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Psychology - Winthrop University



                                 Finding greater understanding of our lives
    college of
     ARTS AND                    The Major                                         Internships are available at a variety of hu-
                                                                                   man and social service locations through-
                                 The study of psychology leads to a greater
                                 understanding of the events in our lives, as      out York County and the metro-Charlotte
                                 all behavior is ultimately psychological. The     area. Interns are typically placed at sites
                                 Bachelor of Arts in psychology at Winthrop        with licensed practitioners to assure qual-
Psychology faculty have          covers subjects ranging from child and            ity supervision. Majors may also receive
won many awards for              adult development to social and biological        credit for other field experiences in busi-
teaching, advising, re-          bases of behavior to psychological disor-         ness, human or social service, educational,
search, and contributions        ders. It also includes the opportunity to         and other sites. Students work with both
to the profession.               study such applied areas as psychology of         a faculty advisor and on-site supervisor,
                                 women, ecological psychology, exceptional         who help students consider their personal
The Winthrop chapter of          child, and organizational psychology. The         strengths and career options
Psi Chi, the international       B.A. level psychology graduate receives a
honor society in psychol-        well-rounded liberal arts education and           Research Experience
ogy, regularly receives a        is also trained in a variety of skills, includ-   Winthrop psychology faculty are actively
Model Chapter Award              ing those skills used by psychologists to         engaged in research with human children
and in 2009 was selected         acquire new knowledge. Working closely            and adults, as well as with other animal
by the central Psi Chi of-       with faculty instructors and mentors, stu-        species. Students have the opportunity
fice as the best chapter in                                                        to conduct their own studies as part of
                                 dents may apply their abilities to research,
the Southeastern United                                                            the research sequence and to work closely
                                 internships, community service, and other
States.                                                                            with faculty mentors on research projects
                                                                                   for course credit. Many of our students
Some recent research
awards won by Winthrop
                                 Program                                           present their research at professional
                                 The psychology program consists of 36 se-         conferences, often with financial assis-
psychology majors in-
                                 mester hours in psychology, in addition to        tance from the university. Students are
                                 the university’s general education require-       also encouraged to publish their work in
uSoutheastern Psycho-
                                 ments. Five courses are required for psy-         professional journals. Research experience
logical Association (SEPA)/
                                 chology majors, including two introductory        provides students with highly valued skills
Psi Chi Regional Research
                                 courses (one which specifically provides an       for the job market and excellent prepara-
Awards (2007, 2009, 2010)
                                 introduction to psychology as a discipline        tion for graduate training.
uSEPA Outstanding Pro-
fessional Paper Finalist         and profession and helps students begin
(2008)                           to develop possible career paths), a two-         Student Organizations
                                 course research sequence, and a senior            The department hosts two active organiza-
uBig South All Confer-
                                 capstone course. Working with an aca-             tions, which provide membership, friend-
ence Team Award (2007)
                                 demic advisor, students can choose their          ship, and leadership opportunities. All
uSEPA Outstanding
                                 remaining psychology classes from a range         students are welcome to join the Psychol-
Professional Paper Award
                                 of offerings that reflect the diversity of        ogy Club. Students with a strong academic
                                 both the discipline and the faculty’s exper-      record are also invited to join Psi Chi, the
For more information, contact:                                                     international honor society in psychology.
                                 tise. This personalized system is designed
Dr. Joe Prus                                                                       The two groups work together to organize
Department of Psychology         to expose students to a broad range of ar-
135 Kinard Hall                  eas in psychology, while allowing flexibility     informational meetings, guest speakers,
Rock Hill, South Carolina        for students to focus on their own interests      movie nights, academic tutoring, and social
29733                            and goals.                                        events for the department. The depart-
803/323-2117                                                                       ment and its student organizations also
                                 Internships/co-ops                                serve community agencies through volun-
                                 Students can choose to participate in an          teer work and fundraising projects. Be-
                                 internship or psychology field experience         coming involved in student groups is yet
                                 in order to complement their classroom            another way for students to engage with
                                 learning with real world application.             peers and faculty outside, as well as inside,
                                                                                   the classroom.

Careers/Graduate School                         profession. Winthrop faculty are active
Our goal is to help students identify and       researchers, and regularly publish in schol-
prepare for the next step of their journey.     arly journals and present their findings at
Students complete their degree with an un-      professional meetings. Students are often
derstanding of human behavior that can be       collaborators in such work. Faculty also
applied to a variety of career paths, from      contribute significantly to the profession
human service to business to education. A       and the community. But above all else, the
fairly large number of our students contin-     psychology faculty view their primary role
ue their education in graduate programs,        as being teachers and mentors. They are
either immediately after completion of          highly accessible to all students who take
their bachelor’s degree or after a few years    advantage of the many opportunities to in-
of employment. Winthrop psychology ma-          teract with and learn from them.
jors have had excellent success in gaining
admission to not only graduate programs in      Some specialties in psychology
psychology, but to medical, law, and busi-      represented among the faculty :
ness school as well.
                                                u   Biopsychology
Faculty                                         u   Child Psychology
The psychology department has a large, di-      u   Clinical Psychology
verse faculty of 14 full-time members, all of   u   Cognitive Psychology
whom hold the doctoral degree and part-         u   Counseling Psychology
time faculty who also work as psychologists     u   Developmental Psychology
in the community. Psychology faculty have       u   Experimental Psychology
won many awards for their teaching, ad-         u   Industrial/Organizational Psychology
vising, research, and contributions to the      u   School Psychology
                                                u   Social Psychology

                                                For more information, contact:
                                                Dr. Joe Prus
                                                Department of Psychology
                                                135 Kinard Hall
                                                Rock Hill, South Carolina 29733

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