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					                                Town of LaGrange
                                                 February 2013 Newsletter

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Town of LaGrange, Wyoming, meeting at the Town Hall on January 10, 2013 at 7:00pm.

    Present were Mayor Mark Marshall, Councilman Mike Huseby, John Beightol, Cameron McCoy and Joel Tremain. Town
Clerk Cathy Stoddard and Public Works Director Tracy Pragnell were also present. Attorney Ed Buchannan was absent. Vis-
itors attending were: Lisa Johnson, Peggy Scheer and Richard Lundstrom.

  Mayor Marshall called the meeting to order at 7:18 pm. Cameron moved to approve the minutes as read. John seconded,
motion carried.

    Mayor Marshall asked for old business. Joel moved to approve resolution #1-13- A resolution authorizing the submittal of a
Community Development Grant (CDBG) application to the Wyoming Business Council. Cameron seconded, motion carried.
Mike Huseby stated there were no updates to the LHS. Tracy stated there are two machines that need to be repaired or removed
in the fitness center. Mike moved to try to have the equipment repaired and if it can not be repaired the equipment needs to be
removed. Cameron seconded, motion carried. The landfill closure was discussed. We have currently met all the requirements
per DEQ. The next step per DEQ is to begin construction by 2014.

    Mayor Marshall asked for new business. Joel moved to approve 3rd and final reading of Ordinance #53. John seconded,
motion carried. Mike moved to approve the 3rd and final reading of Ordinance #52. John seconded, motion carried. Mike
moved to approve the 2nd reading of Ordinance #44A-3. Cameron seconded, motion carried. Cameron moved to approve the
2nd reading of Ordinance #39S A-3. Joel seconded, motion carried. Mike moved to approve the water and sewer tap permits to
properties located at 224 3rd Ave and Lot 1 Block 27 of the original town. Cameron seconded, motion carried. Cameron
moved to approve Resolution #2-13 Investment Policy. Mike seconded, Joel abstained, motion carried. Mike moved to
approve Beightol Plumbing & Electric as the town approved contractor for water and sewer hook-ups. Cameron seconded,
motion carried. Joel moved to have Cameron McCoy be the town approved IT contractor. John seconded, motion carried.
Cathy stated that Curt Grandstaff asked if the conservation district can put a rod iron tree protector with a plaque that will have
the name designated to and the name of the tree engraved on it. Mike moved to approve the tree protector. John seconded,
motion carried. Tracy discussed an issue with some of the sewer lines having tree roots, possible cracks and grease inside. He
is getting assistance from the City of Torrington and Wyoming Rural Water to scope and clean the lines. He will give an update
after that has been completed. He warned that there will be a large expense involved if they need to be lined or replaced. The
council agreed that they will need to address this in the new budget also. Cameron moved to pay the bills. Joel seconded,
motion carried. John moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:56pm.

Minutes of the Public Hearing for the purpose of the CDBG grant application submission of the Town of LaGrange,               Wy-
oming, meeting at the Town Hall on January 10, 2013 at 6:30pm.

Present were Mayor Mark Marshall, Councilman Mike Huseby, John Beightol, Cameron McCoy and Joel Tremain. Town
Clerk Cathy Stoddard and Public Works Director Tracy Pragnell were also present. Visitors attending were: Richard
Lundstrom, Peggy Scheer and Lisa Johnson.

Mayor Marshall opened the meeting at 6:33pm. Cathy Stoddard gave a brief description of the project and asked for questions.
The questions were answered and being no further questions Mayor Marshall closed the public hearing at 6:47pm.
                                  LaGrange Winter Community Ed Classes

    You can register and pay for any of the classes by calling Karissa Kelly at 307-286-8807 or Susie in Torrington at 307-532-8213.
                       Please register at least one week in advance. This really helps in the organizing of the class.

Events and Trips Sponsored by Eastern Wyoming College                   Open Computer Lab
Colorado Garden and Home Show                                           The cost is $30.00 for 30 visits. (Jan.-April 2013)
Location - Colorado Convention Center, Denver                            for the use of the EWC Computer Center at the
Date & Time - Saturday, Feb 9, 7:30am to 6:30pm                         LaGrange Heritage Square. The computer Center is currently open
Cost - $35, includes price of admission Lunch on your own.              when the Library is open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm or by appointment.
Registration Deadline - February 1                                      Use up-to-date technology & software as well as internet access in
Molly Brown Experience                                                  the EWC Community Education Computer Center. The center is
Location - EWC Parking Lot                                              available for use by any community member. You do not need to
Date & Time - Saturday, March 9, 10:00am-10:00pm                        be enrolled in a college class. Anyone under the age of 10 must be
Cost - $69, includes museum fee, ticket, meal, beverage & tip           accompanied by an adult.
Registration Deadline-February 22

                                                                        Co-Ed Volleyball
LaGrange Digital Photo Series, Final Class                              Location - LaGrange Elementary School Gym
More Photoshop                                                          Instructor- Laurie Kelley
Location-LaGrange Heritage Square Computer Lab                          Time - 7:00-8:30pm
Instructor-Andy Espinoza                                                Date - January-April, Tuesdays
Time-6:30-8:00pm                                                        Age - 15 to Adult
Date-February 6, Wednesday                                              Cost - FREE
Cost-$25                                                                Come and enjoy playing the game of volleyball. All skill levels
In this final session, students will continue working with Photoshop,   welcome. Basic competitive volleyball rules apply.
becoming more skilled and creative. Bring your camera or a flash
drive with your downloaded photos.
                                                                        Frontier Tumbling
                                                                        Location- LaGrange Elementary School Gym
                                                                        Instructor- Jaimeson Reichert
                                                                        Time- 4:00pm-6:30pm
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Kristyna Kelley for     Dates- Monday & Wednesday, Feb-April
all her hard work on the Community Ed classes over the past year or     Price- $50 per month
so. She is moving on with her life, leaving LaGrange, and she will      Ages- 5 to 18 years
be missed. However, we want to welcome her sister, Karissa Kelley,      Kids will learn how to do basic through advance tumbling skills
as our new Community Ed class organizer. If you have any                and also learn safety skills. Based on skill level, the times may
questions or suggestions, please contact Karissa at the number above.   change. Beginners will only practice for an hour and more ad-
                         Welcome, Karissa!                              vanced will practice for the full time.

                                 Reminder                                             THE FEBRUARY 14 REGULAR
                      Dog Tags Were Due January 1, 2013                              TOWN COUNCIL MEETING HAS
             $15.00 for any dog within the town limits. Proof of rabies               BEEN RESCHEDULED-the new
              shots is required. If you own a dog in the town limits, be
              sure to stop by the Town Hall and purchase your dog tags               meeting date will be Thursday, Feb 7th
             before January 31st. A $25 fine will be charged to those                      at 7:00pm at Town Hall.
                who don’t purchase dog tags by January 31, 2013.
   Town Ordinance #31 requires anyone having a dog in town limits to
                         purchase a dog license.
        A copy of the ordinance is available at the Town Hall.

       Remember to check out the Town of LaGrange website for current and upcoming events!!

  Please contact Cathy or Tracy Wilson at 834-2466 by February 20th if you have any information you would like to have
  included in the March newsletter.
                             LaGrange Bear Creek Library News
                                 New Library Hours (updated 2/1/13
                      Thursday 3:00-5:00pm Friday 10:00am-12 noon & 1:00-2:00pm
                  We no longer have a host for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
 Other days and times, please call ahead (307-834-9309) or watch for the OPEN sign. Volunteers may sign
up to be on-call substitutes or to serve as random-time hosts. All times are thanks to the selfless dedication of
                                                our volunteer staff.
              Please leave your contact information at the Library, or call Cheryl at 834-2459.
 Financial support for the Library and History Center is always appreciated. At this time we cannot accept
   donations of most used adult books unless they are current or nearly new “best sellers”, and we always
                                            welcome children’s books.

                                            Next Meeting Date
 February 18th at 6:00pm ANNUAL SOUP AND THANKS NIGHT and Annual Meeting at the LaGrange
 Heritage Square. Serving starts at 6:15pm with the meeting at 7:00pm. Families are welcome. Come visit,
                                           browse, and take part.

  Unity meetings will be held the 3rd Monday of each month. Please save that date and come to the monthly

News from the LaGrange-Bear Creek Unity Association
Library and History Center

Soup and Thanks Night - February 18, 2013, 6 p.m. in the LaGrange Heritage Square building.
All community individuals, families, and supporters are invited to attend our FREE Soup & Dessert supper at
6p.m. provided by the Unity Board of Directors. This is NOT a fund-raiser, it is our way of saying thanks to
all of our supporters and patrons. Come see the displays-of special interest is the LaGrange Homemakers’ Her-
itage Quilt. Our Annual Corporation Meeting will begin at 7 p.m., including reports, election, planning, fol-
lowed by time for socializing and browsing. Bring your families and neighbors for a relaxing evening. Please
RSVP by Feb.16 to Cheryl at 834-2459 or by signing the guest list at Longhorn Grocery. PLEASE COME!

LGBC Unity Association sends a Huge, Heartfelt THANK YOU to all our supporters for your kind and
generous financial donations. Unity deeply values your confidence in carrying on this important work in our
community. Come see the progress and improvements that are currently underway. You can witness the
excitement of “Library Time!” at other ongoing opportunities such as visits by the Bird Nest Preschool and the
quickly approaching Easter Egg Hunt/Story time, and Summer Reading. Your generosity and the efforts of
many volunteers make these services available to our community. We appreciate YOU!

The Book Sale will continue through Easter, March 31st. New books are just $3.00 each. Do your gift
shopping while you enjoy the Library.

                       LaGrange Town Council elections are coming soon!
 The caucus for the upcoming elections will be called at the February Town Council meeting. Nominees for
 Mayor and Town Council positions are required to be a resident of the Town and be a registered voter before
 the Caucus. If you want to run for an office, please check your voter and resident status with Town Hall or
                  the County Clerk. Caucus date will be published in the March newsletter.
                                                  AUXILIARY NEWS
A big THANK YOU goes to Susan Hunter for her successful completion of the LaGrange Community Calendar on behalf of
the American Legion Auxiliary. This calendar of birthdays, anniversaries, and events continues to be a source of pride for
the entire community. It provides a ready reference to local advertisers and pays tribute to America, our Veterans, and our
military history. Calendars are available for $4.00 each at the Town Hall and at Longhorn Grocery. Be sure to purchase
several to share with your family. Proceeds from calendar sales aid the Auxiliary's many worthwhile projects in support of
our youth, democracy, Veterans, and their families.

American Legion Auxiliary John A. McGill Unit # 70 of LaGrange will award a college scholarship of $175 from the Carolyn
Laycock Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Graduating 2013 seniors from Southeast High School or from the LaGrange Community are eligible to submit an essay of
300-500 words entitled: "My Vision and Duties as a Responsible Citizen of the USA."
  Submit an application and qualifying original essay postmarked by February 15, 2013, to Scholarship Chairman Cheryl
Grandstaff, P.O. Box 155, LaGrange, WY 82221 or delivered c/o Cheryl at LaGrange Grain Company no later than
February 15, 2013. One winning entry will be awarded a scholarship of $175 upon proof of active college enrollment.
  Important rules and application forms must accompany the essays and may be obtained from the Town Hall or by calling
Cheryl at 834-2459.

          Mary Kay Shopping Day                                         FREE TO GOOD HOME
           Saturday, February 9th                           We have a 52” rear screen projection TV free to anyone
               8:00am-2:00pm                               who can come pick it up. It measures 52” high, 48” wide,
          At the Longhorn Grocery                                               and 26” deep.
         Cheryl Grandstaff, 834-2459                                Contact Ray Wilson at 307-630-1019

       & 24/7 SNOW REMOVAL                                                Longhorn Café
  We are equipped to do driveways, parking                              Valentine’s Day Special
    lots, sidewalks, and spread ice melt.
          “No job to big or to small,                                  Thursday, February 14th,
             we can handle it all.”
      Contact Dave/Alex Schanaman                                                2013
                                                                         4:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.
                MINI FAIR
   This year’s Mini Fair will be held on
 June 22, 2013. The committee leaders are                                          Choice of:
    Scott Yetter, President, Tonja Tosh,                                     Rib Eye Steak or Shrimp
  Secretary, and Carolyn Ward, Treasurer.
 Watch for meeting dates in coming months.
 All community members are welcome to                                       All you can eat:
                   attend.                                                 Salad Bar, Potato Bar,
                                                                        Homemade Rolls and Dessert.
   If you are interested in making an                                        All you can drink.
    annual payment for your utilities,
      please check your invoice for                                                   Price:
   information and prices. If paying                                                $15 per person
  annually, you receive a 2% discount
  for the January to December period.
   Please contact Town Hall for more
                                                                             Children’s menu will be
              information.                                                   available at regular prices
                                                    Located in the LHS Building

Senior Friendship Center Lunch Menu

                       FEBRUARY 2013 MEALS
    Monday               Tuesday             Wednesday               Thursday                  Friday
 PLEASE CALL US BY                                                                                1
9:30 AM IF YOU WOULD                                                                    CHILI, CHEESE STICK,
 LIKE A HOME DELIV-                                                                     GARDEN BOUNTY SAL-
      ERED MEAL                                                                         AD, CINNAMON ROLL,
       575-6637                                                                         TROPICAL FRUIT MIX.
                                                     6                   7
                                5                                                             8
          4                                LASAGNA, CALIFLOW- CHICKEN, MASHED PO-
                     TURKEY, MASHED POTA-                                            BEEF FRENCH DIP, AU
                      TOES & GRAVY, GREEN                                            JUS, OVEN BROWNED
ERS, CARROTS, BREAD,                         BREAD, CARROT-       FORNIA VEGGIES,
                      BEANS, CRANBERRIES,                                           POTATOES, BROCCOLI-
                       JELLO W/ PINEAPPLE,                                          CRAISIN SALAD, PEACH-
         ES.                                 SNICKER DOODLE     STRAWBERRIES & TOP-
                        BREAD, CHERRY PIE                                                    ES.
                                                  COOKIE.              PING

                                                 13          TACO SALAD W/ MEAT,
        11          CHICKEN FRIED STEAK,
                                          LEMON PEPPERED BEANS, CHEESE, SALAS,              15
                                           COD, WILD RICE,  SOUR CREAM, LETTUCE, PORK CHOP, WILD RICE, CAR-
                                          GLAZED CARROTS,    TOMATO, CALIFLOWER   ROTS W/ LEMON BUTTER,
                                         BREAD, PINEAPPLE &   & BROCCOLI SALAD,     BREAD, APPLESAUCE
                                         MADARIN ORANGES.     CARROT CAKE, FRUIT

                        BRAISED BEEF W/                                                             22
          18                                 CHICKEN STRIPS,
                       MUSHROOM GRAVY,                                     21
POLISH SAUSAGE ON A                         SWEET POTATOS,
                      NOODLES, BROCCOLI,                         MEAT LOAF, BABY BAK-
 BUN, COMPANY POTA-                          TOSSED SALAD,                                      CLOSED
                        CINNAMON-RAISIN                           ERS, TOSSED SALAD,
 TOES, GREEN BEANS,                        BREAD, MIXED VEG-
                        ROLL, COLESLAW,                                FRUIT CUP.
    APPLE CRISP.                           GIES W/ LEMON PEP-                           Sorry for the inconvenience
                      FRUITY CHERRY GELA-
                                              PER, PEACHES.
          25                                        27                     28
                     LEMON PEPPERED COD,
  SWISS STEAK, WILD                          HAM, BRUSSELL       CHICKEN FRIED STEAK.
                      CHEDDAR MASHED PO-
   RICE, BROCCOLI,                        SPROUTS, CAULIFLOW-     MASHED POTATOES & Menu subject to change
                     TATOES, SCANDINAVIAN
BREAD, TOSSED SALAD,                        ER MAC & CHEESE,     GRAVY, GARDEN BLEND   without notice
                        VEGGIES, BANANA
                       BREAD, JELLIED AP-
    LATE PUDDING                          BREAD, PEACH CRISP.       CHERRY MOUSSE

                                        Attention local businesses
          For $10.00 a year, your business advertisement can be added to the Town of LaGrange website.
                               Call the Town Hall for more information at 834-2466.

Wyoming Health Fair’s Annual Blood Screening
         Clinic will be held in La Grange on
                                                                           Raw Honey for Sale
         February 19 from 6-8am at the                                    From Goshen County
         Community Building. If you miss this                               Frankie’s honey is now
         one, there will be a clinic in Torrington                   available in LaGrange anytime, from
at 1618 e M St on March 8, from 8-10 am.                       Clif Humes. Contact Clif at 575-0142.
                                                     Annual Community
                                                     Building fundraiser

                                                   Thursday, March 7th
                                                           at the
                                            War Memorial Community Building
                                                    LaGrange, WY

        Evening events will include:
            Silent Auction
           Pie Auction                                                         Pizza-several
             Cake Auction                                                         Flavors
                                                                               Dessert Pizza

    If you want to donate a pie or cake, the sign-up sheets will be at the Longhorn Grocery Store by February
18th. Please bring your pies or cakes for the auction to the Community Building the evening of March 7th.
Proceeds from the Pie and Cake Auctions will go toward the Community Building Fund.

Dear LaGrange Community,

Please join us for the Annual Super on March 7th, 2013 from 5:00-7:00pm at the War Memorial Community
Building. We will be serving homemade pizza again this year!

As you all know, the Community Building continues to be a valuable asset to the LaGrange community. It serves
as the site for many activities and special occasions throughout the year. The building is the gathering spot for
the annual fireworks, mini-fair celebration, the Legion’s Veteran’s Day dinner, and AWANA activities. It is always
available for local funeral receptions and wedding/anniversary parties, too. Because of your generosity, last
year’s fundraiser was a HUGE success and we are sure the tradition of community support will continue this

We hope this evening will be an opportunity for all of you to visit with old and new friends, and have a good time.

Your generosity makes the use of the Community Building possible and the Community Building Board
appreciates the support from everyone.

                                          The Community Building Board
                                              President-Stacy Malm
                                            Vice President-Scott Yetter
                                              Secretary-Linda Vinton
                                             Treasurer-John Beightol
     Sunday                   Monday                             Tuesday                          Wednesday                           Thursday                        Friday                 Saturday
                                                                                                                                                          1                        2
              Library Hours 2/1/13                                     Black History Month                            Canned Food Month                                                  Groundhog Day
                     Thursday 3-5pm
               Friday 10am-Noon & 1-2pm
         Other Days Vary, we need morning hosts.
          Library phone Number 307-834-9309
3                    4                                 5                                   6        AWANA/Cubbies          7                              8                        9
                            Frontier Tumbling                                                                                                                  Boy Scouts Day
                           LaGrange Elem Gym
                              4:00-6:30pm                                                          Digital Photo Series              RESCHEDULED
                                                                                                    More Photo Shop
                                                                  Co-Ed Volleyball
                                                                                                                                   Regular Town Council
      Youth Group                                                    7-8:30pm                   LaGrange Heritage Square             Meeting 7:00pm
        6-8pm                                                           LaGrange Elem                Computer Lab                       Town Hall
10                   11 No School-LaGrange             12                Abraham           13                              14       Happy Valentine’s     15                       16
                        & Southeast Students                             Lincoln’s                                                       Day!
                           Frontier Tumbling
                                                                  Co-Ed Volleyball                                                 Longhorn Café’s
      Youth Group         LaGrange Elem Gym                          7-8:30pm
        6-8pm                4:00-6:30pm                                                            AWANA/Cubbies               Valentine’s Day Dinner
                                                                LaGrange Elem Gym
                                                                                                      6-7:30pm                       4:00-8:00pm
                             Frontier Tumbling                                                                                                                 No School-LaGrange 23
17                   18                                19   Wyoming Health Fair’s Annual   20                              21                             22
                            LaGrange Elem Gym
                                                                 Blood Screening                                                                               & Southeast Students
                                                             Community Bldg, 6-8am
                       LaGrange/Bear Creek Unity                                                                                                                    George
                                                            Homemakers Club Mtg
                             Library Meeting
                                                       Bonnie Patterson’s Home, 1:00pm
                       And Soup and Thanks Night                                                                                                                    Birthday
      Youth Group    Dinner at 600pm, Mtg at 7:00pm           Co-Ed Volleyball                      AWANA/Cubbies
        6-8pm          EMT Meeting 7:00pm, Fire Hall    LaGrange Elem Gym 7-8:30pm                    6-7:30pm
24                   25 Frontier Tumbling              26                                  27       AWANA/Cubbies          28
                       LaGrange Elem Gym                                                              6-7:30pm
                          4:00-6:30pm                                                                                                                                  Great American Pie Month
      Youth Group                                                 Co-Ed Volleyball
                          4H/Cloverbuds Meeting                      7-8:30pm                         Fire Dept Meeting
        6-8pm              7:00pm, Comm Bldg                                                          8:00pm Fire Hall
                                                                LaGrange Elem Gym
                                             Nat’l Children’s Dental
                                                                                                                                  Beightol’s Gift Shop
                                                  Health Month
                                                                                                                                     241 2nd Ave
                                                                                                                                  Will be open every
                                                   LaGrange, WY 82221
                                                   PO Box 185
                                                   Town of LaGrange

                Longhorn Café’s
             Valentine’s Day Dinner
           Thursday, February 14, 2013
     Choice of:                         All You Can Eat:
Rib Eye Steak or Shrimp              Salad Bar, Potato Bar,
                                 Homemade Rolls and Dessert
                                        All You Can Drink

                   Price: $15.00 per person

      Children’s menu will be available at regular prices.

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