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 Sense-ible approach to Tyre monitoring
 On July 1 of this year, Rimex introduced TyreSense lite, an affordable Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for the mining and industrial
 market. Unlike any other system available, it is a modular approach to tire monitoring, personalized to meet site requirements and budgets.
 Users have the option to start with the basic system, and add features or upgrade functionality and/or add reporting capabilities as required.
 It is suitable for all applications, from open pit and underground mining to forestry, quarries and docks. Whether an operation has one truck
 or 200 trucks, TyreSense lite adapts to fulfill their pressure maintenance requirements.

 TyreSense, the original TPMS developed by Rimex in 2001, is a robust and reliable TPMS that withstands the harshest environments and

 TyreSense sensors are installed within the tire chamber and they constantly send packets of information to a receiver that is mounted within
 the cab of the truck. These sensors relay real-time pressure and temperature data through an in-cab display unit for monitoring. But that is
 just the beginning-TyreSense data can also be displayed using Bluetooth technology on a handheld field PC or remotely through cellular and
 wireless Ethernet connectivity from anywhere in the world. In addition, the data is integrated with many of the dispatch systems used in major
 mining operations worldwide. Not only does the user have access to live pressures and temperatures but each receiving unit in the cab is
 equipped with a GPS module allowing the user to gather speed and travel information. Alerts are sent in two levels: level one is a high warning
 alert indicating that the user should take preventative action by changing the conditions of the unit to bring the tire back to ideal operating
 levels; level two is a critical warning alert indicating that immediate action should be taken because the tire is operating dangerously outside
 of its ideal manufacturing parameters. All of the information gathered by the system can be charted in an easy to interpret Datalog and can be
 exported to Microsoft Excel for full reporting by the day, month, and year.

 TyreSense and TyreSense Lite continue to evolve, and as long as the industry and our customers grow and expand, so will our monitoring

 TyreSense is a subsidiary of Rimex Supply Ltd., a manufacturer of off-road wheel and rim assemblies with headquarters in Surrey, BC, Canada.
 For more information go to or

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      In It For the Long Haul

                                                                                                                                                                A High Performance Oil Sands body on its route for delivery to Fort McMurray

   Asking Specific Questions Brings Fleet Engineered for Oil Sands Mining                                              The result of this quest for answers is now at work in the Athabasca oil sands around Fort McMurray, Alberta.
                By Josh Swank, Sales and Marketing Manager, Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.
                                                                                                                       Philippi-Hagenbuch has engineered a High Performance, oil sands specific truck body design currently introduced
                                                                                                                       in the application that address the three major challenges inherent in the grueling oil sands operations. First, the
Albert Einstein once said, “the important thing is not to stop questioning.” In the mining industry, a lack of         designs are eliminating the loaf effect — that amalgamated and compacted 400-ton block of sand that releases
inquisitiveness may lead to a blissful ignorance but it certainly won’t increase efficiencies.                         in a loaf, jarring the truck and operator. Second, minimizing “carryback” material, ensuring the bulk of the load
                                                                                                                       is dumped the first time for greater efficiency. Finally, enhancing the life of the truck body well beyond the
While one may claim necessity is the mother of invention, questioning and analyzing how methods and systems            traditionally accepted three-year replacement point.
can be improved is the catalyst to discovering necessities. Understandably, when working in the middle of Canada’s
oil sands, where trucks operate around the clock every day of the year, it’s nearly impossible to pull the nose from
the grindstone long enough to provide thorough analysis. But fortunately some manufacturers/”inventors” have           Slicing the Loaf
assisted by taking a long hard look at the process and ensuing headaches within this application.                      It takes little imagination to envision 400 tons of sticky, oil-laden sand jostled and bumped around as it’s hauled
                                                                                                                       on access roads to a dumping point for processing. During that journey, the shaking and jolts result in a vibratory
Each day in oil sands mines like the Athabasca oil sands in Fort McMurray Alberta, 1.5 million tons of moist sand      effect that compacts the sands into a firm 400-ton loaf. Much like brown sugar falls in a formed mass from a
laden with thick, sticky bitumen are loaded into some of the biggest trucks ever manufactured and transported          measuring cup, this sand releases in a solid block once the truck body lifts.
to crushers for the oil extraction process. Time and again, massive shovels dump scoops of 100 tons of the heavy,
sticky sand into the unyielding truck beds. Loaded with 400 ton of material, the oil sands trucks then transport       With a significant amount of load over the rear axle, the dumping motion oftentimes causes the front of the truck
and dump the material for separation.                                                                                  — which weighs almost a hundred tons on its own — to lift up off of the ground. As the 400-ton loaf releases, the
                                                                                                                       truck and its driver also release from suspension and slam back into the ground. This repeated process stresses
On the surface, it may appear as though truck bodies don’t deviate much from one design to another with their          both the truck chassis and the drivers, who over time can suffer from back and neck issues caused by the repeated
applications deviating even less. However, take a moment or two to speak with an operator about the pain in his/       whole body vibration exerted upon them.
her day and it’s easy to see that assertion couldn’t be further from the truth. Spending some time with operators
of mines in the oil sands will quickly reveal the necessity for dedicated oil sands truck bodies designed from the     High Performance oil sands bodies feature several carefully engineered modifications to assist in slicing up that
floor up for the challenges specific to these mining operations. The new designs offer enhanced truck body life –      loaf of compacted sand. A unique bed design features severe tapering of the sides of the truck body. Rather than
raising expectations beyond the meager three years – enhanced performance and improved operator comfort.               the traditional parallel-sides of standard truck bodies, which serve as a chute for the compacted loaf, significantly

                                                                                                                         PHOENIX: Clear Solutions!
                                                                                                                             The PHOENIX commitment is to superior service and technology at the greatest savings for
                                                                                                                             our client. PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. designs and manufactures a variety of high quality
                                                                                                                             systems for sand processing; fine particle wet classification and separation; slurry and sludge
                                                                                                                             thickening and dewatering; effluent water treatment; and greywater/blackwater purification
                                                                                                                             and recycling for commercial and multi-residence applications.

                                                                                                                         A Summary Of Our Services:
                                                                                                                             PHOENIX offers complete system engineering capabilities to support our products and process
                                                                                                                             solutions. Process flow sheet, structural, piping, electrical, facility, and system automation
                                                                                                                             design are available to support our customer's needs.

                                                                                                                             Commitment to quality manufacturing is evident in our finished product. Incorporating
                                                                                                                             industry improvements such as thermally sprayed zinc coatings enables us to offer fully welded
                                                                                                                             structural assemblies. This improvement allows the coating of the non-stainless steel parts
                                                                                                                             with high purity zinc, an effective solution to hot-dipped galvanizing problems...and much
                                                                                                                             better corrosion protection than standard painting systems.

                                                                                                                             To fully support our customers, we have established an extensive inventory of off-the-shelf
                                                                                                                             components. Our commitment to parts availability when needed reduces customer spare parts
                                                                                                                             stocking economical approach for our customers.

                                                                                                                             The PHOENIX field service staff is prepared to offer process or mechanical assistance whenever
                                                                                                                             it is required. Our periodic Customer Contact Program is highly successful in anticipating
                                                                                                                             problems and generating equipment design improvements...a simple solution to improve
                                                                                                                             communications with our customers.

                                                                                                                             Extensive use of off-the-shelf components, a large parts inventory, rapid engineering response
                                                                                                                             through our computer design programs, and efficient manufacturing capabilities all combine
                                                                                                                             to provide the shortest delivery time in the industry. In extreme cases, shipments within four
                                                                                                                             weeks are possible.

                                                                                                                         Lab Testing
                                                                                                                             Our laboratory is fully equipped to provide testing services to establish the proper equipment
                                                                                                                             selection and optimize design and operating parameters.

                                                                                                                         Pilot Plant Testing
                                                                                                                             PHOENIX pilot plant equipment, operated by experienced process engineers, is available to
                                                                                                                             perform commercial scale demonstrations at the job site.

                                                                                                                         Process Evaluation
                                                                                                                             Experienced process engineers are available to perform process evaluations and confirm
                                                                                                                             application requirements. Flow measurement, instrumentation, and proper sampling
                                                                                                                             technique ensure proper system design.

      c-2         August/September 2012 | #153 |
                                                                                      An inherent challenge in oil sands mining, the loaf effect illustrated above results
                                                                                      in considerable jarring of the truck chassis and operator. New designs of High
By utilizing the patented lift system, required lifting height is lowered,            Performance Oil Sands Bodies incorporate unique features to help break up that         A patented lift system offered by Philippi-Hagenbuch reduces stress
while safety is enhanced.                                                             loaf as the truck empties, eliminating that whole body vibration.                      on the body sidewalls.

tapered sides effectively increase the opening at the end of the truck bed        contact with the surface and any attempt to spread or wet the material                 Extending Life
by 10 to 20 percent. This increased width at the dumping point, removes           results in those water molecules quickly rejoining to beads, refusing to               With the intense, around-the-clock work done in North American Oil
support from the sides of the loaf, as it is unloaded, allowing successive        separate, spread or adhere to the material.                                            Sands mines, the life expectancy of traditionally designed truck bodies
layers to crumble and drop away from the solid mass.                                                                                                                     has been approximately three years. It’s been accepted that the truck
                                                                                  Specific oil sands bodies, strategically place hydrophobic materials in key            body floor will wear through by then due to the abrasive nature of the
To further initiate breakdown of the loaf, the back third of the truck floor      problem areas of the body – those areas prone to sticking and carryback.               materials hauled as well as the significant weight and the force with which
angles forward from a center point in the floor to the sidewalls. This            Typically those problem areas are where two planes of the body intersect,              the load is released dozens of times each day. But expectations need not
angling results in the sides of the truck body floor being significantly          for instance, where the front wall and the sidewall connect or where the               be lowered as new High Performance dedicated bodies evolve.
shorter than the center, thus allowing the corners of the load to fall away       front or sidewall connects to the floor. As is common experience with
before the center of the load reaches the end of the floor. This effectively      cleaning any surface or material, those crevices and joints tend to be the             The key to any house is a good foundation. If a house isn’t built on a
removes support of the floor from the underside of the loaf edges, forcing        problem area where material begins to build up. Attaching hydrophobic                  good foundation, it will crumble. The same holds true for truck bodies.
it to break apart as it exits the truck body exerting considerably less force     steel plates to those areas reduces angles, which helps to fight sticking.             To ensure a good foundation, High Performance custom truck bodies run
on not only the truck chassis, but the driver as well.                            In addition, the hydrophobic properties repel the sticky material virtually            steel bolsters from side to side under the body floor, but unlike traditional
                                                                                  eliminating any carryback. It’s nearly impossible for anything to remain on            bodies, which simply butt-weld the bolsters to the frame rail, High
The success of these adaptations for mining becomes clear at a glance.            the truck, whether oil sands or elephants, once gravity comes into play.               Performance bodies run the bolsters through the frame rails, doubling
After a week running sand, traditional truck walls are polished to a shine                                                                                               up the “sweet spot” within the center floor section. By intersecting the
from the abrasive load. But following a full year of doing the same in a          As an added benefit, if operators aren’t fortunate enough to have a High               bolsters with the frame rails, which run from front to back, these custom
truck body specifically designed for the oil sands, paint remains on the          Performance Oil Sands body, hydrophobic steel liners can be added as a                 bodies create a super-structure that won’t buckle under the immense
sidewalls -- a true testament to the fact that the load isn’t forced to scrape    retrofit to an existing body in order to improve productivity and minimize             weight of the mined materials.
its way out of the chute.                                                         carryback.
                                                                                                                                                                         This enhanced truck design couples with some of the strongest steel in
Cutting the Carryback                                                             Key as it may be, the hydrophobic material is only one carryback-preventing            the world to significantly extend the life of the truck. Steel with a Brinnell
Just as the oil sands adhere to one another, that same sticky property            element of the unique specific oil sands body designs. Operating in                    of 450, which is manufactured in Sweden, has been found to be the
culminates in material sticking to the traditional truck body floors and          far northern reaches of North America, it is easy to understand that                   strongest, most durable steel available. High Performance oil sands bodies
walls. This property is evident in a simple walk through the sands, which         environmental conditions can significantly impact performance as well. In              exclusively use the Swedish steel throughout the entire body – not just the
quickly deposits a half-inch of buildup on the soles of the traveler’s            areas of the country where temperatures can exceed -40 degrees Celsius                 load containing areas. This provides added peace of mind and extended
shoes. Imagine what happens under the weight of a 400-ton load. The               and stay there for extended periods, the cold weather serves as another                life for the body of the truck. In fact, ultrasonic steel plate thickness tests
resulting carryback lessens efficiency and often results in a compounding         obstacle to effectively releasing the load.                                            done on the substance after six intense months in an oil sands mine has
problem as more and more material sticks and builds in trouble areas.                                                                                                    shown no appreciable difference in the steel’s thickness. In short, even
In essence, the same load is carried again and again when it fails to             High performance oil sands bodies utilize inherent heating tools found in              in the intense environment, the substance isn’t showing signs of wearing
release, taking a joyride back at the expense of the mine. More than              the byproducts of the truck operation --the truck exhaust -- to provide                thin. That’s expected to increase the life of the trucks by more than 25
70 tons of carryback material can stay behind, significantly decreasing           heat to the body reducing the “freezing on” effect that frigid tempers                 percent – an entire extra year of work.
productivity. Alternatively, the truck operator must stop and manually            might elicit. Relatively simple in concept and application, the manifold
                                                                                  heating system requires careful thought, consideration and engineering.
scrape the carryback from the floor leading to excess labor, wasted time
                                                                                  Different truck chassis provide the exhaust discharge in various locations             A Purpose Driven Design
and decreased efficiencies.                                                                                                                                              All of these changes have transformed the face of mining from an
                                                                                  requiring specific configurations of the manifold system based on the
                                                                                  make and model of truck being equipped. Additionally, while effectiveness              industry making due with available “stock” equipment to one equipped
Doing the math quickly computes a negative impact on a mine’s bottom                                                                                                     with a focused and engineered fleet dedicated to the specific challenges
line. If, for example, 50 tons of material is left as carryback after the first   requires that the heat be applied to areas prone to sticking, distance in
                                                                                  routing that exhaust must be short enough to ensure the exhaust does not               at hand. And with the size and productivity required in the oil sands
few trips of the day, and a truck makes two trips per hour — although                                                                                                    industry, that is no small accomplishment. Reflect for a moment on the
three to four loads may be the norm — the result translates into a shortfall      cool down losing it’s heating ability and condensing on manifold surfaces.
                                                                                  This condensation of the exhaust gases can lead to a combination of the                size and significance of these operations. Consider that it took 2.6 million
of 2,000 tons of material that simply is not processed during the course of                                                                                              cubic meters of concrete to build the Hoover Dam. That same amount
the day. That’s like a daily free ride to 250 or so bush elephants, the largest   sulfur dioxide within the exhaust and moisture from the condensation
                                                                                  combining to form sulfuric acid. Once this acid forms, it can pool within              of material could pave a 16-foot-wide highway from Seattle, Wash., to
living land animals.                                                                                                                                                     Pensacola, Fla. In contrast, that same amount of oil bearing sands material
                                                                                  the truck body and result in serious corrosion. Evidence of this can be
                                                                                  seen in some truck floors where a simple metal rod can be pushed                       is mined and hauled over the period of just four days. Think about it: 91
The answer to the carryback problem is knocking those elephants                                                                                                          Hoover Dams worth of material moved each year, and until now no truck
off of their feet. High Performance oil sands bodies now incorporate              through the corroded floor of the truck. One exhaust routing system
                                                                                  offered by Philippi-Hagenbuch effectively utilizes the exhaust for heating             bodies specifically designed to handle the job’s unique aspects.
hydrophobic steel in a patent pending way, which effectively prevents
the sticking effect. Hydrophobic steel is characterized by qualities like         while carefully preventing any direct contact with the truck body floor or
                                                                                  structural components of the underside of the truck. As a result, corrosion            It turns out that inquisitiveness, not ignorance, results in bliss.
poor wetting, poor adhesiveness and having a “low” free surface energy/
adhesion. These qualities are quickly visible to the untrained eye when           effects are practically eliminated.
one attempts to wet the surface of this steel. The water forms beads upon

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                                                                                                                                             | #153 | August/September 2012                                       c-3
                        Alaska’s Changing of the Guard: The Dust Finally Settles
                                                                                                                                                                                   domestic mining
                            By Kathryn G. Arlen

                              For over twenty years Executive Director Steve Borell deftly directed the Alaska
                         Miners Association’s (AMA) statewide membership, only recently making that final perennially
                                                                                                                                   On other major issues: first, the
                                                                                                                                                   frustrating        problems
                                                                                                                                                                                  DOMESTIC MINING
                         decision to hang up his leadership hardhat. After a lengthy nationwide search, AMA’s associated with permitting. Corbett
                  Fish and Coal Together: How ‘Either/Or’ Becomes ‘Both/And’
                         Board of Directors originally hired Fred Parady from Wyoming who unexpectedly remarked, “I think Alaska is doing a
                         resigned for personal reasons after only three months. That must have set an uneasy fantastic job with improving its own
                         stage: now G. Arlen
                       By Kathrynwhat?                                                                                         permitting process. For the past few years
                              Enter Deantha Corbett, only 29 years old, but with very specific, directed experience they [the industry] have been doing a lot
                         serving Coal Project is as Projects Coordinator with the Anchorage-based Resource of outreach with the public to see what
                     “The Chuitnaseven years not a choice between a coal mine and fish—it is designed for BOTH,”
                          PacRim LP’s mantra for (RDC), involvement with AMA’s state oversight committee,
                  statesDevelopment Councilthe future coal mine located just 45 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska. and, it can do with its own permitting system.”
                  And Dan Graham, PE and Chuitna Project Manager, further emphasized that philosophy: “I just
                         equally to the point, a lifelong Alaskan.
                  think that as an industry we all need to approach our projects from a responsible development
                                                                                                                               Can Alaska serve as an example for the
                              Addressing my first question about the unforeseen outcome from extend your
                  perspective…and particularly for us, with the sensitive issue of salmon. You have to AMA’s extensive rest of the nation? “It would be wonderful
                         recruiting effort, Corbett responded: “They did spend months on this search…and if they did, but I don’t see that happening. Deantha Corbett is a lifelong Alaskan with many years'
                  efforts if you expect to move your project forward.”                                                                                                               Executive Director,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         the Alaska Mining Association's new
                         I think they saw they could bring in someone else with another set of ‘extenuating We really have a system that should be experience as Project Coordinator with the Resource
                        The future surface coal mine, with projected life span of 25 years, expects to produce an
                  average 12 million metric tons ofif it’s not the right fit we’re out coal per year, depending on so I the envy of the rest of the nation. We Development Council, focusing on mining and tourism.
                         circumstances’ and then, sub-bituminous, ultra low sulfur another executive director,
                         think they But it will also simultaneously protect and enhance the local environment, as
                  market demand. decided to look locally.”                                                                     are currently doing things that can set
                              Corbett both in “And with my concentration I was in charge of RDC mining
                  Graham explained added, a Sept. 16 presentation to the Alaska Miners Association Fairbanks and examples.”
                  membership and in a follow-up interview.
                         tourism issues,” Wanting to explore that topic [i.e., “What special contributions do you                  “For instance,” Corbett continued, “Our administration here in the state has done a
                         bring plan may seem simple, at least in intent, with creates that suggests perhaps
                       PacRim’sto this position?”] I asked: “Especiallybut stilltourism,impressive challenges. As you great job of showcasing Alaska’s legal action when Federal overreach is happening, to
                  Graham explained “…the two keys are creating new [fish] habitat downstream before we start
                         may be more aware of issues involving mining and the general public and can better take legal action. Our Governor and Attorney General have both done a really good job
                  mining, and then, when we’re done, constructing habitat within the [former] mine area as part of
                         communicate to
                  the reclamation plan.” the general population, hopefully gaining more support?”                              of stepping up and saying, ‘We’re not going to let this happen. First of all, it’s not legal,
                                        raised that absolutely perfectly,” Corbett emphasized. mine and
                              “You’ve the intense publicity surrounding the proposed Pebble Copper/Gold “That’s what and you can’t get away with this, so don’t try.’”
                      Considering all
                         I’ve heard people on people who are familiar mention of “fishing and The Executive
                  its possible adverse affectssay, Alaska’s salmon industry, anywith both of my jobs. mining” in                   One existing frustration along these lines, a major state [and national] concern
                         Committee, when discussing with the rest of questions. But “the scope that my strength and interest, is the proposed Pebble Mine. “The Federal Government is coming in and
                  the same sentence is bound to draw attention and many the membership, statedand issue they
                         was on communicating aspects of the first discussed, and continued stressing how the
                  have are completely different from ours,” Grahammining industry to the legislature, the public, to assessing watershed, looking for authority on the project. It does have to get Federal
                         the people who don’t quite understand. environmental of a policy understanding.”
                  coal industry in particular needs to be sensitive toSo it was moreissues: “It’s not an ‘either/or.’          permits to move forward, but it is on state land designated for mining, and they have
                              have an internal focus, Corbett plans to expand use of electronic media, hopefully not entered the [permitting] process yet. Still, Federal agencies like the EPA are coming
                  We don’t Withone resource vs. another, we’re not in competition. We’re in partnership.” Further
                         reaching towards he cited several highly successful reclamation examples from around
                  emphasizing this concept younger potential members, used to Facebook and Twitter: the                        in and trying to make pre-judgments on it. I don’t want to say that Pebble is moving too
                         “What I think I can offer is bring this organization up to Mine if you will, Fork Natural stream after not quickly efforts, and happy salmon enjoying his/her new home.
                  state including the Denali Mine at Valdez Creek, Fish Creek at Fort Knox date, [gold], Middlewhile still quickly or mine reclamationenough. Ia just think that it hasn’t started yet, and people are still
                  of Red Dog Creek at the Red Dog Mine [zinc], and others.
                         preserving the other forms of communication.”                                                         trying to make judgments.”
                        As Graham reiterated throughout his comments and presentation much current opposition
                                               assuming can’t be done” criticism, but PacRim [and one companies]
                              Since officiallyon the “this her responsibilities as of June 1, 2012,other of Corbett’s top added that the state’s Fish and Game department has been boththe National Strategic and Critical
                  to mining efforts centers                                                                                         Surfacing at the national level, on a positive note, is cooperative and helpful in “pointing
                         challenges is addressing a proposed initiative governing Alaska’s coastal can coexist
                  intend to continue proving that successful and enhancing environmental reclamationmanagement, us towards the science behindof 2012 (H.R. 4402) aimed at “streamlining the approval process
                                                                                                                               Minerals Production Act the designing. But I wouldn’t say that turns into instant approval. We
                         appearing as Ballot Measure 2 exist where none did primary election. The Alaska State
                  with necessary mining activity. Lakes nowin the August 28th before, natural stream beds resume, stillfor permits to mine rare earth minerals” (Jack Caldwell’s post on “I Think Mining.”)
                                                                                                                                 have to prove our design on its merits.”
                                                                                                                                 Design approval, of Earth translates into is hoped-for, eventual “green light” for permitting.
                  wetland ponds form in depressions of reclaimed areas, ducks, beaver, moose, etc. utilize theit ended Extraction of Rare course, Metals (REM)thatof particular interest to Alaska with Bokan
                         Legislature was unable to agree on extending the previous program when areas,
                                                                                                                            As have many others,exploration stage, and this state is “poised incredible challenge,” Graham
                  and inlast session,fish population has 6,640 miles ofreclamation efforts. vulnerable. (Alaska’s tidal Mountain in an “We are finding the permitting avenue to be an to be the world’s leader in
                           many cases leaving Alaska’s increased after general coastline
                         PacRim’s efforts will address two time periods: during the over 47,000 miles—nationally REM exports,” Corbett commented in EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) process that
                         shoreline, including islands, sounds, and bays totalsmine’s lifetime and after mining understandably lamented. “We are in an a June address to the Greater Fairbanks Chamber
                                                                                                                               of Commerce. “We’ve got and we’re in amazing prospects here, [Bokan and a half to go.
                  has ceased. Some ofwith projects a distant second.) creating side-channels for salmon rearing normally takes about two years,some pretty year five and still have at least a yearMountain being
                         number one, the Florida during mining include
                                                                                                                                      in 2006.”
                  and spawning, adding nutrients, monitoring replacement [as needed], and implementing lacking any It beganone] and since critical minerals go into everything we use, there’s always going to
                              Commenting on the proposed          and adjusting plan, Corbett stressed: “It’s the ARED         just
                                                                                                                               Why is this taking so long, or longer than originally expected? “It’s combination of things,” Graham
                  system as an alternative plan if salmon in there we cannot live on their own. (With this approach 13 be a demand. We’ve got one of the few locations on the planet, China, of course, has a
                         clear direction…there is much don’t successfully spawn with. For example, it asks for a
                  the fish are captured, their eggs fertilized, then the salmon are released into their natural habitat for continued. “For one, agencies want more and more information, so we’ve had to go back and gather
                         member board [representing each coastal district]...but doesn’t require them to have additional baselineand our Congressional delegation recognizes that.” and that has put things
                                                                                                                               ‘ton’ of them, information. Plus we have redone the design since 2006,
                  incubation, thus avoiding the “hatchery fish” label.)
                                    of scientific background at all, period biology, geology, eco-systems, etc.
                         any sort traditional post-mining reclamationsuch ashabitat reconstruction will constitute theIt’s on hold untilChina’s economic growthBut this is being thoroughly vetted. I mean, the levelthe
                       During the                                                                                                  With our new plan is finalized. currently slowing, including exports, “We have of
                                                are appointed, not elected.”
                         very political; they streams in particular, surface as a major issue.
                  main focus. Water supply,                                                                                    chance to being given to this mineral supply,” conclude is quite intense.
                                                                                                                            scrutiny that iscontribute to this project….” one canCorbett eagerly added, “since we currently
                               thing you have to members, Corbett continued, “It provides for our case with to
                  “The firstFor selecting the do is look hard at what you’re dealing with, and in three names the be And perhaps thatof as it should be, as the project manager continued commenting on the “state of
                                                                                                                               import 100% is our critical minerals. Let’s focus concentration on how Alaska can
                                                                                                                                world” from the mining perspective, citing such organizations as the powerful Sierra Club and its
                         put to the governor, and hemostly dealingone—the public has nosecond issue is testing thecontribute to REM needs.”
                  Chuit River and its tributaries we’re     has to pick with coho salmon.” The say over this. It could
                                                                                                                                   Considering Alaska’s overall mineral resource status, industry. In other words, one aim of
                  fish numbers/population, then the thirdis absolutely anti-development or a ‘development at all persistent “bird-dogging” efforts, particularly relating to the coal Corbett emphatically concluded:
                         go either way, someone who and fourth steps in this reclamation process focus on water
                         costs’ type of individual, neither of which should be mostly storm that regulates have             this particular coal mine project is to prove the critics wrong: “you say it can’t be done. Here’s proof
                  management (flow/discharge) and quality. “Our water source ison the board water. We don’t natural “Our potential could go off the chart.”
                  a processing wash, no chemical process involved, and that’s a key—this is soft coal, ultra low sulfur. that it can, and we will continue to do it right.” Once again, another tangible example of transforming
                         resources. And we have a huge problem with that.”
                  Some power plants can get compliance [just] by burning this coal.” Thus, understanding “area the “either/or” dictum into a productive, inclusive “both/and” philosophy, with results.
                  hydrology and hydrogeology in the area” is critical for generating a successful water management
                  plan for streams both below and adjacent toconsultant, scientist, and freelance writer in Fairbanks, Alaska. She G. Arlenreached via email at
                        Kathryn G. Arlen is a communications the mine site.                                                        can be
                                                                                                                                            MA [professional communication] is a consultant and freelance writer in Fairbanks, Alaska. She
                     In addition to identifying and researching case studies from around the Pacific Northwest, Graham can be reached via email at

                                                                                                                                  Last Frontier Air Ventures is an Alaskan owned and operated
                                                                                   39901 N. Glenn Hwy.                             company that offers many years of expertise and experience
                                                                                                                                        in the field of mining as well as good old fashioned
                                                                                    Sutton, AK 99674                                                  Alaskan customer service.
                                                                                      (907) 745-5701
                                                                                                                                    Last Frontier Air Ventures offers Helicopter Support for the
                                                                                                             following anywhere in the State: Mineral Exploration, Survey,
                                                                                                                                   Staking, Research and Development, Slung Cargo, Video and
                                                                                                                                     Film Projects, Aerial Photography, Tours, Crew Transport,
                                      Helicopter Charter                                                                                    Heli Skiing, Short and Long Term Contracts.

                                                                                                                                   We have three Astar 350B2 Aircraft which can seat up to 5
                                                                                                                                 persons in addition to the pilot with a sling load capacity of up to
                                                                                                                                      2000 lbs max load. All of our pilots are proficient with
                                                                                                                                          precision long line, and mountain operations.

                                                                                                                                  Last Frontier Air Ventures, being locally owned and operated,
                                                                                                                                    can customize any job, big or small, to meet specific client
                                                                                                                                    needs. Think of us for ALL your helicopter support needs.

                                                                                                                                      For more information, please call us at 907-745-5701 and
                                      Mineral Exploration | Survey & Staking                                                                    visit our website at
                                         Oil Field Support | Slung Cargo
                                               Video & Film | Tours                                                                        OIL INDUSTRY: Exploration, survey, development, support
                                                                                                                                MINING INDUSTRY: Mineral exploration, survey, development, drilling program support
                                           Short & Long Term Contracts                                                               UNIVERSITIES/SCIENCE FOUNDATIONS: Exploration, survey, support
                                                                                                                                     STATE/FEDERAL AGENCIES: Exploration, survey, development, support
                                                                                                                                      FILM INDUSTRY: Aerial film and Cineflex video, locations and support
                                                                                                                                          TOURSIM INDUSTRY: Heli skiing, Heli hiking and Heli tours

                       B-6        August/September 2011 |
                                  October/November2012 | #153 |
 GE Technology Powers First Landfill-Gas-                                                                        facility	 in	 Anchorage	 with	 technicians	
                                                                                                                 and	parts	inventory	committed	to	support	
       to-Energy Project in Alaska                                                                               this	project.

  •	 Power	Produced	by	GE’s	Jenbacher	J420	Gas	Engines	to	Save	Military	up	to	$50	                                GE's	 fuel-flexible	 Jenbacher	 gas	
                                                                                                               engines	 are	 powered	 by	 landfill	 gas,	
     Million                                                                                                   which	 is	 created	 from	 solid	 waste	
  •	 Located	 on	 the	 Joint	 U.S.	 Army-Air	 Force	 Base,	 Doyon	 Utilities’	 Project	 Helps	                 decomposition	and	then	recovered	as	a	
     Improve	Energy	Security	for	U.S.	Military                                                                 valuable	renewable	fuel.	This	gas	would	
  •	 Ribbon-Cutting	Ceremony	Held	in	Anchorage	to	Celebrate	Opening	of	Plant                                   otherwise	 have	 been	 wasted	 by	 being	
                                                                                                               released	into	the	atmosphere	as	a	potent	
                                                                                                               greenhouse	 gas.	 Methane	 has	 a	 global	
   ANCHORAGE,	Ala.--Doyon	Utilities,	LLC	(Doyon)	held	a	ribbon	cutting	ceremony	to	celebrate	the	 warming	factor	that	is	21	times	greater	 GE's Jenbacher gas engines, pictured here, are powering the first
opening	 of	 the	 first	 landfill-gas-to-energy	 (LFGTE)	 project	 in	Alaska,	 which	 is	 powered	 by	 GE’s	 than	carbon	dioxide.                             landfill-gas-to-energy project in Alaska at Doyon Utilities, LLC.
(NYSE:	GE)	ecomagination-qualified	Jenbacher	gas	engines.	Located	on	the	Joint	Base	Elmendorf-
Richardson	in	Anchorage,	a	joint	U.S.	Army	and	Air	Force	base,	the	project	will	provide	approximately	            GE's	Jenbacher	J420	landfill	gas	engines	are	part	of	GE’s	ecomagination	portfolio.	To	qualify	for	
half	of	JBER–Richardson’s	13	megawatts	(MW)	of	peak	demand	power.                                              the	 ecomagination	 portfolio,	 products	 and	 services	 must	 demonstrate	 both	 improved	 economic	
                                                                                                               value	and	environmental	performance.	Ecomagination	is	GE's	commitment	to	innovative	solutions	
                                                                                                               that	maximize	resources	and	efficiencies	and	make	the	world	work	better.	Overall,	GE's	Gas	Engines	
 “Beginning in 2013, federal agencies will be required to use renewable energy business	has	more	than	1,650	units	operating	on	landfill	gas	with	an	electrical	output	of	over	1,650	
   sources to provide at least 7.5 percent of total electric consumption,” said                                MW.
  Dan Gavora, CEO of Doyon Utilities LLC. “GE’s technology allows us to turn
    landfill gas (methane) into an energy source for the U.S. military base and                                   In	 a	 changing	 world	 with	 diverse	 power	 needs,	 GE’s	 portfolio	 of	 innovative	 distributed	 power	
  also into a revenue stream for the municipal utility, which currently flares the                             solutions,	gives	businesses	and	communities	around	the	world	the	ability	to	generate	reliable	and	
   gas instead of selling it. In addition, the plant will help the military improve                            efficient	power	using	a	variety	of	fuels	anywhere,	whether	on	or	off	the	grid.	GE’s	distributed	power	
         its energy security and move closer to its renewable energy target.”                                  solutions	gives	customers	of	all	types—from	industrial	businesses,	to	developing	communities,	to	
                                                                                                               government	officials	managing	disaster	relief	and	other	emergency	power	situations—the	ability	to	
                                                                                                               generate	reliable,	sustainable	power	whenever	and	wherever	it	is	needed.	GE’s	distributed	power	
   Doyon	will	own	and	operate	the	facility	and	will	buy	the	gas	produced	for	at	least	the	next	20	 portfolio	includes	GE	aeroderivative	gas	turbines,	Jenbacher	and	Waukesha	gas	engines	and	waste	
years,	 with	 an	 option	 for	 an	 extension	 to	 40	 years,	 under	 the	 agreement	 with	 the	 municipality.	 heat	recovery	solutions.
According	to	military	officials,	the	power	produced	will	offset	what	the	military	would	have	to	buy	
from	the	municipality,	which	will	add	up	to	more	than	$30	million	in	savings	over	the	life	of	the	 About GE
                                                                                                                  GE	(NYSE:	GE)	works	on	things	that	matter.	The	best	people	and	the	best	technologies	taking	on	
   The	Anchorage	Regional	Landfill,	which	opened	in	1987,	has	the	capacity	to	hold	40	million	cubic	 the	toughest	challenges.	Finding	solutions	in	energy,	health	and	home,	transportation	and	finance.	
yards	of	waste.	Currently	one-third	full,	the	landfill	will	likely	reach	capacity	around	2045.	As	the	 Building,	powering,	moving	and	curing	the	world.	Not	just	imagining.	Doing.	GE	works.	For	more	
landfill	grows,	so	will	the	opportunity	to	increase	the	LFGTE	plant’s	capacity.                                information,	visit	the	company's	website	at
   “This	project	with	Doyon	Utilities	is	another	example	of	how	GE’s	Jenbacher	gas	engines	are	           GE	 Energy	 works	 connecting	 people	 and	 ideas	 everywhere	 to	 create	 advanced	 technologies	
supporting	distributed	power	projects	around	the	world,”	said	Roger	George,	regional	sales	leader,	    for	powering	a	cleaner,	more	productive	world.	With	more	than	100,000	employees	in	over	100	
Gas	Engines	for	North	America.	“Our	Jenbacher	gas	engines	provide	the	fuel	flexibility	needed	to	      countries,	our	diverse	portfolio	of	product	and	service	solutions	and	deep	industry	expertise	help	
accommodate	the	use	of	alternative	fuels	such	as	landfill	gas	while	offering	high	levels	of	electrical	our	customers	solve	their	challenges	locally.	We	serve	the	energy	sector	with	technologies	in	such	
efficiency.”                                                                                           areas	as	natural	gas,	oil,	coal	and	nuclear	energy;	wind,	solar,	biogas	and	water	processing;	energy	
                                                                                                       management;	 and	 grid	 modernization.	 We	 also	 offer	 integrated	 solutions	 to	 serve	 energy-	 and	
   Western	Energy	Systems	(WES),	GE’s	authorized	distributor	for	Jenbacher	gas	engines	in	Alaska,	 water-intensive	 industries	 such	 as	 mining,	 metals,	 marine,	 petrochemical,	 food	 &	 beverage	 and	
provided	the	four	Jenbacher	J420	engine-generator	sets	and	integrated	these	with	balance	of	plant	 unconventional	fuels.
equipment	required	for	a	successful	installation.	WES	provided	project	management	services	for	
all	 equipment	 provided,	 performed	 commissioning	 services,	 and	 has	 opened	 a	 product	 support	

           All the heat you need
           When the temperatures drop your mining operations don’t have to stop.
           Wacker Neuson’s heat systems have been proven tough and reliable in the most extreme winter conditions. With
           machines rated to -40 °F and up to 250 °F heat rise our line of Indirect Fired Air Heaters are highly efficient,
           delivering heat directly to where it’s needed saving fuel costs and reducing down time, while providing clean,
           moisture free air. Whether it’s providing heat for mine shaft ventilation, equipment or temporary structures,
           Wacker Neuson has the heat you need to keep your mining operations running 24/7.


                                                                                                                                                                             s at
                                                                                                                                                                     Visit u xpo
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                                                                                                                             | #153 | August/September 2012                           c-5
                                                                                                                                                                                              mining history
                     How aHough Stopped the Nazi Bomb
                     By Harold

                          It’s hard to remember but, 70 years ago, victory wasn’t assured for the Allied in World War Two.
                     America’s first ground offensive at Guadalcanal occurred 70 years ago in August, and there were
                     serious concerns that America might be forced to retreat from the island. Rommel still controlled
                     North Africa, the Russians were being forced back to a city on the Volga called Stalingrad, and
                     U-boats were still threatening to starve Britain.
                          However, one major victory had been won a year earlier when the Americans had managed
                     to acquire a large stockpile of uranium ore from right under the Nazis’ noses. It helped assure
                     America had enough uranium to end the war, while denying the Germans the chance to build their
                     own nuclear device.
                          One of the great mysteries of the Second World War is why the Germans didn’t build an atomic
                     bomb before the United States. They led the world in splitting the atom and in particle physics.
                     They had Nobel Prize winning nuclear scientists. They had a world class industrial base with trained
                     engineers, who designed rocket aircraft, the first practical ballistic missile, and the first combat jet
                     fighter. Why didn’t they get any further with nuclear research?
                          As more of the records are declassified from the WWII era, it appears that German scientists
                     were much more involved in developing an atomic bomb than many thought and for part of the
                     war actually led the US in development. Although there are several reasons the US finally won the
                     nuclear weapons race, one critical reason has a lot to do with a Belgium miner, who kept the Nazis
                     from getting a critical stockpile of uranium ore in the early days of the war and made sure it found
                     its way to the United States.
                          Edgar Sengier was born in Courtrai, Belgium in 1879. In 1903 he graduated as a mining engineer
                     from the University of Louvain. He then joined Union Miniere, which had begun copper mining                  Albert Einstein writes President Franklin D. Roosevelt, alerting the President to the importance of research on nuclear
                                                                                                                                  chain reactions and the possibility that research might lead to developing powerful bombs. Einstein notes that Germany
                     operations in the Belgium Congo. There, he was involved in the building of the Shinkolobwe Mine,             has stopped the sale of uranium and German physicists are engaged in uranium research.
                     which had the richest uranium ore deposits. At the time, uranium was primarily used for glazing
                     for ceramics although the ore was also a feedstock for radium production.                                  Congo decided to side with the government instead of the King. This made good economic sense
                          As the clouds of war were gathering around Europe, the German nuclear program was reaching            because the Allies were buying all the mined minerals and the Congo was prosperous. However,
                     high gear. German scientists were beginning to design a nuclear reactor, but their calculations            there were still German agents and supporters of King Leopold in the Congo who would do what
                     showed that they needed more uranium. They already had the uranium deposits at Joachimsthal,               they could to help Hitler’s war effort.
                     Czechoslovakia, but the reserves weren’t large enough to give them the necessary material. Since                By this time, Sengier had moved to the United States, where he continued to direct UM’s
                     the Congo was the largest source of uranium, they sent out feelers to Union Miniere about buying           worldwide operations and support the Belgium government in exile. But the problem of the
                     ore from the Congo facility.                                                                               uranium remained. The mine had closed in May 1940 after Belgium’s surrender to the Nazis.
                          The man the German agents met with was Sengier, who was now the president of UM.                      However, over a thousand tons of uranium ore remained above ground, where it would be a
                     However, Sengier was suspicious. He had supplied the Curies with radioactive materials for years           tempting target for German agents. If he let it stay there, chances were that it would be stolen by
                     and knew the potential of a nuclear explosive. He was also leery of a nation that had fought               the Nazis and secretly shipped to Germany.
                     Belgium just twenty years before.                                                                               Sengier’s solution was to buy the ore himself at a little over a dollar a pound and ship it
                          Sengier tried to find another customer. By 1939, both France and Britain were interested in           somewhere where the Germans couldn’t get their hands on it.
                     uranium, although the US remained blissfully ignorant of its potential. In May, he went to London               The problem was getting the uranium out of the Congo without the Germans hearing about it
                     to meet with Sir Henry Tizard, the head of England’s nuclear program. The meeting was a disaster.          and trying to stop it. The route Sengier picked was through Portuguese Angola, which had a direct
                     Tizard said that the UK wouldn’t be willing to buy the Belgium stockpiles because they cost too            rail line from the Congo mines to the port of Lobito on the Atlantic Ocean. Although Portugal had
                     much.                                                                                                      maintained strict neutrality, its colonies were hotbeds of covert German activity. If the Germans
                          A year later, the situation had changed dramatically for the worse. Germany invaded and               learned what was happening, they would definitely try to divert the shipment.
                     defeated Norway, Holland, Belgium, and France in spring of 1940. Norway, which fell first, was the              Sengier and his workers kept the operation secret and the uranium was successfully shipped
                     largest producer of heavy water, a moderator needed for nuclear reactors. France had an extensive          from the Congo to New York, where it was stored in a warehouse on Staten Island. He then
                     nuclear program under the Curies, and Belgium had the largest uranium stockpile in Europe and              contacted the US government to see if they wanted it. He didn’t get any response.
                     ownership of the richest uranium mine. Before the guns had stopped shooting in Western Europe,                  Unbeknownst to Sengier and most Americans, the US had begun a massive project to build
                     German agents had confiscated tons of uranium compounds from Belgium warehouses.                           a nuclear bomb, the Manhattan Project. It didn’t take long for the scientists to discover that
                                                                                                                                they only had small uranium deposits in Canada and the US and that they would need a lot more
                     THE MANHATTEN PROJECT                                                                                      uranium. Just as with the Germans, they knew that the Congo was the answer. However, with the
                                                                                                                                mine closed, the Americans didn’t know how much ore they could acquire.
                         Although the Germans had confiscated the uranium in Belgium, the fate of the Belgium Congo                  In 1941, Colonel Nichols visited Sengier in New York and requested as much uranium ore as
                     and its uranium mine was still up in the air as two Belgium factions fought for control of the colony.     they could get from the Congo, even though the request might be hard to fulfill quickly. Sengier
                     King Leopold III had quickly surrendered to the Germans without consulting the government of               responded, “You can have the ore right now. It is already in New York – 1,000 tons of it. I have been
                     Prime Minister Pierlot. While the King stayed in occupied Belgium, the government fled the country         waiting for your visit.” A note scribbled on the spot released the uranium ore to the US. Sengier
                     and went to Britain, where it continued to fight alongside the allies. Eventually, most officials in the   also restarted the Congo uranium operation.
                                                                                                                                     1941 was to be turning point in the race for the atomic bomb. Although the Germans had
                                                                  OUTBOARD BEARING                                              begun the year in the lead thanks to its scientists, experience, and uranium, the Americans were
                                                                                                                                to quickly catch up thanks to its industrial base, the scientists who had fled Hitler, and Sengier’s
                                                                  RUBBER COATED                                                 uranium. It was that ore that led to the first controlled nuclear reactor and the first atomic bombs.
                                                                  GEAR PUMP                                                     Without that shipment, the US couldn’t have processed enough uranium to produce the bombs
                                                                                                                                when they did.
                                                                  PUMPS EMULSION                                                     Fortunately, the German nuclear effort stalled. Not only did they lack sufficient stocks of
                                                                                                                                uranium ore, Hitler decided to put more money and effort into other weapons. However, when
                                                                  AND OTHER LIQUIDS                                             the Allies captured Germany, they discovered that the Germans had progressed enough to
                                                                                                                                develop a nuclear device that if built, was to be dropped on New York in 1946. The design wasn’t
                                                                                                                                as sophisticated as the American bomb and may not have worked, but it would have certainly
                                            Raven Pump                                                                          changed the complexion of the war.
                                                                                                                                     In recognition of Sengier’s actions, in 1946 he became the first non-American to be awarded
                                    a division of Watson/Hopper, Inc.                                                           the Medal for Merit. The story was to remain secret for decades, but the award noted his, “wartime
                                                                                                                                services in the realm of raw materials.” He was also given high awards by the British, French, and
                                          (575) 397-2411 ext. 424                                                               his own nation. He even had a radioactive mineral, “sengierite” found in the Congo named after
                                            FAX (575) 393-1435                                                                  him.
                                     P.O. Box 10 - 1700 W. Marland                                                                   Sengier continued to head UM after the war and even after retiring, remained honorary
                                             Hobbs, NM 88240                                                                    chairman of the permanent committee. In addition to his wartime contributions, he was a pioneer
                                  E-mail:                                                           in the industrial development of Africa and making the Congo copper mines the largest at that
                                                                                                                                time. He died in 1963 at the age of 74.

                                                                                                                                About Pennaluna & Company of North Idaho

                              Mining stock
                                                                                                                                  In	 1926	 —	 when	 gold	 was	 $21	 and	 Coolidge	 had	 the	 White	 House	 —	 stockbroker	 Alex	
                                                                                                                                Pennaluna	opened	a	small	office	in	Wallace,	a	booming	mining	town	in	North	Idaho.

                                                                                                                                   The	surrounding	Coeur	d'Alene	Mountains	were	rugged,	rich	in	ore	and	alive	with	miners,	so	
                                                                                                                                Alex	kept	busy	trading	gold	and	silver	stocks.
                                              Mining stockbrokers for 85 years                                                   Decades	passed	and	the	little	outfit	flourished.	Pennaluna	&	Company	earned	a	name	for	fine	
                                              All US and Canadian exchanges – OTCBB and OTC                                    service	and	stock	market	know-how.
                                              Restricted stock sales – US or CDN
                                                                                                                                  Over	 the	 years,	 we've	 added	 computerized	 trading	 terminals,	 electronic	 order	 management	
                                              Market making – Form 211 filings                                                 systems,	telecommunications	gear	and	other	21st	century	technology.
                                              Private placements
                                              Member FINRA, SIPC, Northwest Mining Association                                   But	the	most	important	things	have	stayed	the	same.
                                     Pennaluna & Company. Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Since 1926.                                           •	 Pennaluna	 &	 Company	 is	 still	 a	 no-frills	 operation	 that	 works	 to	 save	 you	 money	 on	
                                                                                                                                      •	 We're	still	small.	You	get	personal	service	that's	fast	and	efficient.
                                                            800-535-5329                                                              •	 We	still	work	hard	for	the	best	order	fills,	so	your	money	can	go	further.
                                                         email:                    •	 And	we	still	have	a	special	place	in	our	hearts	for	Silver	Valley	mining	stocks.

                      c-6        August/September 2012 | #153 |
    Rockefeller seeks input on tech                                                                                        familiar	with	it	—	a	pattern	of	cost	reduction	called	learning-by-doing."

        to save coal industry
                                                                                                                              Scientists	have	warned	that	carbon	capture,	carbon	reduction	or	whatever	else	can	be	done	to	decrease	
                                                                                                                           carbon	dioxide	in	the	atmosphere	is	necessary	to	prevent	continued	warming	trends.	Under	current	law,	CCS	
                                                                                                                           may	not	be	feasible,	the	CBO	found.
  Sen.	Jay	Rockefeller,	D-W.Va.,	said	he	is	contacting	multiple	sides	of	the	coal	debate	in	an	attempt	to	find	a	
way	to	continue	burning	coal,	but	in	a	way	that	meets	goals	of	reducing	pollution.                                            Natural	gas	can	meet	current	proposed	greenhouse	gas	standards,	but	new	coal	plants	without	some	sort	
                                                                                                                           of	CCS	technology	or	extreme	efficiency	measures	will	not	fit.
  In	an	email,	the	senator	said	he	is	seeking	"broad	input"	about	carbon	capture	and	storage	challenges	and	
opportunities.                                                                                                                "If,	however,	new	policies	restricted	or	imposed	a	price	on	CO2	emissions,	the	domestic	stock	of	electricity	
                                                                                                                           generation	 plants	 would	 turn	 over	 more	 rapidly,	 and	 CCS	 technology	 would	 become	 more	 competitive	
   "America	is	a	land	of	innovation,	and	we've	proven	throughout	history	that	we	can	meet	any	challenge	and	               economically,	increasing	the	potential	for	construction	of	CCS-equipped	plants	in	the	United	States,"	the	CBO	
reach	any	goal,"	Rockefeller	said.	"We	can	either	decide	to	do	something	to	address	coal's	future,	or	not.	I	              report	states.	"The	amount	of	investment	in	CCS	would	depend	on	how	the	costs	for	the	different	alternatives	
think	we	can,	and	we	will."                                                                                                would	compare	with	costs	for	electricity	generation	without	CCS."

   The	 effort	 comes	 weeks	 after	 Rockefeller	 delivered	 remarks	 on	 the	 Senate	 floor	 that	 many	 in	 the	 coal	      Another	alternative,	the	CBO	report	concluded,	may	be	to	set	a	price	on	carbon	emissions.
industry	interpreted	as	a	scathing	critique	of	the	industry.	Rockefeller	largely	rebuked	industry	efforts	to	not	
give	into	environmental	regulations	and	resisting	change.                                                                     Rockefeller	said	seeking	those	energy	policies	which	will	best	advance	national	interest	should	be	a	priority.

  Rockefeller	said	efforts	should	instead	be	focused	on	delivering	real	solutions	to	burning	coal	more	efficiently	           "I	have	long	believed	that	a	rational	and	comprehensive	energy	policy	is	a	national	priority	and	one	that	
and	with	controls	over	carbon	emissions.                                                                                   has	eluded	our	nation	for	far	too	long,"	Rockefeller	wrote.	"Recognizing	our	current	economic	and	political	
                                                                                                                           circumstances,	 we	 must	 focus	 our	 efforts	 on	 the	 twin	 challenges	 of	 how	 best	 to	 advance	 our	 domestic	
   "The	future	of	coal,	and	frankly	that	of	all	fossil	fuels,	depends	on	technology	to	use	energy	resources	more	          resources	and	drive	smart	investments	that	spark	innovation	of	new	and	improved	sources	of	energy.	You	play	
cleanly,"	Rockefeller	said.	"There	are	many	technologies	on	the	horizon,	but	few	are	ready	to	be	immediately	              a	critical	part	in	meeting	these	challenges."
deployed	at	commercial	scale.	Moreover,	in	order	to	address	global	issues	like	climate	change,	we	must	be	
honest	about	the	need	to	clean	up	fossil	fuels,	especially	in	developing	nations.	We	have	to	make	the	collective	              Last	month,	Rep.	David	B.	McKinley,	R-W.Va.,	introduced	legislation	that	would	"prohibit	the	Environmental	
choice	between	developing	key	technologies	of	the	future	here	in	the	United	States	or	ceding	that	role	to	other	           Protection	Agency	from	implementing	a	rule	requiring	stringent	emissions	standards	for	new	or	existing	coal	
countries."                                                                                                                fired	 power	 plants,	 until	 carbon	 capture	 sequestration	 technology	 is	 deemed	 economically	 and	 technically	
  The	challenges	of	carbon	capture	and	storage	are	vast.	While	the	coal	industry	would	likely	welcome	a	
cheap	CCS	technology,	currently	it	appears	that	CCS	is	going	to	be	costly	and	difficult	to	implement.                         The	Environmental	Protection	Agency's	proposed	standard	on	greenhouse	gas	emissions,	McKinley	said	
                                                                                                                           in	the	July	release,	would	"cripple"	the	coal	industry	before	it	had	a	chance	to	install	new	technologies	and	
   Further,	some	believe	the	CCS	technology	won't	appear	at	all	without	first	charging	the	industry	for	the	               reduce	carbon	emissions.
carbon	emits,	or	forcing	carbon	emissions	reductions.	Last	month,	the	Congressional	Budget	Office	looked	at	
what	it	might	take	to	fully	deploy	CCS	technology.                                                                           "This	preliminary	EPA	rule	could	literally	cripple	the	future	of	coal	because	the	implementation	of	carbon	
                                                                                                                           capture	is	not	yet	technologically	or	economically	feasible,"	McKinley	said.		"Utilities	will	simply	stop	building	
    "Engineers	have	estimated	that,	on	average,	electricity	generated	by	the	first	CCS-equipped	commercial-                coal-fired	power	plants	and	switch	to	gas	fired	units.	That	would	result	in	the	loss	of	thousands	of	good	paying	
scale	plants	would	initially	be	about	75	percent	more	costly	than	electricity	generated	by	conventional	coal-              coal	jobs."
fired	plants,"	the	CBO	stated.	"That	initial	cost	differential	would	probably	shrink,	however,	as	the	technology	
became	 more	 widely	 applied	 and	 equipment	 manufacturers	 and	 construction	 companies	 became	 more	

   Hecla Terminates Offer for U.S. Silver Corporation                                                                      terms	of	the	tender	offer.

   COEUR	 D’ALENE,	 Idaho--Hecla	 Mining	 Company	 (NYSE:HL)	 (“Hecla”)	 has	 announced	 that,	 following	 an	             About Hecla Mining Company
announcement	earlier	made	by	U.S.	Silver	Corporation	(“U.S.	Silver”)	that	a	sufficient	number	of	its	common	
shareholders	have	voted	to	approve	a	transaction	with	RX	Gold	&	Silver,	Hecla	has	terminated	its	offers	to	                   Established	 in	 1891,	 Hecla	 Mining	 Company	 is	 a	 leading	 low	 cash	 cost	 silver	 producer	 in	 the	 U.S.	The	
acquire	all	of	the	outstanding	common	shares	and	common	share	purchase	warrants	of	U.S.	Silver	(the	“Hecla	                company	has	two	operating	mines	and	exploration	properties	in	four	world-class	silver	mining	districts	in	the	
Offer”).                                                                                                                   U.S.	and	Mexico.

   As	previously	disclosed,	the	Hecla	Offer	was	conditional	upon	the	proposed	RX	transaction	not	proceeding	or	               More	information:		Sr.	Vice	President	-	CFO,	Jim	Sabala,	208-209-1255	;
such	transaction	otherwise	terminating.	All	U.S.	Silver	common	shares	and	common	share	purchase	warrants	           
previously	tendered	and	not	withdrawn	under	the	Hecla	Offer	will	be	returned	promptly	in	accordance	with	the	

          Titan Announces Planned Exploration
               and Metallurgical Program
   TUCSON,	 Ariz.	 --	 Titan	 Iron	 Ore	 Corp.	 ("Titan",	 the	 "Company")	 (OTCBB:TFER)	 is	 pleased	 to	
announce	its	planned	drilling	and	metallurgical	programs	at	the	Strong	Creek	and	Iron	Mountain	Fe/
Ti	deposits	at	the	Wyoming	Iron	Complex	located	in	Albany	County,	Wyoming.

   Subject	to	available	funding	and	permitting,	the	Company	plans	to	implement	a	Phase	I	resource	
delineation	drilling	program	at	the	Strong	Creek	and	Iron	Mountain	Project	sites.	This	program	is	
anticipated	to	consist	of	a	minimum	of	twenty	drill	holes	at	Strong	Creek	at	an	average	depth	of	
900	 feet,	 and	 possibly	 two	 confirmation	 drillholes	 at	 Iron	 Mountain	 at	 an	 average	 depth	 of	 400	
feet.	The	drill	program	will	be	initiated	after	completion	of	a	geologic	map,	an	aerial	geophysical	
magnetic	survey	of	250	line-km	over	the	Strong	Creek	deposit,	and	a	surface	magnetic	survey,	
intended	to	further	delineate	the	extent	of	the	magnetic	signature	of	the	mineralized	zone	and	to	
assist	in	the	optimum	siting	of	drill	holes.	The	Company	has	also	engaged	an	expert	metallurgical	
consultant	to	review	historical	data	and	test	work	and	to	recommend	a	program	of	testing	designed	
to	initially	investigate	amenability	of	Strong	Creek	ores	to	production	of	high	grade	iron	and	titanium	
concentrates.	The	aeromagnetic	program	has	begun	and	other	aspects	of	the	planned	work	are,	
expected	to	commence	this	month,	subject	to	the	Company	arranging	the	necessary	financing	at	
an	expected	total	cost	of	roughly	$2	million.                                                                                       NEW MinNoCat
                                                                                                                                                     Passively regenerating control system
  Subject	 to	 the	 results	 of	 Phase	 I,	 regulatory	 approvals,	 and	 additional	 funding,	 the	 Company	                                         Ideal for STEADY STATE operations
expects	to	commence	a	Phase	II	exploration,	which	will	consist	of	additional	infill	drilling,	deposit	
delineation	drilling,	and	detailed	metallurgical	studies,	including	pyrometallugical	tests	designed	to	
produce	high-grade,	enhanced	value,	semi-steel	and	titanium	products.
                                                                                                                                                     Passively regenerating control system
   Andrew	Brodkey,	President	of	Titan,	commented:	"We	are	extremely	pleased	to	announce	our	                                                         Ideal for FREQUENT IDLING operations

planned	program	to	commence	intensive	drilling	on	the	Strong	Creek	property;	the	larger	of	the	
two	deposits	within	the	Wyoming	Iron	Complex	controlled	by	Titan,	as	well	as	potential	confirmation	
drilling	at	Iron	Mountain,	which	exhibits	higher	historical	Fe	and	Ti	grades	than	seen	to	date	at	
                                                                                                                                                     Diesel oxidation catalyst system
Strong	Creek.	Previous	programs	conducted	by	Titan	at	Strong	Creek	have	encountered	iron	and	
titanium	mineralization	throughout	the	entire	lengths	of	the	drill	holes.	We	hope	and	expect	that	
the	Phase	I	program,	when	completed,	will	continue	to	demonstrate	the	uniformity	of	grade	in	the	
Strong	Creek	deposit."

  There	is	no	assurance	that	the	Company	will	arrange	sufficient	funding	in	time	to	commence	its	
work	program	in	this	drilling	season.                                                                                                             Low Temperature, Low Maintenance,
                                                                                                                                                            Big Savings!
About Titan Iron Ore Corp.

   Titan	is	based	in	Tucson,	Arizona	and	trades	on	the	OTC	Bulletin	Board	under	the	trading	symbol	
"TFER".	The	Company	is	focused	on	the	acquisition	and	development	of	iron	ore	exploration	and	
development	mining	properties	located	in	regions	that	enjoy	stable	politics,	sound	economies	and	
friendly	business	environments.

   For	further	information	please	go	to	the	Titan	Iron	Ore	Corp.	website:                                                         2144 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Rd, Suite 700, Rochester, NY 14623                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                         | #153 | August/September 2012                                   c-7
           U.S. Forest Service approves                                                                                   Jacobs and Metso Announce Transaction
        supplemental plan of operations at                                                                                    in Iron Ore Pelletizing Business
                Atlanta Gold project                                                                                       PASADENA,	Calif.	--	Jacobs	Engineering	Group	Inc.	(NYSE:JEC)	announced	today	that	it	has	sold	its	iron	ore	
                                                                                                                        pelletizing	intellectual	property	and	other	assets	to	Metso	Corporation.
   TORONTO	-	Atlanta	Gold	Inc.	(TSXV:	ATG;	OTCQX:	ATLDF)	(the	"Company")	announces	that	the	U.S.	
Forest	Service	("USFS")	has	approved	the	Supplemental	Plan	of	Operations	(the	"SPOO")	submitted	by	                       Officials	did	not	disclose	the	terms	of	the	agreement,	but	confirmed	the	transaction	between	Jacobs	and	
the	Company's	wholly-owned	subsidiary,	Atlanta	Gold	Corporation	("AGC"),	for	the	900	Adit	Closure	and	                  Metso	has	closed.
Reclamation	Plan	pertaining	to	short-term	water	treatment	and	evaluation	of	the	Adit	near	the	Company's	
Atlanta	gold	project	(the	"Project")	in	Idaho.                                                                             Jacobs	 and	 Metso	 previously	 shared	 interests	 in	 the	 straight	 grate	 iron	 ore	 pelletizing	 business,	 with	
                                                                                                                        Jacobs	providing	process	engineering	and	Metso	providing	machine	design.	Jacobs	and	Metso	recognized	
   The	SPOO	was	prepared	following	consultation	with	consulting	engineers,	the	USFS,	the	United	States	                 the	opportunity	to	streamline	their	offerings	to	customers	by	consolidating	ownership	within	Metso	through	
Environmental	Protection	Agency	and	the	Idaho	Department	of	Environmental	Quality,	and	it	addresses	                    this	sale.
the	following	initiatives:
                                                                                                                           Jacobs	plans	to	continue	supporting	Metso	from	its	engineering	centers	in	India	and	Pittsburgh,	Pa.,	and	to	
   Diversion	of	Montezuma	Creek	and	realignment	of	USFS	Road	207;                                                       continue	supporting	customers	with	Balance	of	Plant	(BOP)	engineering	and	construction	services	for	iron	ore	
                                                                                                                        pelletizing	projects.
   Maintenance	and	additions	to	the	Existing	Pilot	Water	Treatment	Facility;	and
                                                                                                                           Jacobs	Group	Vice	President	Andy	Kremer	stated,	"We	are	pleased	to	announce	this	sale	to	Metso.	Jacobs	
  Underground	evaluation	for	closure	of	the	900	Level	Adit.                                                             and	 Metso	 have	 a	 long	 and	 successful	 relationship	 working	 together,	 and	 our	 collaboration	 is	 expected	 to	
  While	implementing	the	SPOO,	the	Company	will	continue	its	test-processing	bulk	sample	program	                       continue.	The	 sale	 is	 intended	 to	 facilitate	 further	 investment	 in	 and	 development	 of	 the	 technology,	 and	
which	is	designed	to	more	fully	evaluate	how	to	optimize	the	economic	potential	of	the	Atlanta	property.                to	strengthen	overall	services	to	customers.	Under	the	new	arrangement,	both	Jacobs	and	Metso	are	well-
                                                                                                                        positioned	to	benefit	from	anticipated	growth	in	the	iron	ore	and	iron	pellets	business."
   In	the	first	quarter	of	2012	the	Company	reported	an	updated	NI	43-101	resource	estimate	by	P&E	
Mining	Consultants	Inc.	which	comprised	an	Indicated	mineral	resource	of	752,000	gold	ounces	within	                       Jacobs	is	one	of	the	world's	largest	and	most	diverse	providers	of	technical,	professional,	and	construction	
7.77	million	tons	at	an	average	grade	of	0.097	ounces	per	ton	("opt")	(3.32	grams	per	tonne)	("gpt")	Au	                services.
and	an	Inferred	mineral	resource	of	385,900	ounces	contained	within	2.72	million	tons	at	an	average	
grade	of	0.142	opt	(4.87	gpt)	Au.	Using	a	gold	to	silver	price	ratio	of	50.35:1,	the	updated	Indicated	                    Statements	 made	 in	 this	 release	 that	 are	 not	 based	 on	 historical	 fact	 are	 forward-looking	 statements.	
mineral	 resource	 is	 785,000	 gold	 equivalent	 ("AuEq")	 ounces	 within	 7.77	 million	 tons	 at	 an	 average	       We	 base	 these	 forward-looking	 statements	 on	 management's	 current	 estimates	 and	 expectations	 as	 well	
grade	of	0.101	opt	(3.46	gpt)	AuEq	and	the	Inferred	mineral	resource	is	397,300	AuEq	ounces	within	2.72	                as	currently	available	competitive,	financial	and	economic	data.	Forward-looking	statements,	however,	are	
million	tons	at	an	average	grade	of	0.146	opt	(5.01	gpt)	AuEq.                                                          inherently	 uncertain.	 There	 are	 a	 variety	 of	 factors	 that	 could	 cause	 business	 results	 to	 differ	 materially	
                                                                                                                        from	our	forward-looking	statements.	For	a	description	of	some	of	the	factors	which	may	occur	that	could	
  As	previously	announced	in	the	Company's	news	release	of	July	20	th,	on	July	19	th	the	U.S.	District	                 cause	actual	results	to	differ	from	our	forward-looking	statements	please	refer	to	our	2011	Form	10-K,	and	
Court	for	the	State	of	Idaho	ordered	AGC	to	implement	measures	to	come	into	compliance	with	the	NPDES	                  in	particular	the	discussions	contained	under	Items	1	-	Business,	1A	-	Risk	Factors,	3	-	Legal	Proceedings,	
Permits	and	to	pay	a	penalty	in	the	amount	of	US$2,000,000	by	October	31,	2012.                                         and	7	-	Management's	Discussion	and	Analysis	of	Financial	Condition	and	Results	of	Operations.		We	do	not	
                                                                                                                        undertake	to	update	any	forward-looking	statements	made	herein.
   In	order	to	implement	the	SPOO	and	to	comply	with	the	Court	order	by	October	31	st,	the	Company	
and	/	or	AGC	will	require	significant	funding	in	excess	of	current	financial	resources.		The	Company	is	                   Web	Site:	
currently	investigating	a	number	of	financing	alternatives	to	generate	the	required	funds.

   "Approval	 of	 the	 SPOO	 demonstrates	 cooperation	 between	 AGC	 and	 the	 other	 agencies	 for	
advancement	 of	 the	 Project.	 Now	 that	 the	 SPOO	 has	 been	 approved	 and	 the	 final	 damage	 award	 is	
known,	future	costs	can	be	more	accurately	determined	and	tendered.	These	costs	can	now	be	reflected	
                                                                                                                               Company Announcement: Mine Site
in	our	financial	projections	for	the	Atlanta	gold	project	with	much	greater	certainty,"	said	Wm.	Ernest	
Simmons,	President	and	CEO	of	the	Company.
                                                                                                                             Technologies at MINExpo, Stand #2371
                                                                                                                           Mine	Site	Technologies	(MST)	is	the	global	leader	in	communication	technologies	dedicated	to	the	mining	industry.	MST	
   About	the	Company	                                                                                                   began	23	years	ago	by	providing	the	mining	industry	with	the	first	commercially	available	PED	(Personal	Emergency	Device)	
   Atlanta	Gold	Inc.	holds	through	its	100%	owned	subsidiary,	Atlanta	Gold	Corporation,	leases,	options	                using	Through-The-Earth	(TTE)	technology.	MST	continues	to	be	a	driving	force	in	bringing	new	technologies	to	the	mining	
or	ownership	interests	in	its	Atlanta	properties	which	comprise	approximately	2,159	acres	(8.74	square	                 industry	including	the	creation	of	the	“ImPact	-	One	Network”	solution	for	today’s	digital	mine.	The	primary	drivers	for	all	MST	
kilometers)	located	90	air	kilometers	east	of	Boise,	in	Elmore	County,	Idaho.	A	long	history	of	mining	                 product	development	s	are	in	providing	the	customer	with	the	opportunity	for	improving	their	productivity	and	at	the	same	
makes	 Atlanta	 very	 suitable	 for	 development	 of	 new	 mining	 projects.	 The	 Company	 is	 focused	 on	            time	enhancing	their	safety	MINExpo	-	the	world’s	largest	mining	exhibition	being	held	in	Las	Vegas,	NV,	USA	–	September	24	
advancing	its	core	asset,	Atlanta,	towards	mine	development	and	production.                                             -26,	2012	-	provides	Mine	Site	Technologies	the	opportunity	to	showcase	its	newest	and	the	most	advanced	communication	
                                                                                                                        technologies.	“ImPact”,	 the	 wireless	 802.11	 standards	 based	 network	 communications	 system,	 provides	 its	 users	 with	
                                                                                                                        simplicity,	reliability,	expandability,	and	unsurpassed	functionality	in	the	mining	environment.	MST	will	have	an	operating	
                                                                                                                        ImPact	system	at	it	stand	in	the	North	Hall,	#2371	to	provide	first-hand,	hands-on	demonstrations	of	the	true	functionality	of	

    U.S. Silver Receives Shareholder                                                                                    the	ImPact	system.	Included	will	be	the	MinePhone	VoIP	telephone	handset	and	the	ICCL	(Integrated	Communications	Cap	
                                                                                                                        Lamp)	that	incorporates	text	messaging	and	tracking	into	a	single	cap	lamp	product.
  Approval for Combination with RX Gold                                                                                    MST	will	showcase	its	full	range	of	products:	
                                                                                                                           •	   ImPact	-	Underground	Digital	Communications	and	Tracking	System
   TORONTO	-	U.S.	Silver	Corporation	(TSX:	USA)	("U.S.	Silver"	or	the	"Company")	is	pleased	to	announce	                   •	   Tagging	Systems	-	Personnel	and	vehicle	tracking.
that	at	the	special	meeting	of	shareholders	held	today,	U.S.	Silver	shareholders	approved	the	proposed	                    •	   VIP	-	Vehicle	Intelligence	Platform:	real-time	vehicle	diagnostics	and	payload	data	system.
combination	transaction	with	RX	Gold	&	Silver	Inc.	("RX	Gold")	to	be	completed	by	plan	of	arrangement.                     •	   VDV	-	Leaky	Feeder	Radio	System
                                                                                                                           •	   Wireless	Mesh	-	High	bandwidth	mobile	networks;	underground	and	surface.
  U.S.	 Silver	 will	 seek	 final	 approval	 of	 the	 plan	 of	 arrangement	 from	 the	 Ontario	 Superior	 Court	 of	      •	   ICCL	-	Integrated	Communications	Cap	Lamp
Justice	 on	August	 9,	 2012.	 Closing	 of	 the	 combination	 transaction	 is	 subject	 to	 receipt	 of	 such	 final	      •	   MinePhone	-	In	mine	/	mine	purposed	VoIP	wireless	communications	from	any	area	at	a	mine	covered	by	wireless	
approval	and	satisfaction	of	certain	other	customary	conditions,	and	is	expected	to	occur	on	or	about	                          network	(including	underground	to	surface)
August	13,	2012.                                                                                                           •	   PED®	-	Personal	Emergency	Device:	TTE	(Through-The-Earth)	emergency	and	general	communications	system
                                                                                                                           •	   BlastPED	-	Remote	blast	initiation	system	using	the	PED	transmission	system
About U.S. Silver Corporation                                                                                              •	   Complementary	partner	products

   U.S.	Silver,	through	its	wholly-owned	subsidiaries,	owns	and/or	operates	the	Galena,	Coeur,	Caladay	                     The	 Mine	 Site	 Technologies	 stand	 will	 be	 a	 must-stop	 location	 at	 MINExpo	 for	 all	 who	 are	 interested	 in	 mine	
and	Dayrock	silver‐lead‐copper	mines	in	Shoshone	County,	Idaho,	with	the	Galena	mine	being	the	second	                  communication	technologies.	In	addition,	MST’s	ultimate	vision	is	to	be	the	partner	of	choice	for	underground	and	surface	
most	prolific	silver	mine	in	U.S.	history.	Total	silver	production	from	U.S.	Silver's	mining	complex	has	               mining	communications	infrastructure,	world-wide.	Working	on	six	continents,	MST’s	offices	and	service	support	centers	
exceeded	217	million	ounces	of	silver	production	since	1953.	U.S.	Silver	controls	a	land	package	now	                   are	strategically	located	in	the	world’s	primary	mining	regions	and	will	be	well	represented	at	MINExpo	with	MST	personnel	
totaling	 approximately	 14,000	 acres	 in	 the	 heart	 of	 the	 Coeur	 d'Alene	 Mining	 District.	 U.S.	 Silver	 is	   on	hand	from	all	of	those	regions.		At	MST	we	train	our	employees,	design	our	products,	operate	our	business,	and	support	
focused	on	expanding	the	production	from	existing	operations	as	well	as	exploring	and	developing	its	                   customer	safety	initiatives	to	create	a	global	culture	of	safety.	This	is	an	integral	part	of	our	corporate	culture	and	is	reflected	
extensive	Silver	Valley	holdings	in	the	Coeur	d'Alene	Mining	District.                                                  in	all	that	we	do,	including	MINExpo.
   More	information:	(

                  PM Johnson Equipment Co.
                                                                           Used Heavy Equipment & Machinery

        Specializing in Used Construction &                                      Visit us at MinExpo                                                                     Superior products, competitive pricing, state-of-the-art technology,
                                                                                                                                                                         timely delivery, and helpful people - that is the Badger Magnetics
       Logging Equipment For Over 30 Years                                           Booth 20188                                                                         commitment.

                                                                                                                                                                         You can count on Badger Magnetics to provide smart solutions for
                                                                                                                                                                         your standard and special requirements.
                                       Phil Johnson, Owner
                   P.O. Box 8322 • Bend, OR 97708
                     210032_Flowmore.qxd 11/23/05 10:25 PM                                                                       Ph. (651) 784-8888 • Fax (651) 784-8100 • 501 Apollo Drive • Lino Lakes, MN 55014
                                                                                                                                  Page 1 •                                                                       •

                                        The Safe Proven Way …
                                        Complete line of Pigs and cleaning service available.

                                                    FLOWMORE SERVICES                                                                                                                       AFTER PIGGING
                                                                                                                                                                                         BEFORE PIGGING
                                                 P.O. BOX 692005, HOUSTON, TX 77269


      c-8          August/September 2012 | #153 |
Tier 4-Interim upgrade delivers higher horsepower to the DL300 and DL350 wheel loaders than their predecessors, Doosan says.

                                                     Tier	 4-Interim	 upgrade	 delivers	 higher	 horsepower	 to	 the	 DL300	 and	
    Doosan	Wheel	Loader	Specifications            DL350	wheel	loaders	than	their	predecessors,	Doosan	says.	DL300	is	now	
    DL300                                         a	 271-horsepower	 unit,	 up	 from	 217,	 and	 the	 DL350	 jumps	 to	 271	 from	
                                                  232	 horsepower.	 The	 DL300	 has	 a	 4.2-cubic-foot	 bucket,	 breakout	 force	
    Horsepower:	271                               of	37,993	pounds,	and	full-turn	tipping	capacity	of	28,572	pounds.	Model	
    Operating	weight:	41,204	pounds               DL350	has	a	4.8-foot	bucket,	breakout	force	of	37,768	pounds,	and	tipping	
    Bucket	capacity:	4.2	cubic	yards              capacity	of	31,118	pounds.	Diesels	use	SCR	with	urea	diesel	exhaust	fluid.	
    Dump	height:	9	feet	4	inches
    Breakout	force:	37,993	lb.-ft.                Auto-idle	feature	reduces	the	working	idle	of	the	loader	from	950	rpm	to	a	
    FTT	capacity:	28,572	pounds                   standby	idle	of	750	rpm	when	the	machine	is	inactive.	Lifting	performance	
                                                  has	been	improved	with	operators	now	able	to	set	upper	and	lower	limits	for	
    DL350                                         both	the	lift	arm	and	bucket	stop	positions.	Dump	height	for	the	DL300	is	9	
    Horsepower:	271                               feet	4	inches;	10	feet	for	the	DL350.	New	automatic-reversing	cooling	fan	
    Operating	weight:	43,762	pounds               uses	less	power	to	cool	and	clean	the	machine.	The	operator	can	reverse	
    Bucket	capacity:	4.8	cubic	yards              via	 a	 switch,	 or	 the	 fan	 can	 be	 set	 to	 automatically	 reverse	 at	 set	 times.	
    Dump	height:	10	feet                          Optional	 hydraulic	 locking	 front	 differential	 can	 be	 engaged	 from	 the	 cab	
    Breakout	force:	37,798	lb.-ft.                or	 automatically	 to	 improve	 traction	 in	 tough	 terrain.	 Torque	 converter	
    FTT	capacity:	31,118	pounds
                                                  lockup	clutch	is	also	optional.	Units	are	covered	by	Doosan’s	48-hour	parts	

        ALL Crane Rental of Tennessee Wins                                                                                   Billy	Vaughn,	General	Manager	of	ALL	Crane	Rental	of	Tennessee,	
                                                                                                                          added,	 “We	 are	 very	 proud	 of	 this	 award.	 It	 is	 a	 tribute	 to	 our	
         Governor’s Award of Excellence for                                                                               employees’	commitment	to	safety	and	performance	of	their	jobs	at	a	
                                                                                                                          very	high	level.	We	are	fortunate	to	have	employees	that	understand	
           Workplace Safety and Health                                                                                    the	 importance	 of	 safety	 and	 watching	 out	 for	 one	 another.	 The	
                                                                                                                          Tennessee	branch	has	continued	over	the	past	three	years	to	strive	to	
Another Safety Award for ALL Erection & Crane Rental Family of                                                            meet	and	exceed	our	corporation’s	increasing	focus	on	safety,	and	this	
                                                                                                                          prestigious	state	award	is	a	result	of	the	hard	work	and	cooperation	
Companies’ Southern Branches                                                                                              of	Chris	Fletcher,	our	branch	management,	and	our	entire	workforce.”
                                                                                                                             As	 a	 corporation,	 ALL	 invests	 more	 than	 50,000	 man-hours	 in	
   ALL	Crane	Rental	of	Tennessee	was	presented	in	July	with	the	Governor’s	Award	of	Excellence	for	Workplace	             service	 and	 safety	 training	 yearly.	 The	 corporate	 culture	 mandates	
Safety	and	Health	by	the	Tennessee	Governor’s	Office	and	the	Tennessee	office	of	OSHA.	The	company	was	                   safety	to	be	the	top	priority	every	day,	and	every	individual	is	personally	
honored	 for	 completing	 three	 consecutive	 years	 with	 no	 recordable	 or	 lost	 time	 incidents.	The	 prestigious	   accountable.	
Governor’s	Award	is	given	to	only	a	select	few	companies	in	the	state	each	year.	
   ALL	Crane	Rental	of	Tennessee	in	Knoxville	is	a	member	of	the	ALL	Erection	&	Crane	Rental	Corp.	Family	
of	Companies.                                                                                                             About ALL
   Chris	Fletcher,	Safety	Coordinator	at	ALL	Crane	Rental	of	Tennessee,	said,	“We	are	grateful	and	pleased	                  Since	 1964,	 the	 enterprise	 has	 grown	 to	 become	 one	 of	 the	
to	be	recognized	for	our	dedication	to	continuously	improving	safety,	not	only	from	a	physical	standpoint,	but	           largest	crane	and	equipment	rental	companies	in	North	America.	The	
also	through	a	cultural	shift	throughout	the	ALL	corporation.	This	award	validates	the	commitment	to	safety	by	           company	offers	its	fleet	of	cranes,	aerial	work	platforms,	boom	trucks,	
every	employee	of	our	branch	and	sets	the	bar	for	the	future.”                                                            material	 handlers,	 and	 other	 lift	 equipment	 from	 strategic	 locations	
   This	is	the	fourth	safety	award	for	ALL’s	Southern	branches	this	year.	ALL	Crane	Rental	of	Alabama	earned	             throughout	the	U.S.	and	Canada,	providing	rental,	sales,	service,	and	jobsite	analysis	to	help	customers	get	the	
the	Alabama	Workplace	 Safety	Award	 of	 Superior	Achievement	 from	 the	 State	 of	Alabama,	 Department	 of	             right	equipment	for	the	job.	An	important	measure	of	their	commitment	is	meeting	or	exceeding	all	pertinent	
Industrial	Relations.	And	both	the	Atlanta	(Austell)	and	Columbus,	Ga.,	branches	of	ALL	Crane	Rental	of	Georgia	          regulatory	and	safety	standards.	For	more	information,	contact	ALL	Erection	&	Crane	Rental	at	4700	Acorn	
won	Awards	of	Excellence	from	the	Georgia	Department	of	Labor	for	exceptional	workplace	safety.                           Drive,	Cleveland,	OH	44131.	Phone:	216-524-6550.	Toll	free:	800-232-4100.	Fax:	216-642-7633.	On	the	Web:	

        An “Employer of Choice” through our commitment to our employees, the environment, and community.

                Our mission is to lead the world in generating value through responsible mining.

                To learn more about us, go to:
                               Find out where you fit in at:, or
                                                   Call us at (775) 377-2366

                                                                                Jointly owned by Kinross and Barrick

                                                                                                                                        | #153 | August/September 2012                            c-9
                                                                                                                                                    INDUSTRIAL MINERALS

                      Borax:Hough to Protecting American Tanks
                      By Harold
                           It may be hard to equate the super strong armor of the M-1 Abrams Tank with the              At the same time the mine became an
                      mining in Death Valley or laundry products, but they have a lot more in common that we        open pit operation, processing facilities
                      would think. In fact, what makes it so hard to destroy an American tank has more to do        were built on site. This expansion allowed
                      with borax than steel.                                                                        it to become one of the major suppliers
                           Unlike the tanks of World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam, top of the line Western tanks     of borates and boric acid. Most of the
                      like the American Abrams and the British Challenger rely on ceramics to stop high speed       processing of the borates for agriculture,
                      penetrator rounds or shaped explosive ammunition that are their major enemy. The              industrial, and specialty applications
                      armor is called Chobham Armor and it was invented in Britain.                                 occurs at Boron and at a second refining
                           Although the exact design of Chobham Armor is a secret, it is known to be composed       and distribution operation in Wilmington,
                      of ceramic tiles encased within a metal matrix and bonded to a backing plate and several      CA.
                      elastic layers. Due to the extreme hardness of the ceramics used, they offer superior             Borax is used in more than armor.
                      resistance. They shatter light weight projectiles, literally wear out and stop higher speed   Borax is commonly though of as a laundry
                      penetrators as they go into the armor and destroy the symmetry of an exploding shaped         detergent, and for good reason. Borates
                      charge.                                                                                       have unique properties that help stain removal and bleaching, while softening water and
                           A key to this hardness is boron carbide, which is nearly as hard as a diamond. A         boosting surfactant performance. Borates also control bacteria and fungi.
                      ceramic made of boron carbide is lighter, and harder than other ceramics, even though             Although the Boraxo/Borateem/20-Mule Team product lines were sold to Dial
                      it is more expensive. These ceramics can have a protection value 25 times greater than        Corporation in 1988, there are still many products that Borax produces. It’s a critical
                      a sheet of steel of the same weight. And, since boron absorbs neutrons, it provides the       component in fertilizer because boron is an essential micronutrient for plants, vital to
                      tank crew protection from nuclear blasts.                                                     their growth and development. Without sufficient boron, plant fertilization, seeding and
                           Boron carbide comes from a family of borate compounds usually called borax.              fruiting are not possible.
                      Fortunately, this is one strategic material that the US has in abundance. Borax (formerly         Although boron compounds are used in the latest ceramic tank armor, that is also
                      US Borax) is a part of the Rio Tinto Group and operates California’s largest open pit mine    one of its oldest uses, as evidenced by Chinese ceramics from the tenth century AD.
                      in Boron, California - one of the richest borate deposits on the planet. The company          Borates are used to initiate glass formation and reduce glass viscosity, helping to form
                      supplies nearly half the world’s demand for refined borates.                                  a smooth surface; and to reduce thermal expansion, facilitating a good fit between the
                           Borax began doing business about 130 years ago and today mines at its open pit           glaze or enamel and the item it covers. Borates in glazes and enamels also increase the
                      operation in Boron, CA. This mine, which currently supplies nearly half of the world’s        refractive index, or luster; enhance durability and resistance to chemicals; and help
                      borax was discovered in 1925 and went into production in 1927. Originally, it was an          dissolve coloring agents.
                      underground mine for mining tincal ore; the principle sodium borate mineral. In the late          As a ceramic armor, boron carbide has been outstanding. Although some Abrams
                      1950s it became an open pit operation for mining both tincal and kernite, which is used       tanks have been disabled by enemy fire in places like Iraq, its ceramic armor has protected
                      for manufacturing borates and boric acid.                                                     it occupants. No American has been killed by an enemy while in an Abrams tank.

                                                                                                                     Florin AnAlyticAl ServiceS
                                                                                                                    We provide a variety of sample preparation and assay procedures for almost
                                                                                                                    all inorganic (metallic) analyses. Due to heavy demand, we have developed
                                                                                                                    special expertise in the areas shown below:

                                                                                                                        1.   Fire assay for gold and silver
                                                                                                                        2.   Copper analyses
                                                                                                                        3.   Zinc analyses
                                                                                                                        4.   Quantitative whole rock analyses
                                                                                                                        5.   Specific analyses of industrial minerals
                                                                                                                        6.   Carbon and sulfur analyses
                                                                                      Services Include:                 7.   Inorganic and general chemistry by instrumental and specific technique
                                                                                      • Water Production                8.   Metal analyses by Flame AAS, Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICAP-OES)
                                                                                      • Water Exploration                    and Cold Vapor (CV) Analyses
                                                                                      • Mineral Exploration             9.   Acid-base accounting by both Static and Kinetic Methods
                                                         P.O. Box 2067                • Environmental
                                                       306 Airport Road
                                                                                      • Mud Rotary                                   7950 Security Cr. • Reno, NV 89506
                                                   Milan, New Mexico 87021
                                                        (505) 287-2986
                                                                                      • Air Rotary                               Phone (775) 677-2177 • Fax (775) 972-4567
                                                                                      • Coring

                                              We are in the process of updating                                     SoutheaStern StateS
                                              the 2012/2013 edition of the
                                              Southeastern States Mining &                                                        Directory
                                                   Aggregates Directory.

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                                              advertisement placement that
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                                                  to every operation listed.

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                                                                                                                                 Toll-Free: 1-800-624-7212
                                                     Ad space deadline is
                                                    August 20, 2012                                              

                       c-10       August/September 2012 | #153 |
      World of Asphalt 2013 Announces Four
           Industry Co-Located Events
  The	2013	World	of	Asphalt	Show	and	Conference	announced	four	industry	groups	to	
date	are	co-locating	their	annual	conferences	or	other	high-level	meetings	at	the	show,	
which	will	be	held	March	19	to	21,	2013,	in	San	Antonio,	Texas.
  “World	of	Asphalt	has	a	solid	reputation	as	an	industry	gathering	place	and	we	value	
the	active	support	of	industry	groups,”	stated	Show	Manager	Rich	Prausa.	“Nothing	beats	
face-to-face	 contact	 with	 industry	 peers	 to	 discuss	 current	 business	 challenges	 and	
what’s	ahead	and	to	check	out	the	newest	product	innovations.”
  Bringing	 their	 annual	 conferences	 to	 World	 of	 Asphalt	 2013	 are	 the	 Association	 of	
Modified	Asphalt	Producers	(AMAP),	Rubber	Pavements	Association	and	Oklahoma	Asphalt	
Pavement	Association.	The	Texas	Asphalt	Pavement	Association	also	has	agreed	to	support	
the	2013	show	by	bringing	a	meeting	to	the	event.
  World	of	Asphalt	focuses	on	the	business	and	professional	needs	of	asphalt,	pavement	
maintenance	and	traffic	safety	industry	professionals.	Attendees	can	examine	and	compare	
the	 latest	 equipment,	 products	 and	 technologies	 from	 leading	 industry	 manufacturers	
and	suppliers	on	the	show	floor.	Attendees	also	can	take	advantage	of	expert-developed	
educational	programming	on	industry	innovations	and	best	practices.
  World	of	Asphalt	is	co-located	with	the	AGG1	Aggregates	Forum	&	Expo	for	aggregates	                                A photo from the 2012 World of Asphalt Conference. Photo courtesy of World of Asphalt.
professionals;	 both	 shows	 will	 be	 held	 at	 San	Antonio’s	 Henry	 B.	 Gonzalez	 Convention	
  For	more	information,	visit	or

                                                                                                                        The California Construction and Industrial Materials Association
       Liebherr Construction Equipment Co.,                                                                             will host their 2012 Annual Education Conference. A variety of
      Introduces / Announces Michael Balella                                                                            educational topics were be covered in the program, including air
                                             Newport	 News,	 VA	 –	 Duane	 Wilder,	 President	 of	 Liebherr	
                                                                                                                        quality, storm water, land use issues, etc.
                                         Construction	 Equipment	 Co.	 today	 announced	 that	 Mr.	 Michael	
                                         Balella	(Mike)	had	joined	the	company	in	the	newly	created	position	                       CalCIMA 2012 Education Conference
                                         of	Manager	–	Parts	Marketing.		This	new	role	will	work	closely	with	
                                         the	 Liebherr	 dealer	 organization	 to	 further	 enhance	 opportunities	                        “Embracing the Future”
                                         to	 increase	 sales	 and	 improve	 customer	 service	 for	 after-	 market	
                                         repair	parts.		Mike	will	coordinate	parts	pricing	on	competitive	items	                     Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa
                                         and	 add	 additional	 product	 offerings	 to	 support	 Liebherr’s	 market	
                                         presence	in	the	United	States	as	a	manufacturer	of	premier	quality,	                               Rancho Mirage, CA
                                         heavy	duty	construction	equipment.                                                                 October 7-11, 2012
                                             Wilder	 stated.	 “We	 conducted	 a	 national	 search	 to	 find	
                                          someone	 that	 met	 our	 requirement	 for	 experience	 from	 both	 the	                               Golf                Stephanie Pridmore
                                          manufacturer	 and	 customer	 perspective.	 	 Mike’s	 background	 in	
                                          market	 development	 and	 parts	 sales	 with	 a	 competitor	 who	 is	 an	                          Exhibits               CalCIMA
                                          international	manufacturer	coupled	with	his	earlier	rental	and	small	
                                          contractor	experience	well	prepare	him	for	this	new	role.		Mike	has	a	                          Networking                (916) 554-1000
                                          BA	from	the	University	of	Connecticut.		                                                         Education      
   Bob	Bollinger,	Parts	Manager	will	continue	in	his	present	role	with	responsibility	for	inventory	levels	and	
order	fulfilment,	both	report	to	Duane	Wilder,	President	of	Liebherr	Construction	Equipment	Co.	                                           
Portrait of the Liebherr Group
   Hans	Liebherr	established	Liebherr	as	a	family	business	in	1949.		The	company’s	first	mobile	tower	crane	laid	
the	foundation	for	its	exceptional	success.		Liebherr	is	today	not	only	one	of	the	world’s	largest	manufacturers	
of	construction	machinery,	but	also	an	acknowledged	supplier	of	advanced	technical	products	and	services	in	
many	other	business	sectors.		Liebherr	has	developed	into	a	group	of	more	than	120	companies	worldwide,	
employing	more	than	35,000	people.		The	Group’s	parent	comapny	is	Liebherr-International	AG,	which	is	based	
in	Bulle,	Switzerland	and	owned	entirely	by	members	of	the	Liebherr	family.
   Further	information:	Phone:	+1	757	245	5251	;	Internet:

                                                                                                                          | #153 | August/September 2012              c-11
   Northwest Mining Association’s
             118th Annual Meeting,
         Exposition & Short Courses

       Thoroughly Modern Mining
       in a Technology Based World

                                                                      ILLINOIS MINING INSTITUTE’S
        December 3 - 7, 2012                                             120TH ANNUAL MEETING

         Spokane Convention Center                         	       DATE:		     	        August	21-22,	2012
                                                           	       LOCATION:	 	         The	Pavilion	-	City	of	Marion
         Spokane, Washington USA                           	       CITY/STATE:		        Marion,	Illinois
                                                           	       PHONE:	  	           618-985-4039
                                                           	       ATTENDANCE:	         650-700
                                                           	       BOOTHS:	 	           Available
         Northwest Mining Association
         10 N Post Street ~ Suite 305
         Spokane, Washington 99201-0772

         Phone: 509.624.1158 Fax: 509.623.1241                 Visit for more information.

                                                                                                 73rd ANNUAL C
                                                                                                       & TRADE

                                                               Annual Membership Meeting
                                                               Technical Sessions dealing with water, reclamation
                                                               State & Federal Agency Reports
                                                               Safety & Reclamation Awards
                                                               Hall of Fame Induction

                                                                                              HOTEL ENCANTO de LAS CR
                                                                                              Room Reservations 575-522-4
                                                                                              Cutoff Date 8/21/12

                                                                      Golf at Sonoma Ranch
                                                                        Golf Course

                                                               JOIN US & HELP MAKE THIS ONE OF OUR BES

c-12   August/September 2012 | #153 |
                                                                                                                      ISEE Announces Call For
                         August 2012                                       October 2012
                                                                                                                       Papers For 39th Annual
       August 13-15: Bluefield Coal Symposium.
       Contact Bluefield Chamber of Commerce by
                                                          October 25-26: Workforce Planning in
                                                          Mining Conference. Toronto, ON, Canada.
                                                                                                                    Conference In Fort Worth 2013
       visiting or               Email or Call 1-
       call 1-304-327-7184                                312-540-3000 x6625
                                                                                                                      CLEVELAND,	OHIO	–	The	International	Society	of	Explosives	Engineers	
       August 15-17: Coal-Gen 2012. Kentucky              October 29-30: Mine Ventilation Summit.
                                                                                                                    announced	it	will	be	accepting	abstracts	for	the	39th	Annual	Conference	
       International Convention Center, Louisville, KY.   Pittsburgh, PA. Email or
       Email or           call 1-646-200-7945.                                      on	Explosives	and	Blasting	Technique,	to	be	held	in	Fort	Worth,	Texas,	
       Call 1-918-831-9560                                                                                          February	10	–	13,	2013.		
       August 21-22: Illinois Mining Institute. The                      December 2012
                                                                                                                       The	Annual	Conference	on	Explosives	and	Blasting	Technique	is	the	
       Pavilion of the City of Marion, Marion, IL.
       Visit or           December 3-7: Northwest Mining                            largest	 gathering	 of	 its	 kind	 involving	 field	 blasters,	 manufacturers	
       Call 1-618-985-4039                                Association 118th Annual Meeting. Spokane                 of	 explosives-related	 products,	 educators	 and	 researchers.	 	 The	
                                                          Convention Center, Spokane, WA.                           Conference	 provides	 a	 forum	 for	 the	 discussion	 of	 practical	 and	
       August 23-24: Utah Mining Association              Call 1-509-624-1158 or Visit
                                                                                                                    technical	information	as	well	as	presentation	of	the	latest	discoveries	
       Meeting. Grand Summit Hotel, Park City, UT.
       Visit or Call 1-801-364-1874                                                              in	the	commercial	explosives	industry	worldwide.		Members	and	non-
                                                                                                                    members	are	invited	to	submit	ideas	for	papers	to	be	presented	at	the	
                                                                          February 2013
                                                                                                                    Conference.		Presented	papers	will	be	published	in	the	Proceedings	of	
                       September 2012                     February 10-13: ISEE 39th Annual                          the	Conference.
                                                          Conference on Explosives and Blasting
       September 5-7: New Mexico Mining                   Technique. Omni Fort Worth Hotel, Fort Worth,                Papers	addressing	all	explosives	and	blasting-related	topics	will	be	
       Association Meeting. Hotel Encato de Las           TX. Call 1-440-349-4400 or Visit
                                                                                                                    considered,	especially	papers	relating	to	blast	instrumentation.		Accepted	
       Cruces, Las Cruces, NM. Visit
       or call 1-866-383-0443
                                                          February 24-27: SME 2013 Annual Meeting                   papers	will	be	scheduled	for	either	one	of	the	Technical	Sessions	or	the	
                                                          & Exhibit and CMA 115th National Western                  Blasters	Forum,	a	multi-media	poster	event	designed	to	lend	itself	to	
                                                          Mining Conference. Colorado Convention                    one-on-one	interaction	between	the	author	and	the	audience.
       September 6-8: Nevada Mining Association
                                                          Center, Denver, CO. Call 1-303-948-4200 or Visit
       Meeting. Harrahs, Lake Tahoe, NV. Visit
                                                 or Call 1-775-829-2121
                                                                                                                       Abstracts	of	approximately	200-400	words	are	due	by	May	15,	2012	
       September 21-22: Hard Assets Investment                                                                      by	 submitting	 electronically	 at	 	Abstracts	 must	 clearly	
       Conference—Chicago. McCormick Place                                                                          highlight	the	key	points	and	significance	of	the	proposed	paper.
       Convention Center/McCormick Place Hyatt,                                                                        	
       Chicago, IL. Visit or Call
                                                                                                                       The	 International	 Society	 of	 Explosives	 Engineers	 has	 grown	 to	
                                                                                                                    represent	 nearly	 4,000	 members	 from	 90	 countries.	 	 The	 Society	
       September 24-25: AIPG 49th Annual                                                                            extends	a	welcome	to	anyone	wishing	to	participate	in	the	Conference.	      	
       Meeting & 8th Annual New Horizons Oil &                                                                      For	information	pertaining	to	the	2013	Conference,	or	to	inquire	about	
       Gas Conference. Best Western Romkota Hotel &        Make sure your conference is listed by sending
       Conference Center, Rapid City, SD. Call Cathy
                                                                                                                    membership	in	the	Society,	phone,	fax	or	write:
       Duran @ 1-303-412-6205.                                   or emailing us your information:
       September 24-26: 2012 MineExpo                                      Miners News                                             International	Society	of	Explosives	Engineers
       International. Las Vegas Convention Center,
       Las Vegas, NV. Visit                         PO Box 4965 * Boise, ID 83711                                 30325	Bainbridge	Road,	Cleveland,	OH		44139,	
                                                                   Or                                    Tel	(440)	349-4400	or	Fax	(440)	349-3788
                                                                            Thank you!                                                        Web	site:

 5,6, 7, 2012
                                                                97th Annual Convention & Golf Tournament

n,& safety
                                                                  “Mining: At The Center of Industry”
                                                                            August 23 - 24, 2012
                                                                       The Canyons Grand Summit Hotel
4300 or 866-383-0443
                                                                               Park City, Utah
                                                                       Visit for
                                                                registration form, sponsorships, and agenda.
                                                                        If you have questions, call Marilyn Tuttle at 801-364-1874
                                                                                    or e-mail

                                                                                                    | #153 | August/September 2012                      c-13
                                                                                                                                                         MINING AFFAIRS FORUM

                          Freedom Works
                            By Ken Thornberg

                              My wife and I enjoy working in various parts of the world. We just got back from               jillions of them!” The charges carry criminal penalties of
                          Costa Rica in Latin America, for example. It is a beautiful land with some very fine people,       up to six months in jail! Continued Hamm, “These legal
                          but the socialist agenda of that nation’s leadership has greatly disadvantaged the people          actions are completely discriminatory because the feds
                          there. It is a land which is deliberately discouraging development of its resources to such        have rarely if ever prosecuted the Obama administration’s
                          an extent that it is almost impossible for new business to start, unless you’re involved           beloved wind industry, which kills hundreds of thousands
                          in tourism, bananas, and pineapples. It has huge deposits of gold, silver, and other               of bird each year.” One of Hamm’s concluding remarks
                          minerals and yet the government will not allow anyone to mine it.                                  was, “This shouldn’t happen in America.”
                              And so we see such a trend in America under the Obama administration. This                           Harold Hamm is right. It shouldn’t. But this is the
                          president, more than any other in our history, has severe tunnel vision. As most of my             type of despotic power that is occurring on a regular
                          readers know, wealth is productivity. It is not a bulging bank account! Over the past              basis, outside the eyes of Americans. How many of my
                          few decades, the number of Americans producing goods has declined from nearly 20                   readers knew about this? I rest my case. We have an
                          million to approximately 12 million. The decline continues by an administration that is            administration that will ignore the Constitution, hoping
                          mimicking the Costa Ricans. A nation which depends on others for the goods it needs to             that no one will object to their making this document
                          survive will soon find itself beholden, and eventually conquered, by others.                       obsolete. Then these same Americans will not fight
                                                                                                                             them because it is too expensive to do so. Too many            Mr. Thornberg is a freelance
                          Freedom is Diminishing                                                                             conservatives are saying, “It’s too late. There is too much  writer out of Boise, Idaho. He
                              Freedom is being lost in America at a terrifying clip. We are in the grip—at least             of this going on and where does one start?” Then they         can be contacted at: 1663 E.
                                                                                                                             give up. Government is not omni-competent! The                  Castlerock Ct., Boise, ID
                          for a few more months—of the soft, equality-or-nothing, despotism of that which
                          deTocqueville warned of when he wrote, “…an innumerable crowd of like and equal                    belief that it is has replaced our faith in God and from a 83712; phone (208) 343-6012.
                          men who revolve on themselves without repose, procuring the small and vulgar                       governmental standpoint, in state power trumping federal
                          pleasures with which they fill their souls. Over these is elevated an immense tutelary             power.
                          (guardianship over a group) power, which takes sole charge of assuring their enjoyment                   America is in retreat from her heritage. Obamacare is now being used as a means
                          and of watching over their fate…it had as its object to prepare men for manhood, but               to destroy multiple freedoms we have enjoyed for centuries. Who would have ever
                          it seeks, to the contrary, to keep them irrevocably fixed in childhood. It provides for            dreamed that our Supreme Court would approve of a federal system that forces people
                          their security, foresees and supplies their needs, guides them in their principal affairs…         to purchase health insurance?
                          (Are not Americans largely willing to do nothing until the government says they can?)…
                          The sovereign extends its arms about the society as a whole; it covers its surface with a          Freedom Works
                          network of petty regulations—complicated, minute, and uniform—through which even                       Freedom in this nation has at times been risky, unpredictable, and unstable. Private
                          the most original minds and the most vigorous souls know not how to make their way…it              choices rather than political orders have dictated the course of progress. However, just
                          does not break wills; it softens them, bends them, and directs them; rarely does it force          sit back and consider what it has done: trips to the moon, computers, cell phones, DNA
                          one to act, but it constantly opposes itself to one’s acting on one’s own…it does not              discoveries and modern medicine, transportation, a limitless food supply, and a billion
                          tyrannize, it gets in the way: it curtails, it enervates, it extinguishes, it stupefies, and       other ideas—all birthed in freedom. It could expire with it too. So far it has been able
                          finally reduces each nation to being nothing more than a herd of timid and industrious             to continue in spite of government regulations and hindrances, which are putting more
                          animals, of which the government is the shepherd.”                                                 and more brilliant ideas into the grave. In addition, this executive branch has decided
                                                                                                                             it can declare war without the Constitutional consent of Congress, raise revenue and
                          The Source of Our Loss                                                                             give it away without the same institution’s approval, often with the help of the Federal
                               It makes one wonder if deTocqueville was reading the New York Times! It is scary              Reserve System. And then there’s the IRS, which needs no explanation here, I’m sure.
                          how prophetic this man was! America cannot ride on its own coattails of the past. “We              And for some time now the Executive Order has become a veritable decree fit more for a
                          are great because we are wealthy,” some will say. Sorry, but in truth, we have become              monarch than an elected offical. Now we are told the freedoms of religion and speech
                          wealthy and powerful because we were great already. That greatness flowed from the                 have limits—self-styled hate speech according to a government which does not want to
                          liberties we once enjoyed, tempered with virtue, morality, and Christian conscience.               put up with opposing views. Your views on abortion do not matter as long as Obamacare
                               Our forefathers devised a plan that included the supremacy of states over the national        requires support for it.
                          government, the separation of powers, checks and balances, and stated that the federal
                          government may only exercise powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution. These                 The early pioneers never met the feds except at the post office! A man could start a
                          have been discarded and abandoned in favor of a centralized, administrative, envisioned            business by simply finding the capital necessary for it. There were no corporate income
                          totalitarianism that regards no sphere of human activity as outside its legitimate purview.        taxes, no regulatory barriers. Crime was rare due to a deputized citizenry. It never
                          We now have a rigidly organized regulatory and controlling government that has displaced           entered the minds of government officials to dictate the condition of one’s yard, or
                          our faith in freedom. We have a bureaucracy that wishes to see uniformity among its                setting construction standards of houses, buildings, much less environmental rules for
                          citizenry in business, finance, health, education, the environment, transportation—just            mines. Judges have been able to undermine the law and rule based upon their personal
                          about every activity that creates wealth or encourages independence of thought and                 beliefs and opinions, all due to people’s ignorance of that law. America was the most
                          action.                                                                                            desirable place to live in the world, but not because of its standard of living, for Holland
                                                                                                                             and England had higher incomes back then. It was because America gave people limitless
                          A Tale From North Dakota’s Oil King                                                                opportunity and freedom. We must work to help people understand that making the
                              I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about Harold Hamm, the CEO of              Constitution a “living document” will eliminate all that made America great. We can
                          Continental Resources, who has created the 14th largest oil company in America, working            once again rise to a level of voluntary restraint as a substitute for the external force
                          primarily in North Dakota. Hamm describes meeting with president Obama: “I told him                required to hold our society together. What made us great was liberty forcing men to
                          of the revolution in the oil and gas industry and how we have the capacity to produce              maximize their resources and talents and to take responsibility for their actions. As a
                          enough oil to enable America to replace OPEC. I wanted to make sure he knew about                  result, they produced miracles in all areas of life.
                          this.” The president’s reaction? “He turned to me and said, ‘Oil and gas will be important
                          for the next few years. But we need to go on to green and alternative energy.’ It was              It’s Never Too Late
                          pretty disappointing…Washington keeps sticking a regulatory boot at our necks and then                Millions of Americans still yearn for freedom and deplore a political state like that
                          turns around and asks, ‘Why aren’t you creating more jobs?’ Hamm roils at the Interior             which deToqueville described. Many recognize that government, not freedom, is what
                          Department delays of months and sometimes years to get permits for drilling. “These                has failed. We still have much of that American miracle at work. Why? Because freedom
                          delays kill projects.” The most incredible thing I read in the article was the charges the         works and many seek out how to make any vestige of it multiply. We may yet come to
                          Obama administration brought against Continental and six other oil companies for causing           enjoy it again, if you are vigilant.
                          the death of a whopping 28 migratory birds. Continental’s crime was killing one bird “the
                          size of a sparrow” in its oil pits and it was not even a rare bird! Said Hamm, “There’s

                                             JADCO MANUFACTURING TO DISPLAY WEAR STEELS
                                                     AND NEW PIN AT MINEXPO 2012
                          JADCO	Manufacturing,	Inc.,	a	proven	global	leader	in	solving	the	toughest	wear,	impact,	and	abrasion	challenges	in	the	
                       mining,	power	generation,	asphalt/concrete,	and	steel	industries,	will	display	its	world-renowned,	proprietary	QT-PLUS®,	
                       CHROMEWELD	600™,	HARDGUARD,	RAZOR	TUFF,	and	brand-new	TRU-TUFF	products	within	the	company’s	MINExpo	2012	
                       booth	(#22125,	South	Hall),	September	24-26,	at	the	Las	Vegas	Convention	Center.
                          QT-PLUS®	is	a	super-tough,	premium-quality	wear	steel	with	up	to	10	times	the	wear	life	of	conventional	mild	steel.	       	
                       CW600	 is	 a	 heavy-duty	 chromium-carbide	 wear	 steel	 that	 stands	 up	 to	 the	 toughest,	 most	 demanding	 abrasion	 wear	
                       conditions.		HARDGUARD	wear	blocks	are	for	the	harshest,	most	abrasive	operating	conditions.		RAZOR	TUFF	is	a	razor-thin	
                       wear	steel	that	delivers	exceptional	wear	protection	and	superior	abrasion	resistance,	in	even	the	tightest-fit	application	
                       areas.		Recently	introduced	TRU-TUFF	hardened	pins,	shafts,	and	bushings	provide	outstanding	wear	protection,	especially	
                       in	the	most	abrasive	operating	conditions.	
                          In	addition,	three	new	JADCO	sales	reps	will	help	man	the	firm’s	(largest-ever)	600-square-foot	booth:			Michael	Jenkins,	
                       Regional	Sales	Manager	for	Minnesota,	the	Upper	Peninsula	(Michigan),	northern	Wisconsin,	and	Greater	Chicagoland;	Curtis	Patrick,	Territory	Manager	for	Alabama,	Colorado,	Nevada,	Utah,	and	Idaho;	
                       and	Matt	Johnson,	Regional	Sales	Manager	for	Washington	state	and	Oregon.			Combined,	the	three	men	have	more	than	70	years	of	genuine	wear-fighting	experience	and	expertise.
                          Lastly,	JADCO,	in	a	pre-show	direct	mail	campaign,	is	giving	all	of	its	current	customer	and	key	prospects	the	chance	to	win	a	custom	wear-solutions	package	worth	more	than	$10,000.
                          JADCO	manufactures	proprietary	QT	PLUS™	and	CHROMEWELD	600™	wear	plate	brands	that	are	used	to	solve	impact	and	abrasion	challenges	in	a	wide	range	of	industries,	including	aggregates,	
                       cement,	chemical,	coal,	mining,	dredging,	materials	handling,	power	generation,	pulp-and-paper,	recycling,	and	steel	production.		QT	PLUS	wear	plate	provides	ten	times	the	wear	life	of	conventional	
                       steel;	CHROMEWELD	600	chromium-carbide	overlay	steel	outlasts	virtually	any	material	in	high-abrasion	applications.		JADCO	Manufacturing,	Inc.,	was	established	more	than	30	years	ago	and	is	
                       headquartered	in	Zelienople,	PA.			
                          For	complete	company	details,	visit	or	CALL	RUDY	FRANK,	Mirage	MAR•COM,	412.372.4181;	ext	130	/
                          Visit	JADCO	at	MINExpo,	Las	Vegas,	September	24-26,	booth	22125.

                            c-14        August/September 2012 | #153 |
                    Joy Global MINExpo 2012 Exhibit to Showcase
                            its Singular Focus on Mining
   At	Joy	Global,	P&H	and	JOY	are	combining	resources	           operations	 efficiency.	 Those	 include	 an	 innovative	
to	 better	 serve	 our	 customers	 worldwide.	 With	 their	      P&H	drill	operator	cab,	the	P&H	LeTourneau-Series	SR	
keen	 focus	 on	 operations	 excellence,	 mining	 industry	      or	 Switched	 Reluctance	 motor	 technology,	 and	 new	
operations	and	maintenance	managers	will	find	several	           training	 simulators.	 These	 simulators	 help	 support	
compelling	 reasons	 to	 visit	 the	 Joy	 Global	 exhibit	       mines	 by	 fast-tracking	 new	 equipment	 operators	 into	
(booth	 6211)	 during	 MINExpo	 2012.	 	 As	 a	 worldwide	       recommended	 best	 operating	 practices	 that	 optimize	
leader	in	the	design,	manufacture	and	field	support	of	          asset	utilization,	safety,	availability	and	productivity.
equipment	 for	 surface	 and	 underground	 mining,	 Joy	            In	 addition	 to	 the	 products	 and	 systems	 on	 display,	
Global	 is	 demonstrating	 its	 singular	 focus	 on	 mining	     a	 central	 stage	 will	 feature	 Joy	 Global’s	 leadership	
with	 innovative	 products	 and	 systems	 along	 with	 life	     and	unparalleled	direct	service	support,	and	will	serve	
cycle	 services	 that	 make	 mining	 operations	 safer	 and	     to	 introduce	 new	 surface	 and	 underground	 mining	
more	productive.                                                 systems	 –	 including	 a	 first-of-its-kind	 generation	 of	
   Surface	and	underground	mine	operations	worldwide	            loading	equipment.
obtain	exceptional	productivity,	availability	and	reliability	
from	 their	 investment	 in	 Joy	 Global	 equipment	 and	        About Joy Global
systems	 with	 the	 help	 of	 Joy	 Global	 Smart	 Services	         Joy	Global	brings	advanced	equipment,	systems	and	
remote	 health	 monitoring	 technology.	 	 Visitors	 to	 the	    direct	services	to	the	global	mining	industry.	With	its	focus	               P&H 4100XPC Shovel
Joy	 Global	 exhibit	 will	 be	 able	 to	 see	 real	 examples	   solely	 on	 mining,	 Joy	 Global	 designs,	 manufactures,	
demonstrating	the	power	of	technology	that	transforms	           distributes	 and	 services	 extensive	 product	 lines	 of	
data	into	valuable	knowledge,	helping	optimize	machine	          highly	reliable	P&H	surface	mining	equipment	and	JOY	
and	system	performances.                                         underground	mining	machinery	used	to	cut,	crush,	load	
   Joy	 Global	 added	 world-class	 wheel	 loaders	 to	 its	     and	 convey	 coal	 and	 industrial	 minerals	 worldwide.	
product	portfolio	during	2011.	To	feature	this	addition,	        Customers	receive	a	superior	experience	through	direct	
a	 P&H	 LeTourneau-Series	 wheel	 loader	 will	 be	 on	 full	    relationships	 with	 Joy	 Global’s	 support	 people,	 and	
display	 within	 the	 booth.	 	 Rounding-out	 the	 real-iron	    through	its	services	located	close	to	the	mines.	
examples	of	high	performance	products	in	the	exhibit,	              Joy	 Global	 is	 continuously	 working	 to	 make	 mining	
will	 be	 a	 high-production	 Joy	 low	 seam	 longwall	          operations	safer	and	more	productive.	With	Joy	Global’s	
system,	complete	with	shearing	machine,	armored	face	            innovative	 equipment	 and	 life-cycle	 services,	 mine	
conveyor	 and	 roof	 supports.	 Also,	 underground	 Room	        operators	 are	 able	 to	 consistently	 achieve	 the	 lowest	
and	Pillar	mining	systems	will	be	featured,	including	a	         cost	per	unit	of	production	over	the	life	of	the	equipment.	
Joy	 continuous	 miner	 applicable	 to	 a	 full	 spectrum	 of	   Joy	 Global	 headquarters	 are	 located	 in	 Milwaukee,	
seam	conditions.                                                 Wisconsin,	USA.		
   Joy	Global	will	also	showcase	several	more	examples	
of	 advancing	 technology	 that	 helps	 mines	 increase	           For	more	information	visit
                                                                                                                                              Joy Continuous Miner

                                                 2013 SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit
                                                & CMA 115th National Western Mining Conference
                                                           February 24-27, 2013 • Denver, Colorado, USA

                                                                     February 24-27, 2013
                          Colorado Convention Center • Denver, Colorado, USA
                              For more info: • • +1-303-948-4200

                                                                                                               | #153 | August/September 2012   c-15
  Sleipner displays the offering of a unique system of transporting tracked
excavators in open-pit mines and quarries. The system is based on axles
and heavy tires with ramps. With the aid of the set of Sleipners and a haul
truck the excavator is easily and quickly moved to the desired location.
In addition, the system offers considerable reduction to the wear of the
excavator’s undercarriage and tracks.

  There are currently 11 models in the manufacturing program covering
the excavator weights from 30t up to 550t. Most models incorporate
different ramp sizes to fit different excavator brands and models. The
newest model, E550 is also the biggest one and can move excavators up to
550t and even beyond. The bigger the transported excavator is, the more
proportional benefits in wear and work-site efficiency the Sleipner system
                                                                                                   Even steep ramps are not an obstacle to move around the excavator. Here the excavator is
                                                                                                   progressing at an open-pit mine in Austria.

 There are references in many mines and quarries on all continents. In the early part of 2012, Sleipner has sold the system to mines located Australia,
South Africa, Ghana, Indonesia, Austria, Angola and Chile.

  Sleipner shares its stand with HSM Tire Co. with headquarters in Houston, Texas. HSM is specialized in heavy mining and OTR tires. HSM Tire is
Sleipner’s agent in United States and Mexico. The stand number is South Hall, 28116.

                      Atlas Copco announces sale of 100th Scooptram ST7
  COMMERCE	CITY,	Colo.	–	Atlas	Copco	has	announced	that	the	sale	of	their	100th	Scooptram	went	to	Vostok-
Metall	TransLLP	of	Kazakhstan.	The	company	will	use	the	new	loader	in	the	Ridder-Sokolnyi	gold	mine	in	East	

  Having	introduced	the	ST7	model	in	2010,	Atlas	Copco	reported	that	it	is	now	the	bestselling	model	in	the	
entire	Scooptram	line.	

   During	field	testing	in	the	Lovisa	Mine	in	Sweden,	the	original	ST7	was	praised	for	improving	overall	load	
operations	 as	 well	 as	 the	 operator’s	 work	 environment.	 Recent	 customer	 reports	 mention	 longer	 service	
intervals,	fewer	spare	parts	due	to	improved	wear,	lower	noise	levels,	improved	lighting	and	more	efficient	
emergency/alarm	systems.

  “But	the	biggest	advantage	is	still	probably	the	ST7’s	fuel	efficiency,”	commented	Ed	Tanner,	business	line	
manager	–	Underground	Rock	Excavation	for	Atlas	Copco	in	the	US.	“One	particular	customer	reported	a	fuel	
consumption	of	about	2.6	gallons	per	hour,	about	half	that	of	their	older	LHDs	(Load/Haul/Dump).	The	secret	is	
the	on-board	computer	that	calculates	the	optimum	power	needed	at	any	time	during	operations,	resulting	in	
lower	fuel	consumption	and	reduced	emissions.”

  The	Scooptram	ST7	is	equipped	with	a	water-cooled	193	hp	Cummins	QSB6.7	EPA	Tier	3	engine.	It	is	a	high	performance	loader	with	a	6.8	ton	tramming	capacity,	articulated	steering	
and	oscillating	rear	axle.	It	has	a	comfortable,	ISO	FOPS/ROPS	certified	cab,	a	tramming	height	of	85	inches	and	width	of	90	inches.

                                Atlas	Copco	Construction	&	Mining	is	responsible	for	the	sales,	aftersales	service	and	rental	of	equipment	for	surface	and	
                        underground	rock	excavation,	exploration	drilling,	rock	reinforcement,	ground	engineering,	water	well,	oil	and	gas	drilling.	The	company	
                           is	headquartered	near	Denver,	Colorado.	Employing	approximately	330	people,	it	extends	its	reach	through	a	nationwide	network	
                                  of	sales	and	service	stores	and	specialist	drilling	distributors.		More	information	is	available	on

                             ROSS EQUIPMENT COMPANY
                                    Mine Ventilation Products                                                                   Mine Roof Support Systems
                                                                                     Drill Steel & Bits

                                             Rock Drills
                                                                                        Lubricants                                            Tri Cone Bits

                                             Rock Drills
                                                                                     Drill Steel & Bits                                 Downhole Tooling &
                                                                                                                                         Diamond Drill Bits

                             COMPRESSORS & BOOSTERS - CP Compressors, Sullivan-Palatek - Gas, Diesel and
                             Diesel and Electric
                             DE-ICING EQUIPMENT - Tanner Systems - Tannergas, De-Icers, Vaporizers, Portable
                             Tanks and Equipment
                             DOWN-THE-HOLE HAMMERS & BITS - Various Manufacturers - A wide variety of
                             DTH Bits, Hammers and Tools
                             DTH Bits, Hammers and Tools
                             DRILL PIPE - Star Iron Works - Single & Dual Wall
                             LIGHTS - Streamlight - Full line of Handheld, Litebox and Helmet Mounted Flashlights

                              UTAH OFFICE: 7285 South 700 West / PO          Midvale, UT 84047
                                        P           :           Fax: 801-565-0671
                                    NEVADA OFFICE 4300 Idaho S                NV 89801
                                                          P                               Fax: 775-738-0496

    c-16        August/September 2012 | #153 |
            CATERPILLAR SIGNS ON AS PRESENTING SPONSOR                                                                                                                                     Philadelphia to Be Nation’s
                OF THE HIGH HORSEPOWER SUMMIT 2012                                                                                                                                            Clean Energy Hub as
  “Industry leader to play prominent role in groundbreaking conference discussing the role of                                                                                              PennFuture’s Annual Clean
                           natural gas in high horsepower operations.”                                                                                                                    Energy Conference Comes to
SANTA MONICA, CA—Caterpillar Inc., a global manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, onsite                                                                                              Center City
power generation for oil and gas production, marine engines, and railway power and freight locomotives,                                                                                                     Thursday	and	Friday,	September	13-14,	2012
has confirmed their commitment to participate in the HHP Summit 2012—Natural Gas for High Horsepower                                                                                                        DoubleTree	Hotel	at	Broad	and	Locust	Streets
Applications as a presenting sponsor. As one of three key presenting sponsors, Caterpillar joins Encana
and AGL Resources/Pivotal LNG in a leadership role for this summit, signaling the growing importance of                                                                                PHILADELPHIA--Philadelphia	 will	 be	 transformed	 into	 the	 nation’s	 clean	
this topic and the groundswell of natural gas focused activity in high horsepower segments. The multi-day                                                                           energy	hub	when	Citizens	for	Pennsylvania's	Future	(PennFuture)	holds	its	annual	
HHP conference will take place in Houston, Texas September 26–28.                                                                                                                   conference	of	renewable	energy	leaders,	policy	makers,	financiers,	and	advocates	
                                                                                                                                                                                    on	Thursday	and	Friday,	September	13-14	at	the	DoubleTree	Hotel	at	Broad	and	
The HHP Summit is North America’s leading conference focused on the growing momentum for the                                                                                        Locust	Streets	in	Philadelphia.
use of natural gas as a diesel fuel substitute in a number of off-road high horsepower applications such
                                                                                                                                                                                       Attendees	from	throughout	the	Mid-Atlantic,	including	New	York,	New	Jersey,	
as locomotives, marine applications, oil and gas exploration and production operations, mine haul and                                                                               Delaware,	Maryland,	the	District	of	Columbia,	Virginia,	and	Pennsylvania	will	hear	
construction, and an assortment of other industrial applications.                                                                                                                   from	visionary	energy	leaders	including:
“As a world leader in natural gas engine and equipment technologies, having Caterpillar as a presenting                                                                                   •	    Former	Pennsylvania	Governor	Ed	Rendell;
sponsor is strong validation of the timing for the HHP Summit. Their participation sends a significant signal                                                                             •	    Former	U.S.	Rep.	Bob	Inglis,	R-S.C.,	executive	director	of	the	Energy	and	
regarding the potential benefits of using domestically abundant, low cost and clean burning natural gas                                                                                         Enterprise	Institute;
fuel in these various applications,” said Erik Neandross, chief executive officer of Gladstein, Neandross &                                                                               •	    Lee	 Davis,	 senior	 vice	 president	 and	 northeast	 regional	 president,	 NRG	
Associates, organizers of the conference. “Caterpillar is a leader in innovation across many of the industry                                                                                    Energy;
segments that will be represented at the HHP Summit and we are proud to have them join our growing list                                                                                   •	    Richard	Kauffman,	senior	advisor	to	the	U.S.	Secretary	of	Energy;	and
                                                                                                                                                                                          •	    Kathleen	 McGinty,	 senior	 vice	 president	 and	 managing	 director	 of	
of sponsors and exhibitors,” he continued.                                                                                                                                                      strategic	 growth,	 Weston	 Solutions,	 former	 Pennsylvania	 Secretary	 of	
                                                                                                                                                                                                Environmental	Protection,	and	former	Chair	of	the	White	House	Council	
Industry leaders and end-users from around the globe will gather in Houston, Texas in September to                                                                                              on	Environmental	Quality.
showcase existing case studies where natural gas solutions are being implemented throughout Europe,
Asia and North America. The HHP Summit will highlight the imminent growth in this market that is expected                                                                              The	conference	also	includes	a	tour	of	the	U.S.	Department	of	Energy’s	Energy	
given the tremendous economic and environmental advantages provided via the use of natural gas in these                                                                             Efficient	Buildings	Hub	at	the	Philadelphia	Navy	Yard.
high fuel consuming operations.
                                                                                                                                                                                       PennFuture	 has	 partnered	 with	 America’s	 leading	 clean	 energy	 trade	
End-users from across these multiple segments will learn about the latest developments on natural gas                                                                               associations	–	the	American	Council	for	an	Energy-Efficient	Economy,	American	
                                                                                                                                                                                    Council	 on	 Renewable	 Energy,	 American	 Wind	 Energy	 Association	 and	 the	
engine technologies for these various applications, fuel supply and refueling infrastructure considerations,                                                                        Solar	 Energy	 Industry	 Association	 –	 to	 bring	 unparalleled	 insight	 to	 this	 year’s	
and the latest policy, regulatory and funding updates relevant to these discussions. The conference                                                                                 conference.	 Co-sponsoring	 organizations	 including	 financing	 organizations	 and	
programming will include plenary and breakout sessions, offsite tours, training sessions, a trade show, and                                                                         clean	energy	marketers	and	manufacturers	including	AFC	First,	Choose	PA	Wind,	
exceptional networking opportunities over the course of three days.                                                                                                                 Iberdrola	Renewables,	and	Philadelphia’s	own	TRF	Sustainable	Development	Fund.

“Now that the engine technologies are becoming more widely available to allow for a transition to lower cost                                                                           The	 conference	 is	 approved	 for	 10.5	 CLE	 credits.	 The	 full	 agenda	 of	 the	
and cleaner burning natural gas, the HHP Summit will further advance the discussion by examining how                                                                                conference	and	registration	forms	are	available	online	at	http://www.pennfuture.
LNG production plants can serve multiple HHP applications in a region and thus help to accelerate multiple                                                                          org/energy,	or	by	calling	the	PennFuture	Energy	Center	at	215-545-2133.
markets simultaneously,” commented Neandross.
To register, sponsor, exhibit, or for more information, visit or call 888-993-0302.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Citizens	for	Pennsylvania’s	Future
With several additional important industry announcements expected between now and the HHP Summit,                                                                                         Jeanne	K.	Clark,	412-258-6683	or	412-736-6092	(cell)
stakeholders are encouraged to check the event website daily or to sign up for updates.                                                                                         

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 Small Mine Development                            A-19

 Star Iron Works                                   A-18

 Traveling Safety Training                         A-16

 TUFFSTUDDS                                        A-11

 Tunnel Radio of America, Inc.                     A-21

                                                                                                                                                             | #153 | August/September 2012                                                          c-17
       EPA foolishly seeks to destroy                                                                                                America is called the "Saudi Arabia of coal" because it has more
                                                                                                                                  than a quarter of world coal reserves. Energy security is vital because
          nation's coal industry                                                                                                     energy is embedded in most goods and services. Almost half of
                                                                                                                                     our energy use is indirect and so invisible to consumers. Among
   By	ANDREW	P.	MORRISS                                                                                                             the most energy intensive sectors of our economy are health care
                                                                                                                                     and food; we risk much more than higher utility bills if we remain
  TUSCALOOSA,	Ala.	—	The	U.S.	Energy	Information	Administration	estimates	the	share	of	U.S.	electricity	                                  vulnerable to unfriendly and unstable energy suppliers.
generated	from	coal	will	fall	from	42	percent	in	2011	to	36.8	percent	in	2013.

   Some	of	that	decline	is	due	to	advances	in	fracking	making	cheaper	natural	gas	available.	That's	bad	news	                 Third,	the	coal	industry	is	a	significant	source	of	jobs.	The	typical	coal	miner	earns	$73,000	a	year,	says	the	
for	coal	miners	but	no	different	than	problems	all	industries	face	from	competition.                                        National	Mining	Association,	which	represents	the	mining	industry	in	Washington.

   Cheaper	 natural	 gas	 cannot	 explain	 all	 coal's	 decline,	 however.	A	 federal	 study	 found	 that	 coal	 use	 in	      An	estimated	60,000	Americans	work	in	coal-fired	power	plants.	These	are	high-productivity	jobs	because	
electricity	declined	just	1.4	percent	for	every	10	percent	change	in	relative	prices	between	the	coal	and	natural	          the	employees	work	with	large	amounts	of	capital.	Electricity	generated	by	coal	takes	just	0.18	employees	per	
gas.	This	is	not	surprising	because	electric	plants	cannot	change	from	coal	to	natural	gas	by	just	throwing	a	              megawatt	of	plant	capacity.	Coal-fired	power	plant	jobs	pay	high	wages	because	their	employees	are	skilled.	
switch.                                                                                                                     Yet	new	EPA	regulations	are	estimated	to	cut	total	coal	employment	by	1.4	million	job-years	between	2011	
                                                                                                                            and	2020.
   An	important	reason	for	coal's	decline	is	the	administration's	war	on	coal.
                                                                                                                               Besides	destroying	jobs,	the	new	regulations	imposed	by	the	administration	will	lead	to	the	closing	of	40	
   Vice	President	Joe	Biden	made	that	clear	during	the	2008	campaign	when	he	said	the	Obama	policy	was	                     gigawatts	of	electric	generation	capacity.	A	staggering	12	percent	of	America's	current	coal	capacity	will	be	
"No	coal	plants	here	in	America."	Similarly,	candidate	Obama	told	the	San	Francisco	Chronicle	that	he	would	                shut	down.	There	could	be	many	long,	hot	summers	if	we	lose	these	reliable	sources	of	power.
ensure	that	building	a	coal	plant	would	"bankrupt"	the	operator	because	of	the	cost	of	complying	with	new	
carbon-dioxide	emission	regulations.                                                                                          Coal	plays	a	key	role	in	electricity	generation.	The	power	produced	from	coal-fired	plants	is	embedded	in	
                                                                                                                            everything	from	our	prescription	medications	to	the	food	we	eat.
  Deliberate	government	efforts	to	end	an	industry	are	not	part	of	normal	competitive	market	pressures	and	
bad	for	the	U.S.	economy	for	three	reasons.                                                                                    Tens	of	thousands	of	Americans	earn	good	livings	in	coal-related	industries.	Domestically	produced	coal	
                                                                                                                            reduces	our	dependence	on	unstable	and	unfriendly	suppliers.
   First,	virtually	all	our	coal	production	goes	directly	to	generate	electricity.	Changing	that	is	costly:	our	electric	
grid	was	designed	based	on	generation	patterns	dominated	by	multiple	coal	plants.	Eliminating	coal	requires	                  Those	facts	make	it	obvious	that	market	forces	-	not	Washington	bureaucrats	-	should	determine	the	role	
both	costly	new	generation	facilities	and	expensive	grid	modifications.                                                     coal	plays	in	our	economy.

    Moreover,	while	the	rapid	development	of	domestic	natural	gas	is	cutting	generation	costs	today,	it	is	not	
guaranteed	to	continue	indefinitely.	If	anti-fracking	activists	-	who	are	also	often	anti-coal	activists	-	succeed	         ABOUT THE WRITER
in	their	campaign	to	restrict	natural	gas	production	and	pipeline	construction,	natural	gas	costs	will	rise.
                                                                                                                               Andrew	Morriss	is	a	law	professor	at	the	University	of	Alabama.	Readers	may	write	him	at	101	Paul	W.	
  Second,	diversity	in	sources	enhances	our	energy	security	by	minimizing	the	chance	that	politics	or	wars	in	              Bryant	Drive	East,	Tuscaloosa,	Ala.	35487;	email:
unstable	and	unfriendly	countries	will	disrupt	our	energy	supplies.
                                                                                                                              Read	 more	 here:

    Rock Drills & Mining Equipment
                                                                                                                                 Underground coal mine operators must
                                                                                                                                 identify, correct hazardous conditions
   Parts and Repairs for Current & Obsolete Models                                                                          MSHA rule took effect on August 6th - Underground coal mine operators
        Gardner Denver, Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, & More                                                                 must identify, correct hazardous conditions.

                                                                 Toll Free: 1 (866) 359-7278                                   MSHA's	 final	 rule,	 Examinations	 of	Work	Areas	 in	 Underground	 Coal	 Mines	 for	Violations	 of	
                                                                                                                            Mandatory	Health	or	Safety	Standards,	which	was	published	April	6,	2012,	became	effective	today,	
                                                                 Fax: (970) 858-9741                                        Aug.	6,	2012.	The	rule	requires	mine	operators	to	identify	and	correct	hazardous	conditions	and	
                                                                                          violations	of	nine	health	and	safety	standards	that	pose	the	greatest	risk	to	miners.

                                                                                                                               The	 nine	 standards	 address	 such	 issues	 as	 ventilation,	 methane,	 roof	 control,	 combustible	
                     Visit:                                                                          materials,	rock	dust	and	equipment	guarding.	According	to	MSHA,	these	standards	are	the	types	
                                                                                                                            of	violations	cited	as	contributing	to	the	cause	of	the	deadly	Upper	Big	Branch	Mine	explosion	that	
                                                                                                                            occurred	in	April	2010.	A	memorial	to	the	29	miners	who	died	in	that	explosion	was	dedicated	last	
                                                                                                                            week	in	West	Virginia.

                                                                                                                               "These	repeated	violations	expose	miners	to	unnecessary	safety	and	health	risks	that	should	be	
                                                                                                                            found	and	corrected	by	mine	operators,"	says	Joseph	Main,	assistant	secretary	of	labor	for	mine	
                                                                                                                            safety	and	health.	"The	final	rule,	effective	today,	will	increase	the	identification	and	correction	of	
                                                                                                                            unsafe	conditions	in	mines	earlier,	removing	many	of	the	conditions	that	could	lead	to	danger,	and	
                                                                                                                            improve	protection	for	miners	in	underground	coal	mines."	

                   GUARANTEED RELIEF!                                                                               
                               (WITHOUT THE SMELL)
                    20% OFF                         Coupon Expires: 11/30/2012
                CODE: 20MINING

    WWW.GELOUT.COM                                                  800.866.6299
                                                                                                                                 Oldcastle Precast, Inc. acquires assets
                                                                                                                                            of U.S. Concrete

                                                                                                                               (Atlanta,	GA.)		--		Oldcastle	Precast,	Inc.,	a	leading	manufacturer	of	precast	concrete	products,	
                                                     Supplies, Equipment and                                                announced	today	that	it	has	reached	a	definitive	agreement	to	acquire	key	assets	of	U.S.	Concrete’s	
                                                                                                                            six	precast	concrete	operations	in	California.
                                                      Replacement Parts for
                &                                    Underground Equipment                                                     This	acquisition	will	strengthen	the	Oldcastle	Precast	presence	in	the	important	Western	United	
                                                                                                                            States	market	and	will	provide	a	leading	position	in	the	storm	and	sanitary	sewer	market	in	Northern	
  MINE SUPPLY, INC.                                                                                                         California,	while	adding	to	our	already	solid	statewide	positions	in	the	utility,	transportation	and	
                                                                                                                            structural	business.
                                                                                                                               “We	are	excited	to	build	on	our	strategy	to	provide	a	comprehensive	line	of	quality	precast	and	
                                                                                                                            prestressed	 concrete	 products	 nationwide,”	 said	 Mike	 Scott,	West	 Coast	 Group	 President.	“Our	
    Eleven Locations to Serve You:                                                                                          acquisition	 of	 U.S.	 Concrete’s	 California	 assets	 positions	 us	 as	 a	 leading	 provider	 of	 storm	 and	
  Osburn, Idaho (Main Office)...(208) 752-1294                                                                              sanitary	products	in	Northern	California	and	adds	to	our	growing	structural/prestress	capacity	in	
  Fairbanks, Alaska..................(907) 374-3811                                                                         the	Western	U.S.”
  Juneau, Alaska......................(907) 500-7970                                                                        About Oldcastle Precast, Inc.:
  Nucla, Colorado.....................(970) 864-7952
  Absarokee, Montana.............(406) 328-4900                                                                                Oldcastle	Precast,	Inc.	is	the	leading	manufacturer	of	precast	and	polymer	concrete	products	
  Big Timber, Montana ............(406) 932-5885                                                                            in	 the	 U.S.	 providing	 engineered	 product	 solutions	 nationwide	 to	 a	 number	 of	 market	 sectors	
                                                                                                                            including:	 Building	 Structures,	 Communications,	 Government/Military,	 Power	 &	 Energy,	 Security,	
  Billings, Montana...................(406) 259-9350                                                                        Transportation,	Water,	Construction	Services,	Engineering	Support	and	LEED/Green	Consulting.
  Butte, Montana......................(406) 723-5493
  Troy, Montana........................(406) 295-9944                                                                         Oldcastle	Precast,	Inc.	is	a	subsidiary	of	Oldcastle,	Inc.,	the	U.S.	holding	company	of	Ireland-
  Battle Mountain, Nevada........(775) 635-8888                                                                             based	 CRH	 plc.	 Oldcastle	 Inc.	 is	 North	America’s	 largest	 manufacturer	 of	 building	 products	 and	
                                                                                                                            materials	and	is	headquartered	in	Atlanta,	Ga.	
  Metaline, Washington............(509) 446-2201
                                                                                                                             For	 more	 information	 about	 Oldcastle,	 Inc.	 and	 CRH	 plc	 please	 visit	 and	

      c-18           August/September 2012 | #153 |
       Fairmount Minerals' Best Sand Mining Facility Earns Honorable Mention for Public
                   Outreach from Interstate Mining Compact Commission
   Chardon,	Ohio	--	Fairmount	Minerals'	Best	Sand	mining	facility	has	earned	an	Honorable	Mention	for	Public	Outreach	at	the	
Interstate	Mining	Compact	Commission	(IMCC)	2012	Minerals	Education	Awards	for	its	"dedication	to	minerals	and	environmental	
education,"	according	to	the	IMCC.
   The	 Best	 Sand	 facility	 received	 the	 IMCC	 recognition	 for	 public	 outreach	 after	 being	 nominated	 by	 the	 Ohio	 Department	 of	
Natural	Resources.	Best	Sand's	employees	take	part	in	regular	public-outreach	activities	that	represent	Fairmount's	sustainable	
development	(SD)	mission	of	people,	planet	and	prosperity	or	"3	P's."	The	facility	produces	high-purity	silica	sand	and	gravel	for	
Fairmount's	Building,	Glass,	Water	and	Sports	+	Recreation	divisions.
   The	IMCC	is	a	multi-state	government	agency	that	represents	the	natural	resource	and	related	environmental-protection	interests	
of	its	19	member	states.	IMCC	officials	awarded	Best	Sand	the	Honorable	Mention	for	Public	Outreach	at	the	IMCC's	annual	Minerals	
Education	Awards	in	Asheville,	N.C.
   "Best	Sand's	public	outreach	has	helped	the	community	better	understand	mineral	production,	environmental	controls	and	uses	
in	society,"	said	Gregory	E.	Conrad,	IMCC's	Executive	Director.	"The	facility's	outreach	represents	the	educational	commitment	we	
encourage	in	the	mining	industry."
   Best	Sand	mining	family	members	have	made	public	outreach	and	education	a	priority	in	their	day-to-day	operations:		1,600	
members	 of	 the	 community	 attended	 its	 Party	 in	 the	 Pit	 mine	 open	 house	 and	 zero-waste	 event;	 65	 fifth	 graders	 from	 Grant	
Elementary	in	Willoughby,	Ohio	toured	the	mine	and	learned	about	sand	mining;	the	students	toured	the	nearby	Walter	C.	Best	
Wildlife	Preserve,	a	wildlife	area	that	was	donated	to	the	Geauga	Park	District	by	the	family	of	Walter	Best,	founder	of	Best	Sand;	the	       Tony Madormo, Maintenance Manager at Fairmount Minerals' Best Sand mining
                                                                                                                                               facility, holds the Honorable Mention for Public Outreach Best Sand earned from
facility	also	supports	regular	employee	volunteerism	in	the	community.                                                                         the Interstate Mining Compact Commission (IMCC). Madormo is joined at the IMCC
   "Our	Best	Sand	team	looks	forward	to	reaching	out	to	the	community	and	being	an	educational	resource,"	said	Cristine	Lewis,	Ohio	 2012 Minerals Education Awards by Lanny Erdos, left, Ohio Division of Mineral
Regional	Sustainable	Development	Coordinator	for	Fairmount	Minerals.	"It's	the	'people'	part	of	our	mission,	and	we're	all	proud	to	be	 Resources Management, and Gregory E. Conrad, Executive Director, IMCC.
recognized	by	an	environmental	steward	in	mining."
   Details	on	the	Best	Sand	facility's	complete	corporate	sustainability	mission,	including	public	outreach,	can	be	found	at	Fairmount's	website:

  About	Fairmount	Minerals
  Fairmount	 Minerals	 is	 one	 of	 the	 largest	 producers	 of	 industrial	 sand	 in	 the	 United	 States.	The	 Chardon,	 Ohio-based	 company	 operates	 a	 global	 network	 of	 23	 mining,	 mineral	 processing	 and	
manufacturing	 and	 coating	 facilities	 and	 six	 administrative	 and	 research	 and	 development	 offices.	 Fairmount	 Minerals'	 specialized	 sands	 advance	 a	 vast	 array	 of	 industries	 and	 markets	 such	 as	
construction,	filtration,	foundry,	glass,	sports	turf	and	oil	and	gas.	The	company's	more	than	750	employees	bring	its	sustainability	motto	--	"Do	Good.	Do	Well."	--	to	life	and	embrace	its	sustainable	
development	(SD)	mission	of	people,	planet	and	prosperity	or	3	P's.

        Envirogen and Bigler Associates Join                                                                                                              According	to	Dan	Bigler,	co-founder	of	Bigler	Associates	and	newly	appointed	Vice	President,	Eastern	Region	
                                                                                                                                                      for	Envirogen,	becoming	part	of	Envirogen	sets	the	stage	for	a	more	dynamic	approach	to	meeting	customer	
               Forces Via Acquisition                                                                                                                 needs.	“Our	company	is	based	on	solid	plant	management	and	operation	and	maintenance	experience	with	all	
                                                                                                                                                      types	of	physical,	chemical	and	biological	treatment	systems.	By	integrating	Envirogen	and	Bigler	Associates,	
                                                                                                                                                      we	are	providing	our	customers	with	the	practical,	applied	experience	of	plant	management	and	O&M,	plus	the	
New Jersey-based Environmental Services Firm Bolsters Envirogen’s                                                                                     technology-specific	engineering	skill	sets	that	both	customers	and	consulting	firms	look	for	today.	Combined,	
Regional Presence and Adds Operational Expertise                                                                                                      it	allows	us	to	present	a	different	set	of	answers	to	the	marketplace,”	he	said.	“We’re	excited	to	become	a	part	
                                                                                                                                                      of	a	company	that	has	this	forward-thinking	approach	and	to	having	the	opportunity	to	expand	our	reach	into	
   Kingwood,	TX	--	Envirogen	Technologies,	Inc.	(Envirogen)	announced	today	that	it	has	joined	forces	with	                                           the	market	with	a	cutting-edge	technology	platform.	We’re	very	committed	to	our	customers	and	feel	like	this	
New	Jersey-based	environmental	services	firm	Bigler	Associates,	Inc.	–	substantially	expanding	Envirogen’s	                                           new	organization	will	be	able	to	help	us	continue	to	provide	top-flight	service	and	to	develop	new	solutions	for	
presence	in	its	Eastern	Region	and	adding	Bigler	Associates	20+	years	of	environmental	design,	construction	                                          the	challenges	they	face,”	he	added.	
and	 operating	 experience	 to	 Envirogen’s	 national	 network.	 Bigler	 Associates	 clients	 include	 A&E	 firms,	                                       Mike	Stark	also	spoke	about	Envirogen’s	approach	to	the	market.	“Right	now,	we’re	enthusiastic	about	the	
private	 system	 owners,	 potentially	 responsible	 party	 groups	 (PRPs)	 for	 Superfund	 sites,	 industrial	 facilities,	                           response	we’ve	been	getting	from	various	markets	to	our	technology	and	process	development	team.	Whether	
municipalities	and	state	agencies.	The	company	provides	comprehensive	O&M	services	to	over	60	clients	-	                                              it’s	the	treatment	of	selenium	in	coal	mining	waters	or	the	removal	of	perchlorate	via	biological	treatment	for	
mostly	in	the	New	York	to	Philadelphia	area	-	and	has	extensive	experience	at	18	Superfund	Sites	in	USEPA	                                            drinking	water	supplies,	Envirogen	is	developing	new,	state-of-the-art	solutions	based	on	our	technology.	But	
Regions	II	and	III.		Founder	and	principal	Dan	Bigler	has	been	appointed	as	Vice	President,	Eastern	Region	for	                                       we	feel	like	we	are	doing	our	best	job	when	we	look	to	the	long	term	viability	and	costs	of	these	solutions	–	
Envirogen	–	a	territory	that	stretches	from	South	Carolina	to	Maine.	                                                                                 and	that	comes	down	to	having	an	excellent	relationship	with	the	companies	and	people	with	whom	we	work.	
   According	to	Mike	Stark,	President	&	CEO	of	Envirogen	Technologies,	the	similarity	of	the	two	companies’	                                          Today,	we’re	committed	to	continuing	an	excellent	relationship	with	Bigler	Associates’	clients	and	our	own,	and	
business	models	made	joining	forces	with	Bigler	Associates	attractive.	“Envirogen	and	Bigler	Associates	have	                                         to	developing	new	and	better	answers	for	them	in	the	future,”	he	added.
similar	approaches	to	working	with	customers.		Both	companies	believe	in	developing	long-term	relationships	
with	customers,	focus	on	delivering	value	through	service	and	make	lifecycle	cost	and	performance	a	central	                                          About Envirogen Technologies, Inc.
feature	of	their	offerings	to	the	market,”	he	said.	“We	are	very	excited	about	the	addition	of	the	people	of	                                            Headquartered	in	the	Houston	suburb	of	Kingwood,	Texas,	Envirogen	Technologies,	Inc.	is	an	environmental	
Bigler	Associates	to	our	team.	It	represents	a	significant	leap	forward	in	our	ability	to	offer	our	technologies	                                     technology	and	process	solutions	provider	that	combines	experience	in	water	and	vapor	phase	treatment	with	
and	 services	 to	 industrial	 and	 municipal	 customers	 in	 our	 Eastern	 Region	 and	 our	 entire	 organization	 will	                             process	 development	 expertise	 -	 delivering	 long-term,	 guaranteed	 solutions	 in	 a	 broad	 range	 of	 treatment	
benefit	from	the	unparalleled	experience	of	Bigler	Associates	in	delivering	reliable	performance	in	challenging	                                      and	 process-related	 applications.	A	 primary	 focus	 for	 Envirogen	 is	 the	 concept	 of	‘lifecycle	 performance,’	
environmental	treatment	programs,”	he	added.                                                                                                          in	which	the	company	provides	guaranteed,	pay-for-performance,	long-term	contracts	at	predictable	costs	
                                                                                                                                                      that	offer	customers	the	lowest	total	cost	over	the	lifetime	of	an	equipment	installation.	Primary	applications	
Two Decades of Exceeding Expectations                                                                                                                 for	 Envirogen’s	 systems	 include	 treatment	 of	 groundwater	 for	 the	 delivery	 of	 high-quality	 potable	 water,	
    Formed	in	1991,	Bigler	Associates	is	an	environmental	consulting,	contracting	and	service	company	with	                                           groundwater	remediation,	wastewater	treatment,	water	re-use,	nutrient	removal,	and	odor	and	VOC	control	
offices	located	in	Ridgefield	Park,	Lebanon	and	Lakewood,	New	Jersey.		Bigler	Associates	services	include	                                            for	 municipal	 and	 industrial	 markets.	 In	 industrial	 markets	 such	 as	 mining,	 hydrocarbon	 processing	 and	
process	development	and	optimization,	automation,	mechanical	contracting,	and	operation	and	maintenance	                                              chemical	processing,	Envirogen	also	specializes	in	process	water	treatment,	byproduct	recovery	and	chemical	
(O&M).	 Project	 types	 include	 treatment	 systems	 for	 contaminated	 air,	 groundwater,	 storm	 water,	 sanitary	                                  purification.	The	company	conducts	business	throughout	the	United	States,	with	regional	offices	in	Southern	
wastewater,	industrial	wastewater	and	potable	water.	The	company’s	service	area	includes	all	of	New	Jersey,	                                          California,	Illinois,	New	Jersey	and	Tennessee.	
lower	New	York	state,	southern	New	England,	eastern	Pennsylvania,	Delaware	and	northern	Maryland.	                                                       For	more	information	on	the	company,	visit		

                                                                                                                                                            Precision Drilling
                                                                                                                                                           Products Since 1949
                                Revolutionizing the coring industry

                                    •     Core Barrel Components
                                          • CNC machined stainless steel body.
                                          • Wear parts constructed of precision machined, case hardened, tempered steel.
                                          • SS springs and roll pins.

                                    •     Water Swivels
                                            Coring pressure bears on the main body of unit NOT the roll pins.
                                            Engineered wear areas give the driller easy visual indication when it’s time for latch ear replacement.

                                    •     Fishing Taps
                                          • Ease of maintenance helps promote safety.
                                          • Engineered spring housing forces latch ears into position.
                                          • Check valve system:
                                               √ gives positive indication that the latch head has
                                               √ restricts drilling fluid flow until the latch head is

                                    •     Subs
                                                 locked and fluid pressure is relieved by driller.
                                               √ gives positive pressure indication of latch head malfunction.
                                               √ check valve assembly in the slide tube locks into position,
                                                 presetting without the use of any special tools.
                                               √ resets automatically depending on drilling conditions.

                                    •     Industrial Power
                                          • Tapered spring housing tightens in direct response to increased coring pressure. The higher the
                                            pressure, the tighter the unit.
                                          • Upon retrieval, the spring housing extends past latch ears to open ports and relieve down hole
                                            vacuum, and to unlock the latch.

                                          Transmission Components
                                          • Unlike traditional latch heads, the LOCK n LOADTM disassembles easily and quickly without the use
                                            of special tools for fast field repair and maintenance.
                                          • Latch ears replace in minutes with just 3 roll pins, and without complete disassembly of the unit.
                                          • Conversion kit available to transform the unit to a casing advancer.
                                          • Rotation locking dog engineered to align latch ears randomly and minimize wear in the latch
                                            coupling groove.
                                          • O-ring carrier standard for polymer and water drilling.
                                          • Compact design for underground drilling where space is premium.
                                          • Compatible with current core barrels and retrieving assembles.

                                            2318 Grand Park Drive



                                                                                                 7 lbs.         LIGHTER and                                         The latch head that

                                         Grand Junction, CO 81505

                                                                                 20 1/2˝

                                                                                              12.5 lbs.

                                                                                              25/5 lbs.
                                                                                                                than standard
                                                                                                                 latch heads                                        Revolutionized the
                                     (970) 242-1356 • Fax: (970) 241-1825
                                                                    Conversion kits available for:
                                                     HQ, NQ, NQ2, NTW, BQTK, BQ, BTW, ATT and ATW core barrels.
                                                                                                                                                                     Coring Industry.

                                                                                   2318 Grand Park Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81505
                                                                                   (970) 242-1356 • FAX: (970) 241-1825 • www.                                 N Northwest Machine Works
                                                                                                                                                                 | #153 | August/September 2012                                 c-19
         Metlon Corporation’s 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material Offers
        Increased Nighttime Visibility to Manufacturers of Mining Workwear
           Cranston,	RI	--	An	Authorized		distributor	of	3M™	Scotchlite™	Reflective	Material,	RI-based	Metlon	Corporation	offers	reflective	roll	
        goods	that	are	sewn	onto	the	garments	worn	by	mining	industry	workers.		Designed	to	meet	the	specific	workwear	needs	of	oil,	gas	
        and	coal	workers,	the	material	is	flame	resistant	and/or	lasts	through	repeated	Industrial	washings.		
           For	example,	3M™	Scotchlite™	9187	Industrial	Wash	Flame	Resistant	Trim,	made	in	2”	widths,	is	a	combination	or	fluorescent	and	
        reflective	silver	trim.	This	enhances	the	nighttime	visibility	of	the	wearer	in	low	light	conditions	for	both	day	and	night	when	illuminated	
        by	a	light	source.	Used	on	flame	resistant	garments,	it	is	also	easily	sewn-on	to	the	garments.	Additional	products	that	are	flame	
        resistant	or	designed	for	industrial	wash,	or	both	flame	resistant	and	industrial	wash,	are	available	in	a	variety	of	widths.		Many	are	
        in-stock	for	immediate	delivery.
           Responding	to	the	recent	uptick	in	inquiries	among	companies	with	underground	work	crews	in	the	abovementioned	industries,	
        Metlon’s	executive	vice	president,	Wayne	Etchells,	remarks,	“There	is	a	vast	array	of	products,	each	with	different	technical	performance	
        standards	and	practical	benefits.	Beyond	offering	and	being	very	familiar	with	the	products,	we’ve	found	that	our	experience	has	been	a	
        time-saving	and	cost-saving	advantage	to	customers.	We	know	which	product	works	best	for	the	industrial	worker	in	his	environment.”
           Trained	professionals	at	Metlon	assist	companies	in	determining	the	most	suitable	products	to	meet	their	employee’s	needs	in	the	
        workplace.	Metlon	continues	to	assist	employers	in	meeting	the	most	recent	ANSI	107	and	207	Standards	that	are	required	under	the	
        MUTCD	(Manual	on	Uniform	Traffic	Control	Devices	for	Streets	and	Highways).
           For	additional	information	and	technical	product	data	sheets,	visit,	call	401.467.3435,	or	email:	
           Metlon	Corporation,	located	in	Cranston,	RI,	is	an	Authorized	Distributor	of	3M™	Scotchlite™	Reflective	Material.		They	are	also	
        specialists	in	Custom	Slitting	with	the	ability	to	slit	material	to	special	widths	and	lengths	as	small	as	.008”.		
           For	a	complete	selection	of	products,	including	PDFs	of	Product	Sheets,	or	further	information	about	the	company,	visit

    Market Place
edsClassifieds Market Place
                                                                                                                                                      Mintec’s newest regional business
»   Business / Investment Opportunities
ssifieds Market Place
                                                                                                                                                      development manager, Max Beck,
»   Business / Investment Opportunities
    Continuing Education

                                                                                                                                                      is setting his sights far beyond the
»   Continuing Education
         » Business / Investment Opportunities

                                                                                                                                                      company’s United Kingdom office.
                                                For Classified Advertising
»   Employment Services
         » Continuing Education
    Products and
                                                                                                                                                      Finland, Sweden, Turkey, and North
                                               (800) 624-7212 (U.S. & Canada)
         » Employment
»   W » Products and Services
    Productsand Services                          Phone 1-208-658-0047

                                                                                                                                                      Africa are where Max sees significant
»       anted                                      Fax 1-208-658-4901
»       anted
    W » Wanted

                                                                                                                                                      growth potential for MineSight products,
»   ... and MORE!
         » ... and MORE!             
»   ... and MORE!
                                                                                                                                                      and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing at
                                                                                                                                                      the London branch since he arrived!
                104 - Distributor Opportunities                              We are in the process of updating     SoutheaStern StateS
               For Advertising Contact Arnie Weber2012/2013States Miningthe
                                                                    edition of
                                                                                  &  Directory
       For Advertising Contact Arnie Weber
           Toll-Free (800) 624-7212 • Aggregates Directory.

                                                                                                                                                      “We are talking with a large number of
           Fax Advertising Contact placement that
       For Your (800) 624-7212
                     Placement to (208) 658-4901                                    Weber
                                                    advertisement Arnie Advertisement
                                                    Contact us today to arrange the

     Toll-Free Wanted Brelko Conveyor Products •

                                                                                                                                                      mines at feasibility stage of operation,”
                                                    will get your message directly
     Toll-Free (800) 624-7212 •
     Fax Your Placementinto (208) 658-4901
          Exclusive distributors wanted your
                                                                                 to every operation listed.

                                                                                                                                                      said Max. “We are also being approached
            area for our complete line of to
     Fax Your Placement belt (208) 658-4901
                                                                             Find out how we can get your
                                                                             message to those you W   ANT
                                                                                                                     Over 800

                                                                                                                                                      by mining operations that are scaling up
            scrapers, Keyskirt® chute sealing rubber,
                                                                                                                 Operations Listed!
                                                                                 your message to get to!

                   and belt support systems.                                         Contact us today!

                                                                                                                                                      their production and are looking for a
                                                                                                                  E   d i t i o n

                                                                                                                                                      more sophisticated solution to management and planning.”
      please contact Ken @                                                                        Toll-Free: 1-800-624-7212
                                                                                Ad space deadline is
                 303.544.0817 or                                August 20, 2012

                                                                                                                                                      Prior to joining MineSight Applications London, Max worked with
                  Professional Directory
                                                                                                                                                      mining funds based in London and Toronto, sourcing early-stage mining
                                                                                                                                                      opportunities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North America and Africa.
          CONVEYORS - MOTORIZED PULLEYS                                                               ATMOSPHERIC MONITORING

                                                                                                                                                      He developed his career in commercial and residential property, and
                                                                                                      Inter-Mountain Labs, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                      created Land Locator Company Ltd. - the market’s first land development
                    RULMECA CORPORATION                                                                Sheridan, WY.....(307) 672-8945

                                                                                                                                                      company using GIS systems to survey UK and US towns and cities. The
                                                                                                       Gillette, WY.......(307) 682-8945
             6508 Windmill Way, Suite B, Wilmington, NC 28405

                                                                                                                                                      business idea earned Max two nominations for national entrepreneurial
               910-794-9294 – Fax 910-794-9296                                                        COST ESTIMATING

                                                                                                                                                      awards in the UK during the company’s first year.
                                                                                                      InfoMine USA, Inc.
                                                                                                       1120 N. Mullan Rd., Ste. 100

                                                                                                                                                      Max graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester, majoring in
                                                                                                       Spokane Valley, WA 99206
          ELECTRIC MOTORS - REPAIR / SALES                                                             (509) 328-8023

                                                                                                                                                      Business and Marketing. He is part of MineSight-London’s team of 12,
                                                                                                       Fax (509) 328-2028

                                                                                                                                                      which includes 10 technical support staff. He is already working with
                                                                                                      DRILLING EQUIPMENT /

                                                                                                                                                      MineSight clients in east and western Europe, North Africa and the
                                               �ATLAS ELECTRIC, INC.                                  SUPPLIES
                                           P.O. BOX 11861* SPOKANE, WA 99211

                                                                                                                                                      Middle East.
                                           TEL (509) 534-8389 * FAX (509)534-8391�                    Crowder Supply Co., Inc.
                                                 TOLL FREE 800-268-5454                      
                                                                                                       8495 Roslyn St.
            MOTOR CONTROL • LOW AND MEDIUM VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR�                                         Commerce City, CO 80022

                                                                                                                                                      “I’m delighted to be joining such a dynamic and professional business,”
            MOTORS • TRANSFORMERS • MOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKERS                                       (303) 433-5144

                                                                                                                                                      said Max. “Mintec’s MineSight software solution for mine planning and
                FUSIBLE SWITCHES • MINE POWER CENTERS • FUSES                                          Fax (303) 433-3928

                                                                                                                                                      management is at the cutting edge of this technology. The company is
                        SPEED REDUCERS • GEARMOTORS�                                                  MINING CONSTRUCTION

                                                                                                                                                      rightly proud of its achievements in assisting its client base and the
                                 VISIT US AT …                               CONTRACTORS
                                                                                                      Cowin & Co., Inc.

                                                                                                                                                      extent to which they will go to solve clients’ mining issues.”
            180 Doud Street                                                     Specializing in
           Blackfoot, ID 83221                                                   Serving the           301 Industrial Drive
             (208) 785-5121                                                       Industrial           Birmingham, AL 35219-9009

                                                                                                                                                      For more information, visit
             (800) 215-6766                                                       & Mining             (205) 945-1300
                                                                                   Market              Fax (205) 945-1441
                                         Dry Ice Blasting
              Mechanical Repair         Industrial / Mining       Electrical Apparatus Services
            Complete Machine Shop Reconditioning/Rewinding Motors       Panels & Controls                For as low as 25.00 a month, you
             Custom Machine Work     Generators - Sales & Service     Installation & Service
                Babbit Bearings             Pump Panels                   Field Balancing
                                                                                                          can make available your contact
                                                                                                                                                      About Mintec, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                      Mintec, Inc. is a software developer and service provider for the mining
           Pump Repair & Rebuilding Pumps & Motors Pulled & Set         Vibration Analysis               information to the active mining &
             Metalizing & Welding                                 Laser Alignment • Switch Gear            quarry/aggregate operations --

                                                                                                                                                      industry. Founded in 1970, Mintec has grown into a global network of
                                                                   New Motor Sales & Service                     for the enitre year!

                                                                                                                                                      mining professionals providing technology, service, and support in the
                                                                                                         There is no better value for your

          MIRROR - MINE SAFETY                                                                          hard-earned dollar than advertising

                                                                                                                                                      most complex mining operations in the world. MineSight, the company’s
                                                                                                       with the Miners News in reaching the
                                                                                                          Mining & Aggregates industries.

                                                                                                                                                      comprehensive modeling and mine planning software platform, offers
                                                                                                                                                      integrated solutions for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling and
                                                         E S & S Co.
                                                                                                                                                      production. Headquartered in Tucson, AZ, we deliver efficiency and
                                        Supplier of the

                                                                                                                                                      reliability that improves productivity at every stage of a mine’s life.
                                        Convex Mirror                                                  

             Specifically Designed For Off-Hwy Mining Equip.                                                             Toll Free:
                                                                                                                      (800) 624-7212
                 P.O. Box 742 • Pleasanton, CA 94566                                                                    Email:
                 (925) 462-4393 • Fax (925) 484-5173                                                

             c-20            August/September 2012 | #153 |
                       People and Promotions
    Industrial Supply names Chris Bateman Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Randy Evans President of Construction, Safety and Mining.
                                                                                New leaders bring a combined 64 years of experience to their positions

   SALT	LAKE	CITY–Industrial	Supply	Company	today	announced	two	important	promotions	within	the	company,	Chris	Bateman	was	named	the	new	Chief	Executive	Officer	and	Randy	Evans	was	named	the	President	of	Construction,	Safety	and	Mining.

   Chris Bateman                                                                                                                              Randy Evans
    Chris	Bateman	joined	the	company	in	1982	and	has	worked	his	way	up	                                                                        Randy	Evans	is	a	34	year	veteran	of	the	company.	Since	joining	Industrial	
the	company	ladder	–	from	the	warehouse,	through	will	call	and	inside	sales	                                                               Supply	in	1979,	Evans	has	worked	his	way	through	various	positions	and	has	
and	 onto	 the	 company’s	 Board	 of	 Directors.	 Most	 recently	 he	 has	 served	                                                         been	 the	 leader	 in	 refining	 the	 processes	 and	 operations	 of	 the	 company.	
as	 Senior	 Vice	 President	 of	 National	 Contracts,	 where	 he	 was	 central	 to	                                                        He	currently	serves	on	the	Board	of	Trustees	and	the	Association	of	General	
developing	the	sales	channels,	relationships	and	longterm	contracts	held	by	                                                               Contractors,	Utah	(AGC-Utah)	Board,	and	has	previously	served	as	Chairman	
Industrial	Supply.                                                                                                                         of	the	Utah	Safety	Council	Board,	and	President	of	the	Salt	Lake	City	Chamber	
   Bateman,	who	has	spent	the	majority	of	his	working	life	with	Industrial,	                                                               of	Commerce.
praised	the	company	for	creating	a	dynamic	environment	for	both	customers	                                                                     As	grandson	of	the	company’s	founder,	he	feels	a	particular	responsibility	
and	employees.                                                                                                                             to	ensure	the	success	of	the	company	and	the	employees	who	work	for	him.
   “I	look	forward	to	building	on	the	foundation	of	success	that	has	been	built	                                                               “I	look	forward	to	working	more	closely	with	our	employees	and	listening	
over	more	than	96	years	at	Industrial	Supply.	We	have	a	great	management	                                                                  to	them.	I	want	to	help	them	understand	the	need	for	customer	support	and	
team	and	great	and	experienced	employees.	All	of	us	working	together	will	                                                                 service.	I	still	believe	in	good,	old-fashioned	service.	I	was	taught	that	when	
stay	 focused	 on	 three	 simple	 things:	 our	 customers	 and	 exceeding	 their	                                                          I	started	34	years	ago!	Our	employees	are	very	important	to	us.	We	are	all	a	
expectations;	 creating	 a	 great	 working	 environment	 for	 our	 employees	 in	                                                          family	here	and	need	to	take	care	of	each	other.”
which	 to	 work;	 and	 insuring	 that	 the	 company	 itself	 remains	 strong	 and	
successful	for	our	owners.”

   Both	men	emphasize	that	Industrial	will	remain	committed	as	an	active	and	involved	member	of	the	community.                      energy,	utilities,	mining,	government	and	construction	sectors.	The	company	has	six	locations	in	Wyoming,	Utah	and	Nevada,	
   “Industrial	Supply	is	a	true	local	company	and	we	support	the	community	in	many	ways,”	said	Evans.	“We	have	been	                and	has	been	in	business	since	1916.	In	addition	to	supplies,	Industrial	Supply	also	offers	customized	services	that	enable	
here	for	96	years	and	are	a	small	privately	owned	business.	Our	business	was	started	in	this	community	and	so	we	remain	            customers	to	increase	productivity	and	manage	their	inventory.	These	services	include	product	specialist	reviews,	vendor	
committed	to	serve	this	community.”                                                                                                 management	inventory	(VMI),	safety	training,	storage	and	shelving	design,	blueprint	copying,	tool	repair	and	custom	paint	
   About Industrial Supply Company:                                                                                                    Visit	for	more	information.
   Industrial	 Supply	 provides	 maintenance,	 repair,	 operations	 and	 production	 (MROP)	 materials	 for	 the	 manufacturing,	

                       Patrick J. Largier appointed FLSmidth Senior VP                                                                       Geochemist Andrew Harley, PhD, Joins Tetra TEch’s Global Mining Practice
    He will lead Asia-Pacific Non-Ferrous activities and FLSmidth Ludowici global product                                                       GOLDEN,	CO.	–	Tetra	Tech,	Inc.	(NASDAQ:	TTEK),	a	global	environmental	
company.                                                                                                                                    consulting,	 engineering,	 construction,	 and	 program	 management	 firm,	
    	                                                                                                                                       recently	hired	Andrew	Harley,	PhD,	as	a	Principal	Geochemist	in	the	Global	
    SALT	LAKE	CITY	–	With	the	closing	3	July	2012	of	FLSmidth’s	acquisition	                                                                Mining	 Practice	 based	 in	 Golden,	 Colo.	 In	 this	 position,	 he	 will	 strengthen	
of	 the	 Australian	 engineering	 and	 equipment	 supply	 company,	 Ludowici	                                                               and	 lead	 the	 growing	 geochemistry	 practice	 supporting	 global	 mine	
Limited,	FLSmidth	is	announcing	that	it	has	appointed	Patrick	J.	Largier	as	                                                                engineering	and	natural	resources	activities	including	waste	characterization	
the	 senior	 vice	 president	 and	 head	 of	 the	Asia-Pacific	 region	 for	 the	 Non-                                                       and	 management,	 aquatic	 chemistry,	 groundwater	 and	 surface	 water	
Ferrous	 Division.	 He	 will	 also	 continue	 as	 CEO	 of	 what	 is	 now	 known	 as	                                                        geochemistry,	 soils	 assessment,	 land	 application,	 reclamation,	 and	
FLSmidth	Ludowici.                                                                                                                          remediation.
    “We	couldn’t	be	more	pleased	to	have	Patrick	on	our	senior	team,”	said	                                                                     Dr.	 Harley	 holds	 a	 bachelor’s	 degree	 in	 Physical	 Geography	 from	 the	
Peter	J.	Flanagan,	FLSmidth	Group	executive	vice	president	and	head	of	the	                                                                 University	 of	 New	 South	 Wales	 and	 a	 doctorate	 in	 Geochemistry	 and	
Non-Ferrous	Division.	“His	broad	experience	and	success	as	an	executive	in	                                                                 Mineralogy	from	the	University	of	Western	Australia.		With	more	than	20	years	
the	minerals	processing	and	related	consumables	industries	are	unmatched.	                                                                  of	experience	in	earth	science-related	research	and	project	implementation	
Through	 his	 talents	 and	 skills	 these	 past	 five	 years,	 Ludowici	 Limited	 has	                                                      his	recent	mining	work	includes	supporting	permit	and	license	applications	
expanded	 rapidly,	 and	 we	 expect	 the	 integrated	 FLSmidth	 Ludowici	 to	                                                               for	 proposed	 mining,	 ore	 processing,	 and	 smelting	 operations	 in	 Colorado,	 Arizona,	 and	 New	 Mexico	 for	 gold,	
continue	to	grow	under	his	leadership	in	addition	to	all	non-ferrous	activities	                                                            uranium,	and	coal	projects.		He	has	also	been	involved	in	site	audits	and	technical	review	of	potential	environmental	
throughout	Asia-Pac.”                                                                                                                       liabilities,	developing	restoration	techniques	to	increase	ecosystems	services	and	carbon	offsets,	supporting	mining	
    Ludowici	is	a	world	leading	provider	of	coal	centrifuges,	vibrating	screens	and	complementary	wear	resistant	                           companies	with	water	quality	issues	including	overburden	characterization,	soil	characterization	for	reclamation	and	
products	and	services	for	the	minerals	industry.	Headquartered	in	Brisbane,	Australia,	Ludowici	is	also	expected	to	                        land	application,	and	evaluating	new	products	and	technologies	for	enhanced	reclamation.			
expand	FLSmidth’s	presence	in	this	key	mining	region	and	in	customer	service	operations.	                                                       Dr.	 Harley’s	 experience	 in	 geochemistry	 and	 mineralogy	 has	 been	 used	 to	 evaluate	 reactions	 within	 soil	 and	
    “FLSmidth	is	a	well	regarded	company	and	a	leader	in	industries	that	include	minerals	processing,”	said	Largier.	                       groundwater	 systems	 that	 control	 the	 movement	 of	 contaminants	 allowing	 for	 the	 development	 of	 effective	
“It’s	satisfying	to	join	senior	management	at	FLSmidth,	and	I	look	forward	to	serving	all	of	our	customers	while	                           solutions.	He	has	experience	with	a	wide	range	of	contaminants	including	metals,	radionuclides,	and	hydrocarbons	
offering	our	same,	high-quality	products	and	outstanding	services	under	the	FLSmidth	Ludowici	name.”                                        having	 been	 involved	 in	 projects	 related	 to	 investigation,	 characterization,	 conceptual	 site	 models,	 geochemical	
    Previous	 to	 serving	 as	 managing	 director	 and	 CEO	 of	 Ludowici	 Limited,	 Largier	 worked	 15	 years	 for	 Orica/                and	hydrogeochemical	models,	fate	and	transport,	remediation,	and	reclamation.	Dr.	Harley	has	also	been	involved	
ICI	Australia	which	is	based	in	Melbourne,	Australia.	During	that	period	he	led	a	number	of	Orica’s	business	units	                         in	the	design	and	completion	of	bench-scale	and	field-scale	studies	to	determine	the	appropriateness	of	various	
and	divisions	and	was	the	company’s	executive	general	manager	over	strategy	and	acquisitions.	Prior	to	Orica,	he	                           technologies	for	metal	stabilization	in	soils	and	groundwater.		
worked	for	Shell	for	10	years	in	London	and	South	Africa.	He	holds	a	chemical	engineering	bachelor’s	of	science	                                “We	 are	 extremely	 pleased	 to	 add	 Andrew	 to	 the	 Global	 Mining	 Practice,	 where	 he	 further	 augments	 Tetra	
from	the	University	of	Cape	Town,	South	Africa,	and	attended	the	Harvard	Advanced	Management	Program	in	Boston,	                            Tech’s	capabilities	to	provide	scientific	and	technical	solutions	for	the	entire	life	of	mine.	His	leadership	over	our	
Massachusetts,	USA,	in	2004.	Largier	was	born	in	South	Africa	and	has	been	living	in	Australia	for	the	last	20	years.	                      geochemistry	practice	brings	best-of-class	expertise	from	pre-feasibility	through	closure	for	mineral	and	energy	
He	currently	resides	in	Brisbane.                                                                                                           resources.	”	says	Vicki	Scharnhorst	–	Golden	Operations	Manager.
                                                                                                                                                Tetra	Tech’s	Global	Mining	Practice	spans	North	and	South	America,	Austral-Asia,	Europe,	and	the	Middle	East.		Of	
    About FLSmidth                                                                                                                          Tetra	Tech’s	13,000	employees,	over	2,500	are	in	the	Global	Mining	Practice	delivering	front	end	studies,	permitting,	
    FLSmidth	 is	 a	 world	 leader	 in	 supplying	 engineering	 equipment,	 systems	 and	 services	 to	 the	 minerals	 and	                 and	construction	services	to	Junior,	Mid-Tier,	and	Major	mining	customers	worldwide.
cement	industries.	FLSmidth	has	a	major	project	and	technology	centre	in	Salt	Lake	City,	Utah,	USA.	Headquartered	
in	Valby,	Denmark,	the	company	employs	approximately	14,000	people	in	52	countries.	FLSmidth	was	established	
130	years	ago.	To	learn	more	about	FLSmidth,	visit

                Liebherr Construction Equipment Co., Personnel Announcement                                                                          TBEI, Inc. Names New Vice President of Human Relations
                  Newport	 News,	 VA	 –	 Duane	 Wilder,	 President	 of	 Liebherr	                                                                Lake	Crystal—	TBEI,	Inc.	announced	the	promotion	of	Tina	Albright	
             Construction	 Equipment	 Co.	 has	 announced	 that	 Mr.	 Timothy	                                                               to	the	position	of	Vice	President	of	Human	Relations.		“Tina	has	been	
             Doucette	 (Tim)	 has	 been	 promoted	 to	 the	 newly	 created	 position	                                                        with	the	company	for	over	17	years	with	roles	in	production,	sales,	
             of	 General	 Manager	 –	 Brand	 Strategy.	 	 In	 this	 new	 role,	 he	 will	                                                    and	 human	 resources	 and	 has	 led	 the	 TBEI	 family	 through	 many	
             work	closely	with	the	President,	to	ensure	all	aspects	involving	the	                                                           changes	and	continues	to	be	a	valuable	part	of	our	leadership	team,”	
             Brand	 are	 coordinated	 to	 increase	 Liebherr’s	 market	 presence	 in	                                                        said	President	and	CEO	Bob	Fines.
             the	United	States	as	a	manufacturer	of	premium	quality,	heavy	duty	                                                                 Truck	 Bodies	 &	 Equipment	 International	 (TBEI)	 is	 a	 Minnesota	
             construction	equipment.                                                                                                         based	 corporation	 that	 encompasses	 five	 leading	 manufacturers	 of	
                  Reporting	 to	 Mr.	 Doucette	 will	 be	 the	 marketing	 and	 public	                                                       dump	truck	bodies,	hoists	and	truck	&	trailer	equipment.	
             relations	 departments,	 sales	 administration	 and	 the	 earthmoving	                                                              For	more	information:		contact	Jeremy	Smuder,	TBEI	Marketing	at	
             product	group.		Tim	will	also	retain	his	current	role	as	part	of	the	                                                           507-726-4311.
             dealer	selection	committee.			Mr.	Wilder	stated,	“Tim	has	played	a	
             key	role	in	our	growth	over	the	past	several	years	and	this	newly	
             created	 position	 provides	 the	 opportunity	 for	 him	 to	 assume	 an	
             increased	leadership	role	as	we	continue	to	grow	the	Liebherr	brand	
             in	the	USA.”	
                  Hans	Liebherr	established	Liebherr	as	a	family	business	in	1949.	     	
             The	 company’s	 first	 mobile	 tower	 crane	 laid	 the	 foundation	 for	 its	 exceptional	 success.	 	 Liebherr	
             is	 today	 not	 only	 one	 of	 the	 world’s	 largest	 manufacturers	 of	 construction	 machinery,	 but	 also	 an	
             acknowledged	supplier	of	advanced	technical	products	and	services	in	many	other	business	sectors.	              	
             Liebherr	has	developed	into	a	group	of	more	than	120	companies	worldwide,	employing	more	than	                                                    TBEI, Inc. Names New Director of Engineering
             35,000	people.		The	Group’s	parent	company	is	Liebherr-International	AG,	which	is	based	in	Switzerland	
             and	owned	entirely	by	members	of	the	Liebherr	family.                                                                              Lake	Crystal—TBEI,	Inc.	named	James	“Archie”	England	as	their	
                  For	further	information	please	call		(757)	245-5251	or	visit                                               Director	of	Engineering.		For	the	past	three	years,	England	served	as	
                                                                                                                                             the	 Director	 of	 Engineering	 and	 Quality	 at	 SMI,	 Inc.	 	 England	 brings	
                                                                                                                                             years	 of	 manufacturing	 and	 engineering	 experience	 in	 the	 auto	
                                                                                                                                             industry	and	heavy-duty	truck	equipment	industry.		
                                                                                                                                                Truck	Bodies	&	Equipment	International	(TBEI)	is	a	Minnesota	based	
                  New Employee Announcement -- Please                                                                                        corporation	 that	 encompasses	 five	 leading	 manufacturers	 of	 dump	
                   welcome Steve Mosley to our Team!                                                                                         truck	bodies,	hoists	and	truck	&	trailer	equipment.	
                                                                                                                                                For	more	information:		contact	Jeremy	Smuder,	TBEI	Marketing	at	
                 We	are	pleased	to	announce	that	Steve	Mosley	has	recently	joined	                                                           507-726-4311.
             BJM	Pumps	as	Application	Engineer.	Steve	will	be	our	primary	inside	
             contact	for	helping	customers,	representatives	and	distributors	size,	
             price	and	select	BJM	Pump	products	for	their	pump	applications.	
                 Steve	is	a	May	2011	graduate	of	the	University	of	Hartford	where	
             he	 graduated	 with	 a	 BS	 degree	 in	 Civil	 Engineering.	 He	 had	 been	
             working	 at	 Saybrook	 Point	 Marina	 until	 accepting	 the	 AE	 position	
             with	BJM	Pumps	in	early	May.	
                Steve	 and	 his	 girlfriend	 live	 in	 nearby	 Chester,	 CT.	 In	 his	 spare	
             time	Steve	likes	to	hike,	kayak	and	snowboard.	
                Welcome	aboard	Steve!

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                                                    Sacrison Engineering                 Custom Coins Decrease Accidents for
                                                                                          Industrial and Commercial Facilities
                                                                                    Tangible Reminder Kept on Hand Increases Awareness
  Mine • Geological • Hydrological • Environmental • Maintenance
                                                                                            Cincinnati,	OH	–	Custom	coins	help	to	
Construction Management            320 Poplar Drive, Elko, NV 89801-4508               raise	awareness	of	safety	at	industrial	and	
                                   Phone: 775-777-7455 • Fax: 775-549-8949            commercial	facilities	by	providing	a	tangible	
   Project Management
                                                                                          reminder	each	time	they	are	seen	with	
                                   Cell: 775-397-2683 •
        Engineering                                                                    pocket	change.		Whether	used	as	a	stand-
                                                alone	recognition	device,	coupled	with	other	
                                                                                       rewards	(like	cash	or	prize	raffles),	or	used	
                                                                                         within	a	larger	safety	incentive	program,	
                                                                                           custom	coins	are	proving	to	raise	the	
                                                                                       awareness	of	safe	acts	and	practices	while	
                                                                                        lowering	unsafe	incidents.		Custom	safety	
                                                                                      coins	are	ideal	for	a	wide	range	of	industries	
                                                                                       including	paper	mills	and	other	processing	
                                                                                       environments,	waste	and	recycling	haulers,	
                                                                                       all	types	of	manufacturing,	municipalities	and	service	providers	such	as	gas,	electric	
800-414-7099                                                   WWW.I -H-C.ORG             and	other	utilities,	and	commercial	enterprises	such	as	landscaping	contractors.	
  Not Just Good Health; Good Business!                                                Companies	that	have	used	safety	coins	report	fewer	lost	time	accidents,	fewer	workers	
The Industrial Health Council is a nationwide mobile on-site                        comp	claims,	and	fewer	motor	vehicle	accidents	–	which	correspondingly	lowers	insurance	
testing company which offers a variety of occupational                              premiums.	 	 Employee	 benefits	 included	 better	 on-time	 performance	 and	 better	 morale	
compliance health testing and wellness program screening                            among	others.		At	TECO	Peoples	Gas,	preventable	accidents	dropped	by	30%	and	workers	
services. Call us or visit our website for a quote.                                 compensation	claims	dropped	by	75%.		Due	to	the	lower	number	of	claims,	insurance	
                                                                                    premiums	have	dropped,	thus	increasing	profits.		

                                                                                      Safety	coins	from	Osborne	Coinage	Company	are	available	in	a	wide	range	of	materials,	
                                                                                    colors	and	sizes	to	suit	any	preference	or	need.		Custom	designs	can	be	shipped	within	10	
                                                                                    business	days	so	that	safety	programs	can	begin	seeing	results	right	away.
 ACE Drilling Co.                                                                     Safety	 coins	 are	 available	 from	 Osborne	 Coinage	 Company.	 	 Established	 in	 1835,	
                                                                                    Osborne	 Coinage	 is	America’s	 oldest	 private	 mint.	 	 	They	 produce	 high	 quality	 custom	
*** Mineral Exploration RC Drilling ***                                             minted	coins,	medallions,	and	key	chains	in	aluminum,	Goldine®,	nickel-silver,	bronze,	
                                                                                    and	even	fine	silver	and	solid	gold.		
       42254 Stasso Road, Polson, MT 59860
                                                                                      For	more	information	on	using	custom	coins,	medallions	or	key	chains	for	promotional	
                                                                                    purposes	 or	 as	 advertising	 specialties,	 visit	 or	 contact	 Osborne	
     Contact: Jay Bick - Mbl: 406-261-6711                                          Coinage	Co.,	at	(866)	274-0868,	or	via	mail	to	Osborne	Coinage	Co.,	2851	Massachusetts	
    Office: 406-883-3300 • Fax:406-883-3301                                         Avenue,	Cincinnati,	OH		45225.		

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DOMESTIC MINING                                                NORTH AMERICA
Don’t Miss
                                                                                    REGISTRATION & HOUSING
                                                                                      REGISTRaTION & HOuSING
                                                                                      REGISTRaTION & HOuSING
                                                                                    NOW OPEN!
                                                                                      NOW OpEN!
                                                                                      NOW OpEN!

 SEpTEMbER 24-26,
SEpTEMbER 24-26, 2012
  Bigger than ever before, it’s the industry’s
Bigger than ever before, it’s the industry’s
  most important innovation showcase with
most important innovation showcase with
  over 700,000 sq. ft. of new products
over 700,000 sq. ft. of new products and
  services. Join 38,000+ mining professionals
services. Join 38,000+ mining professionals
   the center of the mining world to
atat the centerof the mining world to see,
  learn from experts and experience
learn from experts and experience this
  one-of-a-kind, once every 4 year event.
one-of-a-kind, once every 4 year event.

 September 24-26, 2012
September 24-26, 2012
 Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas Convention Center
 Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

  for the latest information.
for the latest information.

              Sponsored by
             Sponsored by
              National Mining Association
             National Mining Association

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                                                              MADE IN FINLAND


 N44 LED                                   N46 LED
 NORDIC LIGHTS LED work lamp                NEW! NORDIC LIGHTS new
 features multi voltage usage               LED work light offers superior
 and low power consumption.                 illumination and high operational

                           N10 LED
                           NEW! NORDIC LIGHTS new LED work
                           light is extremely compact in size and light
                           in weight, featuring a Heavy Duty bracket.

                                                        Nordic Lights NA Inc
                                                        3375 Gilchrist Rd
                                                        Mogadore, Ohio 44260
                                                        Tel. 886 779 2629 Toll Free

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