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one year later eve carson’s legacy continues

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 Who are the Heelraisers?
 The Heelraisers Council is an officially recognized student organization that raises awareness about the impact
 of private giving at Carolina and promotes annual giving efforts to students. Council members get a first-hand
 look at fundraising operations for UNC and work actively with the Carolina Annual Fund team on marketing
 campaigns, events and other activities.

 The Heelraisers Council provides many opportunities for hands on
 experience in public relations, marketing and development.

 What does the                                                      Why should I join
 Heelraisers Council do?                                            the Heelraisers?
                                                                    Here at Carolina, we wear our public label
                                                                    with pride. The people of North Carolina
                                                                    know that investing their tax dollars in your
Plan                              Host                              education will generate returns for our state.
                                                                    Private donors believe in this investment,
incentives and events to          events with the chancellor,       too, and their gifts have created many of
highlight the importance          vice chancellors, Deans           the opportunities you will have during your
of private giving for             and Directors                     time here. They fund undergraduate research
students                          on campus                         grants, study abroad scholarships, and first
                                                                    year seminars, just to name a few.
                                                                       —Chancellor Holden Thorp

Connect                           Publicize                         How do I join the
with successful young             with various media forums
alumni through panels
and receptions
                                  on campus to sponsor
                                  and advertise with the
                                  Heelraisers Council
                                                                    Contact the Director of Student Giving,
                                                                    Shea Grisham at:
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                                                                                                                    Managing Editor JILL WATRAL
                            i’M AddiCTed TO CAROLinA PARAPHeRnALiA.                             Associate Editor of Content Planning & Development AMY LEONARD
                                No, really. It’s a problem. I shop for it all the                  Creative Director and Online Editor AMANDA MCPHERSON

       from                 time. And when I buy, I buy en masse.                                              Art Director MCKENZIE THOMPSON
                                                                                                          Vice President of Development HANNAH AUTRY

                                Just 4 hours before tipoff to a basketball game
                                                                                            Vice Presidents of Finance OSCAR HERNANDEZ & ANDREW LEE
                            last month, I decided that the “In Roy We Trust”                             Vice President of Public Relations MANDI NEALEN
     editor                 shirt I was wearing wouldn’t do — I had to have a
                            Wayne Ellington jersey for the occasion. About $70
                                                                                         Vice Presidents of Internal Relations JULIAN MARCH & EMILY BLAESER
                                                                                                                     CONTENT STAFF
                            and a long, shameful walk back from Franklin Street
                                                                                                                Campus Editor JULIAN MARCH
                            later, I was the proud owner of not just a jersey, but                     Arts & Entertainment Editor HANNAH TAYLOR
                            also a pair of earrings and a long-sleeved shirt both                                Sports Editor ANNA FEAGAN
                            donning the UNC-Chapel Hill logo.                                                       Photo Editor FAYE FANG
                                 Hey, it gets cold waiting outside the Smith                                Columns Editor KATHLEEN SHARPE
                            Center, right? And a girl simply must accessorize...                            Special Sections Editor LEAH HUGHES
                                I told you it was a problem.                                                   Online Content Editor COLIN KEIL
                                But even if I block the Johnny T-shirt Web site                                   Writers
                            from my browser and ban myself from going into               LAURA ARRENDONDO-SAUTISTEBAN, NATASHA DUARTE,
                            Student Stores unaccompanied by a trusted friend, I          KRISTEN HEIMSTEAD, ERIN LOCKER, KAYLA MARSHALL,
  Kelly Thore is a junior                                                                    SHANNON SPAIN, TRICIA THOMPSON, VICTORIA
                            can’t suppress my Tar Heel roots.
 journalism major from                                                                WALDTHAUSEN, ERIN WILTGEN, KAITLIN FITZGERALD, MARY
                                I grew up in a house with a downstairs bathroom
   Kernersville. She can                                                                SISSON, JEANNINE O’BRIAN, JESSICA CRUEL, DAVIS HARPER,
                            plastered in UNC-CH, from the wallpaper to the
          be reached at     logo decal on the underside of the toilet lid to my
                                                                                        CHIARA AUSTIN, BRECKEN BRANSTRATOR, SETH WRIGHT,                                                                              WILL BRYANT, ALYSSA GRIFFITH
                            cat’s Carolina-blue litter box. I’ve had Carolina fever                             Copy Editors
                            for as long as I can remember.                             CHIARA AUSTIN, MARY BLAINE, ABBEY DORAN, ANH DUONG,
                                I feel so lucky to attend a university with such          ANNA FEAGAN, NORA JORGENSEN, ANQI LI, ELIZABETH
                            insurmountable levels of school spirit. And in this                     HANNAH LOVE, KAYLA MARSHALL
                            issue, I think we’ve captured a lot of what makes                                   Columnists
                            Carolina unique.                                                MARY BLAINE, LINDSAY BRITT, MADELEINE CLARK,
                                                                                                     MARY LIDE PARKER, DAN WIDIS
                                After a year’s hiatus from their home field in
                            Chapel Hill, the men’s baseball team is finally           DANIELLE CUSHING, AMANDA GOLDFARB, GABRIELLE JONES,
                            digging up the dirt in the newly renovated                                  ANQI LI, KARA PEARCE
                            Boshamer Stadium (page 11).                                                        Photographers
                                This month also marks the anniversary of a                 LYNDSAY BOOTH, SARA FENDER, ANDREW JOHNSON,
                            tragedy. Last March, the Carolina family lost a              KATHLEEN MACGUIRE, LIZ MUNDLE, LIZZIE HAZELTINE
                            friend to many, Eve Carson. See how her legacy lives
                            on at the University and in the hearts of students                                       BUSINESS STAFF
                                                                                                           Distribution Director MANDI NEALEN
                            (page 14).
                                                                                                              Sales Director DAVE WILLIAMS
                                Live music in the middle of an art gallery? Read
                            about how Chapel Hill’s own Ackland Art Museum                   Publishing Team CALLIE BERCHEM, AMY DOBRZYNSKI,
                            is unique from other museums in the area (page 18).             ASHLEY FIALA, SARAH GRIESER, HANNAH HARRILL,
                                With March Madness right around the corner,                   KATIE RAY, MARY SISSON, JORDAN THORNDYKE
                            we caught up with the student managers of the
                            men’s and women’s basketball teams to find out                Advertising Team DONNA PURCELL, EMILIE MOSELEY, LAURA
                            what life’s like from behind the bench (page 28).             STOCKSDALE, SABRINA WOOD, JACQUI MERRILL, DAVE
                                With so much going on this month, I hope that
                            our Carolina fever is contagious.                                                     INTERNAL RELATIONS
                                And please, do both me and my bank account a                  Printing CHAMBLEE GRAPHICS | Adviser LYNN SETZER
                            favor. If you see me anywhere near Student Stores                 Board of Directors LAUREN RIPPEY, RENA CHERNOTSKY
                            with my debit card out, stop me before something
                                                                                                                     OUR MISSION
                            bad happens.                                              To inform readers of the unique personalities, events and traditions that define
                                                                                       the University’s heritage and help shape its future, and to offer staff members
                                                                                         practical and enjoyable journalism, business and management experience.
                                              KELLY THORE
                                                Editor-in-Chief                       Blue & White is produced by students at UNC-Chapel Hill and is funded at least
                                                                                             in part by student fees, which were appropriated and dispersed by
                                                                                                             UNC-CH’s Student Government.

                                                                                             Contact Andrew Lee at for advertising.
Top Ten Reasons To Go
  To Summer School:
 10.   Part of the Carolina experience
  9.   Less traffic
  8.   Keep it in Chapel Hill
  7.   Small-college atmosphere
  6.   Self-enrichment
  5.   Add a second major or minor
  4.   Build hours & your GPA
  3.   Graduate in eight semesters or fewer
  2.   Teaching that fits your learning style
  1.   Nothing could be finer

         For your mind.   Summer School at Carolina.
                                                        in this issue
                                                        11 WELCOME HOME, HEELS
                                                            The Diamond Heels gear up for a new
                                                            season in the brand new Boshamer Stadium.
                                                        14 CARRYING EVE’S MANTLE
                                                            One year after her death, Eve Carson’s
                                                            voice still echoes at UNC-CH.
                                                        18 ACKLAND ART AND SOUL
                                                            Yoga in the galleries, live music and
                                                            late night tours are just a few ways the
                                                            Ackland stays fresh and relevant after 50
                                                            years in Chapel Hill.
                                                        20 MAMAS IN THE HOUSE
                                                            Greek life can be a mystery to some, but
                                                            these women are there to witness it all.
                                                        22 REbOUNDING IN A RECESSION
                                                            The state of the economy nationwide is
                                                            headline news. Learn how the financial
                                                            situation is affecting business right
                                                            down the street.

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                                                        8   FROM THE bELL TO THE WELL

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                                                        10 STEREOTYPICAL TIMES
                                                            Lindsay Britt
                                                        25 SENIOR MOMENTS
                                                            Mary Blaine
                                                        26 TWO VIEWS
                                                            Madeleine Clark
                                                            Dan Widis
                                                        30 PIT STOP
                                                            Mary Lide Parker

                                                        online exclusives
18                                                          EATING LEAN AND GREEN

                  on the cover                              bOTANICAL GARDENS

 Eve Carson, then student body president,                   bASKETbALL MANAGERS
       at a student government function.
                   Cover photo submitted by                 DUAL-LANGUAGE PROGRAM
 the Eve Marie Carson Memorial Scholarship.       
                                                                   in our
        that’s hot                                           I believe pornography is wrong. I would like to explain myself by sharing the
                                                         work of Gail Dines, Catharine MacKinnon and Harry Brod.
                                                             Let’s define the framework for discussing porn, as laid out by leading                                        pornography researcher and Wheelock College professor Gail Dines. Dines
                                                         points out that we cannot approach porn as merely images or fantasy:
      If you’re ever having a bad day, just go to this
      Web site. It will undoubtedly make you feel        Pornography is a lucrative industry that involves real people with real bodies that
      better.                                            suffer real harm, both physical and mental.
                                                             What harm, you ask? Catharine MacKinnon, one of the most widely cited
                                                         legal scholars in the English language, writes that, “In pornography, there it is, in
          britney’s world tour                           one place, all of the abuses that women had to struggle so long even to begin to
        The girl is back and totally hot.                articulate, all the unspeakable abuse: the rape, the battery, the sexual harassment,
       Don’t act like you don’t think so.                the prostitution, and the sexual abuse of children. Only in the pornography it
                                                         is called something else: sex, sex, sex, sex, and sex, respectively” (“Pornography,
                                                         Civil Rights, and Speech” 1985). For simplicity’s sake, I will address heterosexual
          sparkly chocolate                              porn involving legal adults.
          Mars makes a new, less than 85-calorie             Pornography is not just a mirror of certain individuals’ sexual desires. It
          chocolate bar called Fling. And get this: it   shapes them. To the extent that gender identity includes and is influenced by
          shimmers.                                      sexual identity, pornography socializes people to conform to sexual and gender
                                                         roles. These roles follow the model of male dominance and female submission.
                                                         So whether or not you — as a man, woman or other — consume pornography,
                              redbox                     you participate in it simply by living in a society with a pornographically
              $1 movie rentals out of a                  socialized view of male and female behavior.
           giant red vending machine?!                       Pornography is also unprotected by the First Amendment, as some claim.
                          We’re down.                    MacKinnon explains that pornography strips women of credibility and authority
                                                         —women’s voices are silenced or dismissed. To defend pornography through the
                                                         First Amendment is to deny women’s freedom of speech in favor of men’s.
            national pi day                                  Pornography also disadvantages men in two primary ways, writes Harry Brod,
            March 14 is 3.14 for all you math            a male sexuality theorist and professor at the University of California at San
            lovers out there.                            Diego. First, porn objectifies the male body.
                                                             “Men become sexual acrobats endowed with oversized and overused
                                                         organs” (“Pornography and the Alienation of Male Sexuality” 1995). The male
                                                         body becomes a machine that must be monitored for performance quality,

              Each month we send
       photographer Liz Mundle to
    find unique fashion statements.
       To see more, visit our blog at

6   March 2009
mechanizing sex and limiting pleasure.
                                                                                                     that’s not
    Second, porn teaches men to search for sexual fulfillment of nonsexual needs,
which can ultimately lead to frustration and disappointment. The New York
Times Magazine ran an article in its “About Men” weekly column in which the                     japanese rape video game
male author writes that men socialized by a pornographic society “risk losing the  pulled “Rapeplay” from sales.
capacity to respond to the ordinarily beautiful women we love in our bedrooms”                Whose sick mind(s) came up with this?
(Gender Violence 2007).
    We can conclude that men stand to benefit greatly from the anti-pornography
movement. Men stand to be empowered and liberated by the feminism at the
root of the movement, which simultaneously requires the surrender of male                             pinching on st. patty’s day
privilege.                                                                                            We aren’t in the third grade anymore, so don’t
    Too many times, I’ve heard a woman praised for her “sexual liberation” when                       touch us if we forget to wear green.
she expresses enjoyment of pornography. I think a woman who is truly sexually
liberated, however, is a person who recognizes that the male dominance and
violence in mainstream pornography goes hand-in-hand with female submission
and abuse. A liberated person recognizes that pornography feeds a “rape culture”
of violent heterosexual behavior that degrades and damages all women to varying
                                                                                                        ruckus calls it quits
                                                                                               As college students, we may never be
individual degrees. There should not be more dignity in submitting to the                                 able to afford music again.
established norms than in defying and reshaping them.
    I will acknowledge, here, the theoretical distinction between pornography and
erotica. Pornography by definition requires the eroticization of power hierarchy
between participants; erotica involves adults with freedom of choice.                               the ides of march
    I see real difficulty in distinguishing the two in a society that has not achieved              Beware. Caesar learned the hard way.
gender and sexual equity, but the distinction is significant, and my argument here                  Learn from his mistakes.
is against pornography. Until the government formally recognizes pornography’s
infringement on women’s freedom of speech, the responsibility of eradicating the
industry lies with consumers. The question of why individuals enter the industry                                herpangina
is highly speculative and ultimately irrelevant. If we, as people, gendered though         It’s a painful mouth infection, which is
we are, can overcome the inflated individualism that permeates our society to see        not hot anyway, but can we at least get a
the collective harm inflicted by social institutions like pornography, we can work        name change so it doesn’t sound like an
more effectively toward an equitable society.
                                              &                               —anqi li
                                                                                                      STD in the you-know-where?

                                                                                                    “I’m taking advantage of the warm
                                                                                                    weather to expose some skin to the sun.
                                                                                                    Plus, florals, grandpa sweaters and heels
                                                                                                    make me feel sexy.”

                                                                                                    “I’ve really been trying to step it up lately
                                                                                                    [for my campaign].”

                                                                                                    “You should always look your best
                                                                                                    because you never know who you may
                                                                                                    run into.”

                                                                                                    “I like to dress in a way that reflects my
                                                                                                    personality and unique style. Modesty is
                                                                                                    my style, and I like to dress that way.”

                     from the bell
    The soothing aroma of freshly brewed coffee wasn’t the only thing
in the air as the elevator doors opened to the fourth floor conference
room in the FedEx Global Education Center. A harmonious mixture
of accented voices filled the room, immediately generating an inter-
national atmosphere.
    These voices belonged to the guests of UNC-Chapel Hill’s first
International Coffee Hour, an event co-sponsored by the Interna-
tional Student and Scholar Services and UNC-CH’s Writing Center
that bring together international taste in company, conversation and
coffee. Jane Rosenburg, an assistant director for student service for
ISSS, said that the event was designed to give American and interna-
tional students and scholars an opportunity to socialize away from
their usual environments.
    As guests entered the room, they were warmly welcomed by ISSS
and Writing Center staff members who stood behind a table where
guests were invited to sign in and make name tags. Guests were en-
couraged to grab a cup of coffee, enjoy an assortment of pastries and,
most importantly, get to know other attendees at the event.
    The hosts had no idea how many people to expect. Since this
was the first event of its kind, they guessed around 25 to 30 people
would be attending; but, a final count of over 80 guests and two
empty coffee urns 30 minutes into the event clearly indicated they
had vastly underestimated the turnout. The sign-in sheets revealed
that numerous guests comprised students from Asia, Africa, India,               Lindsey Dvorak gives Micah, a seventh-grader from Culbreth Middle School,
Europe and South America.                                                       voice lessons. Dvorak helped Micah overcome her fear of singing in front of
    Nigel Caplan, an English as a Second Language specialist at the
Writing Center, organized the social hour in response to the growing
desire of international students and scholars to meet and mingle.
    “It’s important for internationals here to meet each other. Plus,            alumnus profile Stephen Cauley
they appreciate any opportunity to interact with native speakers,”
Caplan said. “It’s also vital to the university’s vision of international-
ization that opportunities be provided for American students to meet
people from other cultures, and they can experience the world just              When Stephen Cauley arrived at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1950, he didn’t know a
by coming to the coffee hour.”                                               soul.
    Desh Bandu, a native of Nepal and a research assistant at the               His father and a tenant from his family farm in Kinston drove him to Chapel
UNC School of Medicine, heard about the event through an ESL                 Hill. They dropped off Cauley, with only his trunk, at Old East Residence Hall,
workshop that Caplan runs. With little time to meet people as he             where he would live for the next four years.
works through an 18-month application process for his residency,                                                          “I knew nobody in Chapel Hill,”
the coffee hour gave him a chance to branch out.                                                                      Cauley said. “But that didn’t bother me
    “It was an opportunity to come out of the lab and meet people,                                                    because I knew I wanted to be there.”
something I have been really missing in almost one year that I have                                                       At first Cauley wanted to become an
been here at UNC,” Bandu said.                                                                                        attorney, but it didn’t take him long to
    Natasha Rostovtseva, a master’s student at the School of Journal-                                                 realize that law wasn’t for him. Cauley’s
ism and Mass Communication and a native of Moscow was grateful                                                        favorite classes were history and English
to talk with friends from Russia whom she rarely sees on campus.                                                      literature.
    “Since we all are very busy with our school activities and commu-                                                     “I was shocked by how much I en-
nicate mostly on Facebook and LiveJournal, it was a nice opportu-                                                     joyed Shakespeare,” Cauley said.
nity to chat in person,” she said.                                                                                        One of Cauley’s professors challenged
    ISSS and the Writing Center plan to host an International Coffee                                                  his students to memorize 500 lines of
Hour every two weeks. Satisfied with the way the event turned out                                                     Shakespeare for extra credit. Cauley
in January, Rosenburg and Caplan said that there was only one addi-                                                   learned about 25 lines, some he still
tion they needed to make for the next hour: more coffee.     &—mary sisson
                                                                                                                      remembers today.
                                                                                                                          The University Cauley came to was
                                                                                                                      considerably smaller than it is today, with

8       March 2009
              to the well                                                                         photos by faye fang

                                            Franklin Street microbreweries are gearing up for St.      bluegrass band will complete
                                        Patrick’s Day with a load of hops and a touch of festive       the scene for a traditional
                                        spirit.                                                        Irish party.                                  every year
                                            What began as a religious holiday has morphed into             But make sure you              since 1962 Chicago has dyed
                                        a heathen’s heaven, celebrating everything Irish including     chug fast because there             the Chicago River green in
                                        shamrocks, leprechauns and green beer.                         will be no green beer
                                            “It’s a celebration of Irish history,” said Matt           in sight on the 18. And
                                                                                                                                            honor of st. Patrick’s day.
                                        Clements, an Irish descendant, UNC-Chapel Hill                 the lucky lad or lass who            source:
                                        alumnus and director of food and beverage at Carolina          purchases the last pint of
                                        Brewery. “They were looked down on as the lower class,         every green-beer-filled keg
                                        and now we celebrate how far they’ve come.”                    wins a gift certificate.
                                            Microbreweries are often considered the “mom and               “No one wants green beer the
                                        pop” shops of beer. Brewing about 310 gallons, or 10           day after St. Patrick’s Day, so we make
                                        barrels, of beer at a time, Carolina Brewery’s bronze tanks    getting rid of it a celebration,” Clements said.
                                        and wooden bar give the restaurant a rustic feel, especially
                                        as men in rubber boots approach with buckets. The
                                                                                                           Slainté! (Cheers!)
                                                                                                                               &                        —jessica cruel
                                        brewers use malted barley, water, hops and yeast to make
                                        their signature beers in house.
                                            Carolina Brewery will be honoring St. Pat by dyeing
                                        its Sky Blue Golden Ale a festive green with food
                                        coloring. Their special holiday menu will also be available
                                        during the week, consisting of traditional Irish fare like
                                        corned beef and cabbage, Reubens, stout stew and boiled
                                        potatoes. Some lesser-known items, such as fish and soda
                                        bread, will also be on the menu. Starting at 9 p.m., a local

about 6,700, primarily male, students.
    “It was a different world,” Cauley said, explaining that he often hitchhiked to
UNC-CH from Raleigh or Goldsboro.

    Downtown was different, too. Beyond the Columbia Street intersection,
Franklin Street was almost empty.
    But in some ways the Carolina experience hasn’t changed since Cauley’s time
here more than 50 years ago. He listened to the Bell Tower ring while he studied                        We are not
in Wilson Library and ate meals in Lenoir Hall, though dinner cost 49 cents
instead of $9.25.                                                                                       here merely
    “I went to all the ball games,” he said, referring to football and basketball. He
remembers once watching the Tar Heels beat Duke in the snow at Kenan Memo-                              to make a
rial Stadium.
    After graduation, Cauley taught school for nine years before becoming a man-                        living. We are
ager at the Clayton branch of Raleigh Savings and Loan.
                                                                                                        here to enrich

    Cauley and his wife, Betty, married in 1956 and reside in Clayton. Two of
Cauley’s three children attended UNC-CH and his granddaughter is a junior.
    “Students today are faced with things I never even dreamed about,” said Cau-
                                                                                                        the world.
ley, who learned to read by a kerosene lamp. The times may have changed, but
Cauley still considers UNC-CH a special place.
    “It was a great place then,” he said, “and my love for it has never wavered.”&
                                                                     —jeannine o’brian

stereotypical times
                                One thing I’ve learned so far from my semester in             so I quickly got in line.
                                                                                                                                                      Lindsay is writing to us
                            Florence is that study abroad students have a lot in common       I enthusiastically scarfed                                  from Florence, Italy.
                            with one another. For instance, we would much rather              down both hot dogs, even
                            take a trip by train than by bus. Trains are the preferred        though I quickly realized
                            European way of travel when visiting neighboring cities.          that these Italian hot dogs
                            After you leave the train station, you find yourself in a         were posers for the American
                            new city that vaguely reminds you of the one you just left.       version. It didn’t matter.
Lindsay Britt is a junior
                            The only difference is that this new city has two more old             Why is it that we
journalism major from       churches you can visit.                                           continuously search for
Suttontown. She can be          Don’t get me wrong: You can find beautiful architecture       signs of American consumer
reached at                  in every city, like the Arch of Constantine in Rome. The          products when abroad? Why       arch that gets study abroad students really jazzed, though, is    do we feel the need to buy
                            less like an Italian historic site and more like a monument       prepackaged loaves of sliced white bread
                            to American culture. That’s right — it isn’t traveling            when there are bakeries on every corner? Maybe
                            preferences or even famous landmarks that study abroad            it’s the American mentality that we are
                            students bond over. It’s the food. Yes, I am referring to those   better than other nations. Maybe
                            golden arches that mark McDonald’s all over the world.            it’s our ignorance of what
every time you turn
                                Those two arches serve as a security blanket for              better things are available
around, there is a          American students who enjoy cheeseburgers as they                 to us that keeps us                           nearly one
student greedily            reminisce about how much cheaper food is back in the              searching for Starbucks                in eight workers in the
ordering a Big Mac          States. You’d think we’re all here to shovel Mediterranean        on every corner.
                            food into our mouths with both hands, but every time you               Regardless, I came             U.s. have been employed by
or drooling over            turn around, there is a student greedily ordering a Big Mac       to Italy to broaden my               Mcdonald’s at some time.
Mcnuggets. Buon             or drooling over McNuggets. Buon appetito!                        cultural horizons and                   source: “Fast Food Nation” by
appetito!                       It’s not just McDonald’s that gets study abroad students      from this point forth, I                   Eric Schlosser (2001)
                            hyped. Basically, any American brand-name product from            swear on my honor to do
                            Skippy peanut butter to Special K cereal will have students       just that. I hereby pledge
                            shelling out big euros for small commodities that remind          to abandon what I know of
                            them of home. At least here in Italy the peanut butter isn’t      American culture and embrace,
                            poisoned with salmonella. That justifies everything, right?       instead, the Italian way of life.
                                I came to Florence to indulge in authentic Italian foods.          I have even developed a three-step program for recovery:
                            I vowed to delve into Italian culture and never thought that           Step 1: Stop living off peanut butter and jelly
                            I would look over my shoulder. I still haven’t cheated and        sandwiches. It’s time to learn a couple of recipes and try out
                            gone to Mickey D’s.                                               that spinach-stuffed ravioli I found at the market last week.
                                What I did was might be considered worse.                          Step 2: Feed my sliced white bread to the birds. The
                                During my first week in Florence, I took a trip with          gypsies can’t maintain the obscene number of pigeons in
                            my roommates to IKEA, a giant furniture retail store, to          Florence all on their own.
                            pick up a drying rack. After an excruciatingly long time               Step 3: Stop watching American television online. Well,
                            spent fighting crowds, we were hungry and exhausted.              except Lost. You understand.
                            Fortunately, the checkout counter was conveniently placed              If all goes well, I may even convince some of my
                            right in front of a mini food court. The advertised special       classmates to follow my lead. I’ll bring it up over dinner. We
                            was two hot dogs for 0,70 euro-cents apiece. I like all
                            kinds of skeptical meats, especially Bright Leaf hot dogs,
                                                                                              have plans to try out this amazing Mexican restaurant soon.

                            As recently as the 1970's, pubs in Ireland were required by law to close on
                            St. Patrick's Day for religious observance.

10         March 2009
we lcome
h hm

                                by davis harper
                   design by amanda mcpherson
                  photos by kathleen macguire

     After a year playing in Cary, the Diamond
    Heels are poised for another run to Omaha
    for the College World Series with the help
 of the newly-renovated Boshamer Stadium, a

          veteran team and a renewed fan base.

                                                  Learning to adapt: Spending a Year in CarY
                                                      Throughout the 2008 season, construction workers were the only
                                                  ones rounding the bases at Bryson Field. The Diamond Heels were
                                                  forced to commute 30 minutes each way to Cary and play home games
                                                  at the USA Baseball National Training Complex.
                                                      This long drive from Chapel Hill resulted in a sharp decrease of
                                                  students and Chapel Hill residents in attendance, and by the last weeks
                                                  of the 2008 season, the players wearily boarded the bus for practice and
                                                      But the head coach, Mike Fox, was adamant that the change of
                                                  venue was not a negative experience for the Heels’ program.
                                                      “It turned out to be a little bit of an advantage,” Fox said in a press
                                                  conference. “We have a new fan base, and I think the ballpark kind of
                                                  suited us last year.”

                                                                         ceremony will take place on April 18th during the game
                                                                         against the University of Miami.
                                                                             The Ram’s Club also benefited from the deep pockets
                                                                         of George Steinbrenner, long-time owner of the New York
                                                                         Yankees. Steinbrenner’s daughter graduated from UNC-
                                                                         Chapel Hill, and after a $1 million donation the entrance
                                                                         courtyard will bear his family’s name.
                                                                             According to Ken Mack, major gift director at the
                                                                         Ram’s Club, the renovated Bosh will allow the baseball
                                                                         program to flourish twofold.
                                                                             “The new facility is going to enhance the fan experi-
                                                                         ence,” Mack said. “Secondly, it is going to give Coach Fox
                                                                         the tool he needs to recruit the top-notch student athlete
                                                                         to come here and play baseball for us.”

                                                                         BuiLding a dYnaStY: 2009 projeCtionS
                                                                             While the new Bosh has garnered a lot of media and
                                                                         spectator attention, it is impossible to overlook the star-
                                                                         studded squad that will light up the complex in 38 home
                                                                         games this season.
                                                                             The Diamond Heels, after three consecutive top-three
                                                                         finishes in Omaha, return three All-Americans for the first
                                                                         time. The Heels also have been picked to finish first in the
                                                                         ACC and NCAA by three baseball publications.
                                                                             Adam Warren, a senior leader from New Bern expected
                                                                         to build on an excellent season on the mound in 2008,
            Dustin Ackley, a consensus All-America last year con-        insists the team is not feeling the preseason heat.
        sidered to be the best hitter in college baseball, said a year       “It’s not so much pressure, it is more motivation,”
        away from Chapel Hill has helped motivate him to excel           Warren said.
        this year in front of rejuvenated supporters.                        Assisting Warren on the mound are Alex White and
            “I definitely didn’t like being in Cary, but now I appre-    Matt Harvey. The trio is considered the top starting staff
        ciate being back and playing on campus more,” the junior         in the nation. White was the 2008 ACC pitcher of the
        from Walnut Cove said.                                           year, and the powerful right-hander is looking to build
                                                                         on that success in 2009. Brian Moran, a preseason All-
        the diamond heeL tempLe: the new BoSh                            American, and Colin Bates head a bullpen that Fox con-
            Welcoming them back to Chapel Hill is the 4,000-seat         siders his deepest ever.
        capacity, state-of-the-art Boshamer Stadium. Bryson Field            Ackley and Kyle Seager, a junior from Kannapolis, are
        at Boshamer Stadium, the complex that stood from 1972            skilled hitters and both were All-Americans in 2008. They
        to 2007, was upgraded in every way. It just may be the           will lead a lineup of solid bats that could see the insertion
        impetus the Diamond Heels need to break through and              of dynamic freshman Levi Michael.
        win their first College World Series.
            The structure that stood for 35 years became outdated        the 10th man:
        and was no longer an adequate home for a Tar Heel team           a new (and renewed) Fan BaSe in 2009
        that has been averaging 45 wins per season in the last               Every year, fan excitement for the Diamond Heels
        decade under coach Fox.                                          starts out slow except for a few devout supporters, a fact
            On Oct. 2, 2007, construction teams officially broke         only exacerbated in 2007 by playing home games in Cary.
        ground. The total cost was $25.6 million and was funded          By the time June and the College World Series roll around,
        entirely by private donors.                                      however, Carolina fans are powder-blue-clad and ready to
            For coach Fox, the construction of the new Bosh was          unite behind their beloved Tar Heels.
        a labor of love, and he is thrilled to finally move in to the        That paradigm is sure to shift with the construction of
        complex.                                                         the new Bosh, and players and coaches alike are ready to
            “I’ve watched every bolt and screw and seat put in here,     embrace an enlarged fan base.
        and I’m still amazed,” Fox said in a press conference. “The          Season ticket holders have increased from one in 2007,
        best part now is moving everything in and seeing it come         the last year in the old Bosh, to a whopping 650 season
        to life.”                                                        tickets sold for the upcoming campaign.
            The Bosh is completely revamped. The hill located                Mack attributes the increase in numbers to the success
        on the first-base line has been replaced with grandstand         of the Diamond Heels and the renovated venue.
        seating. There are three concession stands with ample                “I think the combination of the two is going to be hard
        restrooms compared with one stand two years ago. The             to beat anywhere in college baseball,” Mack said.
        six new club boxes behind the plate have already been                The centralized location on campus is convenient to
        leased. The entire concourse has been doubled, and luxuri-       students, and the chances of the Diamond Heels getting
        ous locker rooms, batting cages and study space provide          back to the College World Series is strong.
        the Heels with the capabilities to improve physically and            “We’re definitely excited,” Warren said. ‘We’re ready to
            Bryson Field was dedicated by the family of benefactor                                 &
                                                                         play in front of our fans.”

        and former first baseman Vaughn Bryson. The dedication

12   March 2009
Closing Remarks:                                                                      B&W: Are you excited about this upcoming season, especially since you
                                                                                      will be playing at the new Bosh?
A Conversation with Closer Colin bates                                                   CB: I was kind of nervous last season to start especially it being my first
                              Colin Bates is a redshirt sophomore from Naper-            year playing baseball in college. Going into this year though, I know my
                          ville, Ill. After ending last season as a freshman All-        role. I know my catchers better. But, I am nervous coming back to Chapel
                          America, Bates is on the preseason watch list for the          Hill. The pressure is on us with all the attention surrounding the upcom-
                          NCBWA Stopper of the Year Award, presented to the              ing season. I'm excited being in Chapel Hill though. The drive to Cary
                          nation's top relief pitcher. But it was not his accolades      everyday was a real pain.
                          on the baseball field that grabbed our attention; it was
                          everything else about him.                                  B&W: What are your predictions for the upcoming season? Do you think
                              This right-hander is in the Kenan-Flagler Business      that we’ll be seeing the team in Omaha again?
                          School majoring in business administration, and last           CB: Honestly, it's a let down if we don't (finish in Omaha). My senior
                          season, he claimed a spot on the All-ACC Academic              year in high school, we made it. My freshman year, we made it. My sopho-
                          Team and was named to the ACC's Academic Honor                 more year, we made it. I haven't been around Carolina baseball to know
                          Roll. He redshirted his freshman season after undergo-         anything different than the season ending in Omaha. I'm excited for the
ing thoracic outlet decompression surgery due to a blood clot in his right               season to start, but we can't think about Omaha now.
shoulder. He pitches with a piece of his removed rib in his back pocket, which
easily earns him the award of the most bizarre baseball superstition. And on          B&W: What was it like meeting Terry Francona (the Boston Red Sox Gen-
top of all that, he is an accomplished artist. His acrylic painting of Michael        eral Manager) at the Carolina First Pitch Dinner?
Jordan was recently featured in an NCAA-sponsored Student-Athlete Art                    CB: It was really cool. I did a collage-type painting of a Red Sox/Yankee
Exhibtion (which can be seen online at                            game, and he signed it for me. He told me about how it was the game
                                                                                         where (Jason) Varitek and A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) got in a fight that
B&W: I understand you're from Illinois, so Michael Jordan was most                       emptied both dugouts.
likely a major role model of yours growing up, but I have to ask you, why
did you paint him in his Chicago uniform instead of Carolina blue?                    B&W: As far as rivalries go, the (Chicago) White Sox or the (Chicago)
    CB: I did that one in my junior year of high school. There were a series          Cubs?
    of pictures that came out in ESPN the magazine, and there was really no             CB: White Sox. It's definitely a family thing. But mostly, I had better ac-
    significance to why I picked that picture. I've had a whole lot more experi-        cess to attend Sox games because I'm from the South side. I love going to
    ence with him as a Bull.                                                            Cubs games though, but I couldn't bear being a fan.


                                 by robin hilmantel        • design by mckenzie thompson
                                       photo courtesy of Eve Marie Carson Memorial Scholarship

 The campus was shocked when Chapel Hill police announced Eve Carson, then student body
president, was the victim of a shooting near campus. Students cried and embraced. Professors
  cancelled classes. Five thousand people gathered in Polk Place. One year later, friends and
     strangers alike are healing the best way they know how: by honoring Eve’s memory.

                                                            andrew Coonin Can’t bring himself to delete her e-mails. He still reads
                                                            them — especially one Eve Carson sent after he told her he was charged with
                                                            driving under the influence.
                                                                “You know that you have my support!” the e-mail from the former student
                                                            body president read. “I’m there to the end, friend!”
                                                                Carson was found shot to death in a neighborhood near campus on March 5,
                                                            2008, exactly a week after she had last e-mailed Coonin.
                                                                Carson is the friend who stopped to talk for 10 minutes and stayed an hour.
                                                            She sacrificed sleep, a rare commodity, to fit late-night dance parties into her over-
                                                            crowded schedule.
                                                                “I think we’ve probably all heard people talk about how Eve made everyone
                                                            feel like they were important,” said John Brodeur, associate director of the Carolina
                                                            Union. He knew Carson through her involvement with N.C. Fellows, a leadership
                                                            training program. “When she said that people came first, she lived that out.”
                                                                A year after Carson’s death, members of the campus community continue to
                                                            value her. Just as former student body president Seth Dearmin challenged them
                                                            to do during Carson’s memorial celebration March 18, 2008, various members
         Andrew Coonin, center, on student government       of the campus community have taken on “Eve’s mantle” — whether or not they
                                    election night 2008.    knew Carson.

 14      March 2009
                                 photo by Lyndsay booth
                     When lethargy struck, Carson would remind friends
                     that they were lucky. So lucky that they had a responsi-
                     bility to help others and inspire them. “So much of the
                     things she and I discussed had to do with the concept
                     of privilege,” Brodeur said. “I think it would be fair
                     to say that Eve felt incapable of ever repaying the debt
                     given to her by means of that privilege. … I think for
                     her, running for student body president was a way of
                     realizing more of her potential in giving back.”

                    Jeremy Crouthamel, a senior English major and a
                varsity cheerleader, was crowned Homecoming king in
                November. Crouthamel knew Carson through her room-
                mate, but the two bonded quickly over their deep connec-
                tion to the University.
                                                                                                           Jeremy Caruthamel, center, sings Hark the Sound with fellow cheerleaders.
                    “I remember closer to when she died I was cheering
                at a basketball game, and she was sitting in the front row                                                                              photo by Amanda McPherson
                wearing a prom dress,” Crouthamel said, recalling what                          Senior Katie Sue Zellner remembers how, when she was
                Carson wore to the men’s Duke game her senior year. “I                          Carson’s chief of staff, Carson would ask her cabinet
                looked at her, and we smiled. We just shared this passion.”                     members what they wanted their legacy to be. “Eve
                    Also like Carson, Crouthamel tutored at a school in                         wanted people to think about what it was that was
                Durham, helping a class of about 20 students at Jordan                          important to them and how they were going to act on
                High School.                                                                    that,” she said. Carson thought about how she wanted
                    “I think there were only two people in our class that                       to impact student government as well. “She didn’t
                didn’t have criminal records,” he said. “It killed me to                        want there to be a student government type of person,”
                know that they were so influenced by gang violence.”                            Zellner said. “She wanted to draw from all different
                    Coincidentally, the class Crouthamel tutored included                       crowds on campus.”
                Laurence Lovette, who is one of two Durham residents
                charged with Carson’s murder.                                                    Emily Motley usually isn’t interested in student body
                    So when Crouthamel decided to run for Homecoming                         presidents’ platforms, but something in Carson’s sparked
                king in September, he knew his corresponding service proj-                   her interest. It was an end-of-the-year music festival, also
                ect needed to address the violence that took his friend’s life.              known as Springfest.
                    Crouthamel, who will teach high school after he gradu-                       A friend of Motley’s suggested she apply to work on
                ates in May, is planning a conference to educate local teach-                the spring music festival committee, but Motley had never
                ers about how they can help prevent gang violence.                           considered joining student government before.
                    “If (teachers) can just open their eyes to what to look                      “I think, like with a lot of things at Carolina, I was
                for, they could make a huge difference,” he said.                            kind of intimidated,” the senior journalism major said.
                    The Carolina Athletic Association will fund a half-                      “Student government seemed like an unattainable goal.”
                day event that will likely be held in early April. It will be                    But Motley applied and got the job.
                offered for free to local teachers and Teaching Fellows and                      Carson originally envisioned a multi-day music festival
                will feature up to three speakers, including one former                      featuring several artists.
                Durham gang member. Although the conference is in the                            “She said, ‘Maybe it’s not possible, but let’s just see
                early planning stages, Crouthamel already has received                       what we can do with it,’” Motley said.
                                       an outpouring of support, even from                       By May, the committee had secured a concert with
                                                  people with whom he spoke only             Nine Days and Boyz II Men in the Dean E. Smith Center.
                                                         briefly during his campaign for     Before the main event, a carnival-like “lot party” offered
                                                            Homecoming king.                 outdoor performances by student groups.
                                                                    “I’ve gotten a lot of        Alex Robinson, chair of the Springfest committee last year,
                students for the
                                                                 e-mails from people         thinks Carson would have been proud to attend the event.
     Carolina Way was formed last fall                             saying, ‘Hey, what            “The idea of bringing people together was something
   to commemorate Carson’s charitable                               you said really struck   that really appealed to her,” Robinson said. “And it was
spirit. Although it started as an alliance of                        a chord with me. I      something that people could get excited about. She loved
                                                                     would love to help      when people got excited about things.”
Greek organizations, it has since opened to                          out,’” he said.             Robinson says Carson emphasized making Springfest a
             all campus members.                                        Crouthamel is        lasting event, one that would help shine some of the lime-
   source: UNC-CH Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life          considering naming         light usually reserved for athletics on the campus arts scene.
                                                                 the conference “The             Motley and the rest of the Springfest committee strug-
                                                               Eve Project.”                 gled to fund the event this year because of the economic
                                                                 “I would like to get into   crisis. But thanks to fundraising help from Students for the
                                                         contact with her parents and        Carolina Way, the event will continue this year. It is tenta-
                                                   just see what their feelings are,”        tively scheduled for April 25.
                                        he said. “She makes me want to live dif-                 “What it came to be is something bigger than just one
                ferently, and she continues to do that every time I think                    person,” Motley said. “I think that really encompasses a lot
                about her.”                                                                  of what (Carson) believed.”

Jock Lauterer, center, and his “Community Journalism” class are launching a newspaper to promote a positive atmosphere in Durham.                Vice Chancellor Margret Jab

                                                                                                      photos by Andrew Johnson

                     One night when Carson was running for student body          who might be a shooter on the streets and turn him into a
                     president, several of her campaign volunteers grew hun-     shooter with a camera?”
                     gry. Coonin, now CAA president, was one of several              Lauterer’s “Community Journalism” class, which focus-
                     who complained about how early the closest campus           es on service learning, and students from The Campus
                     convenience store closed, so Carson promptly wrote          Echo, NCCU’s student newspaper, will mentor the high
                     extended store hours into her platform. “Every little       school students, giving them exposure to college life when
                     thing was something that could be fixed and should be       they otherwise might have none.
                     fixed,” Coonin said.                                            The paper will print a monthly insert with a circulation
                                                                                 of 2,000, and staffers will update a Web version more reg-
                     Police call northeast central Durham the “bull’s-eye.”      ularly. Lauterer purchased digital and video cameras with
                 The 180-block circle experiences the highest rates of gang      a $25,000 grant the project recently was awarded. He
                 violence, reported gunshots and prostitution of any area        expects office space and printing services will be provided
                 the department covers.                                          by the city and a local paper, respectively.
                     “The term ‘bull’s-eye’ is not a complimentary term,”            Now all the project needs is a staff, which should be in
                 said Jock Lauterer, a lecturer in the School of Journalism      full force next year when high-school seniors will need to
                 and Mass Communication. “This is a neighborhood that            complete a mandatory graduation project.
                 many people think is in crisis.”                                    Although the first issue of the paper won’t be out
                     Lauterer happened to be studying northeast central          before the one-year anniversary of Carson’s death, Lauterer
                 Durham when two of the area’s residents first were charged      wants the paper to have a lasting presence.
                 with shooting Carson. Lauterer hadn’t known Carson, but             “I don’t want a flash in the pan,” he said. “This has got
                 he wanted to take action.                                       to be sustainable.”
                     “I’m sitting here thinking last spring, last April, ‘What
                 can I do?’” Lauterer said. First he thought to partner with         After meeting with Carson weekly during her tenure,
                 North Carolina Central University in Durham. Then Mai               Margaret Jablonski, vice chancellor of student affairs,
                 Thi Nguyen, a UNC-CH professor of city and regional                 says she is able to more deeply connect with students.
                 planning, passed on an idea from a student: Why not start           “Sometimes when you become a vice president or vice
                 a neighborhood newspaper to encourage civic engagement?             chancellor you become disconnected with students,”
                     “It was one of those eureka moments of O-M-G, if                she said. “The closeness I felt to Eve has played itself
                 you will,” Lauterer said. He sees the paper shining a posi-         out positively in my ability to now become closer to
                 tive light on the community, whose members usually see              some other students. … There’s so many moments
                 themselves mentioned in newspapers only when they are               when her presence is there almost guiding my work.”
                 accused of crimes.
                     Local high-school students will staff the paper.                Those who were closest to Carson are often struck by
                     “I’m not about to be so egotistical as thinking that that   memories of her.
                 newspaper could have prevented something like (Carson’s             During basketball season, CAA president Coonin
                 murder),” Lauterer said, “but what if we could get one kid      is reminded of last year, when he and Carson received

16          March 2009
                                                                          the cause she championed

                                                                          Chancellor Holden Thorp presents Elinor benami with the scholarship.

                                                                                                                  photo by Amanda McPherson

blonski.      Jablonski’s jewelry, made in remembrance.
                                                                                       The junior-year merit scholarship was supposed to
                                                                                       be named after Chancellor Emeritus James Moeser.
                                                                                       but when Andy Woods heard that the girl whom he
                                                                                       had met at the Campus Y on one of his first days as
                                                                                       a freshmen, the same girl who had come up with
           special-edition Nike Dunks with Tar Heel logos on the                       the idea for the scholarship, had been murdered,
           back. Carson requested a size 9, not realizing that only                    he knew that the scholarship would have to be
           men’s sizes were available.                                                 renamed to honor Eve Carson.
               “She would clunk around in those giant shoes,”
           Coonin said. A couple of days later, he was horrified when,                 Chancellor Moeser and several others had the same idea.
           on senior night for the men’s basketball team, he saw her
           trudging through the rain in them. After all, only 200                      Last month, Junior Elinor benami was chosen out of
           pairs of the shoes had been made.                                           more than 140 applicants as the first winner of the
               “That was very much Eve,” he said. “She wasn’t just                     Eve Marie Carson Memorial Scholarship.
           going to have them. She was going to wear the shoes no
           matter what.”                                                               “The kind of person we’re looking for is someone
               Coonin wore his pair to the memorial service shortly                    who obviously demonstrated commitment in high
           after Carson’s death and to several basketball games after                  school, but while at UNC they found a passion,”
           that.                                                                       Woods said during the selection process. He served
               Vice Chancellor Jablonski commissioned a                                as director of the scholarship committee.
           Hillsborough artist to make her a jewelry set the week after
           Carson died. Now every time she wears the Celtic-style                      “Elinor was chosen for the breadth and depth
           necklace and earrings, made with blue topaz gems, she                       of her passion. She has done a ton of work with
           thinks of the former student body president.                                the environment, and she has demonstrated a
               “It reminds me of the galaxy, so filled with possibili-                 commitment to leadership and service while still
           ties,” she said. “That’s how I think of Eve’s presence.”                    pursuing her passions.”
               Now that the initial devastation of Carson’s violent
           death has subsided, Brodeur, of N.C. Fellows, can see                       In addition to covering in-state tuition for her senior
           more clearly what the tragedy means.                                        year, the scholarship will fund a summer job or
               Brodeur holds a graduate degree in counseling, but he                   project in line with benami’s interests.
           said that Carson’s exceptional listening skills — he “can’t                 Several student groups have helped raise money for
           recall a conversation with her that was insubstantial” —                    the scholarship, including Students for the Carolina
           helped him improve his own in a way that his professors                     Way, Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Pi beta Phi Sorority
           never could.                                                                and the senior class. The fund needs $3 million
               “The reason that we love her so much was not because                    to become endowed and sustain itself off of the
           she was superhuman,” he said, “but because she brought                      account’s interest.
           out qualities in us that we might not have ever known that
           we have. … Time is helping us understand more clearly                       “It’s going to (eventually) support five outstanding

           the impact that she had on all of us.”                                      individuals at this University,” Woods said, “five
                                                                                       individuals who walked in the same way that
                                                                                       Eve walked.”

 by erin wiltgen design by mckenzie thompson
             photo by liz mundle

  Visiting the Ackland Art Museum today is

 nothing like a silent parade through endless
galleries. Museum security guards give lessons
  in modern art, and deeper beauty is found
 amidst the art in a yoga class. The Ackland’s
new and innovative programs provide visitors
     with ways to see art like never before.
                                                                                                                  Erik Straub observes a piece in Ackland Art Museum.

             aS SiLent oBServerS, they move about the galler-                 region, the Ackland offers, as an extension of the exhibits,
             ies, eyeing students who whisper and study the art. They         an array of special programs like yoga classes in the gallery.
             disturb little in the focused, peaceful atmosphere of the            “I think it’s genius,” said Darryo Young, a 23-year-old
             Ackland Art Museum, but unnoticed by many museum                 security guard. “I wanted to join.”
             attendees, security guards are an integral part of the gallery       A popularly attended class, Brown said, yoga provides a
             experience.                                                      way to get people to the museum and enhance the art.
                  “If you’re down in the galleries, the people that know          “If doing yoga in the galleries gives you time to experi-
             most about the art that you’re looking at are the secu-          ence a statue of Buddha in a different way than standing
             rity guards that are standing silently behind you,” said         there looking at it, then that’s a way to create a new experi-
             Nic Brown, director of communications at the Ackland.            ence,” he said.
             “They’re down there all the time. Some of them are artists           The Ackland offers a variety of programs that cater to a
             themselves.”                                                     community as rich and diverse as the museum’s art collec-
                  Although Brown said he has learned a lot about art in       tion. A series of rolling programs occurs every month, such
             his two years working at the museum, he still defers to the      as the yoga classes held twice a month, music in the galler-
             guards for more experienced knowledge.                           ies on every third Sunday and the popular Art After Dark
                  “Someone asked me a question about a sculpture the          event on the second Friday. For this event, the museum
             other day, and I just turned to the security guard,” he said.    keeps its doors open late until 9 p.m. and offers a cash bar
                  One of the beauties of working at the museum is the         and live music.
             sheer amount of exposure to art knowledge.                           “The museum experience is so much more than just
                  “I continually get to learn about art history and about     coming to the museum to look at a work of art in silence
             the art that’s in the exhibitions,” Brown said. “It’s like       by yourself,” Brown said. “We look at the museum as an
             being in a non-stop class that I’m actually interested in.”      artistic resource, as a laboratory even. With that source
                                                                              material we can enrich lives and create that artistic experi-
             namaSté the aCkLand waY                                          ence in many different ways.”
                This is the kind of personalized educational experience
             that the museum aims to capture. In addition to boast-           Fun For aLL ageS
             ing the largest collection of works of art on paper in the          While many of these programs cater to the interests of
             Southeast and the strongest collection of Asian art in the       students and hip, young professionals, the Ackland also

 18       March 2009
hosts programs for families and children. Volunteers and            “Museums are social areas where
staff give regular tours of the museum to high schoolers,       people gather and interact,” Brown said.
middle schoolers and even home-schoolers.                       “The last thing the Ackland wants to                         Membership
    “At any given time you go downstairs, and I’m sure          be is a sleepy little gallery space that             to the Ackland is free to
it drives the security staff bonkers, but there can just be     people forget about. It keeps us and
hundreds of fifth-graders running around,” Brown said.          the artwork vital.”                                       UnC-CH students.
“That sort of integrates us into the community in a really          This year, the museum celebrates                     source:
profound way.”                                                  50 years of such vitality, commemorat-
    Robyn Stout, a mother of three boys, brings her older       ing its journey from a borrowed exhibit
sons to the tour for home-schoolers every month.                in 1958 to the sophisticated gallery it is
    “I bring them to be well-rounded,” she said.                today. When the Ackland first opened, the
    And the sooner they start the better, said Kathleen         museum did not own a single piece of art.
Templeton, a volunteer tour guide.                                  “Our first exhibition was all artwork loaned to us by
    “The earlier the kids come in here, the less intimidat-     other art museums,” Brown said. “From a space to show
ing the museum is,” she said. “The younger kids are the         art with no art in it, we’ve come quite a long way.”
ones who find the most interesting things in a piece of art.”       The anniversary kicked off last fall with the exhibit
    But while the museum does have a strong education           “Circa 1958.” This spring, the main exhibit is “At the
program for pre-college-aged children, it doesn’t dismiss       Heart of Progress,” featuring John Eckblad’s collection of
the University. In fact, both Brown and Templeton attri-        industrial and coal-culture images. All of the exhibits cel-
bute many of the Ackland’s rich programs to its proximity       ebrating the anniversary focus on collectors, Brown said.
to UNC-Chapel Hill.                                                 “As a museum, when you look back at how you
    “I most certainly think the most important thing about      became what you are, a lot of it is based on different col-
having a museum attached to a university is that it ties in     lectors that have assisted in the collecting of the museum
science and philosophy (and other academic subjects),”          itself,” he said. “It’s part of a unique growth that a museum
Templeton said. “It’s multidisciplinary.”                       undergoes.”
                                                                    Despite the Ackland’s growth from a struggling gallery
the art oF progreSS                                             to a thriving museum, it still manages to maintain a per-
    University professors and groups such as Student            sonalized feel, in part because the building itself is so small.
Friends of the Ackland help nurture this relationship.              “People who love the Ackland love it because it feels
Templeton said that some Spanish classes have held mid-         like it’s their museum,” Brown said. “It creates this inti-
terms in the galleries, while a few undergraduates from the     mate experience and also these world-class experiences that
Department of Dramatic Art helped to curate an exhibit.         continue to change and evolve.”

                                                                      Life, liberty and the
                                                                          pursuit of all
                                                                     those who threaten it.

                For information on becoming a Navy or Marine Corps officer,
            or contact Lt. Daryl Meeks at 919.843.9279 or
                             Scholarships available, please call with questions.

       in the

                                                                         From electrician to nurse to one-woman support
                                                                         system, the job description of a sorority housemother
                                                 by seth wright          is vast and varied. But in between the homework and
                              design by amanda mcpherson                 housework, these ladies provide a touch of home for
                            photos by elizabeth hazeltine                the Greeks on campus.

       nanCY korCheCk sits down with several 20-year-old                 said if she ever needs anything, Korcheck is the first person
       women to an 11:30 a.m. lunch of tater tots, chicken, salad        she calls.
       and rice crispy treats. The 73-year-old woman looks a bit             Francine Raymer, the housemother at Pi Beta Phi, was
       out of place with her gray hair, purple blouse and glasses        in a different boat than Korcheck. Just last year she was
       strung around her neck. She listens.                              in Vermont working in the corporate world at a national
           After hearing about homework assignments and the              and international titling company. Her customers were real
       “Talk Sex with Sue Johanson” event, Korcheck gets up,             estate lawyers.
       tells the young women to “make your mothers proud” and                “It was great because I was on the road, and I managed
       goes into her small apartment inside the Alpha Chi Omega          all of our accounts and was responsible for bringing in new
       sorority house. It is complete with a leather massage chair       business,” she said. “I entertained all of our customers.”
       and flat-screen TV.                                                   But after 20 years of corporate work, Raymer decided
           Korcheck has been doing this routine for the 17 years         it was time for change. This is the 56-year-old’s first year
       she has been a housemother at the Alpha Chi Omega                 being a housemother at Pi Beta Phi.
       sorority. She is one of 10 housemothers of the 12 total               “I was looking for something new and
       Panhellenic sororities at UNC-Chapel Hill, since two of           interesting to do,” she said. “I love work-
       the Panhellenic sororities do not have houses. Each day           ing with young people, and I have a
       the housemothers, who live in the Greek houses with the           grown daughter, so this was sort of                As of fall 2008,
       sorority members, take care of the general household upkeep.      a perfect fit for me.”
                                                                                                                           17 percent of the 17,771
           About 17 percent of UNC-CH undergraduates are
       members of the Greek community. Chi Omega, the largest            working in the houSe                             undergraduates at UnC-CH
       Panhellenic sorority house, holds 62 women. Meanwhile,                 Korcheck said people always               were in sororites or fraternities.
       36 women live in the Alpha Chi Omega house on                     ask her what she does.                       source: UNC-CH Office of Fraternity and
       Rosemary Street. Pi Beta Phi has two houses adjacent to                “Well, I call the plumber and                       Sorority Life
       one another; one holds 27 women while the other holds 16.         the electrician,” she said, her arms
           The housemothers have a heavy workload. “They are             resting on her leather chair.
       definitely a support system,” said Laura Hedlund, presi-               Housemothers are responsible for
       dent of Alpha Chi Omega.                                          taking care of anything that goes wrong
                                                                         with the sorority house, including helping with fire
       moving to ChapeL hiLL                                             inspections and drills, replacing light bulbs and making
           When Korcheck’s husband of 31 years filed for divorce,        sure the house is safe and secure.
       Korcheck said she began to evaluate what she was going to              “It’s like running a small hotel,” Law said. “It seems
       do with her life. The Washington University graduate had          like something breaks every day.”
       been working as a nurse.                                               Besides household upkeep, the housemothers serve as a
           “I just didn’t have the energy to put forth,” she said. “I    support system and steady role models for the sorority sis-
       didn’t want to stay in Florida.”                                  ters. Each housemother is able to advise and share her own
           What she did want to do was stay close to students.           unique life experience.
       She also wanted to continue working in the medical pro-                Hedlund said the housemothers are like caretakers, but
       fession. Alpha Chi Omega answered her call and hired her          are also there for the young women if emergencies occur.
       on the spot. She moved to Chapel Hill six weeks later.                 With her background in nursing, Korcheck once iden-
           Since then, Hedlund said, Korcheck has become like a          tified that a young woman had come down with a severe
       mother figure to the sisters.                                     case of meningitis. Korcheck immediately rushed her to
           “I couldn’t imagine living here without her,” Hedlund said.   the hospital.
           “It has been one of the most rewarding, fun things I’ve            “They pumped her full of antibiotics and saved her
       ever done,” Korcheck said. She and Lee Law, the house-            life,” she said.
       mother at Chi Omega, have been longtime friends. Law                   Other housemothers, like Raymer, offer different qualities.

20   March 2009
    Raymer said with her background in the corporate
world, she is able to advise the Pi Beta Phi sisters with
career and academic choices. Just the other night, she said,
a sister was interested in traveling to Greece, and Raymer
has been to Greece twice.
    Korcheck said among the biggest problems all the
housemothers encounter are anorexia and bulimia, which
are common among college-aged people. She said she
believes the problem exists long before young women
come to college, though Law and Korcheck both said a
sorority will only help combat anorexia and bulimia.
    When they are not fixing the house or being role
models, housemothers have free time. The only require-
ment is that they be home at night. Law said that she
frequently receives permission to travel to Myrtle Beach,
S.C., to visit her condominium for the weekend. She also
enjoys going to shows at Memorial Hall and visiting her
family in Raleigh. Korcheck also plays bridge; she said she
could play every night, but she keeps it to only two times
a week.
    “The way my cards are running, that’s more than
enough,” she said.

Laughing with the girLS
    With more than 30 young women living together,
the housemothers are bound to encounter a little bit of
    One night, Korcheck said, she woke up to a loud
banging noise. When she stepped out in the hallway to
identify the mysterious noise, she found a group of sisters
sledding down the stairs on a saucer. She went back to bed
as though she had witnessed nothing out of the ordinary.
    She found the saucer the next morning on the floor
broken into pieces, but the next night, one of the girls
headed to Wal-Mart and purchased a new saucer for
future stair-sledding events.
    “We call that the Alpha Chi luge team,” Korcheck said.
Korcheck later told Law’s granddaughter about the luge
team. Her granddaughter said that she wanted to live at
Korcheck’s house because “they have fun.”
    “She was very apologetic she couldn’t come,” Law said.
    The duo has collected more stories over the many years           Francine Raymer, house mother, with
of friendship. Eight years ago, Law, Korcheck and the rest           Emily Dean, president of Pi beta Phi.
of the housemothers were out for coffee together. Law
asked Korcheck if she had looked at her composite lately,          important that they stay energetic for the sorority sisters.
the large frame that holds pictures of all the sorority sisters.   She often exercises and goes to the gym.
    “The composite was gone,” Korcheck said, estimating                “When I leave...I will probably go to Dallas,” Korcheck
the cost at $4,000 to $6,000. Chi Omega’s composite had            said. She said she wanted to be close to her family.
also been taken.                                                       Law said she will most likely retreat to her condomini-
    One of the girls in the sorority knew who had stolen           um near the ocean. For her, living in a retirement home is
the composite: It turned out to be a fraternity brother. The       not an option.
expensive frame was returned, cracked and broken into                  But Raymer said she isn’t retired. She plans to return to
pieces. Korcheck told the boys they would have to pay for          the corporate world.
the repairs. It wasn’t until several months later that Alpha           “My thought right now is to just do it for a couple of
Chi Omega’s composite was restored.                                years, but you never know because one of the other house-
    “They called Lee at Chi Omega and told her they                mothers told me that her intention was to be here for a
couldn’t afford to fix her composite,” Korcheck said, add-
ing that she can be intimidating when she wants to be.
                                                                   year, and she’s now on her eleventh or twelfth year,” she
                                                                   said. “It’s always something you can go into later in life I
                                                                                                                                     “it’s like running a
                                                                   suppose.” &                                                     small hotel,” Lee Law
aFter the greek LiFe                                                                                                               said, of being a house
   Only time will tell when the housemothers will leave
their sororities. Some said they may retire when they                                                                                       mother.
don’t feel up to the daily tasks anymore. Korcheck said it’s



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         lud eco

                                                                                                                                           A Limelight customer looks at a display of second-hand shoes.
      inc The

                                                                                                                  the eConomY. Everyone’s talking about it.
                                                                                                                      The severity of its seemingly endless downward trend rears its ugly head in the
                                                                                                                  news and at the kitchen-table conversation daily. Everyone’s asking the same ques-
                                                                                                                  tions, pondering the same prospects. But the answers are not identical, and the solu-
                                                                                                                  tions vary according to perspective. On Franklin Street the response has been mixed,
                                                                                                                  but one thing’s certain: business is bound for change.

                                                                                                                  Stepping into the LimeLight
                                                                                                                      “I wasn’t sure at the time what that (change) would be,” said Hillary Fisher,
                                                                                                                  owner of LIMELIGHT clothing store on Franklin Street. “Then the recession hit,
                                                                                                                  and everybody was looking for a bargain.”
                                                                                                                      So Fisher spent her Thanksgiving brainstorming ways to cater to her customers’
                                                                                                                  growing financial needs, and in January she brought consignment to her Franklin
                                                                                                                  Street boutique, painted it green and called it LIMELIGHT. In a consignment
                                                                                                                  shop, people bring in items to be sold, and, once the item is sold, the profits are
                                                                                                                  split between the shop and the donator.
                                                                                                                      “The manager at my store had gorgeous clothes, and she couldn’t wear them,”
                                                                                                                  Fisher said. “I thought, `Oh my goodness, these are wonderful clothes and nobody’s
                                                                                                                  wearing them.’ It felt like I’d struck oil in my own backyard.”

                                                                                                                      For 20 years, a store called Modern Times occupied 402 W. Franklin St. Fisher

     March 2009
                bought the space from the original owner about six years        FeeLing thriFtY
                ago and opened up a second location at University Mall.             Thrift stores, like the PTA Thrift Shop in Carrboro, are
                After two years, both stores were doing well. Fisher wanted     also feeling the weight of the recession as the number of
                to differentiate the two but couldn’t figure out how, until     donations continues to decline.
                last year.                                                          In the 1950s, three women founded the PTA Thrift
                    “The economy was the thing that sparked it,” she said.      Shop to raise enough money to hire an art teacher for the
                “The economy did a change and people seemed desperate           school system. The thrift shop was their way of supporting
                to me. They wanted a bargain.”                                  their cause, said Barbara Jessie-Black, executive director of
                    Not knowing how to satisfy her customers’ appetite for      the PTA Thrift Shop. Now all of the shop’s profits support
                fashion without sacrificing quality, Fisher said she discov-    the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district. While the end
                ered the perfect solution through consignment.                  of the year is typically the busiest time of the year for the
                    “The idea of consignment is definitely not a new idea       shop in terms of receiving donations, this year was a dif-
                by any means, but I do think that this is a new type of         ferent story.
                consignment,” she said.                                             “It wasn’t as much as it had been in the past,” Jessie-
                    And now, 60 to 70 percent of the store’s inventory          Black said. “People are wanting to sell things instead of
                comes from someone else’s closet. For her first consign-        getting a tax receipt.”
                ment collection, Fisher started with her friends. The first         Jessie-Black also said the new toy regulation regarding
                day she visited the people she called “real shoppers,” she      lead content caused the store to clear its shelves of toys and
                went home cradling a Versace dress.                             childcare products - goods that brought in the most rev-
                    “I walked away with stuff that I couldn’t believe was       enue this holiday season.
                just sitting in people’s closets.”                                  “Over the holidays we
                    A Nicole Miller or Betsey Johnson dress that would          had a large influx of shop-
                normally cost $300 or $400 can be sold pre-owned for            pers shopping us for toys,
                about half the price, Assistant Manager Darci Moyers said.      more so than at any other
                    “We’ve had really rare pieces, like ancient Gucci bags      time in the past,” she said.
                and Louis Vuitton that you can’t find anywhere else,” she       “That was a direct reflec-
                added.                                                          tion of what was happen-
                    Fisher said her customers spend anywhere from $20 to        ing with the economy.”
                $40 on consigned pieces, though new dresses can cost up
                to $400.                                                        BuSineSS aS uSuaL
                    “You can get an eight-dollar top here, or you can get a         While some Franklin
                Coach purse. It kind of runs the gamut.”                        Street businesses are
                    Moyers said consigners get 50 percent of what their         changing their approach
                pieces sell for, and consigners usually make about $100 to      or noticing a slump in
                $200 a month. Next month, Fisher will owe a consigner           sales, others are finding
                $1000.                                                          that it’s business as usual.
                    “It is the absolute best shopping you can do... You’re      Spanky’s Restaurant and
                putting money back into your community.”                        Bar, for example, hasn’t

                                                  i thought,
                  ‘Oh my goodness, these are wonderful
                      clothes and nobody’s wearing them.’
             it felt like i’d struck oil in my own backyard.

                                                                                                                          Hand-painted murals cover the PTA Thrift Shop.

                                                                                              .25 mile
                                                                                                                       where is this stuff
                                                                        Limelight                         Spanky’s Restaurant
                                                                420 W. Franklin St.                         101 E. Franklin St.
   PTA Thrift Store                                                    Chapel Hill                                 Chapel Hill
103 Jones Ferry Rd.

     seen much change since the recession began last year.

         “During tough economic times, people gravitate
     toward more iconic brands, those that have been around
     for a long time,” said Spanky’s General Manager Greg
     Overbeck. “We feel very fortunate in this economy,” he said.
         Overbeck said he thinks businesses just starting out                        May 12-29, 2009
     probably have a harder time adjusting to the economic
     situation. But he added that the restaurant did drop some                 Registration begins March 26.
     prices since they have recently been paying less for cer-
     tain items.                                                            Earn 3 credits in 3 weeks in Maymester. Courses
         “We are a part of the culture of Chapel Hill,” he said.
     “We have a real advantage that way.”                                     cover a broad selection of topics, and many
                                                                                satisfy General Education requirements.
     the toLL on tar heeLS
         Fortunately, UNC-Chapel Hill students with jobs on                     Check out the listing below for courses,
     Franklin Street said they haven’t felt any significant hits as               professors, prerequisites, and Gen Ed
     the recession continues to worsen. Rachel Zitin has been               requirements. Get a complete course description
     a bartender at several local bars, including the Carolina
     Brewery, The Library and La Residence and said she thinks                 and other information at
     bars must be recession-proof.                                          ART 551 Introduction to Museum Studies (3), Lyneise Williams.
         “Everyone wants to drink,” Zitin said. “Everyone tips              Visual and Performing Arts (VP) and North Atlantic World (NA).
     bartenders well. It’s just the nature of bartending.”                  CLAS 362 Tragic Dimension in Classical Literature (3), Peter Smith.
         Even though she has seen a slight decrease in tips, Zitin          Beyond North Atlantic World (BN), Literary Arts (LA), and World
     said she wouldn’t attribute the setback to the economy.                Before 1750 (WB).
         “No one is saying, `I would go out tonight, but the                CMPL 492 Fourth Dimension: Art and the Fictions of Hyperspace
     economy is so bad,’” she said.                                         (3), Diane Leonard. Literary Arts (LA) and North Atlantic World (NA).
                                                                            COMM 639 Documentary Production Project (3), Gorham Kindem.
         The recession hasn’t made much of an impact on the
                                                                            DRAM 290 Special Studies: Because We’re Still Here (And Moving):
     Franklin Street wait staff either, says junior journalism
                                                                            Documentary Theater Practicum (3), Kathryn Williams. Experiential
     major Christine Hellinger, who has worked at Spanky’s for              Education with permission.
     a year and a half.                                                     ECON 468 Russian Economy From Lenin to Medvedev (3), Steven
         “On game days and on weekends, you know we’re                      Rosefielde. Prerequisite, ECON 410 or permission of instructor.
     going to be crowded, and you’re going to be able to make               ENGL 124 Contemporary African American Fiction and Film (3),
     money those days despite the economy,” she said.                       Mae Henderson. Literary Arts (LA).
                                                                            ENGL 225 Shakespeare (3), Ritchie Kendall. Literary Arts (LA),
     the audaCitY oF hope                                                   World Before 1750 (WB), and North Atlantic World (NA).
         From businesses that have been on Franklin Street                  FREN 398 Undergraduate Seminar in French (3), Martine Antle.
     since early in the University’s history, to others that have           HIST 140 The World Since 1945 (3), Donald Reid. Global Issues (GL),
     only recently found their place in downtown Chapel Hill,               Beyond the North Atlantic World (BN), and Historical (HS).
                                                                            HIST 277 The Conflict Over Israel/Palestine (3), Sarah Shields.
     there seems to be a common theme - hope. For stores like
                                                                            Beyond the North Atlantic World (BN) and Historical (HS).
     LIMELIGHT and the PTA Thrift Shop, only time will
                                                                            JOMC 376 Sports Marketing and Advertising (3), John Sweeney.
     tell whether small adjustments will pay off in the face of             MASC/ENST 270 North Carolina Estuaries: Environmental
     a worsening national crisis. Other business owners like                Processes and Problems (3), Marc Alperin. Includes one full week at
     Overbeck remain confident that their roots in the Chapel               the Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) in Morehead City. Separate
     Hill community will keep them in business.
                                                   &                        program fee and application required.
                                                                            POLI 209 Analyzing Public Opinion (3), Stuart Macdonald.
                                                                            Quantitative Intensive (QI) and Social Science (SS).
                                                                            POLI 432 Tolerance in Liberal States (3), Donald Searing.
                                                                            Prerequisites, POLI 100, 239. Philosophical (PH), Communication
                                                                            Intensive (CI), and North Atlantic World (NA).
                                                                            PSYC 245 Abnormal Psychology (3), Charles Wiss. Prerequisite,
                                                                            PSYC 101. Physical and Life Science (PL).
                                                                            PSYC 500 Childhood Disorders (3), Jen Youngstrom. Prerequisites,
                                                                            PSYC 101, 245, and 250. Social Science (SS).
                                                                            SPAN 293 [093] Spanish Service Learning (1), Malgorzata Lee.
                                                                            Permission of the instructor. Note: Available to students enrolled in
                                                                            SPAN 310.
                                                                            SPAN 310 [051] Conversation II (3), Malgorzata Lee. Prerequisite,
                                                                            SPAN 250, 255, 260, or equivalent. Note: Spanish Service Learning
                                                                            component available (SPAN 293).

                                                                              Nothing could be finer.
                                                                            Summer School at Carolina.
                      Characatures line the walls at Spanky’s Restaurant.
24     March 2009
 senior moments
                                  It all started with my brother. Two years ago, in the      animal lover — adopted Squeaker as her surrogate son.
                             fall semester of 2006, Thomas was a junior here at UNC-             Squeaker ruled the house. He had his own personal
                             Chapel Hill.                                                    gallon of whole milk that we were not allowed to drink.
                                  That semester he burned all his bridges.                   On a daily basis, Mom brushed his sleek fur and would
                                  He stopped going to class, skipped his final exams and     often spend 20 minutes on the phone telling me about her
                             the day before he signed his papers, he called my parents       and Squeaker’s plans for the day. She even tried to buy a
                             to tell them he was dropping out of school and joining the      frontward-facing baby carrier to tote him around in, but
                             Marines.                                                        my sister managed to talk her out of it.
Mary Blaine is a senior           The whole family was horrified. What was he think-             As if this wasn’t bad enough, my dad developed even
English major from Oxford.   ing? Members of the Blaine family did not join the armed        more bizarre behaviors. At a dinner party we had over the
She can be reached at        forces. We all went to college and then got nice boring jobs    summer about four months into Thomas’ deployment,
                             and settled joyfully into a mundane life. The Marines were      Dad brought a big box of illegal fireworks from South
                             not part of our plan, and definitely should not become a        Carolina onto our porch. Tons of people were gathered
                             part of his.                                                    around a bonfire in our backyard about 30 yards from
                                  My mother tearfully tried to talk him out of it, but her   the porch. I watched, stunned, as my dad, cackling like a
                             efforts were to no avail. In March of last year, he deployed    madman, lit up a Roman Candle and shot flaming balls of
                             for a seven month tour in Iraq.                                 fireworks in the direction of our guests.
i worry that this                 The seven months of his first deployment were rough            I recognize that we all have our own coping strategies,
deployment will break        on my parents, my three other siblings and me. Clouds of        but my parents’ approach to coping stressed the rest of us
my parents’ hearts           fear and worry constantly hung over our heads, tears welled     out. Needless to say, we were all thankful when Thomas
                             often and we waited impatiently for telephone calls and e-      made it back home safely in October.
long before it will          mails confirming his safety. If more than two weeks passed          Unfortunately, at the beginning of February we learned
break their minds.           without hearing from him, we all lost sleep at night.           that he will be redeploying, to Afghanistan this time, and
                                  At school, I felt isolated. My classmates seemed to        in May—four months earlier than originally anticipated.
                             forget that there were thousands of troops on the other side    I worry that this deployment will break my parents’ hearts
                             of the world, fighting. I didn’t care whether or not my peers   long before it will break their minds.
                             agreed with the war—I just wanted them to acknowledge               But more than anything, I worry that people will
                             its existence. To not ignore it. I would tell anyone who        continue to forget. As this war stretches into its sixth year,
                             would listen about my brother, forcing a connection with        it has becomes too routine, too easy to ignore. There are
                             the war onto them.                                              millions of other things to occupy the mind of the average
                                  Everyone in my family was a little on edge while he        college student who has no connection to the military: The
                             was gone, but in the midst of it all, I became seriously        economy is disintegrating, finals will be here before we
                             concerned about my parents’ sanity.                             know it, March Madness is getting into full swing…
                                  Two weeks before Thomas left, he rescued a small black         But for my brother, Thomas. For my mother. For my
                             kitten stuck in a tree. The thing absolutely never shut up,     pyromaniac father. For Squeaks. For me. I’m asking you to
                             so we named it “Squeaker” (or, you might prefer his rapper      remember today. &
                             name, “Squeak-Nasty”). My mother — never much of an

orientalism                                                                                                                                 by angela tchou

                                             one issue,
                              the pitCam
                                                                                    Each month, our Two Views writers take
                                                                                    opposing views on a new topic.
                                                                                    This issue they discuss the Pitcam.

                              dan: I never knew we had a “Pitcam.” A couple days             dence Hall. A lone bike
                              after getting this topic, I jumped on Google, typed            is chained to a tree
                              “UNC Pitcam,” and was whisked away to a Web site               in the background.                The first live,
                              showing me a painfully slow live video of students             I have learned
Madeleine Clark is a junior   walking through the Pit. For 10 minutes I sat in Davis         nothing and feel              24-hour webcam show
English major from Great      Library, not watching porn like the guy next to me, but        really creepy.                 was of a coffee pot at
Falls, V.A. She can be        a bunch of students ambling through the Pit. First, a              My voyeur-                Cambridge University.
reached at                    girl entered the picture from the right, stopped to talk to    ism has been dull
                              some friends (I assume they were her friends), and then        because I am an
                              left. Pretty sweet. While the Pitcam is comically unevent-     English major truly
                              ful, there’s really no reason to get rid of it. It doesn’t     lacking in technological
                              invade anyone’s privacy, because everyone is horribly out      skills. The poor quality,
The Pitcam is for             of focus. There isn’t any audio so it’s hard to figure out     distant figures and lack of audio
                              how anyone would feel personally invaded by the cam.           provided to me by ResNET are really all I have to work
anyone to see
                                  There are some potential positives, too. I’m not sure if   with. I have to assume, however, that there are people out
everyone, whether or          this student goes here anymore, but last year there was a      there with the power to work with the imaging to pro-
not the party being           guy that would do running back-flips off the trees in the      duce clearer results. The 24-hour continuous live-feed is
watched has any idea of       Pit. The cam would be a great way to record his acrobatic      actually taking 10 frames per second, not recording video,
                              stunts. It’s also funny to watch people trip on bricks. If     to track your move across the Pit and SASB sidewalk.
the invasion of privacy.      you get off by watching people walk across an area you             Maybe I’ve watched too many spy movies but the act
                              yourself have walked a thousand times, then the Pitcam         of zooming in and watching a person closely doesn’t seem
                              is for you!                                                    outside the realm of reason. This Web site is perfect for
                                                                                             tech-savvy stalkers.
                                                                                                 Yes, people aware of the camera could use it to say
                              madeLeine: Currently, I’m watching a man of uniden-            “hi” to Mom and Dad or record sweet stunts but what
                              tifiable origin and age pace back and forth in front of Le-    about the thousands of other people passing through the
                              noir. I cannot hear his cell phone conversation, recognize     Pit each day? Maybe you aren’t doing anything illegal or
                              his face, nor deduce his reason for being on campus at 10      embarrassing but you are still being watched. The Pitcam
                              p.m. on a Tuesday. This man of mystery does not interest       sacrifices the privacy from sometimes unwilling or un-
                              me in the slightest, so I switch over to the SASBcam. A        knowing passersby. This means you, Dan, since you didn’t
                              girl in a pink hoodie is walking away from Morrison Resi-      know the camera existed.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in the Pit?
                                                                                             “My freshman year I held my hand on a table for Duke
                                                                                             Riser Tickets. It was an intense battle, but my hand
                                                                                             slipped off at 23 hours. The winners went for 58.
                                                                                             Go big or go home, right?”

                                      “The Pit breakup. The scene was fake but
                                      the actions seemed so realistic.”

26          March 2009
                                                             “The day a guy smacked the Pit Preacher.”
           two views
                                                                       get an idea of what life is like at 10:43 on a
                                                                       Thursday morning. It’s a nice novelty gadget
                                                                       that doesn’t really do any harm. If people want
                                                                       to live out their fantasies following anonymous
                                                                       students around as they eat overpriced Alpine           Dan Widis is a senior history
                                                                       bagel sandwiches, let them. It’s not like you’ll        major from Charlotte. He can
                                                                       ever know anyway.                                       be reached at
                                                                        madeLeine: Via the Pitcam, potential
   Visit to view live footage of the Pit.    students and their overzealous parents can see
                                                                        the productivity of ticket sales, Hunger Lunches
dan: Okay, so people with imaging software will be able      and community service opportunities available in the Pit          if people want to live out
to watch me walk around the Pit, blow up a picture of        on a Thursday morning. They can also watch drunken
my pretty face, and see me drinking a medium cup of          freshmen stumbling back to South Campus from a
                                                                                                                               their fantasies following
Daily Grind coffee (no milk, no sugar, but the tech-savvy    rousing night of frat-hopping on any given Friday night.          anonymous students
stalkers already knew that) and eating Nature Valley gra-    No one wants to see that, and it’s a little unfair to record      around as they eat
nola snacks. I guess there is the possibility that someone   someone in that state without warning.
                                                                                                                               overpriced Alpine bagel
would do that, but I can’t quite figure out why. I mean          For the most part the Pitcam is harmless. It’s a simple
look at the picture to the right: what a mustache. If you    live-feed to get a feel for the hub of UNC-CH’s campus. I         sandwiches, let them.
are worried about people stalking, I’m pretty sure there     can cringe at your black coffee and appreciate your burnt
are better, more interesting ways to go about it. With the   umber sweater from the safety of my living room. I’m not
Pitcam, all you get to see is what I like to wear on Tues-   particularly threatening, merely judgmental. However,
day (dark earth tones). If you were a more traditional,      the fact remains that many of the people recorded have
time-conscious stalker, Facebook would give you so much      no idea that there is a camera. Facebook at least has a
more. Actually, if you were stalking me so comprehen-        voluntary login and flexible privacy options. The Pitcam
sively that you knew when I was going to walk through        is for anyone to see everyone, whether or not the party
the Pit, you probably wouldn’t need the Pitcam.              being watched has any idea of the invasion of privacy.
   The more I think about the Pitcam, the less I’m freaked   Next time you want to assault a Pit preacher or pick a
out by it. Sure, it takes away some anonymity, but it’s
a nice way for prospective students and anal parents to
                                                             wedgie, be warned that Big Brother is watching.

                               “Freshman year some really hateful religious groups came to campus.
                               Some of them were pretty scary and they all took over the Pit!”

                                                      “A guy in a gorilla suit chasing another guy in a banana suit.”

                                                                                “I saw a fight between
                                                                                two guys. It was
                                                                                lunchtime so everyone
                                                                                was watching. Two other
                                                                                guys broke it up right
                                                                                before the cops came.”

          player profile Leila Tunnell

                                                                                        At every UNC-Chapel Hill basketball game, six students have floor
                                                                                  seats. They sit alongside players and coaches, and they see and hear exactly
                                                                                  what goes on during the game. But these students aren’t there just to cheer
                                                                                  on the team. They’re student managers, and for them basketball is not just a
The women’s ultimate frisbee team gained a valuable asset this year with the      sport — it’s their job.
transfer of junior Leila Tunnell. Hailed as one of the best collegiate ultimate         Every year the men’s and women’s basketball teams both hire six
players in the nation, this music major is an inspiration on and off the field.   students as managers for the season. The job demands long hours, patience
how did you get started playing ultimate frisbee? what drew you in?               and time management. It also provides endless opportunities not given to
I started playing ultimate in the 5th grade when my older                         the average college student including a chance to work with one of the top
brother, Dylan, started playing. I went on to play for my                         programs of its kind. For these 12 UNC-CH students, basketball season
middle school ultimate team at The Paideia School in Atlanta                      runs year-round, everyday.
                                                                                        Basketball managers have multiple responsibilities while working with
and then played for and captained the women’s varsity team in
                                                                                  the team during practices.
high school.
                                                                                        “We always joke about it because the list of things that we end up
what made you transfer to Carolina?                                               doing kind of just grows every single day,” said Brianna Carbonell, a senior
I enjoyed my experience at Connecticut College very much,                         exercise and sport science major from Atlanta, Ga., and co-head manager of
but I have found that Carolina has programs and departments                       the women’s team.
which much better fit my academic and extracurricular needs.                            The managers for the men’s team arrive at the Dean E. Smith Center
I am a music major studying vocal performance, and I hope                         one hour before practice begins, while the managers of the women’s team
to go into the MAT program here to get my masters in music                        arrive 30 minutes ahead of time. They are in charge of getting everything set
education. The music department here is exceptional, but I                        up while the players get ready for practice.
would be lying if I said that the ultimate team here didn’t also                        “We’re at practice in case [the players and coaches] need anything,”
                                                                                  said David White, a junior exercise and sport science and political science
play a very large role in my interest in UNC-CH. The UNC-
                                                                                  double major from High Point and a manager for the women’s team.
CH women’s team, Pleiades, made it to the College National
                                                                                        “Anything” includes running the clock, so that the coaches can keep
Championships last year, which is a huge accomplishment for
                                                                                  practice running smoothly, getting waters, rebounding and passing. Practice
any college program. That is what really got me excited about
the school, and I have so loved playing for the team here.
what position do you play? do you have any roles on the team?
I am mainly a handler, which means that I am primarily a
thrower and my role on the team is to move the disc quickly
and efficiently down field to my teammates.
what are your hopes and dreams for the women’s ultimate team this
season/upcoming season?
I think the UNC-CH women’s team is incredibly skilled
this year, and we have the potential to be one of, if not the,
best team in the country. It would take a lot of hard work
to get there, but I have so much faith in the ability of all of
my teammates. Regardless of our season results though, my
greatest hope is that at the end of the season, everyone feels as
if they worked their hardest because they love the team and the
sport and that they benefited from being a part of Pleiades.
where do you see yourself in the future?
I was lucky enough to start my ultimate career very early,
and so I think I still have my peak years of competition
yet to come. I would really love to win a college national
championship with UNC-CH and also one day a club
national championship. I feel confident that even after I finish
playing the sport, I will always want to be involved - either
coaching teams or organizing camps for youth ultimate                              Men’s basketball manager Ryan Riedel
players. Ultimate will always be a part of my life in some way, I                  listens during a time-out huddle.
feel sure of that.
                                                                 —will bryant      photo by amanda mcpherson

28            March 2009
takes up about five hours every afternoon.
      For the managers of the men’s team, practice duties extend beyond
regular hours to whenever the players need someone to rebound for them.
      “You’re pretty much on call. They say 24/7, which is the truth. If
someone calls you up at eleven o’clock at night, [you] kind of have to go
down there,” said Bobby Cooper, a junior exercise and sports science major
from Winston-Salem. Cooper became a manager for the men’s varsity team
his freshman year after working at basketball camp for only one summer.
      For basketball managers, games are not two-hour activities: They are
10-hour events.
      “Pretty much, our nights are done when there’s a game... . We’re not
doing anything else,” said Abigail Whitling, a junior exercise and sport sci-
ence and political science double major from Hillsborough and a manager
for the women’s team.
      For a 7 p.m. game, set up for either team — which includes setting
up the court and the locker rooms for the Tar Heels, their opponent and
the referees — could start as early as 1:15 p.m. Four hours before the game,
the team, the coaches and the managers attend a pre-game meal off-cam-
pus. Everyone is back at the Smith Center two hours before the game, and
the managers do not leave until everything is cleaned up, usually about an
hour and a half after the game ends.                                                                          photo by kathleen macguire
      Although managers have floor seats at games, they are not there to
enjoy themselves.
    “Basketball games — that’s just a totally different experience because
I’m right behind the bench,” said Ryan Riedel, a junior exercise and sports
science major. “I’m working. I have to work and watch the game.”
                              The key to managing a varsity basketball team
                        is time management.
                              “The time commitment is killer,” said Riedel.
                              But as hard as the time commitment may be,
                        the benefits of working with the team make up for
                              “I do feel like I’m a part of the team,” Whitling
                        said. The other managers shared this sentiment.
                              The student basketball managers get a chance
                        to experience things that other students miss out
                        on, such as traveling with the team and witnessing

                        championships first-hand.
                              “Everybody was pumped, coaches were jump-
                        ing around. I mean, it was insane,” said Riedel of the
                        locker room celebration after the men’s team beat
                        Duke in 2008 to win the ACC regular season.                     baseball was, is and always
                              Being at that game meant Riedel could not go              will be, to me, the best game

                        home for spring break, but now he has a champion-
                        ship ring.                                                      in the world.
                              The experience of working with a varsity
                        basketball team is something that will help each
                        basketball manager in his or her future.
                              “As I’ve gotten a little bit older, I’ve learned
                        that this is probably going to be worth more than
                        going to a party one Saturday night,” Cooper said.
                              “It’s a lot of little nit-picky stuff,” said Whit-
                        ling, “but in the overall scheme of things, I think if
                        we weren’t there, then things would go crazy.”      &
                                                                       —rachel scall

                                                                        pit stop
                                  Tim Tippens, a junior communication studies major,               four years at Caro-
                               has been a die-hard Duke fan since his family moved to              lina and never rushed
                               Durham when he was 3 years old and nothing, not even                Franklin Street?
                               spending three years at Carolina, can change that.                  TT: No. Not really. I
                                                                                                   see enough of it on the
                               MLP: So how did you become such a hardcore Duke fan?                news; I get the picture.
                               TT: It’s a family thing, I guess. I was raised a Duke fan. We            Oh yes; one of the
Mary Lide Parker is a junior   had just moved to Durham from Connecticut when Duke                      most quintessential
journalism major from          won the national championship in 1991. My dad immedi-                    experiences of being a
Wilmington. She can be         ately took to them and the rest of the family followed suit.             Carolina student is a
                               MLP: Why did you decide to come to UNC-CH? Did you                       waste of your time.
reached at
                               apply to Duke?                                                      MLP: Have you           TT: I didn’t apply to Duke because of the money and I’m             ever been to a game
                               not in love with the reputation of the school. It’s really just a   in Cameron Indoor
                               basketball thing – I’ve never even followed any other Duke          Stadium?
                               sport.                                                              TT: I work concessions there and when no one is buying
                                   What a strange loyalty. Is this what most Duke basketball       food I can go sit with people and watch the game. One
He should show his                 fans are like?                                                  time, these two girls invited me to sit with them at the end
                               MLP: What is it like being a Blue Devil among Tar Heels?            of the game. I was front row and center of the student sec-
traitorous colors and
                               TT: It’s lonely.                                                    tion, and it was awesome. After the game, one of the girls
take the insults and               Ha, serves him right.                                           who had invited me to sit with them threw up all over the
mockery like a man.            TT: There’s an interesting camaraderie because every once           floor.
                               in a while, especially on game days, some kids will be                   Hahahaha.
                               brave enough to wear Duke blue on campus. When that                 MLP: What do you think of the Cameron Crazies? If you
                               happens, I sneak up to them and whisper, “Hey, I’m with             went to Duke, would you be out there tenting with them?
                               you!” Sometimes I wear Duke clothes underneath what I’m             TT: Yeah, I would be a Cameron Crazy 110 percent if I
                               wearing.                                                            went to Duke. Like any fan, it can go way too far and you
                               MLP: But you’ve never worn visible Duke paraphernalia on            can end up throwing up everywhere. But there’s no place to
                               campus?                                                             watch a basketball game like Cameron because the intensity
                               TT: No.                                                             is ridiculous.
                                   Hmph. He should show his traitorous colors and take the         MLP: Have you ever been to a game in the Dean Dome?
                                   insults and mockery like a man.                                 TT: Yeah, but I was way up in the nosebleed seats and you
                               MLP: What do your Carolina friends think of your basket-            can only be engaged to a certain extent from up there. But
                               ball allegiance?                                                    I’ve never made an effort to be in the student section.
                               TT: I’m sure they don’t express their full opinions to me. I             Good. We don’t want you there.
                               do get a lot of shit. And absolutely no respect. My room-           MLP: If you could switch one Carolina player onto the
                               mate, a Carolina Fever member, is the only one that has             Duke team, who would it be?
                               ever shown any appreciation for it.                                 TT: Danny Green. I like the way he plays basketball. It’s
                               MLP: Have you ever rushed Franklin Street?                          kind of like he’s an under-spoken basketball player. He’s
                               TT: No.                                                             reserved and he can play.
                                   Loser.                                                               Not to mention he’s gorgeous and the Duke team could
                               MLP: Would you ever?                                                     definitely use some better-looking men.
                               TT: Maybe if they won the national title – but if it was            MLP: Do you hate Tyler Hansbrough?
                               against Duke, no way.                                               TT: Yes – pretty stereotypical Duke fan response, but yes, I
                                   Oh, that would be the most perfect thing ever.                  definitely hate Tyler Hansbrough.
                               MLP: Don’t you think it’s a shame that you’ll have spent                 Don’t worry, dear, I’m sure he hates you too. &

                                   pit sitter
                                         Boy 1: You should have seen this girl last night. She was all over me at P.T.’s.
                                         Boy 2: Did you get her number?

                                         Boy 1: No, it was weird. She said she didn’t have a cell phone, but then I saw her texting someone later.
                                         Boy 2: Weird.
             March 2009

Heelraisers Recruitment!
A letter from the president, Casey Dunlevie.

                                                                                                                            te othe
                                                                                                             pee r educa not be
                                                                                                ation to             might
                tud          ents,                                                    organiz ing that you ke your-
     r fellow s                                                          lead   the             eth                 ts li
                                                              uncil, I               na. Som                studen
 Dea                                    eH  eelra  isers Co ing at Caroli a lovers and t be possible. rds
                                                              giv                     lin                   no
                            nt of th               private                 ni, Caro               would                 chalk b
             e  Preside portance of                     g fro  m alum st described tadium, using s, losing
   As a th n the im                            te givin               ave ju                 nan S                board                 f-
   stude   nts o             ut th  e priva xperience I h nfinished Ke vative smart inability to su
              of : w  itho               roli na e            om    an u              nd in  no             e of the             ay as  we
    aware e amazing Ca ball games fr                                       nced a                 becaus              xist tod             -
               th                        ot                 ica lly adva ned faculty would not e g and invest
     selves,                          fo
                           tching of technolog rld–renow                                        lina                   din
                be wa                                                                     Caro                 te fun                 rgin
      would oms instead                                  d wo                  ntially, ch year priva Carolina’s ma e
                                               med an deavors. Esse
      in class our highly es search en
                                          tee                                     love. E   a
                                                                                                                 g             ies in th
                   f                       re                     ersit y that I ’s revenue— blic universit
       many o upport their                            he Univ                 ersity                 est pu
            iently    s                yIg  ive to t nt of the Univ one of the b
        fic                       wh                   e                      na
                     . This is                19 perc              e Caroli                                                     ost bro
         know it ome provide ds help mak                                                                            s, and h lina students
                       c                      un

                                                                                                                                                          carolina annual fund
          ment in nce. Private f                                                                                me
                                                                                                       tball ga             Caro
             f exc   elle                                                           ’s Box   for foo tors, so that tant for us to
           o                                                                   llor                   irec                 por                 o
                       .                                            Chance                 s, and D utreach is im giving back t
                                                      e r in the cellors, Dean                        . O                  in                    ic
                                              olunte                  n                     ampus more active in the academ
                          lraiser   s, we v ring Vice Cha ive roles on c                           o be                   day                 ack
               As Hee tudents featu administrat                                          t how t               mbolic               ” with b
                           rs                     the                    tion  s abou hich is the sy were “tagged ch private
               bags fo more about and organiza ag Day ”, w                                          . Stude
                                                                                                              nts          d how
               ca  n lea    rn
                                       r stu den  ts
                                                               ou  r first “ T ifts, runs out for the day an
                             e othe                  hosted                ate g                  tion
                educat This year we utside of priv and apprecia                                                                                       s
                              a .                   ,o                      g                                                                elraiser
                  Carolin n all funding                   nder   standin                                                      rt of the He
                   year w
                              he                 their u                                                            Be a pa
                                 gs to show ry student.                                              this  spring.
                    pack ta eans to eve                                                    join us
                                  m                                     eelra  isers to Council.
                     giving                                   new H                   aisers
                                            ly rec  ruiting join the Heelr
                                    active                 and
                         We are iving Society
                           Go Tar

                                   nl        evie
                          Casey Du

  Come find out more
information and pick up
an application in the Pit,
      March 19th.
                                  photo by kathleen macguire

read about the economy on p. 22

                                                               read about Boshamer Stadium on p. 11
                                  photo by mckenzie thompson

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