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1. Every human being should think of wellness for other person. This is called
   Humanity. But just for the taste purpose, how can some-one justify to kill any
2. Quality of food defines the quality of thoughts.
        a. Meat is considered to be TAMSIK. This kind of food increases
           restlessness, and anger.
        b. All the negative energy stored in the body of the animal comes along with
           the meat. And a person, who is consuming this, will get this along with the
        c. At the time of kill, animal does not die at that moment, but dies after some
           time. This time is the worst time for this animal, and all the grievance of
           that animal come in a form of negative energy. How can a person afford to
           have this negative energy just for the sake of taste when he is striving for
           positive energy?
3. Limit to Brutality:
        a. The worst to an enemy is to kill him and murderer leaves his enemy after
           that. But in this case, first you kill that animal that does not have anything
           to do with you. Then cut into small pieces, cook it in kitchen, and then eat
           that. And after that you get the satisfaction of the taste. There is no other
           species on this planet, which does this kind of act.
4. One can relate killing these animals’ killings to same as killing your small kids,
   who can not protest against it, but they feel the pain. If killing a person is a sin,
   then why not killing and then eating an animal is brutality?
5. Consider any respected personalities (Jesus Christ, Kabir, Nanak, Buddh,
   Mahaveer Jain etc). They are worshipped, because they worked for humanity.
   They devoted their life for welfare of the humane being and the world. Does
   killing and eating animals have anything to do with kindness?
6. Don’t find excuses:
        a. I do not kill the animal. I just eat them. But if you don’t eat them, there
           will be no demand of meat. Therefore even if you are not killing the
           animal, but eating meat places you at the same position, where the
           slaughter is placed.
        b. Eating meat is healthier than veg food. This is one of the biggest confusion
           around the world. People, those who do not eat meat are also very strong
           and intelligent. Take example of great wrestler Dara Singh. He is
           vegetarian. There is no meat, which can match to milk, dry fruits, Ghee
        c. As per scientists, any food which does not put lot of pressure on digestive
           system is good for health. Meat is the most difficult thing to digest.
        d. Vegetarian animals (elephant, horse, Gorilla, Ox etc ) are much better in
           terms of endurance and power against non vegetarian animals(loin,
           panther, wolf etc).
      e. Jesus Christ has said, “ Don’t kill any one. Be with me like a human
      f. Kuran, The holy Book of Muslim says,” Those who cut green trees, trade
          human being, kill animals and have other’s woman, will be cursed by god.
          God will only bless them, who show mercy on the animals created by
      g. In Mahabharat it is said that,” Those who buy meat, kill animals by
          money. Those who eat meat, kill animals by taste,
7. Bad effects on Health:
      a. Dr Hague in his famous book “Diet and Food” says: “Power increases by
          vegetarian food and non-veg food increases excitement. Meat leads to
          addiction similar to any other intoxicating drugs. Therefore, those people
          who eat meat, have higher tendency towards suicide and mental illness
          because it leads to depression.”
      b. US Dr Shirmate writes: “ Vegetarian people are rare victim of typhoid
      c. Dr Clardson says: “Those kids have non veg in their childhood; they grow
          to a lazy personality. For kids Vegetarian food is the best.”
      d. As per Dr Menry Padro:”Vegetarians are less likely to get sick compared
          to non-vegetarian.”
      e. Non-veg is one of the major reasons for Cancer, Arthritis, Lever problems,
          Appendicitis etc.
      f. As per Dr H Chirtithan’ book “Physiological Economy”: “It is absolute
          wrong that non veg has lots of protein. All the required proteins can be
          obtained from Vegetarian food.”
      g. As per the research from Vegetarian Society of London done many
          vegetarian and non-vegetarian people shows that veggie people live longer
          life, they can do more work and are more intelligent as compare to non-
      h. Jorge Bernard Shaw was a Vegetarian.
      i. Pythagoras was a strong believer of vegetarian food and strongly
          condemned killing animals for food.
8. What’s the benefit of this health?
      a. Even if we agree that meat is good for health, is it Ok to kill someone for
      b. If tomorrow doctors say that Human flesh is good for health, then are we
          going to kill people around us?
      c. If doctor says that blood of your kid will make you healthier and you will
          not have any health issue in your life, are you going to accept that logic?
      d. Even if you give away all the scientific researches, being a human who is
          son of God, Can he ever destroy the creation of his father God?
      e. As we move up in the food-chain, more and more impurities and toxic
          materials come into the meat. This means that meat of a non-vegetarian
          animal is more harmful than a vegetarian animal. And having the food
          from the lowest level of food chain turns out to be most healthy and free
          from Toxic.
9. Eggs are also not good to eat:
        a. Even though egg does not have living soul, but it hurts the mother.
10. Few people believe that if they do not eat non-veg there will be food crisis. This is
    not correct:
        a. If cows, goats are not sloughed and there milk is used, they would produce
            more food compare to their meat. It is same as the story of a man who
            sloughed the hen which was giving golden egg thinking that he would get
            the whole mine.
        b. Also the cow dung etc is the best organic fertilizers. How can one replace
            this with toxic synthetic fertilizers?
        c. If the same effort, time and money is used to grow the pulses are used as
            these are used for meat products, We can get much more food.
        d. As an statistics 16 lb of grain is used to get 1 lb of chicken. So a non-
            veggie is having 16 times the food a veggie can have, leaving so many
            people starving for the food.
11. Lets compare:
        a. Soybean has 25% more protein as compared to meet. Pulses contain
            protein from 22 to 24%, and carbohydrate from 56 to 60%. Where as meat
            have 13 to 18% of protein, and almost no carbohydrate.
        b. Calcium and Iron is found in bone. So in meat this is in a very less
            quantity. Where as you can get lots of calcium and iron from green
        c. Milk and milk products have good fat of about 78% where as meat has
            about 4%.
        d. There is no fiber content in meat.
        e. Soybean has much more phosphorous, protein, Iron, Vitamin A, B, D and
            E apart from protein compare to any non veg food. Soybean is also used
            during menopause instead of hormonal medication.
12. As per Manu Smriti:
    “Anumanta VishSita Nihanta Kray Vikrayi.
    Sanskarti ChopHato cha swaad Kashyeti Ghaat ka.”
    Meaning: Preacher of Non-vegetarian, allowing the meat eating, one who trades
    meat, one who cooks meat and eat meat, are all murderers, and share the same
    level of sin.

13. To digest meat, our digestive system need to do a lot of work, this results in acidic
    waste. This waste has a very bad effect on our bone. Therefore people having
    non-veg suffer more from bone related problems. Osteoporosis is one the major
    disease caused by meat eating.
14. Examples:
        a. North China herald published the food habit of 255 years old women. She
           used to have food twice a day, which was usually consisting of fruits.
        b. Thomas Corn from London lived 207 years, Thomas Perry from England
           lived 152 years, Coptas Darmond from France lived 145 years and there
           are many more that lived beyond 100 years are the example of
   15. If not meat, then are these animals of any use?
           a. Yes. If these animals are used for physical labor, then there will be less
               usage of petroleum products to be used in farms to grow fruits and
               vegetable. Unlike petroleum bi-products (CO2 etc) which are the cause of
               global warming, these animals bi-products (there urine and stool) are the
               best fertilizers.
           b. Cow, goats are can give much more worth of milk as compare to the meat
               you can get.
           c. Other furry animals can provide lots of wool.
   16. What is the alternative?
           a. Pulses and Soybean has more protein than meat.
           b. Green vegetables have mote calcium and phosphorus than meat.
           c. Wool can be used instead of leather to warm body.
           d. There are other fashion materials as well. So use of leather can be
               minimized or even stopped.
           e. Those who have the addiction of non-veg, there are many vegetarian food
               which can give the same taste, and then later they can start having normal
               vegetarian food.
   17. your choice:
           a. At the end it’s your choice to strive towards God or Devil. No one is
               forcing you to leave non-veg to become veggie.
           b. I remember one of the ad on the taxies: “ Don’t make your stomach a
               living graveyard”.

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