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 Artelon Thumb Implant: Treatment and Lawsuits
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 Different pro blems have been no ted in art e lo n t hum b im plant s. Abno rmal swelling due to bo ne lo ss and inflammatio n may require a surgical remo val o f the implant
 device. Wo rst case scenario is if the implant breaks within the hand and a co rrective surgery has to take place then. In these situatio ns, tendo ns have to be taken fro m o ther
 parts o f the bo dy to ensure the functio ning o f the wrist is no t affected. Many patients have suffered the misshaping o f their arms in unexpectedly ho rrifying turno ut o f this

 There are so me brands o f thumb implants in the market to which several peo ple have fallen prey. Lawyers have to seek large amo unts o f co mpensatio ns fo r their clients’
 lo sses. While the co mpanies may eventually pay the price fo r o verlo o king such po o r quality befo re releasing their pro ducts in the market, the time lapse barely makes up fo r
 the lo ss o f the patient – bo th in terms o f mo ney and mo bility. Lawyers will generally take so me
 criterio ns into co nsideratio n if he must file a suit against a manufacturer that pro vides implant

 These criteria include inflammatio n, pain, lo ss o f bo ne, misshapen thumb, redness at the base,
 o ddly shaped thumb, pain in the hands, additio nal co rrective surgeries and lo ss o f mo bility.
 Co nsidering the patient pays a hefty amo unt fo r the executio n o f such co stly surgeries, it is

unfo rtunate fo r the surgeries to turn o ut wro ng o r fo r the patient to be subjected to untested
pro ducts in the market. Lawyers who fight such cases usually demand, rather justifiably, large amo unts o f co mpensatio n but the pro cedure takes a lo ng time and may barely
make up fo r the patient’s lo ss.

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