Software Process Improvement

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					    Software Process Improvement

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      Software Process Improvement

State-of-the-art software practices in 1984, for large software
systems [Jones, 1995]:

  • More than half were late in excess of 12 months
  • Average cost was more than twice the initial budget
  • Cancellation rate exceeded 15%
  • Quality and reliability was poor, for both small and large projects
  • Software personnel were increasing by more than 10% per year
  • Software was the largest known business expense that could not
    be managed
   Software Process Improvement

“understanding existing processes and changing
these processes to increase product quality and/or
reduce costs and development time.”
   Software Process Improvement
                        approach 1

The process maturity approach:
  • improving process
  • project management
  • introducing good software engineering practice into an

The primary goals
  • Improved product quality
  • Process predictability.
    Software Process Improvement
                        approach 2

The agile approach
  • Iterative development
  • reduction of overheads in the software process

The primary characteristics
  • Rapid delivery of functionality
  • Responsiveness to changing customer requirements
Process attributes
        Software Process Improvement
           The process improvement cycle

                                    Attributes of the current process
                                    Forms a baseline

Changes to the process that have   The current process is assessed and
been identified during the         bottlenecks and weaknesses are
analysis are introduced.           identified.
     Software Process Improvement
       Frameworks and Methodologies

Models and certifications that help assess the state of the
organization’s process and serve as a framework for improving
that process.
CMM, ISO 9000 : frameworks

There are also methodologies that an organization can adopt that
describe the complete set of activities, roles, and work products
needed to build software.
RUP, XP : methodologies
Software Process Improvement
Software Process Improvement
   Software Process Improvement

Based on best practices
Provides a vision
Management tool for improvement
Changes are prescribed
Explicit priority to quality
    Software Process Improvement

Product quality not         Continuation difficult
addressed                    Dependency on individual
Lack of measurement         managers
No cost/benefit analysis    Phasing not logical
included                     Improvement takes long
Too generic                 Risk for bureaucracy
No project level support:
(for large organisations)
   Software Process Improvement

no best model, none is complete
people are key (managers, quality managers,
bottom-up vs top-down (cost, infrastructure)

business requirement (certification)
productivity (better, cheaper, faster)
Software Process Improvement
               Software Process Improvement

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