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					    News | Round Up                                                                                             NEws iN bRiEF
    AQUAmiD® sAFE AND                                                                                           Mag INTRODUCES VaRIODERM MESOlIFT
                                                                                                                Medical aesthetic group has added a new product to its Varioderm

    EFFECtiVE sAYs stUDY
                                                                                                                range. Varioderm Mesolift is a new generation hyaluronic acid filler
                                                                                                                that restores natural moisture, elasticity and tautness to the skin
                                                                                                                and smoothes superficial lines. by delivering a high concentration of
                                                                                                                hydration to the skin Varioderm Mesolift counteracts the progression
    Results of a pivotal phase 3 clinical trial for soft volume filler Aquamid® were presented at
                                                                                                                of the skin’s ageing process resulting in a noticeably fresher, more
    the annual meeting for the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) in phoenix. The                  vital appearance. Varioderm Mesolift is derived from non-cross
    12-month study shows that Aquamid® was as effective as Restylane® at six-month follow-up                    linked highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. The product is delivered
    and maintained effectiveness to 12 months after follow-up, while also offering an excellent                 using the newly developed Mesolift system, which involves a series
    safety profile by being well tolerated through 12 months. Aquamid® is used to rejuvenate or                 of miniscule pin pricks that also stimulate skin regeneration and
    contour the face, either by restoring lost volume or by adding extra volume where needed.                   collagen production. This unique delivery system ensures the
                                                                                                                product is utilised in the areas where it is needed the most: face,
    "The study was highly effective and useful in terms of showing the safety and efficacy of
                                                                                                                neck, décolleté and the back of the hands. Results are natural,
    Aquamid®,” said lead presenter and study investigator, Rhoda S. Narins, MD, Clinical Professor
                                                                                                                lasting and immediate but several sessions may be necessary to
    of Dermatology at New York University Medical School. “The findings confirm the validity of this            achieve the desired effect with an interval of at least two weeks
    investigational filler and offer credence to the notion of lasting soft volume fillers."                    between treatment sessions.
    Michael Peytz, chief executive officer of Contura International A/S, the manufacturers of
    the product added, “We are excited that our 12-month US clinical data demonstrates the                      CYNOSURE SMaRTlIpO MpX™
    long-term efficacy and safety of Aquamid®. Aquamid® is poised to enter the marketplace
    and meet global consumer needs for true long-lasting aesthetic treatments to restore facial
                                                                                                                laUNCHES IN CHESTER
                                                                                                                Cynosure has just launched its Smartlipo MpX™ system in Chester
    volume and rejuvenate the appearance. We are looking forward to submitting this data to                     in partnership with The Nuffield Hospital. working under the
    the FDA for review.”                                                                                        direction of Mr ali Juma, this is the first practice in the area to adopt
    David Gower, MD of Medical Aesthetic Group, the UK distributor of Aquamid® commented, “The US               this system. as a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon
    double blind trial of 300 patients adds further credibility to the proposition that Aquamid® is perfectly   Mr Juma, MbbS (lon), FRCS (Ed), FRCS (plast) specialises in a
                                                                                                                comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures, including surgical
    safe and results in improved outcomes when used correctly and
                                                                                                                and non-surgical treatments. He said: “Smartlipo MpX™ does not
    for the correct indication. A clinic wishing to offer a complete
                                                                                                                only allow me to liposculpture patients more accurately but also to
    service needs four fillers: Aquamid® because it permanent;                                                  tighten their skin at the same time.” The procedure will form part
    Radiesse™ because it isn’t, Sculptra® because it does what no                                               of the main menu of treatments on offer at this prestige clinic. The
    other filler does and an HA to fill in all the little bits.”                                                secret of the MpX™ (short for Multiplex) is its multiple lasers, which
    This is the second time Aquamid® data has been presented                                                    not only make laser lipo more effective, across a wider wavelength,
    in the US. A five-year, multicenter, prospective study of 116                                               but also induce skin tightening to complement the effectiveness of
                                                                                                                the fat removal. local anesthetic is used, and downtime is minimal.
    European patients was presented at the 2008 American
    Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) annual meeting
    in which safety and long-term aesthetic results of Aquamid®
                                                                                                                HOllYwOOD COMES TO
    were shown for five years when used for facial soft tissue
                                                                                                                HaRlEY STREET
                                                                                                                Top Harley Street Surgeon, Mr David Ross, has taken on Hollywood’s
    augmentation and facial contouring.
                                                                                                                hottest facial – Fire & Ice – at his private practice plastic Surgery
                                                                                                                w1. The Fire & Ice Facial by Innovative Skincare is known in la as

    twO stUDiEs hAVE shOwN
                                                                                                                ‘The Red Carpet Treatment’ for its instant brightening, tightening and
                                                                                                                smoothing effects. It incorporates the clinically backed, results-driven,
                                                                                                                iS Clinical cosmeceutical skincare range, which hit UK shores to in
    POsitiVE REsUlts with jUVEDERm’s                                                                            2008. This intensive clinical facial is designed to rapidly and safely
                                                                                                                resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing

    NEwEst PRODUCt – VOlUmA™                                                                                    and softening, while encouraging cellular renewal. a-list fans of the
                                                                                                                treatment include Halle berry, gwyneth paltrow and Evangeline lily.
    The first ever prospective study of Juvederm Voluma™ has just been published in BMC                         Fire & Ice will top the list of aesthetic treatments administered by the
    Dermatology. The European study, authored by Klaus Hoffmann, involved 15 physician and                      clinic’s talented Senior Nurse practitioner, Isobel Hurll bSC(Hons) RgN,
    70 patients. The study confirmed that Voluma™ is highly effective, delivering increased                     and will be offered as part of pre and post-operative healing skin care
    global aesthetic improvement scores and very high levels of both patient and physician                      programme to the clinic’s surgical patients.
    88% of investigators rated their patients as very much or much improved following treatment                 NaNOgEN SCalpROllER™ IS
    with Juvederm Voluma™and, of the 70 patients, 76% rated themselves as very much or much                     ‘bREaKTHROUgH’ THERapEUTIC
    improved. Approximately 95.6% of investigators rated Juvederm Voluma™ as very or fairly easy                TOOl FOR HaIR lOSS
    to inject and approximately 92% of the patients noted they would be quiet likely or very likely to          Nanogen’s new Scalproller™ is the first specifically designed
    return for treatment.                                                                                       roller to help treat thinning hair. with unique titanium needles to
    In addition to the above study, a poster assessing patient and physicians perceptions of                    precisely penetrate the skin with minimal irritation, the Scalproller™
    Juvederm Voluma™ versus Restylane SubQ, has just been presented at the European Masters in                  dramatically improves the effects of any topical treatment and even
                                                                                                                used independently encourages scalp repair and hair growth.
    Aesthetic and Anti-ageing Medicine (EMAA) congress in Paris (October 1-3, 2009).
                                                                                                                This ‘at home’ treatment signals a new approach to reducing
    Juvederm Voluma™ was rated by injectors to be either
                                                                                                                hair loss and is currently undergoing clinical trials, which are
    very much, much better or better than                                                                       showing very positive results. Furthermore, a professional version
    Restylane SubQ in 70% of patients. 99% of                                                                   of the Scalproller™ has been well received by hair restoration
    injectors also said they would recommend                                                                    experts who are getting good results in their practices and several
    Juvederm Voluma™ to colleagues, with                                                                        applications have been made to Nanogen to conduct new research
    73% preferring Juvederm Voluma™ to                                                                          utilising the Scalproller™. For more on this see our Male Treatment
                                                                                                                Special (p28-36).
    Restylane SubQ.

     Special Feature | Male Treatments
                                                    Bigger than the hair removal market for men however is          “The hair transplant doctor needs only a single surgical
                                                    the hair loss market. Millions of men across the globe are      assistant to help him during the follicle hair transplants.
                                                    affected by loss of hair or thinning hair.                      The procedure also ensures maximum care to
                                                                                                                    the grafts. The hair transplant doctor can decide
                                                    “There are numerous factors that contribute to the              upon the exact number of grafts to be removed
                                                    cause of hair loss in both males and females but                while he is removing them one-by-one. Hair re-
                                                    genetic pattern baldness accounts for nearly 95% of             growth will be seen after 16 weeks, depending in
                                                    all hair loss in men. This common form of progressive           part on how quickly the capillaries form around
                                                    hair thinning relates to a condition called androgenic          the newly relocated follicular units. This newly
                                                    alopecia or male pattern baldness”, says Dr Patrick             transferred hair grows naturally in its new location for
     AHI, BeforeAHI and AfterAHI                    Treacey from the Ailesbury Clinic, Dublin.                      the rest of the patient’s life.”

                                                    With so much interest surrounding the hair loss market,         While hair transplant surgery has long been the gold
                                                    it is no surprise then that aesthetics clinics are also         standard treatment for hair loss, many men are still
                                                    now getting in on the act. Hair loss is big business and        searching for less invasive options to give them back
                                                    including hair loss services can really expand your clinics     a full head of hair and as such new products are
                                                    offering. Dr Treacey, who has developed the Ailesbury           being launched onto the market all the time. One
                                                    Hair Implant (AHI) technique at his Dublin clinic, has          of the most recently examples of this is the Nanogen
                                                    long realised the benefit of adding hair loss services in       Scalproller™. The Scalproller™ is the first specifically
                                                    an aesthetic practice.                                          designed roller to help treat thinning hair. With unique
                                                                                  “The AHI technique is a           titanium needles to precisely penetrate the skin
                                                                                  variation of FUE, which           with minimal irritation, the Scalproller™ dramatically
                                                                                  uses genetic pre-testing          improves the effects of any topical treatment and
                                                                                  and 633nm light for               even used independently encourages scalp repair
                                                                                  fibroblast stimulation            and hair growth.
                                                                                  and the use of quality
                                                                                  control during the hair           There are two versions for use at home, 0.275mm
        BEFORE                              AFTER                                 transplant procedures,            for very thin hair and 0.5mm for thicker hair. Both
                                                                                  which has been perfected          are engineered from pure titanium which gives the
                                                                                  in Dublin”, he says. “Like        needle a finer and more durable edge. Gold plating
                                                                                  FUE, it is a minimally invasive   is also used to maintain sterility and special sterilising
                                                                                  method of hair restoration        solution is also supplied. When using the Scalproller™,
                                                                                  which avoids the need for         penetration of any topical growth treatment increases
                                                                                  any scalpels or stitching to      and because of this, lower concentrations of topical
                                                                                  be required at any point          treatments can be used. Also, frontal scalp areas
                                                                                  during the procedure. This        are harder to treat with topical treatment alone,
                                                                                  means single hair follicles       the Scalproller™ dramatically increases absorption
        BEFORE                              AFTER
                                                                                  can be extracted one by           in these areas creating new areas where topical
                                                                                  one from the donor area           treatment can be used.
     HairBefore and HairAfter                                                     (back of the head) and
                                                    later re-implanted with a special AHI implantation              The latest research on behalf of Intercytex by leading
                                                    device. The user friendliness of this method relies on          hairloss expert, Dr Bessam Farjo, and pioneering
                                                    the fact that a strip of donor skin is not required to be       studies by Dr George Cotsarelis have also provided
                                                    removed from the back of the head. Many doctors,                strong anecdotal evidence that Scalproller™ therapy
                                                    including myself, now consider this to be the most              may produce new hair growth independently of any
                                                    advanced method of transplanting hair.                          other treatment.

          With so much going on in the male grooming sector it is clear that the male market is not one to be ignored. If you are keen to expand your clinic’s
          offering to attract men then don’t worry that you need to devise a completely different marketing campaign, Ron Myers director of Aesthetic Business
          Services and The Consulting Room™ advises, “Many savvy medical aesthetic clinics have already cottoned onto this by including a ‘treatments for
          men’ section on their website and/or in their literature. This tends to differentiate them from a lot of beauty salons who are more focussed on female
          clientele for their core business and who not be attractive to men as a place to go for IPL/ laser hair removal or injectables, if they have a visiting
          practitioner. This can include using neutral colours on website and literature and within the clinic (i.e. not lots of pink!) and including testimonials and
          before and after pictures for men on the web/in clinic literature and on the clinic walls.

          “The actual words used to describe the benefits of treatments are similar for injectable cosmetic treatments/hair removal – even though it may be that
          the emphasis on the treated areas may be different – i.e. hairy backs/chest for men. However, men tend to respond more to factual information – what
          its is and how it works – whereas women tend to like personal stories from other women with similar problems who have visited the clinic and been
          happy. Offering male only procedures – such as Smartlipo for the treatment of gynaecomastia – is extending into the medical aesthetic clinics offering.
          For these types of procedures advertising in men’s magazines/male forums online can be more effective. Overall I think that many aesthetic clinics are
          still working out how to tap into this emerging male market place for non-surgical procedures – Medizen, as an example – was set up specifically to be
          asexual from a marketing perspective and we’ve gone from a few men to almost 20% of our database being male in the last six years – and its not
          unusual to find more men than women in the waiting room.”


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