SUNDAY_ NOVEMBER 6 - Texas Renewable Energy Industries by zhouwenjuan


									                                                Program Revised October 13, 2011
12:00 – 5:30    Registration Open

12:30 – 5:30    Workshops: Utility-Scale Solar Integration
                Leader & Presenter: Hala Ballouz, Conference Co-Chair, Electric Power Engineers
                Presenters from: ERCOT, SMA, Extreme Power

5:00 – 7:00     Welcome reception - Exhibit Hall

6:45 – 7:30     TREIA annual business meeting

8:00 – 8:30     Coffee with exhibitors
8:30 – 5:00     Exhibit hall open to public

8:30 – 10:00    OPENING SESSION
                Welcome: Kevin Gresham, Conference Co-Chair, VP, Regulator Affairs & Transmission E.On Climate & Renewables, Austin

                Corpus Christi Welcome - Joel Murphy, Director Marketing, American Electric Power (AEP), Corpus Christi

                Texas’ New Energy Frontier – South Texas & Coastal Bend
                Mike Carrell, President, Frost National Bank, Chairman Port Commission, Corpus Christi

                John Hofmeister, Founder Citizens for Affordable Energy & author, Why We Hate The Oil Companies: Straight Talk From An Energy
                Insider, Past President, Shell Oil, Houston

10:00 – 10:30   Coffee Break – exhibit hall

10:30 – Noon    Topical Breakout Sessions

Session A       Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Nodal – How’s it going?
                Session Chair: Kevin Gresham, Conf. Co-Chair, VP, Regulator Affairs & Transmission, E.On Climate & Renewables, Austin
                Hala Ballouz, Electric Power Engineers, Austin
                John Dummas, ERCOT, Taylor

Session B       Solar Water Heating – Is Texas Missing A Bet On Its Most Cost Effective Solar Technology?
                “Challenges and Solutions for the Solar Water Heating Industry in Texas”
                Session Chair: Thomas Isaac – Owner, Techsun Solar Inc., Martindale

                “Success of the ONCOR Solar Water Heating (SWH) Rebate Program and Issues That Still Linger for SWH in Texas”
                Michael Flatt – Senior Associate, ICF International, Plano

                “Challenges and Solutions for the Solar Water Heating Industry in Corpus Christi, TX”
                Neil McQueen - Owner, Third Coast Solar, Corpus Christi

Session C       2011 Biofuels Blockbuster Opportunity Reviews: The Hangover 2, Cowboys & Aliens, Cars 2, Back to
                the Future [Again], & Captain America
                Can your G.P.S. (Government/Policy/Science) Team Navigate your Business Opportunity from Washington to Austin? Session
                will provide information on the national politics of biofuels and the renewable fuel standard, life after VEETC, and other future
                legislative and regulatory issues that will drive market demand and investment in biofuel related technologies. Discussion will also

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                                              Program Revised October 13, 2011
              include the economic (jobs), environmental (aromatic/BTX reduction), energy/national security (DOD fuel purchasing), and media
              issues that could drive or threaten the demand for biofuels in the future.

              Session Co-Chair: Burl Haigwood, Director of Program Development, Clean Fuels Development Coalition, College Station
              Session Co-Chair: Jeff Plowman, Executive Director, Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, Austin

              “Biomass Feedstocks in Texas: The Big Picture”
              Lawrence Falconer, PhD, Professor and Extension Economist, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, College Station
              Lawrence will provide an assessment of the quantity and costs to deliver Texas biomass for the production of biofuels (or renewable
              energy). This presentation will focus on the biomass feedstock opportunities in Texas and any obstacles that may be in the way of
              government and industry cashing in on this multi-billion dollar natural resource.

              “Non-Ethanol Biofuels: Drop-in Green Gasoline”
              Gary Garverick, Project Development Program Manager, Terrabon, Houston
              Terrabon is planning its first commercial facility in Texas to produce green gasoline from organic waste. This presentation will focus
              on the challenges related to new pathway approval, government funding obstacles, the benefits of a drop-in fuel, and the importance
              of supply and off-take partners.

              “The Biofuels Business after the Corn Cap: Farm to Fuel”
              Karl Doenges, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Protec Fuel, Georgetown
              The RFS 2 cap on corn has limited the investment opportunities for large scale ethanol plants from corn. Therefore, there are new
              opportunities to develop distributed advanced and cellulosic feedstock based projects. This presentation will focus on an integrated
              approach of developing new technologies to produce biofuels, such as ethanol, bio-butanol and drop-in fuels and then taking the
              biofuels directly to the traditional refined fuels markets for blending. Protec is the largest E85 provider in Texas and supplies risk
              management services and bulk ethanol to terminals and distributors in the South, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

              “Biodiesel: Success Stories”
              Jeff Plowman, Executive Director, Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, Austin
              It‟s been six years since the Jobs Bill gave us the biofuel blending credit that initiated an industry. Since that time companies have
              come and gone but the community model stands the test of time. This presentation will highlight business models that still deliver on
              biodiesel‟s value proposition.

Session D     The Direction and Future of DRG Markets in Texas.
              Session Chair/Moderator: Steve Wiese, President TREIA, Principal Clean Energy Associates
              "Texas Distributed Generation „By the Numbers'"
              David Power, Deputy Director, Public Citizen, Austin

              "Advanced Inverter Features for High DG Penetration"
              Elie Nasr, Director of Business Development, SMA America, LLC, Rocklin, CA

               "Texas' Longest Running Solar Program"
              Leslie Libby, Manager of Solar Programs, Austin Energy, Austin

              "Legislative Impact on new Third Party Ownership and Home Owners‟ Association Laws"
              Jeff Wolfe, President, Solar Community, Austin

              “Accelerating the Adoption of Rooftop Solar with AC modules”
              Joe Scarci, VP Marketing, SolarBridge Technologies

Noon – 1:30   Keynote Luncheon: Laura Doll, Chair ERCOT

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                                              Program Revised October 13, 2011
1:30 – 3:00   General Session - Panel Discussion
              140 Days +19 Months, The Future of Texas Legislation
              Description: For over 35 years advocates have informed, encouraged, and lobbied the Texas Legislature to see it adopt policies
              that advance the development of our state‟s renewable energy resources – with varying degrees of success. This panel will discuss
              the ups and downs of the most recent legislative session and its impact on renewables, explore the role it could or should play in
              renewable energy development, and take a look ahead at the interim and the 83rd Legislature in 2013.

              Session Chair/Moderator: Russel Smith, Executive Director, TREIA

              Chris Winland, Principal, Good Company Associates, Austin

              While the Texas legislature - and renewable advocates -- failed to pass major legislation on PACE, non-wind RPS and solar
              incentives, smaller scale legislation was successfully passed on energy efficiency, energy storage and third-party ownership of solar,
              among other measures. Reed will address the opportunities available from reliability concerns of the market
              Cyrus Reed, Sierra Club - Lone Star Chapter, Austin

              Steve Wiese, Principal, Clean Energy Associates, President, TREIA, Austin
              Mark Walker, Director, Regulatory Affairs, NRG Energy, Austin
              Steven Polunsky, Committee Director, Texas Senate Committee on Business & Commerce

3:00 – 3:30   Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall

3:30 – 5:00   Topical Breakout Sessions
Session A     Energy Storage - Where are We & What's in the Future?
              Session Chair: Chis Winland, Co-Director, Texas Energy Storage Alliance (TESA), Austin
              Praveen Kathpal, VP, Market and Regulatory Affairs, AES, Washington DC
              Audrey Fogarty, VP, Commercial Operations & Applications Development, Xtreme Power, Austin
              Jeff Gates, Managing Director - Commercial Strategy,Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC

Session B     Utility Scale Solar - The Business Model
              Session Chair: Hala Ballouz, Electric Power Engineers, Austin
              “CPS Plans for Renewable Energy Procurement and Business Model”
              John Kosub, Program Manager of Energy Strategy Planning, CPS Energy, San Antonio

              “Status of Ongoing Projects in Texas, and future Outlook”
              John Lichtenberger, Director of Utility Sales, SunEdison, Austin

              “A Brief on Pre- and Post-Construction Solar Energy Forecasting: Methods, Measurements and Uncertainties”
              Greg Poulos, Director, V-Bar, LLC, Salt Lake City

Session C     Small Wind
              "Best Practices in Small Wind Permitting for Cities and Counties"
              Session Chair: Mike Bergey, Owner, Bergey Windpower Co., Inc., Norman, OK

              "Experience Selling and Installing Small Wind Turbines in Southern Texas"
              David James, Director, Renergy Now, Cuero

              "Certification Testing at the AEI Regional Wind Test Site"
              David Carr, Assistant Director, Alternative Energy Institute, West Tx. A&M, Canyon

              "Community Wind – Successes and Challenges in Texas"
              Adam Venn, Regional Director - Midwest, Northern Power Systems, Barre, VT

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                                               Program Revised October 13, 2011

Session D      Biomass Electric - How Do Projects Go With Gas Prices So Low?
               The biomass industry is in the midst of some difficult times. With so much cheap shale gas flooding the market, traditional biomass
               approaches are a tough sell. Where does the industry go from here? This panel of experts will explore where the future opportunities
               will be to expand biomass electric in Texas.

               Session Chair: Dan Bullock, Director, U.S. DOE Gulf Coast Clean Energy Application Center, The Woodlands
               Danny Vines, President, Aspen Power and Angelina Fuels, Lufkin
               Tommy John, President, Tommy John Engineering, Bandera
               Brent Bailey, State Facilitator, 25x'25 Initative, Canton, MS
               Paul Wielgus, Managing Director, GDS Associates, Atlanta, GA

5:00           Exhibit hall closes

6:00 – 9:00    Reception - Port of Corpus Christi’s Solomon Ortiz Center
               Relax, network, and enjoy music, fine food and beverages.
               Graciously sponsored and hosted by the Port of Corpus Christi.

8:00 – 8:30    Coffee with exhibitors
8:30 – 4:00    Exhibit hall open to public

8:30 – 10:00   General Session - Panel Discussion
               Energy Market Trends - Part 1: Renewables’ Fit & Future
               Panel Moderator: John Lichtenberger, Director of Utility Sales, SunEdison, San Antonio
               John Ragan, President, NRG Energy‟s Gulf Coast Region, Houston
               Christopher Flavin, President, World Watch Institute, Washington, DC
               Michael Osborne, Special Assistant to the GM, Austin Energy, Austin
               Paul Hudson, Founder and Principal, Stratus Energy Group, Austin (Invited)

10:30 – Noon   Topical Breakout Sessions
Session A      Project Financing - We've Gotta Have it! How Do We Get it?"
               “Structures and funding sources”
               Session Chair: Steve Krebs, Alternative Energy Professional, Houston
               Richard Carrell, VP Prudential Capital Group, Dallas
               Robert “Bob” Webb, Owner, Attorney & Counselor, Austin

Session B      Renewable Energy Integration in Green Building
               Panel discussion on Renewable Energy Integration in Green Building. The panel consists of representatives from the wind, solar,
               and geothermal energy realms to answer and discuss such topics that cover each these renewable energy sources and how they
               can be easily assimilated into the building industry. The discussion will also cover the benefits of each as well as some thought into
               how these renewable energy resources affect us at the state and local building industry levels.

               Session Chair: Laura Bennett, Branch Leader, USGBC, TX Coastal Bend, Corpus Christi
               Byron Lofton, 3eWerks, Corpus Christi
               Garrett Dorsey, AEP Texas - Energy Star Program, Corpus Christi
               TBA, Solar Installer

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                                             Program Revised October 13, 2011

Session C     Economic Development and the Renewable Energy Sector: A Community and Corporate Perspective
              Session Chair: Carlton Schwab, Executive Director, Tx Economic Development Council, Austin
              Tom Long, Senior Manager, Economic Development, CPS Energy, San Antonio
              Ben Loftsgaarden, Principal, Greyhill Advisors, Austin
              Rusty Brockman, Director of Economic Development, New Braunfels

Session D     Geothermal Electric
              Session Chair: Dwain Rogers, Deputy Commissioner for Renewable Energy, Texas General Land Office, Austin
              Ron Loveday, President, InnerGeo, Corpus Christi
              TBA Professor,Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

              “Update on grant funded demonstration project in Goliad, TX”
              George Alcorn, Jr., Owner, Alcorn Exploration, Houston
              Robin Dahlheim, Director, Heat Harvester LLC, Austin

Noon – 1:30   27th TREIA Awards Luncheon
              Join us in honoring deserving individuals, companies, and organizations and recognizing exemplary student projects.

1:30 – 3:00   General Session - Panel Discussion
              Energy Market Trends - Part 2: Texas in 2020
              Session Chair: Cris Eugster, Chief Sustainability Officer, CPS Energy, San Antonio
              Les Shepard, UTSA - Dir. TX Sustainable Energy Research Institute, San Antonio
              Brett Perlman, President,Vector Advisors, Former Texas PUC Commissioner, Houston
              Paul Barham, SR Dir. Of Energy Market Operations, CPS Energy, San Antonio

3:00 – 3:30   Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall
4:00          Exhibit hall closes

3:30 – 5:30   Offshore & South Texas Wind Forum - Part 1 (general session)

              Wind Resources and Offshore Development
              Session Chair: Russel Smith, Executive Director TREIA

              Wind Resources in the South Texas Region and Offshore Coastal Texas
              Dwain Rogers, Deputy Commissioner for Renewable Energy, General Land Office, Austin

              Texas Offshore Wind - The Real Deal!
              Mark Leyland, Senior Vice President, Wind Energy Projects, Baryonyx Corporation, Austin
              Tom Hudson, President, Coastal Point Energy, Houston

4:45 - 5:30   Manufacturers Showcase (general session)
              Session Chair: Julia Zimmermann, Deputy Managing Director, German American Chamber of Commerce, Houston
              Further speakers TBD

5:30          Networking around Corpus Christi

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                                                Program Revised October 13, 2011
8:30 – Noon       Optional Distributed Renewables & Algae Facility Tour

8:30 - Noon       Offshore & South Texas Wind Forum - Part 2 (general session)
8:30 - 9:00       Onshore Wind Resources
                  Session Chair: Russel Smith, Executive Director, TREIA
                  Mannti Cummins, Director of Wind Energy Projects, American Shoreline, Corpus Christi

9:00 - 10:00      Infrastructure & Workforce in South Texas (general session)
                  Session Chair: Greg Wortham, Executive Director, Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse, Sweetwater
                  Maynard "Sandy" Sanders, Deputy Director Operations, Port of Corpus Christi
                  Al Guillen, Provost, TSTC Harlingen (Workforce & Training issues)
                  John Pappas, TX A&M (Project Ingleside), Corpus Christi

10:00 - 10:15     Coffee Break

10:15 - 11:15     Regional Development Influences & Environmental Issues (general session)
                  Session Chair: Mark Ellison, Director Corporate Relations, Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), College Station
                  Jim Sinclair, Texas Environmental Studies & Analysis, San Antonio
                  Speaker tbd, San Patricio County Economic Development
                  Gerónimo Gutiérrez , CEO, North American Development Bank, San Antonio

11:15 - 12:00     Project Case Studies (general session)
                  Session Chair: Richard Amato, President, Venti Energy, Austin

                  “Overview from the construction manager, Papalote Creek Wind Plant”
                  Spivey Paup, E.ON Climate & Renewables

12:15 – 3:00 pm   Optional Port & E.ON Papalote Creek Facility Tour (lunch provided)

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