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									NSF Survey for adoption
 of the 2009 Food Code

              Vickie Carper

            University of Washington
  Environmental Health and UW Health Department
                2010 NSF Scholar

                      Table of Contents

Title page                                                1

Table of contents                                         2

Introduction                                              3

Methods                                                   4

Reports / Analysis                                        6
    Report 1 (map, 2006 adoptions)                        7
    Report 2 (retail food code 2006, in appendix)
    Report 3 (Excel condensed survey results)             14
    Report 4 (Excel expanded survey results)              14
    Report 5 (link to SurveyMonkey site for Analysis)     14

Conclusion                                                15

Acknowledgements                                          15

Appendix                                                16-25


   This National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 2010 summer internship project is a

research project to inquire about each state’s status regarding the recently enacted 2009

FDA Model Food Code. My research involved surveying all 50 states to see where each

state was, in its own legislative process, in its response to this new Food Code.

   Each state has a choice as to its response to the new 2009 Food Code. Specifically,

NSF wanted to know more about whether each state was requiring the acceptance of the

FDA model Food Code for food equipment, and to find out “to what standard(s) is their

(each state’s) food equipment is being certified or classified. Each state has choices to

whether it would be following the 2009 Food Code which requires food equipment that is

certified or classified for sanitation by an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-

accredited certification program.”(Ron Grimes). Since NSF is an ANSI-accredited

certification program, equipment stamped with the “NSF” mark would be accepted into

this group. If each state, county, or local health jurisdiction chooses to adopt the 2009

Food Code, this would be the case. Not all states have adopted the 2009 Food Code; my

work was to investigate where each state is in this process (rulemaking), what state

agency (ies) is responsible for this part of the Food Code, and its contact name and phone


                                NSF survey Methods

   In order to get information from each state, I started at the FDA website, which has a
document with a color-coded map stating what year Food Code each state has adopted.
(see reports). It also lists the agency responsible for food safety in each state. This, at
least, gave me some background information for each state. Some states have two
agencies listed; the majority of the time, it was either the Dept. of Health; or the Dept. of
Agriculture. From this information, I was able to ascertain which agency(ies) to start
   Then I went to the website of the Association of Food and Drug Officials. Each dept
is listed; but I especially looked for the departments that listed “food safety” or “retail
food safety” and started calling them. After explaining what I was doing, they either said
they could help me, or transferred me to another food safety specialist. Then over the
phone, I briefly interviewed them, asking them what year food code they were currently
using, and were they expecting to update their code to the 2009 code. Most people were
fairly friendly and helpful; although some were retired or on vacation; and so I had to call
back later. Some states were in the middle of floods or egg recall crisis (Iowa); so I had to
be cognizant and understanding of their time. After getting some general answers from
them, I then asked if I could email them, a very brief online survey that would help me
tabulate all the answers from all 50 states.
   Creation of the online survey was the most difficult item, because I was trying to limit
It to only ten questions, to keep it brief; yet I needed to cover a variety of areas, realizing that
each state might be different on how it legislates and enforces its Food Code. I was also
trying to word the questions precisely, so I could limit answers to an online survey form of
yes/no or multiple-choice answers.
   The best part of using surveyMonkey is that it inserts the data directly into a Excel
spreadsheet. It also has various analysis options, including side-by-side comparisons of
each question; various summaries and analysis. SurveyMonkey allows analysis for each
question asked on the survey. For example, for questions #4, there are 5 possible answers.
Each state could answer any one of those five answers. Surveymonkey provides percentages

on how all the states answer that question, which displays trends or comparative values. The
link to do this is listed in the report section (#5).
        The downside is that they charge initially $20/month for their conveniences. So far
I have used them for 2 months to complete the survey. The interactive information is
available until the end of this month, unless the subscription is renewed.
   After I got all the surveys back, I merged them with my notes (taken by phone, with each
state’s dept). Sometimes what they said to me, was slightly different than what they filled
out on the survey; but generally they were the same. I then inserted my additional notes and
comments in survey question #3, #5 or #12; whatever was most appropriate. SurveyMonkey
allows this, so when the completed survey, with my added notes, is exported to Excel, it
included my notes or comments.
        What you see in the excel spreadsheet is the culmination of the interview of each
state. Some states had different departments that both handled food safety. After
interviewing those departments, I would decide if their answers were different enough to
include two separate surveys for the same state. There were five states where that occurred,
noted by boxes on the spreadsheet, so you can see that even though there are 2 different
surveys, they are from the same state.
        I received data from 49 states, with Iowa being the exception. Iowa was a challenge.
First it was having floods, then the egg recall due to salmonella. The person I originally
interviewed went on leave, and so I never could get through to his replacement.
So I did get enough information over the phone to partially complete the survey, but Iowa
is listed last, just because a food safety official didn’t officially fill it out.


       Following are several reports.
       One is the FDA 2010 spring report of which states have adopted the 2009 Food
Code. This was my starting point and used as background information. It has written
summary from the FDA website March 2010, and a color-coded map showing each state;
their respective department(s) that is(are) responsible for the Food Code and which Food
code they were using in March 2010. My investigation showed some changes,
inconsistencies, and mistakes; especially where the FDA reported “unknown”; I was able
to report where that state was in the process (rulemaking).
   The second report is from the FDA website, listing each state’s code from 2006. This
may be found in the appendix of this project.
   The other reports are the actual survey results from SurveyMonkey. They are both in
Excel, and can be viewed by opening the attachments in this email. One is not expanded
and more condensed-- in that all the information is in the cell, but particular questions
have not been fully expanded to see the answers. It is to see the information at a glance.
The other report is the SurveyMonkey results with all the answers fully seen by expanding
the cells. This, of course, takes up a lot more pages.
   The 5th report is the analysis supplied clicking on the link listed below. It will open to
the analysis part of SurveyMonkey, where one can find out percentages of answers to
each questions, can do side-by- side comparisons, and other features.

(1). FDA Reference Article on Food code adoptions (map)
(2.) FDA listings of each state’s Food Code from 2006 (in appendix)
(3). Survey results in excel (condensed)-see attachment
(4). Survey final results in excel expanded –see attachment
(5.) SurveyMonkey link for data analysis

                                                   Report #1

[Accessed from internet in June 2010  Aug 26, 2010: Real Progress in Food
Code Adoptions
ivePrograms/ucm108156.htm ]

Following is the Article from the web:

Real Progress in Food Code Adoptions

*text in bold is updated information
March 12, 2010
The Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO), under contract to the Food and Drug Administration, is gathering data
on the progress of FDA Food Code adoptions by States, Territories, Local and Tribal Nation agencies. Adoption of the
Food Code represents a successful federal/state/local partnership in improving food safety. FDA and AFDO's goal is the
prevention and reduction of foodborne illness and death from food produced at the retail level. Adoption of the Food Code
by all food safety agencies at the federal, state, local and tribal levels establishes a sound regulatory foundation and legal
framework for uniformity in achieving such a reduction.

Developments Since Last Quarterly Report

Since the last quarterly report, the state and territorial retail food agencies were surveyed by the revised "FDA Food Code
Adoption Survey", OMB #0910-0448 to gather detailed information pertaining to obstacles encountered during rulemaking,
determining whether state agency codes are lacking FDA Model Code elements, and soliciting feedback on assistance
that FDA can provide in order to support state rulemaking processes.

State Adoptions

Forty-nine (49) of the 50 States adopted codes patterned after the 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 or 2005 versions of the
Food Code. These represent 95.5% of the US population. A breakdown by Food Code version follows:

         Four States adopted the 1993, 1995 or 1997 Food Code, representing 3.8% of the US
         Eleven States adopted the 1999 Food Code, representing 13.1% of the US population.
         Fourteen States adopted the 2001 Food Code, representing 48.3% of the US population.
         Twenty States adopted the 2005 Food Code, representing 30.3% of the US population.

Summary of State and Territorial Adoptions

Fifty-two of the 56 states and territories adopted codes patterned after the 1993, 1995, 1997,
1999, 2001 or 2005 versions of the Food Code. These represent 97% of the US population.

Status of State and Territorial Model Food Code Adoptions,
March 2010

Adopted the Food Code means that one or more of the retail food program agencies in the state
modeled its code after the 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, or 2005 version of the FDA Model Food

Population of States and Territories That Have Adopted the Food

     Status of State and Territorial Food Code Adoptions, Listed Alphabetically
                       2000         Retail Food      Agency Food Code       Rule
State or Territory
                      Census     Program Agency            Status         Making
                               Department of Public Has adopted the Food
    Alabama         4,447,100                                            No
                               Health               Code – 2005
                               Dep't of
                                                    Has adopted the Food
      Alaska        626,932    Environmental                             No
                                                    Code – 2005
American Samoa 57,291                               No survey response.
                               Department of        Has adopted the Food
     Arizona        5,130,632                                            Yes – 2010
                               Health Services      Code – 1999
                               Department of        Has adopted the Food
    Arkansas        2,673,400                                            Yes - 2010
                               Health               Code – 2001
                               Department of        Has adopted the Food
    California      33,871,648                                           Unknown
                               Health Services      Code – 2001
                               Dep't of Public      Has adopted the Food
    Colorado        4,301,261                                            Yes - 2010
                               Health and Env       Code – 2001
                               Department of        Has adopted the Food
                               Consumer Protection Code – 1999
   Connecticut      3,405,565
                               Department of Public Has adopted the Food
                                                                         Yes - 2010
                               Health               Code – 1999
                               Dep't of Health and Has adopted the Food
    Delaware        783,600                                              Yes - 2010
                               Social Services      Code - 1999
    District of                Department of        Has adopted the Food
                    572,059                                              Unknown
    Columbia                   Health               Code - 1999
                               Department of        Has adopted the Food
      Florida       15,982,378                                           No
                               Agriculture          Code - 2001

                           Dep't of Bus and        Has adopted the Food
                           Prof Regulation         Code - 2001
                           Department of           Has adopted the Food
                           Health                  Code - 2001
                           Department of           Has adopted the Food
                           Agriculture             Code - 2001
  Georgia       8,186,453
                           Department of           Has adopted the Food
                           Human Resources         Code - 2005
                           Department of Public    Has not adopted the
   Guam         154,805                                                   Unknown
                           Health                  Food Code
                           Department of           Has adopted the Food
   Hawaii       1,211,537                                                 No
                           Health                  Code - 1997
                           Department of           Has adopted the Food
   Idaho        1,293,953                                                 No
                           Health and Welfare      Code - 2001
                           Department of Public    Has adopted the Food
   Illinois     12,419,293                                                No
                           Health                  Code - 2005
                           Department of           Has adopted the Food
  Indiana       6,080,485                                                 No
                           Health                  Code - 2001
                           Dep't of Inspections    Has adopted the Food
    Iowa        2,926,324                                                 No
                           and Appeals             Code - 2005
                                                   Has adopted the Food
   Kansas       2,688,418   Dep't of Agriculture                          No
                                                   Code - 2005
                            Department of Public   Has adopted the Food
  Kentucky      4,041,769                                                 No
                            Health                 Code - 2005
                            Department of          Has adopted the Food
  Louisiana     4,468,976                                                 Unknown
                            Health and Hospitals   Code - 1999
                            Department of          Has adopted the Food
                                                                          Yes - 2010
                            Agriculture            Code - 1999
   Maine        1,274,923
                            Department of          Has adopted the Food
                                                                          Yes - 2010
                            Human Services         Code - 1999
                            Dep't of Health and    Has adopted the Food
  Maryland      5,296,486                                                 No
                            Mental Hygiene         Code – 2005
                            Department of Public   Has adopted the Food
Massachusetts   6,349,097                                                 Yes - 2011
                            Health                 Code – 1999
                            Department of          Has adopted the Food
  Michigan      9,938,444                                                 No
                            Agriculture            Code – 2005
                            Department of          Has adopted the Food
                                                                          Yes - 2010
                            Agriculture            Code – 1995
 Minnesota      4,919,479
                            Department of          Has adopted the Food
                                                                          Yes - 2011
                            Health                 Code – 1995

                          Department of         Has adopted the Food
                          Agriculture           Code – 2005
  Mississippi  2,844,658
                          Department of         Has adopted the Food
                          Health                Code – 2005
                          Department of         Has adopted the Food
   Missouri    5,595,211                                               Yes- 2010
                          Health                Code – 1999
                          Department of         Has adopted the Food
   Montana     902,195                                                 No
                          Health                Code – 1999
                          Department of         Has adopted the Food
   Nebraska    1,711,263                                               Yes - 2011
                          Agriculture           Code – 2005
                          Department of         Has adopted the Food
    Nevada     1,998,257                                               Yes - 2010
                          Health                Code – 1999
                          Department of         Has adopted the Food
New Hampshire 1,235,786                                                Yes - 2010
                          Health and Welfare    Code – 2005
                          Dep't of Health and   Has adopted the food
  New Jersey   8,414,350                                               Yes - 2012
                          Senior Services       code – 2001
                          Environment           Has adopted the Food
 New Mexico    1,819,046                                               Yes - 2010
                          Department            Code – 1999
                          Department of         Has adopted the Food
                                                                       Yes - 2010
                          Agriculture           Code – 2001
  New York     18,976,457
                          Department of         Has adopted the Food
                                                                       Yes - 2011
                          Health                Code – 1993
                          Department of         Has adopted 21 CFR,
                          Agriculture           Part 110
North Carolina 8,049,313                        Based on 1976
                          Dep't of Env and
                                                Model Foodservice      Yes - 2012
                          Nat'l Resources
                           Department of        Has adopted the Food
 North Dakota   642,200                                                No
                           Health               Code – 2005
                69,221                          No survey response.    Unknown
Mariana Islands
                           Department of        Has adopted the Food
                           Agriculture          Code – 2005
     Ohio       11,353,140
                           Department of        Has adopted the Food
                           Health               Code – 2005
                           Department of        Has adopted the Food   Yes –
  Oklahoma      3,450,654
                           Health               Code – 2001            unknown.
                           Department of        Has adopted the Food
                                                                       Yes - 2010
                           Agriculture          Code – 2001
    Oregon      3,421,399
                           Department of        Has adopted the Food
                           Health               Code – 1999

                                               Department of   Has adopted the Food
    Pennsylvania                  12,281,054                                          Yes - 2010
                                               Agriculture     Code - 2001
                                               Department of   Has adopted the Food
     Puerto Rico                  3,808,610                                           No
                                               Health          Code - 2005
                                               Department of   Has adopted the Food
    Rhode Island                  1,048,319                                           No
                                               Health          Code - 2005
                                               Department of   Has adopted the Food
  South Carolina 4,012,012                                                            Yes - 2012
                                               Health          Code - 1993
                                               Department of   Has adopted the Food
   South Dakota                   754,844                                             Yes - 2010
                                               Health          Code - 1995
                                                               Based on 1982
                                               Department of
                                                               Model Retail           No
      Tennessee                   5,689,283                    Foodstore Code
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
                             Health                            Code - 1999
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
     Texas        20,851,820                                                          No
                             Health                            Code - 2001
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
US Virgin Islands 108,612                                                             Unknown
                             Health                            Code - 2001
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
                                                                                      Yes - 2010
                             Agriculture                       Code – 2005
     Utah         2,233,169
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
                             Health                            Code - 2005
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
    Vermont       608,827                                                             Unknown
                             Health                            Code - 2001
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
                             Agriculture                       Code - 2005
    Virginia      7,078,515
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
                             Health                            Code - 2001
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
  Washington      5,894,121                                                           No
                             Health                            Code - 2001
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
 West Virginia 1,808,344                                                              No
                             Health                            Code - 2005
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
                                                                                      Yes - 2011
                             Agriculture                       Code - 2005
   Wisconsin      5,363,675
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
                             Health                            Code - 1999
                             Department of                     Has adopted the Food
   Wyoming        493,782                                                             Unknown
                             Agriculture                       Code - 2005

Descriptions of Maps and Graphs

Status of State and Territorial Model Food Code Adoptions

Description: Color coded map of the United States and its territories depicting which states have adopted a version of the FDA Food Code and which states and
territories adoption is unknown due to no survey response.

States and territories that have adopted the 2005 version of the food code are: Puerto Rico, Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa,
Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

States and territories that have adopted the 2001 version of the food code are: Virgin Islands, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas,
Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Vermont.

States and territories that have adopted the 1999 version of the food code are: Montana, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, District
of Columbia, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine.

States and territories that have adopted the 1993, 1995 or 1997 version of the food code are: Minnesota, South Dakota, South Carolina and Hawaii.

States and territories that have adopted a pre-1993 version of the food code are: North Carolina
States and territories whose adoption status is unknown due to no survey response are: Northern Mariana Islands, Guam and American Samoa.

Population of States and Territories That Have Adopted the Food Code

Description: A bar graph indicating the percentage of the U.S. population that reside in states and territories that have adopted codes patterned after either the
1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, or 2005 versions of the FDA Food Code. The Y axis scale goes from 0 to 250 million and indicates the number of persons in the
United States and territories, and the X axis scale indicates Survey Years. The bar for 2001 indicates 72% of the population resided in a state that has adopted a
version of the FDA Food Code. The bars for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 indicate that 72%, 76%, 80%, 79%, 79%, 79%,
96%, 96%, 97% and 97% respectively, of the population resides in a state that has adopted a version of the FDA Food Code.

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Links on this page:

      1.     http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Food/FoodSafety/RetailFoodProtection/FederalStateCooperativeP

Page Last Updated: 05/06/2010

                       Reports (continued)

Report # 2 is in the appendix. (page 16)

Report # 3 and # 4 are attached in this email.

Report #5 is the SurveyMonkey page: Link includes full analysis,
side–by-side comparisons, filters, cross tabs.

2brO9eOZsWmmQwC2bBo30Vbgk%3d                Then click on the pie shape
(analysis), then “summary”. For questions, #4,6,7,8,9,10,11 to make
charts: click on “Create chart” at the bottom of each question. (pie,
bar, column). Click on “replies” to see individual state’s answers.

Example : from survey analysis for question #4


   I found it very interesting talking to each state’s food safety officials. They are
genuinely trying to improve their state’s food safety by updating their food code,
but at times are frustrated by the legislative process, rulemaking and politics
involved. I was surprised how long the adoption process and rulemaking takes.
Some have been in the process for over a year. Most state official wanted to
have the recognized leader (NSF/ANSI) in standard requirements, or something

   The hardest part of this survey was finding out what official has the
information I needed; and striking a balance between trying to get the information
needed from the officials and becoming a nuisance. As I said before, most
states were very happy and cooperated to give out information. I generally found
the bigger the states in population, the harder it was to get information, as the
officials were very busy, and I had more departments to sort through to verify
information’ especially California and Florida. It took persistence to keep calling
them back, but eventually I would find someone who would be happy to talk and
return the survey. SurveyMonkey was an excellent tool to tabulate the
information and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to obtain information


   I want to thank the University of Washington Health Dept and Environmental
and Occupational Health Sciences Department (Charles Easterberg) for their
collaboration, help, direction and input. I want to especially thank Chuck Treser,
of the University of Washington Department of Environmental Health and
Occupational Health Sciences, and Association of Environmental Health
Academic Programs for creating the NSF Scholar program. NSF (National
Sanitation Foundation) provided the grant to make this valuable internship


[From U.S. Food and Drug Administration (July 2006) . Food Code

Retrieved Aug 26, 2010 from website

FDA Food Code for each STATE in 2006

State Retail and Food Service Codes
and Regulations by State
July 2006
FDA Food Code

     State               Retail Site(s)                           Food Code
                  Department of Public           Rules of Alabama State Board of Health,
                  Health, Food Safety            Bureau of Environmental Services, Chapter
                  Program and Lodging &          420-3-22 for Food Establishment Sanitation
                  Body Art (tattoo, piercing)     (available in PDF)
                  The Division of
                  Environmental Health,
    Alaska                                       Alaska Food Code - Amendments
                  Food Safety and
                  Sanitation Program
                  Office of Environmental
                  Health Services, Food
   Arizona                                       Arizona Food Safety Regulations
                  Safety and Environmental
                  Environmental Health           Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Retail
                  Services, Food Service         Food Establishments (available in PDF)

              Department of Health
                                            CURFFL 2206 Part 7. Retail Food
California    Services, Food and Drug
                                            (available in PDF)
              Department of Public
              Health and Environment,       Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules
              Consumer Protection           and Regulation (available in PDF)
              Division Retail Food
              Department of Consumer
              Protection, Food and
              Standards Division
                                            Regulations Concerning Food Stores,
                                            Itinerants, Food Service, and Catering
              Department of Public
              Health, Food Protection
              Health and Social
 Delaware                                   Delaware Food Code
              Services, Food Safety
              Department of Agriculture Minimum Construction Standards and
              and Consumer Services,    Specification Checklist
              Division of Food Safety
                                        Standards for Mobile Food Units, Pushcarts
              Department of Business    and Semipermanent Vendors (available in
              and Professional          PDF)
  Florida     Regulations, Division of
              Hotels and Restaurants    Retail Food Establishment Permitting
              Department of Health,
              Division of Environmental
              Health, Division of
              Environmental Health
              Department of
              Agriculture, Consumer
              Protection - Food Safety      Rules and Regulations Governing Food
                                            Service (available in PDF)
              Division of Public Health,
              Environmental Health
              Department of Health,         Food Establishment Sanitation (available in
              Food and Drug Branch          PDF)
              Department of Health &
  Idaho       Welfare, Food Protection      Idaho Food Code
              Department of Public          Food Services Sanitation Code
              Health, Food, Drugs and

                Dairies                     Retail Food Store Sanitation Code
                Department of Health,       Retail Food Establishment Sanitation
                Food Protection Program     Requirements (available in PDF)
                Department of Inspections
    Iowa        and Appeals, Food and     Iowa Food Code (available in PDF)
                Consumer Safety
                Department of               Kansas Food Code (available in PDF)
   Kansas       Agriculture, Division of
                Food Safety                 Vending Machine Regulations
                                            Retail Food Code
                Department for Public
                Health, Food Safety         Kentucky Food Establishment Act and
                                            State Retail Food Code
                                            Department of Health and Hospitals, Retail
                Department of Health and    Food Program
  Louisiana     Hospitals, Food and Drug
                Program                     Louisiana Public Heath Sanitary Code
                                            (available in PDF)
                Department of
                Agriculture, Quality,
                Assurance, and
                Regulations                 State of Maine Food Code 2001 (available
                                            in MS WORD)
                Department of Health and
                Human Services, Health
                Inspections Program
                                            Retail Facilities
                Department of Health &
 Maryland       Mental Hygiene, Division    Maryland Food Code (available in English
                of Food Control             PDF, Spanish PDF and Korean PDF) (from
                                            Baltimore City)
                Health and Human            Minimum Sanitation Standards for Food
                Services, Retail Food       Establishments (available in PDF)
                                            Food Law of 2000 (Excerpt) Act 92 of
                                            2000 289.6101 Incorporated by Reference
                Department of
                Agriculture, Food Safety    Public Health Code (Excerpt) Act 368 of
                                            1978, Part 129 Food Service Sanitation
                                            (available in PDF)
                Department of               Minnesota Food Code Fact Sheets and
                Agriculture, Food Safety    Frequently Asked Questions

              Department of Health,        Minnesota Food Code
              Food Safety Center
              Department of Agriculture
              & Commerce, Regulatory
Mississippi                                Mississippi Food Regulations
              Department of Health,
              Food Code
              Department of Health &
 Missouri     Senior Services, Food        Missouri Food Code
              Public Health & Safety
                                           Montana Food Service Establishments
 Montana      Division, Food &
                                           Administrative Rule (available in PDF)
              Consumer Safety
              Department of
 Nebraska                                  Department of Agriculture, Food Code
              Agriculture, Foods
              Health Division,
                                           Chapter 446 - Nevada State Legislature
 Nevada       Inspections - Food and
                                           Administrative Code - Food Establishments
              Drink Establishments
              Department of Health and     New Hampshire General Courts - Sanitary
              Human Services, Food         Production and Distribution of Food
              Protection                   Requirements
                                        Rulemaking in Progress. See News
                                        Release: Department of Health and Senior
              Department of Health and Services Proposes to Repeal Existing Rules
New Jersey    Senior Services, The Food and Adopt New Rules at N.J.A.C. 8:24, the
              and Drug Safety Program Rules Governing Retail Food
                                        Establishments and Food and Beverage
                                        Vending Machines (available in PDF)
              Environment Department
              Food Program
                                           Food Service and Food Processing
New Mexico
              Environment Department       Regulations
              Food Service and Food
              Department of Agriculture
              & Markets, Division of
              Food Safety & Inspection
New York                                   Retail Food Store Sanitation Regulations
              Department of Health,
              Food Handling,

               Preparation, and Storage
               Environmental Health
   North                                    Food and Drug Protection Division, Food
               Services, Dairy and Food
  Carolina                                  Program Laws (PDF)
               Protection Branch
                                            North Dakota Requirements for Food and
                                            Beverage Establishments (available in
             Department of Health,
North Dakota Division of Food and
                                            Department of Health, Food and Lodging
               Department of
                                            Retail Food Establishments Chapter 901:3-
               Agriculture, Food Safety
                                            4 (available in PDF)
                                            Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code (available
               Department of Health,
                                            in PDF)
               Food Safety
               Consumer Health Service      State of Oklahoma Food Code Food
               Programs, Retail Foods       Service Establishments
               Department of Human
                                            Department of Agriculture, Food Safety
               Services, Foodborne
  Oregon                                    Division Laws and Regulations
               Illness Prevention
             Department of
Pennsylvania                                Chapter 46. Food Code
             Restaurant/Retail Food
               Department of Health,
Rhode Island                                Food Code (available in PDF)
               Office of Food Protection
               Department of Health and
               Environmental Control,       Food Protection Regulations
               Food Protection
               Department of Health,
South Dakota                                Food Service Code
               Health Protection
               Department of
               Agriculture, Food and
               Dairy Section
                                            Retail Food Store Sanitation Rules
                                            (available in PDF)
               Department of Health,
               General Environmental
   Texas       Department of State          Texas Food Establishment Rules (available

                 Health Services,             in PDF
                 Regulatory Services -
                 Environmental and
                 Consumer Safety Section
                 Department of Agriculture Rule R70-530.Food Protection -
      Utah       and Food, Food            Department of Administrative Services,
                 Compliance                Division of Administrative Rules
                 Department of Health,        Health Regulations for Food Service
                 Food & Lodging Program       Establishments (available in PDF)
                 Department of Agriculture
                 and Consumer Services,
                 Food Safety
                                              Department of Health Environmental
                                              Health Services, Food Regulations
                 Department of Health,
                 Environmental Health
                 Services, Food Safety
                                              Chapter 246-215 WAC Food Service Rule
                 Department of Health
                 Food Safety Program
                                              Food Service Administrative Code
                 Department of Health and
                 Human Resources, Food        Food Service Establishments (available in
West Virginia
                                              MS Word)
                 Department of Agriculture
                 Department of
                 Agriculture, Trade &
                 Consumer Protection,
                 Food Processing & Safety
                                              Department of Health & Family Services -
                 Department of Health &       Food Code
                 Family Services, Food
                 Safety & Recreational

                 Department of
                                              Wyoming Food Safety Rule (available in
    Wyoming      Agriculture, Consumer
                 Health Services


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