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Secondary Program - Victory Christian School


									M I S S IO N

Our    mandate       is     to

provide Christ-centered

education of the highest                                                     Secondary
standard,      equipping

students to be leaders in

their chosen profession.

Victory Christian School

11520 Ellerslie Road S.W.
Edmonton, AB

                                                                             Building the
                                 V i c t o r y   C h r i s t i a n
                                            S c h o o l                      Leaders of
                                    11520 Ellerslie Road S.W.
                                    Edmonton, AB
                                    T6W 1A2

                                    Phone: 780-988-5433
                                    Fax: 780-988-5280
                                                    addition to required courses, students are able to
         Secondary                                  select elective classes to complete their
                                                                                                            Victory Christian School provides a bus
Program Overview                                                                                            service for a nominal monthly fee. Please
                                                    Depending on student interest, electives offered        contact the school office for further
Welcome to the Secondary program at Victory
                                                    may include:                                            information.
Christian School. Our teachers provide a
                                                     Job Preparation Music               Sewing
Christian basis for social and academic                                                                     Teachers
development. The secondary students are              Office Systems Video Editing Drama
                                                                                                            Victory Christian School hires only accredited
                                                     Graphic Design Web Design           Business
encouraged to focus on building study skills                                                                teachers who hold at minimum a Bachelor of
                                                     Food Basics      Art
and gaining knowledge in all subject matter to                                                              Education Degree recognized in the Province
enable them to be successful in the world of        A senior high listing of courses offered can be         of Alberta.
work. Students are given the opportunity to be      acquired through the school office.
involved in community service activities, extra-                                                            Uniforms
                                                    Chapel Service                                          Each student is required to be in uniform,
curricular activities, mission events, and work     Chapel services are scheduled on a weekly basis
study programs which allow them to grow in                                                                  which is as follows:
                                                    and include Bible teaching, praise and worship,
their character and intellect.                                      and prayer.                                White, burgundy, or navy VCS polo
The Vision of Christian Schooling                                                                                shirt
                                                                       Our Schedule                            White or blue Oxford shirt
Vision is about foresight, looking ahead to the                        Classes begin at 8:30am and
future, and seeing your destination. In an                                                                     Plaid Kilt (Girls only)
                                                                       dismiss at 3:05pm.                      Navy or Khaki pants (girls can wear pants during the
environment of quality academics with                                  The day begins with pledges of                 winter months)
acceptance, peace, security and discipline                             allegiance, the singing of the          VCS sweater (optional)
students will be trained, nurtured and                                 national anthem, and morning          (above items must be purchased through the
challenged to become leaders in the world                              prayer.                              school office)
community. They will learn to excel in all they
                                                                                                             Black dress shoes
do and to live with the character traits of         Program Costs                                            Navy blue sweater (pull over, zippered, button
integrity, honesty, and commitment. They will
                                                    Victory Christian School is an independent                   up, no sweatshirt material, no hooded sweaters)
recognize that the foundation of their lives is a                                                           
                                                    Christian School, therefore, the Government of               Navy tie
love for God, people, country, and self. They       Alberta does not provide the full funding that is          Black belt
will understand their value and purpose in life     needed to ensure quality education for each child.      (these items can be purchased elsewhere)
and embrace the truth of God’s Word.                To ensure that each student’s needs are met a
                                                                                                            How to Register
About our Curriculum                                tuition fee is charged. 10 or 12 month payment
                                                                                                            Registration begins on March 1st preceding
The curriculum for Junior and Senior High           options are available, as well as discounts for
                                                                                                            the September of desired enrollment.
builds on the basic foundations learned in          subsequent children in a family.
                                                                                                            Registration packages are available from the
elementary school and continues to expand                                                                   Victory Christian School office. Students will
the thought and skill processes of the student.     There is a $100 non-refundable application fee
                                                                                                            be considered for enrollment based on an
Students are scheduled into the required            required when application forms are submitted.          interview process and availability of spaces in
courses of Language Arts (English for Senior        Please contact the school office for tuition details.   the class.
high), Math, Social Studies, Science, Physi-        *Tuition costs are Tax Receiptable*
cal Education and Bible. French, Music, Art                                                                 If you would like to visit, please call the
and Computers are mandatory option                  Class Size                                              school office at 988-5433 to schedule an
choices for Junior High                             Small class sizes are a key asset of Victory            appointment to meet the teaching staff, who
Students. The required                              Christian School. There is a low student-teacher        will be able to answer any questions you may
CALM 20 course is offered                           ratio which enables students to receive assistance      have.
on a     rotational basis for                       and instruction from the teacher in a beneficial
Senior High Students. In                            manner. Classes range from 15-20 students.

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