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									Get A Lasting Power Of Attorney And Assign Your Rights To People
Closest To You
There are times when you leave for a long time or for an indefinite period, leaving your family behind to
take care of any legal incident that can come up in your absence. In addition to this, there might be papers
that you need to personally sign but can’t because you are not with your family. Thus, you will need a
power of attorney so that the person designated on the public instrument may engage in legal processes on
your behalf.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A lasting power of attorney is a legal document that is executed with a lawyer authorizing a particular
person of your choice to engage in legal processes on your behalf. This is pretty common in cases where
your father or mother is away for work and only the children are left to take care of things. For instance,
when your father or the head of the family goes away for work, say abroad, and you are left to manage or
administer your properties and a legal document should be signed by your father. In this case, you or any
person that your father named in the legal document can sign in his behalf. Said signature has the power
and enforcement that is attributed with your father’s signature.

Who May be Designated?

Anyone can be granted the powers of a particular person but like other legal proceedings, there are
requirements that should be met. First off, you should be of legal age to be qualified to be designated said
powers and you must not have any kind of mental disorder. In case you have a mental disorder, the process
would be much longer because numerous scientific tests shall be required to satisfy the requisites as laid
out by law. In addition to this, you should be willing so that there will be no misfortunes and mishaps when
the time comes. In case you lack one of the requisites, the power of attorney shall not be binding because
the document in the first place is considered as void.

How is it processed?

With the assistance of a licensed attorney, the process of creating a lasting power of attorney is easy and
quick at the same time. First off, before the legal principal goes away, the attorney should be consulted and
informed of the proper process to get the document. If the attorney is as quick as he says he is, it would be
really easy to produce the document but when the lawyer does not know how to create it, it would take
hours to complete. The second process is the naming of the designated person; remember that this can
only be done by your father or the one assigning his powers to you.
If you look at the explanation in the preceding paragraphs as to how to get a lasting power of attorney, you
can definitely say it is quite easy. So if you are planning to go abroad for good or for a definite period, you
should consider creating a document so that you can designate someone back at home to do legal actions.

When you go abroad and you are leaving your children or your family back home, you should make sure
that you create the necessary documents before you depart. With lasting powers of attorney, you can
assign your legal capacity to your wife or your eldest child – given that he/she is eligible. If you have a
friend who has been a practicing lawyer for quite some time, you can approach said friend and ask him to
create the document. However, if you do not have a lawyer, you can always visit the nearest law firms in
your area and ask the lawyers there to create the document.

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