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									Requests for Player Appearances The Australian Netball Team
Appearances: Netball Australia takes its responsibilities to society seriously. Netball Australia receives many hundreds of requests each year from Charitable and Not-for-Profit organisations seeking support for their causes through involvement of Australian Netball Team members. We endeavour to provide support where possible and assist many requests each year.

We have procedures in place to accommodate the high volume of requests received in a fair and manageable way. It is important to note that a appearances will be scheduled so as not to interfere with playing, training and other commitments (December - January player are on leave).

Netball Australia does not accept money for player appearances. Netball is our number one priority and as such Netball Australia reserves the right to deny any appearance requests. Guidelines & Criteria: Requests will be processed taking into consideration their “fit” with Netball Australia’s player’s agreement and strategic plan. It will include but not be limited by, the following considerations: •
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Nature of the community service, school or organisation Impact on youth participation in sport How it relates to women’s health The nature and extent of the player(s )involvement National exposure and impact on netball’s public profile Nature of the request and player availability Support or connection with local or state netball association Must be a registered not for profit organisation and supply an ABN

Please note:
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No athletic/exercise programs that may present the risk of injury to the player will be considered No email requests will be considered (receipt by fax or post only) Player appearances requests for weddings and birthdays will not be considered Applications received less than 5 weeks in advance will not be considered

If your player request does not fit the above criteria there are generally netball specific clinics for children held in each state with our elite netballers. (Refer to and the state based netball websites)

Process & timeframes All requests will be responded to within a 4 week period. Requests must be in writing on organisation letterhead or carry an accompanying reference or sanction letter. All requests must include:
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Contact Person Organisation name Postal address Business hours telephone number Date of event / activity Details of specific player role (e.g. speech, interact with children, etc)

Written requests to: Player Appearance Coordinator Netball Australia, PO Box 1328 Law Courts VIC 8010 or Fax 03 9614 4308

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