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The Doctoral Application Process


									Welcome to “Ask a Current Student”

                          June 8, 2011
       Alli Roman
    Community Organizing
Children and Youth in Families
           20 Month
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NOW: Call the Office of Student Services (734-936-0961) to set up your
  registration appointment time (required) and Summer New Program Session
  (optional). Check your email for more info.

JULY: Watch a course advising webinar on your own, or join a live webinar to
  ask questions:
July/August: Attend Summer New Student Program Session   (optional)

July/August: Register for classes

August 30: Community Service Day

August 31- September 1: New Student Orientation
 Charity Jones
Interpersonal Practice
    Mental Health
  Advanced Standing
•   Be sure to watch the SSW Blogs:

•   Incoming Student Page:

•   Summer To-Do Checklist:

•   Campus Job Postings:

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•   Registration, View Financial Aid, Update Address, etc:

•   U-M Mail:
   Elizabeth Ramus
Management of Human Services
        Mental Health
          20 Month
 Kate Fawcett
Interpersonal Practice
    Mental Health
      20 Month
  Josue Osegueda
Social Policy and Evaluation
    Children and Youth
   Child Welfare Scholar
          16 Month
   Brittany Sandefur
Management of Human Services
Community and Social Systems
      Extended Degree
        Kate Fawcett                 Charity Jones            Josue Osegueda
•   Interpersonal Practice   •   Interpersonal Practice   • Social Policy and
•   Mental Health            •   Mental Health              Evaluation
•   20 Month                 •   Advanced Standing        • Children and Youth
•       •       • Child Welfare Scholar
                                                          • 16 Month

         Alli Roman                Elizabeth Ramus           Brittany Sandefur
• Community Organizing • Management of                    • Management of Human
• Children & Youth       Human Services                     Services
• 20 Month             • Mental Health                    • Community and Social
•     • 20 Month                           Systems
                       •                 • Extended Degree
We look forward to seeing you soon in
            Ann Arbor! 

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