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                                       ?ATUflAL iiigi'oiiY.                145

                     been soaked.         These animals may be sae.

                     ('ilgender from some corruption or ferniena
                     lion : but there are others which must have a

                     dificrent origin; as those in the seed of anima

                       hicli seem in such great numbers, as 40 ,be

                     almost comped of them ;                they are all Irans-

                     parent, have a quick motion, and their figuve4
                     are like the tadpole."

                       lingueris does not mention the author of thi
                     discovery ; but in the Journal of the 29th 1

                     August in ihesame year,thec is all cxtr2ctof.
                     letter of M. Hartsocker., in whici he gives             he

                     method of forming these gia                halls by mea'

                      f the flame of a lamp ; and the author of The
                     Journal says,      By this method he has disco
                      vere(l that (itle animals are en'eY]c1ered in arin

                      wh.4-1i has been kept for some days, arid have

                      the figure of' little eels       lie found sonic in the

                     wed of a cock, whichtappered ofthe sameforn

                     but quite diirent from those found in the fec1

                     of other animals, which resemble tad po'lt's, r

                                          beibi     their legs     are
                     young frogs,
                     The author se'ms to attribule the invem;lion t

                      Ilarisoeker ;     but if we reflect on the uncctaia

                     rnauncr in which it          s there represented, and o

                     the iirtictilar manner in which LLTuwer.ho.,,k
                                                   and paUlisbed above
                      pcaks in his letter, wri ten
                                                                a year

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