yourself a
sense of purpose.

To be truly Super-charged, accomplish all of your tasks. By now, your body will not be as
fatigued as it used to be, so you will have the stamina to complete anything you truly want.

Action Step:

             • Write out 3 steps or goals you would like to finish before you leave work and
               make it happen.

             • Dedicate a couple minutes following your walk after lunch to finish tasks and
               show yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.

                                    Super-charged Step 19

Cultivate your “3 Flying Friends.”
Dr. Ron Kirk, of the world-renowned chiropractic school, Life University, developed a program
called Straighten Up America. Straighten Up America is a free, public health program designed
to empower people of all ages to improve their spinal hygiene and be more proactive with their

You are probably proactive with hygiene for your teeth, hair, heart, and other bodily functions.
You may, however, neglect the one system that controls all of those systems -- the nervous
system. It is essential to perform these daily exercises, and teach them to your children so they
can grow up making everyday a Super-charged day.

Action Steps:
      The Eagle:
         • Stand or sit tall in the Inner Winner posture, with your head high and stomach in to
           look and feel better.
         • Breathe in and stretch your spine as you slowly raise your arms above your head, 3

      The Hummingbird:
        • Circle your shoulders backward for 10 seconds.
        • Bring your shoulders blades together.

The Butterfly:
  • Gently draw your head back into your hands 4 times in the Butterfly.
  • Softly massage your neck muscles in the Trap Opener.
  • Do these twice daily for better posture.

                                   Super-charged Step 20

Boost your energy as you need.
There will still be times where you will feel a little sluggish, like you are losing your Super-
charged Edge. You need some advanced strategies for productivity.

Action Steps:

          • Get some organic essential oils such as cinnamon, clove, lemon, or peppermint.
            Essential oils have powerfully uplifting scents that fire neurons and rev up brain
            energy. Keep these by your desk and sniff them at times when you feel mentally

          • Try 30-60 seconds of jumping jacks or running in place. Quick, full-body bursts
            enhance circulation, which brings more oxygen to the brain.

          • Take 5 full, long breaths that take 5 seconds on the inhale and 5 seconds on the
            exhale. Doing it with your eyes closed is another great way to boost oxygen flow
            and improve energy levels.

                                  Super-charged Step 21

Leave the office at the office.
The Super-charged lifestyle depends on present moment consciousness and focused
awareness. There are specific times designated to strategize office effectiveness. However, it
is not a good idea to carry your work life into your evening. Use this time to pursue family or
recreational activities.

Action Steps:

         • Before leaving the office, write down 3 things you did that made the day
           successful and 3 things you would like to accomplish the next work day. Put this
           in an Achievement Binder.

         • Take out another sheet of paper and write down 3 things you want to accomplish
           that evening with your friends or family, or 3 recreational pursuits. Take this sheet
           and these ideas with you as you leave the office.

Quick Note:

      The more you engage in
      this activity, the better
      you get. Forget about
      the disappointments,
      and focus on the
      successes and the goals
      ahead of you.

      Success and achievable
      goal-setting activities
      energize you and excite
      your mind.

                                  Super-charged Step 22

Get adjusted.
Do not wait until you have carpal tunnel syndrome to change your workspace. Do not become
obese before you work out. Do not count on depression to provide a new purpose. Do not
develop heart disease to start eating anti-inflammatory foods. Do not allow your relationships
to fail before you make them the best they can be. A Super-charged life requires proactivity.

You may think chiropractic care is for neck pain, back pain, or headaches. This idea is typically
reactive. The stronger your nervous system, the healthier you are. Chiropractors restore
function to the nervous system through gentle and specific adjustments, allowing you to
function at your peak potential. People of all ages -- from 2 minutes to over 100 years old --
use chiropractic for many reasons. The real goal is restoring the nervous system for increased
quality of life.

Action Steps:

         • Ask your friends or family members for a referral to a great chiropractor. If you
           need additional resources, e-mail the authors at ACohenDC@Gmail.Com or
           DJockers@Gmail.Com so we can find someone in your area.

         • Ask these questions to be sure the chiropractor is the right fit:

                o Do you educate people on subluxation?

                o Do you hold regular workshops?

                o Do you take care of families?

                o Will I be put on a corrective care plan?

Quick Note:

      People who use chiropractic as part of their
      lifestyle tend to be the healthiest people. They
      make better health decisions, have stronger
      functioning immune systems, get sick less often,
      and notice other significant health benefits.

                                  Super-charged Step 23

Do super sets for maximal performance.
You may focus on the “beach body” areas during workouts. This creates an unbalanced
physique that makes you susceptible to injury. A Super-charged life depends on good
muscular synergy, developed through workouts that are balanced with push and pull exercises.

Forget about working small muscle groups like biceps or triceps. Instead, focus on whole body
movements that work a wide range of muscle groups. Large muscle group exercises stimulate
greater blood flow and metabolic rate, and encourage a significantly larger release of fat-
burning hormones.

Rather than taking a break between sets, try doing a superset. A superset is one exercise
immediately followed by another exercise using the opposite muscle group without any rest.
The net effect is challenging yourself in less time, making your workouts quicker and balanced.

Action Steps:

      Exercises to try:

         • Bent-over rows, pull-ups and pull-downs (back, rear shoulder, bicep, and
         • Push-ups, overhead presses
         • Dips (chest, shoulder, triceps)
         • Stagger our workouts so you superset opposite muscle groups.

      Superset examples:

         • Do a pushing exercise immediately followed by a pulling exercise.
         • Perform dips immediately followed by shoulder shrugs.
         • Do dumbbell overhead presses immediately followed by pull-ups or pull-down
         • Do squats (quads) immediately followed by straight-leg deadlifts

                                  Super-charged Step 24

Rejuvenate your detoxification pathways.
We are riddled with toxins in our food, water, air, and environment. Even living the cleanest of
lifestyles, we still cannot avoid this myriad of toxins. It is essential to maximize your body’s
natural detoxification pathways daily. These pathways include respiration, perspiration,
urination, and defecation.

When you follow the steps for Super-charged living, you will spend more time in the
restroom. This is a good problem. You should have 2-4 bowel movements daily, and urinate
nearly every waking hour for optimal detoxification.

Action Steps:

         • Be sure to work up a sweat and force your body into a state of oxygen debt 3-4
           times weekly. Among many other benefits, this high-intensity work will detoxify
           through both the respiration and perspiration pathways.
         • Use infrared saunas.
         • Practice safe sun-bathing.
         • Perform deep breathing.

                                   Super-charged Step 25

Rebuild with a muscle-fueling dinner.
Dinner should be the signal that you are ready to unwind and relax for the evening. The Super-
charged lifestyle challenges your muscles and stresses your body. You need high-quality
proteins, fats, and phytonutrient anti-oxidants to rebuild.

The best foods for optimal cellular rebuilding include organic animal products and
phytonutrient-dense vegetables. Typical processed animal products from industrial farms are
fed genetically-modified grains that are loaded with toxic pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and
hormones. Avoid this toxic burden in your Super-charged life.

Wild Pacific salmon, sardines, grass-fed beef, bison, lamb, and organic chicken, turkey, and
eggs are some of the best-healing foods. They provide high-quality omega-3 fatty acids and
essential amino acids, reducing inflammation and rebuilding cellular structure. These foods
contain strong, heavy proteins that depend on a high level of digestive energy for effective
metabolism. Too much movement and activity can reduce the effectiveness of this digestive
process and hinder the healing and rebuilding functions of the body.

A raw salad and steamed or sautéed vegetables provide high-quality phytonutrient anti-
oxidants. Use fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for organic acids and enzymes that help
your digestive tract. Simply squeeze lemons or add the vinegar to meat and vegetables.

Action Step:

      Write out 4-5 of your favorite clean
      animal proteins and 4-5 of your favorite
      vegetables. Mix them into different
      combinations, recipes, and nighttime

Quick Note:

      It is best to use vegetables that are in
      season, if possible, and rotate your animal
      proteins to get a variety of nutrients.

                                  Super-charged Step 26

Add corrective exercises.
Unfortunately, it is common to have one shoulder higher than the other, your pelvis rotated one
way, a forward head posture, and external foot rotation. As common as these are, they are not

Use corrective exercises and techniques to bring your body and posture back to a normal state.

Action Steps:

         • Have someone take a side view picture of your neck.

         • Look at your ear and see if lies directly over your shoulder or in front. If it lies in
           front, you suffer from forward head posture, a growing problem. To correct this,
           along with your chiropractic adjustments, perform neck flexor exercises:

                   Sitting in the car, bring your head back, parallel to the ground, and hold it
                   against the head rest for 5 seconds. Perform 10 times and do it on your
                   commute to and from work.

         • Look in the mirror

                o Is one shoulder higher than the other?
                o Is your hip rotated on way?
                o Do your feet flare out?

            Seek a corrective care chiropractor that is trained in posturally-based techniques.
            Remember that posture is the window to the spine. If your posture is poor, most
            likely your spine will be out of alignment.

Quick Note:

      There is a wealth of evidence showing forward head posture damages health and leads to
      reduced quality of life. For every inch forward, the stress on the upper back increases by
      10 pounds.

      Forward head posture reduces your lung capacity, thereby decreasing oxygen to the body
      and increasing risk of cardiovascular problems.

                                  Super-charged Step 27

Re-inoculate your gut.
Your intestines contain two to four pounds of bacteria, 10 times greater than the number of cells
in your entire body. Most of these bacteria work in in a symbiotic, or mutually benefiting,

Your ancestors ate fermented foods all the time. If you do not eat them, opportunistic
pathogenic microorganisms grow and thrive, hampering effective digestion, nutrient absorption,
energy levels, respiration, and immunity.

Action Step:

      Supplement regularly with a diverse probiotic containing 10 or more species and 50
      billion plus colony forming units (CFUs). Take this supplement at night after dinner, as
      these organisms tend to be nocturnal.

Quick Note:

      Daily, eat fermented foods, such as red cabbage sauerkraut, kimchi, vegetables fermented
      with apple cider vinegar, kombucha, amasai, raw cheese, and coconut water kefir.

                                      Super-charged Step 28

Practice non-toxic oral hygiene.
Oral health is a reflection of your body’s health. When the many species of bacteria living in
your mouth thrive on sugars and other carbohydrates, they produce acids that dissolve major
minerals such as calcium and phosphate from your teeth. They can also produce infection that
may spread to other places in your body.

Action Steps:

         • Use an all-natural, chemical-free, fluoride-free toothpaste. Brushing two to three
           times daily is optimal.

         • Floss daily. Better yet, use doctor’s brush picks that slide in from the front (rather
           than from above) the groove between teeth. By sliding from the front, these picks
           clear debris out the back of the teeth.

         • Avoid using hazardous mouthwash products.

         • Use mint, fennel seeds, parsley, or peppermint as natural breath fresheners.

Quick Note:

      The majority of toothpastes
      on the market contain a
      number of harsh toxins,
      including sodium lauryl
      sulfate, peroxides, fluoride,
      and antibiotics. These
      ingredients are all toxic and
      damage the body.

                                  Super-charged Step 29

Adopt an attitude of gratitude.
You are well on your way to living a Super-charged lifestyle. You notice major
improvements. Now, it is important to take a moment to reflect and be grateful.

Instead of asking yourself about your day, Super-charge your end-of-the day routine and ask,
“What 3 things was I grateful for today?”

When you feel gratitude, you look for more to be grateful for, and magically, it appears.

Action Step:

      Keep a small book, titled Gratitude Journal, and a pen next to your bed. Each night,
      write the 3 things for which you are grateful. They can be anything: waking up, seeing
      an old friend, buying a new TV, getting a promotion, spending time with your spouse, or
      something else that brings you joy.

      You will notice that as you write, you will have more and more things for which to be

Quick Note:

      It is nice to look back to old Gratitude Journals and see the amazing things that happened
      in your life. Your life can be Super-charged and wonderful.

                                  Super-charged Step 30

Sleep well.
You are living days full of gratitude, service, and health. Very few people achieve this Super-
charged Edge. Congratulations!

Now, rest and repair your body for tomorrow. Getting fewer than 6 hours of sleep per night
increases your body’s sympathetic, or fight or flight pathways, which increases cortisol in the
body. Increased levels of cortisol increase weight, raise blood pressure and cholesterol,
unbalance hormones levels, and stress systems.

Find a firm mattress to support your spine and use a cervical pillow to support the C-curve in
your neck.

The peak times for sleep are from 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM. Take advantage of these hours by
avoiding activity and stress.

Action Step:

      Turn off the TV and lie your head down to rest, repair, and rebuild your body.

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