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									                        Toastmasters International District 69

     The Quarterly Newsletter for members of Toastmasters International District 69 Australia
                                       Printed Post Approved 490986-00046

                                Volume No.16 Issue 137 March 2009

    Cover photo—Qld Premier Anna Bligh and
    District 69 Governor Lesley Storkey present
    Hetty Johnson (Bravehearts) with the District
    69 Communication and Leadership Award.
    Story p. 6

    Toastmasters Week—roundup of activities

    Candidates nominate for District Office

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            District Governor’s Message                               I have been fortunate enough this year to visit many
                                                                      clubs, using the opportunity to determine the challenges,
                                                                      goals and concerns of many members of District 69. In
                                                                      the majority I find club officers and members who are
                                                                      embracing the Toastmasters Promise and I urge all of you
                                                                      to remember that, when you signed your membership
                                                                      application, you agreed to honour the Promise.

                                                                      One of my oft quoted and favourite sayings is ―Perception
                                                                      is reality!‖ How true this is – sometimes as merely
                                                                      humans not just articulate Toastmasters, we do, say or
                                                                      write words that wound, hurt or offend others. We may
                                                                      not mean to do this and often are totally oblivious of
    Members of District 69                                            having done so, nevertheless in the other‘s mind, the hurt
                                                                      and damage is still there. Please, I urge you, as
    Corroboree is the magazine produced for our members               members of a communication organisation, if you
    and by our members and it is encouraging to see the               discover that you have inadvertently offended another
    contribution to this by so many of District 69 members.           without honestly meaning to do so, remember -
    I hope you enjoy this edition and continue to benefit from        perception is reality - talk to them. Don‘t wait for another
    the varied articles represented here.                             to address a perceived (or real) problem but display your
                                                                      communication skills and ask how this may be resolved.
    An important inclusion in this edition are the ―snapshots‖
    of our nominees for District leadership and I sincerely           On another note, I have been thrilled to see that many
    thank those who have stepped forward to take on further           clubs are embracing the concept of ‗protocol‘. Whilst we
    challenges. Conversely, some positions have no                    do need to preserve enjoyment in our meetings, it is also
    nomination as yet and this is disappointing –                     essential that we ―practise doing the right thing‖ and that
    disappointing because members are missing the                     means structure, guidelines and procedure. A good
    opportunity to gain from leadership, and disappointing            organisation is built on a framework; an excellent
    because this means that some divisions are, as yet,               organisation is built on solid foundations. Don‘t dismiss
    ships without a rudder for the forthcoming Toastmasters           protocol and meeting procedure because you don‘t
    year. I urge you to consider this opportunity to step up          understand, find it boring and of no use. Instead, ask for
    to a leadership role, be it at club, area or division level.      assistance in training and strive for decisions to be made
    Toastmasters provides an incredible opportunity to                but, most important of all, manage your time well!
    develop leadership skills which provide untold personal
    growth. To take on a leadership role takes commitment             Enjoy your membership and REACH into the 21 st century!
    and time. However the satisfaction in seeing your team
    achieve success is insurmountable. The leadership                  Lesley Storkey DTM
    journey may not always be smooth. It will be humbling              District 69 Governor 2008/09
    and it will be challenging but, I promise you, it will be
    rewarding. Just consider it!

                                                   INSIDE THIS ISSUE

    DG‘s Message                                Page 2             Northern Division Conference                   Page 15
    From the Lieutenant Governors               Page 3             We acknowledge the passing of 3 fine
    Is your members‘ money working for                                 Toastmasters                               Page 16/7
    them?                                       Page 4             Convention Educational Programme               Page 18/9
    Risk Management Strategy for YL             Page 4             Who is this man?                               Page 20
    Letters to the Editor                       Page 5             Club website success story                     Page 21
    PR Tips                                     Page 6             Upper Mt Gravatt—Bounce Back Day               Page 21
    Qld Health recognises service               Page 6             Townsville Club Success                        Page 21
    D69 Award to Hetty Johnson                  Page 7             Indooroopilly sings the Beatles                Page 21
    Toastmasters Week activities                Page 8/9           Rising to the challenge at Alice Springs       Page 22
    Candidates for District Office (Profiles)   Pages              Noosa Club wins $3,000 grant                   Page 22
                                                10-13              Voting in new members                          Page 23
    We honour D69 Presidential Citation                            The Big Picture                                Page 24
      Winners                                   Page 14

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                                       From our Lieutenant-Governors
   As full details of members‘ educational awards and the names of new members will now be posted on the District
   Website the following reports from the Lt Gov. Education & Training and the Lt Governor Marketing are intended to
   provide a summary. Remember to check for your name on the website

           Your Leadership Opportunity                                                     New Members
   Soon you will be electing your Club Officers for the           Great news in this week (last week of February) we have a new club
   2009/2010 year. Elections will be held at the first meeting    for District 69. Welcome to Boyd Park, Brisbane. We still have 2 clubs
   in May.                                                        in formation and the first meeting for our District Leadership club was
                                                                  on 28th February in Brisbane. More enquires on how to form a
   Have you thought that this is an opportunity for you to        Toastmasters club are coming in, more new clubs coming very soon.
   take on a leadership role in your club ? Do I hear you
   saying I don‘t have time or I‘m only a new member ?            A big welcome to our 627 new members (as at 23rd February) please
   Might I suggest that by taking up this challenge every         remember this is your journey. No one else can do this journey for
   aspect of your life will improve. Your skills will flow        you. In the near future one of your club members should be sitting
   through to your business and personal life. District           down with you to map out a possible journey for you.
   Member Training will be available for each Club Officer        It is very pleasing to see that 156 of our clubs have encouraged at
   Role in June /July. There is a manual for each role, a         least one if not more people to join their club.
   mentor for each Executive Role, and of course ‖ the best       While this effort of recruiting new members is a team effort, there are
   friend of your club‖ your Area Governor is there for you.      currently 35 of our members who have sponsored 3 or more
   With so much assistance why would you not take on a            members. I look forward to seeing that list grow.
   role ?
                                                                  On the club front Broadwater have signed up 14 new members with
   Of course I am always available to talk with you. Tell your    Gold Coast finding 13 members. We have two clubs with 11 new
   Immediate Past President and his/her committee what            members with another 6 clubs signing up 10.
   role you are interested in.
   Have your Vice President Education schedule mini               Congratulations everyone who has asked someone to consider
   educational sessions on each role so that you know what        Toastmasters, as we all know the most successful method of gaining
   each role entails. Aim to have a mixture of experienced        new members is to ask them to come to a meeting.
   and new members in your Executive. I have seen
   members grow enormously in their leadership abilities by       There are 60 clubs with 20 plus members and at the current time
   being a member of their Club Executive.                        there are 9 clubs that have had a nett growth of 5. I am sure that with
                                                                  our membership payment period for April to September coming up,
   Remember that Toastmasters International Policy states         we will see a big increase in these numbers.
   that a President cannot be a President for two                 Our 8 clubs who have a club coach are all improving. We even have
   consecutive terms. This is to allow more members               one club achieving so much that they will be operating without a
   opportunities for leadership.                                  coach after 30th June. We are grateful to the members who have
                                                                  increased our pool of coaches.
   Don‘t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. You
   never know where it will lead you. Toastmasters                Are you looking for the thrills and excitement that many coaches go
   opportunities are endless.                                     through such as Wayne Bennett then we have the opportunity for
                                                                  you? See your Club President for more details.
   Submitted by Coral McVean
   Lieutenant-Governor                                            Remember to ask people to attend a Toastmasters meeting and
   Education and Training                                         always be ready to start a club. There are many people out there
                                                                  waiting for you to come and offer Toastmasters to
               Educational Achievements
                                                                  Bruce George DTM
   Congratulations to all of our members who have                 Lt Gov. Marketing
   achieved their educational goals since July 1 2008.
   Members please ensure that your Vice President
   Education submits your award immediately to
   Toastmasters International so that your achievement can       District 69 needs another 120 Competent Communicators to achieve its
   be acknowledged.                                              goal . If you are close to completing yours make sure that your Vice
   Check our District 69 website to find your name if you        President Education programs you so that you will achieve your goal .
   have gained an award in February.                             43              Competent Leaders
                                                                 20              Advanced Leaders Bronze
   This year we have had                                          8              Advanced Leaders Silver
   106           Competent Communicators                         14              High Performance Leadership
   39            Advanced Communicators Bronze                    8              Distinguished Toastmaster
   20            Advanced Communicators Silver
   16            Advanced Communicators Gold                                                 Congratulations
                                                                             to our newest Distinguished Toastmasters
   District 69 has achieved its target for Advanced                             Sharon Payton and Roslyn Scoble !!!!!
   Communicators . Well done members !!!

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪                                    3
                                                 IS YOUR MEMBERS’ MONEY
                         MONEY                      WORKING FOR THEM?
    Recently I have had some concerns with the amount of           payments should be used (spent) in the period that
    funds that various clubs in District 69 are currently          the dues payment was collected. That way the
    holding.                                                       member who paid the dues obtains the benefit of the
                                                                   additional payment to the club.
    TI policy Section VI D 7 Assets at the District and Club
    Levels addresses club assets, of which a bank account          Any clubs that have accumulated excess funds should
    would be included. The policy states that "It is not within    consider suspending any additional payments (in
    the scope of districts and clubs to own assets beyond          excess of the dues payment) to the club until the
    what is necessary to deliver the Toastmaster                   amount is reduced.
    programme." Following is a link to the policy for ease of
    reference:                                                     I, through the Toastmasters International Financial                       Controller, will be happy to work with any of the clubs to
    policyProcedures/SectionVID7.pdf                               gain an understanding of the policy as well as managing
                                                                   the assets they currently have on hand.
    While the policy does not provide a maximum amount of
    assets that can be held at the club level, the intent of the   Finally, please appreciate my concern regarding our
    policy is that the club should not collect any funds in        non profit status and the potential risk to our
    excess of what the club needs for the particular               organization.
    programme year. Many clubs add a small amount to
                                                                                              Lesley Storkey DTM
    the dues payments to cover room rental, refreshments,
    office supplies and such. Any supplemental dues                                           District 69 Governor

      Risk Management Strategy for Youth Leadership Programs and Gavel Clubs conducted
                              by Toastmasters District 69 Clubs


    District 69 is committed to developing a culture that recognises and promotes the safety and wellbeing of children
    and young people who are involved in the Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program and Gavel Clubs
    and to the implementation of risk management strategies that eliminate, or else minimise, harm to them.
    District 69 will ensure that members involved in Youth Leadership Programs and Gavel Clubs providing services
    directed mainly towards children and young people, or conducting activities mainly involving children and young
    people adhere to the following:
         exercise a satisfactory level of care and diligence when working with or supervising children and young people
    and will not expose them to an unacceptable level of risk.
         report an incident relating to harm or potential or suspected harm to children and young people and will
    cooperate with relevant statutory and regulatory authorities involved in child protection.
    will support a child who is a victim of harm or potential or suspected victim of harm and safeguard their privacy and

    Training and Management:
    Members involved in activities covered by this policy receive training that alerts them to the nature of harm which
    can occur to children and young people, and how to respond to disclosures of harm.

    VISIT OUR WEBSITE UNDER Resources/Policies and Procedures or the direct link …

                                                      Western Division
                                                       Conference in

                                                  Photos from the Saturday
                                                  evening ―Gundy Races‖.

4   GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪
                                                                        Got something to say? Or do you have an answer or
                                                                        opinion on any of these letters? Write it in 200 words
         LETTERS                                                        or less, add your name, club and location and send it to
                                                                        the editor.
  Play it again Sam!                               member‘s sponsor should become aware              I suggest the following training program
                                                   of it early in the speaking program. If the       for Chairman and Toastmaster positions
  Some years ago, I won‘t say how many,            speaker seems unable to deviate, then the
  as a chap is entitled to a few secrets, a        sponsor and the VPE may have to                   Members who have been in
  young English girl named Millie made a           nominate a speech subject for the speaker         Toastmasters for a length of time should
  record that, after persistent plugging (it       to research, or else extend an invitation to      be considered. Some clubs put a
  needed it) became a hit. It bore the             take part in a debate far removed from the        minimum of 12 months.
  intellectual-sounding title ―My Boy              recurring theme.
  Lollipop‖ which endowed it with some             John Graham DTM                                   Have the member sit with the incumbent
  emphasis if precious little else. ―My Boy        VPPR Nambour                                      office bearer, for example the Chairman,
  Lollipop‖ hovered around the best-sellers                                                          for many weeks. (The club executive
  for a time before plummeting to oblivion.        Training Chairman and Toastmaster                 committee to decide when training is
                                                                                                     complete and the member is ready to
  Hastily Millie made another record –             Recently we were discussing in a group            run a meeting solo)
  ‗pressed a disc‘ I believe is the showbiz        the problems with having meetings poorly
  terminology, and it too enjoyed limited          run. The major problems, I believe, are           Allow the member to take on some of
  success before it, and Millie, completely        member retention and guest conversion.            the Chairman‘s minor responsibilities
  disappeared never to re-emerge. Initially,                                                         initially. Raise the level of responsibility
  when hearing the second disc it was              A well run, vibrant meeting is more likely        weekly until the member is confident
  almost impossible to distinguish it from its     to result in member retention and potential       and competent (as determined by the
  predecessor. The beat, harmonics,                members signing up. A poorly run                  committee).
  chords and so-called melody were                 meeting is likely to have the opposite
  markedly similar, as were the sentiments         results.                                          Impress on the trainees that the
  of the alleged song. It was virtually the                                                          Chairman and Toastmaster are not
  same.                                            My comment, that no member should be              expected to know everything. They are
                                                   allowed to take on the positions of               meeting controllers. They have other
  Regrettably the speeches of many                 Chairman and Toastmaster, which I feel            office bearers to help them, eg
  Toastmasters are like this. Frequently           strongly about, was met with as I expected        parliamentarian
  one hears a delivery by a speaker that has       "But everyone must have chance to take
  many similarities to a previous speech.          on the roles". I agree entirely.
                                                                                                     If you want to retain membership and
  Instead of ―My Boy Lollipop‖ it has
                                                                                                     gain new members, the meetings
  become ―Lollipop My Boy‖.                        But putting an untrained member in the            should be entertaining and fun.
                                                   positions is likely to be traumatic for the
  If a speaker has a tendency in this                                                                Keith Rogers
                                                   member and boring for the audience.
  direction, a resourceful VPE and                                                                   VPE Talk of the North

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            Do you have potential members (and members) within Qld Health – particularly the Nursing Profession?
            Are you aware they can put their Toastmaster membership fees towards their Performance Appraisal and
            Development program (PAD) and earn points.

            Let potential members know that many professions are able to apply their Toastmaster membership fees as
            a tax deduction.

            Talk to your Area Gov about the March to May Membership Madness promotion. Sign up for the
            membership drive and get materials to help you grow your membership.

            Do your local service groups like Lions, Rotary and Apex or even your local high schools have ―debates‖.
            Offer Toastmaster services as adjudicators and judges. If they don‘t have debates – suggest they run one
            and your club will adjudicate.

            Does your local high school have a Speech Night? Can your club run a Speechcraft for the year 12
            students in preparation for Speech Night. (Don’t forget, you need Blue Cards)

            Do the members of your club executive have TM club business cards. You can design these in Publisher
            and purchase printable ―business cards‖ from your local stationery supplier for your home printer. Or if you
            have the budget, you can print through your local printer. Put your club name, meeting dates and meeting
            venue on them with name and contact number. Remember to use both sides of the card. Every time your
            executive use them they‘re promoting your club.

            Get your club members to wear their Toastmasters badge to work every now and then. You may be
            surprised on the number of comments and questions you will get.

            Ask your schools, particularly high schools, if your club can run an area at their school fete – what about a
            Speaker‘s Corner where TM can demonstrate their skills. (Speaker‘s Corner is an area in London where
            people bring a box to stand on and voice their opinion on any topic. Members of the public are encouraged
            to heckle!) Encourage the fete audience to come up and have a go!

            What about a stall at your local markets – take your Area banner. If you need to have liability insurance
            District 69 has a public liability insurance policy available on the website under

            When you are away on business, on holiday, travelling through or just visiting friends – why not visit the
            local Toastmaster club in the area – you will get new programme ideas meet new people and expand the
            awareness of the Toastmaster family.

                                                       Qld Health Recognises Outstanding Service
                                               Jean Curley, in her previous role as Executive Support Officer at
                                               Eventide ―Aged Care, was nominated by her management committee to
                                               receive a Certificate of Achievement and engraved medallion for
                                               ―Outstanding Service to Qld Health‖ for her contribution in establishing a
                                               corporate Toastmasters club within the hospital.

                                               Jean is a member of Healthy Chatterers Toastmasters Club which is
                                               available to all staff members of the Metro North Health Service District.
                                               Due to keen interest from staff, demonstration meetings are also planned
                                               for Prince Charles Hospital and Royal Brisbane Hospital later in the year.

6   GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪
                   Toastmasters Week 16-20 February
                          Premier Anna Bligh Stands & Delivers!
                                                   Queensland Premier, the Honourable Anna Bligh, gave her
                                                   support to the launch of District 69 Toastmasters Week on
                                                   Monday 16 February. At a breakfast presentation held at
                                                   Premier‘s Hall, Queensland Parliamentary Annexe, Brisbane,
                                                   she presented the District 69 Communication & Leadership
                                                   award for 2008 to Hetty Johnston, founder and Executive
                                                   Director of Bravehearts.

                                                   It was an energising start to any day. Toastmasters and guests
                                                   attending were treated to a powerful demonstration of effective
                                                   communication from leaders in our community.

                                                   District Governor, Lesley Storkey, hosted the morning in a
                                                   professional way that made everyone welcome. Mark Hunter
                                                   presented a poignant address on the importance of recognition
      Premier of Qld – the Honourable Anna Bligh
                                                   in our society and held the audience‘ attention to a point that
                                                   you could have heard a pin drop. The Premier spoke
                                                   impromptu, no notes, recognised previous speakers by name
                                                   and used off-the-cuff humour to engage her audience.      But it
                                                   was Hetty Johnston who captivated everyone as she told her
                                                   emotional journey from potential political candidate, to the
                                                   discovery of the sexual abuse of her then 7 year old daughter
                                                   and the resultant birth of Bravehearts, its achievements and its
                                                   future goals.

                                                   A morning not to be missed but definitely one for the

                                                        Mark Hunter
                                                       addressed the
                                                      audience on the
                                                       importance of
                                                     recognition in our

        Hetty Johnson, Executive Director of
        Bravehearts, shows off her District 69
        Communication and Leadership Award

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪              7
          Wow! How Well Did You Stand and Deliver?
    Bunya Club obviously love Toastmasters! They started their Toastmaster Week
    celebrations on Saturday 14th February – yes St. Valentines Day. They set up and
    manned displays at two local libraries on the Saturday morning, handing out brochures,
    TM magazines, invites to their next meeting and chatting to library patrons about

    Wednesday 18th February was ―Be My Guest‖ night and 9 guests took the room to
    capacity to enjoy the Bunya Speech Fest. Of those 9 guests – 4 were there as a direct
    result of the library promotions! And those 4 guests indicated that they wanted to join
                                                              Area 16 held a fun club debate to promote ―Toastmasters Week‖. Each
                                                              club nominated a member to represent their club and two teams were
                                                              formed. The title of the debate was ―Males Are Better Navigators than
                                                              Females‖, this would surely test the tempers of even the most experi-
                                                              enced Toastmaster!

                                                              The affirmative team Coolum, Maroochydore, Nambour vs the negative
                                                              team, Noosa, Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Regional Council.
                                                              Judges were Brian Duckworth, Ian Pinker and Sue Kruger, Chairman
                                                              David Perrin. The scene was set and Toastmasters gathered from
                                                              Area 16 and Area 22 as the debate unfolded.
        Back row: John Law, Leon Robinson. Middle Row:
                                                Each team tried to put their point across. With much laughter from the
        David Perrin, Coral McVean, Barbara Harford, Lesley
        Storkey,Front Row: Peter Mann, Heather Hopkins and
                                                audience and a lot of sighing and over-exaggerating from team members, it
        Lyn Fraser Roberts.                     was time for the judges to give their verdict but there could only be one
                                                winner and one runner up. On this occasion the affirmative team were
    victors!!!! Which saw huffing and puffing from everyone. A fun afternoon was had by all. ―Males Are Better
    Navigators than Females‖. Now we know the answer to that one, don‘t we!

                                                              Area 11: In the Barry Jones Auditorium, Sunday 22nd February, Area 11
                                                              Ipswich region clubs, competed in the Mayor‘s speech contest with a
                                                              title, ―Ipswich - a city built on pride‖. The event was hosted by
                                                              Morning Talkers TM Club and a raffle raised over $150 for the Nth Qld
                                                              Flood Appeal. The results of the contest
                                                              1st place Sylvia Masters – Limestone Club
                                                              2nd Place Dudley Cowan – Lockyer Valley
                                                              3rd place Jenny Marshall – Ipswich Club

        Area 11 also had a library display and handed out Area 11 ―Be My Guest‖ invitations at the libraries

    Tropic City Club introduced POSTER BOASTER week to coincide with Toastmasters Week. Each member was
    given 3 posters to place on notice boards in work places, shopping centres, doctors and dentist‘s surgery‘s, sporting
    clubs. Many achieved this and some even asked for more!

    Radio 4TTT interviewed 2 club members for 20 minutes about Toastmasters and TM Week. This was aired Friday 20
    February and a Community Notice, explaining the many benefits of Toastmasters, was read frequently throughout
    Toastmasters Week by the radio station. They also played the audio from D69 TV ad.

    The club also introduced an unofficial Bumper Sticker Competition to motivate members to become more conscious
    about Toastmasters Week. The winner of the Bumper Sticker competition is Susan Potter Tropic City Toastmasters
    newest member and her winning entry was ―Toastmasters do it with words‖.

               Area 8                Toastmasters Week was celebrated in Area 8 with a Novice Speech and Interpretive
                                      Reading Contest which brought together more than 50 Toastmasters from the six clubs.
                                      It was a great opportunity for novice and experienced Toastmasters to speak to a wider
                                      audience than just their club, as well as providing a time for all the clubs of Area 8 to get to
                                      know each other.
                                            Winner of the Interpretive Reading was Leonie Russell, Bunya TM Club
                                            Winner of Novice Speech was Amy Bennett of Pines TM Club

8    GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪

   Orientation Week at University of the Sunshine Coast just happened to coincide with
   Toastmasters week! This year there was a huge increase in enrolments, with 2500 new
   students embarking on various courses at the University.

   As in past years, USC Speakers made sure they had a stall on Market Day, Tuesday 17th
   February, to promote their presence on campus. With so many people walking around and
   looking at what was on offer, we were sure of an audience!

   During the first 5 weeks of each Semester, USC Speakers holds a Speechcraft Course to
   help students gain confidence and brush up their communication skills to prepare them for
   the presentations they have to make during their courses. In term time we also give
   Speechcrafters the opportunity to have a "practice run" at a meeting before they make a
   major presentation to their class. Everyone has said this has allowed them to be far more
                                                                                                Fran Kay, Nubia Ramos &
   confident when they did the real thing and most scored high marks.                           Jenny Duckworth

   Tamborine Toastmasters Club
   It was a busy and exciting week and what made it so good was the fact that the duties were
   shared by our members when possible.

   3 radio stations were contacted: ABC, HOT TOMATO and 4CRB. ABC and HOT TOMATO
   promised that as a non-profit organization our message would be aired.

   Two articles were placed in the local newspaper, The Tamborine Times, PLUS the attached

   A table was organized outside IGA; manned throughout the day by members. And the next
   day Margaret Field spoke to newcomers about Toastmasters at a Welcome to the Mountain
   afternoon at the local Library.

   The Area Toastmasters banner was displayed in Main Street, North Tamborine visible to all
   AND we have had enquires from members of the public whom we hope to welcome as
   visitors and then members!

   It was busy, fun and
   rewarding and got us
   out of our comfort
   zones and into
   the public eye…good

   Tweed Valley Toastmasters always celebrate TM Week by holding a
   demonstration meeting in Coolangatta Library and this year‘s meeting
   was a great success. The programme had great variety with Table
   Topics based on Valentine‘s Day, a ―Soapbox‖ session that generated
   many interjections, a Listening Critic and two very different speeches

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪                  9
                                    More photos from Toastmasters Week
                                                                                  Gerard Torrisi, Joh Furness and Max
                                                                                  Beddow shared the good word about
                                                                                  Stanthorpe club in the local newspaper.

              Tropic City members with their Poster Boasters
                                                                     Showing off the $500.00 cheque won in the Ipswich
                                                                     Mayor’s Speech contest: Coral McVean, Dudley
                                                                     Cowan, Jenny Marshall, and the winner Sylvia Masters

        Winners Area 8 Novice and Interpretive
        Reading contests: Amy Bennett (Pines),
        Jacqui Timms (Sandgate), Donic Kluz
        (Peninsula), Wendy Winton (Bunya)

                                                   Marilyn Freeman
                                                 Candidate for position
                                             Metropolitan Division Governor

     Marilyn Freeman joined Toastmasters in August 2000,              conference and events manager and in Sydney was a
     her first club being Hornsby Toastmasters in District 70.        client manager in the performance improvement and
     There she held the roles of VP Education and President           motivational programme field. She holds Cert IV
     and competed in Evaluation and International Speech              Assessor & Trainer and has studied Neuro-Linguistic
     contests through to District level.                              Programming to General Practitioner level. Since
     In late 2003 Marilyn and her husband moved to Brisbane           moving to Brisbane she has taken semi-retirement and
     and in 2004 she joined Bunya Toastmasters and later a            now works part-time at Queensland Parliament for
     second club – SeeChange – an advanced club northwest             Committees.
     of Brisbane.
                                                                      If you were to ask Marilyn what she‘s passionate about,
     Marilyn has been actively involved in many levels of             she‘d probably tell you that it‘s about ―being the best you
     Toastmasters since moving to Brisbane, having held the           can possibly be regardless of what it is you are doing.
     roles of VP Education and President for both Bunya and           There‘s no room in my life for apathy! There‘s no room
     SeeChange, involved with TLI as a TLI presenter and              for boring. Why have boring when
     currently holds the role of District Public Relations Officer    with a bit of effort you can have
     for 2008-09, a role that is both satisfying and                  ―exciting‖.

     Marilyn started her working life in the advertising
     industry, has been a desk-top publisher, is a trained

10    GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪
           Candidates information for position
            Lt. Governor Marketing 2009-2010

                                                      Profile of John Kay DTM
                                                       Candidate for position
                                                 Lt. Governor Marketing 2009-2010

    John Kay, (Distinguished Toastmaster)                       Awards:
    Joined Toastmasters May 1986                                2008 District 69 Division Governor of the Year
    Currently a member of 4 clubs: Caloundra, Mercury‘s         2008 Area 22 Toastmaster of the Year
    Motivators, USC Speakers and Leaders by Design (in          2005 Area 22 Toastmaster of the Year
    formation)                                                  1996 District 69 Quiet Achiever Award

    Positions Held: Club President (four times all              Highlights:
    distinguished), and held all other Club Executive           Charter Member of Mercury‘s Motivators & USC
    positions as well as Newsletter Editor, Club Providore &    Speakers Clubs
    Web master.                                                 Competed at Division Level in International, Humorous
    2008-2009 District 69 New Member coordinator & Web          & Evaluation Competitions
    Champion for Club pages & links.                            Judged at District-Division-Area-Club levels – Chief
    2007-2008 Central Division Governor                         Judge at Area level, Assistant Chief Judge at Division
    2002-2003 Area 29 Governor (Northern Territory &            level.
    Mount Isa)                                                  Educational Presenter at several Area and Division
    2001-2002 Northern Division Governor                        conferences.
    1993-1994 Area 2 Governor (Townsville to Mount Isa)         Organisation committee member for Area & Division
    2002-2009 Toastmaster Leadership Institute Trainer in       Conferences and Central Division President‘s Weekend.
    both Northern & Central Division, including Judges          Speechcraft Coordinator many times (club & corporate)
    Training, PowerPoint Training and Freetoasthost             & Youth Leadership Coordinator.

                                                 Profile of Nerelle Penberthy DTM
                                                       Candidate for position
                                                 Lt. Governor Marketing 2009-2010

     Mother of 4, Grandmother of 2.                             District Roles:
     Employed as a ―Retail Therapist‖ with Myer at Pacific      2004-05 Area 24 Governor (Select Distinguished)
     Fair.                                                      2006-07 District Public Relations
     Other than Toastmasters I like going to the movies;        2007-08 District Chief Coach
     walking on the beach, in the surf or in the rainforests;
     travel—around Australia and overseas; reading;             My Leadership Achievements:
     chocolate (yum).                                           2008-09 Nerang Toastmaster of the Year
                                                                2006-07 Introduced Club Mentor Coach as an Executive
                  My Toastmasters Profile                               role.
     Clubs: Nerang and Tamborine Mountain. Charter              2005-06 Distinguished Toastmaster
     member Inverell Breakfast.                                 2004-05 Nerang Quiet Achiever of the Year
                                                                1998-99 Outstanding Toastmasters pin
     Positions held in Toastmasters: Club President (*2),       1998-99 1st D69 recipient of TMI Membership
     Club Coach Mentor (*3), VP Education (*1), VP                      Campaign Award
     Membership—Too many times to count, VP Public              1998-99 Marketing campaign for Health Workshop
     Relations (*1), Secretary (*1), Sergeant at Arms (*1).     1997-98 Marketing campaign for Beauty Seminar
                                                                1994-96 Membership and Public Relations Officer for
                                                                        Christian Woman‘s Organisation

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪                 11
              Candidate information for position
        Lt. Governor Education & Training 2009-2010
                                               Bruce George DTM
                            Candidate for Lt Governor Education & Training 2009-2010

     Clubs:                                                       Awards:
     Inverell Club charter member                                 1998-1999 Inaugural ―Outstanding Toastmaster of the
     Bingara Club charter member and Club mentor                  Year‖ Inverell Club
     Northern Nomads Advanced Club charter member and             District 69 ―Toastmaster of the Year‖
     inaugural President                                          2002          Distinguished Toastmaster

     Positions Held in Toastmasters:                              Employment:
      Club President (four times); VPE (four times); VPM (three   Self employ on the 300 acre farm that Kate and Bruce
     times);                                                      have near Inverell
     2008-09     Lieutenant Governor Marketing                    They have cattle and sheep; they also have 3 horses, 5
     2007-08     District Speakers Bureau Chairman                donkeys and the usual pets, dogs, cats and chooks.
     2005-06     District Parliamentarian
     2004-05     Western Division TLI Coordinator                 Interest and Hobbies:
     2004-05     Area 25 Governor ( Select Distinguished )        Outside of Toastmasters Bruce enjoys reading (crime,
     2003-04     Area 25 Governor ( Select Distinguished )        humour). Completing puzzles particular if there are prizes
     2001        Lieutenant Governor Education & Training         to be won and no he has not won anything to date (That‘s
                             (6 months)(Distinguished District)   Life and Take 5 are popular). He also enjoys tennis, the
     2000-01      Lieutenant Governor Marketing                   odd hit of golf and one day he sees himself playing bowls.
     1999-2000 District Success Leadership &
                      Communication Coordinator                   Family:
     1999-2000 Western Division Education & Training              Bruce is married to Kate; they will celebrate 20 years in
                      Coordinator                                 April. Kate a science teacher is also involved in
     1997-98       Western Division Governor ( Select             Toastmasters. Bruce has one son from his first marriage;
                      Distinguished )                             Ian now resides in Western Australia.
     1996-97       Area 25 Governor

                                                                          What a great team!

                                                                          Area 7 Presidents meeting: Barbara Fudge
                                                                          (Sunnybank), Sue Kinmonth (Mt Gravatt), Terry
                                                                          Sheppard (Downunder), A7G Jim Jaeger, Kaiyo
                                                                          Sattha (Upper Mt Gravatt), Margaret Ward
                                                                          (Carina). Absent was Ian Westphal (Daisy Hill).

12    GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪
                   Candidate information for position
                    District 69 Governor 2009-2010
                                            Coral McVean DTM
                                Candidate for District 69 Governor 2009-2010

      Joined Toastmasters in August 1999                Central Division Governor          2006/ 2007
      Am a member of 4 clubs : Nambour , Coolum ,       Achieved Distinguished Toastmaster        2006
      Inside Edge and Mercury‘s Motivators              Lieutenant Governor Marketing      2007/ 2008
                                                        Sponsor of Connell Wagner          2007/2008
      Positions held :                                  Lieutenant Governor Education and Training
      Club President, Vice President Education, Vice                                       2008/2009
      President Membership (Several times) and          Awards:
      Treasurer                                         Presidents Distinguished Club when President of
      Judged at Club, Area , Division and District      Nambour
      Am a presenter for TLI                            Presidents Distinguished Area with all 7 clubs at
      Charter member of Mercury‘s Motivators            Charter strength
      (Advanced Club), Inside Edge and Coolum           Area Governor of the Year
      Member of planning team for Inside Edge Club      Distinguished Division
      2004/2005                                         Division Governor of the Year
      Initiated formation of Coolum Club 2005/2006      Toastmaster of the Year for Nambour Club
      Mentor of Inside Edge and Coolum
      Area 16 Governor                    2005/ 2006

                                Judging Lions Youth of the Year

                                                                           Jessica Atkinson and David
                                                                           Bowden were invited to judge
                                                                           students from the Roma College
                                                                           and St. John‘s School for the
                                                                           Club section of the Lions Youth
                                                                           of the Year Contest.

                                                                           Judging was in two parts—an
                                                                           interview at the first meeting on
                                                                           Leadership, Community etc, then
                                                                           a prepared speech at another

                                                                           Photo: David Bowden with
                                                                           Jessica Atkinson (right) from
                                                                           Roma and District Toastmasters
                                                                           Club with members from Roma
                                                                           Lions judging the Youth of the
                                                                           Year Contest at Roma.
                                                                                  Submitted by
                                                                                  David Bowden DTM PDG

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪       13
                                        The History Page

                       WE HONOUR DISTRICT 69

                                1975 - RUSS WALKINGTON ATM,PDG

                                1987 - ARTHUR GORRIE DTM

                                1991 - IVY FOSTER DTM, PDG

                                1993 - CLARE MURPHY DTM, PDG

                               1994 - DESLEY COOPER DTM, PDG

                                2002 – STELLA ETHERINGTON DTM

                                2003 – DIANNE RIDDELL DTM, PDG

                                 2006 – GAVIN BLAKEY DTM, PIP

                                 2007 – MICHELE KEIGHLEY DTM

      (A Presidential Citation is a personal award made by the current International President of
     Toastmasters International based on nominations received from the Districts throughout the

                                                                John Scouller DTM,PDG
                                                                (District Historian)

14   GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪
     Northern Division Conference Report or
     Swim Fins, Snorkels and Swimmers                        Competition was fierce and, despite the weather, there
                                                             was only one contest in which there was a contestant
     Despite record rains inundating the North, roads cut at missing. An educational session was given by David
     Ingham, Townsville, Ayr and Mackay, hardy Northerners Burston Area 32 Governor on Free Toast Host Websites
     made the torturous trip to Airlie Beach in the          for clubs, which was well received. The Division
     Whitsundays to ―Take A Bite of Success‖ at the          Governor‘s Dinner on Saturday night saw over 55
                                                  th th
     Northern Division Conference held on the 6 - 8 of       people enjoy the presentation of trophies hosted by
     February.                                               Northern Division Governor Bronwen Forster.

     The contingent from the far North flew to Hamilton          After a hearty breakfast, on Sunday morning delegates
     Island; and many of those from Townsville traveled in       got down to business with the Northern Division Council
     Olaf Schubert‘s ― Chook Truck‖ in order to traverse the     meeting at which the major decision made was to alter
     floods. One hardy member from Tropic City was so            the future dates for the Conference to the last full
     keen to compete that he made the trip in his car and as     weekend in March in order to hopefully avoid the
     a result took over 13 hours to return home, a trip which    inclement weather experienced in February. Finally, the
     usually takes around 3hours in normal conditions.           conference wound up with a presentation by Jason
     However, his persistence was rewarded with a third          McLeod on the difference each of us can make by non-
     place in a highly competitive Humorous Speech               violent confrontation. Many members were moved by
     Contest.                                                    the sincerity and emotion of the presentation.

     Starting with a poolside wine tasting on Friday night the   I am pleased to say that all our intrepid travelers got
     conference got underway in style with no one allowing       home safely, albeit much later than expected. Our
     the weather to dampen his or her spirits (or wine!!).       thanks to LGM Bruce George, Central Division
     Saturday saw the conference opened by our local state       Governor Jan Stafford, Nerelle Penberthy, John and
     member and contests commenced one hour late to              Fran Kay and Pat Pitt who all braved the elements to
     allow the Townsville contingent in the chook truck to       make the conference a success.
     arrive, after many of them had spent the night at
     McDonalds at Ayr waiting for the water to recede.           Mike Storkey DTM
                                                                 Convenor Northern Division Conference

                                                                                     Marlin Coast members
       N. Div. Winners: Peter Lavers (Humorous), Pauline
       Douglas (International), John Fowler (Evaluation),
                 Brian O’Neill (Table Topics).

           The truck that brought Townsville
             people to Airlie Beach for the         Bottle of wine                   Northern Division Council
                       conference                    auctioned

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪                   15
                    We acknowledge the passing of three fine Toastmasters
                                   They made a wonderful contribution to our organization.
                                      They will be sadly missed by their many friends.

     George Ayres— A New Kind of Man

     After a decade of pestering cajoling and begging,           had to go around the room and say good bye to each
     George Ayres decided to join a Toastmasters Club. He        and every member. He didn‘t want them to come to
     was blackmailed by a fellow Speechcrafter to join. It       him.
     was said, ―If you join, I will join too.‖ That led to six
     members joining the Fraser Coast Club.                      He has left big shoes to fill and will be sorely missed by
                                                                 all who knew him for a long time to come.
     Well, George went in hook line and sinker. He took on       At 87 years he left us. What a guy! Bye George Ayres
     being Treasurer and worked with each of my                  ATM/G CL.
     Speechcraft courses as a Timer and did his Ice                                               From Kate Ayres DTM
     Breaker there. He wrote out the 10 speeches in his
     CTM manual with such aggression from checking the
     objectives of each speech, collecting the necessary
     props, and working on his body language.

     It wasn‘t long before George was well into helping
     everyone, including working at conferences and
     conventions. He was a mountain of help when I
     convened the Maryborough D69 Convention.

     He banked, collected the money, banked more, and set
     out his agenda for future convention holders to use.
     He spoke to everyone and just loved being amongst
     other club members. His big joke was the insurance.
     As we all know, you must be under 80 years to be
     insured but did George care? No, he just said I‘ll use
     my Gold Card that would fix it.                                  George Ayres spent many happy times surrounded
                                                                             by his friends at Fraser Coast club
     George had a great capacity to be there when needed
     for all his club members. He was excited to visit the
     Wine & Dine Club only a few days before he died. He

                                                   Obituary – Graham Mitchell ATM/B CL

                                                   On December 18 2008 Ipswich Toastmasters Club lost a wonderful
                                                   member and a great friend. Graham Mitchell lost his fight with
                                                   cancer at the age of 62 after being ill for a short time.

                                                   Graham joined Toastmasters in 1991 and immediately threw
                                                   himself into all aspects of the Club with great gusto. He embraced
                                                   various roles on the Executive Committee, having served in every
                                                   position during his membership. He took an enormous interest in
                                                   everything to do with the Club, and enjoyed being a part of the
                                                   decision making.

                                                   In the past two years he was co-organiser of the Ipswich Mayor‘s
                                                   Speech Contest, which was very successful and is now an annual
      Ipswich Club President Keith Cohen (r)
      presenting Graham Mitchell (l) with the      Graham felt passionately about Toastmasters and acknowledged
      club’s International Speech Contest trophy   the fact that it assisted him greatly in his role at work when
      November 2008.                               lecturing in First Aid at the RAAF base.

                                                   Graham will be sadly missed, as an enthusiastic member, kind
                                                   friend, and overall good man.
                                                                                         Jennifer Marshall DTM

16   GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪
                               VALE – DISTINGUISHED TOASTMASTER TOM CLANCY

      Tom Clancy passed away after a long illness on
      Tuesday 10th February 2009 at the age of 73½ years.

      He joined Townsville Toastmasters Club in 1974. Tom
      was a member of Toastmasters for 20 years, and
      contributed greatly to the organisation in Townsville
      and, in fact, in District 69. He was a revered mentor,
      and had a great influence on many members who took
      on higher office in the organisation than he, particularly
      at District and International Level. He was always
      available for advice, and watched over them -
      encouraging them, and when he deemed it necessary,
      giving them a bit of a sting.

      He took on all the roles within club, became Area Two
      Governor and later Division One (Northern) Governor.
      Whilst he did not go any further in the Leadership Track,
      Tom took on numerous supporting roles for District
      Governors over time, including District Bulletin Editor
      1985/86 for which he was recognised internationally
      with a ―Top 10 District Bulletin‖ award.

      Those who knew Tom looked past his occasional                At District level he achieved the following:
      grouchy exterior because they knew his behaviour was                International Speech Contest 1981
      brought on by his hiding of emotion or because he was               District Impromptu Speech         1983
      unable to help someone with a problem. They loved his               District Humorous Speech          1983
      company and his humour.                                             District Evaluation Contest       1984
      Tom was Charter Member of                                                                             1990
           Tropic City 8 February 1982 (and Club Sponsor)
           Brolgas Club 2 January 1991 (and Club Mentor)           Distinguished Toastmaster Tom Clancey was my
           Talk of the North Club 9 April 1992                     uncle, but he was also my very good friend. We
      He became a Distinguished Toastmaster on 21st                will miss him dearly.
      December 1984.
                                                                   Clare J Murphy
      He enjoyed competing and won numerous speech                 Distinguished Toastmaster
      contests in all categories from club level to Division and   Past International Director
      competed on many occasions at District Convention.

                                               The Blessings of Leadership

     Blessed is the Leader who knows no discouragement and who presents no alibi.

     Blessed is the Leader who knows how to lead without being dictatorial for true leaders are humble.

     Blessed is the Leader who seeks the best for those, whom he serves,

     Blessed is the Leader who leads for the good of most concerned and not for personal gratification of his own

     Blessed is the Leader who marches with the group and interprets correctly the signs on the pathway that leads to

     Blessed is the Leader who has his head in the clouds, but his feet on the ground.

     Blessed is the Leader who has sought the high places, but who has been drafted into service because of ability
     and willingness to serve.

     Blessed is the Leader who knows where he is going, why he is going and how to get there.

     Blessed is the Leader who considers Leadership an opportunity for service, not just for personal gain.

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪                  17
 A Tropical Heat-Wave Convention                                                     1—4 May, 2009
 Friday 1st May                            It is also the official opening by the
 The registration desk will be open        Mayor of Cairns which will take                                         Tropical
 from 4pm. Friday night is the             place between 7pm and 7.30pm in:                                       Heatwave
 ―Welcome Get Together‖ with drinks          Convention Centre Area                                               Convention
 and nibbles from 5.30 to 7.30pm.            1st Flr Rydges Esplanade Resort.        Mayor of Cairns Val Schier

 Saturday Educational Sessions: 11: 30 am

 CONTRACTOR, WHICH EVALUATOR               EINSTEIN! with Carolyn Phillips             With Floyd Paulos, Go-Frog
 ARE YOU? with Mike Storkey
                                           Discover how Albert Einstein would          Internet
                    This interactive       have approached the issue of member-        Floyd Paulos, principle of Gofrog
                    evaluation workshop    ship in an informative, interactive and     Internet, is a website planner with a
                    presents a test        fun session about one of the most im-       passion for helping small business web-
                    speaker, who will be   portant issues your club faces—             sites maximize their return on invest-
 evaluated by 3 separate evaluators.       membership.                                 ment, because, as he says, ''behind
 You, the audience, will then be invited   Carolyn is President of Indooroopilly       every small business is a family''.
 to evaluate the evaluators. Sharpen       TM Club—the only club in D69 to have        This is a session that will provide you
 your skills by participation, see how     6 out of the possible 10 DCP points by      with seven keys to make small business
 you measure up as an effective,           November 2008. To date they have 10         websites generate more enquiries. Can
 motivational evaluator and ensure you     new members. If your club is strug-         you afford to miss this session?
 are giving the feedback that encourages   gling for members, this is a must do,
 speakers to return, by acknowledging      see and hear educational from someone       Floyd lives in Brisbane with his wife of
 what they did well, giving meaningful     who speaks from experience about            22 yrs, Lesley, and their 5 children.
 points for improvement and                Membership.
 constructive ways how to implement
 them. Don’t practice white-washing or
 destructive criticism, be a builder
 construct effective evaluation skills.

     Saturday Lunch Time Speaker: Bernie
     Lanigan - Who Is this Man and Why Is He
     Coming to Our Conference?
                                                                     Check out page 20

18    GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪
    Sunday Educational Sessions: 11:00 am
    KEEPING YOUR COOL—CONFLICT                   CONNECTING THE DOTS … FOR                          their strengths and needs.
    RESOLUTION With Kathleen Collins             WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP                                When we connect the dots… we can see
    This session is interactive with a fresh
                                                 With Di Riddell, Marilyn Freeman                   the big picture!
                                                 & US Keynote Speaker
    look at a familiar topic:
                                                 Women possess the qualities of leadership
    “Conflict Management” .
                                                 that many businesses are seeking today.
    The session includes a brief overview of     But what are these qualities? And do
    effective communication                      women and business make the most of
    and assertiveness skills and                 them? An interactive session looking at
    is full of take home                         women’s strengths and their challenges as
    practical tips to assist you                 leaders. An opportunity for business
    to effectively manage                        managers working with women in
    conflict using the 5Ds.                      leadership roles to appreciate

   Sunday Lunch Time Speaker: Dr John Parker
   He’s known as the Poetry                           does making them laugh, making            endured challenges working and living
   Doctor! A medical doctor                           them pause and making them                in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime.
   who believes in holistic                           think, help them to heal? Who             He’s seen the worst and the best of
   healing and uses poetry                            ever heard of a doctor prescribing        humanity, the tenacity and tenderness of the
   with patients to assist them                       poetry?                                   human spirit, the power of faith, hope and
   to unlock their own inner                          Doctor John Parker has worked             courage and has seen the impossible
   healing! How can a doctor                          with the Red Cross in Rwandan             happen—survival against all odds.

   help people get well with poetry? How              refugee camps;                            A speaker not to be missed.

   Sunday Educational Sessions: 3:30 pm
   SPEAKING—A LEADERSHIP SKILL!                the skills; this session will tell you how       many of us discovered the powerful impact
                                               these skills give you the opportunity to shine   leadership can have on helping achieve
   With Kevin Ryan & Jock Elliott                                                               your personal potential. This afternoon
                                               in leadership roles, become a positive influ-
   Jock & Kevin have made their mark in        ence in your community, broaden your em-         Gavin and Bea will guide us through the
   Toastmasters as speakers and in this        ployment prospects, improve your job secu-       leadership journey and share insights that
   session they will explore ways that         rity, earn an income from speaking!              aim to inspire you to achieve your personal
   Toastmaster communication skills can                                                         potential.
   be used for more effective leadership—
   in the community, in your career, in
                                               YOUR PEAK PERSONAL POTENTIAL
   every aspect of
                                                         With Gavin Blakey &
   your life.
                                                                Bea Duffield
   Toastmasters                                Most of us joined Toastmasters to
   give you                                    develop our communication skills. But,

   Monday Breakfast and US Keynote Speaker                                                                                        Heatwave

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪                                       19
     Someone Please Tell Me …
                    Who Is This Man?

              and why is he coming to our District convention in Cairns?

     It is of course Bernie Lanigan. Bernie grew up in Brisbane, qualified as an Optometrist (as you can see!) and was
     lured to Townsville where he has remained in his own optometry practice.

     Bernie became a Toastmaster in the early 1980s, gained his CTM, had a couple of wins in humorous speech and
     Tall Tales competitions. He has strong community ties through Rotary, is involved with the Townsville Crocs and
     Townsville Fire basketball teams, as well as local theatre. He returns to the lectern after an absence of 15 years.

     Has Toastmasters affected his life? From this photo it‘s obvious someone has!! Who‘s responsible?!!

     Well you can find out at District Convention. Bernie Lanigan will be one of the guest presenters in Cairns
     on the 2-4 May weekend.

                                  to register

                                                 You just have to be there!!

                                                  A major sponsor of District 69 District Convention 2009

                                                    Sorry the Editor got it                       This is a reminder to ALL
                                                           wrong!                             Toastmasters that the District 69
                                                                                               Directory contains information
                                                                                                  intended only for use by
                                                 You‘ve seen this picture                    Toastmasters to allow them to get
                                                 before. In the last issue I got             in touch with other Toastmasters.
                                                 this talented person‘s name
                                                 wrong.                                         It is NOT to be used for ANY
                                                                                               commercial purpose such as
                                                 It is in fact Sunnybank‘s                  generating mailing lists or the like.
                                                 Peter Giesemann receiving                     The information given by Club
                                                 his 15 year Award from A7G                   Members is restricted to use for
                                                 Jim Jaeger                                 Toastmasters purposes only. If you
                                                                                             have a problem with this, feel free
                                                                                              to contact the District Governor

20    GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪
        Club Website proves to be success story                                 Upper Mt Gravatt
                                                                             Bounce Back Market Day
    Technology has caught up with all of us and Public
    Relation efforts are no different.                            On March 5th Upper Mt Gravatt Toastmasters put
                                                                  up a stall at Griffith University‘s Bounce Back Market
    For our club all stops were pulled out in July to create      Day. As a result the club has been asked to provide
    awareness of Toastmasters International and the               a workshop/demo meeting for PhD students.
    benefits of membership by starting an aggressive,             Club President Kaiyomerz Sattha CTM CL (pictured
    (passive aggressive) membership campaign through              below) says the stall was very worthwhile and they
    every media source we could think of, short of going to       will definitely consider it again next year.

    The usual methods of Newspapers, Flyers and
    Magazine distributions were applied and after some
    creative thinking our website was re-vamped for most
    effective interest. We requested interest for a
    Speechcraft course on the front page and suddenly we
    had very pleasing results by 9 people responding to
    participate and numerous guest enquiries.

    When our financial membership rose from 11 to 19 in
    this short period of time, we surveyed our newcomers of
    their source of contact and were pleasantly surprised
    that all contacted us via our club website.

    At this stage we have three more guests interested, yes
    all from website enquiries, and are grinning all the way to
    reaching charter strength by the end of June, if not
    Just goes to prove that websites are one of the most
    effective ways of reaching people of the 21st Century.

    Ingrid Duane DTM
    Sunshine Coast Toastmasters Club                              Indooroopilly Toastmasters sing the Beatles
    President 2008-09                                             (To the tune of Yesterday)

                                                                  Toastmasters, all my troubles seem so far away.
    Townsville                                                    Now I am so much more confident.
    Toastmasters                                                  Oh, I believe in Toastmasters.
    Congratulations                                               I am twice the man I used to be,
    to Leigh-Anne                                                 There's no shadow hanging over me,
    Metcalfe and                                                  Oh, Toastmasters is good for me.
    Anderson from                                                 Then I gave 10
    Townsville                                                    Speeches as easy as pie.
    Toastmasters for                                              I said something right,
    their success at the Northern Division conference.            Now I live for Toastmasters.
    Whilst they may not have received first place, their
    second and third placing secured Townsville                   Toastmasters, Topics are such easy segments now.
    Toastmasters the Aggregate Trophy. A special                  And I like to have my say in that.
    congratulations to John McLean for stepping up to MC          Oh, I believe in Toastmasters.
    the event.
                                                                  Then I gave an
    A special thanks                                              Evaluation.
    Townsville Toastmasters meet at the Mecure Inn in             I said something right,
    Townsville every Monday night. The staff are                  Now I live for Toastmasters.
    outstanding and are always prepared to go the extra
    mile to assist the club. In recognition of this, Townsville   Toastmasters, Warm- Ups are such easy segments
    Toastmasters presented Marc Davies with a certificate         now.
    of appreciation!                                              And I like to have my say in that.
                                                                  Oh, I believe in Toastmasters.
                                                                                                     Carolyn Phillips
    Submitted by Caitlin Scott                                    Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm.
    Townsville Club VPPR                                                                                President

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪                   21
                                Rising to the challenge at Alice Springs
     The challenge was made by Area 9 Governor David Burston                   The challenge was answered

     OK Alice Springs Toastmasters .......... This is the deal; We
     challenge you to
     1. Have at least six members to Membership Training the Red
     Centre Resort Board Room 4pm start 8.30pm finish this Sunday
     15th . (There will be a small cost $5 to TLI plus nibbles.)
     2. Have at least six guests to the meeting on Monday night to
     witness an entertaining night and hear some great speeches
     including Pauline Douglas the winner of the Northern Division

     The Rewards                                                                           Alice Springs Training
     If you meet Challenge One the Division Governor, Bronwen Forster,
     will donate one pass to the District Convention in Cairns May 1-4
     Valued at $280 to the Alice Springs Club to be used by preferably a
     Toastmaster who has not attended a District Convention. If you can
     make a week of it we are organizing judging training the weekend
     before the Convention.

     If you meet Challenge Two the Area Governor, David Burston, will
     donate one pass to the District Convention Valued at $280 to the
     Alice Springs Club to be used preferably by a Toastmaster who will
     be involved in the organisation of the 2010 Alice Springs Northern
     Division Conference last weekend in March.
                                                                                           Alice Springs Meeting

     Noosa Club Grant                                              sought. David suggests a simple subcommittee of two
                                                                   people could be used with one person completing the
     Noosa Club applied for and received a grant of $3000          application properly and the other obtaining the written
     from the then Noosa Council.                                  prices for items sought. The two could then get together
                                                                   and finalise the application together.
     Now that I've caught your attention, I first want to
     acknowledge and thank David Perrin our Vice President         Part of our grant money was to be spent on two club
     Public Relations for all the hard work he put into our club   banners and designing and printing club brochures. This
     receiving the grant. Without David, I think we'd still be     then lengthened the process because Noosa Club had
     fumbling with the paperwork. It has been a long process       to obtain permission from Toastmasters International for
     which began with David attending a Grant Workshop             the design and artwork and subsequent printing of the
     conducted by then Noosa Council in conjunction with           two banners and 2000 brochures.
     other community consultants with expertise in grant                                                  Submitted by
     applications.                                                                                        Teresa McGill
                                                                   The Noosa Banner
     David realized that in order for our application to be
     successful he needed to show the educational
     contributions that Toastmasters make towards the local
     community with our Speechcraft and Youth Leadership

     We originally applied for a grant of $10,000 however as
     you read earlier we received $3000. David has a tip:-
     He says "Go for broke!! Whatever body you may be
     applying to for a grant can only reduce the amount
     sought, not increase it." David also said that one helpful
     council officer told him to list items our club WANTED as
     well as items our club may NEED.

     The application required two written quotes for each
     item sought - from local businesses where applicable.
     This is where the legwork (i.e. visits, emails and phone
     calls) is required. The process was quite intensive as
     regards the paperwork and obtaining prices for items

22      GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪
                 Questions and Answers                                         Corroboree
Q. Can someone tell us the facts about ―Voting in new members‖?                Lesley Storkey DTM
     How embarrassed are they if they listen/ watch the vote                   District 69 Governor
     Escorting the member out or not                                           GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001
     ‗Electronic‘ voting                                                       Email:
     Does no objections mean he/she is voted?
                To be or not to be – that is the question                      Joycelyn Brent ATM-B
                                                                               Tel: (07) 4779 8114
What is the correct procedure for accepting a new member into your             11 Webster Street
Club?                                                                          Mundingburra Q4812
A. Article II Section 2 of the Club Constitution and the Standard Bylaws for
Clubs of Toastmasters International states, in part about applicants for       This publication carries authorised
membership of your Club, ―The applicant shall be declared elected to           notices and articles regarding the
individual membership upon the favourable vote of at least a majority of       activities and interests of the
the active individual members of this Club present and voting at a             organisation, but responsibility is not
business session of the Club membership.‖                                      assumed for the opinions of
                                                                               individual authors.
This means that all applicants for membership have to be voted upon by a
motion at a Club business session. The motion could be ―That we accept
Mary Jones as a member of XYZ Toastmasters Club‖. This motion                            Editor‘s Note:
needs to be moved and seconded by current active members and then a
vote is called. The applicant can be present at this meeting if the club so        Deadline for the next
wishes. The vote is usually done by an open show of hands but there is
an option to hold a secret ballot if the Club so decides.                                Issue is:
                                                                                    June 1st 2009
Prior to the vote, an applicant should have completed a Membership
Application (Form 400) and have given that form to the Vice President             Send in your submissions at any
Membership. Don‘t forget that there is a place on this form to name the               time during the year.
sponsor of the new member.
To be or not to be is not really the question. It should be ―Have we
followed the correct procedure for voting in a new member to our Club?‖

Graham Miller                                                                  Post to:
District Parliamentarian                                                                Joycelyn Brent
                                                                                        11 Webster Street
                                                                                        Mundingburra Q4812

                           WANTED - VENUES
                                                                               We had advertised that Questions &
                                                                               Answers in this issue would be about
                                                                               District Officer roles. Apparently you
       Comfortable                                                             know all about them as not one
       Stable                                                                  question was received.
       Reasonable costs
   Conducive to our needs and goals                                            Instead the space is being well used
                                                                               to answer some pressing questions
   Many clubs are having difficulty with rising costs all over our             about Voting in new members.
   District. If you have had a favourable experience with a
   particular type of venue, be it school, Senior Citizens etc, let our        For the next issue we will leave it
   clubs know so that they can address their meeting challenges                open—send your questions about
   and help members attend meetings while incurring                            anything to do with Toastmasters and
   ―reasonable‖ costs!!                                                        we will do our best to find an answer.

   Contact your Division Governor but copy District 69 Governor                Surely there must be something you
   on                                                  don‘t know!

GPO Box 1788 Brisbane QLD 4001 ▪ 1300 30 40 69 ▪ ▪                 23
                         The Big Picture








                               Reaching into the 21st Century

                          Reach out of your comfort zone.
                         Look at the big picture and consider
                              a district leadership role

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